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14 January-February 2019
Confidence to continue
Comment by John Walter.

4-5 A new change is in the air

Getting social about the Fourth
Industrial Revolution.
ISOfocus January-February 2019 – ISSN 2226-1095
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6-11 How to tackle today’s
IT security risks

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12-13 Crack down on cyber crime
Editor-in-Chief | Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis
ISO/IEC 27001 is fighting back.
Writer | Barnaby Lewis
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14-23 Architecting a connected
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for a virtual world.
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24-31 The quest for cyber-trust

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What’s the deal with digital risk ?
Contributions 42-45 Sixty years of fire safety
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32-33 Platform for performance
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ISO standards showcased
34-41 Five things you didn’t know
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Talking toilets with Bill Gates

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46-49 Enabling the data journey

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