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The situation is quite serious; just _______ we heard yesterday.

From this angle, the building looks _______ the Empire State Building

It looks _______ it is going to rain this afternoon.

The queen looks _______ she is going to escape from the palace with the keys to the

Monkeys live on a variety of fruit _______ bananas, oranges and breadfruit.

It looks _______ the weather is going to be kind to us after all.

The pasta stew looked and tasted _______ porridge.

Iwould love to visit some exotic countries _______ India, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

It seems _______ you never want to come and visit us.

_______ we heard, the hurricane is coming!

We could go down to the beach, just _______ we used to.

1. Are you_______ your sister?

2. Mary's nearly 40 but she behaves_______ a child sometimes.
3. He does lots of watersports_______ waterskiing and diving.
4. Jane's won lots of dance competitions but, _______ her, I am a terrible
5. We found the exam difficult, _______ did most of the other candidates.
6. Tom is our son and, _______ his parents, we want the very best for him.
7. I agree with your teacher. _______ her, I think you could do better.
8. _______ you and Mark, we prefer to spend our holidays abroad.