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Nama: Devika Oktaviani

NIM : 11836075

Jurusan : Psikologi Islam 1B

Monday, 19th of November 2018

Early in the morning after the dawn prayer I packed my stuff and left the at 6. When i arrived at the
campus many people had gathered at the gazebo.

Then we were divided to several groups and were determined which bus we would take. Ika and I sat
next tp Ika on the bus 1. Then we left at half past seven. On our way,I looked at the window and enjoyed
the beautiful scenery, and singing along to the songs that were played,trying to sleep but it was very
difficult because the roads were uneven so we bumped a lot and it was uncomfortable. After several
stops that made our trip took longer than it should, We arrived at the provincial psychiatric hospital in
Singkawang at 1 o'clock. We did our prayer first after that we left to the hospital by foot. At first we went
to the the hall to officially start this study tour. We were divided into two groups. We joined 3rd semester
and we toured the Hospital while listening to the explanation of RSJ employees. First we went to the
lobby and asked a few questions and then went to the IGD room and we got new knowledge about the
IGD work system and then we went to the treatment room to treat patients who were also physically ill.
Then we visited the 'Beringin' room, the room is for male patients. Accompanied by employees there we
interacted with several patients. Some of them were in the confinement and the others were gathered
together outside the confinement. Some patients were able to communicate and hold a good
conversations with us, but there were those quiet patients like they did not understand, even if they
were asked they will immediately lose their tempers. Most of them have been there for years. After a
while there watching and talking to them had been there for years. After a while there watching and
talking to them we went to the rose room the female patients room. I think most of them are mothers.
I'm a little sad to see them and it looks like they have children and they have to stay away from them but
it seems they are quite happy, no burden was shown on their faces but still I don't know what's in their
hearts. Here we also invite them to have a dialogue, some of them answered our questions correctly and
did not went out of topic. There were also those who looked confused but there were not aggressive
patients here. There was a patient that told us about her life back then, we asked the employees, if the
things she said to us is true. The employee answered it is possible, Sometimes their speech is really
based on experience and some are based on their delusions. After we finished talking we entered the
other room filled by women too. There is one patient who is so cheerful and excited. She said that her
name was al sonia ilsan. She sang for us some songs with school themes. I think she is still young. She
looked really happy while singing. Sonia's room wass the last room we visited before we finished this
study tour. After that we went out and took photos together and back to our bus to go to 'Kura-Kura'
beach. Seeing the patients there makes me a little sad, imagining they have to stay for years in a room
that is not too wide, away from the family, even some of them had fully recovered but their families
want them to be treated there forever. I hope they will get well soon so that they can have a normal,
healthy life, and will be able to gather again with their families.

Around 5 o'clock we arrived at the Kura-kura beach. Ika and I quietly sneaked into the beach to take
some beautiful photos of the sunset. After packing our things in a tent and also looking for firewood we
then took the shower then we had dinner prepared by the committee. After eating, we made a circle
around the campfire after that the Bu Fitri opened the camping event. We flew pretty lanterns while
singing psychology hymn then lit a bonfire and saw the 3rd semester's performance, the were singing
along with the guitar. After that we returned to our tents, had a little chit chat for a while then went to

At 4 o'clock the comittee woke us up,while we were walking towards the toilet, I looked up at the sky
and was fascinated by thousands beautiful stars. They are always beautiful, but I don't think they look as
clear as this in the city. I want to take a photo but my cellphone's camera is just too poor to catch the
starlight so I just looked at them and recorded it in my mind. "Saved" to my memory. After we took the
ablution, we did our prayer and then changed into a training suit. After that we went to the beach and
exercised. The lectures also joined the exercise with cheerfully . After the exercise done we were divided
into several groups and had a breakfast with green beans, we ate the warm green beans with cold and
refreshing atmosphere from the beach. Plus! Beautiful scenery of the sunrise. ummm delicious!. After
the breakfast we gathered again to the group to play games. The first game is training our focus, wrong
one will be given a penalty. The second game is also training our focus. And there were many other
games. In the games we the groups are always switched and that made us have to socialize more and
also make new friends. It was only 9 but the the heat was so unbelievable. After we played all of the
games i checked my skin and i got terribly sunburned! And my face was tanned so bad. It made me didn't
want to go down to the beach anymore because I don't want to get even worse sunburn. After lunch we
tidy up our stuff in the tent and prepared to go home then we picked up the trashes and waiting for the
bus to get ready. Then with the same bus we left at 12 o'clock, I spent mostly of this trip with sleeping
because I was super tired. The trip was way faster than the previous one. When we arrived in the 'Batu
Layang' we arrived at campus at 3:00 pm. Then we went home.

This campsite brought us closer to the nature and also closer with all of the Islamic psychology students
whether it is the 1st semester or and 3rd semester.

What a great experience!