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Access Controller

Controls up to two doors, gates or other barriers

Can be used for recording and reporting time & attendance transactions
Two readers may be connected for opening and recording the use of
two separate doors, or both may be connected to opposite sides of the
same door for independent control over entrances and exits via that door
Optional fingerprinting for biometric verification/identification
Two separate sensors may be connected for door/window monitoring,
External connection of devices (such as readers, I/O and
communication) enables quick and simple maintenance without
product disassembly

Data Collection Systems

Biometric Characteristics Programming the terminal with Syncomm or Interfacing
SAL (Synel Application Language), on-line, the
The SY-400/A controller offers several options SY-400/A performs automatic data collection n
RS-485 for up to 16 terminals
for biometric operation: and data transfer to the central database. The n
RS-232 for Host connection
Verification - Employees’ identities are SY-400/A initiates the queries without the n
Optional internal or external modem
verified using fingerprints AND a PIN number necessity of polling and downloads the data n
TCP/IP for on-line or off-line
and/or badge; fingerprint verification is into the server. n
Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11
ingetrated with barcode, magnetic stripe or n
Bluetooth Class II
proximity readers. With this method, up to 4000 General Features
templates can be stored on the controller. Power Requirements
Scheduling for required functions - for
Identification - An employee is identified by n
Operating power - 110/230V AC
morning and evening periods, set the
fingerprint only. With this method, up to 1000 - POE 9-12V AC
terminal for "swipe & go"; during the day,
templates can be stored on the controller.
leave it set to record jobs. Options
Fingerprint templates on Smart Cards - n
Technician mode is available for easy
Ensures privacy by storing the fingerprint set-up of the controller.
Internal modem (14,400 bps)
template on the employee’s personal Smart n
10/100 Mb Ethernet card for TCP/IP
Enable the activation of a bell according
Card, not in an organizational database. (DHCP compatible)
to the day of the week, regardless of the
This results in fast verification and allows an n
Fingerprint recognition module
program that runs on the controller.
unlimited amount of users per system. Template size 350 Bytes
Schedule modem operation times with
Response time 3 seconds max.
Programming optional dial and drop transactions.
Displays time in several formats (US, Security levels 5
With the SY-400/A, work off- or on-line: European, military or 12-hour). False accept/reject 0.001
Working off-line (batch mode) Template storage 4000
In off-line mode, there is no need for Technical Characteristics Physical Characteristics
immediate communication with the PC
during reporting. All controls and checks can Includes: n
Dimensions: Height: 4.3 in. (11 cm.)
be done independently by the controller. - Two relays for bell, door, etc. Width: 9.2 in. (23.4 cm)
- Two sensors (door monitoring, etc.)
With Syncomm (Synel’s communication Depth: 1.3 in. (3.4 cm.)
- Additional serial ports for scale or
software), the SY-400/A controller can be printers
Power requirements: Voltage: 115/230 V AC
programmed to: - I2C bus for expansion of I/O Programming
- Operate differently according to the day
Memory: & Monitoring
of the week 512 kB, battery-backed
Setup Panel
- Provide single/multi-step or Dynamic distribution of memory mapping
conditional reporting Single record updating method
- Validate data
- Bar code (3-of-9, interleave 2-of-5,
- Select the input source (magnetic
code 128)
reader, keyboard, etc.)
- Magnetic (track I, II or III)
- Display the information from the
- Proximity (contactless at 125 kHz)
internal database - Fingerprint recognition
Working on-line (real-time mode) - Wiegand (HID, Mifare and Indala) in
Working with a server, the SY-400/A can several formats Sensor
work on-line as an interactive system with - Smart Card
an external database.
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