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Professional Goals/Growth Plan

Name: Cassidy Leys School: FMCS

Practicum Dates: January 7 - April 18
Teacher Mentor: Jenny Dempster
School Administrator: Natalie Morris
Faculty Mentor: Rocky Wilson

A. Professional Goals

● Goal #1: To work on classroom management which will give

students the best environment for their learning.

Rationale: Throughout my past practicums there have been

times when I struggled with some misbehaving students. I want
to better address and deal with these situations as they arise.

● Goal #2: To work on time management while I teach a lesson.

Rationale: In the past there were times when I would teach a

lesson too quickly or the lesson seemed to be taking too long. I
want to be able to better gage how long an activity or lesson will
take and then plan accordingly.

B. Strategies (How I will go about achieving my goals?)

● Strategies for addressing Goal #1:

○ Ask my teacher mentor to observe me teaching and
provide me with feedback
● Strategies for addressing Goal #2:
○ Ask my teacher mentor for advice and to point out things,
such as struggling students, that may need more time
throughout the lessons
○ Setting a timer to see how long an explanation or opener
could take and reflect on it after the lesson
○ Tracking how much material is covered throughout a

C. Indicators of Progress Towards Goals

(How I will know when and if I have achieved my goals?)

● Indicators of Progress for Goal #1:

○ Fewer incidents with misbehaving students.
○ Able to maintain best learning environment for students

● Indicators of Progress for Goal #2:

○ Able to fill entire lesson space without having too much
time left. If students do not get through an entire lesson
then providing time during the next class to finish
○ Learning my students strengths and weaknesses and
becoming more aware of how long or how quickly some
students may get through a lesson

D. Time for Completion

● Ongoing from January to April

● Check ins with teacher mentor throughout the semester

E. Summary of Growth and Goals Achieved (Final plan only)

F. Reflections on Professional Growth (Final plan only)