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Generic / Trade Drug Class Drug Action Side Effects Dose/Route/Ti Why is my patient

Name me receiving this?

1. Activated Charcoal antidotes decreases GI absorbtion of black stools, constipation, PO admn after treat many oral
drugs/chemicals in OD diarrhea, vomiting emesis/lavage. poisoinings
2. Adenosine antiarrhythmics Restores normal sinus rhythm apprehension, dizziness, IV Conversion of PSVT to
by interrupting re-entrant headache, blurred vision, normal sinus rhythm
pathways in the AV node. throat tightness, shortness of when vagal maneuvers
Slows conduction time through breath, hyperventilation, MI, are unsuccessful. As a
the AV node. Also produces VENTRICULAR diagnostic agent to
coronary artery vasodilation. TACHYCARDIA, facial assess myocardial
flushing, transient perfusion defects
arrhythmias, chest pain, occurring as a
hypotension, metallic taste, consequence of CAD.
3. Albuterol bronchodilators Binds to beta2-adrenergic Tremor ,N/V, Fever, PO, PO-ER, Used as a
receptors (relatively selective) Bronchospasm, HA, Inhaln bronchodilator to
in airway smooth muscle. dizziness, Cough, dry mouth, control and prevent
Increases in cAMP activate Allergic reactions, Urinary reversible airway
kinases, which inhibit tract infection obstruction caused by
phosphorylation of myosin and asthma or COPD.
cause decreased intracellular Inhaln is used as a
calcium which relaxes smooth quick-relief agent for
muscle airways. Relaxation of acute bronchospasm
airway smooth muscle with and for prevention of
subsequent bronchodilation. exercise-induced
bronchospasm. PO is
used as a long-term
control agent for
4. Allopurinol antigout agents, Inhibits the production of uric hypotension, flushing, HTN, PO, IV Prevent gouty arthritis
antihyperuricemic acid by inhibiting the action of bradycardia, HF (w/ IV attack and
xanthine oxidase and therefore admn), drowsiness, N/V/D, nephropathy. Treat
reducing serum uric acid hepatitis, RF, hematuria, rash secondary
levels. (dc drug at 1st sign of hyperuricemia, may
rash), urticaria, BM occur during Tx of
depression, hypersensitivity tumors/leukemias
reactions. usually through PO/IV.
5. Alteplase thrombolytic Directly converts plasminogen INTRACRANIAL IV (for acute Acute MI, Acute
to plasmin, which then HEMORRHAGE, ischemic stroke ischemic stroke, PE,
degrades clot-bound fibrin. bronchospasm, hypotension, administer 0.9 DVT, acute peripheral
RECURRENT mg/kg; not to > arterial thrombosis.
ISCHEMIA/THROMBOEMB 90mg over 1 Occluded central
OLISM, N/V, BLEEDING, hour) venous access
ecchymoses, hemorrhage devices.
and phlebitis at injection site,
allergic reactions
6. Amikacin anti-infective, inhibits protein synthesis in vertigo, ototoxicity (vestibular IM, IV tx of serious infections
aminoglycoside bacteria at the level of the 30S and cochlear), nephrotoxicity, which less toxic anti-
ribosome. Resists the action of enhanced neuromuscular infectives are
enzymes known to inactivate blockade, apnea, contraindicated or
other aminoglycosides. hypersensitivity reactions. ineffective (K.
pneumoniae , E. coli,
Mycobacterium). Use
against Staphylococci
(and MRSA strains).

7. Amiodarone / antiarrhythmic Suppresses arrhythmias, Malaise, dizziness, corneal Oral, IV Used for a-fib, v-tach,
Nexterone, Pacerone inhibits adrenergic stimulation. microdeposists, CHF, v-fib, SVT
Slows sinus rate, increases bradycardia, hypotension,
PRI and QTI and decreases N/V, PULMONARY

8. Aminophylline bronchodilators Inhibits phosphodiesterase, SEIZURES, anxiety, IV Long-term control of
producing increased tissue headache, insomnia, reversible airway
[cAMP]. Increased levels result irritability, ARRHYTHMIAS, obstruction caused by
in bronchodilation, CNS tachycardia, angina, asthma or COPD.
stimulation, positive inotropic palpitations, rash, N/V/A, Increases
and chronotropic effects, tremor diaphragmatic
diuresis, gastric acid secretion contractility.
9. Ampicillin anti-infective, Binds to bacterial cell wall, SEIZURES (high doses), C- PO, IM, IV, IVP skin, skin structure and
aminopenicillins resulting in cell death. DIFF-ASSOCIATED soft-tissue infections.
Bactericidal action; spectrum is DIARRHEA (CDAD), N/V/D, Otitis media, sinusitis,
broader than penicillin rash, urticaria, blood respiratory and GU
dyscrasias, allergic reactions infections, meningitis,
including ANAPHYLAXIS and and septicemia.
SERUM SICKNESS, Endocarditis
superinfection. prophylaxis.
10. Aspirin antipyretics, Analgesia. Reduction of tinnitus, GI bleed, dyspepsia, PO, Rectal Used for fever, pain,
nonopioid inflammation. Reduction of N/V/A, abd pain, inflammation, Kawasaki
analgesics fever. Decreased incidence of hepatotoxicity, anemia, disease. Prevention of
transient ischemic attacks and hemolysis, rash, urticaria, TIAs and MI through
MI by decreasing platelet allergic reactions antiplatelet effects
aggregation. (anaphylaxis/laryngeal
11. Atenolol antianginals, Blocks stimulation of beta1 fatigue, anxiety, depression, PO Management of HTN.
antihypertensive (myocardial)-adrenergic dizziness, drowsiness, Management of angina
receptors. insomnia, mental status pectoris. Prevention of
hypotension, erectile
dysfunction, rashes,
hyperglycemia, joint pain
12. Ativan / Benzodiazepine: Depresses the CNS. It has Dizziness, drowsiness, PO, IM, IV, IVP Used for pre-op
Lorazepam anti-anxiety, sedatative effects. Decreases lethargy, respiratory (rate not to sedation, N/V r/t
sedative/ hypnotic, anxiety and seizures. depression, slurred speech, exceed chemotherapy. treat
anesthetic headache, mental depression 2mg/min or 0.05 insomnia, anxiety,
adjuncts mg/kg over 2-5 status epilepticus and
min) convulsions.
13. Atropine / Atro- Antiarrhythmics Increases heart rate and drowsiness, blurred vision, dry Subq, IM, IV, and Given pre-op to decrease
Pen decreases GI and respiratory eyes, mydriasis, dry mouth, Inhaln oral and respiratory
secretions. It reverses muscarinic tachycardia, palpitations, urinary secretions. Treat sinus
effects. hesitancy, tachypnea, pulmonary bradycardia and heart
edema block. Treat
14. Calcium mineral and Essential for nervous, headche, tingling, syncope, PO, IV Treat and prevent
electrolyte muscular, and skeletal CARDIAC ARREST, hypocalcemia. PO:
replacement/ systems. Maintain cell arrhythmias, bradycardia, Adjunct in prevention of
supplements membrane and capillary constipation, N/V, calculi, postmenopausal
permeability. Act as an hypercalciuria, phlebitis. osteoporosis. IV:
activator in the transmission of Emergency tx of
nerve impulses and contraction hyperkalemia and
of cardiac, skeletal, and hypermagnesemia and
smooth muscle. Essential for adjunct in cardiac
bone formation and blood arrest or calcium
coagulation. channel blocking agent
toxicity (calcium
chloride, calcium
15. Cardizem look at #24
16. Cefazolin Antibiotic Broad Spectrum Antibiotic that itching, heartburn, NV, IV, IM Prophylaxis for
inhibits bacterial wall synthesis weakness, drowsiness, pain infection post-op
at injectionsite, rash, hives
17. Cefepime Cephalosporin works against gram-negative N/V/D, abdominal pain, IM, IV q12h, treats mod to sev skin,
antibiotic and gram-positiv nephrotoxicity UTI, and RTI

18. Ceftriaxone 3rd generation effective against gram-negative abdominal pain, flatulence, IM,IV in divided mod to sev skin,
cephalosporin bacilli, but weak against gram- N/V, HA, dizziness, lethargy, doses bid-qid urinary, abdominal,
antibiotic positive bacteria paresthesia bone, respiratory
infections. PID,
peritonitis, septicemia,
19. Ciproflaxin Fluoroquinolone inhibit the action of DNA HA, dizziness, GI upset, 100-500mg PO treat infections caused
Antibiotic enzymes in gram-negative bone marrow depression, for up to 6 by gram-negative
bacteria photosensitivity reactions weeks bacteria
20. Clindamycin Lincosimide inhibits protein synthesis in N/V/D, bone marrow PO, IM, IV, severe infections,
Antibiotic bacteria causing cell death suppression, topical septicemia, chronic
pseudomembranous colitis bone/joint infections,
used w/ penicillin
21. Dexamethasone Glucocorticoid intitiate complex reactions for HA, paresthesias, PO, IV, IM management of
anti-inflammatory and immunosupression, allergic, and topical
immunosupressant effects increased glucose levels, inflammatory disorders,
imparied wound healing adrenal hypofunction
22. Diazepam Benzodiazepines Work in the limbic system to drowsiness, depression, PO, rectal management of
make GABA more effective lethargy, fatigue, anxiety, acute alcohol
bradycardia, tachycardia, withdrawal, muscle
incontinence relaxation
23. Digoxin Cardiac Glycoside allows more calcium to enter HA, weakness, visual PO, IV treats heart failure and
the myocardial cells distrubances, toxicity (halo) A-fib
24. Diltiazem Calcium channel inhibits movement of calcium dizziness, HA, asthenia, PO, IV angina, hypertension,
blocker across myocardial membrane peripheral edema, paroxysmal
to alter action potential and bradycardia, AV block, supraventricular
block muscle cell contraction flushing, rash tachycardia
25. Dilaudid Narcotic react with opioid receptors in constipation, apnea, cardiac PO, IM pain relief
body arrest, psychosis
26. Diphenhydramine Anticholinergic oppose the effects of dry mouth, weakness, PO, IV, IM can be used with
acetylcholine at receptor sites, hypotension, sleepiness parkinsons patients, as
helping restore chemical well as for allergic
balance reactions
27. Dobutamine Sympathomemtics react with sympathetic decreased GI activity, IV Heart failure
- alpha and beta adrenergic receptors to cause constipation, increased
adrenergic the effects of the sypathetic respiratory rate, changes in
agonists stress response BP, tachycardia
28. Dopamine Sympathomemtics react with sympathetic decreased GI activity, IV shock
- alpha and beta adrenergic receptors to cause constipation, increased
adrenergic the effects of the sypathetic respiratory rate, changes in
agonists stress response BP, tachycardia
29. Enalapril ACE inhibitor powerful vasodilator that works hacking cough, hypotension, PO treats HTN,HF,and left
in the lungs angioedema, pancytopenia ventricular dysfunction
30. Epinephrine Sympathomemtics react with sympathetic decreased GI activity, IV, IM, nebulizer shock, bronchospasms,
- alpha and beta adrenergic receptors to cause constipation, increased local vasoconstriction
adrenergic the effects of the sypathetic respiratory rate, changes in
agonists stress response BP, tachycardia
31. Etomidate Non- barbituate act in limbic system to respiratory depression, skin IV anesthesia
general anesthetic potentiate the effects of GABA. breakdown, CNS depression,
hypotension, drowsiness
32. Fentanyl Opiod Binds to opiod receptors in the Black tarry stools, confusion, Nasal spray, Anesthesia
brain to change perception of blurred vision, decreased transdermal
painful stimuli. Drives up urine, dizziness, irregular patch, injection
dopamine levels in the brain to heartbeat, N/V, numbness, (IM), IV
ilicit relaxation. hypoventilation
33. Furosemide Loop Diuretic Blocking absorption of sodium, Hypotension, increased IV, IM injection fluid retention,
chloride, and water from urination, thirst, weakness, congestive heart
tubules causing increase in muscle cramps dizziness. failure, liver failure,
output. kidney disease.
34. Glucagon Antihypoglycemic Stimulates conversion of stored tachycardia, N/V, dizziness IM, SQ, IV Hypoglycemia
glycogen in the liver to glucose

35. Glucose (D50) Antihypoglycemic Dextrose distributed and stored swelling, fever, dehydration, PO, IV Hypoglycemia
by body tissues and is diarrhea
metabolized to CO2 and water
with releae of energy.
36. Haloperidol Anti-psychotic Blocks the effect of dopamine EPS, restlessness, muscle IM, PO, Mental disorders,
in the brain. stiffness, neuroliptic tourette syndrome
malignant syndrome,
anticholinergic effects
37. Human Albumin Serum Replace protein in blood fever, chill, rash, nausea, IV blood volume loss
vomit, tachycardia, resulting from trauma
hypotension such as burns and
blood loss.
38. Heparin Anticoagulant Inhibit further coagulation by bleeding, bruising, itching, SQ, IV Post-op, DVT, PE,
inactivating thrombin and Heparin induced arterial
preventing fibrinogen to thrombocytopenia (HIT) thromboembolism
convert to fibrin.
39. Hydralazine Vasodilators Exerting peripheral vasodilating headache, anorexia, N/V/D, PO, IM, IV Hypertension
effect through direct relaxation constipation, dizziness
of vascular smooth muscle.
40. Hydrocortisone Corticosteroid mimics cortisol similar to mood changes, acne, dry IV, IM, Topical Allergic reactions,
adrenal glands that have anti- skin, thinning of skin, eczema, psoriasis
inflammatory actions and bruising, slow wound healing
suprpress the immune
41. Ibuprofen NSAID Reducing hormones that cause bleeding, comiting, anemia, PO, IV Fever, headache,
inflammation and pain. decreased hemoglobin, GI arthritis, menstrual
bleed. cramps, muscle aches
42. Insulin Insulins/Hormones Helps to move sugar from the hypoglycemia, weight gain, SQ, IV hyperglycemia
blood into cells for energy rash, hunger, tremors,
43. Ketamine NMDA receptor Rapid acting general hyper/hypotension, IM, IV Anesthetic agent for Dx
antagonist anesthetic that selectively bradycardia, arrythmia, and Sx procedures.
interrupts association pathways respiratory depression Induction prior to other
of the brain before producing general anesthesia or
somesthetic sensory blockade. for anesthetics not
requiring skeletal
muscle relaxation.
44. Ketorolac NSAID Inhibits prostaglandin nausea, stomach pain, GI IM, IV Pain
synthetase bleed, diarrhea, dizziness,
drowsiness, headache,
45. Labetalol Beta Blockers Relaxes vascular smooth Fever, hypotension, PO, IV High blood pressure
muscle by a combination of bradycardia, muscle cramps,
beta2-agonism through alpha1- bronchospasm.
46. Lidocaine Antidysrhythmics Temporarily blocking pathway Flushing or redness of the Topical, SQ, IM, numbing agent and
of pain signals along nerves by skin, itching, petichiae, high IV reduce pain on skin
stopping sodium entrance to BP, constipation, N/V
nerve ending at site of pain.
47. Levophed- Vasoconstrictor Acts on alpha-1 and alpha-2 dizziness, weakness, IV Treat life threatening
adrenergic receptors to cause headache, bradycardia, hypotension that can
vasoconstriction. Antagonising dyspnea occur with surgical
receptors casues increase in procedures or post-
systemic vascular resistance. CPR.
48. Magnesium mineral, increases magnesium level Confusion, dizziness, PO, IV, IM seizure prevention,
Sulfate antidysrhythmic lightheadedness, irregular pediatric acute
heartbeat, N/V/D, flsuhing, nephritis,
thirst, muscle weakness hypomagnesemia,
toxemia of pregnancy,
torsades de pointes

49. Mannitol Osmotic diuretic elevates blood plasma Headache, pulmonary IV, 0.2 g/kg IV prevent med conditions
osmolality, resulting in congestion, fluid and over 3 to 5 min caused by increase
enhanced flow of water from electrolyte imbalance, dry resulting in a body fluids or water.
tissues, including the brain and mouth, thirst, blurred vision, urine flow of at Treat cerebral edema,
cerebrospinal fluid, into nausea, chest pain least 30 to 50 RF, galucoma, and
interstitial fluid and plasma. mL/hr increases urine prod
50. Metoclopramide antiemetic, inhibits gastric smooth muscle restlessness, drowsy, lack of PO, IV, IM GERD, gastroparesis,
dopamine d2 relaxation d/t dopamine energy, N/V/D heartburn, N/V
agonist causing increased cholinergic
response of GI smooth muscle
51. Metronidazole antibiotic inhibits nucleic acid unusual taste in mouth, PO bacterial infections
synthesis by disrupting the N/V/D, loss of appetite, [vagina, stomach, liver,
DNA of microbial cells stomach pain skin, joints, brain, resp]
52. Morphine opioid/narcotic Binds to opiate receptors; RESPIRATORY PO, IV, IM, severe pain, pulmonary
alters perception and response DEPRESSION, sedation, intrathecal, edema, pain
to painful stimuli while hypotension, bradycardia, epidural associated with MI
producing CNS depression constipation, N/V
53. Narcan/ Naloxone opioid antgonist blocks opioid effects by taking body aches, fever, sweating, IV, IM, SQ complete/partial opioid
for same receptor sites N/V, lacrimation, rhinorrhea depression reversal
54. Neosynephrine (IV postsynap alpha- stimulates alpha1 receptors headache, reflex IV, SQ mild to moderate
inf)/ Phenylephrine receptor stimulant causing vasoconstriction bradycardia, anxiety hypotension
55. Nitroglycerine propanetriol relaxes vascular smooth severe hypotension, PO, sublingual, angina pect, acute MI,
trinitrate muscle, resulting dilatation of bradycardia, severe transdermal, sev HTN, acute
peripheral arteries and veins headache, topical, rectal coronary artery spasms
56. Nicardipine calcium channel smooth-muscle dilator has neg headache, dizziness, feet PO, IV, hypertension, angina,
blocker inotropic effect on working swelling, weakness, flushing,
atria/ventricle myocardial cells nausea
57. Nitroprusside vasodilator relaxes vascular smooth bradycardia, hypotension, IV severe acute CHF,
muscle allowing vessel palpitations, retlessness, hypertensive crisis,
dilation by binding to tachycardia, confusion,
oxyHgb to release cyanide, dizziness, headache, rash
sweating, thyroid depression
methaemoglobin and NO
58. Omeprazole proton pump lock the gastric H,K-ATPase, stomach pain, gas, N/V, PO GERD, excess
inhibitor inhibiting gastric acid secretion headache, DIFFICULTY stomach acid, erosive
BREATHING, ORAL esophagitis, heartburn,
SWELLING duodenal ulcer.
59. Ondansetron antiemetic blocks the serotonin 5-HT3 SEROTONIN SYNDROME, PO(liquid, prevent N/V caused by
receptor headache, diarrhea, tablet, chemotherapy,
dizziness, drowsiness dissolvable), IV radiation, and surgery
60. Pepcid / antacid, blocks histamine H2 receptor headache, diarrhea, IV, PO GERD, excess
Famotidine antihistamine dizziness, constipation, stomach acid,
muscle pain, tenderness, heartburn, stomach
fever ulcer, esophagitis
61. Phenergan/ phenothyazine blocks effects of naturally drowiness, dizziness, PO, IV, rectal sedative, anti-nausea,
Promethazine occurring chemical histamine in constipation, blurred vision, allergy sx, motion
brain dry mouth, NEUROLEPTIC sickness, vomiting or
62. Plavix / anti-platelet selectively inhibits binding of BLEEDING, THROMBOTIC PO coronary artery
Clopedigrel ADP to its platelet receptor and THROMBOCYTOPENIC disease, stroke, actue
subsequent ADP-mediated PURPURA coronary synrdrome,
activation of glycoprotein MI, brain aneurysm,
complex inhibiting platelet TIA
63. Potassium electrolyte, alkali supplementing postassium hyperkalemia, N/V,D, PO, IV hypokalemia
Chloride metal flatulence, abdominla pain
and discomfort, GI blled,
ulceration and perforation
64. Prednisolone Steroid Prevents the release of Anxiety, dizziness, irregular oral tablet treat inflammatory,
substances in the body that heart beat, headache, allergic conditions and
cause inflammation numbness rxns. lupus, arthritis,
psoriasis, UC.

65. Propofol Hypnotics, Phenol slows the activity of your brain bradycardia, hypotension, Injection. pre- and during Sx to
derivatives and nervous system pruritus, arrythmia 10mg/mL in relax. Sedation for
ampules, vials, critical care pts and
and prefilled when need a
syringes mechanical ventilator.
66. Protamine Sulfate Antidote, heparin weak anticoag action. When hypotension, bradycardia, Injection Used as an antidote for
antagonist given in presence of heparin, anaphylaxis heparin.
forms salt and neutralizes
anticoag effect of both drugs
67. Protonix / Antiulcer drugs. Inhibits proton pump activity by dizziness, headache, PO, IV (safety & maintenance of healing
Pantoprazole sodium PPIs binding to H+-K adenosine gastroenteritis, diarrhea, effectiveness of of erosive esophagitis
triphosphatase located at flatulence, hyperglycemia, IV form to start associated w/ GERD,
secretory surface of gastric hyperlipidemia thx for GERD stress ulcer
cells to suppress acid secretion unknown) prophylaxis.
68. Ranitidine / antiulcer drugs, competitively inhibits action of *anaphylaxis, angioedema*, PO, IV treat active/
Zantac H2-receptor histamine at H2-receptor sites burning/itching at injection maintenance for
antagonists of parietal cells, decreasing site, headache, malaise, duodenal and gastric
gastric acid secretion vertigo, blurred vision, ulcer. Treat pathologic
jaundice hypersecretory
conditions (Zollinger-
Ellison Synd). Treat
GERD, erosive
esophagitis, heartburn,
and prevent stress
69. Romazicon / benzo receptor reverses the effects of allergic reaction (tremors, IV benzodiazepine
Flumazenil antagonist benzodiazepines agitation, dizziness, chest overdose, anesthesia
pain), N/V, flushing
70. Sodium antacid reduces stomach acid. Nausea, bloating, gas Oral treat heartburn, upset
Bicarbonate stomach, indigestion.
71. Solumedrol corticosteroids, action not clearly defined. pseudotumor cerebri, PO, IV, IM severe inflammation or
glucocorticoids Decreases inflammation. seizures, arrhythmias, heart immunosuppression
suppresses immune response, failure, cardiomyopathy,
stimulates bone marrow, thromboembolism, cardiac
influences protein, fat, and arrest, pancreatitis, acute
carbohydrate metabolism. adrenal insufficiency after
increased stress or abrupt
withdrawal after long term
72. Spironolactone potassium-sparing antagonizes aldosterone in the gastric bleeding, PO edema d/t HF, hepatic
diuretics. distal tubules, increasing agranulocytosis, cirrhosis, nephrotic
sodium and water excretion hyperkalemia, anaphylaxis. syndrome, HTN,
detect/manage primary
73. Succinylcholine skeletal muslce binds with a high affinity to arrhythmias, bradycardia, IV, IM adjt to anesthias to
relaxant, cholinergic receptors, cardiac arrest, hyperkalemia, relax skeletal muscles
depolarizing prolonging depolarization of the rhabdomyolysis with acute for Sx and orthopedic
neuromuscular motor end plate and ultimately renal failure, apnea, manipulations,
blockers producing muscle paralysis bronchoconstriction, intubation, assist w/
prolonged respiratory mechanical ventilation,
depression, anaphylaxis, muscle contractions in
malignant hyperthermia pharm/electric induced
74. Tylenol / analgesic produce analgesia by inhibiting leukopenia, neutropenia, PO, IV, Rectal mild pain/fever, adjunct
Acetaminophen prostaglandin and other pancytopenia, anemia, suppository w/ opoids for mild-mod
substances that sensitize pain hypoglycemia, hypokalemia, pain. Prevent adverse
receptors. Drug may relieve hypomagnesemia, hypoxia, reactions w/ diptheria,
fever through central action in pulmonary edema, stridor tetanus toxoids, and
the hypothalamic heat- pertussis vaccination
regulating center

75. Vancomycin antibiotics hinders bacterial cell-wall psuedomembranous colitis, PO, IV Sx prophylaxis, for
synthesis, damaging the nephrotoxicity, leukopenia, ser/sev infections when
bacterial plasma membrane neutropenia, anaphylaxis other ABX are
and making the cell more ineffective/contraindicat
vulnerable to osmotic pressure. ed, S. enterocolitis,
Interferes with RNA synthesis CDAD and C.diff w/
complete ileus, CAP
(group A strepto)
76. Vasopressin ADH hormone affects the kidneys and blood back pain, constipation, IV, IM used to treat diabetes
vessels. Helps prevent loss of depression, diarrhea, insipidus. Used to
water from body by reducing dizziness, irregular heart prevent certain
urine output and helping beat, hives conditions of stomach
kidneys reabsorb water to the after Sx or during AXR
77. Versed anxiolytics, may potentiate the effects of apnea, oversedation, PO, IV, IM preoperative sedation,
benzodiazepines GABA, depress the CNS, and drowsiness, variations in BP moderate sedation
suppress the spread of seizure & pulse rate, before short
activity nausea/vomiting, oxygen diagnostic/endoscopic
desat, pain at injection site procedures, to induce
sleepiness and