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August 31, 2018


8007 Pioneer Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City



Re: Addendum to the License Distribution Agreement

Dear Mr. Albis,

We respectfully write in connection with the License Distribution Agreement for Docukit (the
“Agreement”) executed by Yondu, Inc. and Beehive Technologies, Inc.

Unless the context otherwise provides, capitalized terms in this letter, (the “Letter Addendum”),
shall have the same meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement, and any reference to a
Section shall be construed as referring to a particular section described therein.

Accordingly, this it to confirm the mutual understanding of the parties as to the following

1. That Section 4 – Payment and Pricing, particularly Section 4.1 hereof shall be
revised as follows:

“4.1 Purchase Orders Generally. BEEHIVE shall provide notices to DEALER

detailing the nature and amount of Docukit it can provide to DEALER and
when/where/how those Docukits shall be delivered in Purchase Orders. If a
Purchase Order is silent on when/where Docukits must be delivered, then
BEEHIVE shall deliver the Docukits requested in a commercially reasonable time
period not to exceed thirty business days. If a Purchase Order is silent on when
DEALER shall make payment, then DEALER shall pay BEEHIVE within thirty days
from the DEALER’s order. It is agreed upon by the parties that the DEALER
shall pay BEEHIVE for all Purchase Orders no later than fifteen days from
receipt of full payment from the DEALER’s end customer. If a Purchase Order
specifies no payment method, then DEALER shall pay in a commercially
reasonable manner which includes, but is not limited to, check or wire transfer.”

Furthermore, all other provisions of the Agreement shall be interpreted to take into
consideration the understanding of the parties as expressed herein, and that any and all
references to the specific matters herein expressed as provided in the Agreement or any of its
annexure or schedules shall be modified accordingly to this effect.

Moreover, the parties represent and warrant to each other that each has the respective full
power and authority to confirm this Letter Addendum and to perform all of its obligation
hereunder, and that this Letter Addendum has been duly authorized by and constitutes each
party’s legal, valid and binding obligations, enforceable against them in accordance with the
terms hereof. Additionally, the persons executing this Letter Addendum for and in behalf of
the parties have been properly authorized to do so.
While the intended consequences of the understanding between the parties are those
expressed herein, all other provisions of the Agreement not heretofore modified shall remain
in full force and effect, and should there be any inconsistency between the provisions of the
Agreement and this Letter Addendum, the latter shall prevail. It is likewise understood that this
Letter Addendum shall be effective on the same date as the effective date of the

Consequently, kindly indicate your conformity to the foregoing matters by affixing your
signature on the space provided below, and return to us at least two (2) original copies
accomplished in full by all the signatories hereto.

Very truly yours,