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Code Compliance

Volunteer Policies and agreement form

_____As a volunteer, I agree to perform to the best of my ability, the task as outlined in my job
description or the task established by my supervisor, report to work on time, when scheduled. And if
unable, to call my supervisor; to accept supervision, maintain confidentiality; observe its goals and
objectives and give my supervisor adequate notice before termination as a volunteer.

____ I understand and agree that I am a volunteer when participating in all activities of the City of Fort
Worth, and I shall receive no payment for my services. No contract or agreement of employment is
created by any written or oral representations made in connection with the volunteer activity or in
connection with any other program if the city of Fort Worth. I understand that I am not an employee of
the City of Fort Worth, rather a volunteer who serves at the will of the City of Fort Worth. I have no
expectation of continuing my participation in the program. As a volunteer, I understand that the City
does not provide me with employee benefits, accident insurance, death benefits, compensation for lost
time due to injury; not does the City carry general liability insurance covering volunteers.

____ I hereby grant the city of Fort Worth permission to use , edit, alter , copy publish, or distribute
photographs, videotapes, or other recording or visual likenesses of me and /or the listed minor(s) that
are made during the course of my volunteer activities in any and all of its publication or broadcasts,
including website entries, without payment or any other consideration.

___Report in and out to the Volunteer Coordinator or other assigned supervisor

___Abide by all posted safety regulations and follow direction from staff and lead volunteer

___Follow staff instructions and complete duties as assigned

___Report possible hazards and unsafe activities to staff

___Are you currently pending trial, judgement, have been given deferred adjudication or convicted of a
crime? Conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from volunteer opportunities.
___Do you agree to not post any negative comments on social media or any other site pertaining to
FWACC shelters, adoption centers and events?

___Do you agree that you may not attempt to practice veterinary medicine unless you hold a license
issued by the State of Texas (D.V.M)?

___ Do you give consent to receiving communications by email from us?

___ Do you give consent to receiving communication by text message/ phone call from us?

___The staff is not responsible for volunteers’ personal belonging, purses, backpacks, computers, etc.

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