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Practicum Program (PRCPOM1)


Name of Student Selene Mae I. Reyes

Office /Organization Assignment CENTEX Division
Office/ Organization Supervisor Ms. Jessie Addun and Mariecar Fernando
Faculty Adviser Dr. Ador Torneo

Group Members and Rating

Criteria % Name: Ledesma, Isabela Name: Urbano, Anna Name:

Competence (quality and thoroughness of work, 25 25

meeting deadlines) 25
Work Attitude (pleasant disposition towards 25 25
assigned task, enthusiastic towards work) 25
Self-reliance and Diligence (awareness of the 25 25
assigned tasks and diligence in fulfilling the
practicum requirements of both the agency and the 25
Political Science Department)
Attendance and Punctuality (Punctuality in 25 25
attendance and appointments based on agreed upon 25
work schedule)
Total 100 100 100

August 15, 2018

Date Signature over Printed Name of Student Evaluator


1. Except for the evaluator, a peer evaluation shall be made for all the other members of the group.
2. The Peer Evaluation Form shall be accomplished in private, sealed with a signature of the evaluator on the envelope flap and submitted to the
practicum adviser.
3. The name of the student evaluator and the faculty adviser should be written in front of the sealed envelope.