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Summative Test # 1
NAME: _______________________________________________________ SCORE: __________________
TEACHER: _____________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________
Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on the space provided.
__________1. Which of the following factors causes the breaking down of rocks?
a. Man and animals b. temperature c. plants d. all of these
__________2. What refers to the process of breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces?
a. Erosion b. landslide c. tsunami d. weathering
__________3. Which of the following situations contributes to the breaking down of rocks?
a. Heavy rains c. high temperature
b. Intensive waves d. abrupt changes in the weather
__________4. Which of the following human activities may contribute to the breaking down of rocks?
a. Cutting down of trees b. mining c. landscaping d. planting trees
__________5. How do animals breakdown rocks?
a. Animals step on the rocks c. acid from dead animals weaken rocks
b. Use of their hooves and horns d. all of the above
__________6. Which of the following is a good effect of soil erosion?
a. Clogging of irrigations c. deposition of mine tailing
b. Decrease of food production d. shaping of landforms
__________7. Heavy rain was experienced last night. When Ernesto woke up this morning, he noticed
that there was mud in their front yard. What agent of erosion caused this?
a. Animals b. water c. human d. wind
__________8. Which process refers to the movement of soil from one place to another place?
a. erosion b. landscaping c. deposition d. weathering
__________9. How do animasl aggravate soil erosion?
a. By planting c. by hunting animals in the forest
b. By building houses d. by indiscriminate cutting of trees
__________10. Which of the following does NOT help control soil erosion?
a. Contour plowing c. riprapping c. deforestation d. terracing
__________11. Which of the following materials is transported by erosion?
a. rocks b. soil c. sediments d. water
__________12. Which of the following is NOT an agent of erosion?
a. human b. water c. soil d. wind
__________13. How do humans contribute to soil erosion??
a. When we walk b. when we do gardening c. When quarrying d. all of these
__________14. What agent of erosion contributes to the formation of sand dunes?
a. animals b. water c. plants d. wind
__________15. Dust on the window is caused by _______________________ erosion?
a. Animals b. water c. humans d. wind
__________16. How does erosion affect the land with steeper slope?
a. Rock formation c. Possibility of landslide and rockslide
b. Breaking down of rocks d. all of these
__________17 . How do burrowing animals contribute in the transportation of sediments??
a. They plow the land c. they bite the rocks and break into pieces
b. They step on the rocks d. they dig the ground and the particles stick in the body
__________18. Which of the following practices involve the planting of crop on terraces or steps built
on the slope of a mountainside?
a. contour plowing b. rip rapping c. crop rotation d. terracing
__________19. How do the roots of the trees may help in controlling soil erosion?
a. They keep the soil more intact c. they absorb the nutrients from the soil
b. They go deep down the ground d. all of the above
__________20. Which of the following human activities can lead to the destruction of the
a. deforestation b. quarrying c. mountain blasting d. all of these

B. Answer the question below. Write your answer in 2-3 paragraph ( 5 points
Q : How can you help our country/society about different environmental issues or problem?