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Destinations Healing M ass at the Divine M ercy # shrine Encinitas on Feb 13 at 2 pm — p. 2
Lifestyle Z ena Sultana Babao: T he Clowns of God — p. 5

Feb 13 Perspectives Bill L abestre: Income and T ax es —

February 8-14, 2019
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P ERM IT NO. 203
CA 91910

DOH: 55 children dead in Metro Manila measles outbreak

Sotelo-Solis and Rios reject
by ovic ee, n uirer.net -

lone Filipino applicant to

Destiny ,
ment o ealth
-- he epart-
said on
Wednesday that 55 children have
vacant City Council seat Festive Occasion
died of measles in an outbreak of
the disease in the ational apital
ational ity, - n in the City Council. e ion which it attributed
spite of the endorsements from A seat in the City Council was to “ low vaccine coverage because
the ilipino an ua e duca- vacated when lejandra otelo- o the en va ia scare.
tors, ilipino merican hamber Solis won in the recent mayoral s o uesday, an a aro
o ommerce, sian acific elections in ational ity. o ospital in anila has admit-
merican oalition, ational fill the vacancy, the ity oun- ted , patients or measles,
sian merican oalition, acific cil called for applications and , o whom were children and
outhwest ssociation o eal- twelve responded to the call. teenagers.
tors, incoln lub and rom itas amane is the only ilipino The hospital has also recorded
several students, business owners, applicant. since the start of the year a total
professionals and residents of Y amane is no stranger to o deaths, all o them children
ational ity, ayor otelo- olis ational ity politics. he ran between months and years
and ouncilmember ona ios twice for City Council and more old.
voted against the appointment of recently or ity ayor arnerin he data rom the pide-
itas amane to the vacant seat ( Continued on page 11 ) miology Bureau showed that in
the first days o anuary, etro

Atom Araullo named a UNHCR anila recorded

measles or ti das.
cases o

goodwill ambassador 5 5 0 p e rc e nt h ik e

he fi ure was percent

higher compared to the same
period last year when there were
only cases.
rom just cases in ,
the said the reported
, measles cases in .
“ We are declaring an outbreak
Chapter 85 of “Destiny” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. as cases have increased in the

past weeks and to strengthen
he question of the venue for the wedding reception cropped up during the surveillance of new cases and
pamanhikan. alert mothers and caregivers to be
course we ll have it at a five-star hotel, on i uel su ested. now it s e pensive, more vi ilant, ealth ecretary
ews , named a ational oodwill m- but ll help out with the e penses. rancisco u ue said.
-- apuso broadcast bassador by the nited ations nli e the nited tates, it was a ilipino tradition or the room to shoulder all weddin costs, arlier, the said that the
journalist Atom Araullo has been ( Continued on page 10 ) ( Continued on page 6 ) country’s vaccination coverage
rate had dropped to percent

Muslims, Christians join forces Two views on the Philippines :

ollowin the controversy sur-
roundin en va ia. s a result,

vs terrorism in PH Precolonial Period

some parents refused to have their
children vaccinated for fear that
by JOSEPH PASCU AL o loin-cloth-wearin spear- they would suffer adverse side
'We are showing the world we ilipino uslims and hris-
throwers who roam the jungle effects.
that we Filipino Muslims and tians are one, said mam oun- Before the arrival of the Spanish wildly, the early inhabitants were u ue earlier critici ed the
Christians are one,' says Imam cil of the Philippines Chairman in uisition, the hilippines was civiliz ed in many respects similar ublic ttorney s fice headed
Council of the Philippines Aleem Said Basher. a civiliz ation different than it is by Persida Acosta for linking the
to our own civiliz ation here in the
Chairman Aleem Said Basher he prayer rally and solidar- today but, not much di erent. dengue vaccine to the death of
U nited States.
ity wal , called a ad un o arc s article “10 Reasons several children who were inocu-
ccordin to arc , the pre-
ofia omacru , appler.com sa apayapaan, wa si an Why Life Was Better In Pre Colo- lated a ainst the mos uito-borne
colonial inhabitants “ enjoyed a
, n a show arahasan al oward eace, nial Philippines” gives a list that disease.
hi her standard o overnment .
o unity and peace, hristians and ondemn iolence , athered showcases the paradise that these H e accused Acosta of making
n comparison to assumin ly the
uslims joined orces in a prayer uslim and hristian roups at islands were. n act, durin this claims without basis as he
colonial-era o overnment in
rally on unday, ebruary , to the ue on emorial ircle in time, the hilippines was pointed out that the children who
the hilippines, the pre-colonial
condemn the deadly blasts that Q uez on City. even named, and the people were died a ter receivin en va ia
government allowed for a closer
rocked the southern Philippines The groups condemned the twin not even called ilipinos as they had “ the same causes of death in
relationship between the people
last week. blasts that hit the Jolo Cathedral were just people on an island. Y et populations that were not given
and the leader in char e o them,
" We are showing the world that ( Continued on page 8 ) Alex Cabal, Pinterest contrary to the savage archetype ( Continued on page 7 )
( Continued on page 4 )
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 8-14, 2019

The bounties of
Batanes The concept of the Honesty store, run
by Elena Gabilo, works in Batanes.

ne o the thin s that loo ed

forward to was to eat and shop at
the onesty o ee hop, which
The iconic bahay na bato built in 1877. now has its own share of global
by Dorothy Delgado Novicio, Philstar. the ruit-laden papaya tree by the prominence. untie lena abilo,
com garden where our cottage stood. the store s ounder, was busy tendin
Alluring articles about the her orchids when we arrived. But she
e did the two-day compressed graciously agreed to our request for
island paradise, a profound a photo, uite oblivious o her inspir-
admiration for the acclaimed pac a e, which o ered atanes
one-o -a- ind ecotourism tours and ing stature and the honor we felt to
artist Pacita Abad plus entic- deli hted in the vibrant mi o art stand beside her.
ing stories of friends who have cum nature in the com orts o un-
been there were more than dacion Pacita. We snacked on newly cooked
enough reasons for us to plan a camote cue and a cake called
pianono. pic ed an assortment o
Join us on February 13, 2019 , Wednesday holiday in Batanes. n our second day, we relished the
stillness of our long leisurely drive turmeric, camote, ube and coco-
at the Divine Mercy #shrine Encinitas , hilippines ith across the southern side of Batan
one o only three inhabited, the two
nut coo ies, then listed down all
the items with their corresponding
our ren ied schedule vis- -
Healing Mass vis the availability of rooms at
undacion acita, it too almost
others bein abtan and tbayat, o
the islands o atanes . ur uide
Jerome only interjected to introduce
amounts in the notebook sprawled
on the table. eside it was a cal-
culator while on top of the nearby
a year or the trip to material- and give a brief background of each counter was a bo where dropped
iz e. But it was all worth the wait place we e plored or to answer even the e act amount or everythin we
Fr. Albert MacPherson O.S.A. because once one sets foot on the queerest questions we asked. ate and bought.
I pray that God, the source of hope, idyllic atanes, to lin er is to be
t is on this side o the island where tremely deli hted with the
will fill you completely with joy and in a state of bliss. novelty o the shoppin e perience,
peace because you trust in Him. the hawa view dec , a per ect loca-
Then you will overflow with confident
tion for a breathtaking view of the thou ht o how rela ed our daily li e
Jesus, I Trust in You hope through the power of the rivin rom the airport to our would be if purchasing is done the
Holy Spirit. -- Romans 15:13 resort, it didn t matter whether open seas, the panish blue la oon,
said to be an e clusive swimmin H onesty Store way.
Mass at 2:00 pm to be followed by Healing Service and prayers of gaz ed to the right or to the left.
verywhere loo ed, the vistas were place in the olden days, the ahatao
the Rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplet and the Way of the Cross port where colorful boats are safely e have plenty o time, was
purely majestic. A welcome treat was erome s o t-repeated mantra as we
alternating scenes of emerald rolling moored durin typhoons, the iura
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 hills speckled with dominantly white fishin villa e and a ilometric carried on with the tour. While the
stretch of the province’s marine hubby astidiously snapped spell-
cattle some ra in with their bindin sceneries and captured as-
calves and i a in roads in sanctuary are located.
About Fr. Albert MacPherson, O.S.A. between open fields. he vast a ure ore than just sa ety nets, the ubi - cinatin subjects, indul ed in my
Augustinian Healing Ministry uitous road si ns appreciation o a blessed e perience
Fr Albert seas, earlier read, were the est of connecting with nature.
Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1941 into a family of thirteen children,
Father Albert MacPherson O.S.A., joined the Order of Saint Augustine in 1962, and was As our eyes feasted on stretch upon
ordained to the priesthood in 1974. He did undergraduate studies at Saint Francis Xavier stretch of shorelines and turquoise
University, Nova Scotia and Villanova University, before pursuing graduate theological waters, our heart and lun s elt de-
cades younger as we hiked steep and
studies at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. verdant hills. ind swept, halted
y - and panted at some points and made
ral experience in parishes in Ontario, New York and Florida, Father MacPherson began a sure the cleats of my hiking shoes
were firmly set on the round. m
petite and while the thought of me
Father MacPherson has given healing missions throughout the United States, Canada, sloping off the hills rolling on cow
accentuate the blind curves leading
to seemingly precarious winding or oat dun was unny and uite
through his healing ministry- spiritually, psychologically and physically. roads. thou ht o these si ns as ri htenin nevertheless mustered
the vatans polite way o sayin , enough courage to follow our guide
About the Proposed Shrine to the Divine Mercy pardon the noise and be sa e tal as he brought us to the best vantage
- o road courtesy and carin , which points o the hu e e panse o rollin
is now almost unheard of in the hills. Whether it was at the stunning
Lighthouses in Batanes are not just metropolis. mnajbu point or the pictures ue
in 2012 for the sole mission of building a shrine to the Divine Mercy and thereby tourist attractions but functioning bea- lon the way, we stopped by the acuh ayaman, elt a reat
spreading the message and devotion given to St Faustina by Jesus as a last recourse for cons for fisherfolk. ouse o a ay, a uintessential sense of awe and pride at how lovely
ailing mankind. In 2000, it was St John Paul II, the Mercy Pope, who instituted the bahay na bato built in with the this part of our country is!
Philippine Sea on one side and the n atanes, li hthouses are sto-
a s acific cean on the other. hese entire parts of the original house
still intact, e cept or the co on ried structures. rom their loca-
were our everyday backdrop for four tion to their ma e, each o the our
About the Laity and Canon 215 easygoing days in bucolic Batanes. roof which has to be replaced every
years. ith the approval o lighthouses we visited had its own
- H eaven answered our prayers for appeal. or tourists, they serve as
ood weather read no typhoon , ncle rancisco strella, the a able
ful are at liberty freely to found and direct associations for purposes of charity or piety owner and careta er o the house, picture-per ect bac drops or the
as fair weather could also mean best selfies, jumps or dreamy shots.
or for the promotion of the Christian vocation in the world and to hold meetings for unpredictable showers any time of we donned the va ul and ana-i, the
the common pursuit of these purposes." vatans all-weather headdresses. s ut or the vatans, these weather-
the day, which is all part o atanes
Divine Mercy Shrine

he helped us with our outfits, ncle beaten towers never fail to serve
charm. We were not surprised to their purpose as beacons to lead
Follow the DMHFSC on Facebook.com/divinemercy724 arrive on a sunny day and be roused rancisco entertained us with amily
and at www.divinemercy724.com. Call 619.851.9547 or anecdotes and his love or the sea, fishermen home sa ely. beamed in
by the entle patter o rain the ne t gratitude at how we coincidentally
619.962.8185 or email divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com mornin . al awa e, smiled at the the reason he left a promising job in
thought of raindrops trickling down anila to spend the rest o his li e in
his hometown. ( Continued on page 4 )
Send your donations to DMHFSC, 1150 Garden View Rd, #230493, Encinitas CA 92023 (Site location address is for GPS only )
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DHS announces new process for illegal migrants Readout from NOTICE TO BIDDERS

DHS.gov via T he Federalist Papers tions, and interdict dru s and ille al leaves aliens in limbo for years. This admitted into the U .S. and provides that the City of San Diego (City)
contraband. has been a prime cause o our near- specific procedures re ardin the is seeking to receive Electronic
The following is a press release
from the Department of Homeland
, case bac lo in immi ration
will help restore a sa e and or- courts and delivers no consequences
treatment of those not clearly entitled
to admission, includin those who Nielsen’s trip to Bids for the below named Public
Works project.
Security outlining the new Migrant
Protection Protocols that will send
derly immi ration process, decrease
the number of those taking advantage
to aliens who have entered illegally.
mu lers and tra fic ers are
apply or asylum. ection b
provides that in the case o San Diego The solicitation, including plans
and specifications, may be ob-
migrants who illegally cross our o the immi ration system, and the also using outdated laws to entice an alien . . . who is arriving on land tained from the City’s website
— DHS.gov at: https://www.sandiego.gov/
southern border back to Mexico to ability o smu lers and tra fic ers to migrants to undertake the dangerous (whether or not at a designated port
await the outcome of an immigration prey on vulnerable populations, and journey north where on the route o arrival rom a orei n territory cip/bidopps
hearing: reduce threats to li e, national secu- mi rants report hi h rates o abuse, conti uous to the . ., the ec- n anuary , ecretary o Contractors intending to submit
retary of H omeland Security “ may omeland ecurity irstjen . a Bid must be prequalified.
rity, and public sa ety, while ensurin violence, and se ual assault. uman
e have implemented an unprec- ielsen traveled to an ie o to Please refer to the solicitation
that vulnerable populations receive smu lers and tra fic ers e ploit mi- return the alien to that territory pend-
for instructions.
edented action that will address the the protections they need. grants and seek to turn human misery ing a [ removal] proceeding under § meet with . . mmi ration and Project Name: North City Pure
urgent humanitarian and security istorically, ille al aliens to the into profit. ransnational criminal o the . Customs Enforcement employees Water Pipeline
crisis at the Southern border. U .S. were predominantly single organiz ations and gangs are also and to conduct an operational tour Project Number: K-19-1744-
adult males rom e ico who were deliberately e ploitin the situation he . . has notified the overn- of the San Y sidro Port of Entry to DBB-3 Estimated Value: $
This humanitarian approach will enerally removed within hours to brin dru s, violence, and illicit ment o e ico that it is implement- 102,700,000.00
help to end the e ploitation o our if they had no legal right to stay; goods into American communities. ing these procedures under U .S. law. assess implementation o the i-
rant rotection rotocols . Bid Open Date: 03/26/2019, at
generous immigration laws. now over are amily units and he activities o these smu lers, 2:00 P.M.
unaccompanied children and tra fic ers, an s and criminals Who is Subj ect to M PP? License Requirement: A
he i rant rotection rotocols are non- e ican. n , endan er the security o the . ., as ecretary ielsen met with em- It is the policy of the City of
represent a methodical commonsense apprehended , amily units well as partner nations in the region. ith certain e ceptions, ap- ployees rom . . mmi ration and San Diego to encourage equal
approach, e ercisin lon -standin rom onduras, uatemala, and The situation has had severe plies to aliens arriving in the U .S. on Customs Enforcement to thank them opportunity in its Construc-
statutory authority to help address l alvador orthern rian le at impacts on U .S. border security and land rom e ico includin those for their continued professionalism tion and Consultant contracts.
the crisis at our outhern border. the outhern border. those, immi ration operations. he dra- apprehended alon the border who and dedication to the mission. Bids or proposals from local
ecretary o omeland ecurity remain in the country today. matic increase in ille al mi ration, are not clearly admissible and who m continually impressed with firms, small, minority-owned,
irstjen . ielsen is uided court decisions and including unprecedented number are placed in removal proceedings the daily success stories hear rom disabled, veteran-owned, and
outdated laws have made it easier for of families and fraudulent asylum under . the e ceptional men and women o women-owned businesses are
What Are the M igrant Protection illegal aliens to enter and remain in claims is making it harder for the This includes aliens who claim a , said ecretary ielsen. strongly encouraged. Contrac-
Protocols? the U .S. if they are adults who arrive U .S. to devote appropriate resources ear o return to e ico at any point ollowin her remar s to employ- tors are encouraged to subcon-
with children, unaccompanied alien to individuals who are legitimately durin apprehension, processin , or ees, ecretary ielsen went on an tract with and/or participate in
he i rant rotection rotocols children, or individuals who raudu- eein persecution. n act, appro i- such proceedin s, but who have been operational tour of the San Y sidro joint ventures with these firms.
are a . . overnment action lently claim asylum. s a result, mately out o asylum claims assessed not to be more likely than ort o ntry and saw firsthand The City is committed to equal
whereby certain foreign individuals continues to see hu e numbers rom orthern rian le countries are not to face persecution or torture in the implementation o the i rant opportunity and will not dis-
entering or seeking admission to the e ico. rotection rotocols. he are criminate with regard to race,
of illegal migrants and a dramatic ultimately ound non-meritorious by
designed to help ensure migrants religion, color, ancestry, age,
. . rom e ico ille ally or with- shift in the demographics of aliens federal immigration judges. Because U naccompanied alien children and
are protected according to U .S. and gender, disability, medical con-
out proper documentation may be travelin to the border, both in terms of the court backlog and the impact aliens in e pedited removal proceed- dition or place of birth; and will
returned to e ico and wait outside o nationality and type o aliens- of outdated laws and misguided court in s will not be subject to . international obligations while also
addressin the security and humani- not do business with any firm
of the U .S. for the duration of their from a demographic who could be decisions, many o these individuals Other individuals from vulnerable that discriminates on any basis.
immi ration proceedin s, where quickly removed when they had no have disappeared into the country populations may be e cluded on a tarian crisis at our Southern Border.
, which was announced in e- Bids shall be received no later
e ico will provide them with all legal right to stay to one that cannot before a judge denies their claim and case-by-case basis. than the date and time noted
appropriate humanitarian protections be detained and timely removed. simply become fugitives. cember, will re uire certain mi rants
above at:
for the duration of their stay. n ctober, ovember, and ecem- he will provide a sa er How Will M PP Work Operation- to await the processin o their im-
City of San Diego’s Electronic
ber o , encountered an and more orderly process that will ally? mi ration claims in e ico. Biding Site PlanetBids at:
Why is DHS Instituting M PP? avera e o , ille al and inadmis- discoura e individuals rom attempt- he ecretary e plained, he h t t p s ://
sible aliens a day at the Southern ing illegal entry and making false Certain aliens attempting to enter will enable to ta e a hu e step www.planetbids.com/portal/
The U .S. is facing a security and border. hile not an all-time hi h claims to stay in the . ., and allow the . . ille ally or without docu- forward in bringing order to chaotic portal.cfm?CompanyID=17950
humanitarian crisis on the Southern in terms o overall numbers, record more resources to be dedicated to mentation, includin those who mi ration ows, restorin the rule o James Nagelvoort, Director
border. he epartment o ome- increases in particular types o mi- individuals who legitimately qualify claim asylum, will no lon er be law and the integrity of the U nited Department of Public Works
land ecurity is usin all rants, such as amily units, travel- for asylum. released into the country, where they tates immi ration system, and al- February 07, 2019
appropriate resources and authori- lin to the border who re uire si nifi- o ten ail to file an asylum applica- lowin to ocus resources on 2/8/19
ties to address the crisis and e ecute cantly more resources to detain and What Gives DHS the Authority to tion and or disappear be ore an providin relie to individuals eein CNS-3220044
our missions to secure the borders, remove (when our courts and laws Implement M PP? immigration judge can determine persecution while at the same time ASIAN JOURNAL
enforce immigration and customs holding those accountable who make

Asian Journal
even allow that , have overwhelmed ( Continued on page 7 )
laws, acilitate le al trade and travel, the . . immi ration system, leadin ection o the mmi ration and alse asylum claims.
counter tra fic ers, smu lers and
transnational criminal or ani a-
to a system that enables smu lers
and tra fic ers to ourish and o ten
ationality ct addresses the
inspection of aliens seeking to be “LoveFirstYour Heart” this Valentine’s
Day, Feb.
Street, 14
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Free blood pressure screen- an ie o ounty in the ove

ings offered in San Marcos our eart campai n to help
residents take charge of their own
an arcos, he ity o health by o erin ree blood pres-
an arcos is partnerin with ( Continued on page 8 )


Planning and coordinating logistic support for SANDAG . Call (619) 699-1900 or visit sandag.org/jobs. Open
U ntil Filled. EOE.

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Ad ve rt ise m e nt f or Bid s
otice is hereby iven that the an ie o nified chool istrict, actin by and throu h its overnin board, will receive sealed bids or the
urnishin o all labor, materials, transportation, e uipment, and services or NEW CLASSROOM BUILDING AT SAN DIEGO COOP ERA-
TIVE CHARTER SCHOOL. A m and at ory sit e vi sit is sc h e d ule d f or 9: 00 a.m . on F EBRUARY 14, 2019 in ront o the main o fice o the
an ie o ooperative harter chool, inda ista oad, an ie o, . o. - - .
All b id s m ust b e re c e ive d at or b e f ore 1: 00 p .m . on F EBRUARY 28, 2019, at the trate ic ourcin and ontracts epartment, ardinal
ane, ld . , an ie o, , at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.


nder ublic ontract ode , the istrict has made a findin that the ollowin particular materials, products, thin s, or services are desi nated
by specific brand or trade name in order to match other products in use on the particular public improvement either completed or in the course o To:
completion pecification ection i ital ddressable ire larm and oice vacuation ystem SA


he project estimate is between $16.9 m illion and $17.6 m illion. his is a project and re uires pre ualification. he istrict re uires that
idders possess any o the ollowin classification s o ali ornia tate ontractors icense s , valid and in ood standin , at the time o bid
openin and contract award . ll late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. ach bid shall be in accordance with all terms, GE

conditions, plans, specifications and any other documents that comprise the bid pac a e. he id and ontract ocuments are available in three
ormats, hard copy, , or online rom lan ell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 8375 Camino Santa Fe, Unit B,
San Diego, CA 92121, phone number 858-535-0607, or a re undable payment o ive undred ollars per set s are available or Here
a non-re undable char e o . ayments shall be made by chec payable to . the payment your c
or id and ontract ocuments is re undable, re unds will be processed by the istrict only i the id and ontract ocuments, includin all
addendums, are returned intact and in ood order to risp ma in within ten days o the issuance o the inal id abulation. Online docu-
ments are available for download on PlanWell through Crisp Imaging. Go to www.crispimg.com, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search Journal
SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171). ll bids shall be submitted on bid orms urnished by the istrict in the bid pac a e be innin ebruary it an d
, . id pac a es will not be a ed. SENATE BILL ( SB) 854 REQ UIREM ENTS: ective uly , , no contractor or subcontractor
may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded a contract or a public wor s project awarded on or a ter pril , unless re istered with the
epartment o ndustrial elations pursuant to abor ode . with limited e ceptions rom this re uirement or bid purposes only us for y
Clinic Hours (National City) : Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat - 9am to 6pm under abor ode . a . his project is subject to compliance monitorin and en orcement by the
e istration umber or each o their listed subcontractors to the ubcontractors ist
. rime contractors must add the
submit a certificate o re istration or their own
ad is ten
to be pu
(Poway): Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm firm and those o their listed subcontractors upon re uest by the istrict. ailure o the biddin prime contractor to list their subcontractors
e istration umber on the ubcontractors ist at time o bid may result in rejection o their bid as non-responsive. e er to the ollowin
ebsite or urther in ormation w w w .d ir.c a.gov/ P ub lic -W ork s/P ub lic W ork s.h t m l. P REVAILING W AGES: revailin wa e re uirements AJ-C
apply to all public wor s projects and must be ollowed per rticle o the eneral onditions o this bid. P ROJECT STABILIZ ATION
AGREEM ENT his project is subject to the roject tabili ation reement adopted by the oard o ducation on uly , .
of the A
he complete a reement is available or viewin and downloadin at w w w .s and i.n e t - roposition . DISABLED VETERAN BUSI- receive
NESS ENTERP RISE P ARTICIP ATION P ROGRAM : ursuant to esolution n upport o ervice isabled eterans wned usinesses time.
To: A
and isabled eteran usiness nterprises approved on ay , by the oard o ducation, the idder is re uired to
satis y a minimum participation percenta e o at least three percent or this project. n compliance with this ro ram, the idder 1x4x1
shall satis y all re uirements enumerated in the bid pac a e. ach bid must be submitted on the id orm provided in the bid pac a e and shall be
accompanied by a satis actory bid security in the orm o either a bid bond e ecuted by the bidder and urety ompany, or a certified or cashier s $_____
chec in avor o the an ie o nified chool istrict, in an amount e ual to ten percent o their bid value. aid bid security shall be
iven to uarantee that the idder will e ecute the contract as specified, within five wor in days o notification by the istrict. he istrict
upon y
reserves the ri ht to reject any and all bids and to waive any irre ularities or in ormalities in any bids or in the biddin process. o bidder may invoice
withdraw his bid or a period o days a ter the date set or the openin o bids. or in ormation re ardin biddin , please call - - . Thankc
P RE-Q UALIF ICATION OF BIDDERS: ursuant to ublic ontract ode . , each contractor wishin to bid as a prime to the
istrict or projects estimated at , , or over, or any subcontractor per ormin the license classifications o , i per ormin the wor publica
o - , - , - , - , - , - , - , - , - , - and or - wishin to submit a bid to a biddin prime contractor must be pre uali- Fax #
fied in order to bid. ro ects esti ated at i ion or reater re ire a dited financia s ontact lenda urbery at gb urb e ry@ sand i.n e t
it an d
to re uest a pre- ualification uestionnaire. Completed questionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than 10 BUSINESS DAYS
before the bid opening due date. ny uestionnaires submitted later than this deadline will not be processed or this nvitation or ids. he correct
istrict encoura es all eneral contractors biddin as a prime contractor, and all MEP subcontractors to request a questionnaire, complete us for y
it and submit it as soon as possible.
ad is ten
ndrea ara, . .
to be pu
trate ic ourcin ontracts ficer, trate ic ourcin ontracts ept. - - pleas
the A
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 8-14, 2019

Health & Wellness

Panic attacks and anxiety episodes linked to vitamin
deficiencies in groundbreaking study
Higher Perspective, J an. 23, 2019 panic attac or panic-induced hyper-
or many people, an iety is a ventilation.
normal part of the daily routine. esearchers ound that both vita-
ost people worry about the min and iron levels will si nifi-
cantly lower in people who suffered
outcome o their actions, their from these attacks in comparison to
relationships, their job, and so on. people with healthy levels of both.
Eventually all this worry can his research is e tremely impor-
Two Views of the Philippines: lead to a nervous panic, which
can inter ere with normal every-
tant for people who currently suffer
rom an iety as it mi ht help prevent
Precolonial Period day li e and lead to other symp-
toms and complications.
the sudden onset of emotions.
here ore, an essential part o deal-
or the most part. lthou h, the lac in with an iety should be consum-
( Continued from page 1 )
of ability to communicate and unite enerali ed an iety disorder ing a diet that contains foods high in
otherwise nown as the datu . against invading forces displays the vitamin and iron.
and panic disorder are condi-
nterestin ly, durin this earlier delicacy of the system and it was tions that a ect nearly million hole- oods, rich in resh ruits
time, women were considered only a matter of time where a nation adults in the U nited States and are and ve ies, nuts, and seeds, and
equals with men. Women had would ta e advanta e but, even characteri ed by e cessive and low in processed and packaged foods
the ri ht to divorce their partner, with oin throu h the coloni ation, green beans (top) and oatmeal (left) are good sources of Vitamin B6
ac uire inheritance as property, the ilipino people today are still the
and even be a leader o their com- happy- o-luc y, carin , trustworthy vocado hia seeds
munity. olerant rules o homo- people similar to our ancestors a
long time ago. spara us ill weed
se uality, divorce, and promiscu- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
ity never punished these acts that Reference: Marc V., Filipiknow.net. lmonds arsley
the patriarchal Spanish deemed Ten Reasons Why Life was better in
satanic. Precolonial atermelon ea ve etables elp, nori, spiru-
Philippines, Asian Journal, November lina, dulse, etc.
t would be un air to label the pan- 14-20, 2014. ashews
ish as the bad uys, as they were _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pinach
acting in a way that they believed eans
was ood in their perspective. reen peas
erhaps, in their mind, their in uisi- pinach
tion was ultimately beneficial or lac -strap molasses
the hilippines-- or the panish had persistent eelin s o an iety towards can drastically improve your mental alnuts
bi ships, advanced weapons, and a rowin up with two ilipino everyday situations and events. health. uinoa
literate population. et, arc su - parents, consider my cultural n most cases, an iety reduces the istachios
ests that the pre-colonial inhabitants heritage to be of great importance to ability of the individual to function H ere is a list of foods rich in these lmonds
were actually already established as me. hrou hout my li e, have paid normally within society. nutrients! runes
an advanced, sel -su ficient civili- visits to the Philippines multiple hose who su er rom an iety aisins
ation with amiable trade relation- times and each time came bac , report an inability to control their itamin ale
ships stretchin to the iddle ast was able to observe and discover eelin s as thin s escalate. ventu- erusalem articho es
and hina. any merchant vessels different aspects and features the ally things become overwhelming weet potatoes ollards
boasted bron e-casted weaponry, ull country has to o er. y trips, start- and panic sets in. edjool dates
body armor, and a lan ua e with a ing at the age of only a couple of Panic attacks are sudden periods of pirulina ll s uash and pump in
writin system. n addition to a er- months old to my most recent trip in intense fear which lead to incredible hic peas
tile soil easily able to supply food for my teena e years, have shown me physical and mental distress. They emp seeds russels sprouts
all, the islands allowed or a thriv- a number o thin s find not only are accompanied by sha in , racin andelion reens
ing archipelago abundant of many interestin but valuable. rom its or poundin heart rate, tremblin , reen beans earts o palm
diverse cultures to live in harmony. natural beauty, delicious ood, and and di ficulty breathin . orel mushrooms
et this blessin , was also a curse. riendly people, to its many obvious They can also cause fast or deep uinoa lantain
problems, re ardless, the hilippines aspin to inta e air, nown as ump in seeds
ivided by the introduction o is one-o -a- ind country that hold hyperventilation. These attacks occur entils ineapple
reli ion, the pre-colonial inhabitants close to my heart and want to loyally unpredictably and can be related to emp seeds
were not able to completely unify represent for the rest of my life. specific environmental and psycho- atmeal hic peas
to fend off the power of the Spanish The closeness of family ties seems logical triggers. a e sure you increase the inta e
in uence. he diversity o lan ua es to be much more important and o you want to stress less, sleep reen eas rticho es o these oods, not only will you im-
and absence o a ast way to com- hold a major focus in the lives of better, and eel abundantly happier... prove your mood and prevent these
municate between various barangays ilipinos throu hout the country. without drugs or anything craz y? otatoes i s attac s, you will also boost your
proved to be the weakness that the Although Americans also have an n , a study conducted at the overall health!
Spanish took advantage of. appreciation or amily li e, it is not ayama niversity edical chool un ower seeds utritional yeast Sources: www.healthyfoodhouse.
nearly as stron . y amily in the may have made an invaluable dis- com and www.healthy-holistic-living.
n my opinion, the hilippines Philippines goes out to eat together covery that could open new perspec- ananas ron com
sounds like it was a beautiful place to weekly and spends a large amount tives when it comes to the prevention
live before coloniz ation. The tolerant o time around one another, ma in of panic and hyperventilation attacks
rules, closeness o leadership and sure to catch up and genuinely enjoy in at-ris individuals.
people, and a sel -su ficient land each other s company. eanwhile, One of the more common causes of
would ma e or an easy- oin nature or my amily here in merica, ath- these panic attacks is a low serotonin
that see in many ilipino amilies erings are much less frequent and level in the body. Serotonin is the
here in America. With past female only happen on special occasions neurotransmitter responsible for
presidents, ora on uino and lo- such as birthdays, major holidays, re ulatin the eelin s o wellbein ,
ria acapa al- rroyo, the hilip- funerals and the like. The reason for happiness, and contentment.
pines still shows its appreciation for the difference in how each spends Our bodies synthesiz e serotonin
respect o the emale. the panish their time in the two di erent coun- rom the amino acid tryptophan, in a
never coloni ed the islands, thin tries is partly due to the fact that life process that also re uires vitamin
the ilipinos would have been o ay, is much more business focused in and iron.
or even better off as less blood would the U nited States and people here The study we mentioned above
have been shed. They already had a generally tend to value and prioritiz e analyz ed the level of iron and
system in place that allowed them to money and work more so than their vitamin in patients who visited
thrive as individual islands in peace ( Continued on page 10 ) the emergency clinic due to a severe

The bounties s we visited almost churches

in two days, three o which were
in the island o abtan , thou ht
although it was partially destroyed
by the devastatin yphoon erdie in
and is currently bein renovat-
( Continued from page 2 )
of how blessed we were for the ed mimic the archetypal stone hous-
ended that day: safely at the Basco
pil rima e. t was sheer joy to li t es o atanes. n abtan , the roo o
prayers and contemplate in the sa- the ta. osa de ima church is still
ith the sun still up, we had cov-
cred halls o the sprawlin an ar- made o co on rass, while the t.
ered a lot and still made time to write
los orromeo church in ahatao, Thomas Aquinas chapel stands out
about our lasting impressions of
the modest Saint Anthony church rom a ar with its eye-catchin blue
atanes at the lan oo s rchive,
in U yugan (with its unpretentious door, also a very atanes eature.
visit the newly established ational
useum a ormer oast uard reli uary on the side and learn a bit VA
station , build stone ima eries at the of the history of Christianity in the abtan is also home to century-old Vendo
Boulder Beach and meander through province through the cross marker stone houses, with a ew still in their r
at the quaint San Lorenz o Chapel in original form while others are being
a apanese tunnel, all without mis-
mnajbu. carefully restored. Stone carvings of
hap. t p.m. we headed home to
the ommandments in the vatan
undacion or a ternoon tea.
language is noticeable in front of
A timely reminder when driving most churches. m convinced that
The churches of Batanes the winding roads. the vatans ta e the fi th and seventh
decrees by heart as evidenced by
y mother once told me that when s stepped out o the an ose de the z ero crime rate the province is
travelin to a place or the first time, brero church in vana, marveled known for up to this day.
one o the first thin s we must do is at G od’s splendid creation from the
visit and pray in a church. We did church’s elevation. With the placid
this on our first day at the asco a- view of the sea and the calming T o be continued
thedral. n the ensuin days we real- si ht o hills rom a ar, how can one
iz ed that beyond the serene seascapes not be grateful? T he writer is the author of the recently
and lush landscapes, what add to the published book, J OUR NEYS, T he R o-
splendor and mystique of Batanes are sary in the L ives of Wandering Women.

Office Hours
While each church has its unique
its century-old atholic churches and architecture, the atanes loo is
charmingly humble chapels. present in every structure. ost
ore than percent o the popula-
of the ancient churches are made
of limestone and coral or are built Call the Asian Journal Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
tion of Batanes is Catholic. They
have a deep devotion to other
with stair-li e led es on the sides
that serve as protective beams
at 619.474.0588 Sat 9-3
ary. ec. , the east o the m- rom harsh weather. or e ample, for your
maculate onception, is a province-
wide feast.
the a ade o an oren o ui
chapel and the charmin t. armel
advertising needs. Em e rg e nc y Visit s W e lc om e
church in u on my avorite so ar,
February 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

Ode to flowers: In Benguet, As more states push for infanticide,
flowers make Atok men bloom Vice President Mike Pence issues
call to action for all Americans
" U ntil we heard those cheers
comin rom lbany and the de-
fense of the indefensible over the
airwaves in ir inia, we thou ht
states were moving beyond such
barbaric practices. hese ir inia
The Clowns of God and ew or late-term abortion
bills should be a call to action for
By Z ena Sultana Babao all mericans. - ice resident
i e ence
“Once you accept the exis-
tence of God, however you - , with co-sponsors,
abortion should be sa e, le al, and
define Him, however you ex- would create an absolute right to rare. t was this widespread rejection
plain your relationship to Him an abortion with no limitations o late-term abortion that led a lar e
– then you are caught forever by K arlston L apniten, Inquirer.net to , the anayan couple capital- a move that would allow abortion bipartisan majority in Congress to
with His presence in the center iz ed on the town’s near freez ing of viable babies. pass the partial-birth-abortion ban in
of all things.” – Morris West, , en uet n this arm- temperature and have established . ut now loo at how ar the
author of the best-selling book in town, where temperatures themselves as the biggest suppliers t comes less than two wee s emocratic party has allen.
“The Clowns of God.” could dip to below ree in point, o cabba e roses, which were used a ter ew or passed a similar
to decorate parties, includin state law, and days a ter a ir inia bill ntil we heard those cheers com-
owers are ma in men bloom. ing from Albany and the defense of
ban uets in alaca an . le ali in abortion up to the mo-
The book The Clowns of G od is he ourishin cut ower indus- mported rom apan, cabba e roses the indefensible over the airwaves
a avorite o mine. he intri ue, try has changed not just Atok’s only achieve the vibrant colors orists ment of birth was defeated amidst in ir inia, we thou ht states were
the suspense, the plot and char- economic landscape but also the see i rown below de rees elsius, a public outcry. movin beyond such barbaric prac-
acter development all work farmers’ lifestyle. a temperature enjoyed in Atok from tices, he writes. hese ir inia
together to make it a great read. ovember to ebruary. he ermont bill even stipulates and ew or late-term abortion
As a customary livelihood of ow producers o owers o di er- that a ertili ed e , embryo, or e- bills should be a call to action for all
have read this boo three times ent varieties, orthern lossom has tus shall not have independent rights
in , and and it women, rowin and sellin owers Americans."
have crossed gender barriers. also become a tourist attraction. under ermont law, which one e -
has remained with me in my en are increasin ly ettin into Even after the vegetable industry has pert warned would open to the door ence also compared these e treme
thou hts and memories ever the impendin doom o the world, the business, herry anos, the
recovered, armers pre erred to eep and to ruesome etal e perimentation. new abortion laws to what takes
since. e pand their ower arms, with many o
as described here, no lon er seems municipal a riculturist, said. rofit- them going into greenhouse gardening place in orth orea and hina.
What brought The Clowns of to be such a threat. owever, this able mar et and less physical labor, Y ou can make your voice heard on
as well. this issue:
G od back to the forefront of my boo e plores themes o aith that compared to ve etable armin , are armers reali ed it was a cash crop, ran lin raham, who ur ed the
mind as was thin in o a topic are relevant, even i the nd isn t irresistible lures, she said. and they started segregating parts of atholic hurch to consider e com-
imminent. lowers always have a mar et, their ve etable arms or ower row- Click here to contact Vermont law- municatin ew or overnor n-
or this column are the natural makers https://legislature.vermont.
he story o ope re ory , which is in act increasin , as shown in . thers totally shi ted, ano said. drew Cuomo for backing and signing
and man-made disasters devastat- who two days be ore his th birth- gov/people/
by the e pansion o arms in to , that state s abortion bill, warned,
ing country after country in the day abdicated his papacy and lived she said. " The legislators that pass these laws
world today. rma eddon-type away rom the atican as an ordinary ice resident i e ence writes in will have to give an account to G od
disasters uelin renewed specu- man named onsieur ean- arie Coop e rat iv e of g row e rs rom anila, ta e a bus oin to the ational eview that the emo- for every murdered life one day."
lations of the end of the world as arette, is entertainin , provoca- a uio via ictory iner or enesis oy cratic Party' s embrace of " infanticide
we know it! tive and full of deep thoughts and round percent o the more than Bus (both bus companies have terminals ... is morally reprehensible and evil." e added, ay od have mercy
insightful information. in asay and ue on cities . rip will on our nation."
rma eddon, as many call it, members o ountain looms, ta e to hours.
t has a lot to teach us about tyran- the bi est cooperative o ower " This shameless embrace of a
is predicted in the Bible. We are rom a uio to to , ta e a bus or van culture of death is startling to every
nies, dictatorships, lobal economy, rowers in to , are male, accordin oin to ontoc or a ada in ountain http://www.breakingchristian-
warned, not only by the ible and politics. Though written in to its president, polinario elo. merican who cherishes li e, ence news.com/articles/display_art.
but by our ministers and priests, rovince at an wa station at the bac
, it depicts what is actually ountain looms was ormed in o enter all . he bus van will pass
says. ot too lon a o, the emo- html?ID=26896
to always be prepared because happening in the world today. The to ocus on mar etin the cut by Atok. cratic party' s stated position was that
no one -- e cept our ord od -- musin s prophecies o the author ower industry. t has e panded as a
knows when the end of the world can be frightening in their accuracy. multipurpose cooperative to include
will come. t will clearly pea your interest, so ve etable armers, the town s main
much so that once you pic it up, it economic driver.
Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to would be hard to put it down. The interest of men in planting
ohn in evelation - sayin The publisher’s review also said: color ul blooms did not happen over-
ehold, am comin soon y orris est clearly is a proponent ni ht, however.
reward is with me, and will ive o compassionate hristianity, where ano said sellin owers started
to everyone according to what he the allibility o man is ac nowl- when the industry found a market
has done. am the lpha and the ed ed, and or iveness is the defin- in retail shops at a district called
me a, the irst and the ast, the ing characteristic. As world tensions an wa in ampaloc, anila.
e innin and the nd. escalate towards the ultimate con- ild rowin owers, such as
he lowns o od, written by ict, the characters stru le to spread daisy, ladiola and calla lily, were
Australian novelist and playwright a message of hope and faith in an gathered from the mountains or
orris est, is one o the three environment that is bereft of both. along the skirts of vegetable farms
boo s in his best-sellin he atican he final pa es provide a surprisin in the early morning to keep them
rilo y he hoes o the isher- clima that touches at the very core resh, she said.
man, written in , ollowed by o aith.
he lowns o od in , and ost o orris est s boo s have De liv e ry b y b us
a arus in . become best-sellers worldwide.
prolific and brilliant novelist, Some of his books have been made lowers would be wrapped in
est wrote over best-sellin nov- into movies or plays. The Shoes newspaper or plastic sacks and sent
els, as well as plays. is boo s were o the isherman, the first boo o to a uio ity via an wa us,
published in lan ua es and sold the trilo y, has been adapted into which had ceased plying H alsema
more than million copies world- film, starrin nthony uinn as the i hway, where most ve etable
wide. e started writin in , ope , aurence livier and ohn arms were located in the s.
and every new book he wrote after G ielgud. Other books which became he owers would be trans erred
he became an established writer, sold movies were he evil s dvocate to another bus oin to anila
more than a million copies each. assidy he econd ictory and where middlemen would sell them
orris est s wor s o ten ocused he a ed ountry. to shops.
on international politics and the role est, accordin to i ipedia, was he middlemen, who were also
o the oman atholic hurch in born in and died at his des in usually rom to , would come
international affairs. at the a e o , while writin every weekend or at the end of the
the final chapters o his last boo month to distribute the payment
H ere is a brief synopsis of The he ast on ession. he last para- among farmers.
lowns o od, as seen in the bac graph he ever wrote was poignant: t s a small amount, but it was
cover of the latest paperback edition: can write no more today who enough to augment our budget for
“ After receiving the vision of the nows to what ni htmares may itchen needs, li e salt and su ar,
End of the World and a commission wa e. while waiting for our vegetables to
to announce that it is imminent, ope H is family decided to publish his be harvested, ano said. ocal resi-
re ory is orced to abdicate. last boo a year later in an dents re er to it as pan -as-asu al,
s his vision a symptom o insanity, incomplete orm and without any ed- meanin to sweeten thin s.
or is he a new prophet, proclaimin itin , leavin readers ree to ima ine emitemperate ve etables, such as
the nd o reation his vision how the story might have ended. potato, cabba e, carrot and radish,
is true, how does he disseminate his ind all o his boo s and read them, are grown throughout Atok. Each
messa e, and how will the world or at least, just this one boo he cropping takes at least three months
react to it? lowns o od and m sure you to mature for harvesting.
ritten durin a period o escalat- will love it as do, and read it a ain elo said hi h-value cut owers
in tensions durin the old ar, and again. were introduced in Atok in the early
s by in ouis lowers, which
e clusively rew them in reen-
t that time, the ve etable industry
was down due to the public scare
on e treme pesticide use, elo said.
ut we ambled and started row-
in cut owers, he said.

Dif f e re nt v arie t ie s

thers, li e couple eonardo

and ellanie anayan, one o the
pioneerin ower armers in to ,
e perimented with di erent variet-
uttin up the now popular orth-
ern Blossom at Barangay Paoay in
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 8-14, 2019

Promised Land
fiesta as ed ona uisa.
es, said on i uel. e ll
put long tables covered with white
sheets with chairs from one street

“Road to Nowhere”
corner to another. There would be
ood stations just a ew eet apart.
li e that, ario a reed. ven
my o ficemates and clients in a ati
will be impressed. t s much better
compared to a reception in any lu u-
rious five-star hotels. Chapter 23 of “Promised She saw his car driving out of the a good life with Albert and together
Land” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. par in lot into the street. ismayed, they would live happily ever a ter. t
also li e the idea, imi a reed. she went bac to the room crest- was her fear of losing his love that

Destiny: Festive Occasion

t would hi hli ht to his riends fallen. led her to opt for a risky solution to
where ario, now a success ul ban lbert shouted sabel.
am sorry, ando lied. don t her problem o course, lbert did
e ecutive, came rom. hey will be She was shocked to see her now how he ound out about us. not know any of this. H e did not
( Continued from page 1 ) have to travel several miles away in impressed not only by his achieve- husband at the door of the motel his is all your ault, she railed at know anything at this point. Like
from the reception to the attires of the tra fic even i it is a wee end. ments but also the fact that he is not room. H e was staring at her with him. ecause o you, betrayed the the ambler that she was, sabel had
the bridal entoura e. he bride, e don t have five-star hotels here at all embarrassed o his roots. a pained e pression. man love. may have lost my ood made a high risk bet and lost. Big
in ondo, observed on i uel. “ Would our neighbors tolerate the
on the other hand, would shoulder “ The nearest reception venue might
he had been lyin in bed, barely li e because o your selfishness. ow time. But Albert was not aware of his
chaos o we need a city permit li tin her head while ando was ly- wi e s dilemma and had no e plana-
the wedding reception while the be a hinese restaurant in hina- as ed ona uisa.
could you do this to me
room would pay or the honey- in na ed, ace down, on top o her. sabel, swear didn t now this tion or her errant behavior, e cept
town, which mi ht not only be too “ Of course they will allow it.
moon in America. t was the worse scene a husband would happen, he lied. just perhaps pure carnal desires and a -
small but also has no class. t is hey re our lon -time riends. ve could ever imagine. Albert could wanted closure, remember fections for her lover. Or maybe she
on t worry about the money, embarrassing for your wealthier been a leader in this community not stand the sight. H is instinct was was simply an evil person.
riends. “ Closure mo ang putang ina mo
ario replied. ll ta e care o since was youn , and we have to move forward and beat up if not losure your son o a bitch , she he treachery brou ht bac the bit-
all the costs. After all it’s my hy not here in our house t is helped most o them. n act, don t ill the two, but he had the ood angrily snapped at him. ter memories of his divorce from his
obli ation. near the church and our riends, their children troop to our house to sense to turn around and walk away. sabel rushed out o the door and first wi e, eresa. he was a e ican
as ed imi. receive our blessin s and i ts dur-
on i uel did not resist. e n our house o way. ario s
or sabel, it was the worse reac- boarded her car. aybe she could who, li e sabel, married him or
in hristmas time ost o them tion her husband could give. She still fi thin s with lbert. the green card he could provide and
new ario could a ord it, with rich associates won t eel com ort- had been imi s students in school.
his bank president’s salary and wanted him to beat her to a pulp for eanwhile, ando was le t smilin the permanent stay in the Land of
able. t would be chaos and they could even employ some o them to
income from other businesses. H e her transgression and treachery. She with satisfaction. Everything had il and oney, the nited tates
mi ht choose not to attend, ob- help organiz e the party so they could wanted him to savor the satisfaction worked out perfectly. o merica. i e sabel, eresa also
was an orphan and didn’t have served ona uisa. earn e tra money, said on i uel. of getting even. She even wanted to sabel drove her car with no clear cheated on him after she obtained
other obligations like supporting don t care i they don t at- “ H ow about the city permit? Would be killed as she could not bear the destination in mind. So was Albert. her reen card. he was able to peti-
any amily member. n act he tend just because o the venue. t we et it till ona uisa was ap- unbearable shame she felt. Albert H e drove straight as fast as he could. tion her e ican boy riend so she
donated much of his money to his would mean they were really not prehensive. was the best husband a woman could H e wanted to get away as far as herself could give him the privilege
my riends. care more about our o problem, said on i uel.
charity projects, especially to the have as ed or lovin , enerous possible, as thou h a lethal radiation to stay in the U .S. for good as a
nei hbors, especially since imi ne o our sons had been a baran-
underprivileged children in their and kind. H e pampered her with his was coming out of the motel room resident alien.
and rew up here. hey have been gay chairman for years. The current
impoverished neighborhood. love and money, providin her with and would catch him if he moved hen will learn my lesson
our riends or a lon time, and they one is our grandson. One of our a generous allowance despite her too slowly. H e could not imagine his Albert agoniz ed.
hen let s do it at the anila deserve to celebrate with us this daughters is a retired City Judge. The being so choosy in getting a job. Any wi e sabel cheatin on him, and yet H e remembered vowing never to
ilton or anila otel, reddie important moment in our lives, said mayor and the councilman had been husband would have complained she had. marry a girl again without a green
suggested. H e had chaperoned his ario. prote ees o mine, or contributed when she insisted on an o fice job hat have done to deserve this card or a U .S. citiz enship. H e did
unt imi in attendin a airs in “ Although this house might be a lot of money to their campaigns. while other works like those at the he asked himself. not want his ne t wi e to use him
bi compared to the others, don t hat more would we need to uar-
these classy hotels like wedding think it could accommodate all the
c onalds were available. ut not e ave her everythin she wanted, as a doormat in entering the U nited
antee its approval we need to hire Albert. H e allowed his wife to enjoy tates, just li e what eresa did to
receptions or birthday parties. uests we plan to invite. ter all, private security guards to maintain
more money than she could spend.
thin they mi ht be too ar rom a care- ree li e, which she abused They did not have any relationship him. et, he ell or the same trap.
my youngest and beautiful daughter peace and order along with janitors
ario s riends, ona uisa noted. and led her to this ugly scene. What problems, at least any that came to H e had given up this vow and threw
will finally et married a ter a lon to eep the place clean, we would do
ter all most live in a ati where had she done? mind. nli e other couples, they caution to the wind when he suc-
wait. n act, would li e to invite so. e won t spare any e penses.
they all wor , don t they or sabel, the pained loo on l- barely ever fought because he was cumbed to the charms o sabel, a
the whole world because am very ario was impressed. e had been
ell, there are plenty o five-star bert’s face would forever be etched always patient with her. What kind slum girl who desperately needed
proud o her. around a lot o wealthy people, espe-
hotels in a ati, reddie butted in. in her memory. t was worse than of a person could do this to a good to be lifted from the quagmire of
hen, let s clean up the two ad- cially after he rose to become a bank
here s the ntercontinental otel, death, one that would haunt her or and generous man like him? What poverty she was doomed to live the
joining vacant lots beside our house president, but he didn t reali e what
eninsula and andarin. the rest of her life. When she came to else could she as or, as she was rest of her life. Why had he done this
that you intend to give to Auntie so much money and in uence could
t that time, there were no other her senses, she pushed away the na- livin a pampered merican ream to himself?
imi. et s have the weddin recep- do to make things happen.
five star hotels li e usit, han rila ed man on top o her. he stood up, life? What Albert didn’t know was
tion there, reddy su ested. inally, everybody was happy. hey
and ew orld in the area. grabbed her clothing and put them that it was her lethal amblin addic- ,
“ Why not have the reception on had solved the issue of a wedding
“ Let' s let the bride and groom on. Lando laid on his back with his tion that entrapped sabel into the de- Albert drove farther and farther like
the street li e a bloc party, rom reception that satisfied their needs.
choose, said on i uel. arms folded behind his head. H e was vious hands o her cunnin e -boy- he was escaping a plague. Then he
one corner to another? That way we t was near the church and their
ario and imi loo ed at each tryin but ailin to hide the mischie- riend. ronically, her infidelity was saw the road si n towards as e as
can have the whole neighborhood li elon riends, and was impressive
other. vous grin on his face. Everything meant to preserve her marriage and and again felt the pain in his heart.
celebrate with us, on i uel said. enou h or their hi h-class uests
m a raid a ati mi ht be too had gone according to his plan. eep the love o her husband. t was omorrow, he was supposed to
hat mi ht be too e pensive.
ar rom the church here in ondo, ith her clothes on, sabel ran out supposed to be the first and last time, leave an ie o with sabel headin
eedin everyone just li e in a ( Continued on page 10 )
ario observed. he uests will of the room and called for Albert. a one-time deal, so she could enjoy toward his new job assignment in
rity. Ever see a guy at the beach and or ol , ir inia. e was loo in
but what if you don’t have enough?
whatever hair he has on his body is forward to showing her the glitter
ut, perm, or both
gray and the hair on his head is solid o the in ity, the ma nificence
you thin that you ve been losin
blac es, the women on the beach o the rand anyon, the beauty
here are at least nine billion di er- your hair, you have been. you
are laughing. of the different states they would
ent ways to cut hair more or less . thin that you re oin bald, you
you are oin to have hair trans- drive through for a month on their
here may be a a illion more, but are. All people lose hair as they age
plants, find the best doctor on the way to their new home in the East.
after a while counting becomes a bit - no bi deal. hat is unless you ve
planet. othin loo s more absurd nstead, he was drivin alone, the
tirin . lus, ve never been ood been losing it prematurely (for most
than poorly done hair transplants. bitter memory o his wi e s treach-
at math and a ter a ew do en, who uys, prematurely means be ore
ell done trans-plants can indeed ery piercing his heart painfully. H e
cares anyway? ei hty years old . nd i you ve
loo airly natural note, that the op- decided to prematurely embark on
With all those different ways to been losin hair, or indeed have lost
erative words there are well done. his journey to the East Coast as the
style hair, how does one choose the every last strand o it, you ve been
he job need to be well done as in thou ht o oin bac to his apart-
ri ht one s ar as can determine, thin in about ways to et it bac ,
e cellent, as in e pensive and worth ment in an ie o would be too
there are just a few acceptable ways or at least cover up the loss. ow
every penny, as in artistic, as in you pain ul. e did not want to see sabel
to pic the ri ht loo . hey are it s time or the creams, the pills, the
Hair, simply hair want to kiss the mirror every time or anythin associated with her, lest
. rowse throu h the style hairpieces, the wi s.
you wal by one . ot it ou want he might do something drastic he
magaz ines in the salon (although es, there are some medicines that
an e cellent doctor, a brilliant doctor, would forever regret.
new is better than old unless you can wor , at least some o the time,
a enius o a doctor. emember, H e thought he would just ask
want to end up looking like your best or some people. es, it s e pensive.
A billion strands, a billion e have hair transplants, we buy
riend s ather or mother - remember ut or hair any men will ladly people see your head first. he idea his riend omy to pic up all his
dollars pills to ta e, lotions to rub on, wi s belongings from his apartment and
and hair pieces to wear, and that isn t that person i e said, eep the pay the price. is to never give them a reason to
lau h. ever, never, never. ver. ship them out to his new place in
the tip o the iceber , so to spea . style magaz ine new; But what if the drug won’t work
What is it with hair? We spend inally, i you re tired o tryin ir inia. or now, he didn t want
or whatever reason, a reat deal . a e in a picture o your avorite for you? There is still the tried and
billions of dollars every year everythin , and you just want to be to see sabel, perhaps or the rest o
of our identity is made up from our singer or television star. Y ou won’t true toupee, the hairpiece, the wi .
his li e. t was already dar when he
colorin , strai htenin , permin , hair. ad es, but true. nd by the end up loo in li e that but sel - Y ou can purchase some hairpieces done with it, o or the bald loo .
passed through the glittery lights of
weavin , cuttin , len thenin , way, this column was written deception always helps in ashion, or as low as twenty dollars yes, number of women have mentioned
that they thin it s se y. ut i you as e as. e pushed on until he
plu in , and on and on. because m losin any hair. m not. roomin , and relationships never they loo it and the price can o to
do o or that loo , please remember ot tired and sleepy. t midni ht, he
So there. mind that last one m sure s he re- the thousands (and can actually look
to shave it everyday. a or burn stopped by a small motel along an
ally does love li e tolerate you pretty good. We can still spot them
from stubble on the top of the head is isolated road and checked in. H e laid
. er a va ue description to the o course, but with the ood ones we
not cool. on the bed but could not sleep. H e
stylist of how you want it to look as don’t laugh quite as loudly when you
riend o mine finally did the went to the motel s o fice and ran
you stare at him her in the mirror. leave. t s nothin personal - we re
bald loo . e s happy with it. es, the bell, wa in up the ni ht cler .
either o you will probably end up just bored .
he does say that shaving takes a bit o you have any beer he as ed.
happy with the style, but at least you Some hairpieces can appear fairly
lon er every day, but when compar- o, the sleepy cler responded.
didn’t have to cut out pictures from li e-li e. ut it depends on the hair,
in that to colorin , toupees, weird ut have a hal finished bottle o
magaz ines; the desi ner, the color and how that
styles, and all the money he s spent whis ey.
. et the stylist choose they li e color matches and blends with your
over the past thirty years (he started o you have more
this because they can be artistic and own. H ere’s a clue: if you are over
oin bald in his teens he says he have an unopened one intend to
they don t have to worry about creat- orty and especially over si ty add
couldn’t be happier. And apparently drin a terwards.
ing your particular dream. On the ray to the wi . atural hair on men
his wi e thin he loo s se ier. an have both o them
other hand, they hate this because a ter their fi ties and even earlier
he had known that thirty years ago H e did not wait for his answer as he
then the result is all on them enerally has some ray in it. atu-
he could have bou ht a ambo- handed the cler a bill.
5. G o with what you’ve always ral hair is not always the same shade
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, Dig-
rghini with the money he would have eep the chan e,
gong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Contributors: had. his is the easiest, the simplest, of one dark color.
saved. The clerk happily gave him both
Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr., Bill Labestre CPA the most stress ree. t can also be H ere are another couple of things
the least ima inative, behind the about hair. your eyebrows are
njoy, he said with a smile.
times, dull cut there is but at least dar brown, don t color your hair
no thought was involved (and we all platinum blonde. your hair is red,
, lbert dran
li e that rom time to time . don t color it platinum blonde. ar
the whiskey until they were gone.
brown or red eyebrows underneath
H e wanted to dull the pain in his
o a ter you have the style chosen, bright blonde hair look absurd. So
heart, erase the bitter memory o
there is still color (if you want to do blonde eyebrows underneath dark
what he had just seen. H e collapsed
chan e it, hi hli ht it, or cover the hair. emember match the hair to
in bed drun , the only time he could
ray or purple . ot everyone does the eyebrows unless you’re going
enjoy a moment of peace. H e would
color their hair, o course, but most or that particular loo and you re
forget about his troubles while he
at least thin about it at some point, under twenty.
was asleep, yet he new they would
and enou h do to ma e it a billion- en, i the color o the hair on your
haunt him again when he woke up
dollar industry. chest, arm, le s and beard is ray, or
later. ut or the time bein , he was
partially ray, don t have solid blac
uttin and colorin may be fine, or brown hair. his screams insecu- ( Continued on page 7 )
February 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

( Continued from page 3 )
the merits o any claim. nstead,
these aliens will be iven a otice
to ppear or their immi ration
court hearing and will be returned to
e ico until their hearin date.
While aliens await their hearings
in e ico, the e ican overnment
has made its own determination to
provide such individuals the ability
to stay in e ico, under applicable
protection based on the type of status Income and Taxes
given to them.
Aliens who need to return to the t is a simple act that as you set aside some of the gain for the
U .S. to attend their immigration ma e more money, you will pay income ta es.
court hearin s will be allowed to en- more ta es. till there are people hen here comes the sel -employed
ter and attend those hearings. Aliens who can t fi ure this out. hese persons and it made no difference
whose claims are found meritorious what business they are in. The
are the same people who can’t bottom line is how much ta es
by an immigration judge will be understand why they have now
allowed to remain in the U .S. Those have to be paid at the end of the
to pay more for the same service year. They would like to pay little
determined to be without valid
claims will be removed from the
provided to them or the last five sel -employment ta possible. hey
U .S. to their country of nationality or years. They also want to pay as could always come up with much
citiz enship. little income ta as they can but, business e penses durin the year.
is wor in closely with they want to et more benefits Some would rather have business
losses to lower their ta able income
the . . epartment o ustice s rom the overnment later. t just rom other sources. nyway, what s
ecutive fice or mmi ration does not work that way and we
eview to streamline the process and your oal when you started the busi-
have to be realistic. ness s it not that you want to ma e
Colson Center conclude removal proceedings as
e peditiously as possible. a profit instead o losses year a ter
Dr. Angela Franks M r. George Weigel Y ou should be thankful and be year ut wait, when it s time to ap-
Ethics and Public Policy Center happy that you made more money ply loans or a new car or house, you
( Continued from page 10 ) Dr. T imothy George Will M igrants in M PP Have Ac- this year. t means that you made
eeson ivinity chool Dr. R obert Wilken cess to Counsel? found out that lenders wanted to see
deaths of countless persons. We wish to more contribution to your ocial e- bi er profit rom your business. o,
state clearly that no follower of Jesus Samford U niversity
Father T homas Guarino
curity and the edicare unds or the you can’t have it both ways where
Christ can be complicit in the abortion Dr. J ohn Woodbridge onsistent with the law, aliens in old a e benefits. ou can contribute
epartment o heolo y rinity van elical ivinity chool removal proceedings can use counsel you report little income to and
re ime. o ollower o esus hrist can more to retirement funds like the
stand on the side o death and destruc- Seton H all U niversity o their choosin at no e pense to show bigger income to the private
or . course you will also
Road to Nowhere
tion. e appeal to our ellow hristians, Dr. J ames K eating
the U .S. G overnment. Aliens subject lenders. i ht now the can send
and to all mericans, to join with us in epartment o heolo y have e tra money to spend shoppin copies o your filed ta returns to the
Providence College to will be a orded the same at the malls. o, would you rather
decryin this le islation and in uphold- right and provided with a list of legal lenders when requested with your
( Continued from page 6 ) have less income and pay little or no
ing and honoring the dignity of every services providers in the area which si ned orm .
human bein . or the ord esus came R ev. Peter L eithart at peace.- ta es than a bi er income and pay Those who worked for years and
that “ they may have life and have it o er services at little or no e pense more ta es ry to ma e a lot more
Dr. M atthew L evering to the migrant. get paid under the table will receive
abundantly. (To be continued) money and payin the ta es become less or no old a e benefits. hey paid
undelein eminary a lot less relevant. o you believe
Bishop J ames M assa (To read the previous chapters, visit What Are the Anticipated Benefits less or made no contribution to their
atholic iocese o roo lyn ill ates worries about his ederal ocial ecurity or edicare und.
our website at www.asianjournalusa. of M PP? and tate ta es
Dr. Gerald M cDermott com, pull down “Books & Poetry”, click They have no insurance protection
Dr. Bruce Ashford The same thing happened to some
Southeastern Baptist Theological
eeson ivinity chool “Asian Journal Books for Sale” and very month, tens o thousands o at the workplace and most likely did
M r. Peter M ommsen click “Promised Land” free of charge. people with investment proper- not save anythin or their retire-
Seminary individuals arrive unlawfully at the ties. They sold one or more of their
Plough Publishing H ouse ment.
San Diego
Dr. M ark Bauerlein outhern order. will reduce
irst hin s
Dr. J essica M . M urdoch properties and made si nificant t doesn t matter who runs the ov-
epartment o heolo y the number o aliens ta in advan- amount o capital ain. ow, they
Dr. Hans Boersma tage of U .S. law and discourage false ernment, there will always be ta es
illanova niversity ( Continued from page 12 ) are stressed out because they have to to pay. you don t li e the system,
e ent olle e
Dr. Dale Coulter
Dr. Francesca M urphy asylum claims. Aliens will not be pay capital ain ta . hat a ne a-
niversity o otre ame consumer events in the Southwest. With
permitted to disappear into the U .S. you can always pack your bags and
chool o ivinity annual shows in an ie o, hoeni , tive way of thinking. They should migrate to other country that you
epartment o heolo y be ore a court issues a final decision
e ent niversity
Dr. Charles R aith alm prin s and as e as, ol est be happy that it was a gain and not believe is better than the U .S.A. Just
Dr. Eduardo Echeverria provides ol ers, o all a es and re ard- on whether they will be admitted and a loss. ust pay the ta es and move
ice resident o ission and thics provided protection under U .S. law. remember, o income means no
G raduate School of Theology less o e pertise, the opportunity to see on. Keep the money rolling and ta but, no , no nice home, no
ercy ealth are nstead, they will await a determina-
acred eart ajor eminary and e perience the newest products in make more money. Stop wasting
T he R ev. J oel Elowsky
Dr. R ussell R eno
tion in e ico and receive appropri- ouis uitton purse, no oach shoes
irst hin s ol and et reat pricin on ol prod- your precious time worrying and just
Concordia Seminary ucts and services. ate humanitarian protections there. and also .
Dr. L aura Smit
Dr. Douglas Farrow his will allow to more e -
Calvin College
aculty o eli ious tudies
M r. J ohn Stonestreet ( Continued on page 8 )
c ill niversity

“Mom, it’s time for me to leave”

aybe it will ta e you some need to learn to coo anythin be-
time to understand why m doin sides mac and cheese. m countin
this. aybe you ll cry countless on the internet to help me with that.
ni hts when you et up to find an surely need to learn that my salary
is supposed to last days, and that
empty nest. aybe you ll call me dancin , eatin pi a, and drin in
on the phone with a hurt voice, beer are not the most basic needs.
drenched in nostal ia, but om, need to eel lonely. want to have
have to go. the opportunity to tell others “ my
need to learn how to separate mom always says that and eel
clothes by colors when doing the proud of all the advice you have
laundry. need to discover that the iven me and that mi ht not have
dishes will still be in the sink the valued as should .
ne t day i don t do anythin about need to learn how to identi y bad
it; that the smell of a clean bathtub is friendships (something you have
ood, especially i was the one who ( Continued on page 11 )
cleaned it.

How many people work in the Vatican?

n case you didn t now, some doesn’t need to go all the way back
saints were well- nown or havin to the th and th centuries to find
a ood sense o humor. hilip eri e amples o ood church humor.
the umorous aint , rancis e or instance, it is said that when a
ales, and eresa o vila, or in- journalist as ed lessed ohn
stance, are not only nown or their pope rom to how many
e emplary lives, but also because people wor in the atican, the pope
they certainly knew how to use a paused, thou ht or a bit and replied,
proper joke to good effect. But one bout hal o them.

enerated hu e benefits or those who
received vaccination, country
( Continued from page 1 ) representative G undo Weiler said in an
earlier interview.
the den ue vaccine . Ot h e r re g ions und e r w at c h
The World H ealth Organiz ation Apart from declaring a measles
also warned that i the low im- outbrea in etro anila, u ue also
muni ation rate was not addressed, the placed under ti ht watch the ollowin
Philippines was in danger of seeing a re ions locos, ordillera dministra-
reemer ence o such diseases as polio, tive e ion, a ayan alley, entral
pertussis and diphtheria, amon others. u on, alabar on, imaropa, icol,
W HO e x p re sse s c onc e rn estern isayas, entral isayas,
“ We are very concerned [ about] the astern isayas, amboan a eninsula,
situation because there are many cases and Caraga.
o measles that could have been “ These regions need to scale up their
avoided if we had achieved higher response against measles and have all
vaccination covera e. he trust in vac- unvaccinated children vaccinated against
cination has been challen ed. thin measles, a proven e ective and sa e
it is important that we rebuild trust measure to urther stop its spread ,
and pass on the message very clearly u ue said.
that en va ia is unrelated to the very Calabarz on had the highest number
well-established vaccination pro rams o measles cases in anuary at , an
that have been running in the country for increase o percent.
many years and without any doubt has
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 8-14, 2019

Spiritual Life
The State of the Union: ‘Let us build a culture that
cherishes innocent life’
and a plan for nationwide paid history in ew or . ov. ndrew in ctober. ow, you can say that
amily leave. emocrats and many uomo and the ew or e isla- that’s okay. And H illary can say that
pro-abortion epublicans cheered ture tore the mask from the abortion that s o ay but it s not o ay with
the president’s comment on family movement. The coming days will me. linton tried to e plain her
leave, that every new parent has the witness more states pushin similar- support o the barbaric practice, but
chance to bond with their newborn ly demonic bills to lift all protection in doin so, she also displayed or
child. of the unborn even to the moment of the world the e tremist position she

Lord, I Am Not Worthy ithin a ew seconds, they disap-

proved o the president s ne t words
s he did in the presidential
campai n, most so in his acrimoni-
n the last wee s, there has seemed
a bri ht red line between the civi-
ous third presidential debate with li ed world and an abortion move-
J oke of the week: priest was vis- lin . . . hesterton, eretics, There could be no greater contrast en. illary linton, rump was ment rowin more e treme with
itin the home o one o his parish- , pp. - . to the beautiful image of a mother willin , as the sayin oes, to o every passin wee . he cam-
ioners and found only the children by M atthew Bunson, National Catho- holding her infant child than the there. n that ni ht in , days pai n has be un, and while many
to welcome him. other will be ur pop culture attributes suc- lic R egister chilling displays our nation saw in away rom the election, rump issues will play a part in determining
bac soon, they said, o erin him cess and reatness to e traordinary recent days. awma ers in ew described in rim detail what actu- the election, rump has apparently
some peanuts in a dish. H e was soon qualities of a person. A young person President Trump makes the Y ork cheered with delight upon the ally happens to a child in a so-called made the defense of the unborn
lost in conversation and suddenly who is reat with numbers is fit to defense of the unborn part of his passage of legislation that would partial-birth abortion. n the ninth unquestionably part of it.
realiz ed that he had consumed all be success ul in computers, science allow a baby to be ripped from the month, you can ta e the baby and
the oobers. m terribly sorry, he or architecture. Someone who is address to the nation.
mother' s womb moments before rip the baby out of the womb of the --- http://m.ncregister.com/blog/mbun-
apolo i ed to his listeners. didn t prolific with words, convincin in birth. hese are livin , eelin , mother just prior to the birth of the son/the-state-of-the-union-let-us-build-
leave any or you. h, that s o , debates and persuasive in reasoning At a memorable spot in the State beautiful babies who will never get baby, rump said on that evenin a-culture-that-cherishes-innocent-life
smiled the little an els, we just ate is an e cellent candidate or politics of the U nion address to a joint the chance to share their love and
the chocolate coverin . or the practice of law. The emphasis session of Congress Tuesday dreams with the world. And then we

Scriptures irst eadin saiah

here is more on the positive, not on
the negative elements. To consider
ni ht, resident onald rump
spoke in defense of the nation’s
had the case o the overnor o ir-
inia, where he basically stated he Like a Child towards Him
- a - . ith the earthly temple o one’s response to the Lord’s call to children. would e ecute a baby a ter birth. o
Jerusalem serving as the background serve him and love one’s neighbors de end the di nity o every person, M e d it at ion:
or his e perience o od s power on the basis of a person’s positive am as in the on ress to pass
qualities alone is to deny and limit
“ Let us work together to build
and presence, saiah narrates his di- le islation to prohibit the late-term n the evenin , the ord said to me, M y d aug h t e r, le t not h ing
vine vision and his call. n contrast, the power of G od’s grace to change a culture that cherishes innocent abortion of children who can feel
li e, he said. nd let us rea firm f rig h t e n or d isc onc e rt y ou. Re m ain d e e p ly at p e ac e . Ev e ry t h ing
with od s holiness, the prophet elt and trans orm a person, and to inter- pain in the mother’s womb.
unworthy and refuses the call to be pret salvation from the standpoint of a fundamental truth: All children is in M y h and s. I w ill g iv e y ou t o und e rst and e v e ry t h ing t h roug h
The State of the U nion speech by a
a prophet. owever, or iven and human perspective alone. born and unborn are made sittin president is typically a mi - F at h e r And rasz . Be lik e a c h ild t ow ard s h im iary, .
stren thened by race, the prophet in the holy ima e o od. ture of measured language of appeals
accepts and responds generously to he response o saiah, aul, and to patriotism and collaboration and M y P ray e r Re sp onse :
the call. econd eadin orin- Peter to the call illustrates that G od he remar earned a standin ova- political theater. The president offers
thians - . hrou h personal looks into the heart of every person tion rom the epublican members, a laundry list o pro rams and pro- han ou, ord, or ather ndras who would not allow t.
revelation and testimony of the and searches in there a humble rec- as well as a ew emocrats, but posed policies and calls on the other austina to turn away rom her interior inspirations and her wor
postles, aul received the ood ognition of one’s unworthiness. The it was greeted with stony silence party to work together to pass his or o promotin the messa e o ivine ercy see iary, - . e
ews. ter his conversion, thin - rest is up to G od. To consider that by most o the emocrats in the her le islative a enda. eanwhile,
in that he is still unfit or the tas only men of unblemished character the assembled members of Congress
insisted on humility, humility, humility see iary, - . hrou h
o proclaimin the ood ews, aul could carry the G ospel is not only sit either in silence or jubilation, a ood spiritual uide, ord, teach me humility.
re used to be called a disciple. to negate G od’s primary role in a The image was made even starker dependin on their party a filiation.
et with od s race, he became person s conversion, but also to deny by the effort at stagecraft by the President Trump’s State of the U nion * T he words of J esus appear in boldface type
-- Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Marian Fa-
a powerful servant of the G ospel that humanity is sinful and weak. To emocratic women to dress in was no e ception, even thou h it thers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine Mercy Minutes
among the G entiles. G ospel: Luke 5: believe that those called to serve the white for the evening. The choice was one of his most rhetorically with Jesus: Praying Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St. Faustina by Rev. George
- . avin wor ed all ni ht and Lord are all saints is to close one’s of white was intended to show how coherent and well-written speeches. W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Marian Press
had cau ht nothin , at the words eyes to the truth that Jesus Christ many emocrat women are now Trump tried to make the most of his
o esus, who is not a fisherman, became wounded and weak when in on ress, but it had the startlin opportunity in this State of the U nion “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
Peter lowered his nets. To Peter’s he assumed our sinful humanity. e ect at that moment o remind- before a now divided Congress. H e especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
reat surprise, their nets were almost Because Christ became susceptible ing the viewer that virtually every presented his case to the American
tearin due to a reat catch o fish. to wea ness and death, in the end he emocrat in on ress is opposed to people as he aces a ouse o ep- CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY
Overcome with awe and wonder and con uered them. t is on this truth any piece of legislation that would resentatives now under emocrat Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
feeling unworthy and sinful at the that t. aul could say, hen am place any restriction or limitation control and determined to thwart his Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
presence o esus, eter as s him to wea , then am stron , because the on abortion up to birth. The timing a enda. rump nows this, and so
e cuse himsel rom his company. power o od rests on him. saiah, was especially si nificant iven that be an his re-election cam- On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
esus did not condemn eter, who aul, and eter s unworthiness was throu hout much o the speech, both pai n. t is si nificant that in the list
humbly reco ni es his unworthi- the occasion or od s race to re- sides emocrat and epublican of issues that he and his advisers Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
ness to be with him. Jesus instead veal itself and to transform the three had decided that or this ni ht deemed important to eature, includ- and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
forgives and transforms Peter to be men. Who we are and what qualities they would try to maintain some in the economy, immi ration and Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
fit or the ord s call. we possess matter a little, the im- semblance of civility. But when it security, abortion was one o them. the whole world.
portant thing that counts most is our came to abortion, more even than s the president noted, the recent On the Hail Mary beads say:
Reflection: n today s readin s we humble admission that we are not fit immi ration, the a ade o comity weeks witnessed passage of one of
see how in different and various to serve the ord. n the other hand, and cooperation ended. the most e treme abortion laws in For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
ways od calls and chan es us. n one who proudly thinks that he is on us and on the whole world.

Prayer for the

the first readin saiah heard od s very well fit to serve the ord serves rump spo e about national se- In conclusion say three times:
call through his vision of heavenly only onesel . nly the lowly is fit curity, the economy, immi ration,

baptism of
elements, such as sha in doorposts, to serve the Lord who also humbled trade and other classic policy issues. Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
seraphim and smoke. The second himself by becoming man. One goes H e introduced special guests for the have mercy on us and on the whole world.
reading narrates Paul’s call through up the ladder by looking down on
aborteduly babies
evening and even made some jokes.

the witnesses of Jesus’ followers. the steps. hen he mentioned, or e ample, groups who attended.
The G ospel tells of the great catch a olocaust survivor, udah amet, uslim reli ious leaders, or ulama,
o fish as the occasion or eter s Quotation of the week: G od who narrowly avoided death in the ( Continued from page 1 ) in amboan a ity earlier called on
e perience o od s call. hou h the chooses those who are people and syna o ue massacre last year, rump “ Today the blood of innocent children uslims and hristians to con-
o the oat-herd, mos, he made a
in ulu, illin at least on
emphasis of the three events rests noted that it was udah s st birth- has filled heaven. heir number is too tinue advocatin or peace, sayin
not on the human e perience primar- prophet. St. Basil. day. The members of Congress sang reat, too reat . . . the wrath o the ter-
anuary , and the renade blast any attack on a place of worship
ily, but on od s racious call, yet it an impromptu appy irthday, and nal ather is about to all on man ind... in a mos ue in aran ay alon- can never be justified by rhyme or
alon, amboan a ity, which
Love your heart
is very noticeable that the common the president joked to Judah that they heir blood disturbs y oni in reason."
thread that runs through the three would never do that for him. eart and increases y a ony... hrou h illed two on anuary . wo atholic priests ormerly as-
stories is the unworthiness of those this prayer, lar e numbers o innocent n his speech, asher dispelled signed to Jolo also condemned the
( Continued from page 3 ) unborn babies will be saved. Pray it
called. saiah reali es that he is a There were other moments of perceptions that the attacks signify a Jolo Cathedral bombing.
man o unclean lips, aul eels that sure screenings. cordiality, as well. hen rump
daily and make it known to the world. reli ious war, and ur ed members o t is the most heinous desecration
n hursday, eb. between am Anyone who teaches it will not be lost.
he is not fit to be called an apostle, celebrated that of the hundreds of nnocent souls in heaven will not let all reli ions to counter this by com- o a sacred place, on a sacred day,
and pm, residents will be able to have
Peter admits that he is “ a sinful their blood pressure checked at two San thousands o jobs created in his first them become lost. , with y ove and ing together for peace. and at a sacred moment o worship,
man. y od s race the three men arcos sites includin the an arcos two years, o one has benefited ercy, will protect them rom allin icar eneral o the rmed orces said rchbishop-elect n elito
were cleansed and transformed to enior ctivity enter, ichmar more from our thriving economy into mortal sin. o the hilippines onsi nor lbert ampon, ormer bishop o olo, and
be worthy of their vocation. The venue, and the an arcos ibrary, than women, who have filled o * * * on co e pressed the same messa e ardinal rlando uevedo, ormer
call does not depend on the one ivic enter rive. epresentatives the new jobs created in the last year, He av e nly F at h e r, Your lov e is of unity. parish priest o olo, in a joint state-
called, but on the race o od. od rom an arcos ire epartment will both parties leapt to their eet, and e t e rnal. In Your oc e an of lov e , You here there is armed con ict let ment on Sunday.
doesn t call the ualified people, but be on hand to assist with the blood the white bedecked women of the sav e d t h e w orld t h roug h Your only - us stretch out our arms to our broth- he two reli ious leaders added, t
ualifies those he calls. pressure readings while providing heart emocrat caucus bro e out in dance. b e g ot t e n Son, Je sus Ch rist . Now look ers and sisters, he said. rant us is truly a satanic act that all sacred
disease education and awareness. There was mostly similar agreement at Your only Son on t h e Cross W h o a sense of urgency to activate the reli ions must condemn. appler.
hen hrist at a symbolic mo- ccordin to an ie o ounty ealth is c onst ant ly b le e d ing f or lov e of His orces o oodness, justice, love, and
o ficials, heart disease is the leadin
on the fi ht a ainst childhood cancer com
p e op le , and f org iv e Your w orld . P urif y
ment was establishing H is great cause of death in the U nited States and
peace in our communities."
society, e chose or its corner- and b ap t iz e ab ort e d c h ild re n w it h t h e Basher and Songco were joined by
the second leading cause of death in San
Prayer for the
stone neither the brilliant Paul nor P re c ious Blood and w at e r f rom t h e ational ommission or uslim
ie o ounty. ettin a blood pres- ( Continued from page 7 ) Sac re d Sid e of Your Son, Je sus Ch rist ,
the mystic ohn, but a shu er, a sure check is a simple step to take for ectively assist le itimate asylum- ilipinos ecretary adamin an a-
W h o h ung d e ad on t h e Cross f or t h e ir
control of the tongue
snob, a coward - in a word, a man. improved heart health. see ers and individuals eein run an, amba ulta lama ouncil
salv at ion; in t h e Nam e of t h e F at h e r,
And upon this rock H e has built The City’s participation in the “ Love persecution, as mi rants with head stad bdulhan aujohn, and
and of t h e Son, and of t h e Holy Sp irit .
is hurch, and the ates o ell our eart campai n supports the
non-meritorious or even raudulent M ay t h e y , t h roug h t h e h oly d e at h of
ne an sa resident aulana lan
have not prevailed against it. All ounty s ive ell, an ie o initia- alan i, amon others. De ar Holy Sp irit , M y God . Te ac h m e
tive, which strives to improve the health, claims will no lon er have an incen- Je sus Ch rist , g ain e v e rlast ing lif e ,
the empires and the kingdoms have tive or ma in the journey. ore- t h roug h His w ound s b e h e ale d and lon with them were le ander t o sp e ak w ise ly . Le t m e av oid use le ss
ailed, because o this inherent and sa ety, and economic well-bein o Lapore of the Knights of Columbus t h oug h t s and use le ss c onv e rsat ions.
every resident in the region. over, will reduce the e traor- t h roug h His P re c ious Blood b e f re e d .
continual wea ness, that they were Th e re t o re j oic e w it h t h e saint s in iocese o ubao, ishop oel He lp m e t o sp e ak of t e n f or You. Grant
or more in ormation about ree blood dinary strain on our border security t h at m y w ord s m ay ne v e r h urt m e n
founded by strong men and upon pressure screenin s in an arcos, and immi ration system, reein up h e av e n. Am e n. Pantoja of the Philippine Council of
stron men. ut this one thin , van elical hurches, esus s ord of g ood w ill. M ay M y w ord s alw ay s
please contact the an arcos ire e- personnel and resources to better b ring c onsolat ion t o t h ose in sorrow
the historic hristian hurch, was partment at - , e t. . protect our sovereignty and the rule hurch leader rother ddie illan-
ounded on a wea man, and or ueva, and l haddai leader rother and g uid anc e t o t h ose in ne e d . Tak e
To learn more about the “ Love Y our of law by restoring integrity to the
that reason it is indestructible. or eart campai n, please visit www. i e elarde. m y lip s and m ak e t h e m Yours. Tak e
American immigration system. p osse ssion of m y m ind and m ak e it
no chain is stronger than its weakest livewellsd.org.
aceboo has reatly reduced the hilippine ational olice
irector o olice ommunity - an inst rum e nt of Your g ood ne ss and
distribution of our stories in our a c h anne l of t rut h . I h op e t o b e c om e
airs eni no urana and ational
Divine Mercy readers' newsfeeds and is instead
promotin mainstream media sourc- apital e ion olice hie uill-
a lov e r of sile nc e , w h o p re f e rs t o t alk
t o God t h e n t o m e n. In m y h um an
#shrine es. hen you share to your riends,
however, you reatly help distribute
ermo Eleaz ar also attended the event.
Basher and Songco also held the
c onv e rsat ion, m ay I alw ay s b ring
t h e m c lose r t o You and You c lose r t o
in Encinitas, California symbolic e chan e o the uslim
our content. Please take a moment t h e m . I ask t h is t h roug h Ch rist Our
divinemercy724.com and consider sharing this article with Koran and the Christian Bible. Lord . Am e n
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills The event was capped off with the
Be part of the story. Jesus, I Trust in You!
Foundation of Southern California, a
501(c)3 non-profit organization
your friends and family. Thank you.
signing of a peace covenant among
Our Father* . . . Hail M ary* . . .
Glory Be*
February 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of One more month to apply for the
2019 scholarship and internship
Ilonggo History program
by Dinggol Araneta pply or s ublic and environmental conservation, I
Divinagracia ervice cholarship and ntern- was able to learn from my co-work-
ers why they care immensely about
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times. ship application by hursday,
He is a L over of Nature by profession; a Genealogist ebruary . what they do. As a field intern, I was
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism. able to interact with communities
his is a summer op-
and tribes living near national forest
Natatandaan Mo Pa Ba?
The Coal-fired Power Plant
land and learn what really matters
portunity. Students can apply for to them." -- Sylvia Peng, 2018 USDA
our ublic ervice ro ram, Forest Service Field Intern Vallejo, CA
in Ingore
Tanda mo pa ba ng ikaw ay una kong makilala
ublic ervice ield nternships, id you now also places patpatin ang katawan mo at mukha ka nang tutumba
or Public Service Scholarships. interns in positions across the U S.
ast year, interns completed mahaba an yon buho , balbas ay na -uumpisa na
"When I first received the offer [to the pro ram in ali ornia, awaii, ni hindi ka nga makatingin sa akin ng deretsa.
intern through CAPAL], I knew it aryland, and .
was a good opportunity to under- Ang hindi mo lang alam ako naman ay nangangatog
stand how government agencies pply at https www.capal.or
site washin ton-leader- para bang itong mundo ay wala ng tigil ang ikot
work. Since I did not have a back-
ground in resources management ship-pro ram mga mata mo’y walang kurap sa ‘ kin lang nakatutok
anong tama ng kandila na malapit nang maupos.

At ng iyong sabihin sa ’kin ang buo mong pangalan

their elective positions. the betterment and pro ress o l- galaw ng iyong mga labi ang aking napagmasdan
oday, this n ore roject is in the oilo" because coal power plants will
headlines a ain, because o contin- address electricity shorta es, lower sa pagkakatayo para baga akong matutunaw
ues foul odors coming from this coal the cost of electricity and bring in ngayon lang nangyari sa ‘ kin ang ganitong pakiramdam.
power plant that reach far and wide; investment to loilo. nvestments
not only objectionable but certainly came but more on the pollutive types a ipa ilala a sa a in amay ay inabot
ha ardous to the health and adverse- with strip mining at the forefront
ly affects the well being of residents in uimaras island and in orthern kasabay pa ng iyong mga titig na malalapot
within the vicinity. loilo. napansin ko ang mga biloy sa pisngi mong malambot
When the coal power plants started ang mga tagpong ito tila ayaw ko nang matapos.
(By: DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - s loilo ity connections, li e- H ere' s a copy of the article: operations, seawater immediately
February 4, 2019) wise, even printed hard copies or intruded in the aquifers causing At pangalan mo pa lamang ang siyang aking narinig
circulation and coordinated with sev- ... severe water crises in etro loilo.
“The first coal fired power eral groups opposed to its operation ishponds made unproductive with walang halong biro sadyang ako’y tunay na kinilig
plant in all of Panay Island that they perceived to be more of a i uran ebohan- loilo ash alls, fish ries became scarce sa aking mga tainga ito’y walang kasingtamis
and the whole Western Visayas liability rather than an asset. Other ity- bril , and fish catch su ered when the marahil ito na an sinasabi nilan pa -ibi
was built and started operation more safer alternatives were offered ere, lies loilo, where once upon seawater around the power plants
to serve the same purpose. a time a cheer ul, creative and heated up by about de rees el-
sometime in 2010 at Barangay onetheless, the proponents were initi an mo a o at wala an a urap- urap
Ingore in Lapaz, Iloilo City.” charming people lived enjoying its sius. Acid mists are constantly felt in
able to bulldo ed the project s ap- bountiful natural resources. The the surrounding communities of the sa aking palagay ang isipan mo ay naglalakbay
--dinggol.d~~~ proval and operation to allegedly beauty of iloilo slowly and painfully power plants. at sa sandaling yaon parang gusto ko nang mamatay
solve the continues irritatin brown- faded away. The rich blue color of The cost of electricity never went ikaw na nga siguro ang Adonis kong hinihintay.
lashbac - pril, outs and so as not to hinder loilo s the waters turned blac , the resh down, it even shoot up when the
At the height of the controversy pro ress. owever, many believed air became poisonous, the crops and price of coal and freight tripled in
regarding the proposed Coal Plant that there were million of reasons Copyright 2019 by V irginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
delightful marine sanctuaries were less than 5 years. Power blackouts
roject in aran ay n ore at in peso proportion involved that is destroyed, and the once rich a ricul- are now common because o prob-
badly needed or the then orthcom- tural lands lay parched and bare. lems in sourcing supply as Australia
apa in loilo ity n un - ing political calisthenics. But we
sod lon o , the lon o ation t was two decades a o, that the and ndonesia drastically cut their Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588
doubt this alle ation, since the youn City government allowed Panay coal e ports.
ovement s e ewslet- ity ficials directly connivin for your advertising needs.
ower orporaton - etro an to Seawater rose and much of the City
ter published an article " STOP with the suppliers and financiers install the coal fired power plants in is constantly inundated with dengue
... . were trusted by the lon os and loilo ity. hey said that it was or and other vector borne diseases
were duly elected to higher levels in claiming thousand of lives every
year. Climate has been unpredictable Work for the San Diego’s
Holy Land Tours with heavy rain all causin ash
oods and landslides and ultra- Top Home Care Agency!
strong typhoons damaging homes
and infrastructures.
H ealth advisories have been issued
a ainst eatin fish, seashells and
other marine products because of
Now Hiring
hi h levels o mercury, lead and Exerienced Caregivers
other heavy metals contamination.
ancer, heart and lun ailments
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
are now widespread with early and
une plained death common to every Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
amily in loilo. hildren are ob-
served with learning disabilities and
psychiatric problems rampant.
Book yout trip to Holy Land with your friends or relatives Woe to the generation that allowed • 3 professional references
the establishment o the coal-fired • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
power plants, why did they allow
Jerusalem Bethlehem Nazareth Galilee Via Crucis Last Supper this monstrosity to happen? Why
were their leaders so selfish and Call for an appointment
Gethsemane Dormition Nativity Church Capernaum Tel Aviv uncarin that they sacrificed loilo to
ruthless growth?
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Trips in 2019 - $3,995.00 ere lies loilo, abandoned and
forgotten. A once proud and noble La Jolla Apply Online!
Mar 02-12 ; Mar 20-30 ; Apr 03-13 ; Apr 10-20 ; Apr 17-27 ; Apr 24 - May 04 ; May 01-11 ; May 08-18 ; people but their leaders have or-
May 15-25 [ May 22 - Jun 01 ; May 29 - Jun 08 ; Jun 05-15 ; Jun 12-22 ; Jun 19-29 ; Jun 26 - Jul 06 ; saken them. ~ ~ ~ 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
Jun 29 - Jul 09 ; Aug 28 - Sep 07 ; Sep 04-14 ; Sep 11-21 ; Sep 18-28 ; Sep 25 - Oct 05 ; Oct 02-12 ;
Oct 09-19 ; Oct 16-26 ; Oct 23 - Nov 02 ; Oct 30 - Nov 09 ; Nov 04-14 ; Dec 02-12 Dec 18-28

Flights from anywhere in the United States and flights between countries as per
your itinerary (all necessary flights on your trip are included).
Daily Mass will be scheduled.
Airport Taxes, Security Fees & Fuel Surcharges Saving you an average of $400-
Transfers as per itinerary.
4 or 5 star hotels in downtown areas.
Transportation with luxury bus.
All breakfasts and all dinners.
All tips to driver, hotel, and tour guide. If you feel that the tour guide did a great
job, offering them extra tips is greatly appreciated.
Guided Tours and Tour Fees ~ Our tour guides are very caring, licensed, and
well educated. Many of our guides have their PhD's.
Luggage handling (1 suitcase and 1 carry-on per person).
Single Supplement (as long as the passengers is willing to room with someone
and allows us to provide them with a roommate. If the passenger wants a guaran-
teed room to of their own, then they have to pay the $900 single supplement).
Remember: Our trips are not more expensive during high season ~ Passengers
will never be expected to pay extra for anything while on the trip ~ We always
wait for passengers and never leave anyone behind.

Call Nonong Roxas for reservations: (858) 221-3088

Best One Stop Travel & Cargo
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City, CA 91950
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 8-14, 2019

As the San Diego-Based Foundation Offers Largest U.S. Private Prize

for Health and Wellness
Bamboos Deadline February 15 for $1 that advance health and wellness of hile it is clear the million access individually, thereby reducin
by Rudy Liporada
Million Health Competition those in need . he innovation must
initially target populations within
an ie o and or mperial counties.
pri e is a substantial incentive, all
competitors benefit rom participa-
tion since the process itself offers
the overall cost while improving the
quality of healthcare for their clients.
he winner was omali
an ie o, - ebruary ,
. he deadline or he l- Competitors can enter the competi- a great training ground for how to amily ervices. n conjunction
R ead previous articles by R udy L iporada
at ww.asianj ournalusa.com tion simply by fillin out a simple shape social enterprise proposals and with Scripps H ealth and a software
liance ealthcare oundation s online application ound at pitch to unders, said icardo dos partner, the or ani ation is deploy-
nnovation nitiative i undin https allianceh .or pro rams i - antos, lliance ealthcare oun- in its million pri e to develop
hallen e is midni ht on
The Betan Paddle
innovation-initiative . dation s i ourney uide. r. dos virtual reality educational content
riday, ebruary , , with he i challen e represents our antos is a leadin e pert on innova- to initially help educate the Somali
million at sta e. commitment and therefore willing- tion and entrepreneurship with more community about the need, purpose
ive decades or so a o, a bunch his her enitals to ward o any ac- ness to take risks by funding innova- than years o e perience drivin and safety of immuniz ation.
of teens dedicated themselves to cidents when masters whac him The largest health and wellness tions that can dramatically improve ventures at major corporations. Both organiz ations plan to spread
her with all their mi ht and the pri e competition in the . ., the i the health paradigm in vulnerable irst launched in , the i pro- their innovations beyond their initial
a bind beyond blood, beyond populations, said lliance ealth- ram has awarded million to in- target populations.
whacking could be continuous with Challenge seeks the most promising
ideolo ies with just brother- innovations to advance health and care oundation nterim ecutive novative organiz ations. This includes “ We are looking forward to meet-
the neophyte screamin love
hood and sisterhood obsessed in the eta amma hi, some more, wellness in vulnerable populations in irector li abeth reicer. ollow-up investment awarded to ing and learning about this year’s
their minds. hey shared lau hter, master. ears rom the neophyte is an ie o and or mperial ounties. The foundation kicked off the priz e winners. competitors and the ideas they will
they shared pains, they shared a an ordinary ow and is e pected. Winning innovations will demon- annual competition at a funding The winners in the last two years brin to the contest, reicer said.
mainstream time that was also ypical e chan ed also involves the strate a sustainable way to reduce orum on anuary at the acobs include the ulticultural ealth rea throu hs rom the i competi-
embroiled in political turmoil master goading the neophyte to quit cost and poor outcomes, improve enter attended by appro imately oundation s million award tion have the potential to not only
for him to avoid more pain. While uality, and increase capacity in a people. etween the application in to orm the revention help vulnerable populations in San
and hallucinogens in the time deadline on ebruary and the final lliance a roup o ethnic or a-
there are those who uit, majority segment of the health continuum. ie o and mperial alley, but also
o uarius. eyond all, their The competition is open to innova- award in uly, competitors will o ni ations that will benefit rom a help those beyond our re ion.
screamed o, master. am not uit-
lives were entwined with a kind tin , master. he master only stops tors with transformative ideas and through a series of steps that include software solution allowing them To learn more about the Alliance
o love, a love they never new when convinced that the neophyte is e istin or new social enterprises eight workshops and two live pitch access to sources of insurance reim- Healthcare Foundation see below or
would last beyond then to the ready to give all for the Betans. And nonprofits, orps, or or-profits sessions. bursement they would not be able to go to: https://alliancehf.org
present time. rom those decades whac in can happen anywhere,

Statement on the New York State Abortion Law of 2019

or so a o, they went their sepa- anytime when neophytes cross paths
rate ways to ulfill their niches with any master.

by Evangelicals and Catholics Together

in society, bound to the reater
humanity they pledged to serve he pain, continuous at,
in icted with this paddle led us to
but throu h those years, their endure any challenge that we met as
hearts and minds go back to their here has been a dramatic e pan- tan to be lit in pink the day the bill shoc ed to their core. y that time, nce ully born, they are deemed to
we sailed through life even without sion o the abortion re ime in ew passed. however, it may be too late to save have ri hts that are protected in law,
kind of love for their youthful us nowin it. ost importantly, it Y ork State. A law passed by the state As Evangelicals and Catholics the countless lives that will be lost even though they are at that point
bind with a fraternity and sorority tau ht us, when we set oals on any le islature, the so-called eproduc- to ether, we wish to condemn this or spare countless women lifelong no more human beings and no less
known as the Beta G amma Phi. endeavor, never to uit. tive ealth ct, allows or late-term radical and e tremist law in the regret. dependent than they were hours,
abortions, even up to the moment strongest possible terms. We endorse s hristians, we a firm that every wee s, or months be ore. et be ore
or endearment, they simply call t should be noted that neophytes o a child s birth, limited only by the letter of the Catholic bishop of person, both born and in the womb, birth, and even in the very process o
themselves Betans. also underwent other trials in the va uely-defined conditions. he bill lbany, dward char enber er, is made in the image and likeness bein born, they are now deemed not
hands and whims o masters too allows nurses, midwives, and physi- who wrote, o od. here is no justification to have rights that society is obliged
nd etans, a ter five decades, many angles that could be mentioned cian assistants to provide abortions, Although in your recent State of whatsoever for killing those who are to respect. This perverse view of hu-
rekindled their kind of love where here. u fice to say that they ran ed thereby making the tragic procedure the State address you [ G ov. Cuomo] unwanted or deemed to be a burden. man rights is irrational and incoher-
they rooted rom he niver- from asking neophytes to fetch mas- much easier to obtain. This appalling cited your Catholic faith and said we We recall the Evangelicals and ent. ts result is the unjust illin
sity of the Philippines Baguio and ters’ girlfriends and doing research law is e pected to e pand the num- should stand with ope rancis, Catholics Together statement of of many millions of those who are
reiterated their pledge that “ Once a for the masters. ber of abortions that take place in your advocacy o e treme abortion , hat hey ay ave i e, indisputably human beings and the
etan, always a etan thou h they To remind each other of the pledge ew or tate. overnor ndrew legislation is completely contrary to in which we said, undoing of the very concept of hu-
might have come from Saint Louis they have made in the past, the etan uomo, a bapti ed atholic, not the teachings of our pope and our There are today legal protections man rights.
niversity, niversity o a uio, the reunionists undertook a ceremonial only endorsed this bill, he celebrated Church. Once truth is separated from or the disabled and elderly, but the he recently passed ew or law
a uio olle es, now niversity o paddlin . ne by one, each etan its passa e, directin ne orld fiction and people come to reali e unborn are totally dependent and to- will result in the tragic and unnecessary
the ordilleras, or other academic brod and sis took a slight whacking rade enter in downtown anhat- the impact o the bill, they will be tally vulnerable to the will of others. ( Continued on page 7 )
institutions. As Betans their voices while sayin , nce a etan, always
rang that the brotherhood and sister- a etan. cholars o the raternity
hood will never die or in the locano and sorority also took ceremonial recruitment of new Betans stopped
word e pressed by ister ydia whacking to induct them as new years shortly after deposed President
impin acanay patay. members of the Betans. erdinand arcos declared martial
n the openin pro ram o the ecuted by rother andy el a law in eptember .
ebruary - , reunion, rother with donations from brods and t is hoped that the eta amma
Pat G onz alez also reiterated why and sisters and administered by att Phi will reestablish itself with the
how such love developed. aisin and ydia acanay, the etans had new members, the scholars, carryin
the raternity and orority addle helped scholars graduate as Cum and on with the fire. call or another
which has survived the decades Summa Cum Laudes with grades reunion was also e pressed durin
under the care o hancellor att ran in rom . to . within the the closing ceremonies. The vote
acanay, at reminded everyone o -ratin systems. he soul concept was in two years.
the si nificance o the addle. nce, of the scholarship program was out- his could happen, as to reiterate,
perceived as just a piece of wood lined by late Brother Cesar Liporada the paddle helped the Betans pursue
that was feared by neophytes as mas- based on a vision of late Brother goals and never to quit.
ters whac ed candidates behinds, G len Baquiran.
durin the reunion, it evolved to be he two-day pro ram o the re-

Festive Occasion
a compass that helped guide every union included a visit to the U niver-
Betan’s life. sity of the Philippines Baguio where
Pat said “ this paddle did not spare the Betans were awestruck with ( Continued from page 6 )
anyone s behind. t has whac ed how the campus has grown over the to witness the biggest party in town.
everyone who wanted to be worthy decades lunch at ose owl and a
to become a member of the Beta dinner dance on the first day. he re-
amma hi, rich or poor, belon in union was capped with a bonfire on (T o be continued)
to any belie , ideolo y, or what not. the second day which was emotion- Editor’s note: To read the previous
t has made all o us e ual. hen ally charged with open mike singing chapters of this story, visit the Asian
applied, everyone was then made of mostly songs of yesteryears. After Journal’s website at www.asianjournalu-
to ‘ assume’ (standing with spread all, most o the etans are now in sa.com . Highlight “Books and Poetry” .
eet and bent nees, a neophyte is their middle si ties. Pull down and click “ASIAN JOURNAL
made to cover with his her hands stablished in the late s, BOOKS FOR SALE

Two views
( Continued from page 4 )
my amily and reali e the blessin s
have been granted in my life here in
( Continued from page 1 )
families. lthou h ilipinos in the hilippines
have their own problems to worry about, i h ommissioner or e u ees
li e everyone else in the world, see .
hile it is obvious and well- nown
a big difference in attitude. One of the
that the U nited States is one of the most si nificant thin s have noticed in ccordin to a report on ras
wealthiest in the world, the hilip- my travels to the Philippines is that the on uesday, epresenta-
pines is not e actly as luc y in that way of life is overall much simpler than tive to the Philippines Shinji Kubo
aspect. lthou h throu h my eyes, in America. With much less of a stress bestowed the title on raullo, who
see benefits in the midst o poverty on the superficial importance o material has been a hi h-profile advocate or
and the lack of material possessions possessions and a more concentrated
the since .
while people in the U S live in actual ocus on puttin the amily first, li e in
the Philippines seem to be genuinely is first i- itness documentary
buildin s, a lar e amount o people was about the ohin ya re u ees
in the country are without homes and more satisfying compared to the U nited
tates. ter findin these ey di er- who ed to an ladesh rom yan-
live in shanties and s ualor. espite mar.
ences between the two countries for
this, personally noticed that people mysel , have constantly made much Araullo said that it is a huge privi-
in America who have many material more of an effort to remind myself of lege to become a voice advocating
possessions can never get enough the importance o the amily and how for the rights of millions of refugees
while many in the Philippines have should list my priorities in accordance to around the world, and that he wishes
less and are happier and less attached what matters to me. to visit other areas in the world to
to material thin s. eel that the better aid them. essica arto-
reason for this is because having less lome , ews
pushes people in society to focus are both students at San Di-
more on family values and inner ego State University. Joseph is a senior
majoring in Music Entrepreneurship &
sel - ulfillment. remember bein Business while Angela is a junior major-
around my cousins in the Philippines
as a child and seein how much
ing in Communication and Art. Both
took the AS 460 class in Fall 2018 and Call the Asian
had versus how much they had and
they were always more satisfied and
this will be the second paper they have
published in the Asian Journal. AS 460 Journal at
much less spoiled than was, which (Contemporary Filipino Americans) will
be offered in the Fall semester2019 and
619.474.0588 for
am able to admire now. his helped
me put my own life and desires into
taught by Dr. Ofelia Dirige, Lecturer
in the Canter for Asian Pacific Studies
your advertising
perspective and am much more and former Associate Prof in the Grad needs.
able to feel more gratitude towards School of Public Health.
February 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Filipino classical
music artistry
Victor Santiago
Ditas Yamane Asuncion

Sotelo-Solis eam , oundation story on its aceboo ting the organiz ation.
( Continued from page 1 )
-- -based ilipino page as a journey that began in he il m usic oundation will
, votes second to otelo- when he first moved to the ocus on identi yin upcomin ili-
pianist ictor antia o suncion
Solis. Y amane is currently with U .S. to continue his studies at the pino talent and providing them with
is on a mission to give back to the
the ational ity lannin om- artt chool o usic in art ord. opportunities to advance their career.
hilippines throu h the il m n ortunately, his scholarship was n addition, the oundation will pro-
mission and has her own business
usic oundation. delayed and he had to depend on the mote the new eneration musicians,
in ational ity. he is a ormer
president of the Board of the indness o the amily o rs. ien- as well as established ilipino classi-
he world-renowned pianist venido and Anita Jongco who took cal musicians, throu h collaboration
ational ity hamber o om- recently ew to anila to join the him in and rallied friends to support with e istin concert series, as well
merce. She is active in the com- anila ymphony rchestra his studies. as presenting its own concert season.
munity and principal organiz er of in its anuary season finale Over the years more people gener- These concerts will be free of charge
the annual abuhay estival. dubbed he itan where suncion ously gave to help Asuncion and as part of the foundation‘ s service
per ormed with the or avel s he notes a few of them in the story: to the community. The foundation
he rejection by ayor otelo- olis iano oncerto in ajor, under andra and om ordan, arsha will e ist solely on rants and the
and ouncil member ona ios came the baton o ro . arlon hen, and ohn vans, oward and nne generosity of its donors.
as a shocking surprise to the largely guest conductor. ottlieb, ndrea . eneracion, s. he il m usic oundation all
ilipino audience in the council meetin Between his appearances in concert
last ni ht. ios claimed that amane s ita loan, r. riel orcalla. or upport sa c entity,
halls all over the world, recordin nd m barely scratchin the sur- your generous donation will help
ualifications do not meet the needs o sessions, and uestin on television
the ity council. otelo- olis did not face with these names. So it’s time to the foundation accomplish its tasks
e plain her vote. oth ice ayor on and radio shows, suncion has made ive bac , writes suncion. o promotin the ilipino classi-
orrison and ouncilmember erry it his mission to promote fellow he il m usic oundation is cal musician. urin this inau ural
ano, on the other hand, voted in avor ilipino classical musicians throu h a direct result o my e periences as season, a series o concerts have
of Y amane. giving scholarships and performance a ilipino student and pro essional been planned in ew or ity,
here were mi ed reactions to the opportunities. musician living in the U nited States. vanston and hica o. n addition,
vote amon those present last ni ht. n As the founder and artistic and hile other cultures are clearly well- an advisory committee of esteemed
lar e part, the ilipino audience was board director o il m usic represented in the classical music musicians has been formed to iden-
disappointed with ayor otelo- olis
who failed to live up to her promise to
3400 E 8th St Suite 107 oundation which he started in , field, there is a dearth o ilipino tify young talent and assist them in
suncion champions ilipino music
support the ilipino community. urin National CIty, CA 91950 artistry in the U nited States.
representation, even i there is a hu e their pursuit of a musical education
and career.
the i al ay celebration, she remar ed talent pool waitin to be tapped,
that the ity o ational ity supports
suncion writes he il m usic says Asuncion of his reasons for set-
and believes in the ilipino community

and the strength that all of us bring to ternoon rituals (like those we shared my own, not havin anyone to cry shyly smile, and tellin you every detail o years old. ven i wrote the best boo
the community to ma e it stron er. he when we lived to ether, ba in with me. need to learn how to miss that my day (and noticing some boredom on in history.
further said “ We know that our mark
can be made more impactful by having
( Continued from page 7 ) ca es and dancin in the itchen . hu that would ive me the stren th your ace is oin to hurt.
community representation. lot le t always done or me . need to be need to learn to et out o bed on needed on a bad day need to o, om, but will always
strong and refrain from yelling back undays, coo lunch, coo dinner on t thin it s easy or me. now now nostal ia will hit me even when take you with me. -- Samanta Selz ler
the meeting feeling shortchanged by
at my boss, because you tau ht me coo or the wee , indeed and not not bein able to o home to find your have two children. ven when am
ayor otelo- olis and uestionin her
sincerity. Another Council meeting is that a good professional doesn’t lose just read a boo while wait or you
scheduled on ebruary th at pm to control that easily. to do everything for me.
continue the nomination process. must create my own aturday a - need to o see that ama in movie on

619 931-0170
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 8-14, 2019

San Diego Golf MEET: Bobby Pontillas, Oscars nominee for One Small Step animation
& Craft Beer by the obstacles she aces, una

Festival arrives
always shoots or the stars.
Bobby Pontillas is one of the three
st cademy wards nominees
at Pala Mesa with ilipino bloodline who will
compete for the Oscars.
Resort in Fall- obby, born in the nited tates
brook on March rom ilipino parents, loved to draw
as he was growing up so after high
1 & 2 (Fri-Sat) school he attended the rt nstitute
of Seattle. H e even took more art
lessons from an animation school
Check out all the latest in online called nimation entor.
golf; taste top craft beers; get
amazing deals on clubs, cloth- ter seein isney s ar an which
he eam , film estivals. made a bi impression on him,
ing and shoes; get a certificate Bobby’s appreciation for the art of
-- eet obby on-
for a FREE round of golf at One Small Step tells the story about animation rew, inspirin him to
tillas, the ilipino- merican
Pala Mesa Resort; get in on animator and rt irector o a hinese- merican irl named keep doing his best in his chosen
FREE golf clinics; see an Taiko Studios who created the Luna who dreams of becoming an career.
amazing trick shot golf show; astronaut. he film synopsis o the H e worked at Blue Sky and then their rt irector obby has been co-created by ndrew hesworth
scar-nominated animated short eptember animated short film ot his dream job at isney. here determined to make an impact in the goes up against Weekends by
and much, much more! film ne mall tep. goes: are many notable films under his belt animation industry, and is commit- ilipino- anadian animator revor
“ Bolstered by the unwavering li e rec t alph, ootopia, ted to share his unlimited energy and imene o i ar and three other
ebruary , ontillas animated film which infectiously positive perspective to scars est animated short film
support o her devoted ather, a an led, and ro en to mention
- he an ie o ol ra t earned the scars nod is an humble cobbler, una hu rows up a few. every project. nominees. Bobby Pontillas will vie
eer estival lands at ala esa award-winnin film which has determined to become an astronaut. resently, he is the rt irector or the scars awards on ebruary
esort in allbroo on riday and earned awards rom various Although she is sometimes daunted of Taiko Studios which describes Bobby Pontillas’ One Small Step , .
aturday, arch and between
am- pm each day. he estival
will feature all of the latest golf
has to o er, some o the top cra t
beers in the valley for those over
years o a e, ree ol clinics,
ree lessons by pros, and
much, much more.
G olfers of all ages and skill range will
have the opportunity to test out the latest
gear by the top club makers and receive
hands-on trainin rom pros.
that s not enou h, there ll be a variety o
vendors displaying all the latest in golf
clothin , shoes, ba s, clubs and more
with special pricing.
s part o the admission, attendees will
receive a certificate ood or a
round o ol at ala esa ol lub
(tee time restrictions and a small cart fee
apply just or attendin . nd you won t
want to miss apt n rush ynn ay s
amaz ing golf trick shot and long drive
shows at a.m. and p.m. each day
and ol clinics by ala esa
esort pro essionals at noon
each day.
ome o the eatured beers include le-
smith ublime, e ican a er, tone
, e u e lood ran e it, ron ist
ene ade londe, and more. here will
be lots of food and beverage available
during their show for purchase as well
as live music following the show at the
ala esa esort.
ere are just a ew o the thin s hap-
penin at the estival
et a certificate ood or a
round o ol at ala esa esort with
your paid admission tee time restric-
tions and a small cart ee apply
he first attendees each day et a
ree sleeve o ri on ol balls
Sample the top craft beers in the valley
o . pours or just

Dental Implant Centers

eet the reps rom aylor ade, , TM
obra, allaway, leveland ri on,
Wilson and more
G et some amaz ing deals on name
brand clubs, apparel, ba s, shoes by
uma, allaway, oot oy, atte rey, DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
in , lac lover, ord and er-
muda Sands
Check out an amaz ing golf trick shot
show at am and pm each day
Learn how to improve your short game
in a ol clinic by ala esa s
pros at noon each day
a e your best shot in a uttin hal-
lenge to support the Special Olympics
and win an e clusive tay and lay
pac a e at the ala esa esort
Check out the hottest new putters on
the mar et by usty utters

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

Enjoy some great food served up by
ala esa esort
et a ree tic et to see the an ie o
oc ers and the lassic just
or enterin the puttin contest or ra e
oc out to some live music at ala ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
esa esort ollowin the show
nd much, much more Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
he an ie o ol ra t eer es-
tival is sponsored in part by he i hty ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
adio tation, lassic, an
ie o oc ers, o , ala esa ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
esort and el esort. dmission is
or adults over tic ets purchased
❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
online prior to the show are just
at www. ol estshows.com , or
- year olds, and children under
are admitted free. Show hours are from
am to pm both days, and the there
will be live music following the show at
the ala esa esort.
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
ala esa esort is located at
ld i hway , allbroo ,
and tickets can be purchased at: www.
Fluent in Tagalog
ol est is sponsored in part by ala
esa esort, o elevision,
lassic, el esorts, an ie o oc -
ers, and i hty adio.
Two convenient locations
❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
Ab out Golf F e st

ol est be an in as a consumer
ol show in an ie o and has since
grown into one of the top outdoor golf
( Continued on page 7 )
866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com