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(First Notice with Preventive Suspension)

Date : _____________

To : __Name of Employee__

From : __Manager__


Company records and reports show that you have been remiss in your duties and
responsibilities to the Company by committing the following acts that are inimical to the interest
of the Company and its customers/clients, particularly in the following instances:

(Specific Violations and/or Offenses)

Please explain in writing, within _________ (____) days upon receipt hereof, why you
should not be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action in connection with the foregoing acts
and misconduct. Failure to respond within the period given will be construed as a waiver of your
right to be heard and the investigation on the foregoing matter will proceed. In the event that
after due investigation the imposition of disciplinary actions is warranted, same shall be made
known to you.

Furthermore, considering the nature and gravity of the offense charged and the sensitivity
of the nature of the work you are currently occupying which is a position of trust and confidence
that gives you access to confidential files and documents that will be involved in the
investigation, you are hereby placed under PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION effective immediately
and for a period of thirty (30) days while this matter is being investigated.

Please give this letter your immediate attention.

Very truly yours,

General Manager

Received by:

Date: _____________