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stall warning negative spin SkiGull soars

alarming flaws Why new Polish defence Burt Rutan’s home-built

which downed minister is threatening to amphibian gets airborne

indonesian a320 power down H225M deal as design legend looks
report P13 with Airbus Helicopters 16 for further projects 25

8-14 December 2015

world air forces

jumping up
the charts
How new models like Marines’ F-35B
are maintaining global power balance

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9 770015 371273
Equipped with a dual frequency micro-transmitter, this high-tech survival
instrument serves to trigger search and rescue operations in all emergency
situations – on land, at sea or in the air. The first ever personal locator
beacon designed for wrist wear, meaning literally on you at all times, it
shares your feats around the globe while guaranteeing maximum safety.
Breitling Emergency: the watch that can save your life.

Volume 188 number 5517 8-14 December 2015

Stall warninG neGative Spin SkiGull SoarS

this week
alarminG flawS Why new Polish defence Burt Rutan’s home-built
which downed minister is threatening to amphibian gets airborne

indoneSian a320 power down H225M deal as design legend looks
report p13 with Airbus Helicopters 16 for further projects 25

6 A330 tanker pool gains new entrant

INTERNATIONAL 7 Pilot actions doomed A320.
Boeing’s family planning pays off on 787-10.
8-14 December 2015

world air forceS

jumpinG up
the chartS
First run for A330neo powerplant
8 Bluecopter validates green approach.
How new models like Marines’ F-35B
are maintaining global power balance

Data review narrows the search area for MH370.

Maiden sortie for first TAM A350
10 C-17 departure is end for Long Beach
Air Transport
12 Cargolux eases labour pain.
US Navy

ISSN 0 0 1 5 - 3 7 1 0

Chengdu receives first ARJ21 after eight-year wait.

5 0

9 770015 371273

FIN_081215_301.indd 1 03/12/2015 10:28

New lease of life to keep Delta’s 757-200s flying

Cover image
13 AirAsia crash echoes AF447 disaster
Selected to highlight our
14 SaudiGulf eyes launch date.
World Air Forces directory
Oman Air mulls dual-source long-haul fleet growth.
for 2016, the US Marine IATA chief in call for MENA airline safety progress
Corps’ F-35B recently 15 PD-14 powerplant on track for 2018.
achieved initial operational Fire protection system tests begin.
capability status P26

Quest Aircraft
MRJ gains lift from new wing factory
16 Madrid rows back on A400M. Quest Aircraft ships Kodiak seaplanes to Japan P24
Navy MQ-8C clears assessment test.
Offsets the key to debate over Polish Caracal News FOCUS
18 H145M ready for Luftwaffe. 23 Dutch air force chief calls for change
Singapore advances F-16 upgrade with Lockheed.
Ankara chooses BAE for fighter development
Cover story
20 Pilatus expands training role for India.
26 World Air Forces directory With multiple nations
Ukraine completes its deliveries of more capable
involved in combat action over Iraq and Syria,
equipment decisions and procurement plans are
Business Aviation of great significance. We detail the global fleet
24 Evektor gets lift from China.
First Kodiaks are shipped to Japan. REgulars
BEHIND THE HEADLINES Dassault thinks bigger with Little Rock extension 5 Comment
Beth Stevenson attended a
General Aviation 54 Straight & Level
military airlift conference in
Seville, where the German air 25 First flight for Rutan SkiGull. 58 Classified
force revealed plans to join a Diamond sparkles with Embry-Riddle. 60 Jobs
multinational group hoping to Russia plans to evaluate avgas alternatives 63 Working Week
acquire a pooled fleet of
Airbus A330 tankers (P6)

Anthony Pecchi/Dassault, Frank Crebas/Dutch Defence Ministry

Rex Shutterstock


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World Air Forces directory P32. Dutch air force commander calls for change in procurement planning P23

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American Airlines has
unveiled an AirCal heritage
livery on the final aircraft in a
series showcasing colours of
predecessor carriers – also
including Reno Air and Trans
World Airlines. The 737-800
sports a modified version of
the livery AirCal introduced in
1981 before its merger with
American in 1987

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American Airlines

THE WEEK IN NUMBERS Question of the week

Last week, we asked: With the RAF to get new maritime patrol
aircraft: You said:

Flightglobal dashboard

72% 15%
Delta Air Lines’ stakeholding in Aeromexico will rise to
nearly half during H1 2016 – pending regulatory approval P-8 is the nautical
right disaster
choice looms

The amount owed in airport fees by privately-owned South
Flightglobal dashboard
African carrier Skywise, forcing it to cease operations

UK solution
would be better
This week, we ask: Are airline pilots adequately trained to deal
Flightglobal dashboard
with high-altitude emergencies? ❑ Yes, Indonesia AirAsia was an
isolated incident ❑ No, a worrying pattern is emerging
New four-year pilots deal at CommutAir will raise pay by up ❑ More research is needed before changes are made
to 20%, and allow for the addition of 40 Embraer ERJ-145s Vote at flightglobal.com

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4 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

Flight_CFM_25x180.indd 1 19/07/2012 17:51


An upsetting discovery
The loss of the Indonesia AirAsia A320 in December 2014 raises profound questions about
both pilot skills and their knowledge of the fundamental laws of physics that govern flight

T his month marks the 150th anniversary of the birth

of writer Rudyard Kipling, whose works included
The Secret of the Machines – a discourse on modern
technology which warned of fatal consequences if the
operator made “a slip in handling us”.
Kipling did not pen his lines, of course, with the jet
airliner in mind. But the relevance of his choice of
phrase has not diminished.
The ill-advised decision by an Airbus A320 crew to

Nur Photo/Rex Shutterstock

reset flight computers, without appreciating the ramifi-
cations, and the pilots’ failure to cope with the subse-
quent in-flight upset, served to illustrate the absence of
pity and forgiveness observed by his verse.
Loss of the aircraft to a high-altitude aerodynamic Dispiriting in every way
stall is not the most dispiriting aspect of the crash.
More bewildering is that it occurred just five years after ment system and autopilot. Yet this environment in
Air France AF447 – an accident which had left the air- which pilots need a separate array of handling abilities
line community stunned that highly-trained and expe- is also the one in which they are least likely to gain
rienced pilots could have failed to recognise one of the hands-on experience.
most rudimentary upset conditions in aeronautics. The result is that pilots, used to operating the aircraft
at low altitude, suddenly encounter different behav-
To misunderstand stalling is iour characteristics if they are forced to take over in
cruise – when they are likely to be facing pressing mat-
effectively to misunderstand ters as well as a possible degradation in flight-control
the basic concept of lift laws and related envelope protections.
There is an old mantra for dealing with an in-flight
crisis – aviate, navigate, communicate – but it relies on
Pulling a circuit-breaker demands specific detailed pilots having not only the skills to control the aircraft
system knowledge to comprehend the risk. Stalling, in but sufficiently robust knowledge of the reasons for,
contrast, does not. To misunderstand stalling is effec- and effects of, their application.
tively to misunderstand the basic concept of lift and Critical moments after the discovery of an unexpect-
the role of the wing. In short, to misunderstand the ed problem are no time for a lesson in aerodynamics.
most fundamental reason why an aircraft is able to fly. To operate a complex machine safely and effectively
Handling an aircraft at rarefied cruise altitudes re- requires a prior understanding – as Kipling wrote – of
quires care and finesse, and stable flight is a delicate the laws by which it lives. ■
balancing act normally entrusted to the flight-manage- See This Week P7, Air Transport P13

Boeing’s strategic loss

A ircraft production was officially waved into history
at Boeing’s Long Beach site in Southern California
on 29 November, as the company’s last ever C-17 took
as helicopters and large armoured vehicles? As luck
would have it, at least two European nations have
found themselves with a surplus of cutting-edge tacti-
off, for final pre-delivery completion in Texas. cal transports which they are unable to afford. Once
Some 74 years after Douglas established the site, combined, Germany and Spain may be looking to of-
workers watched the strategic transport leave, with no fload 26 yet-to-be-built A400Ms, with the agreement of
successor to follow it down the line. The plant’s fate their partner nations and Airbus Defence & Space.
had been sealed in 2013, when Boeing called time after The European developer has endured a torrid 2015,
anticipated orders from the US Air Force evaporated. A with a fatal accident and ongoing discussions to revise
late flurry of small-unit orders from other users, such as its seven-nation production contract. But with its larger
final recipient Qatar, only kept the padlock from the rival no longer on the scene, there seems little danger of
To find more coverage about
airline operations and safety, gates for a few extra months. work running out on its Seville final assembly line for
visit our premium news site: What next for those air forces still needing to acquire many years to come. ■
flightglobal.com/dashboard an aircraft capable of transporting outsized cargo, such See This Week P10, Defence P16

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 5

This week
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inventory, download out World Air Forces
directory: flightglobal.com/waf

emirates deepens pact with malaysia Airlines
agreement Middle Eastern carrier Emirates is to codeshare with
Malaysia Airlines (MAB) under a new pact that builds on their interline
co-operation. Emirates will place its “EK” designator on domestic
Malaysian routes, as well as services to several Asia-Pacific cities. In
turn, Malaysia Airlines will be able to put its “MH” code on 38
Emirates destinations in Europe, another 38 in the Middle East and
Africa, plus 15 across the Americas. Loss-making MAB has been re-
structuring its operations as part of a turnaround programme.

spring bolsters fleet with A320neo deal

narrowbodies Spring Airlines has ordered 60 Airbus A320neo-

family aircraft, in a deal valued at $6.3 billion at list prices. The
Chinese low-cost carrier says the order will be split between 45
A320neos and 15 A321neos. No engine selection has been given, The Luftwaffe has resolved to halt further investment in its A310s
and the order remains subject to approval by China’s government.
Deliveries are scheduled to run between 2019 and 2023. procurement beth stevenson seville

raf tornados take aim inside syria A330 tanker pool

gains new entrant
operations The UK Royal Air Force commenced strike activities
inside Syria with a mission involving six Panavia Tornado GR4s.
Operated from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus with support from an Airbus
A330 Voyager tanker and a remotely-piloted General Atomics
Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 Reaper, they struck targets at an Islamic Germany makes common cause with Netherlands, Norway
State-held oilfield using Raytheon Systems Paveway IV precision- and Poland on task of operating multinational MRTT fleet
guided bombs. The UK parliament on 2 December approved the
move to extend combat activities beyond Iraq.

first atr 72-600 handed over to bahamasair

G ermany has revealed plans to
join the Multinational MRTT
Fleet (MFF) alongside the Neth-
garding acquisition of the shared
fleet, which had previously been
touted as a buy of four of the type.
turboprops Bahamasair has taken delivery of its first of six new erlands, Norway and Poland, to Germany is also in the process
ATR 600-series turboprops, following an order at the Paris air show in share a pool of Airbus Defence & of acquiring the Airbus A400M.
June. With the arrival of aircraft MSN 1293, Bahamasair becomes a Space A330 multirole tanker So far, one example has been de-
new ATR operator. The Bahamanian flag carrier, which operates five transports. livered, with two more of the Eu-
de Havilland Canada Dash 8-300s and three Boeing 737-500s, In 2014 the three other nations roprop International TP400-D6-
placed a firm order for two ATR 72-600s and three ATR 42-600s. announced they would share the powered tactical transports to
cost of operating the airliner-de- arrive by year-end. The country
737 damaged in mexico landing-gear collapse rived type in Europe, and now expects to have received a total of
incident Mexico City’s international airport was forced to close a Germany has indicated that it too 40 of the type by 2019, says Bette,
runway for 4h after a Boeing 737-300 suffered a landing-gear col- will join the effort. short of the 53-strong fleet initial-
lapse after touchdown on 26 November. The accident involved “Germany has decided it has ly envisaged.
Magnicharters service UJ779 from Cancún, and led to the closure of to stop any investment in the age- “From my point of view, a de-
runway 05L/23R. The 27-year-old aircraft (XA-UNM) sustained a ing A310 fleet,” Col Ludger Bette, cision needs to be made on this
main-gear collapse as it landed, the operator says. None of the 139 Wing Commander of the air by 2018 at the latest,” he notes.
passengers and five crew members was injured. force’s Air Transport Wing 62, “What I know is that the German
told SMi’s Military Airlift and air force is looking for customers
sixth successful launch for vega light rocket Rapid Reaction Operations con- to sell these 13 aircraft to.”
spaceflight The European Space Agency’s Vega light rocket has ference in Seville on 1 December. Delays to the A400M pro-
made its sixth successful launch, from Kourou, French Guiana. A feasibility study conducted gramme have also caused Berlin
Following a 1h 45min flight, it placed its payload – the Airbus by the service “concluded that to reassess the planned retire-
Defence & Space-built LISA Pathfinder – into an elliptic Earth orbit. the A330 is the favoured option”, ment of its C160 Transall fleet.
LISA is designed to test high-precision measurement technologies says Bette. The out-of-service date has been
that scientists hope will pave the way for the detection of predicted, “Germany is currently an ob- pushed back from 2018 to 2021,
but so-far undiscovered, gravitational waves. server [of MFF] as of April this and 24 of the aged type will be
year, and we are planning to sign retained beyond that date in an
growler to get long-range targeting update the MoU [memorandum of under- electronic warfare configuration.
award The US Navy will modify its Boeing EA-18G Growler electron- standing] and contract in the sec- Nevertheless, obsolescence is-
ic-attack aircraft with the Rockwell Collins tactical targeting network ond quarter of next year, with the sues will make retention of the
technology datalink. The advance will help enable crews to identify option to procure three aircraft.” aicraft beyond 2018 expensive,
vessels at long range without having to use the aircraft’s radar. The nations involved are in the Bette notes. ■
negotiation stage with Airbus re- See World Air Forces P26

6 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

Bluecopter This week
validates green
this week P8

INVESTIGATION david kaminski-morrow london development

Pilot actions doomed A320

stephen trimble
washington dc

Boeing’s family
Captain failed to take decisive control of stalled twinjet, NTSC accident report concludes planning pays
I nvestigators have revealed the
captain of the Indonesia
off on 787-10
AirAsia Airbus A320 which
crashed in the Java Sea last year
failed to take decisive control of
B oeing has cleared the 787-10
to transition from detailed de-
sign to the manufacturing and as-
the aircraft as it stalled. sembly stage ahead of schedule.
There was no input from the The third and largest member
captain’s side-stick during the of the Dreamliner family has
initial upset to the aircraft, when passed the detailed design mile-
it rolled 54° to the left while stone, allowing Boeing to release
cruising at 32,000ft en route parts and tooling information to
from Surabaya to Singapore. machinists and suppliers.

Xinhua/Rex Shutterstock
Although the inquiry does not First flight is scheduled for
explicitly state that either pilot 2017, followed by entry-into-ser-
was out of his seat at the time, it vice in 2018. The business case
points out that the roll coincided for the -10 emerged years after
with flight-data recorder evi- A rudder travel limiter fault precipitated the fatal incident Boeing had the 787-8 and -9 on
dence that circuit-breakers were the drawing board. Boeing saw a
being reset to address a rudder backwards on the side-stick, and flying pilot], this resulted in need for an aircraft to serve high-
travel limiter fault. pitching the A320 into a steep both crew members providing density routes up to 6,430nm
Some of these circuit-break- climb during which the airspeed separate inputs to the flight-con- (11,900km).
ers, notably those which would bled away and the aircraft began trol system,” it states. The 787-10 was unveiled in
affect the autopilot, could only to stall. Critically, the captain attempt- 2013 with about 1,200nm less
be reached by a crew member if Flight-data recorder informa- ed to push the aircraft’s nose range than a -9, but the same max-
they left their seat. The inquiry tion shows there was almost no down with forward pitch on his imum take-off weight and around
notes that the captain of the air- pitch or roll input from the cap- side-stick – the proper response 40 more passengers.
craft had previously witnessed tain’s side-stick until after the to an aerodynamic stall. In addition to a common
these circuit-breakers being reset stall alarm had sounded twice. The nose-down input was in- weight rating, the 787-10 shares
to address a similar problem Cockpit-voice monitoring sys- effective because the first officer 95% of parts with its smaller sib-
three days earlier. tems “did not record any com- was continuing to pull rear- ling. The airframer has even au-
Resetting the circuit-breakers mand” declaring that the captain wards on his side-stick. These thorised a software change to the
resulted in the autopilot was taking over as the flying opposite actions cancelled one flight controls to avoid having to
disengaging and the aircraft’s
­ pilot, says the Indonesian another out, because the Airbus alter the size of the horizontal sta-
sudden roll. National Transportation Safety
­ flight-control logic acted on the bilisers, despite a 5.27m (18ft)
The first officer – who was fly- Committee inquiry. But the sum of the two side-stick inputs. stretch to the fuselage.
ing – did not react to the unusual ­conversations, it adds, appear to The inquiry determined the The aircraft is powered by
attitude for some 9s, but then indicate that the captain captain did not properly activate 76,000lb-thrust (340kN) versions
sharply attempted to correct the “assumed the role” with no
­ the priority mechanism which of the GE Aviation GEnx-1B and
roll with strong control inputs to ­formal announcement. would have given him exclusive Rolls-Royce Trent 1000.
the side-stick. “Without clear co-ordination control of the aircraft. ■ The 787-10 has 164 firm orders
In doing so, he also pulled on the role of [monitoring pilot See Air Transport P13 from nine customers. ■

First run for A330neo powerplant
Rolls-Royce has carried out the initial run of a demonstrator Trent 7000
engine, the powerplant which will be fitted to the Airbus A330neo.
The engine manufacturer says the powerplant “successfully complet-
ed” its first run on a testbed at the company’s Derby headquarters.
It will be the exclusive engine for the A330-800neo and -900neo
f­amily, with a thrust rating of 68,000-72,000lb (302-320kN).
The engine is a successor to the Trent 700 for the current A330 line,
but will feature architecture from the Trent 1000-TEN – built for the
Boeing 787 – and technology from the Trent XWB for the A350.

Airbus is aiming to put the A330neo into service in late 2017.

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 7

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rotorcraft sector, go online at

rotorcraft Dominic Perry DonauwÖrth

Bluecopter validates green approach

EC-funded initiative ends having proved fuel-saving potential, but benefits of single-engine operation unable to be evaluated

A irbus Helicopters has ended

test flights of its Bluecopter
eco-demonstrator, after successful-
promised by SEO, or the ability to
shut down one of the two engines
in the cruise phase of flight.
ly validating a number of technolo- However, programme director
gies to cut fuel burn by 12-15%. Marius Bebesel says adding con-
However, trials of single en- trol software to the avionics and
gine operation (SEO) – which FADEC engine systems proved
promised a further 25% improve- “rather tricky”.
ment in fuel consumption – have “That is why we are a little bit
been pushed into next year be- delayed. We will probably con-

Dominic Perry/Flightglobal
cause of an unexpected level of tinue these SEO measurements
complexity with the initiative. next year, but they will not be di-
The airframer unveiled the Eu- rectly in the frame of the
ropean Commission-backed pro- Bluecopter project,” he says.
gramme in mid-2015. It took an That programme effectively Follow-up trials using the same airframe will resume in mid-2016
early prototype of Airbus’s EC135 finishes at year-end, he says, with
light twin (D-HEEX) and added the demonstrator having amassed conducted in partnership with an for co-operation with Pratt &
new features including enhanced around 65 flight hours. engine manufacturer, says Bebe- Whitney [Canada] or [alternative
rotor blades, a next-generation Instead, test flights are likely to sel. Although the Bluecopter supplier] Turbomeca, or both on
Fenestron shrouded tail rotor and resume in mid-2016 using the demonstrator is powered by twin the topic,” he says.
an active rudder, all of which are same airframe, but with the addi- Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206 The main challenge will be to
designed to cut fuel consump- tion of the SEO system, alongside turboshafts, he says there was define with operators what level
tion, carbon dioxide output and new engine side inlets and im- “no real co-operation” on the ini- of complexity they require, par-
noise emissions. proved main rotors. tiative with the firm. ticularly around restart of the
But the biggest gains were Any future tests of SEO will be “But the next step will be to go shut-down engine, he says. ■

investigation ellis taylor singapore


Data review narrows the

search area for MH370
A ustralia has further refined the
search area for a missing Ma-
laysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER
Applying a probability theory,
it defined the likely final location
as along a 378nm (700km) arc in
following a major review of data the southern Indian Ocean, with
around ill-fated flight MH370, the search to extend 20nm either
which went missing over the side. The area of highest proba-
southern Indian Ocean on 8 bility is in the centre of the arc.
March 2014. The latest update also details
The Australian Transport Safe- the likely sequence of events as
programme ty Bureau (ATSB) says that the the aircraft neared the end of its
Defence Science and Technology flight, based on separate analyses
Maiden sortie for first TAM A350 Group (DSTG) has conducted a by the DSTG and Boeing that
TAM’s first Airbus A350-900 has performed its maiden flight from major review of the data available were “in general agreement”.
the manufacturer’s Toulouse site, ahead of its delivery to the airline on the flight to calculate its likely The ATSB believes the 777’s
later this month. path and refine the search area. starboard engine flamed out first,
The twinjet will now enter the final production phase, which in- The DSTG was able to build a with the port-side Rolls-Royce
cludes further ground checks and flight tests, says Airbus. model of the final flight based on Trent 800 powerplant following
TAM will be the first operator of the A350 in the Americas. It the available information, which some 15min later. It says the evi-
holds orders for 27 of the type, with six of these converted earlier was calibrated using satellite data dence is “inconsistent with a
this year from the -900 to the larger -1000 variant. and flight data from previous 777 controlled ditching scenario”.
The Brazilian carrier will begin operating the aircraft between São operations. It also conducted 60 Registered as 9M-MRO, the 777
Paulo and Manaus in January, followed by international flights from validation experiments to ensure went missing en route from Kuala
São Paulo to Madrid, Miami and Orlando. its predictions aligned with real- Lumpur to Beijing with 227 pas-
world experience. sengers and 12 crew on board. ■

8 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

CAN oNe AirCrAft
do the work
of three?

the A400M – MULti-tASkiNG where it’S Needed MoSt.

You asked for an aircraft that could deliver heavy cargoes over
considerable distances. You asked for one to land payloads
wherever they are needed (and we do mean wherever). You
asked for another that could refuel air-to-air. In the A400M we
give you all three. It is the only plane to combine these critical
capabilities and offers proof that one size can quite literally fit all.
Find out more at airbusds.com/A400M
This week
For an in-depth look at the global military
inventory, download our World Air Forces
directory: flightglobal.com/waf

manufacturing Stephen Trimble washington dc

C-17 departure is end for Long Beach

After 74 years of operation, Boeing facility in Southern California bids farewell to final aircraft, ahead of delivery to Qatar

B oeing officially marked the

end of aircraft production at
a 74-year-old plant in Long
plant was sealed two years ago,
when Boeing announced plans to
end C-17 production. The factory
Beach, California on 29 was opened by Douglas on the eve
November, flying the last C-17
­ of the Second World War and
out of the factory complex on shipped more than 30,000 mili-
Lakewood Boulevard. tary aircraft within four years.
The strategic transport was The plant symbolised the
flown to a Boeing facility, in San growth and decline of a once-
Antonio, Texas, ahead of its thriving aerospace manufacturing
scheduled delivery to the Qatar cluster in Southern California.
Emiri Air Force early next year. Boeing ceased commercial aircraft
Boeing vice-president and C-17 manufacturing in Long Beach in
programme manager Nan 2004, after the acquisition of
­Bouchard called the event “truly ­McDonnell Douglas in 1997.
the end of an era”. Boeing continued building

The fate of the Long Beach C-17s for more than a decade, de-
Strategic airlifter’s take-off marked “truly the end of an era”
boeing C-17 users
spite losing US Air Force orders Flightglobal’s Fleets Analyzer
Operator Active Ordered for new aircraft after 2011 and database records 269 C-17s in ac-
US Air Force 222 handing over its last example to tive use, including 222 with the
Indian air force 10 the service in September 2013. Its USAF. Other users include the air
Royal Australian Air Force 8 proposal for a next-generation forces of India, Kuwait and the
UK Royal Air Force 8 ­B-model failed to attract backing, UK, plus a consortium of NATO
United Arab Emirates air force 7 1 and the company ended interna- and Partnership for Peace nations,
Royal Canadian Air Force 5 tionally-driven production by operating three airlifters.
completing “white tail” examples, More than 16,000 Boeing em-
Qatar Emiri Air Force 4 4
which it sold to operators includ- ployees still work in Southern
NATO (Strategic Airlift Consortium) 3
ing Australia, Canada, Qatar – California, mainly in commercial
Kuwait air force 2
which is doubling its fleet of the aviation engineering and satellite
Total 269 5 type to eight aircraft – and the manufacturing. ■
Source: Flightglobal’s Fleets Analyzer database
United Arab Emirates. See World Air Forces P26


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operations negotiations david kaminski-morrow london

Cargolux eases labour pain

Edward Russell san francisco

New lease of life

to keep Delta’s Freight operator positive after recent talks, but unions yet to recognise “acceptable solution”
757-200s flying
T he lack of a suitable replace-
ment for the Boeing 757-200 is
L uxembourg freight operator
Cargolux is claiming a pre-
liminary agreement with unions
the driving force behind Delta Air over a new labour pact, poten-
Lines’ decisions to extend the life tially fending off the threat of
of 14 of the type in its fleet and ac- ­industrial action.
quire five from Shanghai Airlines. Cargolux had faced the possi-
“Nothing really replaces it,” bility of disruption from cockpit
said Ed Lohr, managing director of crew representatives over job se-
fleet planning at the Atlanta carri- curity and the use of outsourcing
er, speaking at the Ascend West in the carrier’s expansion plans.
Coast ­Finance Forum in San Fran- But the airline claims it has
cisco in late November. made a “major breakthrough”
Delta bought five used 757-200s with the LCGB and OGBL un-
from Shanghai Airlines in the first ions in its latest round of talks –
quarter of 2015. These were some which took place as collective
of the last off the 757 line, which labour agreements expired.
Boeing shut in 2004. Lohr says the The LCGB union, however, is

Shanghai twinjets are the eight- wary and has yet to show the
door variant, and a good fit with same enthusiasm as the airline Luxembourg-based airline will recruit another 100 pilots in 2016
Delta’s fleet of transatlantic and over the results of talks. It ac-
premium trans-continental 757s. knowledges that the negotiations union talks, the airline had Whitney-powered -400BCFs,
Neither Airbus nor Boeing of- have “brought new movement” ­
d isclosed plans to acquire converted airframes which are
fers a comparable long-distance to the discussions, and says the ­another three Boeing 747-400Fs not fitted with the nose-door.
aircraft. Airbus is attempting to airline and the unions will con- next year, and embark on a pilot Cargolux says that its board
enter the market with an extend- tinue to talk with a view to find- recruitment scheme. has approved the recruitment of
ed-range A321neo. However, ing an “acceptable solution” for The 747-400Fs will be used ­another 120 personnel next year,
some airlines are sceptical of its all parties. partly for replacement, and are with the number including 100
performance compared with the Cargolux insists talks have re- set to be ­introduced to succeed a new pilots in ­Luxembourg.
757. Boeing offers the 737-900ER sulted in a principle agreement pair of 747-400BCFs. “With this measure, the com-
and 737 Max 9 as replacements with the unions on labour terms Cargolux says the -400Fs will pany aims to improve the cur-
for the 757-200 on shorter routes. which, it says, will lay a path to be equipped with the nose-visor rent roster situation, as well as
Delta recently extended the growth and financial sustainabil- door allowing front-loading ca- the work-life balance among its
lives of 14 757-200s it planned to ity. The terms are a “strong sig- pability on the aircraft. crews,” notes the freight
remove in 2016 after the cancella- nal” of the carrier’s commitment It says the additional aircraft operator.
­ “Introduction of
tion of a tentative order for 40 to job security and the competi- will result in a net expansion of ­enhanced part-time and stand-
737-900ERs after pilots rejected a tiveness of its Luxembourg hub. its fleet to 26 747 freighters. by systems for its pilots further
labour agreement in July. ■ Ahead of the latest round of The airline has two Pratt & supports this goal.” ■

delivery aaron chong singapore

Chengdu receives first ARJ21 after eight-year wait

C omac has delivered the first
ARJ21 regional jet to launch
customer Chengdu Airlines –
to complete design, testing, certifi-
cation and delivery of commercial
aircraft. The ARJ21 will be put
eight years behind schedule. into service in coming weeks on
Aircraft MSN106 (B-3321) left flights to cities including Beijing,
Shanghai Dachang airport on 29 Xian, Wuhan, Shenzhen and
November on a 2h 48min flight to Shanghai. Chengdu Airlines has a
Chengdu Shuangliu airport, further 29 on order.
where it was welcomed by a tradi- Certificated in December 2014,
tional water cannon salute. the ARJ21 has been in develop-
Comac says delivery is a major ment for 12 years, and has been

breakthrough for Chinese avia- plagued by delays. Deliveries

tion, and demonstrates its ability were meant to begin in 2007. ■ The Chinese jet will start flying on domestic routes within weeks

12 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

SaudiGulf eyes
launch date

safety david kaminski-morrow london

AirAsia crash echoes AF447 disaster

Degradation of flight control laws preceded co-pilot’s repeated nose-up commands prior to A320’s fatal stall over Java Sea

C ircumstances surrounding
the stall of the ill-fated Indo-
nesia AirAsia Airbus A320 over
the Java Sea on 28 December
2014 bear similarities to those
preceding the loss of Air France
flight AF447 in 2009.
Both appear to have involved a
sudden trigger event and degra-
dation of flight-control laws, fol-
lowed by nose-up commands, a
rapid climb to high altitude, loss
of airspeed and failure to recover
from the subsequent stall.
Indonesian National Transpor-
tation Safety Committee (NTSC)
investigators believe the A320’s
first officer – who was flying –
was startled by an uncommand-
ed roll of 54° left, and pulled
backwards on his side-stick.

pitched up

Xinhua/Rex Features
This pitched the aircraft to 9°
nose-up, beyond the climb atti-
tude needed to regain the air-
craft’s assigned cruise altitude of None of the 162 passengers and crew aboard the narrowbody survived the December 2014 incident
32,000ft. Flight-data recorder in-
formation also shows the first of- order was self-contradictory, and to resetting the circuit breakers
ficer, probably to counter the un-
“[After] the first stall it resulted in greater rearward for the flight augmentation com-
expected left roll, pushed his warning the right input to the first officer’s side- puters (FAC), “resulting in elec-
side-stick sharply to the right – side-stick input was stick. This exacerbated the trical interruption to the FACs”.
resulting in a rapid right roll and A320’s nose-up attitude and it
possible spatial disorientation. consistently eventually reached a maximum protection
The inquiry suggests the first backward” angle-of-attack of 48˚. This ultimately caused the twin-
officer might then have “over- NTSC inquiry report Investigators additionally be- jet’s fly-by-wire system to switch
corrected” as a consequence of lieve the flightcrew may not have to alternate law, under which
sensing an “excessive” right roll, recognised the aircraft had stalled several flight envelope protec-
and moved his side-stick to the “[After] the first stall warning because it was descending rapid- tions and autothrust were no
left, pushing the aircraft again the right side-stick input was ly in a level attitude. longer available.
into a steep left bank, before cor- consistently backward,” says the The NTSC points out that, as That then led to the rudder de-
recting again to bring the wings inquiry. “This resulted in the air- the aircraft fell through 29,000ft, flecting 2˚ to the left, which initi-
close to level. craft continuously pitching up.” its wings were level and its pitch ated the sharp roll that startled
But while the first officer was This runs counter to the stand- was nearly zero. the co-pilot.
wrestling with the roll, the air- ard practice of commanding The high descent rate meant Maintenance records show the
craft was continuing to climb as a nose-down input during the that, despite the level attitude, aircraft, a 2008-built example reg-
result of the earlier nose-up com- onset of a stall, in order to lower the angle-of-attack was around istered as PK-AXC, had devel-
mand. The A320’s stall-warning the angle-of-attack. 40˚ – which kept the aircraft aero- oped 23 rudder travel limit sys-
system activated and, initially, Air France flight AF447 was dynamically stalled. tem faults over the previous year
the first officer pushed the side- lost after a pilot repeatedly ap- Investigators have concluded caused by the same solder crack.
stick forward – reducing the an- plied nose-up commands after an that cracked solder joints on a cir- The CFM International
gle-of-attack and cancelling the unexpected incident involving cuit board, prompting the failure CFM56-powered twinjet was op-
warning. But just after the warn- loss of reliable airspeed data. The of the rudder trim limiter around erating as flight QZ8501 on a
ing stopped, the flight-data re- Airbus A330 climbed rapidly and 30min after departure, were the scheduled service from Surabaya
corder showed nose-up input to stalled at around 38,000ft. trigger for the event. to Singapore with 162 passengers
the first officer’s side-stick. The Although the captain repeat- Attempting to address a series and crew on board. ■
aircraft pitched up again and edly gave the command “pull of alarms caused by the incident, Additional reporting by Ellis
began climbing at 11,000ft/min. down”, the inquiry says this the crew appear to have resorted Taylor in Singapore

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 13

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david kaminski-morrow

IATA chief in call

for MENA airline
safety progress
I ATA has proposed a safety im-
provement target for Arab coun-

tries to reach the average bench-
mark of 68% compliance with
ICAO standards within three years. Airline will concentrate on domestic and regional routes, with ambition to take 25% market share
Director general Tony Tyler,
fleet david kaminski-morrow jeddah
speaking at the Arab Air Carriers
Organization conference, said the
Middle East and North Africa re-
gion had shown an “improving
SaudiGulf eyes launch date
trend for some time” on safety. Start-up will receive four new A320s this year, ahead of planned start of operations in 2016
Last year the jet hull-loss rate for
the region was 0.63 per million sec-
tors. Referring to the One Thou-
sand and One Nights collection of
M iddle Eastern start-up carri-
er SaudiGulf Airlines has
received its first Airbus A320 and
to provide additional full-service
competition on Saudi Arabian
routes as one of the carriers creat-
gion, we run into the likes of
Qatar Airways,” says Majali.
While he says SaudiGulf is not
Middle Eastern folk tales, Tyler is awaiting final approval to ed under a licensing scheme by being obliged to operate specific
suggested the region’s “top priori- launch early next year. the Saudi government. sectors, it is required to provide
ty” should be an “accident-free” The carrier is expecting three The process has been drawn- 10-20% of the capacity on routes
period of this length. more A320s in December and out – a second licence was hand- within its network.
“It’s a big goal towards which we aims to be operating a full sched- ed to Qatar Airways division SaudiGulf plans initially to
are making constant progress with ule by the end of the first quarter Al Maha Airways, but the start- serve three or four domestic
evolving global standards and best of 2016. up effort for this has stalled. routes from Dammam, as well as
practices,” he says. SaudiGulf chief Samer Majali Majali says SaudiGulf’s pro- a Gulf Co-operation Council des-
While the region’s average rate of told Flight International during gress has been slow. “We were tination. It will spend time estab-
compliance with ICAO safety the Arab Air Carriers delayed because we’re a start- lishing itself as a high-quality op-
standards is 68%, some countries Organization conference in
­ up,” he says. “In this part of the eration before embarking on
– such as the United Arab ­Emirates ­Jeddah that receiving the first air- world it takes time.” expansion with the arrival of
– have achieved much higher. craft was essential to completing He points out that the carrier Bombardier CSeries jets in 2017.
“Why should passengers from the approval process with the did not want to begin operating These will help to increase the
other Arab states settle for anything kingdom’s General Authority of with leased older aircraft, opting route network and enable the air-
less?” Tyler asks. Civil Aviation. He says the final instead to wait for new jets. line to offer greater frequency.
He says audited Arab states stages involve an aircraft inspec- The airline will focus on do- Within three years, says Majali,
should aim to match the regional tion, evacuation drills and route mestic and regional operations. SaudiGulf could have 25% of the
68% average before 2019. ■ proving. SaudiGulf is intending “If we start flying beyond the re- kingdom’s domestic market. ■

airline david kaminski-morrow jeddah

Oman Air mulls dual-source long-haul fleet growth

M iddle Eastern carrier Oman
Air is considering whether
to dual-source a further long-haul
manufacturers, but has yet to de-
cide whether to dual-source the
expansion or stay with Boeing.
fleet expansion, to give it 25 He says the airline has started
widebodies beyond 2022. discussions with Airbus.
Oman Air has 10 Airbus A330s Oman Air would consider the
and has just received the second A330neo and the A350-900 – but
of six Boeing 787-8s. Speaking to not the -1000 – to enlarge the fleet
Flight ­International at the Arab and replace its A330s.
Air Carriers O­ rganization confer- The airline could opt for addi-
ence in J­eddah, chief executive tional 787s. G­ regorowitsch says
Paul Gregorowitsch said the air- the 787-9 would be the focus, but
line was looking at additional the -10 would also be a candidate.

long-haul types. He says the airline wants types

Gregorowitsch says the Muscat- with the range potential to reach
based carrier “would prefer” two countries including Australia. ■ Muscat-based airline has so far received two of six Boeing 787s

14 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

Madrid rows back
on A400M

propulsion david kaminski-morrow london

PD-14 powerplant
on track for 2018
Russian manufacturer says new indigenous engine for Irkut
MC-21 has made an untroubled start to testing programme

R ussian engine developer

Aviadvigatel is claiming a
smooth start of flight-testing for
bed. Four flights have been car-
ried out since the initial 40min
maiden sortie, which took place

its PD-14 powerplant. on 3 November from the Gromov Irkut has begun assembly of the first test article for the MC-21
The engine is intended to test institute near Moscow.
equip the Irkut MC-21 twinjet, During the trials, a team locat- performance and system param- Aviadvigatel, powerplant re-
and an initial example has been ed in Perm has used a telemetry eters in real time. search specialist TsIAM, and the
fitted to an Ilyushin Il-76LL test- system to analyse the engine’s There have been no unusual Central Aerohydrodynamic
findings, the engine developer in- ­Institute. The manufacturer says
dicates. The initial results “con- the 27,500-34,500lb-thrust (122-
development firm the declared characteristics 153kN) PD-14 family is the “most
Fire protection system tests begin and performance”, it says.
Russian trade and industry
ambitious” engine programme
for Russia in the last three dec-
Technodinamika has carried out ini- posite materials and an optimised minister Denis Manturov says the ades. Manturov points out that
tial tests of the fire-protection system design, it adds. Technodinamika says first data shows that the PD-14 is the engine holds potential for use
for the Irkut MC-21. The Russian sup- the system has a lifetime of meeting expectations, and serial in other aircraft programmes, in-
plier says the test of the equipment, 80,000h, and has algorithms to pro- production of the engine is on cluding heavy helicopters.
developed with Curtiss-Wright tect against false-positive alerts. course for 2018. This will enable Aviadvigatel is developing the
Controls, “fully confirmed” its de- While developed for the MC-21, it to be “synchronised” with seri- PD-14 as an alternative indige-
clared capabilities. the company says it could be used al manufacture of the MC-21. nous powerplant to the
System performance is “superior” with the Sukhoi Superjet. The prod- Progress to flight-testing for the 28,000-31,000lb-thrust Pratt &
to counterparts on the Russian mar- uct’s modular architecture means it PD-14 follows ground tests of Whitney PW1400G geared turbo-
ket, the company says. The system is also has the potential for installation components, and the full-size en- fan, which will also be available
lightweight through the use of com- on long-haul transports. ■ gine, at organisations including on the MC-21. ■

MRJ gains lift from new wing factory
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has broken ground on a factory to
make wings for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ).
Located at MHI’s Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works, the 5,600m²
(60,300ft²) site will manufacture the regional jet’s wing skin and spars,
as well as the centre wing, says Mitsubishi Aircraft. The facility will oper-
ate in parallel with an adjacent 25,400m² factory. MHI has indicated
wing parts from Kobe will be transported to the Tobishima facility of sub-
sidiary Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works for assembly.
The Pratt & Whitney PW1200G-powered MRJ made its first flight on
11 November, and the airframer has 18 months to complete testing and
stacked logo format LOGO 7 7
certification before it is due to deliver the first aircraft in the second quar-
Mitsubishi Aircraft

Our logo represents our organization

ter of 2017.
and presents a professional image to
our customers and the public.
MHI is the majority owner of Mitsubishi Aircraft, holding a 65% stake.
The EA mark represents the union between
GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney. Its colors
come from the GE gray and P&W blue at the
time of the EA’s birth in 1996. The solidity of
both letters represents the strong history of
dependable engines and services delivered

Theory of evolution: how four top-selling

by both member companies.

The orbitals give the logo a feeling of motion

and bind the member companies together
horizontal logo format

airliners changed for the better

in one powerful partnership. The size and
positioning of the text keeps the logo legible

IN ASSOCIATION WITH at small sizes. It also gives the logo an

additional feeling space and motion,
with the icon leading the text.

It is essential that our logo be protected
and its integrity maintained.

EA.indd 1 13/10/2015 10:47

© 2014 Engine Alliance. This page has been publicly released. Not subject to the EAR per 15 C.F.R. Chapter 1, Part 734.3(b)(3).
8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 15
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dominic perry london

Offsets the key

to debate over
Polish Caracal
P oland’s newly-appointed de-
fence minister,
Macierewicz, has raised fresh

doubts about Warsaw’s proposed

acquisition of 50 H225M rotor- A minimum fleet of 14 Atlas

craft from Airbus Helicopters. airlifters will be acquired
The 11t Caracal was chosen by
the nation’s previous government
production beth stevenson seville

Madrid rows back on A400M

in April 2015 for a tri-service re-
quirement, and negotiations with
Airbus had been progressing prior
to the change of administration
after October elections. Spain reaches agreement with Airbus to defer decision on acquiring final 13 transports
Speaking at a meeting of the
parliamentary defence committee
on 25 November, Macierewicz – a
long-standing critic of the H225M
T he Spanish air force has
agreed with Airbus Defence &
Space to acquire an initially re-
fund the full acquisition, and a de-
cision to reduce the buy or sell the
final 13 aircraft to other customers
communications and in-flight
r­ efuelling equipment.
“We expect to have at least nine
selection – raised the prospect of duced fleet of A400M tactical would have to be agreed by the fully operational aircraft,” Castillo
re-opening the contest. transports, until a funding solu- manufacturer and the Spanish says, adding: “nine is the magic
Airbus Helicopters had gained tion can be found for the remain- government. Airbus says it “great- number for us.”
approval from Poland’s defence der of the fleet Madrid has com- ly welcomes” Spain’s decision to Spain also plans to acquire
ministry for the deal, with con- mitted to buy. restructure its deliveries. three Airbus A330 multi-role
tract talks shifting to the ministry Fourteen A400Ms will be deliv- “This agreement brings clarity tanker transports, Castillo con-
of economy to finalise offset de- ered between 2016 and 2022, after to the A400M production sched- firms. A contract award had been
tails. Macierewicz says he will which a decision will be made on ule into the next decade, and en- expected during 2015, but with a
only approve the order if the latter how to proceed on its remaining sures that the transformation of general election to take place in
element is compelling. 13, Maj Gen Pablo Jose Castillo of Spain’s air mobility fleet is con- the nation on 20 December, this is
“The conditions of signing the the air force’s air mobility com- ducted in a measured and sustain- now likely to be pushed back until
contract are positive negotiations mand told SMi’s Military Airlift able way,” the company notes. next year.
of the offset agreement,” he says. and Rapid Reaction Operations Under the new plan, nine roll- “We are working hard to have
“We shall see whether they will be conference in Seville on 1 Decem- on mission kits will be provided the A330 in our inventory,”
dealt with in a way which will en- ber. The final decision has been for use on any of Spain’s eventual ­Castillo says, noting: “the solution
able contract signature.” He again postponed until 2024. 14 examples. This will include isn’t easy, because we have
criticised the selection of the The air force is struggling to defensive aids system, satellite ­limited money.” ■
H225M despite “shortcomings”,
and warned he will re-open the
contest if Airbus Helicopters fails development Stephen Trimble washington dc
to offer enough work to Polish in-
dustry. Macierewicz says helicop-
ter manufacturing companies in
Navy MQ-8C clears assessment test
Poland produce equipment “on
many levels, sometimes better”
than the Caracal.
N orthrop Grumman’s MQ-8C
has completed a ground-
based operational assessment,
Airbus Helicopters and engine clearing the US Navy to prepare
supplier Turbomeca have prom- for a low-rate production deci-
ised production facilities in Po- sion next year and ship-based
land for the H225M and its Makila testing during 2017.
Northrop Grumman

2A1 powerplants. But A three-week assessment of the

Macierewicz has suggested this
­ unmanned version of the Bell 407
would remove jobs from existing at Naval Base Ventura County at
facilities of Sikorsky-owned PZL Point Mugu, California, compiled Unmanned Bell 407 will replace Schweizer 333-based Fire Scout
Mielec and AgustaWestland sub- 72 data points during 11 flights to-
sidiary PZL Świdnik. These un- talling 83.4h. The MQ-8C is being payload for performing the Fire the system “is meeting or exceed-
successfully bid the S-70i Black prepared to replace the navy’s Scout surveillance role. ing our goals”. The USN launched
Hawk/S-70B Seahawk and Schweizer 333-based MQ-8B with Capt Jeff Dodge, the navy’s Fire development of the MQ-8C with a
AW149, respectively. ■ longer-endurance and a heavier Scout programme manager, says $262 million contract in 2012. ■

16 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

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design tolga ozbek istanbul rotorcraft dominic perry donauwörth

Ankara chooses
BAE for fighter
H145M ready for Luftwaffe
First special forces-configured aircraft set for delivery, as Airbus Helicopters targets exports
T urkey’s Undersecretariat of De-
fence Industries (SSM) has
A irbus Helicopters will transfer
the first two of 15 H145M ro-
torcraft configured for special
chosen BAE Systems to assist forces missions to its German air
with the design of the nation’s force launch customer on 8
next-generation fighter. ­December. Deliveries of the 3.7t
Ankara launched its TFX pro- type, derived from the latest ver-
ject in 2011, with a trio of con- sion of its civilian model, will run
cepts subsequently created by until 2017.
Turkish Aerospace Industries in Meanwhile, the airframer is
conjunction with Gripen manu- continuing development work, as
facturer Saab. These comprise sin- it looks to add offensive capabili-
gle- and twin-engined models, ties to the Turbomeca Arriel
which served as the basis for stud- ­2E-powered twin.

Charles Abarr/Airbus Helicopters

ies by the SSM. Germany’s examples will be
Following the selection of BAE, armed with retractable, pintle-
Ankara is expected to choose one mounted M134 7.62mm mini-
of the concepts within the next guns, initial test firings of which
few weeks, and to sign an agree- are scheduled for April 2016.
ment with its development part- Work next year will integrate Twin-engined type will soon be flown with pylon-mounted weapons
ner by February 2016. It has other weapons, including MAG
named Airbus Defence & Space as 58 door guns and 12.7mm guns have the initial weapon system next year, with interest expected
second choice, and for now will and unguided rockets, says pro- available from 2019, with a guid- to rise as the Luftwaffe’s aircraft
continue talks with both parties. gramme manager Scott Tumpak. ed munitions capability with mis- enter use. It refers to the service’s
If confirmed as its partner, BAE The latter systems will be mount- iles and rockets to follow one to model as an “extremely nice refer-
will join the Turkish team for four ed on pylons either side of the fu- two years later. This could be ac- ence configuration” for buyers pri-
years, and following on from this selage, with each having a maxi- celerated if there is demand. oritising speed of delivery over a
development phase, the TFX air- mum capacity of 200kg (440lb). Initial H145Ms for the Royal more bespoke platform.
craft should be rolled out during Test flights with the pylon mod- Thai Army and navy – which Tumpak believes the US Army
2023. The type is expected to ification were performed this year, have respectively ordered six and could convert some of its remain-
enter service with the nation’s air and certification is targeted for five units – also are in an ad- ing orders for the UH-72 Lakota –
force in 2030. “no later than the second quarter” vanced stage of production at the based on the older, civilian EC145
The SSM also had invited of 2016. Only “minimal” structur- manufacturer’s Donauwörth facil- – to the new H145M standard,
Alenia Aermacchi, Saab and
­ al changes were required, adding ity in Germany, with deliveries to and is hopeful that Washington
­China’s CATIC to submit interest only “a couple of kilos of weight”, start in 2016. could eventually revive its interest
as potential partners on the Tumpak notes. The airframer is hopeful addi- in a helicopter able to perform the
­development activity. ■ Airbus Helicopters hopes to tional customers will be signed up armed aerial scout mission. ■

contract ellis taylor singapore

Singapore advances F-16 upgrade with Lockheed

L ockheed Martin has been
awarded a $914 million con-
tract to upgrade Singapore’s fleet
an active electronically scanned
array radar and updated avionics.
In May 2015, the US State
of 60 F-16C/D fighters. ­Department approved the sale of
Work will be performed at Fort $130 million-worth of equipment
Worth, Texas, and is set to be com- related to the upgrade, including
pleted by 30 June 2023, according Link 16 datalinks, BAE Systems
to an overview of the Foreign APX-126 advanced identification
­Military Sales deal published by friend-or-foe interrogator/tran-
the US Department of Defense. sponders and Boeing joint helmet-
Commonwealth of Australia

Lockheed was awarded the con- mounted cueing systems. Sources

tract on a sole-source basis. indicate the aircraft will receive
Singapore’s defence ministry Northrop Grumman’s Scalable
points to earlier statements outlin- Agile Beam Radar. ■
ing plans to equip its F-16s with See World Air Forces P26 Modifications will be made to 60-strong fleet of combat aircraft

18 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com


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Swiss manufacturer recently completed deliveries of an initial 75 aircraft, with discussions ongoing for another 38 examples
operations atul chandra bengaluru

Pilatus expands training role for India

With its ageing Kirans nearing retirement, air force calls on new PC-7 Mk II fleet to assume intermediate instruction tasks

I ndia’s air force has been required

to start intermediate pilot train-
ing using its Pilatus PC-7 Mk II
acquire a further 38 of the aircraft,
for a total of 113: fewer than an
original goal of 181.
armed version also to be available.
Despite the challenge posed by
the HTT-40, Pilatus remains confi-
PC-9Ms for Jordan, which safe-
guard its production of the legacy
models into 2017.
basic trainers, as the service strug- In early 2015, then-HAL chair- dent of securing a firm order for Meanwhile, HAL continues to
gles to keep the last of its aged man RK Tyagi told Flightglobal the additional 38 aircraft. have issues with its HJT-36 Sitara
Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) that the company’s developmen- “Discussions are continuing be- intermediate jet trainer, which
Kirans operational until 2018. tal HTT-40 basic trainer – an in- tween Pilatus and the Indian air after 15 years of development re-
“In the last couple of months, digenous alternative to the PC-7 force regarding implementation of mains overweight, yet to clear
the Indian air force has thoroughly Mk II – would make its debut the option clause within the cur- spin trials and powered by an
tested the aircraft with regard to flight before the end of this year. rent contract,” says Roche. NPO Saturn AL-55I engine with a
its stage II training syllabus re- Developmental work is expected Pilatus’s backlog includes five total technical life of only 300h. ■
quirements, and determined the to be complete by 2018, with an PC-7 Mk IIs for Malaysia and nine See World Air Forces P26
PC-7 Mk II is very capable for de-
ployment in an intermediate fly-
ing training role,” Pilatus A­ ircraft transports
vice-president of government avi- Ukraine completes its deliveries of more capable An-32RE
ation Jim Roche confirms.
The PC-7 Mk II’s service entry Antonov has returned an eighth and already concluded, and is in pro- to 7.5t, the modernised An-32RE
for India in early 2013 ended a cri- final batch of upgraded An-32RE gress on another four. The pro- has had its total technical life
sis stemming from the grounding tactical transports to the Indian air gramme’s schedule called for the ­extended by a further 15 years,
of its HAL HPT-32 Deepak basic force. Delayed by more than 18 project to be completed by March ­enabling it to remain in service until
trainers, on safety grounds. months, the delivery of the final five 2017, but this is likely to slip. at least 2035.
Prior to the induction of the aircraft completes the ­life-extension, India’s An-32 fleet was introduced Additional enhancements include
Swiss-built type, the air force un- overhaul and modernisation of 40 between 1984 and 1991, and a collision avoidance and ground
dertook stage I and stage II training aircraft to the “re-equipped” stand- $400 million contract to ­upgrade ­proximity warning systems, satellite
on Kiran jet trainers. The PC-7 ard by Antonov and Plant 410 of Civil 105 examples was signed with navigation, a new radar, and the
Mk II fleet – which recently Aviation in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukraine in June 2009. ­addition of two multi-function
reached a total of 75 aircraft – will A further 64 An-32s will be modi- Now powered by upgraded Motor ­displays in the cockpit. The
now be used during both phases. fied at the No. 1 Base Repair Depot Sich AI-20 engines, which enable ­programme also covers the supply
Currently, the service plans to in Kanpur. Work on a first pair has maximum payload to be increased of two full-mission simulators. ■

Download the 2015 IN ASSOCIATION WITH

Wo r l d A i r F o r c e s R e p o r t
w w w. f l i g h t g l o b a l . c o m / w a f
Ruag 2015 strip ad.indd 1 07/01/2015 14:22
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Evektor signs off
EV-55 deal
business aviation P24

procurement beth stevenson london

Dutch air force chief calls for change

Commander says NATO nation cannot afford to spend decades on planning each expansion or upgrade to its weaponry

R oyal Netherlands Air Force

(RNLAF) commander Lt Gen
Alexander S ­ chnitger is calling for
ment part of the project right. NHI
is wrestling with that, in this pro-
cess of going from design and en-
quicker programmes with shorter gineering, then production into
cycles and testing, to ensure that full-blown sustainment.”
the nation receives truly modern The Netherlands is modernis-
equipment. ing its Boeing AH-64 Apache fleet
The Dutch service is in a phase to the Block II standard, and re-
of modernisation, accepting up- ceiving upgraded Chinooks in the
dated rotorcraft and preparing for CH-47F configuration. Schnitger
a new fighter and unmanned air notes that the latter path was se-

Frank Crebas/Dutch Defence Ministry

vehicle. It typically relies on im- lected because “there is nothing
ported equipment – albeit modern else out there. That goes to show
designs in line with allied NATO true innovation in making steps
forces – but this can take time. that has been lacking,” he says.
“We don’t have 20 years to Schnitger has expressed con-
build the next generation of sys- cerns about the level of innovation
tems,” Schnitger tells Flight F-35As should provide the Netherlands’ future strike capability in the development of rotorcraft –
­International. “We need to speed including the US Army’s Future
up our processes and our innova- Bomb has been performing very Vertical Lift (FVL) programme.
tion cycles. That’s perhaps the big- well on the F-16, and the Nether- “My worry in replacing the
gest challenge we are looking at in lands could look to adopt the new Apache and Chinook 15 years
the air force: we need continuous SDB II with its F-35As. Other from now is whether the platform
development and change.” weapons, such as GBU-49 Pave- and system will be innovative
One programme 20 years in the way IIs and Boeing’s GBU-54 Joint enough to make it survivable and
making is the ­Lockheed Martin Direct Attack Munition, could operationally useful into the
F-35, 37 frontline examples of also be used, while current world 2050s and beyond,” he says. “It is
which have been authorised for events suggest stand-off weapons very difficult to give a definitive
the RNLAF, with deliveries ex- also need to be considered. answer on this, but the fact that I
pected between 2019 and 2024. Schnitger says the air force has ask the question is probably an in-
“There is a comma behind the done most of the planning ahead dication that I doubt whether we
Dutch Defence Ministry

37 – not a full-stop,” Schnitger of the introduction of the F-35, are really pushing the envelope.”
notes. “It is very possible that the with its first two examples – ac- Schnitger’s comments have
budget will allow us to buy more quired to support US-led initial alerted the US Army, which has
aircraft, and the price is steadily operational test and evaluation – Lt Gen Alexander Schnitger sent personnel to Europe to dis-
coming down.” currently in use at E­ dwards AFB cuss the RNLAF’s concerns, and
Weapons selections for the in California. liveries have now resumed, and the Dutch are in dialogue with the
Dutch aircraft have still to be Meanwhile, the RNLAF has the programme is back on sched- programme office.
made, with optimisation of the air- faced challenges with the integra- ule; the nation is due to receive its He is also calling on European
to-air role to ensure it exceeds the tion of its NH Industries (NHI) last two aircraft in early 2016, to industry to have a larger part in
performance offered by its current NH90 rotorcraft, due to a “huge complete a 20-strong fleet. development of the FVL. “There
Lockheed F-16 fleet. As for air-to- amount of corrosion” discovered Schnitger says the problem is isn’t much visibility of European
surface weapons, Schnitger says after the type had been deployed being solved, and that 75% of the rotorcraft manufacturers, and I
the Raytheon Small Diameter at sea. After being suspended, de- corrosion issues can be addressed think they have some brilliant de-
by modification or regular preven- signers and concepts,” he notes.
tive maintenance. “The remaining The air force is planning to ac-
25% will be solved by industry by quire the General Atomics
mid-2017 through engineering Aeronautical Systems MQ-9
and manufacturing changes,” he Reaper UAV to support joint and
adds. “We are working through combined operations, although
those problems, and we are happy securing funding in the 2016 de-
with how NHI is addressing that.” fence budget is challenging. “We
One challenge it is still con- have firm plans,” S ­ chnitger says.
tending with is the day-to-day “Everything is in place, but we
Dutch Defence Ministry

availability of the type, but Schnit- had to slam the brakes on. I hope
ger says that this is to be expected. to get a resolution on the money:
“We are still very much in the that is my goal.” ■
NH90 deliveries are back on track after corrosion problems transition of getting the sustain- See World Air Forces P26

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 23

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Evektor gets lift from China


Dassault thinks
bigger with Little Up to 50 Czech-built turboprops will be used to serve growing network of regional airports
Rock extension
D assault has opened a 23,230m²
(250,000ft²) hangar at its US
C zech general aviation manu-
facturer Evektor has signed
an agreement with China’s
facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, to Guangdong Longhao group for
house completions of the in-de- the purchase of up to 50 EV-55
velopment Falcon 5X and 8X Outback utility aircraft.
business jets. The twin-engined turboprops
Work is under way installing will be used by the transportation,
the first full VIP interior on 8X se- infrastructure and engineering
rial numbers three and six. The company to spearhead its general
former will set off early next year aviation expansion in China.
on an intensive, one-month world ­According to Evektor, this will in-
tour to validate a finished aircraft volve developing several new air-
in extreme conditions. A custom- ports around the country, to be
er aircraft, the latter arrived in served by EV-55s. The aircraft
­Little Rock in late November after will be supported at each site by a

making the type’s North American dedicated maintenance centre, to
debut at the National Business be established by Evektor. The P&WC-powered twin is the manufacturer’s first utility aircraft
Aviation Association convention The Kunovice-based airframer
in Las Vegas, Nevada. was acquired by Malaysian com- Powered by a pair of Pratt & jective with the 800nm
Little Rock’s $60 million exten- pany Aspirasi Pertiwi in 2014 for Whitney Canada PT6A-21 en- (1,480km)-range EV-55 is to re-
sion boosts the centre’s footprint $200 million, and is working to gines, the EV-55 is Evektor’s first place huge fleets of “obsolete”
to 116,000m², and makes it “the secure European CS-23 certifica- foray into the business and utility six- to nine-seat piston twins – in-
largest industrial facility in tion for the nine- to 14-seat, all- aircraft market. cluding Cessna 402/404s – and
Dassault’s network”, says John
­ metal aircraft in 2017. One EV-55 The company is best known as provide a strong competitor to
Rosanvallon, chief executive of prototype has logged over 220h a producer of light aircraft, such established in-production single-
Dassault Falcon Jet. of flight testing, and a second is as the two-seat SportStar and engined utility rivals, such as the
The project comes seven years expected to join the programme Harmony piston singles. Pilatus PC-12NG and Cessna’s
after the previous $20 million up- shortly. The manufacturer says its ob- Caravan family. ■
grade, which added 10,800m² for
7X completions. Flightglobal’s
Fleets Analyzer database records
248 of the 5,950nm (11,000km)-
range trijets in service.
Its ultra-long-range stablemate,
the 8X, has completed its main
First Kodiaks are shipped to Japan
flight-test campaign and is on
track for certification and service
entry in 2016.
Q uest Aircraft has delivered
the first Japanese-registered
Kodiak single-engined turbo-
Development of the all-new 5X props to an unnamed seaplane
programme has slowed due to operator, after certification of the
troubles with its Silvercrest en- 10-seat, high-wing type in
gine – in development at Safran’s ­November by the country’s civil
Snecma division. The large-cabin, aviation authority.
long-range twinjet was rolled out Asia Pacific is an increasingly
Quest Aircraft

in June 2015 and is scheduled for lucrative market for Quest. The
certification and service entry in region has nearly 20% of the
2017. D­ assault plans to announce 150-strong global Kodiak fleet, in- An undisclosed operator has received seaplane version of type
a new testing and production cluding the first two Phillipine-
schedule for the 16-seat aircraft registered aircraft, delivered to operations, makes it perfect for a $2  million aircraft, the Kodiak
early next year. charter operator Subic Air last range of missions in this region.” was the best turboprop performer
Demand for new Falcon busi- month. “We have had success in To date, the Pratt & Whitney in the third quarter of 2015, ac-
ness jets slowed in the past year, the Asia Pacific region and ex- Canada PT6A-54-powered cording to data from the US Gen-
Dassault reveals. pect to see additional deliveries ­Kodiak has been certificated in eral ­ Aviation Manufacturers
Rosanvallon noted at NBAA or- next year, “ says Quest chief ex- 31 countries, and further valida- ­Association. Twenty were deliv-
ders were proving particularly dif- ecutive, Sam Hill. “The Kodiak’s tions are imminent, the airframer ered between January and Sep-
ficult in formerly strong markets versatility and performance capa- says. Thanks to the burgeoning tember: a climb of over 30% on
like China, India and Russia. ■ bilities, including for seaplane international market for the the same period last year. ■

24 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

general aviation
World air forces

order kate sarsfield london propulsion

Diamond sparkles with Embry-Riddle

alexander zudin london

Russia plans to
evaluate avgas
D iamond Aircraft has sold 10
DA42-VI piston-twins to
Embry-Riddle ­Aeronautical Uni-
cockpit, has a maximum speed
of 200kt (370km/h), an empty
weight of 1,410kg (3,110lb) and a
(330m). Around 850 DA42s have
been delivered to date, including
35 of the type in the first three
versity for multi-engine pilot
The first 168shp (125kW)
take-off ground roll of 1,083ft quarters of 2015. ■
R ussian general aviation
­operators in remote, oil-rich
regions could save 20-40% of
Austro Engine AE300-powered flight hour costs in future, ac-
aircraft will be delivered to the cording to research being carried
institution’s Daytona, Florida fa- out at the Baranov Central Insti-
cility in April 2016, and all the tute of A ­ viation Motor Develop-
units are ­expected to be in ser- ment (TsIAM) into non-tradi-
vice by the end of September. tional aviation fuels, including
Diamond has been a regular from associated petroleum gas.
supplier of aircraft to Embry- The institute’s calculations
Riddle since 2009, with 14 Tex- show that, in regions with a
tron L ­ycoming IO360-powered well-developed oil and gas
DA42s delivered to the training ­economy – particularly in the far
provider so far. north of Russia – the use by re-

Diamond Aircraft Industries

The DA42-VI is the third gen- gional aviation of condensed
eration of the all-composite, fuels would cut spending on
11-year-old piston-twin. Intro- aviation fuel by 5%, and in-
duced in 2013, the diesel-fuelled crease engine lifespans by
aircraft features a Garmin G1000 Austro Engine AE300s will power the university’s 10 aircraft ­20-30%, as well as trimming the
cost of a flight hour by 20-40%.
Such an advance would also re-
duce pollution, it claims.
development stephen trimble washington dc

First flight for Rutan SkiGull

The institute’s scientists are
“developing the concept of a
­dual-fuel flying engine demon-
strator working on liquefied gas
Veteran designer promises more innovations after completing his amphibious aircraft and also traditional fuel,” it says.
During November, Baranov

B urt Rutan has pledged to con-

tinue designing new aircraft
after completing the first flight of
Rutan began building the
SkiGull in early 2014, a few years
after retiring from managing
Meanwhile, he intends to re-
sume playing golf, the hobby
Rutan abandoned two years ago
TsIAM specialists unveiled an
aviation piston engine demon-
strator working on an experi-
the home-built SkiGull amphibi- Scaled Composites, the shop to complete the SkiGull. The air- mental type of condensed
an, his 47th design to fly. where he designed breakthrough craft has a “huge baggage com- aviation fuel.
The flight on 24 November aircraft such as the Voyager, partment”, he writes, which may The impetus for using such
from a runway in Coeur d’Alene, ­Proteus and SpaceShipOne. allow him to “load it up for golf fuels in Russia’s regions needs
Idaho, lasted 1.8h and checked But Rutan, 72, admits the pro- trips”. further market research, but “on
out the single-engined aircraft’s cess of building a home-built, The EAA also hopes that the technical side, all the issues
basic handling, according to a Fa- composite aircraft is too exhaust- Rutan will display the SkiGull at are resolved”, says Baranov
cebook page for the forthcoming ing for him to attempt again. the AirVenture fly-in in O­ shkosh, TsIAM director Aleksandr
documentary, Looking way, way Rather than piecing new aircraft Wisconsin in July 2016. He un- ­Lanshin. The concept is being
up: the Burt Rutan story. together in his garage, Rutan says veiled the SkiGull design at this studied in co-operation with the
Test pilot Glenn Smith said the he will continue designing new year’s show, but was unable to ­Zhukovsky Central Aerohydro-
aircraft felt “responsive, predict- models and leave the building complete the aircraft in time to dynamic Institute, United
able and fun”. work to others. fly it to ­Oshkosh in person. ■ ­Engine Corporation, representa-
Pictures reveal an amphibious tives from the Russian Ministry
design with retractable skis for of Industry and Trade and
water take-off and landing, which ­others, Baranov TsIAM says.
reduces the aerodynamic penalty Russia has practical experi-
imposed by a boat hull shape. ence of developing such tech-
In a letter to the E
­ xperimental nologies.
Aircraft Association, published The nation flew a Tupolev
Burt Rutan/antenna films

online, Rutan explains that the ­Tu-155 with an NK-88 engine –

SkiGull needs as much fuel effi- developed by Samara-based NK
ciency as possible. He intends to Engines – using liquefied natural
pilot the light aircraft on long-­ gas as far back as 1969, the insti-
endurance flights across oceans. Fuel efficiency is a key focus on the single-engined concept tute notes. ■

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 25


Commonwealth of Australia
With instability in parts of the Middle East and terrorist strikes targeting Europe, the level of action by allied air arms intensified throughout 2015

a year of
rarest of events: an air-to-air engagement.
With M­ oscow subsequently deploying S-400
surface-to-air missiles and arming combat air-
craft with air-to-air missiles, pessimists will

fear such an incident could be repeated, in a
theatre which is already on edge due to the
numerous players and their contrasting objec-
tives for the regime in Damascus.
Already the subject of criticism for its an-
nexation of Crimea from Ukraine and contin-
With multiple nations involved in combat action over uing to probe NATO’s air defences in the
­Baltic States, Russia’s intentions remain hard
Iraq and Syria, equipment decisions and procurement to read. Coalition assets are busy responding
plans are of great significance. We detail the global fleet to Moscow’s aircraft from Baltic Air Policing
bases in Estonia and Lithuania, supported by
quick reaction fighters in other locations, in-
CRAIG HOYLE loNDON cluding Norway, Poland and Sweden.
Data COMPILED BY mark kwiatkowski, sandra lewis-rice, john maloney Elsewhere during the activity against
& marc-antony payne FLIGHTGLOBAL FLEETS analyzer LONDON ­Islamic State and other terrorist groups, re-
Data analysis BY antoine fafard FLIGHTGLOBAL INSIGHT LONDON gional air forces – including those of Bahrain,

Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the
ith conflicts raging in several na- from the Caspian Sea and by its strategic United Arab Emirates – have participated in
tions – notably Iraq, Syria and bomber fleet. Its intervention complicated the combat, and in some cases lost aircraft.
Yemen – and with terrorist ac- make-up of an air campaign being staged by
tivity having targeted Western the USA and multiple other nations against joint exercises
civilians in Egypt, France and Tunisia, 2015 Islamic State militants, and raised the spectre With an operational focus at the forefront for
has been marked by crises and instability. of a clash between deployed forces. many air arms, the need to participate in
Moscow increased the pressure within These tensions reached a new high in late major exercises has also assumed greater im-
Syria by deploying a significant contingent of November, following the downing of a portance. Notable examples during 2015 in-
combat aircraft and helicopters, before Russian Sukhoi Su-24 strike aircraft by a
­ cluded NATO’s massive Trident J­ uncture ma-
mounting a major offensive involving not just Turkish air force-operated Lockheed Martin noeuvres – involving more than 36,000
these, but also long-range cruise missiles fired F-16 in what has for several years been the personnel from 30 nations – and an Israeli air

26 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com


force-hosted Blue Flag event. The latter at- Global Military Fleet
tracted the involvement of aircraft from allies
including Greece, Poland and the USA. Country Active fleet Share

Continued instability in parts of the Middle 1 USA 13,717 26%

East is sure to see the existing level of action 2 Russia 3,547 7%
maintained, and in all likelihood intensified, 3 China 2,942 6%
over the coming year. As evidenced by the 4 India 2,086 4%
late October bombing of a MetroJet Airbus 5 Japan 1,590 3%
A321 after departure from Sharm el-Sheikh in 6 South Korea 1,429 3%
Egypt, the threats posed to aviation by unrest 7 France 1,282 2%

Serg Glovny/Rex Shutterstock

are very real for airlines also. A total of 224
8 Egypt 1,133 2%
passengers and crew died as a result of the at-
9 Turkey 1,007 2%
tack on the Russian-operated aircraft.
10 North Korea 944 2%
For the first time, our annual overview of
the global military aircraft inventory has been Other 22,430 43%
compiled using just part of the information TOTAL 52,107 100% Ukraine is experiencing continued unrest
contained within Flightglobal’s Fleets
­Analyzer database. Recently launched, this scouts and some of its Bell 206-based TH-67A Among the most significant fleet develop-
holds premium-quality data on more than Creek trainers, at the start of a major aviation ments of 2015, Lockheed’s F-35 can now be
345,000 aircraft, also including airliners, restructuring. More cuts will follow next year, listed as an operational type, with the short
­rotorcraft and business jets. but Congressional action has so far saved the take-off and vertical landing B-model variant
US Air Force from long-threatened reductions having achieved initial operational capability
Our data shows that only to its F­ airchild-Republic A-10 ground-attack (IOC) status with lead user the US Marine
fleet. Corps.
the North America region Our data shows that only the North Our data shows 26 combat-rated examples
experienced a within-year America region experienced a within-year
­ as being in the service’s inventory, supported
total fleet reduction total fleet reduction, while the numbers by another 11 aircraft which are allocated as
stayed flat in Europe and Latin America. The training assets.
biggest increases – of 3% each – were in the The USAF should follow suit in declaring
Middle East and Russia and Commonwealth IOC readiness towards the end of 2016, with
We record just over 52,100 military aircraft of Independent States groupings, while the conventional take-off and landing F-35A.
in active service around the globe, with our ­Asia-Pacific and Africa saw rises of 2%. Its first “combat-coded” pair of Lightning IIs
listing showing the fleets held by air arms in were received earlier this year in advance of
some 160 nations. This year’s fleet total repre- special-mission growth the development.
sents an increase of just 0.8% from the figures Fleets Analyzer’s improved data about types Other boosts for the F-35 programme have
contained in our directory for 2015. assigned for a variety of special-mission ap- included full commitments from Norway and
Of the in-service equipment, the USA’s plications, meanwhile, sees the total number the UK – respectively for 48 and 138 frontline
armed forces account for the largest share, of such aircraft included rise from 1,866 last examples – and production examples are
with just over 26% of the total active invento- time to 2,047, or by 9.7%. under contract for these nations, plus Israel,
ry; slightly more than 13,700 aircraft. The In addition to the active fleet, another 4,500 Italy, Japan and the three US services. How-
bulk of a year-on-year reduction of just over aircraft are recorded as being the subject of ever, the election of a new government in
200 aircraft recorded for Washington’s mili- firm orders, while more than 8,250 more are Canada has cast doubt on Ottawa’s long-held
tary can be attributed to the retirement of 130 the subject of pending deals, letters of intent commitment to the type, and Lockheed’s ri-
Bell Helicopter OH-58 Kiowa Warrior armed or national procurement plans. vals are also sniffing opportunities to poten- ❯❯

Worldwide top 10 active aircraft types

Type Active fleet Share Type Active fleet Share Type Active fleet Share
1 F-16 2,264 16% 1 C-130/L-100 947 22% 1 S-70/SH/UH-60 3,582 18%
2 F-18 1,047 7% 2 King Air 302 7% 2 Mi-8/17 2,555 13%
3 Su-27/30 943 6% 3 C-17 269 6% 3 UH-1 1,404 7%
4 F-15 858 6% 4 C295/CN235 261 6% 4 AH-64 1,116 6%
5 MiG-29 819 6% 5 An-24/26 240 6% 5 Mi-24/35 918 5%
6 MiG-21 551 4% 6 Il-76 167 4% 6 CH-47 898 5%
7 Su-25 503 3% 7 An-30/32 140 3% 7 MD500/530 675 3%
8 F-5 482 3% 8 Cessna 208 128 3% 8 OH-58 582 3%
9 F-7 459 3% 9 C160 119 3% 9 AH-1 566 3%
10 J-7 418 3% 10 C212 94 2% 10 SA341/342 501 3%
Other 6,208 43% Other 1,617 38% Other 6,853 34%
TOTAL 14,552 100% TOTAL 4,284 100% TOTAL 19,650 100%

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2014 | Flight International | 27



North America
Combat aircraft 2,849
Special mission 777
Tanker 592
Transport 1,099
Combat helicopter 5,916

Training aircraft/helicopters 2,910


Year-on-year fleet change
Combat aircraft 2,096
Special mission 316
Tanker 50
Transport 679
Year-on-year fleet change
Combat helicopter 3,380
Training aircraft/helicopters 2,084


Combat aircraft 532
Special mission 144
Tanker 8
Transport 491 Year-on-year fleet change
Combat helicopter 1,224
Training aircraft/helicopters 806

Note: CIS countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belrarus, Kazakhstan,

Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Source: Flightglobal’s Fleets Analyzer database

28 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com



Combat aircraft 1,860
Special mission 137
Tanker 19
Transport 400
Combat helicopter 1,571
Training aircraft/helicopters 447


Middle east
Combat aircraft 1,268
Special mission 97
Tanker 43
Year-on-year fleet change Transport 271
Combat helicopter 1,349
Training aircraft/helicopters 999


Year-on-year fleet change Combat aircraft
Special mission
Tanker 6
Transport 412
Combat helicopter 1,373
Training aircraft/helicopters 968


Combat aircraft 4,944
Special mission 512
Tanker 36

Year-on-year fleet change Transport 932


Combat helicopter 4,837
Training aircraft/helicopters 2,606

Year-on-year fleet change

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2014 | Flight International | 29


Fleet size for leading countries by role

Country Active fleet Share Country Active fleet Share Country Active fleet Share
1 USA 2,785 19% 1 USA 754 37% 1 USA 586 78%
2 China 1,528 11% 2 Japan 159 8% 2 Russia 19 3%
3 Russia 1,438 10% 3 Russia 137 7% 3 Saudi Arabia 18 2%
4 India 809 6% 4 China 78 4% 4 France 14 2%
5 North Korea 572 4% 5 India 76 4% 5 Israel 13 2%
6 Egypt 427 3% 6 Brazil 50 2% 6 Singapore 9 1%
7 South Korea 426 3% 7 France 42 2% 6 UK 9 1%
8 Pakistan 394 3% 7 Indonesia 42 2% 8 India 7 1%
9 Taiwan 287 2% 9 Israel 41 2% 8 Italy 7 1%
10 Japan 287 2% 9 Spain 41 2% 8 Turkey 7 1%
Other 5,599 37% Other 627 30% Other 65 8%
TOTAL 14,552 100% TOTAL 2,047 100% TOTAL 754 100%

❯❯ tially edge the F-35 out of the picture in for success with its third Middle Eastern cus- braer engineers are in Sweden to develop
nations like Belgium. tomer, with Kuwait announcing a pending their skills on the single-engined type. The
Against this backdrop, Lockheed and the deal for 28 Typhoons – the final details for coming year will see a first flight of the lead
US programme office can be expected to which are being worked out with the Italian example of three prototypes of the ­E-model
mount a major campaign to showcase the government. Success could mean the end of version being produced first for S ­ weden, with
F-35 during 2016, with an appearance at the final assembly starting recently.
Royal International Air Tattoo and After years of campaign At the heavier end of the spectrum,
­Farnborough air show all but certain. ­Northrop Grumman won selection to build
While the F-35 continues to make progress
disappointments, Dassault the USAF’s planned fleet of 100 long-range
towards operational utility, 2015 was a re- secured its first export order strike bombers, although the award remains
markable year for one of the fighter sector’s for the Rafale – then a second the subject of a challenge from a rejected
more proven products. After years of cam- ­Boeing and Lockheed team. If confirmed, the
paign disappointments, Dassault in February proposed $80 billion deal will safeguard
secured its first export order for the R
­ afale – Northrop’s legacy as a bomber manufacturer,
then two months later its second. A first batch Boeing’s hopes of selling its production- and eventually deliver replacements for the
of three, twin-seat examples has been sup- threatened F/A-18E/F Super Hornet to the service’s veteran Boeing B-52Hs – 77 of which
plied to Egypt, under the nation’s 24-unit Kuwait air force, although the company be- remain in use today – and younger B-1Bs.
deal, while Qatar is to acquire 36. lieves a deal could be done regardless of a se- The airlift sector has seen the C-17 strategic
lection of the European type. The manufac- airlifter exit production, after final unit sales
french success turer is counting on additional orders from to nations including Australia, Canada and
India also has established a pending require- the US Navy and potentially other export buy- Qatar. With the US type no longer on offer,
ment for 36 of the type, having dramatically ers to extend production of the carrier-opti- Airbus Defence & Space has yet to capitalise
downgraded the fleet expectations of its me- mised type beyond late this decade. on export opportunities with its A400M. The
dium multirole combat aircraft requirement. Saab’s Gripen has also enjoyed success, European manufacturer is struggling to deliv-
But no contract has yet been signed. with Brazil having finalised a contract for its er its promised tactical capabilities, and a fatal
The Eurofighter consortium appears poised first 28 NG-model examples, and the first Em- accident in May 2015 led to a brief suspen-
US Air Force

The US Air Force has selected Northrop Grumman to produce 100 long-range strike bombers, with the new model to replace its B-1Bs

30 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com



Country Active fleet Share Country Active fleet Share Country Active fleet Share
1 USA 1,059 25% 1 USA 5,762 29% 1 USA 2,771 26%
2 Russia 365 9% 2 Russia 1,218 6% 2 Japan 444 4%
3 India 230 5% 3 China 801 4% 3 Egypt 387 4%
4 China 181 4% 4 South Korea 679 3% 4 Russia 370 3%
5 France 136 3% 5 India 646 3% 5 China 352 3%
6 Brazil 130 3% 6 Japan 625 3% 6 UK 330 3%
7 Iran 87 2% 7 France 538 3% 7 India 318 3%
8 Turkey 83 2% 8 Turkey 423 2% 8 Turkey 276 3%
9 Japan 70 2% 9 Italy 373 2% 9 France 268 2%
10 Colombia 69 2% 10 Germany 345 2% 10 South Korea 256 2%
Other 1,874 43% Other 8,240 43% Other 5,048 47%
TOTAL 4,284 100% TOTAL 19,650 100% TOTAL 10,820 100%

sion of flights. But operational experience is

growing, with five nations now operating the
type and Spain to receive its first example
during 2016.

airlift rivalry
Discussions over a contract revision covering
future delivery rates and the introduction of
new capabilities must reach a satisfactory out-
come if other nations are to follow the seven
launch nations and Malaysia in acquiring the
model. Strong competition will be seen in the
shape of Lockheed’s smaller ­ C-130J, with
Atlas operator France having requested the
potential purchase of two of the latter trans-
ports and two tankers recently.

Antonio Stellato/NATO
Embraer’s KC-390 took to the air in
February, but did not fly again until late
­October, partly due to a funding crisis in the
Brazilian defence ministry. Strong progress is Greek F-16s participated in multinational exercises with NATO allies and also in Israel
needed if the transport and tanker is to enter
service as planned during 2018. Despite the anticipates the receipt of a low-rate initial pro- ­Industries failed to reach the contract stage.
challenges facing the company, Antonov’s duction decision from the USAF. Excluded from our listing are 770 military
An-178 also made its debut during 2015, and Notable retirements in 2015 included the fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters recorded
was present at the Paris and Dubai air shows. bulk of the UK’s search-and-rescue-tasked as dedicated to VIP transport, and 550 for re-
For the first time in several years, the spoils Westland Sea Kings, whose services are being search and development and experimental
were shared in the tanker sector, with Airbus assumed by civilian aircraft via the Long SAR activities.
Defence & Space taking a four-aircraft contract programme, and the last of Argentina’s Other exclusions include more than 5,200
in South Korea with the A330 MRTT and ­Dassault Mirage III and Mirage 5 fighters. The aircraft in storage – also counting those in-
Boeing getting a first international order for its latter’s air force must adapt to degraded capa- volved in or awaiting upgrade – and piston-
767-derived KC-46A, with Japan to take three. bility, as an expected deal to acquire upgrad- engined types, on which our database does
This rivalry will intensify in 2016, as Boeing ed Kfir fighters from Israel Aerospace not hold information. ■

explanatory notes
Flight International’s annual World Air Forces directory topics, through to more specialist studies on the an asterisk. This category includes current planned order
uses information compiled for Flightglobal’s Fleets maintenance or aircraft finance sectors. For additional totals, which may be subject to future revision.
Analyzer database by Mark Kwiatkowski, Sandra Lewis- information, or to download other special reports, visit
Rice, John Maloney and Marc-Antony Payne, and flightglobal.com/insight Abbreviations
abridged by editor Craig Hoyle for our listings format. AEW airborne early warning; Comms communications;
Available to subscribers, our database provides users Fleet information is divided into these categories: ELINT electronic intelligence; EW electronic warfare;
with detailed fleet and orders information, in the majority Active: Aircraft in day-to-day use. For some Soviet-era MPA maritime patrol aircraft; Recce reconnaissance;
of cases down to serial-number level. Fleet analysis is types where only summary information is available, this SAR search and rescue; SIGINT signals intelligence
provided by Antoine Fafard, from Flightglobal Insight. This also includes some non-operational platforms.
produces a wide range of free sponsored reports, Ordered: Aircraft on firm order. Others which are pending To download your free copy of the directory from
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flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2014 | Flight International | 31

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directory, visit flightglobal.com/waf

AFGHANISTAN Ka-32 3 A-4 22

Type Active Ordered Mi-8/17/171 101 IA-63 22
Combat aircraft Mi-24 34 Special mission
EMB-314 10 10 Mi-26 2 12 Learjet 35 (Calibration/survey) 3
Transport Mi-28 42 Learjet 35 (EW) 1
C-130H 4 W-3 15* Tanker
Cessna 208 25 Training aircraft/helicopters KC-130H 1
Combat helicopter AW119 8 Transport
MD530 12 13+28* L-39 32 C-130H/L-100 3
Mi-8/17 42 W-3 8 F27 1
Mi-35 7 Yak-130 16 F28 3
Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
SA315 3 Combat helicopter Bell 212 9
Type Active Ordered AW139 3 Ka-226 3*
Transport Super Lynx 130/140 4 6 MD500 12
PC-12NG 17 ANGOLA Mi-171 2 5*
Combat helicopter ANGOLAN PEOPLE'S AIR FORCE SA315 3
Mi-8/17 55 Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters
ALBANIA Combat aircraft AT/IA-63 17 18
Type Active Ordered MiG-21 23 G120TP 10
Combat helicopter MiG-23 22 OA-4AR 3
AS532 4 Su-22 14 T-34 10
Bell 205 3 Su-27/30 1 12 Type Active Ordered
Bell 206 5 Special mission Transport
BO105 8 C212 (MPA) 4 C212 2
EC145 1 2 Transport Cessna 208 2
ALGERIA An-12 10 Citation Bravo 1
Type Active Ordered An-30/32 7 Merlin III/IV 4
Combat aircraft An-72/74 7 Combat helicopter
MiG-25 13 C212 2 AS332 3
MiG-29 32 Dornier 28 1 AW109 3
Su-24 23 Il-76 9 SA315 2
Su-30 44 14 Yak-40 1 UH-1H 49
Special mission Combat helicopter Training aircraft/helicopters
Beech 1900 (Recce) 6 Bell 212 9 Bell 206 5
King Air 200/350 (MPA) 3 Mi-8/17/171 53 ARGENTINIAN NAVY
Tanker Mi-24 15 Type Active Ordered
Il-78 4 SA316 20 Combat aircraft
Transport SA342 8 Super Etendard 10
Beech 1900 6 Training aircraft/helicopters Special mission
C-130H 15 EMB-312 13 King Air 200 (MPA) 4
C295 5 L-29 6 P-3B (MPA) 4
Il-76 12 L-39 3 S-2 (MPA) 2
King Air 90/200/350 20 PC-7 22 Transport
PC-6 2 PC-9 4 C212 1
Combat helicopter ARGENTINA F28 1
AW139 11 Type Active Ordered PC-6 1
Bell 412 3 Combat aircraft Combat helicopter

Commonwealth of Australia

Australia expanded its C-17 fleet to eight, as production came to an end. We record 269 of the type in active service worldwide

32 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

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AS555 3 PC-7 13 BELARUS

S-61/SH-3H 5 Saab 105 20 BELARUS AIR FORCE
Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered MiG-29 37
Combat aircraft Combat aircraft Su-25 68
Su-25 11 MiG-21 5 Transport
Transport MiG-29 13 An-26 3
Il-76 3 Su-25 11 Il-76 2
Combat helicopter Transport Combat helicopter
Mi-8/17 10 Il-76 1 Mi-8 24 12
Mi-24 15 Combat helicopter Mi-24 22
Training aircraft/helicopters Ka-32 4 Mi-26 5
L-39 6 Mi-8/17 56 9 Training aircraft/helicopters
Mi-2 6 Mi-24 18 L-39 10
NAGORNO-KARABAKH DEFENCE ARMY AIR FORCE Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-2 6
Type Active Ordered L-39 12 Yak-130 4 4+4*
Combat aircraft Mi-2 7 BELGIUM
Combat helicopter ROYAL BAHAMAS DEFENCE FORCE Type Active Ordered
Mi-8 5 Type Active Ordered Combat aircraft
Mi-24 5 Special mission F-16A 49
AUSTRALIA King Air 350 (MPA) 1 Transport
Type Active Ordered Cessna 208 1 C-130H 11
Combat aircraft BAHRAIN ERJ-135/145 4
F/A-18A 54 ROYAL BAHRAINI AIR FORCE Combat helicopter
F/A-18F 24 12* Type Active Ordered AW109 23
F-35A 98* Combat aircraft NH90 (NFH/TTH) 8 2*
Special mission F-5E 8 SA316 3
737 (E-7A) (AEW) 6 F-16C 17 Sea King 48 2
737 (P-8) (MPA) 4+8* Combat helicopter Training aircraft/helicopters
AP-3C (MPA) 15 AH-1E/F 22 Alpha Jet 29
EA-18G (EW) 12 Bell 212 18 F-16B 10
Tanker S-70/UH-60M 8 SF-260 32
A330 5 2 Training aircraft/helicopters BELIZE
C-17 8 BO105 4 Type Active Ordered
C-27J 2 8 F-5F 4 Transport
C-130J 12 F-16D 4 BN-2 1
King Air 350 8 Hawk 129 6 Training aircraft/helicopters
Training aircraft/helicopters T67M260 3 T67M260 1
F-35A 2 Type Active Ordered BENIN AIR FORCE
Hawk 127 33 Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered
King Air 350 8 BO105 2 Transport
Type Active Ordered Combat aircraft ROYAL BHUTAN ARMY
Combat helicopter F-7 37 Type Active Ordered
Bell 206 19 MiG-29 8 Combat helicopter
CH-47D/F 9 Transport Mi-8 2
NH90 (TTH) 33 14 An-32 3 BOLIVIA
S-70/UH-60A 34 C-130B/E 4 4* BOLIVIAN AIR FORCE
Tiger 22 L-410 3 Type Active Ordered
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat helicopter Special mission
Bell 206 12 AW139 2 Learjet 25 (Survey) 2
EC135 (HATS) 1 14 Bell 212 14 Transport
ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY Mi-17/171 28 9 C-130B 3
Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters Jetstream 31 2
Combat helicopter Bell 206 6 King Air 90/200/350 6
S-70/MH-60R 21 19 FT-6 9 MA60 2
Training aircraft/helicopters FT-7 12 Combat helicopter
AS350 12 K-8 4 5 AS332 2 4
Bell 429 3 L-39 7 AS350 2
AUSTRIA Yak-130 6 10+10* EC145 3
Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered UH-1H 15
Combat aircraft Transport Training aircraft/helicopters
Eurofighter 15 Cessna 208 1 DA40 9
Transport Combat helicopter Foxtrot 4 2
C-130K 3 AS365 2 K-8 6
Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered R44 5
Bell 212 23 Special mission T-33 14
OH-58 10 Dornier 228NG (MPA) 2 BOLIVIAN ARMY
S-70/UH-60M 9 3* Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered
SA316 24 AW109 2 Transport
Training aircraft/helicopters Z-9 2+1* F27 1

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 33

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King Air 90 1 AS550 33 SA342 6

Combat helicopter AS565 33 Training aircraft/helicopters
Z-9 6 CH-47F 8* SF-260 5
Training aircraft/helicopters H225M 5 11 CAMBODIA
Type Active Ordered Combat aircraft BN-2 1
Combat helicopter A-4K 3 MA60 2
Mi-8/17 6 Tanker Y-12 2
SA341/342 9 C-1/KC-2 4 Combat helicopter
UH-1H 5 Combat helicopter AS350 1
BOTSWANA AS332 5 AS355 1
Type Active Ordered AS355 9 Z-9 9
Combat aircraft Bell 206 17 CAMEROON
Transport Lynx 21 12 Type Active Ordered
C-130B 3 S-70 6 2 Transport
C212 2 Training aircraft/helicopters Arava 1
CN235 2 TA-4KU 1 C-130H 3
King Air 200 1 BRUNEI CN235 1
Combat helicopter ROYAL BRUNEI AIR FORCE MA60 1
AS350 10 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
Bell 412 6 Transport Bell 206 1
Training aircraft/helicopters C-130J 1* Bell 412 1
F-5D 3 CN235 1 Mi-17 2 3
PC-7 Mk II 5 Combat helicopter SA318 1
BRAZIL Bell 214 1 SA330 2
Type Active Ordered S-70i 12 Z-9 1 2
Combat aircraft Training aircraft/helicopters Training aircraft/helicopters
AMX-A/T 47 Bell 206 3 Alpha Jet 5
EMB-314 (A-29) 31 PC-7 Mk II 4 Impala 5
F-5EM 43 BULGARIA Magister 6
Special mission Type Active Ordered ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE
C-130E (SAR) 1 Combat aircraft Type Active Ordered
C295 (SAR) 2 3 MiG-21 4 Combat aircraft
EMB-110 (Calibration) 6 MiG-29 15 F/A-18A 64
EMB-110 (MPA) 11 Su-25 12 F-35A 65*
EMB-110 (Recce) 4 Special mission Special mission
ERJ-145 (AEW) 5 An-30 (Recce) 1 DHC-5 (SAR) 6
ERJ-145 (Recce) 3 Transport P-3 (CP-140) (MPA) 17
Hawker 800 (Calibration) 4 C-27J 3 Tanker
Learjet 35 (Recce) 6 Combat helicopter A310 2
Legacy 500 (Calibration) 6 AS532 12 2* KC-130H 4
P-3AM (MPA) 8 Bell 206 2 Transport
Tanker Mi-17 4 A310 3
767 MMTT 3 Training aircraft/helicopters C-17 5
KC-130H/M 2 Bell 206 4 2 C-130E/H 9
Transport L-39 3 C-130J 17
C-130E/H/M 12 PC-9 5 DHC-6 4
C295 10 9* BULGARIAN NAVY King Air 200 2
Cessna 208 32 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
EMB-110 50 Combat helicopter AW101 (SAR) 14
EMB-120 20 AS565 3 Bell 412 88
Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered S-92 11 16
AS332 5 Combat aircraft Training aircraft/helicopters
AS350 26 EMB-314 3 Bell 206 (Allied Wings) 12
AS355 4 Special mission Bell 412 (Allied Wings) 9
Bell 205 2 AT-802 (Firefighting) 1 CT-114 27
Bell 206 1 Transport Dash 8 4
H225M 5 11 CN235 1 F/A-18B 26
Mi-35 12 HS 748 1 G120A (Allied Wings) 13
S-70/UH-60L/M 16 3* King Air 200 1 Hawk 115 (NFTC) 16
UH-1H 22 Combat helicopter King Air 90 (Allied Wings) 7
Training aircraft/helicopters AS350 1 T-6A (NFTC) 25
EMB-314 61 Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered
F-5FM 3 SF-260 4 Transport
Gripen F 8 BURUNDI BN-2 2
P-3AM 1 BURUNDI NATIONAL ARMY Combat helicopter
BRAZILIAN ARMY Type Active Ordered AS350/550 2
Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter CHAD
Combat helicopter Mi-24 3 CHAD AIR FORCE
AS532 9 SA316 3 Type Active Ordered

34 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

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­industry data at flightglobal.com/fleetsanalyzer

Rex Shutterstock
The Bulgarian navy’s AS565 rotorcraft took part in a multinational NATO maritime exercise in the Black Sea during July 2015

Combat aircraft EMB-110 (MPA) 5 Z-10 95 24

MiG-29 1 2 P-3A (MPA) 3 Z-11 46
Su-25 8 Tecnam P68 (MPA) 7 Z-19 105 15
Transport Transport Training aircraft/helicopters
An-26 3 C295 1* AS350 1
C-27J 2 Combat helicopter H120 93 57
Combat helicopter AS365 6 Type Active Ordered
AS550 6 BO105 4 Combat aircraft
Mi-8/17/171 6 Training aircraft/helicopters H-6 30
Mi-24 5 Bell 206 6 J-7 30
SE3160 2 PC-7 7 J-8 47
Training aircraft/helicopters CHINA J-10 25
PC-9 1 Type Active Ordered JH-7 34
SF-260 1 Combat aircraft Q-5 30
CHILE H-6 120 Special mission
Type Active Ordered J-8 96 SH-5 (SAR) 3
Combat aircraft J-10 240 Y-7 (SAR) 1
F-5E 9 J-11/Su-27/30/35 272 24* Y-8 (EW, Recce) 13
F-16A/C 35 JH-7 71 Y-8 (KJ-200) (AEW) 8
Special mission Q-5 118 Z-18 (AEW) 1
707 (AEW) 1 Special mission Transport
Learjet 35 (Survey) 2 737 (MPA) 2 Y-7 17
Tanker An-30 (EW) 4 Y-8 12
KC-135E 3 Challenger 870 (Recce) 5 Combat helicopter
Transport Il-76 (A50I) (AEW) 1 AS365/565 6
737 1 Il-76 (KJ-2000) (AEW) 4 Ka-27 1
C-130B/H/R 4 Tu-154 (EW) 3 Ka-28 17
C212 3 Y-8 (EW) 17 Z-8 27
Citation CJ1 4 Y-8 (KJ-200) (AEW) 7 Z-9 29
DHC-6 12 Tanker Z-18 2
KC-390 6* Il-78 2 Training aircraft/helicopters
Combat helicopter Transport JJ-6 14
Bell 412 15 Il-76 17 JL-8 11
UH-1H 15 MA60 9 JL-9 2
Training aircraft/helicopters Tu-154 6 Mi-8 8
Bell 206 4 Y-7 43 Y-7 5
EMB-314 12 Y-8 60 COLOMBIA
F-16B/D 11 Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered
SR22 4 Mi-17/171 16 Combat aircraft
T-35 32 Z-8 34 A-37 7
Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters EMB-314 24
Transport JJ-7 35 Kfir 19
C212 2 JL-8 170 Special mission
Cessna 208 3 Y-7 13 Cessna 208 (Recce) 6
Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered King Air 300/350 (EW) 4
AS350 5 Transport Metro IV (EW) 1
AS532 9 2+12* Y-7 7 Turbo Commander (MPA) 2
MD530 9 Y-8 3 Tanker
SA330 3 Combat helicopter 767 MMTT 1
CHILEAN NAVY Mi-17/171 237 Transport
Type Active Ordered S-70 23 727 2
Special mission Z-8 51 737 2
C295 (MPA) 3 4* Z-9 92 Arava 1

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 35

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sector, go to flightglobal.com/defence

C-130B/H 6 SA330 10 Mi-17/171 27

C212 4 CROATIA Mi-24/35 17
Cessna 208 10 Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters
EMB-110 2 Combat aircraft Gripen D 2
KC-390 12* MiG-21 12 L-39 8
King Air 90/350 8 Special mission L-159T 4
PA-31T 1 AT-802 (Firefighting) 6 DENMARK
Turbo Commander 1 CL-415 (Firefighting) 6 ROYAL DANISH AIR FORCE
Combat helicopter PC-9 (EW) 3 Type Active Ordered
Bell 205 2 Combat helicopter Combat aircraft
Bell 206 12 Mi-8/17/171 23 F-16A 35
Bell 212 10 Training aircraft/helicopters F-35A 30*
MD500/530 6 Bell 206 8 Special mission
S-70/AH/MH/UH-60L 24 PC-9 10 Challenger 604 (MPA) 3
UH-1H 47 CUBA Transport
Training aircraft/helicopters CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY AIR FORCE C-130J 4
EMB-312 14 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
Lancair T90 25 Combat aircraft AS550 12
T-37 17 MiG-21 12 AW101 13
COLOMBIAN ARMY MiG-23 24 Lynx 90 7
Type Active Ordered MiG-29 3 S-70/MH-60R 9
Special mission Transport Training aircraft/helicopters
King Air 200 (EW) 3 An-26 2 F-16B 10
Transport Combat helicopter DJIBOUTI
An-32 2 Mi-8/17 10 DJIBOUTI AIR FORCE
C212 2 Mi-35 4 Type Active Ordered
Cessna 208 8 Training aircraft/helicopters Transport
King Air 90/200/350 4 L-39 25 Cessna 208 1
Turbo Commander 3 CYPRUS L-410 1
Combat helicopter CYPRUS NATIONAL GUARD MA60 1
Mi-17 21 Type Active Ordered Shorts 330 2*
S-70i/UH-60L 55 Transport Combat helicopter
UH-1H/N 44 BN-2 1 AS355 1
COLOMBIAN NAVY Combat helicopter Mi-8 2
Type Active Ordered AW139 3 Mi-24 2
Special mission Mi-35 11 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Transport CZECH REPUBLIC Type Active Ordered
C212 1 CZECH AIR FORCE Combat aircraft
Cessna 208 3 Type Active Ordered EMB-314 8
King Air 350 1 Combat aircraft Transport
Combat helicopter Gripen C 12 C212 3
AS555 2 L-159A 19 Turbo Commander 1
Bell 212/412 8 Transport Combat helicopter
BK117 1 C295 4 Bell 412 2
BO105 2 KC-390 2* OH-58 12
Mi-8 1 L-410 7 UH-1H 11
UH-1N 6 Yak-40 1 Training aircraft/helicopters
CONGO Combat helicopter Schweizer 333 2
Type Active Ordered
Combat aircraft
Mirage F1 2 Egypt became
Transport the first export
An-32 2
recipient of the
CN235 1
Combat helicopter Dassault Rafale
Mi-8/17 6
Mi-24 3
Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter
Mi-14 1
Type Active Ordered
Combat aircraft
MiG-23 2
Su-25 4
727 2
An-12 5
An-26 2
Combat helicopter
Anthony Pecchi/Dassault

Mi-2 2
Mi-8/17 4
Mi-24 8
Mi-26 1
SA316 2

36 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

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Type Active Ordered CH-47D 19 6* Mi-24/35 8
Combat helicopter Mi-8/17 60 SA316 3
OH-58 8 S-70/UH-60M 2 4* Training aircraft/helicopters
Training aircraft/helicopters SA342 90 L-39 10
R22 4 Sea King 23 SF-260 4
ECUADOR Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered
ECUADORIAN AIR FORCE Alpha Jet 30 Transport
Type Active Ordered EMB-312 54 DHC-6 2
Combat aircraft F-16B/D 50 Combat helicopter
Cheetah C 10 G115 74 UH-1H 8
Transport K-8 120 FINLAND
727 1 L-39/59 49 FINNISH AIR FORCE
737 1 Mirage 5SDD 6 Type Active Ordered
C-130B/H/L-100 3 Mirage 2000BM 4 Combat aircraft
C295 3 EL SALVADOR F-18C 54
DHC-6 3 SALVADORAN AIR FORCE Special mission
King Air 350 1 Type Active Ordered C295 (EW) 1
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft F27 (EW) 1
Bell 206 8 A-37 15 Transport
DA20 11 Transport C295 2 4*
EMB-314 17 Arava 3 Learjet 35 3
T-34 9 BT-67 1 PC-12NG 6
ECUADORIAN ARMY AVIATION Combat helicopter Training aircraft/helicopters
Type Active Ordered Bell 412 4 F-18D 7
Transport MD500 8 Hawk 51/A/66 45
Arava 3 Schweizer 269 5 M-290TP 9
Citation II 1 Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered
CN235 2 T-35 3 Combat helicopter
King Air 200 1 EQUATORIAL GUINEA MD500 2
AS332 3 Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters
AS350/550 3 Combat aircraft MD500 5
H125 6 1 Su-25 4 FRANCE
Mi-171 8 Transport FRENCH AIR FORCE
SA315 2 An-72 1 Type Active Ordered
SA330 1 Combat helicopter Combat aircraft
SA342 9 Ka-29 1 Mirage 2000C 25
ECUADORIAN NAVY Mi-24 7 Mirage 2000D 64
Type Active Ordered Mi-26 1 Mirage 2000N 24
Special mission Training aircraft/helicopters Mirage 2000-5 24
CN235 (MPA) 2 L-39 2 Rafale B/C 89 35+96*
King Air 200 (MPA) 4 ERITREA Special mission
Transport ERITREAN AIR FORCE 707 (E-3F) (AEW) 4
King Air 300/350 2 Type Active Ordered C160 (ELINT) 2
Combat helicopter Combat aircraft Tanker
Bell 206 4 MiG-29 5 A330 MRTT 1+11*
Bell 430 3 Su-27 2 C/KC-135 14
Training aircraft/helicopters Transport KC-130J 2*
Bell 206 1 King Air 200 1 Transport
T-35 3 Y-12 4 A310 3
EGYPT Combat helicopter A400M 7 43
EGYPTIAN AIR FORCE Bell 412 3 C-130H 14
Type Active Ordered Mi-17 4 C-130J 2*
Combat aircraft Mi-24 6 C160 36
Alpha Jet 15 Training aircraft/helicopters CN235 27
F-4E 34 M-290TP 8 DHC-6 5
F-7 60 MB-339 5 TBM 700 15
F-16A/C 170 ESTONIA Combat helicopter
MiG-29 46* Type Active Ordered AS550 1
Mirage 5E2/SDE/SDR 76 Transport AS555 40
Mirage 2000EM 15 Shorts 330 2* H225M 11
Rafale D/E 3 21 Training aircraft/helicopters SA330 27
Special mission L-39 2 Training aircraft/helicopters
Beech 1900 (Calibration) 2 R44 4 Alpha Jet 92
Beech 1900 (EW, Recce) 4 ETHIOPIA EMB-121 22
E-2C (AEW) 7 ETHIOPIAN AIR FORCE G120 (Airbus Defence & Space) 18
Transport Type Active Ordered Mirage 2000B 5
An-74 3 Combat aircraft SR20 (Airbus Defence & Space) 13
Beech 1900 4 MiG-23 10 SR22 (Airbus Defence & Space) 7
C-130H 21 Su-27 14 TBM 700 33
C295 14 5 Transport FRENCH ARMY
DHC-5 8 757 1 Type Active Ordered
King Air 200 1 An-12 3 Transport
Combat helicopter An-32 1 PC-6 5
AH-64D 46 C-130B/E 2 TBM 700 8
AW109 3 Combat helicopter Combat helicopter

flightglobal.com 8-14 December 2015 | Flight International | 37

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directory, visit flightglobal.com/waf

AS532 25
H225M 8
NH90 (TTH) 15 53
SA330 89
SA341/342 181
Tiger 48 31
Training aircraft/helicopters
AS555 17
H120 (Helidax) 37
SA330 1
SA341/342 18
Type Active Ordered
Combat aircraft
Rafale M 30 6+10*
Super Etendard 28
Special mission
ATL-2 (MPA) 22

Hindustan Aeronautics
E-2C (AEW) 3
Falcon 20/200 (MPA) 5
Falcon 50 (MPA) 6
EMB-121 10
Falcon 10 6 India’s armed forces plan to acquire 179 of the indigenous light combat helicopter
Combat helicopter
AS365/565 27 Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-35 4*
H225M 2 L-39 5 Z-9 4
Lynx HAS2/4 21 GERMANY Training aircraft/helicopters
SA316/319/SE3160 22 Type Active Ordered EMB-314 5*
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft K-8 4
Jetstream 41 2 Eurofighter 82 20 GREECE
SR22 (Airbus Defence & Space) 3 Tornado IDS 87 HELLENIC AIR FORCE
GABON Special mission Type Active Ordered
GABON AIR FORCE Tornado ECR (EW) 28 Combat aircraft
Type Active Ordered Tanker F/RF-4E 49
Combat aircraft A310 4 F-16C 115
Mirage 5G 3 Transport Mirage 2000EG 17
Mirage F1 6 A310 1 Mirage 2000-5/Mk II 25
Transport A400M 1 52 Special mission
C-130H 1 C160 67 C-130H (EW) 2
CN235 1 Combat helicopter CL-215 (Firefighting) 12
Combat helicopter CH-53G 81 CL-415 (Firefighting) 6
AS332 1 H145M 15 CL-415 (SAR) 1
AS350 1 Training aircraft/helicopters ERJ-145 (AEW) 4
EC135 2 Eurofighter 23 7 Transport
H120 2 G120 (Lufthansa) 7 C-27J 8
SA319 2 Tornado IDS 7 C-130B/H 12
SA330 5 GERMAN ARMY Combat helicopter
SA342 3 Type Active Ordered AS332 12
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat helicopter Bell 205 12
Mirage 5DG 2 BO105 39 Training aircraft/helicopters
T-34 4 NH90 (TTH) 38 34 F-16D 40
GAMBIA SE313 1 Mirage 2000BG 2
GAMBIAN AIR FORCE Tiger 44 11 T-2C/E 40
Type Active Ordered UH-1D 115 T-6A 42
Combat aircraft Training aircraft/helicopters HELLENIC ARMY AVIATION
Su-25 1 EC135 14 Type Active Ordered
Transport GERMAN NAVY Special mission
AT-802 2 Type Active Ordered King Air 200 (Survey) 2
GEORGIA Special mission Combat helicopter
GEORGIAN LAND FORCES Dornier 228/NG (MPA/Recce) 2 AH-64A/D 29
Type Active Ordered P-3C (MPA) 8 Bell 205 27
Combat aircraft Combat helicopter Bell 206 11
Su-25 11 Lynx 88 6 CH-47D 15
Transport NH90 (NFH) 18 NH90 (TTH) 11 9+14*
An-28 2 Sea King 21 UH-1H 69
Combat helicopter GHANA Training aircraft/helicopters
Mi-8/171 15 GHANA AIR FORCE Schweizer 269 19
Mi-14 2 Type Active Ordered HELLENIC NAVY
Mi-24 9 Special mission Type Active Ordered
UH-1H 12 DA42 (Recce) 2 Combat helicopter
Training aircraft/helicopters Transport Bell 212 8
L-29 4 C295 2 S-70 11
L-39 4 F27 1 GUATEMALA
Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter AW109 2 Combat aircraft
Mi-8 1 Bell 412 1 A-37 3
Mi-24 2 Mi-8/17 7 6 PC-7 1

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Transport 707 (Recce) 1 Hawk 209 15

Arava 1 A330 (AEW) 2* Su-27/30 16
BT-67 3 ERJ-145 (AEW) 1 Special mission
Cessna 208 1 G100 Astra (Recce) 2 737 (MPA) 3
F27 1 Global 5000 (ELINT) 2 CN235 (MPA) 1 2
King Air 90/200 2 Gulfstream III (EW) 3 Transport
Combat helicopter Il-76 (AEW) 3 2 C-130H/L-100 18
Bell 205 1 Tanker C212 8 5*
Bell 206 1 A330 MRTT 6* C295/CN235 14 1
Bell 212/412 3 Il-78 7 F27 3
UH-1H 14 Transport PC-6 2
Training aircraft/helicopters An-32 100 Combat helicopter
T-35 4 C-17 10 AS332 9
GUINEA C-130J 5 6+1* BO105 4
GUINEA AIR FORCE C295 56* H225M 5+10*
Type Active Ordered Dornier 228 40 14 SA330 11
Combat aircraft HS 748 58 Training aircraft/helicopters
MiG-21 3 Il-76 16 F-5F 3
Combat helicopter Medium Transport Aircraft 45* F-16B/D 5 3
AS350 1 Combat helicopter G120TP 18
Mi-17 2 AH-64E 22 H120 10
Mi-24/35 3 CH-47F 15+7* Hawk 109 5
SA330 1 Dhruv ALH 62 49 KT-1/B 14 2
SA342 1 Ka-226 64* SF-260 18
GUYANA Light Combat Helicopter 65 T-34 15
GUYANA DEFENCE FORCE Mi-8/17 250 6+48* T-50 16
Type Active Ordered Mi-24/35 19 INDONESIAN ARMY
Transport Mi-26 3 Type Active Ordered
Skyvan 1 SA315 15 1 Transport
Y-12 1 SA316/319 77 BN-2 1
Combat helicopter Training aircraft/helicopters C212 6
Bell 206 2 Hawk 132 89 15+20* Premier I 1
Bell 412 1 HJT-16 Kiran 81 Turbo Commander 1
HONDURAS Jaguar T 30 Combat helicopter
Type Active Ordered PC-7 Mk II 75 38* AS355 6
Combat aircraft Saras 15 AS550 1 5
EMB-314 2* Type Active Ordered Bell 412 41
F-5E 3 Combat helicopter BO105 20
Special mission AH-64E 11* Mi-17 11 6
King Air 200 (MPA) 1 Dhruv ALH 100 124 Mi-35 5
Transport Ka-226 133* SA316 7
Arava 1 Light Combat Helicopter 114 Schweizer 269 14
C-130A 1 SA315 28 18 Training aircraft/helicopters
Cessna 208 1 1 SA316 4 H120 2
Turbo Commander 2 Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter Combat aircraft Special mission
AS350 1 MiG-29 33 12 C212 (MPA) 6
Bell 412 3 Sea Harrier FRS51 9 CN235 (MPA) 3 2+3*
UH-1H 5 Special mission Nomad 22/24 (MPA) 29
Training aircraft/helicopters 737 (P-8I) (MPA) 8 16* Transport
EMB-312 3 3* BN-2 (MPA) 6 C212 9 1
F-5F 1 Dornier 228 (MPA) 25 12* Nomad 22 1
HUNGARY Il-18 (MPA) 4 Combat helicopter
Type Active Ordered Tu-142 (MPA) 8 AS565 11
Combat aircraft Transport Bell 412 3
Gripen C 11 BN-2 1 BO105 8
Transport Saras 15 H120 2
An-26 4 US-2 12* Training aircraft/helicopters
Combat helicopter Combat helicopter H120 2
Mi-8/17 14 Dhruv ALH 8 16 IRAN
Training aircraft/helicopters Ka-28 14 4 ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN AIR FORCE
Gripen D 1 S-61/H/UH-3H 8 Type Active Ordered
INDIA S-70 24* Combat aircraft
INDIAN AIR FORCE SA316/319 33 8 F-4D/E/RF-4E 42
Type Active Ordered Sea King 42 25 F-5E/Saegheh 25
Combat aircraft Training aircraft/helicopters F-7 17
Jaguar M/S 130 Harrier T4/60 3 F-14A 24
MiG-21 245 Hawk 132 11 6 MiG-29 20
MiG-27 85 HJT-16 Kiran 20 Mirage F1EQ 9
MiG-29 66 INDONESIA Su-24 24
Mirage 2000H/I 40 INDONESIAN AIR FORCE Special mission
Rafale B/C 36* Type Active Ordered 707 (EW) 1
Su-30MKI 200 53 Combat aircraft P-3F (MPA) 5
T-50 (Sukhoi) 144* EMB-314 8 8 Tanker
Tejas LCA 1 39+40* F-5E 6 707 3
Special mission F-16A/C 13 12 747 3

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Transport F-16D/IQ 5 7 Gulfstream G550 (AEW) 2

707 1 L-159T 2* P166 (Survey) 3
747 2 Lasta 95 20 Tornado ECR (EW) 19
C-130E/H 31 T-6A 15 Tanker
F27 10 T-50 24 KC-130J 3
PC-6 13 Type Active Ordered Transport
Combat helicopter Transport C-27J 11
Bell 206 2 An-178 2 C-130J 16
Bell 212 2 Combat helicopter P180 17
Training aircraft/helicopters Bell 407 25 Combat helicopter
Bell 206 1 EC635 24 1 AW101 2 10+3*
F-5B/F 21 Mi-8/171 42 AW139 14
FT-7 4 Mi-28 11 4+21* Bell 212 32
Mirage F1BQ 4 Mi-35 14 12+12* MD500 2
PC-7 35 OH-58 8 Training aircraft/helicopters
Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters AW139 1
Transport Bell 407 3 Eurofighter 12 2
F27 2 OH-58 1 M-345 30*
Turbo Commander 1 IRELAND M-346 5 4+6*
Combat helicopter IRISH AIR CORPS MB-339 72
AH-1J 12 Type Active Ordered MD500 44
Bell 206 3 Special mission Tornado IDS 8
Bell 214 22 BN-2 (Recce) 1 ITALIAN ARMY
CH-47C 40 CN235 (MPA) 2 Type Active Ordered
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN NAVY Combat helicopter Transport
Type Active Ordered AW139 6 Dornier 228 3
Special mission EC135 2 P180 3
F27 (MPA) 2 Training aircraft/helicopters Combat helicopter
Falcon 20 (MPA) 1 PC-9 7 AW109 15
Transport ISRAEL AW129 59
Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered Bell 206 32
Bell 212 8 Combat aircraft Bell 212/412 30
Mi-171 5 F-15A/C/I 67 CH-47F 20 10+4*
RH-53D 6 F-16C 77 NH90 (TTH) 30 29
Type Active Ordered Special mission Combat aircraft
Combat aircraft 707 (AEW) 1 AV-8B+ 14
Su-25 9 1124 Westwind (MPA) 3 F-35B 15*
Transport AT-802 (Firefighting) 7 6 Special mission
An-74 9 Gulfstream G550 (AEW) 2 3* AW101 (AEW) 4
Falcon 20 2 Gulfstream G550 (SIGINT) 3 Transport
Il-76 2 King Air 200 (Recce) 25 P180 3
Y-12 8 Tanker Combat helicopter
Combat helicopter 707 9 AW101 15
Mi-171 19 KC-130H 4 Bell 212 38
Training aircraft/helicopters Transport NH90 (NFH) 17 29
EMB-312 15 C-130E/H 12 S-61/ASH-3D/H 7
IRAQ C-130J 2 2+5* Training aircraft/helicopters
IRAQI AIR FORCE King Air 200 2 TAV-8B 2
Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter IVORY COAST
Combat aircraft AH-64A/D 48 IVORY COAST AIR FORCE
AT-6C 24* AS565 5 Type Active Ordered
Cessna AC-208 3 Bell 206 1 Combat helicopter
F-16C/IQ 4 19 CH-53 23 AS365 2
L-159A 2 13 S-70/UH-60A 48 SA316/319 2
Su-25 9 Training aircraft/helicopters SA330 1
Special mission A-4N/TA-4H/J 50 JAMAICA
Cessna RC-208 (Recce) 3 F-15B/D 16 JAMAICA DEFENCE FORCE
CH2000 (Recce) 8 F-16A/B/D 111 Type Active Ordered
King Air 350 (Recce) 5 2 G120 (Elbit Systems) 17 Combat helicopter
SB7L-360 (Recce) 2 King Air 200 2 Bell 206 2
Transport M-346 Lavi (TOR Systems) 11 19 Bell 407 3
An-32 6 OH-58 18 Bell 412 2
An-178 1 T-6A 20 Training aircraft/helicopters
C-130E 3 ITALY DA40 2
King Air 350 1 Combat aircraft Type Active Ordered
PC-12 4 AMX 41 Combat aircraft
Combat helicopter Eurofighter 62 19 F-2A 62
Bell 412 12* F-35A/B 8+67* F/RF-4EJ 71
SA342 6 Tornado IDS 49 F-15J 154
Training aircraft/helicopters Special mission F-35A 6+36*
Bell 206 10 ATL-1 (MPA) 4 Special mission
Cessna 208 3 Gulfstream III (Recce) 1 767 (AEW) 4

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C-1 (EW) 1
E-2C/D (AEW) 13 1+3*
Hawker 800 (Calibration) 3
Hawker 800 (SAR) 27
YS-11 (Calibration) 4
YS-11 (EW) 3
KC-130H 1
KC-767/KC-46A 4 3*
C-1 25
C-2 20
C-130H 15
Gulfstream IV 5
YS-11 2
Combat helicopter
CH-47J 16
S-70/UH-60J 35 4+36*
Training aircraft/helicopters

Gary Dawson/Rex Shutterstock

Beechjet 400 13
F-2B 16
F-15DJ 45
T-3 48
T-4 201
YS-11 3
JAPAN GROUND SELF-DEFENCE FORCE Japan’s P-1 maritime patrol aircraft appeared at the Royal International Air Tattoo
Type Active Ordered
Transport Cessna 208 6 Cessna 208 (Recce) 1
King Air 350 7 Combat helicopter Transport
MU-2 4 AH-1E/F 47 Dash 8 3
Combat helicopter AS332 10 DHC-5 5
AH-1S 71 AS350 7 Y-12 11
AH-64D 11 2 EC635 9 Combat helicopter
Bell 412 (UH-X) 150* MD530/AH-6i 7 24* MD500 40
CH-47J/JA 61 5 S-70/UH-60L 10 Mi-171 2
MD500 100 UH-1H 36 SA330 14
MV-22 5+12* Training aircraft/helicopters Z-9 6
OH-1 37 112* C-101 13 Training aircraft/helicopters
S-70/UH-60JA 36 1 F-5F 8 Bulldog 11
UH-1J 130 F-16B 14 F-5F 4
Training aircraft/helicopters PC-9 9 G120A 6 6*
Enstrom 480 30 R44 8 Tucano 51 12
Special mission Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered
EP-3 (EW) 4 Combat aircraft Combat aircraft
Learjet 36 (Recce) 4 AC235 2 Eurofighter 28*
OP-3C (Recce) 4 KAZAKHSTAN F/A-18C 27
P-3C (MPA) 78 Type Active Ordered KC-130J 3 5*
US-1 (SAR) 2 Combat aircraft Transport
US-2 (SAR) 4 MiG-23 3 C-17 2
Transport MiG-27 12 L-100 3
C-130R 4 MiG-29 39 Combat helicopter
King Air 90 5 MiG-31 32 AH-64D 16
UP-3C/D 3 Su-24 25 AS332 4
Combat helicopter Su-25 14 H225M 24*
AW101 8 6 Su-27/30 17 32* S-92 2
MH-53E 8 Transport SA330 6
S-70/SH/UH-60J/K 112 3+2* An-12 1 SA342 14
Training aircraft/helicopters An-24/26 5 Training aircraft/helicopters
EC135 13 2* An-72 2 F/A-18D 7
King Air 90 27 C295 4 4* Hawk 64 10
MD500 7 Tu-154 1 Tucano 52 12
T-3 41 Combat helicopter KYRGYZSTAN
ROYAL JORDANIAN AIR FORCE H225M 20* Type Active Ordered
Type Active Ordered Mi-8/17 46 Combat helicopter
Combat aircraft Mi-24 18 Mi-8 4
AT-802 6 Mi-26 2 Mi-24 2
F-5E 34 Training aircraft/helicopters LAOS
Special mission Yak-130 4 Type Active Ordered
AT-802 (Recce) 4 KENYA Transport
Transport KENYA AIR FORCE An-26 1
An-28 1 Type Active Ordered MA60 2
C-130E/H 7 Combat aircraft Combat helicopter
C212 1 F-5E 17 Ka-32 2
C295 2 Special mission Mi-17 3

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Mi-26 1 C-130H/L-100 3 Combat helicopter

UH-1H 4 C-130J 2* AS350/550 2
Z-9 4 Combat helicopter AS355 1
LATVIA AW139 1 AS532 1
Type Active Ordered Mi-2 4 MALAYSIA
Combat helicopter Mi-8/171 7 ROYAL MALAYSIAN AIR FORCE
Mi-17 4 Mi-14 4 Type Active Ordered
LEBANON Mi-35 8 Combat aircraft
LEBANESE AIR FORCE Training aircraft/helicopters F/A-18D 8
Type Active Ordered L-39 1 F/RF-5E 6
Combat aircraft LIBYA DAWN Hawk 208 13
Cessna AC-208 3 1 Type Active Ordered MiG-29 10
EMB-314 6 Combat aircraft Su-30 18
Hunter 70 3 MiG-25 2 Special mission
Combat helicopter LITHUANIA King Air 200 (MPA) 4
SA330 11 Type Active Ordered KC-130H 4
SA342 7 Combat aircraft Transport
UH-1H 27 L-39 1 A400M 1 3
Training aircraft/helicopters Transport C/PC-130H 10
Bulldog 3 C-27J 3 CN235 6
Hunter 66 1 L-410 1 Combat helicopter
R44 4 Combat helicopter H225M 12
LESOTHO AS365 1 2 S-61 27
Type Active Ordered LUXEMBOURG Training aircraft/helicopters
C212 2 Type Active Ordered Hawk 108 6
Combat helicopter Transport King Air 350 2
Bell 206 1 A400M 1 MB-339 8
Bell 412 3 MACEDONIA PC-7/Mk II 49 12*
EC135 1 Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered
LIBYA Training aircraft/helicopters Combat helicopter
LIBYAN AIR FORCE Bell 206 4 AW109 11
Type Active Ordered MACEDONIAN ARMY S-61 2
Combat aircraft Type Active Ordered ROYAL MALAYSIAN NAVY
MiG-21 13 Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered
MiG-23 4 Mi-8/17 6 Combat helicopter
Mirage F1 2 Mi-24 4 AS555 6
Su-22 1 UH-1H 2 Super Lynx 100 6
Special mission MALAWI MALDIVES
Transport Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered
An-26 2 Transport Combat helicopter
An-72 1 Dornier 228 3 Dhruv ALH 2


The Royal Malaysian Air Force’s first A400M was flown alongside Hawk trainers and strike aircraft at the LIMA exhibition

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MALI AIR FORCE Morocco’s F-16s saw
Type Active Ordered combat action – and
Combat aircraft losses – over Yemen
MiG-21 9 during 2015
Special mission
F406 Caravan II (MPA) 3*
BN-2 1
Combat helicopter
Mi-24 3
Training aircraft/helicopters
EMB-314 6
SF-260 2
Type Active Ordered
Special mission

Peter Foster
BN-2 (MPA) 1
King Air 200 (MPA) 2 1
Combat helicopter
AW139 2 1 T-6C+ 11 CL-415 (Firefighting) 5
SA316 3 MEXICAN NAVY Falcon 20 (EW) 2
MAURITANIA Type Active Ordered King Air 200 (Research) 1
MAURITANIAN AIR FORCE Special mission Tanker
Type Active Ordered C212 (MPA) 8 1* KC-130H 2
Combat aircraft CN235 (MPA) 2 Transport
EMB-314 2 2 Transport C-27J 4
Special mission C295 6 C-130H 13
BN-2 (MPA) 3 Dash 8 1 CN235 6
Cessna 208 (MPA) 2 1 King Air 350 6 2 King Air 200/300/350 7
PA-31T (MPA) 2 Turbo Commander 4 Combat helicopter
Transport Combat helicopter Bell 205 47
BT-67 1 AS555 2 Bell 206 5
Cessna 441 Conquest II 1 AS565 3 10 Bell 212/412 4
PC-6 1 BO105 5 CH-47D 3
Y-12 1 H225M 3 SA330 26
Combat helicopter MD900 5 SA342 23
AW109 2 Mi-17 21 Training aircraft/helicopters
Z-9 2 S-70/UH-60M 3 5 Alpha Jet 24
Training aircraft/helicopters Training aircraft/helicopters Bell 206 17
EMB-312 5 Lancair Super ES 1 F-5F 4
SF-260 4 Legacy 2000 2 F-16D 8
MEXICO M-290TP 5 King Air 100 4
Type Active Ordered R22 1 ROYAL MOROCCAN NAVY
Combat aircraft R44 1 Type Active Ordered
F-5E 6 Schweizer 269 4 Combat helicopter
PC-7 36 Schweizer 333 10 AS565 3
Special mission T-6C+ 2 MOZAMBIQUE
ERJ-145 (Recce) 2 MOLOVAN AIR FORCE Type Active Ordered
Metro III (Recce) 3 Type Active Ordered Combat aircraft
Transport Transport MiG-21 8
727 5 An-26 1 Transport
C-27J 4 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
C-130E/K/L-100 6 Combat helicopter Mi-8 2
C-130J 2* Mi-2 1 Mi-25 2
C295 8 2* Mi-8 1 Training aircraft/helicopters
King Air 90/300/350 7 MONGOLIA EMB-312 3
Turbo Commander 5 Type Active Ordered MYANMAR
Combat helicopter Transport MYANMAR AIR FORCE
AW109 2 An-26 3 Type Active Ordered
Bell 206 20 Combat helicopter Combat aircraft
Bell 212/412 31 Mi-8/171 7 A-5 21
Bell 407 11 4 MONTENEGRO F-6 1
MD530 15 Type Active Ordered MiG-29 31
Mi-8/17 27 3 Combat helicopter Special mission
S-70/UH-60M 4 29 SA341/342 5 BN-2 (MPA) 5
UH-1H 1 MOROCCO Transport
Training aircraft/helicopters ROYAL MOROCCAN AIR FORCE ATR 42 1
Bell 206 11 Type Active Ordered Beech 1900 3
F-5F 2 Combat aircraft F27 2
G120TP 13 12+15* F-5E 22 FH-227 2
PC-7 30 F-16C 13 PC-6 5
PC-9 2 Mirage F1 15 Y-8 4
SF-260 25 Special mission Y-12 2

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Combat helicopter ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE MiG-29 35

Bell 205 14 Type Active Ordered Su-7 18
Mi-2 22 Special mission Su-25 34
Mi-8/17 12 P-3K (MPA) 6 Transport
Mi-35 9 Transport An-24 1
SA316/SE3160 13 757 2 Combat helicopter
W-3 12 C-130H 4 MD500 84
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat helicopter Mi-2 46
FT-7 6 AW109 5 3* Mi-8 40
G-4 4 NH90 (TTH) 8 Mi-14 8
G120TP 10 10 SH-2G 11 Mi-24 20
K-8 12 50 Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-26 4
PC-7 16 King Air 200 4 Training aircraft/helicopters
PC-9 10 T-6C 11 FT-2 30
Type Active Ordered NICARAGUAN AIR FORCE MiG-15 4
Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered NORWAY
NAMIBIA An-26 2 Type Active Ordered
NAMIBIAN AIR FORCE King Air 90 1 Combat aircraft
Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter F-16A 46
Combat aircraft Bell 206 1 F-35A 6+42*
F-7 6 MD500 2 Special mission
Transport Mi-17/171 14 Falcon 20 (EW) 2
An-26 1 Training aircraft/helicopters P-3C/N (MPA) 6
Y-12 2 R44 1 Transport
Combat helicopter NIGER C-130J 4 1*
Mi-8 2 NIGER AIR FORCE Combat helicopter
Mi-24 2 Type Active Ordered AW101 16+6*
SA315 1 Combat aircraft Bell 412 18
SA316 3 Su-25 2 NH90 (NFH) 5 9
Z-9 1 Special mission Sea King 43 11
Training aircraft/helicopters Cessna 208 (Recce) 2 Training aircraft/helicopters
FT-7 2 DA42 (Recce) 2 F-16B 10
K-8 12 Transport F-35A 2 2
Type Active Ordered Dornier 228 1 Type Active Ordered
Special mission Combat helicopter Combat aircraft
707 (E-3A) (AEW) 16 Mi-17 3 Eurofighter 12+12*
Tanker Mi-24 1 F-16C 17
A330 MRTT (European Defence Agency) 4* SA342 3 Hawk 203 10
Transport NIGERIA Special mission
C-17 (Strategic Airlift Consortium) 3 NIGERIAN AIR FORCE C295 (MPA) 2 1
NEPAL Type Active Ordered Skyvan (MPA) 3
NEPAL ARMY AIR WING Combat aircraft Transport
Type Active Ordered Alpha Jet 12 C-130H 3
Transport F-7 10 C-130J 3
An-28 2 Special mission C295 4 1
BN-2 1 ATR 42 (MPA) 2 Combat helicopter
HS 748 1 Transport AS332 2
Combat helicopter C-130H 3 Bell 205 5
AS350 1 Dornier 128 11 Bell 206 4
Dhruv ALH 4 Dornier 228 5 NH90 (TTH) 17 2
Mi-17 6 G222 2 SA330 2
SA315 2 King Air 350 3 Super Lynx 120 15
SA316/319 4 Combat helicopter Training aircraft/helicopters
SA330 1 AS332 5 F-16D 6
NETHERLANDS AW139 1 Hawk 103/166 4 8
Type Active Ordered Mi-24/35 9 6 PAKISTAN
Combat aircraft Training aircraft/helicopters PAKISTAN AIR FORCE
F-16A 66 AW109 13 Type Active Ordered
F-35A 83* FT-7 2 Combat aircraft
Tanker L-39 17 F-7 140
Transport Type Active Ordered JF-17 49 50+50*
C-130H 4 Combat helicopter Mirage IIIEP/OF/RP 69
Training aircraft/helicopters AW109 4 Mirage 5EF/F/PA 90
F-16B 9 Bell 206 1 Special mission
F-35A 2 NORTH KOREA Falcon 20 (EW) 2
PC-7 13 KOREAN PEOPLE'S ARMY AIR FORCE King Air 350 (Recce) 4
Type Active Ordered Combat aircraft Y-8 (ZDK-03) (AEW) 3 1
Combat helicopter F-5 (Shenyang) 106 Tanker
AH-64D 27 F-6 97 Il-78 4
AS532 11 F-7 120 Transport
CH-47D/F 17 17* H-5 80 C-130B/E/L-100 16
NH90 (NFH) 13 3 MiG-21 26 CN235 3
NEW ZEALAND MiG-23 56 Saab 2000 1

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Y-12 3 PANAMA Metro 23 1

AH-1F 1 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
Bell 205 5 Transport Bell 212/412 3
Bell 412 1 C212 3 BO105 2
Mi-171 6 Cessna 208 3 Mi-8/17 11 8*
SA330 1 Combat helicopter Mi-25/35 16
SE3160 10 AW139 5 Training aircraft/helicopters
Training aircraft/helicopters Bell 205 1 EMB-312 17
F-16B/D 31 Bell 212/412 5 KT-1 8 12
FT-5 25 Bell 407 1 MB-339 5
FT-6 9 EC145 1 Mirage 2000DP 2
FT-7 9 MD500 1 Schweizer 269 6
K-8 38 Training aircraft/helicopters PERUVIAN ARMY
Mirage IIIBE/D/DP 18 T-35 4 Type Active Ordered
Mirage 5DPA2 2 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Transport
T-37 18 34 Type Active Ordered An-32 3
PAKISTAN ARMY Transport Beech 1900 1
Type Active Ordered Arava 3 Cessna 208 1
Transport CN235 2 Citation XLS 1
Challenger 605 1 PARAGUAY King Air 350 1
Citation Bravo 1 PARAGUAYAN AIR FORCE PA-31T 1
King Air 350 1 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
Turbo Commander 2 Transport AW109 2
Y-12 4 C212 4 Mi-8/17/171 32
Combat helicopter Cessna 208 2 Training aircraft/helicopters
AH-1F 48 Combat helicopter Enstrom F-28/280 6
AH-1Z 15 AS350 3 R44 1
Bell 206 19 Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered
Bell 412 32 2 EMB-312 6 Special mission
H125 6 4 T-35 10 F60 (MPA) 2
Mi-17/171 46 PARAGUAYAN NAVY King Air 200 (MPA) 3
Mi-35 4 Type Active Ordered Transport
SA315 18 Combat helicopter An-32 2
SA316 14 AS350 1 DHC-6 3
SA330 45 PERU F50 2
Z-10 3 Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft Bell 206 2
Schweizer 269 12 A-37 24 Bell 212 2
PAKISTAN NAVY MiG-29 19 Mi-8/171 2 5*
Type Active Ordered Mirage 2000P 7 S-61/ASH-3D 5
Special mission Su-25 18 Training aircraft/helicopters
F27 (MPA) 7 Special mission Enstrom F-28 4
Hakwer 850 (Recce) 1 Learjet 36 (Recce) 1 T-34 2
P-3C (MPA) 6 Metro 23 (Recce) 2 PHILIPPINES
Transport Transport PHILIPPINE AIR FORCE
ATR 72 2 737 1 Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter An-32 3 Combat aircraft
Mi-14 2 C-27J 2 2+8* FA-50 12
SA316/319 7 DHC-6 15 3* OV-10 8
Sea King 45 6 L-100 2 Transport
Z-9 6 Learjet 36 1 C-130B/H 3
C295 2 1
F27 1
Norway’s first two F-35As have touched down at Luke AFB in Arizona for pilot training NC212i 2
Nomad 22 1
Shorts 330 2*
Turbo Commander 1
Combat helicopter
AS550 4
AW109 2 6
Bell 205 8
Bell 212/412 7
MD520 25
S-76 9
UH-1D/H 28
W-3 7
Training aircraft/helicopters
S-211 3
SF-260 19
Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter
Bell 412 5
US Air Force

Type Active Ordered


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BN-2 6 737 (AEW) 3* L-410 23

Combat helicopter Tanker Medium Transport Aircraft 100*
AW109 5 A330 MRTT 2* Tu-134 5
POLAND Transport Tu-154 3
POLISH AIR FORCE C-17 4 4 Tu-204 2
Type Active Ordered C-130J 4 Combat helicopter
Combat aircraft Combat helicopter AS355 2
F-16C 36 AH-64E 24 H125 3
MiG-29 31 AW139 21 Ka-27 7
Su-22 32 NH90 (NFH/TTH) 22 Ka-52 74 82+25*
Transport SA342 13 Ka-62 16+84*
An-28 24 Sea King 11 Ka-226 31 5
C-130E 5 Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-8/17 559 110
C295 16 Mirage 2000-5DDA 4 Mi-24/35 323 2
Combat helicopter PC-21 14 10 Mi-26 42 5+16*
H225M 21* Rafale B 6 Mi-28 81 14
Mi-2 17 ROMANIA Training aircraft/helicopters
Mi-8/17 12 ROMANIAN AIR FORCE Ansat 31 5
W-3 17 Type Active Ordered L-39 201
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft Mi-2 19
Cabri G2 4 F-16A 9 Mi-28 60*
F-16D 12 MiG-21 26 Tu-134 33
M-346 8+4* Special mission Yak-130 81 20
PZL-130 17 An-30 (Recce) 2 Yak-152 150*
SW-4 24 Transport RUSSIAN NAVY
TS-11 37 C-27J 7 Type Active Ordered
POLISH LAND FORCES C-130H 4 Combat aircraft
Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter MiG-29/K 14 10
Combat helicopter SA/IAR330 59 Su-24 22
H225M 21* Training aircraft/helicopters Su-25 4
Mi-2 43 F-16B 3 Su-30/33 28 5+38*
Mi-8/17 26 IAR-99 19 Special mission
Mi-24 29 SA316 5 An-12 (SAR) 3
W-3 39 ROMANIAN NAVY An-26 (Calibration) 2
Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered Be-12 (SAR) 6
Mi-2 1 Combat helicopter Be-200 (SAR) 4
POLISH NAVAL AIR ARM IAR330 3 Il-20/22 (EW, Recce) 3
Type Active Ordered RUSSIA Il-38 (MPA) 19
Special mission RUSSIAN AIR FORCE Ka-31 (AEW) 3
An-28 (MPA) 9 Type Active Ordered Tu-142 (MPA) 24
Transport Combat aircraft Transport
An-28 4 MiG-29/35 252 16+37* An-12 2
Combat helicopter MiG-31 135 An-24/26 25
H225M 8* Su-24 277 An-72 6
Mi-2 4 Su-25 199 An-140 3 2
Mi-8/17 2 Su-27/30 321 50 Be-200 2+2*
Mi-14 9 Su-34 61 62+16* Il-18 1
SH-2G 4 T-50 (Sukhoi) 1 60* Tu-134 2
W-3 7 Tu-22M 70 Tu-154 1
PORTUGAL Tu-95 41 Combat helicopter
PORTUGUESE AIR FORCE Tu-160 13 50* Ka-27 82
Type Active Ordered Special mission Ka-28 2
Combat aircraft An-12 (Recce) 5 Ka-29 3
F-16A 33 An-12 (Weather Research) 1 Ka-52 28
Special mission An-26 (Calibration) 5 Mi-8 9
C295 (MPA) 5 An-26 (Recce) 2 Training aircraft/helicopters
P-3C (MPA) 5 An-30 (Recce) 14 Il-18 1
Transport Il-20/22 (Recce) 19 Tu-134 4
C-130H 5 Il-20/22 (Space Tracking) 11 Yak-130 5+5*
C295 7 Il-76 (A50) (AEW) 13 RWANDA
KC-390 6* Il-82 (Command Post) 2 RWANDAN AIR FORCE
Combat helicopter Il-87 (Command Post) 4 Type Active Ordered
AW101 12 Tu-134 (Recce) 1 Combat helicopter
SA316 8 Tu-204 (EW) 2 Mi-17 12
Training aircraft/helicopters Tanker Mi-24 5
Alpha Jet 9 Il-78 19 31* SA342 4
F-16B 5 Il-96 2 SAUDI ARABIA
PORTUGUESE NAVY An-12 54 Type Active Ordered
Type Active Ordered An-22 5 Combat aircraft
Combat helicopter An-26 102 Eurofighter 35 19
Lynx 95 5 An-30 1 F-15C/S/SA 129 84
QATAR An-72 26 Tornado IDS 81
QATAR EMIRI AIR FORCE An-124 2 Special mission
Type Active Ordered An-140 3 5 707 (E-3A) (AEW) 5
Combat aircraft An-148 4 11 707 (RE-3A) (SIGINT) 1
Alpha Jet 6 Il-18 4 An-132 (EW, Recce) 6*
Mirage 2000-5EDA 9 Il-76 91 37+9* King Air 350 (EW) 2 7*
Rafale B/C 18+12* Il-96 10* Saab 2000 (AEW) 2
Special mission Il-112 62* Tanker

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Type Active Ordered

Combat helicopter
Mi-17 2
Mi-24 2
SA319 1
Type Active Ordered
Combat aircraft
F-5S 27
F-15SG 32 8*
F-16C/D 60
Special mission
F50 (MPA) 5
Gulfstream G550 (AEW) 4
A330 MRTT 6
KC-130B/H 5
KC-135R 4
C-130H 5
F50 4
Combat helicopter
AH-64D 17
AS332/532 32

Xinhua/Rex Shutterstock
CH-47SD 16
S-70 6 2
Training aircraft/helicopters
F-5T 9
H120 5
Russia deployed Su-24 combat aircraft within Syria. Its air force has almost 280 in use M-346 12
PC-21 19
A330 MRTT 4 Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered
KC-130H 7 Combat aircraft Combat aircraft
KC-130J 2+3* EMB-314 3 MiG-29 12
Transport Special mission Special mission
C-130H 33 King Air 200 (Recce) 2 L-410 (Recce) 1
C-130J 20* Transport Transport
Citation Bravo 4 C212 1 An-26 2
CN235 2 F27 3 C-27J 2+1*
Gulfstream IV 1 Combat helicopter L-410 6
Jetstream 31 1 AS355 1 Combat helicopter
King Air 350 10 AW139 1 Mi-2 3
Combat helicopter Bell 206 2 Mi-17 13
AS532 11 Mi-2 2 S-70/UH-60M 9
Bell 212/412 36 Mi-17 2 Training aircraft/helicopters
S-70/UH-60L 2 Mi-35 2 L-39 10
Training aircraft/helicopters UH-1H 1 SLOVENIA
Eurofighter 18 Training aircraft/helicopters SLOVENIAN ARMED FORCES
F-15D 20 TB30 2 Type Active Ordered
Hawk 65/A/165 45 22 SERBIA Transport
PC-21 38 17 SERBIAN AIR FORCE L-410 1
PC-9 48 Type Active Ordered PC-6 2
SR22 25 Combat aircraft Combat helicopter
Type Active Ordered MiG-21 20 Bell 412 8
Combat helicopter MiG-29 4 6* Training aircraft/helicopters
AH-64A/D/E 19 29 Transport Bell 206 4
MD530 12 An-26 2 PC-9 9
S-70/UH-60L/M 43 48* Combat helicopter SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE
Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-8/17 7 4* Type Active Ordered
Schweizer 330 19 SA341/342 30 Combat aircraft
ROYAL SAUDI NAVY Training aircraft/helicopters Gripen C 17
Type Active Ordered G-2 1 Special mission
Combat helicopter G-4 23 Cessna 208 (EW) 1
AS332/532 20 Lasta 95 14 DC-3 (EW) 1
AS365/565 26 SEYCHELLES DC-3 (MPA) 5
S-70/MH-60R 10* Type Active Ordered C-130B 6
Type Active Ordered BN-2 (MPA) 1 Cessna 208 8
Combat helicopter DHC-6 (MPA) 1 DC-3 3
AH-64E 3 9+24* Dornier 228 (SAR) 1 King Air 200/300 4
MD530/AH-6i 24+12* Transport PC-12 1
NH90 (TTH) 12* Y-12 1 Combat helicopter
S-70/UH-60M 20+4* SIERRA LEONE AW109 28

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Oryx 46 SPANISH AIR FORCE Combat helicopter

Rooivalk 12 Type Active Ordered Bell 206 4
Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft Bell 212/412 13
Gripen D 9 E/F/A-18A/AM 74 Mi-17/171 15
Hawk 120 23 Eurofighter 34 23+13* Mi-24/35 9
PC-7 Mk II 35 Special mission Training aircraft/helicopters
SOUTH AFRCIAN NAVY C212 (EW, Recce) 5 FT-7 1
Type Active Ordered CN235 (MPA) 8 K-8 5 2*
Combat helicopter CN235 (Survey) 2 SRI LANKAN NAVY
Super Lynx 300 4 CL-215 (Firefighting) 14 Type Active Ordered
SOUTH KOREA CL-415 (Firefighting) 3 Combat helicopter
Type Active Ordered P-3A/M (MPA) 5 SUDAN
Combat aircraft Tanker SUDAN AIR FORCE
F-4E 71 707 1 Type Active Ordered
F-5E 158 KC-130H 5 Combat aircraft
F-15K 59 Transport A-5 20
F-16C 118 707 1 F-6 8
F-35A 60* A400M 27 F-7 20
FA-50 20 C-130H 7 MiG-21 4
TA-50 22 C212 14 MiG-23 3
Special mission C295/CN235 21 MiG-29 11
737 (AEW) 4 Citation V 3 Su-24 3
Falcon 2000 (EW) 2* Falcon 20 2 Su-25 15
Hawker 800 (Recce) 8 King Air 90 3 Transport
Tanker Combat helicopter An-12 7
A330 MRTT 4* AS332 11 An-26 8
Transport S-76 2 An-30/32 6
C-130H 12 SA330 6 C-130H 1
C-130J 4 Training aircraft/helicopters DHC-5 1
CN235 18 6* C-101 66 Il-76 1
Combat helicopter EF-18BM 12 Combat helicopter
AS332 3 Eurofighter 11 1* Bell 205 2
Bell 412 3 F-5M 19 Bell 212 3
CH-47D 5 H120 15 Mi-2 1
Ka-32 7 S-76 6 Mi-8/17 22
MD500 25 T-35 35 Mi-24/35 36
S-70/HH/UH-60P 29 SPANISH ARMY Training aircraft/helicopters
Training aircraft/helicopters Type Active Ordered K-8 6
F-5F 36 Combat helicopter SURINAME
F-16D 51 AS332/532 29 SURINAME AIR FORCE
KC-100 23* Bell 212 6 Type Active Ordered
KT-1 106 BO105 14 Combat helicopter
T-50/B 63 CH-47D 17 Dhruv ALH 3
Type Active Ordered NH90 (TTH) 1 21+7* SWAZILAND
King Air 90 1 UH-1H 14 Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter Training aircraft/helicopters Combat helicopter
AH-1J/S 77 EC135 7 SA316 3
BO105 12 Type Active Ordered SWEDISH AIR FORCE
CH/HH-47D 37 Combat aircraft Type Active Ordered
MD500 252 EAV-8B+ 12 Combat aircraft
S-70/UH-60L/P 68 Special mission Gripen C 74
Surion KUH-1 40 52+153* S-61/SH-3H (AEW) 2 Gripen E 60+10*
UH-1H 76 Transport Special mission
Type Active Ordered Combat helicopter Saab 340 (AEW) 2
Combat helicopter Bell 212 8 Tanker
Surion KUH-1 40* MD500 6 KC-130H 1
Type Active Ordered S-70/SH-60B 10 C-130H 5
Special mission Training aircraft/helicopters Saab 340 2
P-3C/K (MPA) 16 TAV-8B 1 Training aircraft/helicopters
S-3B (MPA) 12* SRI LANKA Gripen D 24
Transport SRI LANKAN AIR FORCE PC-21 20*
F406 Caravan II 5 Type Active Ordered Saab 105 72
Combat helicopter Combat aircraft SWEDISH ARMED FORCES HELICOPTER WING
AW159 8 F-7 7 Type Active Ordered
Lynx 99/A 24 Kfir 9 Combat helicopter
S-70/MH-60R/UH-60P 8 10* MiG-23 1 AW109 20
SA319 6 MiG-27 6 NH90 (NFH/TTH) 11 7
UH-1H 7 Special mission S-70/UH-60M 15
Type Active Ordered An-32 4 Type Active Ordered
Combat helicopter C-130K 2 Combat aircraft
Mi-17 9 MA60 2 F/A-18C 26
SPAIN Y-12 9 F-5E 37

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South Korea has selected the A330

MRTT for a four-aircraft deal. The tanker
will support types including the F-15K

Airbus Defence & Space

Special mission Yak-130 36 UH-1H 91
PC-9 (Target towing) 8 TAIWAN Training aircraft/helicopters
Beech 1900 1 Type Active Ordered REPUBLIC OF CHINA NAVY
DHC-6 1 Combat aircraft Type Active Ordered
King Air 300 1 F/RF-5E 23 Combat helicopter
PC-6 15 F-16A 115 MD500 8
Combat helicopter F-CK-1A/C 102 S-70/MH-60R 18 10*
AS532 25 Mirage 2000-5EI 47 TAJIKISTAN
EC635 18 Special mission TAJIKISTAN AIR FORCE
Training aircraft/helicopters Beech 1900 (Calibration) 2 Type Active Ordered
F/A-18D 5 C-130H (EW) 1 Transport
F-5F 12 E-2K (AEW) 6 An-26 1
PC-7 28 P-3C (MPA) 8 Combat helicopter
PC-21 8 S-2 (MPA) 11 Mi-8 14
SYRIA Transport Mi-24 6
SYRIAN AIR FORCE C-27J 6* Training aircraft/helicopters
Type Active Ordered C-130H 19 L-39 4
Combat aircraft Combat helicopter TANZANIA
MiG-23 90 S-70/UH-60A 13 Type Active Ordered
MiG-25 2 Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft
MiG-29 20 12 AT-3 49 F-6 3
Su-22 42 F-5F 25 F-7 11
Su-24 18 F-16B 28 Special mission
Transport F-CK-1B/D 25 SB7L-360 (Recce) 1
An-26 2 Mirage 2000-5DI 9 Transport
Combat helicopter T-34 37 An-28 1
Mi-2 13 Type Active Ordered Y-8 2
Mi-8/17 52 Combat helicopter Y-12 2
Mi-14 11 AH-1W 62 Combat helicopter
Mi-25 28 AH-64E 29 Bell 412 2
SA342 62 CH-47D 8 Training aircraft/helicopters
Training aircraft/helicopters OH-58 38 FT-6 1
L-39 66 S-70/UH-60M 8 37* FT-7 2

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THAILAND TRINIDAD & TOBAGO AIR GUARD Training aircraft/helicopters
ROYAL THAI AIR FORCE Type Active Ordered F-16C/D 87
Type Active Ordered Special mission Hurkus B 15*
Combat aircraft Metro 23 (MPA) 2 KT-1T 40 15*
Alpha Jet 19 Combat helicopter NF-5A/B 23
F-5E 30 AW139 4 SF-260 36
F-16A 38 TUNISIA T-38 68
Special mission Type Active Ordered Type Active Ordered
DA42 (Recce) 5 Combat aircraft Transport
P180 (Recce) 1 F-5E 12 King Air 200 6
Saab 340 (AEW) 2 Transport Combat helicopter
Transport C-130B/H 7 AH-1P/S/W 55
Arava 2 C-130J 2 AS532 27
BT-67 6 L-410 4 Bell 205 69
C-130H 12 Combat helicopter CH-47F 11+3*
HS 748 5 AS350 6 OH-58 3
King Air 90 1 Bell 205 20 S/T-70 58 31
Learjet 35 1 Bell 412 3 T129 9 50+40*
Nomad 22 14 S-61/CH/HH-3E/F 19 UH-1H 86
Saab 340 2 S-70/UH-60M 8+4* Training aircraft/helicopters
Combat helicopter SA313 8 Bell 206 22
Bell 412 8 SA316 8 TURKISH NAVY
H225M 4 2 UH-1H/N 12 Type Active Ordered
UH-1H 17 Training aircraft/helicopters Special mission
Training aircraft/helicopters F-5F 3 ATR 72 (MPA) 2
DA42 6 L-59 9 CN235 (MPA) 6
F-5B/F 4 MB-326 10 Transport
F-16B 15 SF-260 18 ATR 72 1 1
Gripen D 4 TURKEY Combat helicopter
L-39 35 TURKISH AIR FORCE Bell 212 13
PC-9 23 Type Active Ordered S-70 24
T-50 4 Combat aircraft TURKMENISTAN
Type Active Ordered F-16C 158 Type Active Ordered
Transport F-35A 116* Combat aircraft
C212 2 Special mission MiG-29 24
King Air 200 2 737 (AEW) 3 Su-25 20
Combat helicopter CN235 (EW, Recce) 2 Transport
AH-1F 7 Tanker An-26 1
AW139 2 8 KC-135R 7 An-74 2
Bell 206 20 Transport Combat helicopter
Bell 212 51 A400M 2 8 Mi-8 15
CH-47D 6 C-130B/E 15 Mi-24 1
H125M 8 C160 16 UGANDA
Mi-17 3 2+1* Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered
S-70/UH-60L/M 10 2 AS532 20 Combat aircraft
UH-1H 79 T-70 6 MiG-21 5
Training aircraft/helicopters
Enstrom 480 16
R44 1 Archangel strike aircraft
Schweizer 269 44 are now in service with the
ROYAL THAI NAVY United Arab Emirates
Type Active Ordered
Special mission
CL-215 (Firefighting) 1
Dornier 228 (MPA) 7
F27 (MPA) 2
P-3T (MPA) 1
F27 2
Nomad 24 3
Combat helicopter
Bell 212 7
Bell 214 2
H145M 5
S-70/MH-60S 8
S-76 4
Super Lynx 110 2
Type Active Ordered
King Air 200 2
Training aircraft/helicopters
Alpha Jet 5
EMB-326 4

TB30 3

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Su-30 8 4 PC-7 31 Sea King ASaC 7 (AEW) 8

Transport PC-21 25 Combat helicopter
Combat helicopter Type Active Ordered AW101 Merlin HC3/A/i 18
Bell 206 7 Combat aircraft Lynx HMA8 16
Mi-17 10 AT-802 18 Sea King HC4/4+ 6
Mi-24 5 Special mission Sea King HU5 (SAR) 9
Training aircraft/helicopters AW609 (SAR) 6* Wildcat AH1/HMA1 22 11
L-39 6 Cessna 208 (Recce) 1 Training aircraft/helicopters
SF-260 4 DHC-6 (Recce) 2 King Air 350 (Ascent) 4
UKRAINIAN AIR FORCE Transport Type Active Ordered
Type Active Ordered Cessna 208 7 Combat helicopter
Combat aircraft DHC-6 8 AW109 (FB Heliservices) 2
MiG-29 21 Combat helicopter AW139 (FB Heliservices) 3
Su-24 12 AH-64D/E 30 30* Bell 212/412 (FB Heliservices) 11
Su-25 15 AS350 1 Training aircraft/helicopters
Su-27 18 AS565 13 AS350 (FB Heliservices) 34
Special mission Bell 407 21 24 Bell 212/412 (FB Heliservices) 12
An-26 (Calibration) 1 CH-47C+/F 19 5 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
An-30 (Recce) 3 H125 13 UNITED STATES AIR FORCE
Transport S-70/UH-60L/M 59 Type Active Ordered
An-24/26 21 Training aircraft/helicopters Combat aircraft
An-70 1 3+2* AS350 1 A-10C 291
Tu-134 1 Type Active Ordered AC-130U/W 28
Combat helicopter Combat helicopter B-1 60
Mi-8 12 AS332 8 B-2 20
Training aircraft/helicopters UNITED KINGDOM B-52 77
L-39 40 ROYAL AIR FORCE F-15C/E 417
UKRAINE ARMY AVIATION Type Active Ordered F-16C 803
Type Active Ordered Combat aircraft F-22 178
Combat helicopter Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 88 41 F-35A 45 57+1,634*
Mi-8 35 F-35B 3 11+124* LRS-B 100*
Mi-24 33 Tornado GR4 77 Special mission
UKRAINIAN NAVY Special mission 707 (Recce) 1
Type Active Ordered 707 (E-3D) (AEW) 6 707 (E-3B/C/G) (AEW) 30
Special mission 737 (P-8) (MPA) 9* 707 (E-8C) (Recce) 16
Be-12 (SAR) 2 BN-2 (Recce) 3 737 (NT-43A) (Radar testbed) 1
Transport Global Express (Sentinel R1) (Recce) 5 747 (E-4B) (Comms) 4
An-26 2 King Air 350 (Shadow R1) (Recce) 5 2* 757 (C-32B) (Recce) 2
Combat helicopter RC-135W (ELINT) 2 1 Beechjet T1A (Recce) 21
Ka-27 5 Tanker Dash 8 (E-9A) (Recce) 5
Ka-29 4 A330 MRTT (AirTanker) 9 DHC-6 (Recce) 1
Mi-14 3 Transport EC-130H (EW) 14
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AIR FORCE BAe 146 2 Falcon 20 (HU-25) (Recce) 2
Type Active Ordered C-17 8 Global Express (E-11A) (Comms) 4
Combat aircraft C-130J 23 HC-130J (SAR) 14 11+8*
F-16E 55 30* Combat helicopter HC-130N/P (SAR) 17
Mirage 2000-9/EAD/RAD 41 AW109 1 KC-135R (Recce) 1
Special mission CH-47 Chinook HC3/4/6 45 2 King Air 350/MC-12W (Recce) 53
Dash 8 (MPA) 2 SA330 Puma HC2 21 Learjet 35 (NC-21A) (Calibration) 1
Global 6000 (AEW, Recce) 2 Sea King HAR3/3A (SAR) 10 Metro 23 (RC-26B) (Recce) 11
King Air 90 (Weather Recce) 3 Training aircraft/helicopters OC-135 (Recce) 2
Saab 340 (AEW) 2 Eurofighter Typhoon T3 22 PC-12 (U-28) (Recce) 16
Tanker G115 (Babcock) 119 RC-135 (ELINT) 21
A330 MRTT 3 G120TP (Affinity) 23* U-2S (Recce) 26
Transport Hawk T1 50 WC-130J (Weather recce) 10
C-17 7 1 Hawk T2 28 WC-135C/W (Weather recce) 2
C-130H/L-100 8 King Air 200/350 8 Tanker
Cessna 208 2 Phenom 100 (Affinity) 5* 767 (KC-46A) 4+175*
CN235 7 T-6C (Affinity) 10* DC-10 (KC-10) 59
King Air 350 2 Tornado GR4 10 KC-135R/T 397
P-750 1 Tucano T1 42 MC-130H/P 24
P180 2 ARMY AIR CORPS MC-130J 30 14+19*
Saab 340 1 Type Active Ordered Transport
Combat helicopter Special mission 328 Jet (C-146A) 18
AW139 13 1 BN-2 (Recce) 11 1* An-28 (C-145A) 7
Bell 412 4 Combat helicopter Beech 1900 (C-12J) 3
Training aircraft/helicopters AH-64D Apache AH1 49 C-5A/B/M 55
Bell 407 (Horizon International Flight Academy) 12 AS365 6 C-17 222
F-16F 20 Lynx AH9A 12 C/LC-130H 272
G115 12 SA341 20 C-130J 104 17+27*
GA8 Airvan 1 Wildcat AH1 18 9 C212 1
Hawk 61/63/102 31 Training aircraft/helicopters Cessna 208 (UC-27B) 2
King Air 90 3 BN-2 1 CN235 2
MB-339 10 Type Active Ordered Gulfstream III/IV (C-20) 7
Mirage 2000-9DAD 14 Special mission King Air 200 (C-12) 25

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The US Navy has more

than 480 Super Hornets,
but a shrinking backlog

US Navy
Learjet 35 (C-21A) 31 King Air 100/200 12 Tanker
Metro III (C-26A) 1 Mi-24 1 KC-130R/T 5
PC-12 (U-28) 20 T-6D 4 Transport
Combat helicopter UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS 737 (C-40) 14 1
CV-22 42 3+5* Type Active Ordered C-2 35
S-70/HH-60G/U/W/MH-60G 100 112* Combat aircraft C-130T 20
UH-1N 62 AV-8B/+ 111 Gulfstream IV (C-20) 4
Training aircraft/helicopters F/A-18B/C/D 190 King Air 200 (UC-12) 14
707 (E-8C) 1 F-35B/C 26 20+362* Metro 23 (C-26) 6
Beechjet T-1A 157 Special mission PC-12 1
DA20 50 EA-6B (EW) 26 Combat helicopter
DA40 (T-52A) 2 Tanker HV-22 1 7+41*
F-15D 33 KC-130J 48 6+5* MH-53E 27
F-16D 154 KC-130T 23 S-70/EH/HH/MH/SH/UH-60 487 37+70*
F-35A 26 Transport Training aircraft/helicopters
SR20 (T-53A) 25 Citation Encore/Sovereign/Ultra (U-35) 12 2 Bell 206 (TH-57) 113
T-6A 449 DC-9 (C-9) 2 EC145 (TH-72A) 5
T-38A/C 480 Gulfstream IV (C-20) 1 F/A-18A/B/C/D 130
TC-130H 1 King Air 200/350 (UC-12) 12 1 F/A-18E/F 139
TC-135S/W 3 Combat helicopter F-5F/N 30
TH-1H (UH-1) 37 AH-1W 128 F-16A/B 14
TU-2S 5 AH-1Z 36 51+113* F-35C 2
UNITED STATES ARMY CH-53E 146 Gulfstream G100 (C-38) 2
Type Active Ordered CH-53K 201* King Air 90/200 (C-12/T-44) 82
Special mission MV-22B 222 71+36* OH-58 3
Dash 8 (Recce) 6 UH-1N 5 T-6A/B/C 266 57
DHC-7 (EO-5) (EW) 3 UH-1Y 107 52+12* T-34 93
DHC-7 (RC-7) (Recce) 7 Training aircraft/helicopters T-38 10
King Air 200/300/350 (C/RC-12/MC-12W) (Recce) 83 6* F/A-18B/C/D 37 T-45A/C 197
Transport F-5F/N 13 TE-2C 1
Beech 1900 (C-1) 3 F-35B/C 12 US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
C-27J 6 TAV-8B 16 Type Active Ordered
C212 3 T-34 3 Combat helicopter
Citation Encore/Ultra (UC-35) 28 UNITED STATES NAVY S-70/UH-60 260*
DHC-6 (UV-18) 5 Type Active Ordered URUGUAY
F27 (C-31) 2 Combat aircraft URUGUAYAN AIR FORCE
King Air 200/350 (C-12) 104 1+4* F/A-18A/C 184 Type Active Ordered
Metro 23 (C-26) 12 F/A-18E/F 342 23 Combat aircraft
PC-6 1 F-35C 12 12+234* A-37 8
Combat helicopter Special mission IA-58 5
AH-64D/E 792 25 707 (E-6B) (Comms) 16 Special mission
CH-47D/F/MH-47G 527 21+50* 737 (P-8A) (MPA) 37 25+39* C212 (MPA) 4
EC145 (UH-72A) 341 13 DHC-6 (UV-18) (Recce) 1 Transport
MD500 (AH/MH-6) 47 E-2C/D (AEW) 68 33+24* C-130B 2
Mi-8/17 5 EA-18G (EW) 105 24+3* C212 1
OH-58A/C/D/F 488 EP-3E (ELINT) 14 EMB-110 2
S-70/EH/HH/MH/UH-60 2,146 39+29* Gulfstream G550 (Range support) 1* EMB-120 1
UH-1H/V 53 Learjet 35/36 (EW) 2 Y-12 2*
Training aircraft/helicopters Metro 23 (C-26) (Recce) 1 Combat helicopter
Bell 206 (TH-67A) 163 P-3C (MPA) 100 AS565 2
EC145 (UH-72A) 41+31* S-3B (Recce) 2 Bell 212 3

52 | Flight International | 8-14 December 2015 flightglobal.com

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UH-1H 3 Mi-26 3 MiG-21 19

Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-35 10 MiG-29 24 32*
PC-7 5 S-61/ASH-3D 3 Su-22 23
SF-260 5 Training aircraft/helicopters Special mission
URUGUAYAN NAVAL AVIATION Bell 206 1 Cessna 208 (Recce) 2
Type Active Ordered VENEZUELAN NAVAL AVIATION Transport
Special mission Type Active Ordered An-24/26 8
King Air 200 (MPA) 1 Special mission Combat helicopter
Transport C212 (MPA) 3 Bell 206 1
King Air 200 1 Transport Bell 212/412 4
Combat helicopter C212 3 Ka-32 3
AS355 1 Cessna 208 1 Mi-8/17/171 34
BO105 2 King Air 90/200 2 Mi-14 2
Training aircraft/helicopters Turbo Commander 1 Mi-25/35 14
T-34 1 Combat helicopter UH-1H 4
T-35 4* Bell 212/412 10 Training aircraft/helicopters
Type Active Ordered Training aircraft/helicopters ZAMBIA
Combat aircraft Bell 206 2 ZAMBIAN AIR FORCE
MiG-29 39 VIETNAM Type Active Ordered
Su-25 20 VIETNAMESE PEOPLE'S AIR FORCE Combat aircraft
Su-27 30 Type Active Ordered F-6 8
Transport Combat aircraft MiG-21 10
An-12 2 Su-22 36 Transport
An-26 4 Su-27/30 37 10 MA60 1
C295 4 Special mission Y-12 8
Il-76 4 An-28 (MPA) 1 Combat helicopter
Combat helicopter Transport Bell 205 13
AS532 2 6 An-26 30 Z-9 3 4
H125 2 4 C295 3 Training aircraft/helicopters
Mi-8 40 Combat helicopter FT-6 2
Mi-24/35 25 Ka-32 2 K-8 16
Training aircraft/helicopters Mi-8/17 87 L-15 6
L-39 2 Mi-24 25 SF-260 9 3
Type Active Ordered L-39 26 Type Active Ordered
Combat aircraft VIETNAMESE NAVY Combat aircraft
F-16A 10 Type Active Ordered F-7 7
Su-30 23 Special mission MiG-23 3
Special mission DHC-6 Guardian 400 (MPA/SAR) 3 Transport
Falcon 20 (EW) 1 Transport BN-2 5
Metro III (EW) 1 DHC-6 Guardian 400 3 C212 11
Tanker Combat helicopter Combat helicopter
707 1 EC225 2 Mi-24/35 6
Transport Ka-28 8 Mi-172 1
C-130H 5 YEMEN SA316 13
Cessna 208 4 YEMEN ARAB REPUBLIC AIR FORCE Training aircraft/helicopters
Citation II 1 Type Active Ordered Bell 412 9
Dornier 228/NG 3 7 Combat aircraft K-8 10
Gulfstream G150 4* F-5E 11 SF-260 28
King Air 200/350 5 10*
Metro III 1
Shorts 360 2
Y-8 8
Combat helicopter YOURS TO DOWNLOAD
AS332/532 10
Mi-17 6
Mi-28 10*
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From yuckspeak to tales of yore, send your offcuts to murdo.morrison@flightglobal.com


Eyes on Alsace
Mirage farewell A great increase -intext.
100/75/50/25 aerial
Given our past coverage of the for the text
activity on the
for part
the four
retirement of the Royal Navy’s historicalisareas.
Sea Harriers, we thought it only The year logo
reported in sits
right to pay tribute to the Shar’s at the beginning
Alsace. They have
Falklands War adversary, the of the repeated
made third line of
Dassault Mirage (right), which main text.
efforts to reconnoitre
The texts doFrench
formally departed Argentinian have to beItthe
positions. would
same seem
air force service on 28 each week.
Germany contemplated an
November, after 42 years. important offensive there.
Budget constraints have
forced Buenos Aires to put out A blow for Italy
to grass the ageing French 100/75...
Signor Mussoliniheading
must be very
fighters – operated by the VI Air glad the ships of -the
100/75/50/25 text.Italian
Brigade at its Tandil base. for the text for
were of built
the four
Mirage IIIEAs flew 58 sorties historical
speed. Butareas.
during the South Atlantic The year logo
Swordfish andsits
campaign in 1982, including at the beginning
Skuas from
several successful strikes on H.M.S. Ark Royal
of theare
line ofIn
British ships. mainaction
the text. off
texts dothe not
have to be
second battleship
the same of the
each week.
Littorio class was hit by a
Patently silly torpedo, and as her sister was
Airline operations these days “Okay, at least we’ve won two World Cups.” a victim of Taranto, the two
are all about reducing gate most powerful vessels of the
turnarounds. Every minute an 100/75... heading
fleet are out of action.
airliner is on the ground is lost 100/75/50/25 - text. style
Roxas off
Charles Pertwee/Rex Shutterstock
revenue, and getting the self- Exports
for the text foron
eachthe rise
of the four
loading cargo on board and AirAsia owner Tony Fernandes British aviation exportsareas.
historical for
seated is usually the most time- may be regretting an off-the-cuff October 1965 Thetotalled
year logo sits
consuming bit. So how is this remark at a business leaders’ £11,386,000,
at the beginning
for a bit of thinking inside the conference in Manila. compared
of the thirdwith
line of
box from Airbus? Ahead of the event police had, main text. The £7,741,796
texts do not for
Boffins have come up with a for security reasons, shut a busy have to be the October
same last year.
concept for a detachable cabin. coastal highway to all but dele- Board of Trade figures showed
each week.
The idea is that passengers gates, prompting Fernandes to a January to October total of
would be strapped in at the gate remark – in the manner of Swiss £107,061,000, compared
before the aircraft arrives. The Tony, the bouffant-haired sec- Fernandes: sex drive with £77,259,222 for the first
cabin, or “module”, would then ondhand car dealer from The ten months of 1964.
be lowered, with its human Fast Show – that being in the scathingly: “By that, did @
cargo in place, into the aircraft – only car on the normally log- tonyfernandes mean it was Gulf engine trouble
making the passengers feel even jammed Roxas Boulevard was quick or was he alone?” 100/75...
Royal heading
Air Force Puma HC.1
more like sardines in a can, “like having sex”. transport helicopters
100/75/50/25 - text.instyle
presumably. A disgruntled commuter – Gulf
for the text for are of
each suffering
the four
Airbus’s application has just one of thousands forced by the Thrill in a Mil major engine
historical areas.
been registered by the US patent closure to use alternative routes Ever fancied seeing the world’s problems
The year logo sits
office, but we suspect it’s some that were even more congested most austere capital from an an- because of sand.
at the beginning
way off certification. than normal – tweeted cient Soviet-era helicopter? This The RAF is believed to be
of the third line of
holiday could be for you. looking to acquire
main text. The texts spare
do not Puma

North Korea is offering foreign engines

have to beand has
the approached
same length
tourists sightseeing tours of manufacturer
each week. Aérospatiale to
Pyongyang in a Mil Mi-17. For keep the Gulf force of at least
$195 you can catch an aerial 15 helicopters flying.
view of the 105-storey
Ryungyong Hotel and the 100-YEAR ARCHIVE
150,000-capacity May Day Every issue of Flight
stadium; the world’s largest. from 1909 onwards
Photography is apparently can be viewed online at
allowed, but expect some close flightglobal.com/archive

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working week

WORK EXPERIENCE james pearson

Inspiring a generation of students

First interested in flight as a child, James Pearson now heads a BSc aviation management course at Coventry
University, equipping future cohorts of industry recruits with the skills needed in an increasingly airborne world

Tell us about your career to date 2014 to 7.3 billion in 2034; the
After managing youth hostels, I number of appropriate jobs is
studied for a BSc in air transport huge. I passionately believe uni-
management at Loughborough versity degrees should be driven
University. I worked for Airline by highly relevant and graduate-
Information; a US-based airline appropriate employability. But
events and consultancy compa- as I always tell students, it’s abso-
ny, in sales and marketing. I then lutely crucial to find as many
won full scholarships to do MSc ways to distinguish themselves
air transport management at as possible, including year-long
Cranfield University and then industry placements or studying
my PhD at Loughborough. I’ve abroad, writing for industry mag-
now finished my PhD, entitled: azines and blogs, attending con-
The competitive strength of ferences, organising events, in-
Asian network airlines in com- dustry part-time work, and
peting with low-cost carriers and properly networking. Anything
the use of low-cost subsidiaries. I that helps make them stand out

Coventry University
won Loughborough’s most pres- for initiative and imagination.
tigious prize, the Sir Robert What are the most rewarding
­Martin University Prize. During aspects of your job?
my PhD I was an associate lectur- Pearson won Loughborough’s Sir Robert Martin prize during his PhD I absolutely love open days
er, and then senior lecturer at ­because I love energetic and
Buckinghamshire New Universi- off onto my five-year-old son! ules, including airport opera- ­passionate presentations. When
ty. In July 2015 I joined Coventry Tell us about your current job tions and air transport; airline I’m teaching, students asking
University as course director of I’m course director of fast-grow- marketing and management; avi- questions, engaging in
BSc aviation management, and I ing BSc aviation management at ation finance and economics; ­discussions, drawing links
manage SCOPE Hong Kong, a Coventry University, a top-15 aviation safety; security and ­between things is unbeatable.
key Coventry partner, for BSc UK university. I lead and manage emergency planning; and avia- ­Ultimately, seeing students grad-
aviation management. the organisation, delivery, and tion strategy and planning. They uate with very good degrees,
Why has the aviation industry promotion of our course; the en- also study a number of manage- meaningful graduate-level jobs,
held such a fascination for you? hancement of the student experi- ment modules to better under- and progressing quickly.
I have been obsessed by the in- ence and their satisfaction; and stand the industry. Our interac- What are the challenges?
dustry for more than 20 years – I’m responsible for all 185 under- tive sessions are delivered by Many and varied! Enough to
ever since my dad brought home graduate students. I’m also senior industry-experienced staff with a keep it interesting and at times
huge OAG books that I’d endless- lecturer in airline strategy and combined 70-plus years, and in- frustrating. ■
ly flick through and wonder applied economics, and I teach dustry researchers into areas that Looking for a job in aerospace?
about. I love airlines as business- final-year BSc and MSc air trans- matter. Renowned industry Check out our listings online at
es, and I’m especially keen on port management students. ­experts come and present. flightglobal.com/jobs
strategy, the economics that un- What does a BSc aviation What are the career prospects
derpin airlines and the metrics management course entail? for someone with a BSc in If you would like to feature in
that result from everything they BSc aviation management is a aviation management? Working Week, or you know
do, financial performance, and specialised business degree that’s Fantastic across the industry and someone who does, email your
all commercial areas. It’s hugely about the running of airlines and world, as the number of passen- pitch to kate.sarsfield@
exciting. airports. Our students cover gers flown worldwide is forecast flightglobal.com
This appears to have rubbed many interactive industry mod- to double from 3.3 billion in

Flight to the future: our forecast for

IN ASSOCIATION WITH long-haul air travel in the 2030s
airbus v1.indd 1 17/09/2015 11:40
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