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1 C: Chloe is known for her slightly quirky sense of fashion and, of Question 1 (email)

course, she looks great Style: informal

2 A: the smell of fresh baking greets US ... Chloe's been busy Content: 1 suggest places to explore and best public transport option:
3 D: It was too much to take in at nineteen. If I’d stayed longer, 2 details of interesting museums or exhibitions
I might have settled in better. 3 agree but explain limited time
4 B: Singing with a hairbrush in front of the mirror, dreaming of 4 accept DVD idea and say which one
being a star one day.
5 C: I fell as I climbed up the ladder and cracked three ribs. Part 2
6 D: while recovering from her injuries ... Chloe hit upon the idea of
staging ... vintage fairs. Question 2 (story)
7 A: Chloe had always loved vintage clothes, particularly from style: semi-formal or neutral
the 1950s. " Content: 1 what Peter did when he read the message
8 B: we had so many compliments, I decided to go ahead with more 2 how the story developed
3 how it ended
Part 2: In defence of wom en’s boxing
Question 3 (essay)
9 G: ’it’ refers to 'the competition'. . Style: formal or neutral
10 H: 'what this meant' refers to being accepted on to the programme. Content:.different ways to help protect and improve the environment,
11 B: 'that target’ refers to the flyweight category. with reasons to support opinions
12 C: 'this space-age training kit' refers to the titanium-based
clothing range. Question 4 (letter of application)
13 F: 'that's why'refers to 'W e approach it more as a skill and point­ Style: formal
scoring exercise'. Content: 1 reasons for wanting to attend the course
14 E: 'those events' refers to 'martial arts such as taekwondo 2 experience of acting and/or dancing
and judo'. 3 detailed availability for attending
15 D: 'that mistake’ refers to 'people confuse amateur boxing
competitions with professional fights'. Question 5(a) (essay)
Style: formal
Part 3: Solo travel in Australia Content: description of a character who often gets into trouble,
(a) saying when this happens, (b) giving reasons why it
16 C: meal times are something I've never really got to grips with happens and (c) explaining how the character deals with
17 A: it's great to have the freedom to go with the flow. . those problems.
18 B: get an agency to take care of all the arrangements
19 D: I learnt to accept that some people have different attitudes to Question 5(b) (review)
mine style: formal
20 A: a fortnightly email home ... really cheered me up. Content: 1 enjoyable aspects of the novel
21 D: enhanced my independence and helped me feel more 2 opinion about age group who would enjoy it most, with
self-assured. reasons and examples from the novel
22 D: I fell out with the people I’d met along the way
23 A: ’What have I let myself in for?' The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
24 C: do what you like ... without having to convince anybody else
that it's a good idea. f
25 B: you've probably got lots of ideas in common.
26 D: the pressure that you're under to make your own mind up about
27 A: catching the next bus when you’re ready to move on
28 C: stay in the nicest places your budget permits.
29 C: try a short trip to begin with, just in case it's not for you.
30 B: the support of the group leader.

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Part 1: Messages from the stone Age Part 1

1 C: The other words do not collocate with 'colours'

1 C: M: made for a great feeling in the crowd
2 B: The other words are not used to talk about 'paintings'. F: It was a wonderful day out.
3 D: The other words do not make sense in this context
2 A: They weren't thinking'about the’^ame.
4 B: The other words do not convey the meaning 'really'
3 B: The worst thing is it costs far more than I reckon it’s worth.
5 A: Only the key collocates with'inside’. 4 B: something remarkable ... we weren't judging one-offs
6 D: The other expressions do not introduce the idea of a list 5 A: giving me advice about what to take.
of examples.
6 C: good points: every day ... is different... plenty of options ... you
7 A: The other words need to be followed by a preposition in
can earn more' bad points: ‘not all are pleasant to deal with ...
this context.
often have to work weekends and nights'.
8 B: Only the key gives the idea 'getting there for the first time'. 7 B: crash helm et... protective gear.
9 C: The other words do not make sense in the context.
8 B: impressed by their knowledge of the subject.
10 B: Only B can be followed by 'as'.
11 A: The other words can't be used after'on the'. Part 2: singing twins: Tim and Sam Tanner
12 D: The other words are not followed b y ’people to'.
9 funtime
Part 2: Swimming with seals 10 10/ten minutes
11 October
13 when/if: (linker) introduces a condition 12 voice
14 there: 'there' plus the verb 'to be' indicates that something exists. 13 confident
15 where: (relative pronoun) introduces a clause 14 football/sports
16 be: part of the passive structure 'can be seen' 15 singing
17 to: (preposition) used after 'close' 16 shoes
18 their: plural possessive adjective to refer to 'seals' 17 glasses
19 with: (preposition) follows 'equipped 18 Time Dance
20 out: follows 'work' as particle of phrasal verb
21 what:'(conjunction) introduces a subordinate clause Part 3
22 (al)though/while(st): (linker) provides a contrast
23 get: completes the expression with 'used to' 19 F: start training early on in life
24 make4iave: collocates with 'contact' 20 A: I heard a big rock star going on about
Part'3: Brain games 21 B: got to know the work of some of the top composers
22 E: to some fast-food place
23 D: the efforts of my teacher... she got there in the end.
25 according: noun/verb to prepositional phrase
26 satisfaction: verb to noun Part 4
27 work(-)out: verb to noun
28 successful: noun to adjective
29 discover: verb to verb+prefix 24 C: Only had a few weeks of training ... I wasn't thinking I'd
do brilliantly.
30 solution: verb to noun
31 improvement: verb to noun 25 B: There's always some attractive countryside to keep me interested
26 C: I find I can keep going without one
32 scientists: noun to plural noun
27 A: I tend to keep a professional distance
33 performance: verb to noun
28 B: skiing's something that I get into quite a bit
34 uncertain: positive adjective to negative adjective 29 C: I find ... a bit of a pain to be honest
30 A: to have an eye on the next five years or so
Part 4
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
35 speak English asltvell as: comparative form with adverb
36 are not supposedjto cycle: passive form with infinitive verb
37 apologised forjnot/letting: reporting verb with parallel expression
38 were not ablej'to go/get: new subject with parallel expression
39 came asfa disappointment: fixed expression with adjective to noun
40 to pay/so/much: comparative phrase with 'so'
41 nearly/almost run out/of petrol: phrasal verb
42 wishes (that) sheihad/could have: past simple after 'wishes'

The total score is adjusted to give a mark'out of 20.


Part 1 Part 1

1 C: Still, the news that he was in hospital shook ... Question 1 (letter)
2 A: I had to keep stepping aside to let people get by. Style: formal • ‘ , »•> •
3 C: I'd darted into the doorway of a closed shop to avoid coming Content: 1 explain the school had collaborated with theatre once before
face to face with him. 2 say there were no serious delays
4 B: speaking on the phone ... the call. 3 correct the statement about costumes: made by parents
5 D: I'd no idea what my hair looked like or if I'd got a spot on 4 give the correct name of director
my chin 5 request a new article
6 B: I ... wondered what he was doing ... if he still read books by
George Orwell. Part 2
7 D: I hadn't really wanted to go but it was important for some of
Beth's coursework Question 2 (article)
8 A: no sign ... but again ... Style: formal or neutral
Content: 1 description of the computer game
Part 2: Treasure in the mud
2 reasons for recommending it to other readers

9 F: 'this wide experience' refers to 'After thirty years, there’s Question 3 (report)
barely a patch of wet mud on any tidal river in the UK that he Style: neutral or semi-formal
doesn't know'. Content: 1 what classmates like or dislike about the articles
to C: The sentence refers back to 'the everyday possessions of 2 what classmates like or dislike about the sports page
ordinary families'.
3 what classmates like or dislike about the news section
11 H: 'that sort of person' refers back to 'an activity that tends to 4 suggesting ways to improve the magazine
attract solitary characters'.
12 B: 'such objects' refers to 'the sole from a sixteenth century shoe'. Question 4 (review)
13 G: 'this scientific fact’ refers to'An item is often better preserved in Style: formal
■ the mud than it would be if exposed to the air'. Content: 1 what makes the TV series plot interesting, with examples
14 E: 'It turns out to be'refers to'Ian picks up what the untrained eye 2 what makes the characters interesting, with examples
would see as a lump of stone.' 3 whether to recommend it for all ages, with reasons to back
15 D: The sentence refers to'unless you're a fisherman, it's hard up opinions
to explain.'

Part 3: What's the best advice your father ever gave you? Question 5(a) (letter)
Style: informal
16 B: his general unwavering belief in me. Content: description of the plot and characters of a novel, explaining why
17 D: just stick at something, no matter how hard things get different aspects of the book make it very interesting.
18 A: those were my dad's jokey words of wisdom
19 C: he made sure he was therefor us kids every evening too. Question 5(b) (essay)
20 A: but Dad was always telling me not to take any notice Style: formal
21 D: if you don't put sufficient effort in, you'll never get anything Content: 1 description of the good and bad qualities of one of the
out of whatever it is you're doing. characters
22 C: how much I've taken on board is another matter. 2 how these qualities affect other characters, with examples
23 A: he never said it was my fault. from the novel
24 B: He left the decision to US.
25 A: Don't worry about the car, we can always fix it. The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
26 C: how to change the oil in my car
27 C: that being polite costs nothing.
28 B: 'When you get a chance like that, grab it with both hands.'
29 D: He had this catchphrase: 'Under-prepare, and you prepare
to fail.'
30 B: he's given me the opportunity to input ideas and have my say

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.


Part 1: W here to go whale watching
Part 1

I B: Only the key can be used with a countable noun in this context.
u: part OT a fixed expression 1 A: There aren't many pages to get through at least.
2 C: I insisted on staying in ... watching action movies
3 D: Only the key collocates with 'ambition'
3 A: F: It was easy to get into .the city lentre so we manaqed to see
4 A: Only this word makes sense in this passive construction
all the sights.
5 A: Only the key can be followed by 'to' in this context
M: It was a good starting point for exploring
6 B: Only this word is followed by 'to' + infinitive
7 D: Only this word is correct in the context of the sea 4 B: I ended up feeling annoyed ... I wanted it to be more realistic.
8 C: A/D cannot be followed by a noun. 5 C: I hope I get put on there again tomorrow like I was today
6 C: such a brief performance
9 B: Only the key collocates with 'chance'.
7 B: you can float at your natural body length
10 A: The other words are not followed by 'for'.
8 A: the whole thing would go by so rapidly
II C: fixed prepositional phrase
12 D: The other words are incorrect in this context.
Part 2: New Zealand journey
Part 2: The Mini-Monet
9 (the) green bus
10 west
13 which: (relative pronoun) introduces a clause
11 (the) dolphins
14 come: (verb) to complete the fixed expression
12 Japan
15 all: (pronoun) part of a fixed expression
13 bike/bicycle
16 with: (preposition) follows 'popular'
14 Adventure Tours
17 is: (verb) completes the sense
15 foot
18 more: (determiner) to make a comparative form
16 (wooden) mask
19 ago: (adverb) to complete the time expression
17 Lakeside
20 from: (preposition) indicates origin 18 walking
21 would/could: (modal verb) past tense indirect speech
22 so: (linker) connects desires with actions
Part 3
23 how:.(adverb) linked to 'well'
24 however: (adverb) determined by punctuation
19 B: accessible to even the youngest members of the community
Part 3: Don't catch cold 20 F: I'd rather it took more notice of news and other subjects
from overseas.
25 . generation: verb to noun 21 A: they don't broadcast advertisements so you never get
26 advice: verb to noun interruptions
27 truth: adjective to noun 22 C: enjoy the humour in his approach
28 relationship: noun to noun 23 D: known for sponsoring charity organisations in this region
29 suitable: verb to adjective
Part 4
30 absence: adjective to noun
31 inappropriate: positive adjective to negative adjective
32 researchers: noun to plural noun 24 A: above all, what I learnt there was how to use light
25 B: I was keen to experiment with breaking the rules
33 unfortunately: positive adjective to negative adverb
34 easily: adjective to adverb 26 C: I get over eighty percent of my calls, meetings and bookings
from that source.
Part 4 27 C: the rest is working on the shots to prepare them for presentation
28 A: it's when everybody's comfortable ... and I achieve what I'm
looking for
35 has, been/is three years since: change of subject and tense with 'since'
36 buy eveiything except: phrase with opposite meaning dependinq on 29 C: being my own boss is something I couldn't live without
'remembered' 30 B: The more you shoot, the more you grow.
37 had arrived on time: past perfect used in third conditional phrase
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
38 not used to wearing: fixed expression with same meaning
39 accused Jennifer of breaking: reporting verb followed by 'of' + '-ing'
40 (really) looking forward to using: parallel expression with verb pattern
41 a three(-)hour flight: time expression in adjectival form,
42 not large/big enough/too small/too tiny to hold: given word with
adverbial phrase

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Part 1: Moving house Part 1

1 B: 'I’ve shaken out all the dirt,’ she said as Lyn tipped up the nearest Question 1 (letter)
one, checking that it was empty. Style: formal ■
2 A: 'I'll do it' refers to Lyn's mother's request - that she will put her Content: 1 say that you are happy to make a contribution
belongings in boxes. 2 ask what 'small leisure budget' means
3 D: 'You could've told m e,'she said.'I have got people to say 3 ask what environmental workers do
goodbye to, you know.' 4 find out when the course is
4 C: 'I don’t want that Mrs Wilson touching our things.'
5 B: She was clearly feeling the pressure, too Part 2
6 A: 'It's been agreed for a long time and it's extremely kind of her
to help.' Question 2 (report)
7 B: But what really struck Lyn most were the rectangles of lighter Style: neutral or semi-formal
coloured paint on the wall where pictures had once hung. Content: 1 activities that families do together
8 C: Everything's packed away and I can't start getting stuff out 2 grandparents' involvement
again now. 3 changes in family life

Part 2: The airport photographer Question 3 (story)

Style: semi-formal or neutral
9 D:
'Most of them' refers back to the celebrities. Content: 1 what happened
10 C:
'One of them' refers to the 'the ground and security staff'. 2 how the story developed
11 H:
'they' refers to all the stars named earlier in the paragraph. 3 how it ended
12 F:
'when that happens' refers to celebrities saying: 'no pictures'.
13 G:
This sentence with 'however' tells US that we are going to Question 4 (essay)
hear about someone with a different attitude from those Style: formal or neutral
described before. Content: agreement and/or disagreement with reasons and examples
1 4 ' B: 'them'refers to the Duchess and her babies.
15 A: 'these' refers to 'my digital cameras and laptop'. Question 5(a) (article)
Style: formal
Part 3: I love my bike Content: a comparison of the appearance, personality and behaviour of
two characters
16 c I still get too h o t... you can't really do without one, can you?
17 A: make sure the saddle's rig h t... you don't want to be sore. Question 5(b) (letter)
18 D: I think he was making it up. 5iy/e: informal
19 C: some of my friends think that’s a bit uncool, but I don't really go Content: opinion about the way the novel ends, agreement or
along with that idea. disagreement with the views expressed by Alfie, with reasons
20 D: My advice to cyclists would be to wear fluorescent armbands and examples
21 B: try and dodge the showers
22 B: snarled up in the traffic ... a pain in a motor vehicle. The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
23 C: the uphill trek home takes me around thirty-five minutes.
24 D: special raingear... but I don't find it very comfortable, to
be honest
25 A: I wanted a solid town bike - nothing too complicated
26 A: it makes it less of a target for thieves.
27 C: a mishap with the last one ... being run over by a bus!
28 A: the bike was a good reflection of the real me
29 D: It did get stolen on one occasion
30 B: I worked briefly as a cycle courier

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.


Part 1: The Gesture Interface
Part 1
B: part of a fixed expression
1 A: I don't think people should get fixed in one particular role so I
C: The_other words do not fit the context.
A: forms a multi-word verb with 'up with' which means have them rotating their (duties J, ,
thought of' 2 C: It's really close to everything, the centre, the campus.
4 D: The other words do not fit the context. 3 C: I thought it's terrible, this business of simply telling people no
4 B: the camera work lets the rest of it down
5 A: The other words cannot be followed by 'on' in this context
6 B: introduces an alternative or contrast 5 A: but just as I was leaving the office,
7 D: Only this word can be followed by 'to'. 6 B: playing it over and over again, until it’s inside me
8 B: collocates with 'a photograph' 7 C: F: It would do a great deal for the quality of life here
9 A: phrasal verb with 'out' meaning 'understand' M: the environmental benefits for the city would be clear.
10 C: The other words do not fit the context. 8 B: but the laughs still work, the jokes are still well delivered
11 c fixed expression with 'be very ... to
Part 2: Museum director
12 B: The other words do not fit the context.

Part 2: Choosing the best shades 9 1973/nineteen seventy-three

10 lighting/lights
13 put: (verb) collocates with 'thought into' 11 four two nine/four hundred and twenty-nine/429
12 age
14 how: (adverb) meaning the extent to which
13 leaf
15 but: (conjunction) introduces a contrast
14 (two) cows
16 more: (adverb) part of a fixed phrase followed by a comma 15 eyes
17 to: (preposition) follows 'guide'
16 monster
18 may/might: (modal verb) meaning 'it is possible'
17 detailed
19 (although)though/while(whilst): (linker) provides a contrast 18 fish
20 which: (relative pronoun) introduces a clause
21 as: (preposition) follows 'known'
Part 3
22 take: (verb) part of a fixed expression with 'seriously'
23 than: (preposition) introduceis second element in comparative
24 one: (pronoun) precedes 'of the arms' of which there are two 19 E:tried to push me along a bit, by getting me to try a little
bit harder
Part 3: Rafting on the Zambezi river 20 D: It's the teachers who're there for you in those situations that
are special
25 incredible: positive adjective to negative adjective 21 F: The best teachers are the ones who make it look easy because
26 description: verb to noun they make it seem fun.
27 impression: verb to noun 22 A: But you can't just tell kids to be better, to study harder, you also
28 surrounding: verb to adjective have to demonstrate what you mean by this
29 farther/further: adverb to comparative adverb 23 C: You need to be told the facts about how well you're manaqinq
30 exciting: verb to adjective with your studies
31 difficulty: adjective to noun
Part 4
32 beginners: verb to plural noun
33 dangerous: noun to adjective
34 thrilling: verb to adjective 24 A: we ourselves cannot truly know how we sound to anyone who's
listening to US.
Part 4 25 A: you need to begin with your spine, which wants to be stretched
and made flexible
35 is unlikely to do: parallel expression using infinitive construction 26 B: Your knees want to be ... not completely straight but a
little angled.
36 has (great) trouble getting: expression using '-ing' form
37 is such a good swimmer: verb to noun determined by 'such a' 27 A: the important thing is ... to drink anything up to eight glasses of
water every d ay,...
38 should be met by: change of subject, modal verb in passive form
39 put up with: phrasal verb with same meaning 28 C: going over them again and again and again during the course of
an ordinary day, ...
40 wish I had been: past perfect used after 'wish'
41 came up with a: phrasal verb meaning 'thought of' 29 C: Take every chance you can to sing in public.
42 as long as they do: linking expression introducing a condition 30 B: making weird noises while sitting in her car outside the
studio building.
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.


aaaM M M M — ■ —
naae 68)
Part 1: A hop, skip and a jump away Part 1

I needed to qualify for the state championships. It was all I could Question 1 (letter)
1 C:
Style: informal ■■ •
think about,
Content: 1 opinion about young people and sport
2 D: the perfect jump.
I stretched them out, feeling the lump in my left one, the 2 information about most popular sports amongst teenagers
3 A: 3 say whether young people have posters of sports celebrities
remnants of a pulled muscle,
4 suggest that Carol uses a video instead of photos
4 A: forward into a sprint.
5 B: You gotta loosen up, there's too much tension.
I agreed, smiling to show my appreciation. Part 2
6 D:
7 C: I was sure my first phase was too high, that my second was
chopped and my landing was not quite what it should Question 2 (article)
Style: formal or neutral
have been.
I found Paula and ran to hug her. 'That was all thanks to you.' Content: 1 opinion about how young people feel about the future
8 B:
2 job opportunities for young people
Part 2: Would you turn off your engine, please? 3 opportunities for studying after finishing school

D. 'these
'+k/-vrr. conversations' refers to
/-rM-u/orca+innc' rpfpr<; T addressed
tn 'I the issues politely'
a d d r e s s e d th Question 3 (letter of application)
9 B:
'after a ten-minute chat'. Style: formal
'checked this out' refers to 'there was actually a law against Content: 1 experience of organising activities for kids
10 H:
2 ability to communicate in English and in another language
engine idling'.
'them' refers to 'small business cards'. 3 skills in at least one outdoor sports activity
11 G:
12 C: 'this fact’ refers to the existence of the law about engine idling.
'I also tell them' refers to the information he passes on during his Question 4 (story)
13 A:
'discussions’. Style: semi-formal or neutral
'respond in this way' refers to 'If I get an aggressive reaction'. Content: 1 what happened
14 F:
__________4-,-v +krt ^ln+ir»r\chir» \ A /it h hie n irlfrip n d 2 how the story developed
15 D:
3 how it ended
Part 3: Advertising in public places: like it or love it?
Question 5(a) (essay)
16 B: endless dull adverts for banks Style: formal
it seems to be taking over our city. Content: agreement or disagreement about how the main character
17 D:
I'm not entirely comfortable with how advertising affects kids shows lack of courage and strength, with reasons and examples
18 E:
19 A: they do make a bit of a mess of the rural environment. from
20 F: I really like those that are colourful or imaginative, the book
21 C: environmentally unfriendly as ... powered by electricity,
distracted ... by the fact that a poster is there. Question 5(b) (report)
22 A:
23 F: I agree with banning posters from parks and on historic buildings Style: formal
Ads for strange things ... stick in the mind Content: 1 how interesting or uninteresting the plot is for the age group
24 E:
2 whether there IS a character that would appeal to a 1 3-year-
25 A: can be a safety hazard .
captive audience ... hanging around waiting old, with reasons
2627 B:
waiting for a train ... advertisers can't really fail to reach people 3 whether any part of the book might be difficult for a 13-year-
2627 C:
in that situation old, with reasons
28 B: an amusing advert can brighten up my day
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
29 D: a new angle on an issue that's really thought-provoking
30 F: allows lots of clever people to reach a wide public with
their ideas

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

_ . ' ■ - .......... - . . .
Test 4, Paper 3: Use of English (page 76) Test 4, Paper 4: Listening (page 80)
Part 1: Slacklining
Part 1
1 D: collocates with 'a go'
1 B: the style is excellent, really flowing and there are some great
2 B: means 'the distance between them'
‘word pictures' that deflnitely.captured my imagination
3 B: The other words suggest something more permanent
2 A: I worry that it's going to look very out of p lace-like a kind of
4 A: The other words don't fit the fixed expression weird spaceship, ...
5 C: collocates with 'your balance’.
3 C: ... wife speaks Spanish ... so we speak'her'language in
6 A: The other words don’t fit the context. the house.
7 B: The other words don’t collocate with ’risk’.
8 C: The other words aren't followed by 'to'. 4 B: but it turns out I'm not so rubbish after all.
5 C: It came down to parking for me in the end and, with this one
9 D: The other words don't fit the context.
being so small, I can get it into pretty much any space I find
10 B: collocates w ith'hand'and is followed by'on'
6 A: But he's got all the certificates and he clearly knows all about
11 D: forms a fixed linking time phrase
management theory.
12 A: The other words don't fit the context.
7 C: The competitors definitely had a good time
Part 2: Blanca Huertas: butterfly expert 8 C: replacement parts ... there's only one place left now that
supplies them.
13 At: (preposition) part of fixed expression Part 2: Women's basketball
14 those: (determiner) refers to past time
15 one: (pronoun) refers to 'nets'
9 (high) school
16 took: (verb) meaning 'accompanied' 10 matchgirl (./dot com)
17 that: (conjunction) goes with 'so' and introduces a clause 11 team sports
18 When: (conjunction) introduces a clause 12 May
19 could: (modal verb) completes verb form 13 1976
20 for: (preposition) follows 'apply' 14 broken bones .
21 which: (relative pronoun) introduces a clause 15 hairpins
22 been: (auxiliary verb) part of verb form 16 chewing gum
23 As: (preposition) part of fixed phrase
17 (the) Red Heads
24 into: (preposition) part of phrasal verb 18 perfectionist
Part 3: In praise of plastic
Part 3
25 suitable: verb to adjective
26 useful: noun/verb to adjective 19 B: the way everyone went for breaks and lunch at exactly the same
time every day.
27 functional: noun/verb to adjective
20 F: you never really know what's going to happen next.
28 reputation: noun to noun
21 A: having to smile and be nice and show an interest In everyone
29 designer: noun/verb to noun
and laugh at some pretty terrible jokes
30 extremely: adjective to adverb
22 D: most of the time I just sat ab ou t...
31 attractive: verb to adjective
23 C: I got shouted at or treated badly
32 choice: verb to noun
33 natural: noun.to adjective Part 4
34 recycle: noun/verb to verb

Part 4 24 C: I was in my grandma's sitting-room and she had this whole pile
of books, which she let me play with because I liked the covers.
35 put Heidi up: phrasal verb with change of subject 25 C: particular teacher we had, who at the end of every day would
get out a book.
36 does not like it when/if: positive to negative transformation with
'it' and new clause 26 B: I can't tell you what a relief it was to see it on the shelves in a
37 follow advice/took my advice: collocation including verb to noun
27 A: There's no sound, no music, no traffic, and that's what I need
38- was (completely) unaware of the: positive parallel expression
28 B: Next Isa book for teenagers . . . - I've never tried writing
39 to set off/head off early as/sincefoecause: phrasal verb one before.
with conjunction
29 B: if you do that there might be a lot of stuff you can't include.
40 has not stopped raining: positive to negative with verb ending
in '-ing' 30 A: symbols ... but resist the urge to spell everything out.
41 from Simon, none of: prepositional phrase with new subject
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
42 in case it was/got cold: linker phrase with change of tense

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Part 1: The reluctant hero Part 1

1 D: his refusal to accept how famous he's about to become. 'I can Question 1 (email)
walk down the street and not be hassled' Style: formal or semi-formal y, ■
2 A: The rest of the paragraph tells us what his attitude is. Content: 1 ask if teachers are available
3 B: the plot is not as straightforward as it might appear, 2 find out if fitness is required
4 A: seems to be a bit of a worrier and prefers to avoid watching 3 say 'coasteering' is unclear
himself on screen. 4 ask what equipment will be provided
5 C: He felt 'a heightened sense of responsibility' playing a real-life 5 explain accommodation requirements
person ... if he'd ... be angered
6 D: I find it a very real and profound theme in my life and, talking to Part 2
other people my age, I think it's universal.
7 B: I'm so busy working on something else and don't want to be Question 2 (essay)
distracted from that Style: formal or neutral
8 D: as if he didn't know quite why he was there. Content: agreement and/or disagreement with the statement, giving
reasons and examples
Part 2: I'm the last speaker of my language
Question 3 (letter)
9 D: 'this meant’ refers to 'sent me dictionaries'. Style: informal
10 A: 'that one too' refers to 'their language'. Content: 1 whether you like or dislike the new school and why
11 C: 'this' refers to his mother's family background. 2 how the new school differs from the old one
12 G: 'the trip' refers to 'I went to the southk 3 whether you have made new friends
13 B: 'it was slow' refers to studying the recordings.
14 H: 'is quite different' is making the contrast with Seek'nam. Question 4 (story)
15 E: 'the only one' refers to the fact that the other two band Style: formal or neutral
members are now speaking the language, too. Content: 1 how James solved the mystery
2 how his friends helped
Part 3: Future-friendly
I awards 3 how it ended

16 B: don't go expecting to see weights or rowing machines Question 5(a) (review)

17 A: improvements, which the cyclists who contact us have been Style: formal
asking for Content: 1 details of plot and reasons for (dis)liking it
18 D: refuges for endangered animals such as great crested newts, 2 details of characters and reasons for (dis)liking them
19 E: has produced a surplus to spend on environmental projects, 3 whether it can be recommended to students of English
20 C: it helped stage an exhibition of sculptures. and why
21 B: He's worked hard to raise funds but with limited success
22 A: to give newcomers the confidence to start cycling Question 5(b) (essay)
23 E: a used furniture exchange Style: formal
24 D: to collect and supply them Content: description of the event in the novel, with examples of how it
25 C: to develop a retail range of recycled products has affected some of the characters
26 B: as well as advertising for new members
27 D: that many tiles could be reused The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
28 E: to get a better recycling facility for residents.
29 A: available in all regions nationwide.
30 C: created from rubbish such as crisp packets, plastic bags and
odd shoes.

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Part 1: Vera Neumann: fabric designer
Part 1
1 B: The other words don't fit the context
2 D: The other words don't fit the context 1 A: what appeals more is that it's so different to everything else I do
2 B: This one, though, was genuinely frightening.
3 C: The other words can't be followed by 'what to do'.
4 A: means 'principally' 3 B: I didn't realise It would bế so fiery. I could do with a nice cold
5 B: has to mean 'object' drink to help with it.
s D: collocates with 'name' 4 C: The travel agent told me what an exceptional hotel it was I think
he went over the top a bit.
7 A: collocates with 'in short', a fixed expression
8 B: part of phrasal verb with 'across' 5 C: I wish I'd held on to it though, because I do miss it.
9 C: collocates with 'success 6 B: Sometimes it's down to a reporter happening to be in the riqht
10 B: adverb introduces a contrast place at the right time
11 A: collocates with 'of fashion' 7 A: as the finals drew closer, and I saw just how good the other
12 D: phrasal verb goes with 'a company' performers were, then I started to worry
8 A: I lacked confidence socially, though ...
Part 2: Tree-climbing
Part 2: street-dancer
13 into: (preposition) follows 'turned'
9 gymnastics
14 one: (pronoun) precedes 'of the' with plural noun
10 culture
15 Before: (conjunction) introduces clause
11 (a/the) windmill
16 take: (verb) collocates with 'part'
12 four/4
17 havpAieed: (verb) with 'to' indicates necessity
13 Footsteps
18 case: (noun) part of fixed phrase introducing clause
14 frustrating
19 little: (determiner) used with uncountable noun
15 (the) government
20 Having: (auxiliary verb) completes verb structure to introduce clause 16 cool
21 off: (preposition) indicates 'leaving the ground'
17 disciplinq/dmbition [in either order]
22 After: (preposition) indicates the next step
18 Internet
23 which: (relative pronoun) introduces clause
24 on: (preposition) part of fixed phrase Part 3
Part 3: Games in space
19 C: We passed some others who I think hadn't really put the training
25 amazing: verb to adjective in, poor things, and they were suffering a bit.
26 scientists: noun to plural noun 20 A: Last time I got round in my quickest ever time and that's made
27 research: verb to noun me feel pretty good about myself.
28 activity: adjective to noun 21 B: I mean, that's typical of how badly the event’s run
29 isolation: verb to noun 22 F: I decided at the last minute to enter after all. It was a
30 realistic: adjective to adjective big mistake.
31 mixture: verb to noun 23 E: I just couldn’t believe the size of the crowd. .
32 feedback: verb to noun
Part 4
33 emotional: noun to adjective
34 information: verb to noun
24 C: then I went absolutely every year after that. I was asked to join
Part 4 the team of organisers eight years ago
25 A: fitted into just one field .... That's been the biggest change
35 see any/much/the point in: parallel expression using given word 26 B: that's a shame. There are more and more stalls appearing selling
and preposition exotic foods and you almost get the feeling that's what a lot of
the crowd have come for.
36 would prefer to/rather have: expression using infinitive
37 have been relieved when: modal form in the past + linker 27 B: It s the company that really makes it for me —everyone just
38 is rumoured to be: new subject with reporting verb passive structure seems so calm and ready just to have a good time.
39 only I had not/hadn't sent: past perfect indicates past regret 28 A: I do wish though that we could persuade more people to leave
40 without (first) eating/having (first) eaten: given word + Mng' form their cars at home - because congestion's a real headache.
41 has no intention of answering: parallel expression with '-ing' form 29 A: and I think of lot of them feel that way about the festival
42 to give up going: phrasal verb followed by '-ing' form 30 C: so I personally wouldn't be in favour of expanding things further

The total score's adjusted to give a mark out of 20. The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Part 1: Part 1

1 D: The letter's from the City Council, asking if we object. Question 1 (email)
2 C: my greatest fear was that there would be nowhere for the Style: informal ■- >. .
butterflies and bees to come any more. Content: 1 opinion about whether football match would be interesting
3 B: I wondered why they weren't all out there ... protesting. 2 suggest a rock concert instead of a classical one
4 A: but he's on his own all day 3 explain that horse-riding may not be for everyone
5 C: he was wearing his chewed-up grey sweater, the one he puts on 4 suggest an evening activity and give reasons
when he's expecting a job to be challenging.
6 B: he thought I was in his way. Part 2
7 A: It's not going to be stopped by anything we say.
8 D: There’s a lot of silly prejudice against these developers. Question 2 (review)
Style: semi-formal or neutral
Part 2: Paddle power Content: 1 how good the performances were
2 opinion about the costumes and the audience
9 G: The sentence tells you what the'Camel Challenge'is. 3 whether musical is good enough to take to other schools
10 H: 'They're attracted here' refers to 'local residents'.
11 A: 'this massive open space' refers to 'Bala Lake'. Question 3 (story)
12 B: The sentence describes what the 'sweep stroke' is. Style: formal or neutral
•13 D: There is a link between'tipping over'and'ending up in Content: 1 what Paula and Jacky did
the water'. 2 what happened next
14 F: 'I can hardly hear myself think'refers back to'deafening'. 3 how It ended
15 E: 'going over again'refers to her earlier'ending up in the water'.
Question 4 (report)
Part 3: For the record Style: formal
Content: 1 description of attractions for children and teenagers
16 B: captain of the rowing club at school 2 opinion about facilities and prices
17 C: Hours spent on a cross-country skiing machine and dragging 3 whether It can be recommended to visitors
tractor tyres
18 C: frostbite on his thumbs ... evacuated ... so that he could receive Question 5(a) (essay)
medical attention. Style: formal
19 A: blindly follow their compass and hope Content: description of the most likeable character in the book, with
20 D: his proudest world record to date reasons and examples from the book
21 A: to sit on guard for hourly watches.
22 B: he's drawn to tackling super-human challenges. Question 5(b) (article)
23 B: we have a limited amount of time to see so many things Style: formal
24 C: hugely disappointing at the time, the pair returned ... and Content: description of two characters, with an analysis of how the
claimed the British record. relationship between them develops
25 D: a good way for non-adventurers to push themselves out of their
comfort zone. The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
26 C: a pod of forty dolphins was swimming around the boat.
27 A: they still completed the journey in fifteen days
28 B: Adventure Hub, an activity company that offers support and
advice to people who wish to test themselves
29 D: you don't need to be a super-athlete to meet these challenges
30 C: openness and expanse of the sea ... I'd never seen sunrises and
sunsets like it.

The total score is adjusted to give a mark of 20.

f e t 6, Paper 3: Use of English (page 112) Test 6, Paper 4: Listening (page 1 1 3 B H
Part 1: What is a coincidence?
Part 1

1 D: The other words are the wrong part of speech

2 B: The other words don't fit the context. 1 C: There's quite a lot of different equipment, and it's all the latest
3 c fixed expression stuff, and the best stuff on the market at that.
4 A: The other words aren't followed by 'as' 2 A: and we can see a rise in short breaks to capital cities
5 A: The other words don't make sense in the context 3 B: grown-ups .... They worry about looking silly or stupid and feel
6 D: collocates with 'friends’ bad when they get things wrong.
7 C: The other words aren't followed by 'of'. 4 C:£ an ỵou get back t0 me when y °u can and clarify why the
8 A: must mean 'considering' meeting might be put off and also if it could be moved by onlv a
couple of days?
9 C: The other words don't fit the context.
10 D: must m ean'if ... not' 5 B: and then maybe I could start to work with those, those ideas to
11 B: collocates with 'Into contact' translate them into paintings.
12 C: collocates with 'attention' 6 B: you should take this one back and give me the more
up-to-date model. '
Part 2: The Recyclists 7 A: F: 'Cos I didn't think the support bands were up to
much actually.
M: N o - same old stuff.
13 themselves: (reflexive pronoun) provides necessary object for 'call'
8 C: I guess I thought I was going to find something a bit more
14 around: (preposition) indicates movement within the neighbourhood
engaging to be honest.
15 where: (relative pronoun) refers to 'neighbourhood
16 few: .(determiner) goes with plural noun
Part 2: Learning about make-up
17 return/exchange: (noun) part of fixed phrase
18 ago: (adverb) part of past time expression
9 beauty studies
19 in: (preposition) follows 'invested
10 purple
20 when/as: (linker) introduces clause
11 hairspray
21 which: (relative pronoun) in non-determining clause 12 chemistry
22 same: (adjective) part of fixed phrase
13 marketing
23 at: (preposition) goes with 'least'
14 costume (design)
24 not: (adverb) indicates a proposal
15 lipstick
16 lighting
Part 3: Travel posters
17 fashion
18 advertising agency
25 valuable: noun to adjective
26 collectors: verb to plural noun
Part 3
27 enjoy: noun to verb
28 relaxation: verb to noun
29 expectations: verb to plural noun 19 D: he made me see it was better to get out and see something of
30 tourism: noun to noun the world.
31 effective: noun to adjective 20 B: Ivvasn't going to agree, but my mum said I should so I went.
32 artist: noun to noun 21 F: my friend Diana said I should accept that it just looked stupid
33 movements: verb to plural noun 22 C: so he told me to make a list of everyone I thought was nice or
34 instantly: adjective to adverb interesting or something like that and then to ask them all to my
room for ạ party.
Part 4 23 A: she said wipe the slate clean, just go and say you're sorry

Part 4
35 take care of/care for: parallel expression with appropriate preposition
36 no point (in) asking: parallel expression with 'in' + -ing' form
24 C: Then I spotted this one on a website, which sounded just the
37 you mind if I turned: second conditional form
sort of fun thing I was looking for
38 cannot afford to: given words always used with 'can' or 'cannot/
can't') 25 A: but I was thinking it might become more important in my life in
some way.
39 never having studied it/web design: verb form follows 'despite' + 'it'
pronoun for 'web design' 26 B: So he still*felt enthusiastic, and even suggested he might
join me.
40 could not/couldn’t help laughing/but laugh: fixed parallel expression
+ '-ing' form 27 C: A couple of them had obviously done that sort of thing before
28 B: Several people were taking photos the whole time, and agreed
41 preventeehvísitors (from) getting (too): verb structure required by
given word to email those to everyone.
42 by himself: phrase meaning 'alone' 29 C: Maybe that'll carry over into the rest of life too.
30 A: but first I have to go on a ten-kilometre running race I've put my
name down for
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Test 7, Paper 1: Reading (page 122)
Part 1: Part 1

1 C: I wasn't sure how a New Yorker would react to all this Question 1 (letter)
empty scenery. Style: formal " ! ■
2 C: What was crucial, though, was that it ended with the magic Content: 1 ask for more details about film workshop
words 'excellent bird-watching country'. 2 why meeting film stars and seeing film locations is interesting
3 A: it gave out a loud 3 explain doubts about lecture
4 B: To be fair, though, he can get quite animated 4 give and request information about dates, directions and
5 A: T think that was a "yes" to your buzzard question,' said transport
my mother.
6 C: I have to admit things weren't turning out exactly as Part 2
we expected.
7 D: this only sounds like an easy option to people who have never Question 2 (essay)
worked for my parents. Style: formal
8 A: at the waste (of an opportunity for a free holiday) Content: agreement and/or disagreement with the statement, with
reasons and examples
Part: 2: 1 run up mountains
Question 3 (report)
9 H: 'these' refers to 'down jackets and heavy climbing boots'. style: formal
10 D: 'those' refers to 'the highest mountains on each continent'. Content: 1 description of most interesting museum sections, possibly
11 B: 'this' refers to 'an enormous tractor tyre'. with headings
12 E: ’the one' refers to 'Russian language’ . 2 opinion about whether younger students should visit.
13 C: 'that' refers to 'Hey man, take care'. with reasons
14 F: 'It was the sound of an avalanche' refers back to 'an incredible
rumble up above US'. Question 4 (article)
15 A: The sentence provides a third example of what he did whilst Style: formal
waiting to be rescued. Content: 1 description of the most memorable childhood experience
2 reasons why the experience will never be forgotten
Part 3: starting your own business
Question 5(a) (letter)
16 B: I came across the concept... by accident Style: informal
17 A: Working for yourself is great as you can make your own mind up Content: 1 opinion about whether the plot was slow-moving or not, with
about things reasons and examples
18 B: A business ... which didn't involve such long exhausting hours ... 2 opinion about whether the main character is interesting or
appealed to me not, with reasons and examples
19 D: each morning ... I can't wait to see what challenges lie in store
for me Question 5(b) (essay)
20 B: a definite high ... seeing my staff doing a good job. Style: formal
21 c The challenge was then to work out how to deliver the mix of Content: description of two characters and of the conflict between them,
foods all at once and details about the parts of the novel where this conflict is
22 B: that had gone down really well in the USA. most noticeable.
23 D: all sorts ... surveyors, solicitors, an advertising agency and even
an author. The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
24 C: the thrill you feel when a customer tells you they've had a
great time.
25 D: I was also fed up with sitting in traffic
26 A: worrying about how you're going to pay the rent.
27 C: six months o f f ... a good opportunity to ponder the question:
'What next?'
28 D: in effect, I'd been a virtual PA all along.
29 B: my financial, sporting and parenting experience
30 A: the chance to interact with people more

fh e total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

Part 1

1 D: The other words aren’t followed by 'with' in this context

1 B: but the weather's never that great, which meant that I got really
2 B: The other words can’t be followed by 'of' in this context rather bored.
3 C: means‘prevent from entering'
2 C: I work hard to make sure it all fits together, calculating in
4 A: The other words don't fit the context.
advance what'll happen when X meets y for the first time how x
5 D: The other words don't fit the context.
should react to what y does, or whatever
6 B: The other words don’t make sense in the context
3 A: I don't think in your case that your sight's got any worse since I
7 A: The other words don't give the idea of'looking for some time'. last saw you.
8 D: The other words aren't followed by 'to'.
4 C: Those early pizzas usually tasted great, but one time my dad
9 A: means 'situated', the other words aren't suitable
cracked a tooth on the crust. You live and learn.
10 A: collocates with 'variety'
5 B: I think the man who checks them on the door thought I was
11 C: The other words don’t fit the context. making up some story.
12 B: Only Tet' is followed by a plain infinitive.
6 B: they do take it out of me actually. I find them exhausting.
7 A: Then we actually saw a song being recorded, which made the
Part 2: Spot the gorilla
biggest Impression on me
8 C: It's just thirty minutes to myself. I make space for it and I think
13 number: (noun) used for plural nouns
everybody owes themselves at least that long each day
14 another: (pronoun) follows 'one'
15 so.meone/somebody: (pronoun) when we don't know who Part 2: Lance Arbury: working at a zoo
16 take: (verb) collocates with 'part'
17 so: (linker) precedes 'that' to introduce a clause 9 large mammal
18 them: (pronoun) refers to 'viewers' 10 (zoo) biology
19 at: (preposition) part of phrase with 'all' 11 snakes
20 . When: (linker) introduces a time clause 12 (briefing) meeting
21 have: (auxiliary verb) completes verb structure 13 breakfast
22 or: (conjunction) introduces an alternative 14 family
23 no: (determiner) completes sense of what is said 15 observant
24 will: (modal verb) to indicate a future time 16 aggressive
17 Career Discovery Day
Part 3: Review of The Porsche B oo k 18 register (online)
25 exception: preposition to noun Part 3
26 growth: verb to noun
27 successful: noun to adjective
19 A: If you have a friend that you get on with in a relaxed way try
28 eventually: adjective to adverb
saying you'll do some studying together
29 significance: verb to noun
20 D: I've learnt, I think, that food really doesn't help, so I try now to
30 collection: verb to noun
study when I'm feeling a bit hungry
31 surely: adjective to adverb
32 legendary: noun to adjective 21 F: If you take this step-by-step approach, you can keep going
much longer
33 glamorous: noun to adjective
22 B: I have a good, solid chair and my desk is at the right height and
34 impossible: positive adjective to negative adjective
Ị have a good lamp. These things really help.
Part 4 23 G: in the right mood. Your favourite band playing in the
background can help with this
35 has been qualified as an/a qualified: change of tense to go with Part 4
'for' + time phrase
36 not turn out to be: phrasal verb with infinitive construction
24 C: but we jokingly referred to it with the words 'well kept secret'
37 took no notice: parallel expression
25 A: It became clear that the music was going in a new direction - so
38 so that people could: change of construction + modal verb
it seemed the right moment for a new name, too.
39 was still eating/having/finishing her dinner: tense used to indicate
26 C: We just made the sort of music we felt like making. It's much
unfinished action
easier to be creative that way!
40 she had better go: parallel expression with plain infinitive
27 B: We all have our parts in writing and that works well.
41 not such-a good skier: negative comparạtive structure
28 A: Actually we generally begin with the title and then start building
42 succeeded in cycling: verb structure with in' + '-ing' form from that simple concept
29 C: Just like any musical project, some songs take a while and some
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
get done really quickly. It varies!
30 B: We practise a lot before we play live. We want to make sure
people are getting an experience that not just equals but
surpasses our album

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

f ■ I I ;••• ■■
■■•- '■ '. - •• , ■;■ ■ ' . . ■ ■• • ■

Test 8, Paper 1: Reading (page 140) Test 8, Paper 2: Writing (page 146) .
Part 1: The fake hairdresser remembers Part 1

A: I reckoned it would be a laugh. Question 1 (email)

2 D: they often had to stop filming because we couldn't Style: informal
□rmdi • , ,
stop giggling. Content: 1 approval of Scottish Highlands topic with reason
3 C: Luckily, I managed to rectify the situation 2 express doubts about education topic and reason
4 B: I felt sick with nerves. I didn't want to let Trevor down. 3 explain why the learning of languages would be interesting
5 C: I think it was a bit unfair that I was penalised for taking too long 4 suggest inclusion of information about Edinburgh
6 B: People in town kept stopping and staring at me as if I
was famous. Part 2
7 D: I was put off going in as a junior on account of their being so
poorly paid. Question 2 (review)
8 B: I’ve now got choices I didn't realise I had, which Is brilliant. style: formal or neutral
Content: 1 information and opinion about the area
Part 2: 2 information and opinion about the campsite facilities
3 whether it would be suitable for the class
9 B:
emergency'. Question 3 (story)
10 H: 'this' refers to 'I like it when people scream'. Style: formal or neutral
.11 D: 'it' refers to 'the rope'. Content: 1 what Alison did
12 A: 'This' refers to the grey weather. 2 what happened next
13 C: 'This' refers to "follow through' with the controls' 3 how it ended
14 G:
15 F: This expression refers to Jamie's word. Question 4 (letter of application)
Style: formal
Part 3: Content: 1 reasons why you are good for the job
2 experience of organising events
16 A: a line in a picture stretching into the distance. 3 availability during the summer
17 C: I've forgone many days ... in order to avoid this feeling.
18 B: walking into wind and driving rain. Question 5(a) (article)
19 D: that kind of thing matters to a lot of people. Style: formal
20 B: pick your way over the slippery rocks and muddy puddles Content: description of two female characters and reasons why they are or
21 C: brooding over a sandwich. are not happy and likeable; explanation of which character you
22 A: suddenly vanish only to reappear a bit further on identify most with, with reasons
23 C: It's fascinating to imagine the group dynamics on such
initial outings. Question 5(b) (report)
24 D: a vantage point like no other. Style: formal
25 D: walking clubs seem to be attracting more members than ever. Content: 1 comparison of the novel and the film, with opinions
26 B: I usually get the urge to share my thoughts ... along the way. supported by examples from the book/film
27 A: all the effort that has gone into the upkeep of mountain paths 2 a description of the parts of the film that reflect the
28 D: but I have a brilliant photo which a friend took from the summit, novel accurately
29 C: or would it become an ego thing about how many hills you've 3 a description of the parts of the film that do not reflect the
each climbed novel accurately
30 A Who was the first to walk that way - the sheep or the shepherd?
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.

rest 8, Paper 3: Use of English (page 148)
r Part J • Old skills: New products Part 1
1 C: forms a phrasal verb meaning 'to become extinct' A: lyrics that stay with you long after the songs are over. The more
2 B: forms a phrasal verb meaning 'passed on'
3 A: you listen, the more they get you thinking
The other words do not make sense in the context. you said I should apologise,to the ỏther team, but isn't that just
4 D: The other words are grammatically incorrect here.
5 C: going to be like an admission of guilt? Can't we just invite them
B can't be followed by 'as' and A/D do not make sense here to come and play the match here next week Instead?
6 A: The other words do not make sense in the context
7 B: Each picture is cleverly framed, so the sequence of actions pulls
The other words aren't used with plural nouns.
8 A: you along, and your eyes move between the speech bubbles and
The other words don't fit the context. the facial expressions.
9 B: The other words do not make sense in the context
10 F: ... stand a chance of winning the tournament, 'cos that is
C: collocates with 'way'
our aim after all.
11 A: The other words do not make sense here. M: I'm not denying that.
12 D: The other words can’t be followed by 'to .
One in particular told me he didn't think I'd ever make much of
myself, and I thought, oh, OK, I'll show you that I can.
Part 2: Snow-holing
there's a piece here about Bryanboy .... Can I have that page to
13 what: (conjunction) introduces a clause with ‘'like'
14 M: I think it's a shame that people still get into trouble for
out: (adverbial particle) with 'find' doing it.
15 If: (conjunction) introduces a condition
F: Yeah, it should be allowed.
16 yourself: (reflexive pronoun) necessary object for 'provide'
17 M: Yeah, but I guess the authorities think grafitti's just wrong
as: (preposition) follows 'same'
full stop. But in this case I think they're wrong.
18 into: (preposition) follows verb meaning 'become' 8 B: So getting a part in a soap opera or a job at the studio's a really
19 where: (relative pronoun) refers to 'course' and introduces a clause good way in.
20 order: (noun) part of prepositional phrase
21 take: (verb) collates with 'in turns' Part 2: Vegetarian chef
22 not/hardly: (adverb) to introduce a negative idea
23 According: (verb) part of prepositional phrase 9 (an) apple pie
24 down/in: (adverb) part of phrasal verb construction 10 childcare
11 (children's) nanny
Part 3: Understanding time 12 six months
13 golf course
25 arrangements: verb to plural noun 14 Indian
26 measurement: verb to noun 15 fashion model
27 reliable: verb to adjective 16 Green Leaves
28 observation: verb to noun 17 service
29 useful: noun/verb to adjective 18 website
30 invention: verb to noun
31 length: adjective to noun Part 3
32 inappropriate: positive adjective to negative adjective
33 cloudy: noun to adjective 19 F some of the people they had working there seemed a bit out of
34 accuracy: adjective to noun
their depth to be honest. It should be all part of the training,
20 A:c It was handy to be near the centre, it's true, not having to catch
Part 4
a bus or taxi, but just wander down.
21 D: but some other things were shut all week, like the gym and the
35 had always been Jack's ambition: change of subject with possessive swimming pool,...
36 were you I would make: conditional structure with verb and noun 22 B: there didn't seem to be any couples with young kids there. I
37 Christina's first visit: new subject with possessive
38 don't think that's who it's designed for actually.
though he tried (very) hard: parallel expression with 23 C: We spent hours wandering around in the gardens, which were
subordinate clause
so peaceful and shady.
39 is hardly worth trying to: given word in positive construction
40 will not play football unless: negative transformation required by Part 4
given word
41 lucky to come across: new subject with phrasal verb 24 B: But the toughest part was just getting used to the routine on set.
42 had never appealed to: parallel expression with 'to' 25 A: I was a little more advanced than the other guys, so could pull
off some of the moves a bit sooner than them
The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20. 26 C: they made all the difference, and you had to do what they said. :
27 J\‘ R t 1Ỷ I l l U p n o H t f i I 21 I r a t V r t C r k c i ,
But I listened to Laurel, 'cos she knows , !|—. . . r . —
what . . I—L . . . . —
she's doing i . . ' _—

28 C: More important, you've got to use your ears - listen to the

words as you say them
29 B: Loss of privacy's the price you pay. I don't have a problem
with that.
30 C: I'm only nineteen, so I'm not closing any doors yet!

The total score is adjusted to give a mark out of 20.