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ANSI/AWWA 0400-05 I (Roisin of ANS/ANA 01000) American Water Works Association ‘The Authoritative Resource on Sete Waters™ AWWA Standard Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for Water Storage = Effective date: May 1, 2006. First edition approved by AWWA Board of Directors June 23, 1991. This edition approved June 12, 2005, Approved by American National Standards Institute Oot, 19, 2006. » Science and Technology Sections AWWA Standard “This documont 's an Amercan Water Works Associaton {AMWA) standard st is net 2 epscification. AVNWA standards deserve minimum requirements and do net contain all of tho ongineoring and administrative information normally contained In spacifications The AWWA standards usually contain options that must be evaluated by the user of the standaré Until cach optional feature is speciied by the uses, the product or service Is not fully defined AMAA Publeation ofa standara does not constitute endorsement of ary product or procs type Tor does AWWA test, cert, ‘or approve ary product The use of AMA stancaras is entirely voluntary AWWA standards are intended to represent a ‘eongoneus of the water supply Industry thatthe product describ wil provide satisfactory service Whar AWA revises ‘or withcrews this standard, an offcial notice of action wil be placed on the fst page of the classified advertising section of Journas AIHA, The action bacomes effective on the fist day of the month following the month of Joumal AWAM publication oF the orfeal noice American National Standard ‘an Americen National Sterderd implies @ consensus of those substantially concomed with it Scope ani provisions. An American National Standard Is intended as a guide to ald Ue manufacturer, tne consumer, and the genera! public The fedetence of an American Netionsl Standard does nat in ary respect preckise ayone, whether that person has ‘spproved the elandard or nat, from manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, or Using product, processes, or prosadures rat conforming tothe standard, American National Standards aro subject to period roviw and users ere cautioned to obiain the latest edtions Precucers of goods made in conformity with an American National Standard ave encourage to state on thelr own responsibilty In advertising and promotional materia’ oF on tags or labels that the feces are produced In conformity with particular Avarcan National Standards Cchunen Novice: The American Natlonal Standards Institute (ANSI) approval dete on the front cover of this standard Indleates completion of the ANS! eopraval process. This American National Stancerd may be revised or withdrawn at any time ANSI procedures require that sction be taken 10 reaffirm, evise, or widdiaw this standard no later tian five years from tie dato of pubieation. Purchasers of American Natlona} Standards may receive curtent informatica on all ‘Standards by oaling of writing the Arverean Netonal Standards Institute, 25 West 43rd Steet Fourth Flor, Now York, NY 10036; (212) 642-4900. Science and Technology AWWA unites the ente water community by developing end distributing authoritative scientific and technological nledge Through iis members. AWWA develops Industry standards for products and processes that advance publi helt and safety. AWWA also provides quality improvement programs for weter and wastewater utes, ‘AN ights esac, No part of this pub fr mecnaniesl Including photocopy, recerding, or ary Information or reviaval system oxcept in the excerpts or quotations for review purposes, without the witen permission of the publisher tion may be repreduces or transmitted in any form or by ary means, electronic rm of iat Copsight © 2008 by American Water Works Asscetatton Printed in USA. Committee Personnel The D100 Revision Task Force that developed this standard had the following personnel at the time: Gregory A Larson, Chair General Interest RG. Biale, Resource Development Company, Sparks, Nev JR. Buzek, AEC Engineering Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. W Kerns, Black &¢ Veatch, Kansas City, Mo YI. Lin, Alvord Burdick & Howson LLC, Chicago, Ill LR Todd, Consultant, Paso Robles, Calif CG. Sundberg, CH2M Hill Inc, Issaquah, Wa. Producer Members DG Cull, CT Services Ine, Jeffersonville, Ind RB. Kern, Ultraflote Corporation, Houston, Texas B.E. Kromet, Tank Builders Inc., Fuless, Texas CD Lakin, Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors, Ine., Avon, Ind. GA Larson, CB&I Constructors Inc, Clive, Iowa TJ McCandless,” Standards Engineer Liaison, Denver, Colo SW. Meier, Tank Industry Consultants Inc., Indianapolis, Ind JE Noten, Advance Tank and Construc LD. Scort, CB&d Tiusco Tank, San Luis Obispo, Calif DL. Stilger, Caldwell Tanks Inc., Louisville, Ky. RS. Wozniak, Bow Tech Ltd., Louisville, Ky n Company, Wellington, Colo User Member J Asner, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel, Md. *Lisison, nonvocing (awrwa) (Aww) (AWWA) (AWWa) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA) (awwa) (AWWA) (awwa) (AWWA) (AWWA) (AWWA)