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Pengelompokan Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) menurut Beberapa Ahli

A. Krulik & Rudnick’s B. Higher order C. Model of Thinking D. Categories higher E. Types of higher F. Cognitive Domain in Bloom’s
level of thinking thinking skills Skills : Complex order thinking skills level thinking Revised Taxonomy (2001)
No Processes
Krulik & Rudnick King et al. Presseisen Brookhart Haladyna Anderson & Krathwohl (Ed.)
(1999: 138-139) (1998: 1) (1985: 45-46) (2010: 3) (1997: 21-29) (2001: 67-68)
1 Critical thinking Critical thinking Problem solving In term of transfer Understanding Analyze
examines, relates, and Resolve a known Define, describe, Differentiating (discriminating,
evaluates all aspects of difficulty list, tell, show distinguishing, focusing, Selecting)
a situation or problem
Organizing (Finding,coherence,
intergrating, outlining, parsing,

Atributing (Deconstructing)
2 Creative thinking Logical thinking Decision making Critical thinking Problem solving Evaluate
produces a -complex Choose the best Answer, conclude, Checking (coordinating, detecting,
product alternative find, determine monitoring, testing)

Critiquing (Judging)
3 Reflective Critical thinking Problem solving Critical thinking Create
thinking Understand particular Analyze, classify, Generating(Hipothesizing)
meanings evaluate, predict Planning(Designing)
Producing (Constructing)
4 Metacognitive Creative thinking Creativity
Create novel or Build, Construct,
aesthetic ideas/ create, design, make,
products plan, perform
5 Creative thinking

by. Agus Budiman