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Kathleen Dianne B.

Soliven COE0017L
T02 Dec 17, 2018

is a glass container with a flat bottom
that scientists use to hold liquids. In
cartoons, mad scientists sometimes
cackle gleefully while pouring bubbling
chemicals into beakers.

Beaker tongs
are used to handle hot beakers. Typical
beaker tongs can grab beakers of any
size and can also be used to move other
objects, such as cans. The grips of
beaker tongs are generally wrapped in
cloth or form-fitting vinyl.

Bunsen Burner
Frequently used as a heat source in the
absence of flammable materials.

Used for dispensing an accurate volume
of a liquid.
Clay Triangle
Used to support a crucible during

Crucible Tongs
Used to hold crucibles.

Erlenmeyer Flask

Used to hold and mix chemicals. The

small neck is to facilitate mixing without

Evaporating Dish
Used to heat liquids for evaporation.

Used to pick up or hold small objects.
Kathleen Dianne B. Soliven COE0017L
T02 Dec 17, 2018

Wire Gauze
is a sheet of thin metal that has
net-like patterns or a wire mesh.
Wire gauze is placed on the
support ring that is attached to
the retort stand between the
Bunsen burner and the
glassware to support the
beakers, flasks or other
glassware during heating.
Lab funnel
is just like any other funnel
except that it was designed to be
used in a laboratory setting.

Test tube
rack pieces of equipment that
are used to hold upright multiple
test tubes at the same time.

Striker Used
to light a Bunsen Burner
Volumetric Flask
Used to prepare solutions to an
accurate volume

Watch Glass
used to hold solids while they
are being weighed or to cover a

Pipet Bulb
Used to draw liquids into a pipe.

Ring Clamp
Used with a ring stand to hold
glassware, such as a beaker or a

Ring Stand
Used to hold or clamp
laboratory glassware and other
equipment in place, so it does
not fall down or come apart

Stirring Rod
Used for stirring and mixing.
Kathleen Dianne B. Soliven COE0017L
T02 Dec 17, 2018
Safety Goggles
are required wear in all
chemistry labs. Not wearing
them puts you in danger of eye
irritation and possibly blindness
in the case of an accident.