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LET Reviewer for General Education GENED: 7. Which of the following best explains why farmers
Science Part 1 burn rice straw and hull during seasons of harvest?
a. Burning rice hulls and straws produce compounds
1. Which of the following statements best describes a that act as repellant for pests which may damage
hypothetical element with an electron configuration plantation.
of 1s22s22p63s23p5? b. The smoke produced by burning rice hulls and
a. The hypothetical element has an atomic number of straws stimulate growth and fruit bearing of trees.
11. c. Rice hulls and straws are burned so that more
b. The hypothetical element is a member of Group V, spaces will be available for planting next set of crops.
otherwise called the Nitrogen Group. d. Ash from burnt rice hulls and straws are rich in
c. The hypothetical element is in the fifth position in compounds that could neutralize acidic soil so that
the p-block, along the third period of the periodic more crops will grow
d. The hypothetical element is located at the third
position of the p-block, along the fifth period of the 8. Acid rain occurs when ____________.
periodic table.
8. Acid rain occurs when _________.
2. Despite the observed diversity among organisms, a. carbon dioxide combines with water in the
they are all made from the same set of biomolecules atmosphere.
composed of monomeric units except: b. phosphorus-rich water in lakes evaporates to form
a. Proteins phosphoric acid.
b. Carbohydrates c. sulfur released in burning fossil fuels combines
c. Nucleic Acids with water in the atmosphere.
d. Lipids and Fats d. excess hydrogen is released into the atmosphere to
produce acids.
3. What will be formed when radium isotope, with 88
protons and 138 neutrons undergoes alpha decay? 9. Why is it difficult to integrate nitrogen gas from the
a. Radon Atom (Rn222) with 86 Protons atmosphere into the nitrogen cycle of the biosphere?
b. Francium Atom (Fr222) with 87 Protons a. Nitrogen is very abundant in the atmosphere
c. Actinium Atom (Ac222) with 89 Protons b. Living organisms quickly absorb nitrogen gas
d. Thorium Atom (Th232) with 90 Protons c. Oceans quickly absorb nitrogen gas
d. Few organisms can directly utilize atmospheric
4. Which of the following examples best illustrates nitrogen
application of Boyle’s Law?
a. A tire becomes harder as more air is pumped into 10. Which of the following sentences about
it. greenhouse effect is INCORRECT?
b. A sealed aerosol can explodes when thrown into a a. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere
fire. which are returned to the earth’s surface.
c. A balloon expands and bursts when exposed to b. Greenhouse effect is important in maintaining the
direct sunlight. temperature of the earth.
d. A scuba divers stops at certain depths as he c. Greenhouse effect is due to gases that absorb the
ascends to the ocean’s surface. green region of light from the sun.
d. Greenhouse effect increases the overall surface
5. Three liquids A, B, C were studied in a laboratory. temperature of the earth.
Liquid A was found to float over B and C. It was also
found that liquid A flows fastest among the three. 11. When a gardener propagates a plant by taking
What can be said about liquid A? cuttings, he plants his cutting in a well-watered soil
a. Densest and most viscous in a plant pot. What is the most likely reason why he
b. Densest and least viscous may then cover the plant and pot with a lightly
c. Least dense and most viscous perforated polythene bag?
d. Least dense and least viscous a. To reduce the water demand of the cutting.
b. To decrease the rate of gaseous exchange by the
6. Which of the following statements represents a plant.
physical change? c. To reduce the chance of attack by pests.
a. An antacid tablet forms bubbles when dissolved in d. To protect the plant from cold weather.
b. A flashlight beam slowly gets dimmer and finally 12. It is a common observation that mushrooms
dies out over time. thrive few days after lightning strikes. Which among
c. The lawn grows thicker every day because the following biogeochemical cycles is involved in
fertilizers were added into the soil. this process?
d. Frozen mango juice melted when left standing at a. Nitrogen cycle
room temperature for 30 minutes. b. Carbon-Oxygen cycle
c. Phosphorus cycle
d. Sulfur cycle

b. Intensity cannot be measured while magnitude can

13. Which of the following factors contribute to an be measured using a seismograph.
increase in human population? c. Intensity refers to the strength of the quake while
I. Immigration II. Emigration magnitude refers to the degree of destruction it
III. Natality IV. Mortality caused at the epicenter.
a. III and IV d. Intensity is a measure of how much damage an
b. II and III earthquake cause at the surface while magnitude is
c. I only the strength of the quake.
d. I and III
21. Comparing the speed of sound in liquids, gases,
14. Shown below is a simple food web in a grassy and solids, the speed of sound is usually lowest in ____
community. The arrow symbol means eaten by. and highest in ____.
What would happen if all snakes are killed? a. solids, gases
Grass>Grasshopper>Frog>Snake b. gases, liquids
Bird>Snake c. liquids, solids
a. Grass population would increase. d. gases, solids
b. Grasshopper population would increase.
c. Bird and frog populations would increase. 22. Which has a greater density, a lake full of water or
d. Grasshopper and bird populations would increase. a cupful of water?
a. The cup full of water
15. Which of the following shows mechanical b. The lake full of water
weathering of rocks? c. Not enough information
a. formation of caverns d. They have the same density
b. acids dissolves rocks
c. freezing water between rock particles 23. A stainless steel spoon feels colder than a plastic
d. iron in rocks combine with oxygen spoon because stainless steel
a. absorbs less heat from the hand than plastic does
16. PAGASA announces the approach of the seasonal b. is really colder than plastic
winds. The familiar names used are Amihan and c. has a lower temperature than plastic
Habagat, internationally known as ________ and ________ d. conducts heat away from the hand faster than
respectively. plastic does
a. Northeast and southwest
b. Trade wind and easterlies 24. Why is it NOT advisable to repeatedly open the
c. Southwest and northeast door of a refrigerator?
d. Westerlies and easterlies a. It will loosen the hinges of the refrigerator's door
b. Leads to wastage in electrical energy.
17. Fog is a cloud with its base at or very near the c. Repeated opening introduces bacteria in to the
ground. The formation of fog generally occurs after refrigerator.
the ground has lost heat by: d. The warm air outside lowers the temperature
a. Evaporation inside thus making the refrigeration less-efficient.
b. Convection
c. Conduction 25. What kind of mirror is used in cars to give the
d. Radiation driver a wider area and smaller image of the traffic
behind him/her?
18. Why do we see the sun rise in the east? a. Double concave
a. The earth revolves eastward. b. Convex
b. The earth rotates from west to east. c. Plane
c. We are located in the 20th meridian. d. Concave
d. On the globe, we are located in the east.
26. Why do we hear thunder some seconds after
19. If a voltage of 100 volts produces a current of 5 seeing lightning?
amperes in an electrical device, what is the a. Light appears brighter in the sky.
resistance? b. Light travels faster than sound.
a. 95 Ohms c. Sound travels 1.331 m/s
b. 20 Ohms d. Sound is released later actually
c. 105 Ohms
d. 500 Ohms 27. Water has a higher specific heat than iron. What
does this mean?
20. Which of the following best differentiates an a. Water is hotter than iron
earthquake's intensity from its magnitude? b. Water heats more rapidly than iron
a. Intensity describes 'the depth from which the c. Water is more dense than iron
earthquake originated’ while magnitude refers to ‘the d. Water heats more slowly than iron
energy of the earthquake’.

28. If a colorblind man marries a woman who has

normal vision and no history of the disease, it is most
probable that all of their :
a. daughters will be carriers
b. daughters will be colorblind
c. sons will be carriers
d. sons will be colorblind

29. Albino corn seedlings may grow several inches

tall. However, they will eventually die, primarily
a. direct sunlight will destroy their cells
b. they lack adequate root system
c. they cannot produce their own food
d. they cannot obtain carbon dioxide

30. Mimosa pudica, locally known as Makahiya is

called as such because its leaflets tend to close when
touched. This organismal response to a given stimuli
is called:
a. Hydrotropism
c. Geotropism
d. Phototropism

Answers: 1C 2D 3A 4D 5D 6D 7D 8C 9D 10C 11A 12A

13D 14C 15C 16A 17D 18B 19B 20D 21D 22D 23D
24B 25B 26B 27D 28A 29C 30B