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Panavtmant of Brenton Region Vibical). DIVISION OF CATANPUANES irae, Catanduanes ‘neg cansunanpuniac qunansauaaseatanaecan ‘e2td, Division of Catanetlanes January 4, 2$990ROSSECTION Yate __ LAN MEMORANDUM TO: Asst. Schools Division Superintendent Secondary School Heads Senlor Migh School Teachers Dvsion Human Resource Merit Promotion & Selection Board All Other Concerned ‘This office hereby announces the vacancies fr the following positions for Senior High School Al interested, {qualified senior high schoo! teachers on permanent status are adhised to submit ther pertinent papersin accordance ‘withthe criteria as provided in DepED Order No. 66, s. 2007: 1. Teacher it Academic & TVL Tracks) 2. Teacher Il(Academic & TVL Tracks) Gitar ——I Poin erformance Rating forthe ast rating periods 35 Experience lee s Curstanding Accomplishments i 20 Edveation ans 25 Training a 5 Potential 5 syehosodalAtvibutes & Personality Waits 5 . “he Qualficaton standards are as follows: (DepED Order No. 27, 2016; CSC Resolution Nos. 1600358 8 1702192) Fomion —] Savy | level | Education | Experience | Training Tiabiity Grade =i = Teacher | 13 | 2] Bachelors | iyearat’ | Atleast NEW | "Applicants Tora permanent (nite) degree;or_ | relevant 4TMCI | appointment: RAL0EO (Teacher: ifnot = completion of | teaching | Appropriate | RA 1080 eligible, they must pass the LET technical- | year ofindustyy | tothe | within(S} years after the date of fist vocational work | speciaization | hiring courses}in | experience “Applicants fr a contractual poston: the area of | None required a |_| specialization Practitioners (parttime oni: None | | requires Teacher TB | 2 | Bachelors | Smonihe of | Alleas NET | *Appicanis fora permanent (ita) degree; or | relevant +TuCt | appointment: RA1080 (Teacher; if not completion of | teachingor6 | Appropriate | RA 1080 eligible they must pass the LET technica | —-monthsof | tothe | within (S) years aftr the date of fist vocational | industry work | specialization | hiring coursels)in | experience *Appicants fora contractual postion the area of None required specialization Practitioners (parttime ony: None a requied Teacher 3] 2 | Bachelors | iyeara? | @hours of | "Applicants Tora permanent (Academic degree with | relevant | training | appointment: RAL08O (Teacher): fnot i) ‘majorinthe | teaching) | relevantto_ | RA 1080 eligble, they must pass the LET Televant | industry work | the subject | within (5) years aftr the date of fist strand/subject | experience | aresof | hiring or any | specialization | *Appicant for 2 contractual position | Bachelor's | None required degree plus at “Practitioners (prt time ony): None least 22 units | requived | towards | oa Master's eI degree in relevant strand/subject Position | Salary | level | Education [Experience Training rade Teacher 13 | 2 | Bachelors | None required | None | "Applicants fora permanent (Academic degree with 3 required | appointment: RA1080 (Teacher: if not ‘Trock) ‘majorin the A 2060 eligible, they must pas the LET =e relevant within (5) years after the date of fst strand/subject hiring orany Bachelor's ‘Applicants fora contractual postion: degree pusat None required deggvnts “Practitioners (part ime only): None eer required ' Master's degree in relevant strand/subject ‘Applicants should submit two (2 folders with the following documents: 1. Transrgt of Records/Specal Order 2. Updated Service Records 3. Gerlipaate op relewmt toinings / enue: tended 4. certcate of Eigiblty or Board Rating eAolder: 2. Lerterof intent 2. Omnibus Certification of Authenticity & Veracity of Documents 3. CSCForm 212 Personal Data Sheet) Revised 2017 4. Transeript of Records/Special Order 5. Updated Service Records/Certiiate of Employment 6. PRCUicense 7. Board Rating 8. Performance Rating for the last 3 rating periods 9. Copy af Last Approved Appointment 30. Cerificate of relevant rainings/seminars attended 11, Other documents relevant to the position applied for Each folder must be sealed ina separate envaiope (vith name, contact number and position applied for) and should be stamped “Recelved” at the Racorde Section sn be submitted at the Office ofthe Asst. Schools Bvsion ‘Superintendent not later than January 45, 2019. = Applicants are advised to bring thelr origina docements on the day of evaluation for verification purposes. Schedule of Evaluation willbe announced in a separate nornarandum. For wide dlsemination, guidance and comin {iR0 V-DELA ROSA, CESO VI ols Division Superintendent