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Live project is an integral part of the learning and teaching strategy and reflect the institution's aim to improve
the co-ordination and development of activities which contribute to the student's learning experience. Project
based learning activities create opportunities for students to work on problems in the real world. These projects
can also build students' abilities to set personal goals and standards of excellence. The interdisciplinary nature
of these components encourages students to widen and explore their personal interests while gaining the
knowledge they need in core subjects.

The writing of project reports helps the student develop one's ability in expressing his/her understanding of the
subject. It is also one of the methods in which IMCOST tests its students. It can be said briefly that a report is an
opportunity to bring out one's understanding of the subject or topic and buttress it with evidence. The topic under
study is specific and the report helps to determine the student's response to the concept. The effectiveness of
the live project in developing students' management competences is assessed through the written reports.

Writing a Live Project Report: IMCOST requires submission of 8 to 15 pages report on a regular Live
Project. In case of an Integrated Live Project the student is required to submit a report of 35 to 50 pages based
on the number of disciplines/courses dealt during the Live Project. General guidelines on writing a project report
are provided for reference.

Guidelines for Report Writing

In a generalized sense an ideal report should cover the following aspects:

1. Introduction: Introduction should provide the specific focus of the live project, the topic assigned by the
faculty member, the concept it is based on, the methodology to be adopted and methods of enquiry. This
serves as a background to the subject of the report that subsequently follows. The reader should be
able to gather a fair idea about the project through the introduction.

2. Company Profile: The students should give an introduction to the industry under study and then introduce
the company related to the project through the company profile.

3. Methodology: This section should explain the various methods used by the student to assimilate the
facts/observations the course of the project. He should use tables and graphs to present these observations
and explain their relevance to the concept under study.

4. Conceptual Relevance: Students should explain the theories/concepts under study for the live projects in
detail and then explain how this concept is applied in practical situations.

5. Facts and Observations: The student is expected to state the facts/data he/she has collected and list out
his/her observations during


The objective of the Project Report to broaden the knowledge base, research skills, understanding and
application of the body of knowledge in the chosen field of management, provide experience in the
application of the concepts, tools and techniques and to develop an overall managerial perspective. The project
report encourages and drives the student(s) to acquire skills for literature survey, research skills, learning and
exposes them to the crucial managerial behavioural practices such as regularity, ability to meet deadlines, sense
of responsibility, initiative and leadership, diligence and adaptability. It helps to cultivate the regular habit
of inquiry, study, documentation, effective presentation and articulation.

Students will work on project report for approximately 15 weeks under the guidance of a Project Guide. The
Project Guide will guide the students as per their capabilities and interest. The Project Report requires the
student(s) to pursue a detailed research and conduct an in-depth analysis of the chosen subject in the field of
management. The Project Report work may also be carried out on the application of management theories and


The Director shall conduct a meeting of the faculty members, including the visiting faculty members, if required,
to allocate students to the faculty for supervising the students of project report based on the alignment of
students interest and faculty competence. Such faculty shall be referred to as "Project Guide". The Project
guide would normally have maximum of 30 students attached to him/her for guiding the students on project
report. The Project Guide shall follow the time table detailed below:

Project Guide should take care to ensure that the title reflects the quality of the Project Report work to be
undertaken by the student and review whether it is relevant to the area of specialization of the student.

Date Activity
Orientation for Project Report

Approval of Title for Project Report

Publication of student wise list of Titles.

3. Project Report

The Project Report shall be executed in four stages viz., finalisation of the title, approval of synopsis,
interim and final Project Report.

Stage I: Approval of the Title for the Project Report: Each student shall discuss with his/her
Project Guide the research topic and finalise an appropriate title.
The title for the Project Report should be apt and reflect the scope, focus and nature of the work to be
carried out by the student. The parameters for approval of the title are as follows:
1. The Title should be contemporary
2. The Title should be precise and effective in meaning
3. The Title should be specific
4. The Title should not be in the nature of an interrogative sentence, For e.g.
"Are Mutual Funds a Profitable Investment Avenue?"
5. The Title should not be like seminar topics.E.g. "Mutual Funds: Issues and prospects".
6 The Title should not begin with words like "A feasibility study of....." e.g. "A
Feasibility Study of Brand Building".
7 The Title should appropriately focus on the research intended to be carried out by the student
under the guidance of the Project Guide. For e.g.

a) A study of Strategy Planning of Consumer Segmentation for Hindustan

Unilever Ltd.
b) Issues and Challenges in Marketing of Mutual Funds of UTI.
c) An Analysis of Mutual Funds and Determinants of Consumer Preference.
8 The Title should be clearly indicative of the contents of the research work. For e.g.
a. The Determinants of Consumer Buying and Usage Behaviour for Mobile
b. A Study of Correlation between Advertising in Yellow Pages and Sales.