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Type T-Code Description

3-Config KEF1 Define Revaluation Key

KE2K / KEK0 Maintain Key Figure (for allocation only KEU5/KE28)
KE4T Post SO subsequent to COPA (Repost SO)
KEND COPA reorganization - realignment
SA38 Reorganization of Segment Level - Actual
ORKE COPA Config Menu
KEDR COPA Derivation Rule - Characteristic
KEP1 Define Record Type
KEi1 PA transfer structure (variance category, etc)
KE4i Assign SD conditions to value fields
KE4M Assign Quantity field to value fields
KE4MS Specify the UoM for the value fields
KE3Q Refresh PA report frozen data
KEDB Delete transaction data (NOT in PRD)
KEA5 Maintain Characteristic
KES4 Transfer customer rebates agreement
OKYW Activate Cost Component Split in CO Area Currency
KEA6 Maintain Value Fields
KEA0 Maintain Operating Concerns
KeKK Assign CO Area to Operating Concern
KEKE COPA Activation Flag (Costing/Account based)
KES1 Maintain Characteristic Value
KES3 Maintain Characteristic Value Hierarchy
KE46 Maintain Costing Sheet
8KEV Create Condition Type and Costing Sheet
KE42 Change Condition Records
KEQ3 Change Profitability Segment Characteristics
KEPA Define Characteristic Group (arrange sequence)
KE4G Assign Characteristic Group to Transaction
KEVG2 Assign Characteristic Group to Record Type
KEVFG Value Field Group
KEVG3 Assign Value Field Group to Record Type
KE48 Define Access Sequence
KESF +/- Sign Handling
S_ALR_87005525 SD condition from SO mapping to Value Fields
KE4U Define Valuation Strategy - which cost est. during billing
KEKG Active indicator for Profit Center Update
KECM Customizing Monitor - COPA - Check where use
KE4F Prepare Subsequent Posting of SO to COPA
KE4W Reset Value & Quantity Field
KEGS COPA Update of Business Transaction
KEii Field usage for Allocation
KEVG4 Set which field in Receiver in COPA Assesment Cycle
OMWL Valuation Level for B/S Valuation
KE40 Define Costing Key
KEPC Assign Costing Key to Characteristics (Derivatino Rule)
KE4R Assign Cost Components to Value Fields (Act & Std)
KE97 Autho. Obj for Line Item Report (KE24 & KE25)
KE17 Maintain Planning Authorization Object (KEPM)
KE37 Maintain Authorization Object for reports (KE30)
KE3E COPA - Maintain variable
KER1 Define key figure scheme
KEDVP Create Auto Suggestion for Summarization Level
KEDZ Log for COPA Read Interface
KEDU Build Summarization Level
KEDV Maintain Summarization Level
2-Txn KEUB Run COPA Plan Assessment
KEPM COPA Planning Framework
KP98 Copy Actual to Plan
KE16 Planning layout for COPA KEPM
KP34ER COPA Planner Profile
KE21S COPA Valuation Simulation
KE4ST Check billing status/error
KEAT Value Flow SD -> FI/COPA (from billing)
KEAI Value Flow from FI (for FI-COPA recon)
KEAW Value Flow SD -> FI/COPA (from order/project)
KEU5 Run COPA Act. Assessment
KE28 Top down distribution
KE28A TDD - Collectively
KE28L TDD - History Log
KE28R TDD - mass reversal
KE28D TDD Program
KE29N Reverse TDD & Periodic
KE27 Periodic Valuation
KE27S Reverse Periodic Valuation
KE4SFI Re-post FI Doc to COPA
KE4SP_FI Subsequent Posting of Doc. From FI
KE4SMM Re-post MM Doc to COPA
KE4S Re-post Billing to COPA
KE4S00 Cancel COPA Line Item
KEDE Maintain Derivation Values
KE28T TDD - Technical Setting for Top Down Distribution
1-MD KEU7 Create COPA Plan Assesst Cycle
KEU3 Display COPA Assessment Cycle
KEU1 Create COPA Act. Assesst Cycle
KEUD Display Cycle Overview
4-Report KSP1 Display activity type/price planning
KE25 Display Plan Line Item
KE13N Excel Upload - Integrated Planning
KE39 Reorganization of Report Data (Delete Frozen Data)
KE31 Create COPA report
KE34 Create COPA form
KE91 Create Line Item Report
KE4L Create Pricing Report (COPA-Costing Sheet)
KE4O Execute Pricing Report (COPA-Costing Sheet)
KE30 COPA Reports
KEBC Change Operating Concern
KE24 Display COPA Actual Line Item
KE24N Display COPA Actual Line Item
7-Transport KE3i COPA - Transport Objects