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Philippine Normal University

The National Center for Teacher Education




Anthony C. Nale
IV-7 Bachelor of Music and Art Education

2nd term
Table of Contents

Title Page
Table of Contents
Pre- and Post-Practice Teaching
5. Daily logs
(Based on the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers
Content Knowledge and Pedagogy
Learning Environment
Curriculum and Planning
Assessment and Reporting
Community Linkages and Professional Engagement
Personal Growth and Professional Development
Pagbansay-bansay, a Cebuano Visaya word equivalent to pagpapakadalubhasa or pagsasanay
in Tagalog and training, practicing and exercising in English. I choose this word because I think
it’s the perfect word to describe me because I’m a Bisaya and also everything I do in this
chapter of being a student in PNU. For these past three months, I’ve been test by many
problems and trials that developed my abilities.

From Monday to Tuesday, I have to wake early, prepare and travel early to avoid traffic, and
after I need to look happy, fun and full of energy in front of my pupils. A teacher must have
much more energy and patience especially in elementary. Making of lesson plans is not easy
thing to do, it must be S.M.A.R.T; must think a way that the pupils will understand the lesson
easily and it must be engaging. I admit that I don’t have great penmanship and making a
beautiful instructional material but still need to try it, but on the other hand I can say that I was
good on creating PowerPoint Presentation.

A teacher is actor and every day is play day. Every time a teacher is in the front of his pupils, the
classroom it is not just a classroom, it’s a theatre and pupils are audience that has hunger for
learning, stories and entertaining. Everyone must be entertained, full of knowledge and happy
every time the class end.


I used to have so many dreams when I was a kid, before I dream to be an astronaut, to be a
driver, to be a bodyguard, to be a soldier, to be a priest, to be an engineer, to be an actor and
to be farmer. I never thought to be a teacher when I was a kid even almost my entire family are
teachers. Because of I have so many dreams I got confused on what should I take for college
and then my high school teacher comes to me and told that he experienced also what I
experience. He told me that because of I can’t be those dreams at the same time and asked me
this question “if can’t be those, why not produce children that can get all of your dreams? Be a
teacher?” after that I try to be a student teacher on teacher’s day and everything went well and
I felt happiness after every class I thought. In that moment I knew, I was called to be a teacher
so I took education and it is me now practicing to produce students that can be an astronaut,
soldier, priest, engineer and etc.


Pre- and Post-Practice Teaching
In this part of being a Practice Teacher, I learned that not every teaching will be cupcakes
and rainbows, there will time that it will consume all of your energy and patience, and
sometimes the lesson fails but don’t lose hope, instead take this as an opportunity to make
things right, to improve, be more wiser and ready at all times.
Title of the Article: Learning Environment and Student Effort
Author/s: Arnt O. Hopland, Ole Henning Hyhus
Date of Publication: 2016
Title of the Journal: International Journal of Education Management
Brief Summary: The teachers effort, guidance, and social environment has an important role for
engaging students effort or interest inside classroom and outside the classroom. Physical
conditions are less needed but it does stimulates students especially young students to engage.
Review: learning environment and the students happiness is the key to make students involve in
class. It is a job both the teacher and the students to make this such kind of environment,
however teachers role is much more critical. The teacher must be innovative, resourceful and
has an ability to cope with his students.

Title of the Article: Learning and Motivation

Author/s: Katharina Sieberer-Nagler
Date of Publication: December 14,2015
Title of the Journal: Effective Classroom Management and Positive Teaching
Brief Summary: The stimulus of learning is Motivation, motivation drives the students to be alert
and focus on the teachers lesson. A motivated students is more capable of learning.
Review: We all know that motivation is really needed whenever we teach, it catches students
attention to your lesson. An attentive student is ready for learning, if the connection of teacher
and student is not visible there is a high rate of ineffective teaching.

Title of the Article: School Readiness

Author/s: Lohano, MD
Date of Publication: September 2013
Title of the Journal: School Readiness
Brief Summary: The school readiness of a child has a big role on learning. If the child is not ready
and capable on a certain level it might affect his learning. So the teachers job is to assess students
on their rightful level of learning.
Review: It is very critical to students to measure his readiness. This article helps the teacher to
identify the readiness of a child.

Title of the Article: Effective Classroom Management Programs For Educational Practice
Author/s: Mary Ellen Beauty-O’Ferrall, Allan Green, and Fred Hanna
Date of Publication: March 2010
Title of the Journal: Classroom Management
Brief Summary: A teacher with effective classroom management skills helps more the students
to learn. There is a relationship between teacher and students in classroom, to make a successful
lesson the students must obey the teacher. A messed up classroom management is not effective
environment for students and also for teacher.
Review: The best thing to do first is to set rules to the students for them to know what to do or
not. Then sooner, the rapport will be established and the management will a part of the system
in class.

Title of the Article: Lesson Planning and the Student Teacher: Re-Thinking the Dominant Model
Author/s: Peter D. John
Date of Publication: February 20, 2007
Title of the Journal: Journal of Curriculum Studies
Brief Summary: Rationalistic curriculum planning has been the dominant model underpinning
student teachers’ lesson planning for a generation or more. This process is the key to develop
reflective engagement across the different phases of the professional learning cycle.
Review: Lesson planning is very critical on us teachers. It defines who are we, how we teach and
how we approach students. Without foundations on lesson planning it will not be effective,
experience can be a reference on teaching but planning is more effective .
June to September 2018

Name of Teacher Intern (TI): Anthony Nale


Name of Internship Supervisor:


Cooperating School: Philippine Normal University Institute of Teaching and Learning


Address: Ayala Blvd corner Taft Ave, Ermita, Manila


Month Hours Minutes

September 2018 8

October 2018 160

November 2018 128

December 2018 112

Total 388

I certify on my honor that the above mentioned is a true and correct summary report of the hours of work performed,
record of which was made daily at the time of arrival and departure from office.

Signature of TI

Signature of Cooperating Teacher/
Internship Supervisor

Note: Since you will be uploading this portfolio in soft copy, actual monthly DTR (verified by the Internship
Supervisor) must be submitted in hard copy, compiled. Kindly attach this Summary of DTR (in front) upon
submission of actual DTR.
Note: There should be a reflection and Means of Verification (MoV) for each Domain of PPST. Remember
that your reflection should be able to deduce learning from experience.

Content Knowledge and Pedagogy

This domain recognizes the importance of teachers’ mastery of content knowledge and its
interconnectedness within and across curriculum areas, coupled with a sound and critical
understanding of the application of theories and principles of teaching and learning (DepEd,

A. Daily Learning Plans


1st Quarter

Name of Teacher Intern (TI): Anthony Nale

Name of Internship Supervisor: Carmela Buhain

Learning Area: Music and Art

Grade Level: Grade 4 and 5

Topic Date of Execution Section Rating

Melodic Contour October 08, 2018 IV-Aquino
Texture (G4:Art) November 05, 2018 IV-Aquino
Philippine Mythology November 26, 2018 V
(G5: Art)
Printmaking using November 26, 2018 IV-Aquino
found objects (G4:
Timbre: Instrument December 06, 2018 IV-Aquino 79

Note: Since you will be uploading this portfolio in soft copy, actual daily learning plans (DLPs) and
rated teacher observation forms must be submitted in hard copy, compiled. Kindly attach this
Summary of Daily Learning Plans (in front) upon submission of actual DLPs. Note also that DLPs
and its summary must be arranged per GRADE LEVEL (e.g. if you handled Grades 4, 5, 6, there
must be three summaries of your DLPs.)

B. Final Demonstration Teaching


Name of Teacher Intern (TI): Anthony Nale

Name of Internship Supervisor: Carmela Buhain

Learning Area: Art

Grade Level: Grade 10

Date of Demonstration Teaching: January 08, 2019

Topic: Conceptual Art

Name of Observer Rate

1. Internship Supervisor
2. Observer 1
3. Observer 2
4. Observer 3

Overall Comments:






Summary of Recommendations:





Photos of the Final Demonstration Teaching

C. Other Materials Related to Teaching & Learning Experiences

1. Teacher-Made


1st Quarter

Name of Teacher Intern (TI): Anthony Nale

Name of Internship Supervisor: Carmela Buhain

Learning Area: Music and Art

Grade Level: Grade 10

Name of IM Brief Type of IM Topic Date Used

PowerPoints Use for Electronic G5:Philippine November 26
guessing games Instructional Mythology, and December
and explaining Material G4:Printmaking 06
the lesson Using Found
Illustration The students Traditional G5:Philippine November 26
Boards use this to show
Instructional Mythology, and December
their answers Material G4:Timbre 06
Chalk and Rug Use for writing
Traditional G5:Philippine November 26
and erasing Instructional Mythology and December
Material G4:Timbre 06
Clay The students Traditional G4:Printmaking November 05
use this for Instructional Using Found
making stamps Material Objects

Sample Photos of Instructional Materials

2. Student-Made Materials (Photos/ Documentation)

Reflection on Content Knowledge and Pedagogy

Before I start at teaching at ITL, I thought that my knowledge is enough for teaching, guess

what, I was wrong. There is so many content that was new for me. I was shock on that but I did

my best to learn it and somewhat mastered it for the shortest of time. Knowledge is not

enough in teaching, you need to plan just like what the article said by Peter John, lesson

planning is essential and critical on teaching. Without a good plan you will not be able to share

your knowledge to your students. The lesson plan must be engaging and the students must be

motivated. Keeping the child motivated is the key on an successful lesson just like Katharina

Sieberer-Nagler said on her article Learning and Motivation. Instructional material helps to

make students motivated, it keeps the students attention and it makes the learning much more

easy because other senses of the students are activated. All the foundation on teaching is really

essential, without foundation and planning you cannot be an effective teacher.

Learning Environment
A. Learner’s Safety and Security

The ITL Facilities are very secured and safe. There is a lot of guards around roaming the
area. The ITL gate is also guarded by CCTV, it add security to the students and parents.
The whole building is safe. Hallway have grills to avoid falling. Every room has a fire
extinguisher and fire exits.

B. Fair Learning Environment

The ITL has everything a student need. In my case as a music and art educator, we need
a different kind of environment in teaching. Luckily the ITL has Performing Arts Room that
is equipped with instruments such as piano and it has over head projectors and speakers
for listening and visual presentations.

C. Management of Classroom Structure

My Ideal Classroom

My Actual Classroom
What are the needed facilities in the actual classroom? Describe each facility found inside
your actual classroom.

Facility Description
Chairs The number of chair is enough for students,
but there are 3 chairs that has different
Whiteboard/ Blackboard It has 2 bulletin board and it is still usable
Bulletin Board The bulleting board is full design
Teacher’s Table and Area It think the teacher’s area is not enough but
we can handle
Power Source All corner has power source
Wall Clock and other peripherals One Clock is enough

Describe the physical condition/s of the following in your actual classroom.

Facility Physical Condition

Ventilation The Air Condition is in the good state.
However sometimes one of the aircon does
not operate
Lighting The light is good
Educational Technologies (e.g. bulletin board, The overhead projector is in a good state
electronic fixtures)
Classroom Fixtures/ Furnitures The furniture are great and clean

Reflection on Learning Environment

Learning environment is very essential to students, it helps the students set their mind in peace

and activate their minds for ideas. Facilities and equipment are essential too, a comfortable

student is ready to learn student. When the students feel irritated it will be an hindrance on his

focus. And lastly the safety of students is a must, not only our job to teach students it is also

our job to take care of them. The school is the second home, we are the second family so we

must show to them the feeling of being at home.

My Journal of Experiences

Week: 1 Inclusive Dates: September 24-27

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

It’s practice teaching time but first we listen The seminar was full of ideas and tips. It gives
to a seminar conducted by ITL. They us how to call our students and through
introduced what to expect and how to experience of other we can learn
teach. We are overwhelm to see our
children. They give us tips how to survive in
Pinning ceremony, its very solemn in This is the day that we are officially a practice
memorable for me. It’s the start of my teacher. I learn that we must be brave to face
practice teaching life. our students soon

Week: 2 Inclusive Dates: October 01, 04, 05

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

Second day we just review to students the Being ready is a must even you are not the
pitch names and sofa syllable. Then after teacher in charge you must be willing to help
the lesson proper, ma’am Buhain give us a and teach.
task to make a lesson plan for our micro
teaching on Thursday. I really hope for great
day on Thursday.
We performed our micro teaching and up to Must have good communication, ask
team teaching. Although we team teaching question if necessary.
the lesson, it went well. I was assign to
generalization and teach melodic contour by
an activity.

Today I’ve observe a little on grade ten a Even you have nothing to do you must move
little bit noisy so I went out. Then we start
recording the grade 4 past activity. I took
recoding of grade as an opportunity to
memorize their name.

Week: 3 Inclusive Dates: October 08-12,2018

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

It’s our schedule today but unfortunately Don’t trust manila traffic
came late because of heavy traffic. I’m 30
minutes late. I learn something today that I
should be more early because if traffic, so
much for that I still have time and help
teacher Jelena. After the lesson we continue
I don’t have class today. After we facilitate I learn today that even I have so much free
on 10 Dalcroze we task to design on the time I still need to mov
bulletin board. I learn today that even I have
so much free time I still need to move

We have no class today. We were task to Must be prepare for next lesson
make a lesson plan about topic given for 3rd
quarter and the lesson plan must pass
tomorrow. The topics we got are textile
printing, texture and musical phrases

Today we facilitate the exams of grade 4. Learn to keep the class quiet
The pupils are too noisy when we came but
we still manage them. After the exam we
have still time so we have an activity that
they will introduce themselves.

Today we welcome the student teacher from Be welcoming

Leyte Normal University. We welcome them
by singing the national anthem and the
doxology. After we welcome them we wait
for tasks that will be given by ma’am Buhain.

Week: 4 Inclusive Dates:October 15-19,2018

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

We are supposed to have micro teaching Always be ready for unexpected things to
today but unfortunately ma’am Buhain happen
wasn’t there that day. The pupils brought
clays that was tasked to them to bring last
time so we proceed to do the activity.

Today we record the grades of our students Recording is not easy

for their 2nd quarter. There are some pupils
that gain and some lost some points. We just
finish the music because there are some
needed to fill in art.
ITLympics today. We are assigned to sing the If you don’t have a chance to join. Cheering
national anthem and doxology after the will help
parade. I was assign on white team but I
wasn’t able to join because I don’t have a
white uniform so I just cheer my team.

2nd day of ITLympics. Just like yesterday I just If you don’t have a chance to join. Cheering
support my team. It is a fun day everyone will help
are shouting and cheering for their teams.

The last day of ITLympics we are assign again If you don’t have a chance to join. Cheering
to sing the national anthem and the will help
doxology. After singing we proceed to record
again, this time we have complete the grade
for art

Week: 5 Inclusive Dates: October 22-26, 2018

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

First day of sembreak of ITL. We don’t have Even in vacation, teacher must move
something to do today but ma’am Buhain
gave us activities for 24-26. I visit HRD and
observe wht would I will design.

I visit again the HRD, I took some pictures of Designing of classroom is not easy
the rooms and take the measurements of
the rooms, tomorrow or later I will draw the

I join the group of Rufiel and Johnmark to To cure tone deafness is listening only, don’t
make the research proposal. Then later sing with the music, listen first
Abigail joined our group. The problem we
choose is how to cure tone deafness of a
student and how to address tone deaf
We make the floor plan for the classroom Designing of classroom is not easy
and the amphitheater. Using the
measurement I’ve got before
I prepare myself to do the task ma’am There are problems in class that needed to
buhain gave. It’s about troubleshooting in a address
classroom and how to address it.

Week: 6 Inclusive Dates: November 05 and 07, 2018

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

I was assign on activity this time in our peer
teaching, our topic was Relief printing
Texture. It’s the first day of school after

I record my activity last time in relief

printing. The students art are amazing

Week: 7 Inclusive Dates: November 04

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

Week: 7 Inclusive Dates: November 04

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

Week: 7 Inclusive Dates: November 04

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

Curriculum and Planning

My Budget of Work

Activities in a Glimpse…

Note: This part is a photo-essay of what you have provided information on the budget of work.

Reflection on Curriculum and Planning

Note: Write your reflection here.

Assessment and Reporting

A. Formative Assessment

Inventory of Formative Assessment

Name of Teacher Intern (TI): Anthony Nale

Name of Internship Supervisor: Carmela Buhain

Learning Area: Music And Art

Grade Level: Grade 4 and 5

Type of Assessment Brief Description Topic Date Used
Performance Task Stamp Making G4:Relief November 05, 2018
Quiz Identification G5:Philippine November 29, 2018
Performance Task Thank you card and G4:Printmaking using November 26, 2018
Christmas card found objects

Grade 4

 Design – 40%
 Texture – 30%
 Similarity to the paper – 30%

Grade 5
I. Choose the right answer from the box. Write the answer on the space provided.

Alunsina Sidapa Magwayen Barangaw

Bathala Bakunawa Tungkung Langit Lisuga
Kabunian Santonilyo Ynaguinid Mayari

_______1. God of rainbow

_______2. Goddess of stars
_______3. Goddess of eastern skies
_______4. Goddess of war
_______5. Goddess of the sea and underworld
_______6. Supreme god of Luzon
_______7. Supreme god of Visayas
_______8. A mythical gigantic sea serpent
_______9. Goddess of Moon, daughter of Bathala
_______10. Supreme god of Cordillera

Grade 4

I. The Christmas Card or Thank You Card will be collected and graded base on the
design of the card
a. Rubric
 40% - usage of found object
 40% - Design
 20% - Cleanliness
B. Summative Assessment

Inventory of Summative Assessment

Name of Teacher Intern (TI): Anthony Nale

Name of Internship Supervisor: Carmela Buhain

Learning Area: Music and Art

Grade Level: Grade 4

Type of Assessment Brief Description Topic Date Used

Summative exam 2ndQuarterly Exam Treble Clef October 11, 2018
Musical Alphabet
Melodic Contour
Rituals and Practices

Reflection on Assessment and Reporting

From start I have this high expectation that my student will answer everything we ask. Guess

what, we are wrong again. Putting high expectation will put you down. But since I was teaching

on grade 4 maybe they are just starting to appreciate music and art, to create music and art.

After all in grade 4 we have all the foundation in music and art. After this realization I change

my way of assessment because I don’t want my students to lost there hunger to learn
Community Linkages and Professional Engagement
At the end of the PT01 / PT02 experiences, FS student/teacher intern should be able to:
1. Perform the auxiliary tasks or extension activities required by his/her Field Study
Supervisor/ Cooperating Teacher.
2. Make reflections on the auxiliary tasks or extension activities accomplished.

Extension Service: Documentation and Assist in facilitation of the actual activity
Auxiliary Service: Filling of documents in the school offices and assisting during school activities.


Name of Activity Venue Task/ Deliverables Evidences

Welcome Ceremony Audiovisual Theatre Singing of Doxology
for practice teacher and The National
from Leyte Normal Anthem
ITLympics PNU Open Court Singing of Doxology
and The National
Asten Opening Library Multimedia Singing of Doxology
Ceremony Room and The National
Asten Closing ITL Performing Arts Singing of Doxology
Ceremony Room and The National
Departure Ceremony ITL Performing Arts Singing of Doxology
for practice teachers Room and The National
from Leyte Normal Anthem
Pagsulong PNU Main Building Singing of Doxology
Auditorium and The National

Reflection on Community Linkages and Professional Engagement

The experience in community linkages and professional Engagement is like a cycle for me. We

always sing the national anthem and doxology, then sometimes we manage a whole event At
first I was bored in this kind of activity then I realize that it will help me soon as a music and art

teacher. And also a teacher facilitates on event such us this.

Personal Growth and Professional Development


I compare my career timeline to the evolution of this Pokémon. First I’m this innocent

Charmander, hungry for learning. Full of dreams, the fire of passion in my heart is starting to

ignite. Then I become a Charmeleon, full of ideas and passion in life. Full of bravery, a risks

taker, its better to fail than not trying at all. Then sooner I will become a Charizard. A leader,

the fire that was once a little spark now it is like the fire of the burning sun. My fire will never

die, the fire of passion is my life.


First day of being a student teacher I was very afraid. I don’t know if I can stand in front of my
students because of my mild stuttering problem. I’m I afraid that my students will laugh at me.
Sooner I have adjust and had a confidence to face my students. I teach grade 4 students, IV
Aquino, a jolly section full of jolly students. Children that has many dreams, dreams that is pure.
I know that the time will come and I will leave them soon, but for a short period of time I got
connected to them. I hope soon I could see them again. Thank you for my classmates and
especially to ma’am Buhain for guiding and inspiring us in our teaching. God bless ma’am, sorry
for bring headache you sometimes (hehehehe) and thank you very much ma’am