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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Miss.Hofmann
Subject: Reading
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Topic: ABC’s

Goals and Objectives

After the lesson, each student will be better able to figure out what the letters are and will be
able to speak what their sounds are. They will also be able to match the letter with a word.

Students must learn how to say the letters, so they can start to put those sounds together to
form words, so they can start to grow their reading abilities and be successful.

1. Go through the Alphabet on the wall, while kids are on the carpet. Make sure to point at
the letter, and repeat it’s sound 3 times. (5-8 min.)
2. Whiteboard activity, on the big whiteboard in the front of the classroom, go over the
letters we already know, and ask the students what words start with those letters.
Ex. O- octopus, open, oar, owl, orange
Ex. G- girl, go, good, glue, grass, grapes
Ex. A- apple, axe, ant, alligator, astronaut
Ex. C- cat, cap, car, cup, cow, coat
Ex. D- dog, duck, day, dig, doll, dad
3. Have students go back to their tables, and give them the attached ABC Handouts.
(10-15 min.)
4. Have students raise their hand once completed and once you check it off and it’s in their
mailbox, have them sit back on the carpet (2-5 min.)
5. Once everyone is done and sitting nicely at the carpet go to ABCya.com
http://www.abcya.com/kindergarten_computers.htm​ and choose Monster Mansion
Alphabet Matching (10-15 min)
6. If time remains, chose another game on ABCya.com

Assignments and Reminders of Assignments

Deist see the completion of the ABC handouts and remind students to show their parents their
handout when they get home

Materials and Equipment Needed

1. Attached ABC handout
2. Pencils and crayons
3. Whiteboard
4. Smartboard
5. Alphabet wall and pointer

Accommodations for students with special needs

Make sure to give extra time to students who need more help before they play the games.

Assessment of Student Learning

See who performs well during all of the activists. See who raises their hands to give answers,
who completes the handout correctly, and who can participate in the game correctly.

Reflection and Evaluation

Afterwards, ask the class “Do you get it?” Have them put up a happy face emoji, a meh face
emoji, or a sad face emoji to reflect on how this class went and how well they’re understanding.

Find It and Color it!! 


A ​C
G ​D

​A  G  D  C  O 
A  D  O  A  C 
G  D  G  C  G 
O  O  A  D  C 
A  A  C  G  O 
D  C  G  D  A