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Management Game: West Ham United

Group 34

Tim Mathijs Harmen Mads Jinsung Park Lukas Ploger- Adrienne

Bouwman Meijer Vlietstra Vogdrup Lips Remund
Age 24 20 20 29 23 26 25
Strengths Research organizing Research Strategic Research Communication Creative,
Very Arranging & people skills, Comminication,
organized hands on patient,
Weaknesses Tim wants to Controlling Wait and Difficult Procrastinating Too ambitious Organizing
do too much too much see attitude with sometimes sometimes things
deadlines –
want to do
too much
Country Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Denmark South Korea Germany Switzerland

Do we need a team leader?

No, we are going to start with a flat management and make decisions in a democratic way.

How to control quality before uploading documents in the WIKI system?

At least one colleague has to check the work from a group member. If it is possible, every group member will take a look.

Adrienne will check the grammar and the correct use of vocabulary.

How are we going to deal with cultural differences?


1. We have to respect each other

2. We are going to talk in English all the time
3. Nobody is going to be late
4. Active participation and concentration all the time
5. The group contribution is most important

How are we going to organize the team work?

We have a WhatsApp group to communicate to each other easily and fast. We have a meeting point where we are going to
work together and where we are going to prepare the tasks. It is important to have a nice and harmonic working

Agreements to organize the work

1. The is no useless information! Nobody has to fear making mistakes.

2. Every group member has to try to prepare himself for group working and for the assignments.
3. We are going to use individual knowledge of every group member to create a pool of ideas and facts.