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Environmental Management




Topic Roll No.
Environmental Management: Fundamentals, Scope and Role in management
Sustainable Development
Implications of Human Population Growth (Theory), Limit to Growth
Role of Environment on Business Organisation
Energy Management- Fundamentals, Fossil Fuels Use
Energy Production and Trade
Energy Audit and Energy Balance
Ecosystem: Basic Concepts
Implications on Organisation
Industrial Ecology and Recycling Industries
Environmental Management System (EMS): EMS Standards, ISO 14000
Environmental Clearance/Permissions for Establishments
Urban Planning and Rural Development- Concept and importance
Environmental Management and Valuation
Cost Benefit Analysis
Environmental Accounting
Environmental Audit
Environmental Ethics
Disaster Management: Concept, Environmental Emergencies
Disaster Management: Complex Emergencies
Green Marketing and Green Taxes
Environmental Laws: Acts Relating to Air
Environmental Laws: Acts Relating to Water and Land Pollution
Environmental Laws: Acts Relating to Land Acquisition
Trade in Wastes
Forest and Biodiversity Management
Water Resources: Concept, Dams and its Role
Forest Product and Trade
Biodiversity and its role in International trade
Basic Concept of Income Tax, tax avoidance & tax evasion Residential status of a company
Computation of a income of a company
Set off and carry forward of losses
Deductions and Exemptions in Additional tax on undistributed profits
companies profit Surtax act, Computation of Tax Liability.

Meaning and Scope of tax Planning and location of understanding,

Types of activity, Ownership pattern,
Tax planning regarding Dividend policy,
Issues of Bonus Shares, Inter corporate Dividends and Transfers
Tax Planning relating to Amalgamation Merger of Companies.

Tax Considerations in respect of Specific Managerial Decision like Make or Buy, Own or Lease, Close or Continue, Sal

Tax Planning in respect of Managerial Remuneration,

Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures,
Implications of Avoidance, of Double Taxation Agreements.
Tax appeals, revision, & review;
Filling of returns; Assessment & rectification
or Lease, Close or Continue, Sales in Domestic Markets or Exports, Replacements and Capital Budgeting Decisions, etc.
ecisions, etc.
Inventory and Materials Management- Value Analysis,
Waste and Scrap Disposal, Classification and Codification,
Standardisation, Variety Reduction
Material Handling, JIIT.

Work Study , Job Design- Methods, Study

Work Measurement
Statistical Quality Control and TQM, ISO 9002
Industrial Safety and Safety Management
Maintenance Management. Different Quality standard organisation