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A note on gauge: A definite gauge is not

You Make Me So important for amigurumi. It doesn’t matter

exactly what size your creation turns out, or
how many stitches per inch you achieve.
Frappe! What does matter is that your stitches are
pulled tightly, leaving no space or holes
A delicious frappe amigurumi pattern between stitches. This gives your amigurumi
good structure, shaping and allows no
By Brittany Jackson
stuffing to show through.


MR – magic ring/magic loop

CH - chain

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

INC – increase (2 stitches in 1)

DEC – decrease (stitch 2 together)

DEC over 3 – decrease by stitching 3 together

REP - repeat

RD(S) – round(s)

ST(S) – stitch(es)

EVEN – crochet in each stitch, no increases

Materials and Tools: Worsted weight yarn in
or decreases
light brown/tan and white, small amount of
black yarn or embroidery floss, 9.0 mm safety BL/BLO – back loop/back loop only.
eyes, brown puffy fabric paint, fiber-fil stuffing
To decaffeinate your frappe and make him
or similar, pink chalk/pastel/blush for cheeks,
child friendly, please omit the safety eyes and
scrap amount of cardboard, 3.0 mm crochet
replace with embroidery or paint.
hook, tapestry needle
Mmmm…delicious frozen coffee 23.) Stitching in BLO, *sc 3, dec. Rep 9x
For your frappe cup/body, you need your
light brown yarn and 3.0 mm crochet hook. 24.) *sc 2, dec. Rep 9x (27)
Have your safety eyes, black scrap yarn,
Time to stuff! It’s important to stuff very
cardboard and stuffing on hand.
firmly so your amigurumi has structure
1.) MR, sc 6 in ring (6) and stays looking nice for a long time.
2.) Inc in each st (12) Grab a big chunk of stuffing (much more
3.) *sc 1, inc. Rep 6x (18) than you would think) and get started. It’s
4.) *sc 2, inc. Rep 6x (24) better to use a big chunk rather than
5.) *sc 3, inc. Rep 6x (30) several smaller pieces. Using the smaller
6.) Sc around in BLO (30) pieces can make your piece lumpy and
bumpy, and nobody wants that! Stuff your
7 & 8.) Sc even (30)
frappe until you can’t stuff anymore.
9.) *sc 5, inc. Rep 5x (35)
25.) *sc 1, dec. Rep 9x (18)
10-13.) Sc even (35)
26.) dec around (9)
14.) *sc 6, inc. Rep 5x (40)
27.) *dec over 3. Rep 3.x (3)
15-19.) Sc even (40)
Cut your yarn and pull it through the last
20.) *sc 7, inc. Rep 5x (45) loop on your hook. Thread your tail onto a
tapestry needle and hide it inside your
21 & 22.) Sc even (45)

Place a stitch marker or scrap yarn

Everything is better with whipped cream
through your “live” stitch. Set the base of
your frappe on a small section of It’s time for the whipped topping! Grab
cardboard and trace around the bottom your 3.0 mm hook and white yarn.
(smallest part). Cut out the cardboard
*ch 3 counts as first dc
circle and place it inside your frappe. This
keeps the bottom supported and level so 1.) Ch 95 loosely, dc in 4th ch from hook
your little guy won’t tip over. and each ch thereafter. (93)
2.) Ch 3, turn. Dc 2, inc, dc 8, inc, dc 17,
Insert safety eyes between rounds 11 and
inc, dc 26, inc, dc 35, inc (98)
12, about 5 stitches apart. Embroider a
smile between both eyes.
Cut a very long tail, about 24 inches long Don’t forget my chocolate drizzle!
to be safe. Pull the tail through the last
The finishing touches are what make a
loop on your hook. Weave in your
frappe delicious to the eyes, as well.
beginning tail (not the long one). Now
thread the long tail onto a tapestry needle Grab your puffy paint and test it on a scrap
and start sewing! Starting on the outer, piece of paper before trying it on your frappe.
top of your frappe, sew the whipped When the flow of paint is acceptable to you,
topping in a spiral. You will probably have give your little guy a quick drizzle.
a space left in the center when you’ve
Let him dry for several hours in a safe spot
sewn all around. That’s okay! Seam
where he won’t tip over. When he’s finished
opposite sides of the whipped topping
drying, use your chalk, pastels or makeup to
together to close the gap and create a
give him rosy cheeks. It isn’t necessary, but
cute little pointed top.
adds quite a bit to the cuteness factor.
If you’d rather not sew, feel free to use
Enjoy your frappe!
quick drying glue instead. You’ll probably
still have to seam up the gap on top,