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12. 21 A phase modulator operates with a modulation index of 1.8. What is the maximum phase deviation in degrees? (Answer: 103.13°) An FM communications transmitter has a maximum frequency deviation of 25 kHz and a range of modulating frequencies from 50 Hz to 15 kHz. Calculate the maximum phase shift that it produces. (Answer: 500 rad) . An SSB transmitter generates an LSB signal with a carrier frequency of 10 MHz. What frequencies will appear at the output with a owo-tone modulating signal with frequencies of 2.5 kHz and 4.5 kHz. (Answers: 9.9975 MHz, 9.9955 MHz) 15, A 2-kHz pure tone phase-modulates a carrer 107 MHz. Calculate the maximum. frequency deviation if the peak phase deviation is 1/2 tag (Answer: 3.142 kHz) i ‘An FM signal expressed as erw=100cos(2m(107)t)+ 2cos(2m(104t) is measured in a 75-Q antenna. Determine the following: a) the total power, b) modulation index, maximum frequency deviation, and d) approximate bandwidth by Carson’s rule. (Answers: 66.67 W, 2, 20 kHz, 60 kHz) 4 Asupetheterodyne receiver having an RF amplifier and an IF of 10.6 MHz is tuned to 907 MHz Calculate the (2's of the RF and euxer mput tuned Grcusts, both being the same, if the recerver's overall umage eeyection 1s to be 100. (Answer 235) 11 Four telephone circuits, each having an S/N rano of 45 dB, ace connected tn tandem. Caleulate the overall S/N ratio. A fifth circuit is now added which has an S/N ratio of 35 dB. What 1s the overall S/N ratio in the case? (Anwwers: 38.98 dB, 33,5 di) 12 A nuver stage has a noise figure of 25 dB, and this is preceded by an amplifier that has « noise figure of 10 dB and an available power gauy of 20dB_ Determine the overall nose figure referred to the input. (Answer: 11.19 dB) ‘An 8-bit ADC is used over the span 0 10 255 Y. Determine the binary representation of 20 V and 1.78 V. (Answers: 11001000 (binary), 10110010 (binary) 7. What is the even parity for the bit pattern 11001011? (Answer: 11001011 - 1) 18. Determine the bandwidth for an FSK signa with a matk frequency of 34 kHz, a spare frequency of 22 kHs, and a bitrate of 6 kbps (Answer: 24 kHz) ifs field intensity of 30 mV/m develops 23 V . ae pact tenna, what is its effective height? (Answer: 76.67 m) | ship sadiotelephone transmitter operates on 3458 kFlz. At a distant point from the ship's ransmitter, the 2458-kHz signal has a tnesured field strength of 150mV/m. The fecond harmonic field strength at the same point is measured as 425 pV/m. How much tas the harmonic emission been attenuated below the 2458-kHz fundamental? (Answer: 50.95 dB) Calculate the effective radiated power of an FM broadcast station if the output of the tasanine is 29 KW, soon transmission line sis 75 W, and the antenna power gain is 6. (Answer: 119.55 kW)