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Month/Day Event Chapter Chap. Character Book # Citation
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The precise dates of events are just
estimates. Given the information we
have, it's impossible to know
whether many individual events
happened a week apart, or 2 weeks,
3 weeks, etc. But the OVERALL
progression of time is pretty solidly
supported, give or take one or two
months. See the "Assumptions" tab
for more information.
297 4/22 Dany arrives in Pentos
297 5/25 Dany turns 13
297 10/22 Dany meets Drogo Dany 1 Daenerys AGOT 4
297 12/15 Sansa turns 11
Unclear how much time has
passed. Mormont has been "their
297 12/21 Dany/Drogo Wedding Dany 2 Daenerys AGOT 12 constant companion" since Dany 1.
Khalasar has come outside the
walls of Pentos.
Tourney where Littlefinger bets the
298 2/10 Joffrey's name day
dagger on Jaime
Ned 1- A fortnight after Joff's
nameday tourney, Jon Arryn was
dead. Cersei and the royal children
298 2/24 Jon Arryn Dies
were not in the city, they are on
their way to visit Casterly Rock
(Ned 5).
298 3/2 Waymar Royce dies Prologue Will AGOT 1
298 3/22 Gared caught, direwolves found Bran 1 Bran AGOT 2

Message from KL. Jon Arryn dead,

298 3/30 Cat 1 Catelyn AGOT 3 Mentioned that Tommen is 7
Robert is on his way to Winterfell.
298 4/1 Arya turns 9
Khalasar leaves the day after
Dany's wedding. Many days pass --
Viserys humiliated, Dany becomes through Norvos, fording rivers,
298 4/10 Dany 3 Daenerys AGOT 24
pregnant riding through Forest of Qohor for
"half a moon", and into the Dothraki
298 5/20 Robert arrives in Winterfell Ned 1 Eddard AGOT 5
298 5/20 Welcoming feast Jon 1 Jon AGOT 6
Dany's 14th Birthday. On "the far Realizes she's pregnant. "It was her
298 5/25 Dany 3 Daenerys AGOT 24
side of the Dothraki sea" fourteenth name day"
A few days later. "Your brother
Benjen came to me about Jon a few
298 5/25 Decision to go South, Jon to NW Cat 2 Catelyn AGOT 7 days ago. It seems the boy aspires
to take the black.” Decision to
depart in a fortnight.
No contextual evidence for when
298 5/26 Crooked stitches Arya 1 Arya AGOT 8
this chapter happens.
Viserys, mounted again, arrives in
298 6/9 Dany 4 Daenerys AGOT 37
Vaes Dothrak
Bran pushed from window by Jaime Supposed to depart for the south
298 6/9 Bran 2 Bran AGOT 9
Lannister the next day.
Bran has been unconscious "four
298 6/14 Tyrion slaps Joffrey, wolves howling Tyrion 1 Tyrion AGOT 10
days with no change."
Cat has been by Bran's bed "close
298 6/22 Everyone leaves Winterfell Jon 2 Jon AGOT 11
on a fortnight."
"Ned and the girls were eight days
298 6/30 Assassin to kill Bran Cat 3 Catelyn AGOT 15
gone " Robb still 14.
Mormont sent word to Varys from
News of Dany's wedding, Pentos about Dany's marriage,
298 Ned 2 Eddard AGOT 13
Barrowlands Varys sent a rider from KL to give
Robert the news
"When she opened them again,
298 7/4 Cat leaving Winterfell Cat 3 Catelyn AGOT 15 they told her that she had slept four
298 7/7 Bran's 8th Birthday
"the eighteenth night of their
298 7/10 Camp, not yet at the wall Tyrion 2 Tyrion AGOT 14
Left four days after the group
298 7/21 Benjen goes ranging
arrived at the Wall
Sam is 15 and kicked out of Horn No contextual evidence, must use
298 7/23
Hill travel speed rates to determine
298 7/31 Robb turns 16 Must be older than Jon
Crossing the Neck had taken 12
298 8/15 Ruby Ford, Nymeria attacks Joff Sansa 1 Sansa AGOT 16
"His men had been searching for
298 8/19 At Darry. Lady killed. Ned 3 Eddard AGOT 17
Arya for four days now"
Benjen had said he'd be back by
298 8/24 Jon's 15th birthday
Jon's name day
Sees Ned pleading before the king
298 8/27 Bran wakes up Bran 3 Bran AGOT 18
for Lady, Cat at sea.
Took a fast ship from White Harbor,
Group arrives in KL. Summoned by
298 8/28 Cat 4 Catelyn AGOT 19 though winds were against them
LF the same day.
most of the voyage.

Ned arrives in KL, LF brings him to "The last fortnight of their journey
298 9/2 Cat. They talk and Ned tells her to Ned 4 Eddard AGOT 21 [since Lady's death] had been a
return to Winterfell at once. misery"
Jon's 15th name day had come and
298 9/7 Jon gets news that Bran will live Jon 3 Jon AGOT 20
gone "a fortnight past"
Arya argues with Sansa, gets
298 9/8 Arya 2 Arya AGOT 23
speech from Ned
Jon practiced with friend enough to
298 9/9 see difference. Tyrion ready to Tyrion 3 Tyrion AGOT 22
298 9/11 Arya's first lesson with Syrio Three days later
298 9/12 Cat leaves KL
Use raven calculator, should be
about 5-7 days after bran wakes up.
Ned gets news that Bran has woken Presumably ravens went out the
298 9/14
up day he woke up. Conditions are
average. This should probably have
happened on the 13th, not 14th
"[Bran's] eighth name day had
Tyrion arrives in Winterfell, plans to
298 9/16 Bran 4 Bran AGOT 25 come and gone." (while he was in a
leave with Yoren the next morning
coma, I think)
Cat: “We left King’s Landing a
Crossroad Inn, Tyrion captured,
298 10/10 Cat 5 Catelyn AGOT 29 fortnight ago." Hand's Tourney has
Yoren there
not yet happened.
"Long days later" since Tyrion's
298 10/12 On the road Tyrion 4 Tyrion AGOT 32
People arriving for Hand's tourney --
298 10/12 every Inn full, Beric arrives, inquiring Ned 6 Eddard AGOT 28
about Jon's death, meets Gendry
In the interim, there was another
298 10/20 Reaches Bloody Gate Cat 6 Catelyn AGOT 35
attack from clansmen.
Climbs during the night, makes it up
298 10/21 Cat in Eyrie
at dawn
298 10/25 Hand's Tourney, Day 1 Sansa 2 Sansa AGOT 30
Tomorrow, Arya is supposed to go
298 10/26 Hand's Tourney, Day 2 Ned 7 Eddard AGOT 31
catch cats for the first time
Arya overhears Varys & Illyrio
talking about Dany's pregnancy and
Arya has been trying to catch cats
298 10/27 Cat kidnapping Tyrion. That night, Arya 3 Arya AGOT 33
"day and night."
Yoren gives Ned the Tyrion-Cat
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Month/Day Event Chapter Chap. Character Book # Citation
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document suck
Yoren told Ned about Cat/Tyrion
last night. Varys: "By now, the
Quarrels with Robert, quits being
298 10/28 Ned 8 Eddard AGOT 34 princess nears Vaes Dothrak." At
chapter's end, LF says he'll take
Ned to brothel that night.
298 10/28 Jaime ambushes Ned Ned 9 Eddard AGOT 36 The same day
Robb prepares war after Cat's
298 10/29
Ned is out for “Six days and seven
298 11/4 Slept 7 nights, Robert goes hunting Ned 10 Eddard AGOT 40 nights.” Robert will go hunting on
the morrow
While armies had been massing at
Golden Tooth, Gregor attacked
298 11/5 Sends the BwB against Gregor Ned 11 Eddard AGOT 44
Sherrer and Wendish Town. Robert
might not return for days.
"A few nights later, at Jon’s urging,
he joined them for the evening
meal, taking a place on the bench
beside Halder. It was another
298 11/5 Enter Sam Jon 4 Jon AGOT 27
fortnight before he found the nerve
to join their talk, but in time he was
laughing at Pyp’s faces and teasing
Grenn with the best of them."
Same night as Ned 11. The next
Sansa learns she has to go away morning, watches Beric ride out.
298 11/6 Sansa 3 Sansa AGOT
from KL Ned says the girls will leave KL as
soon as he can arrange a ship.
Been in the sky cell for days. Goes
298 11/7 Tyrion in jail, asks for trial Tyrion 5 Tyrion AGOT 39
to court, trial will be on the morrow
Jaime is massing a host at Casterly
Tyrion's trial, Bronn wins. Tywin Rock, Edmure has sent Vance and
298 11/8 Cat 7 Catelyn AGOT 41
amassing troops Piper to guard the pass below the
Golden Tooth.
298 11/9 Melisandre in Dragonstone
Had left the Bloody Gate at
298 11/9 At the Bloody Gate Tyrion 6 Tyrion AGOT 43 daybreak. Encounters the hill tribes
that night
Dosh Khaleen prophecy / Viserys Mentions her pregnancy sickness
298 11/10 Dany 5 Daenerys AGOT 47
dies "these past two moons."
"At first Joseth or Hodor would lead
her, while Bran sat strapped to her
Fight with Wildlings, Osha comes to
back in the oversize saddle the Imp
Winterfell. First mention that Robb
298 11/10 Bran 5 Bran AGOT 38 had drawn up for him, but for the
has turned 16 (though could've
past fortnight he had been riding
happened anytime since Catelyn 3)
her on his own." Last night, a bird
came with news of Jory's death
Tywin sent a letter that morning,
angry about Ned sending Beric.
Joffrey returned from the hunting
298 11/1 Ned warns Cersei Ned 12 Eddard AGOT 46 party with the Royces that morning.
Arya and Sansa will leave KL "three
days hence." Confronts Cersei that
Robert returns from the hunt, Arya and Sansa's ship will sail the
298 11/15 Ned 13 Eddard AGOT 48
mortally wounded next day.
298 11/16 Sansa runs to Cersei, Ned betrayed Ned 14 Eddard AGOT 50
298 11/16 Syrio's death, Arya escapes Arya 4 Arya AGOT 51
Talks to Cersei, writes letters to be "They came for Sansa on the third
298 11/18 Sansa 4 Sansa AGOT 52
sent to Winterfell, Riverrun, Eyrie day."
298 11/20 Battle of the Red Fork (Beric killed)
Hears he will take his vows. Asks
11/28 Jon 5 Jon AGOT 42
Aemon to intervene for Sam
Sam made brother, Ghost finds
298 11/29 Jon 6 Jon AGOT 49
298 11/30 Sansa's letter arrives in Winterfell
Likely the next day from Jon 6.
Ghost leads them out to find the
298 11/30 News of Ned, Undead attack Jon 7 Jon AGOT 53
bodies. "Close on half a year since
Benjen left us"
"For near a fortnight there had been
so many comings and goings" of
bannermen to Winterfell. "The
298 12/1 Robb leaves Winterfell Bran 6 Bran AGOT 54
fighting has begun in the
riverlands." Robb leaves two days
later. Has received Sansa's letter.
298 12/5 Battle of the Golden Tooth
298 12/15 Sansa turns 12
First Battle of Riverrun. Edmure
rre 12/15
Caravan (with poisoner) arrived last
night. Dany has not laughed since
298 12/16 Poisoning attempt Dany 6 Daenerys AGOT 55 her brother's death. Khalasar leaves
Vaes Dothrak two days after
poisoning attempt.
Cat has gone to Gulltown, sailed to
White Harbor (learned about
Robert's death and Ned's arrest
there), now meets Robb's army at
Moat Cailin. "Less than a fortnight
past," Jaime won "a battle in the
Arrives at Moat Caillin, meets hills below the Golden Tooth," and
298 12/17 Cat 8 Catelyn AGOT 56
Robb's army was headed toward Riverrun.
Around the same time, Tywin
defeated the BWB at the Red Fork
and is marching toward Harrenhal.
Robb decides to go west of the
Green Fork and send Roose Bolton
298 12/18 Khalasar leaves Vaes Dothrak
First court session of Joffrey's reign.
Pleads for Ned's life. Barristan
298 12/18 Sansa 5 Sansa AGOT 58 (No news from Riverlands fighting is
Sansa "came to court a few days
ago to plead that you be spared."
298 12/21 Varys coaxing him to admit treason Ned 15 Eddard AGOT 59
Jaime is fighting the Riverlords and
Robb is marching down the Neck.
298 12/23 Ned Beheaded Arya 5 Arya AGOT 66 Days later
Hears that Jaime has taken Edmure
captive outside Riverrun and is
besieging the castle. Tywin has
Reaches crossroad Inn with clans / taken Raventree, Harrenhal, and
298 12/23 Tyrion 7 Tyrion AGOT 57
Masha Heddle dead the Pipers and Brackens were
"burnt out." Receives word that
Robb is moving south from Moat
298 12/25 Renly crowned himself king
Host exits the Neck. The next
morning, Blackfish reports back with
298 12/25 At the Twins Cat 9 Catelyn AGOT 60 news of Edmure's defeat and
capture. By midday they're at the
Twins. They cross that night.
Word of Stark (Bolton) host moving
Told he'll ride in the van. Meets south from the Twins, a day's march
298 12/26 Tyrion 8 Tyrion AGOT 63
Shae. away. The next day, the Battle of
the Green Fork.

Lhazareen lamb city. Takes MMD

298 12/31 Dany 7 Daenerys AGOT 62
as slave
299 January
A couple days have passed. Bird
came last night with news of
Barristan's dismissal and Robb
299 1/1 Given Longclaw, Robb is marching Jon 8 Jon AGOT 61
marching to war. Mormont sent
Alliser south with the hand
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Month/Day Event Chapter Chap. Character Book # Citation
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document suck
Cat waits overnight as the battle
299 1/1 Whispering wood Cat 10 Catelyn AGOT 64
takes place
299 1/2 News of Ned's death Bran 7 Bran AGOT 67
Second Battle of Riverrun. Robb Robb returns at dawn with Jaime as
299 1/2
wins prisoner
Have recently heard of Ned. They
get news of Renly crowning himself.
Enters Riverrun. Robb crowned
299 1/3 Cat 11 Catelyn AGOT 72 Since this is their first entry to
King in the North.
Riverrun, it likely comes right on the
heels of Cat 10
Battle of the Green Fork, Roose
299 1/3 AGOT
299 1/6 Jon tries to escape Jon 9 Jon AGOT 71 Got news of Ned's death
Had marched south to Crossroads
Inn. Upon arrival, news of According to Varys, "Renly
Whispering Wood and Jaime's Baratheon wed Margaery Tyrell at
299 1/8 Tyrion 9 Tyrion AGOT 70
capture, "days and days ago." Had Highgarden this fortnight past, and
already heard about Ned's death. now he has claimed the crown."
Tyrion sent to court
299 1/8 Gregor, Vargo & Amory unleashed
299 1/9 Mirri Maz Duur's spell Dany 8 Daenerys AGOT 65 They've been marching for days
Days later. Joff's nameday will be
299 1/11 Joff showing her Ned's head Sansa 6 Sansa AGOT 68 here soon. News of Jaime's capture
had arrived.
Dany's been out "long." Kills Drogo
299 1/19 Khalasar gone Dany 9 Daenerys AGOT 69
the next morning.
299 1/20 Dragons hatch, comet Dany 10 Daenerys AGOT 73 Comet
Comet- Already outside KL.
Probably left the same day as Ned's
death. "She walked for the rest of
299 1/22 Gone from KL, almost kills Hot Pie Arya 1 Arya ACOK 2
that day, and the day after, and the
day after that." Then, looks at the
299 1/27 Dany travels east Dany 1 Daenerys ACOK 13 Chapter spans many days
Comet. Yestermorn, white raven
arrived from the Citadel (Autumn).
Davos returned last night, says the
stormlands won't rise for Stannis.
Comet & White Raven - Cressen
299 2/1 Prologue ACOK 1 "No craft that had come within sight
of Dragonstone this past half year
had been allowed to leave again."
Knows of Robb being King in the
Several days pass, lots of refugees.
They stop at a village inn. Hears for
299 2/1 Gold Cloaks catch up to inn with ivy Arya 2 Arya ACOK 6 the first time that Robb is in battle.
Gold cloaks come for Gendry, on
Cersei's orders.
Comet. Soon after comet appears,
white raven arrives from Citadel
Comet & White Raven - Walders
299 2/7 Bran 1 Bran ACOK 5 (autumn). Frey boys have been
show up at Wintefell
there for some time. Knows Robb is
King in the North.
Comet. "“If the winds have been
kind, Ser Alliser should reach King’s
Comet & White Raven - One day Landing by the turn of the moon."
299 2/9 Jon 1 Jon ACOK 7
before ranging. Citadel autumn raven came
recently. Last night, Jon heard
Robb is King in the North.
Comet. Tommen is 8. Some days
have passed. "When they told him
that Robb had been proclaimed
King in the North, his rage had been
299 2/10 Comet. Joff nameday (13) Sansa 1 Sansa ACOK 3
a fearsome thing, and he had sent
Ser Boros to beat her." Cersei
furious that Tywin has gone to
Harrenhal. News of Viserys death.
Same day. Heads on walls have
299 2/10 Tyrion becomes Hand Tyrion 1 Tyrion ACOK 4
long since rotted.
Days later. Going very slowly
because of wagons. "We're not far
Left Kingsroad, toward God's Eye, from God's Eye." Will come up on
299 2/21 Arya 3 Arya ACOK 10
past Briarwhite the Trident "around the lake along
the western shore." Days pass
during the chapter.
Heard about the killing of Robert's
299 2/24 Sends Slynt to the Wall Tyrion 2 Tyrion ACOK 9 infant child in the brothel. Shae has
been settled but is growing restive.
Comet. Riverrun received a white
raven signifying the start of autumn
a fortnight past. The Riverlords
departed since the crowning, their
host dwindles every day. Theon will
Comet & White Raven / Cleos Frey leave on the morrow. News of
299 2/28 Cat 1 Catelyn ACOK 8
sent Piper, Vance, Dondarrion, Bracken,
Blackwood fighting their own battles
in the Riverlands. News of the sack
of Darry and the end of the Darry
line. Stafford Lannister's army
gathering at Casterly Rock.
Reaches south of God's Eye. Amory
299 2/28 Arya 4 Arya ACOK 15
Lorch. Yoren dies
Meryn hit her after she said she
was pleased Slynt went to the Wall,
299 3/3 Meets Dontos in Godswood Sansa 2 Sansa ACOK 19
but by now her bruise has nearly

Ship came in yesterday from KL.

News of Tyrion's arrival, firing of
Burning of Seven. Sends letter
299 3/10 Davos 1 Davos ACOK 11 Slynt. Renly has marched from
proclaiming Joffrey a bastard.
Highgarden. Davos will distribute
the letter north.
299 3/13 Stannis pamphlet arrives in KL Tyrion 3 Tyrion ACOK 16
299 3/15 Captured west of God's Eye Arya 5 Arya ACOK 20 Days and days have passed.
Says he's almost 9. Manderly
Vassals talking, Cerwyn arrives with knows of Slynt being sent to Wall.
299 3/17 Bran 2 Bran ACOK 17
news of Stannis' Letter Lady Hornwood visits. Days pass
during the chapter
"The black brothers had left Castle
Black in good spirits, joking and
Ranging, reach Whitetree (4th trading tales, but of late the
299 3/18 Jon 2 Jon ACOK 14
village) brooding silence of the wood
seemed to have sombered them
Dany reaches Vaes Tolorro. Next
299 3/19 Dany 1 Daenerys ACOK 13
morning, sends out 3 riders
Harvest feast / The Reeds arrive at The feast. All the people from Bran
299 3/20 Bran 3 Bran ACOK 22
Winterfell 2 still there.
Comet. Had gone to Seagard, then
Pyke. Complains that the ship has
been too slow. " Robb had sent
ravens from Riverrun, and when
299 3/25 Arrives at Pyke Theon 1 Theon ACOK 12 they’d found no longship at
Seagard, Jason Mallister had sent
his own birds to Pyke, supposing
that Robb’s were lost." “By now
Robb is at the Golden Tooth."
299 4/1 Arya turns 10
8 days captive at God's Eye. Then,
Arrives Harrenhal. After 8 days in
299 4/3 Arya 6 Arya ACOK 27 a march to Harrenhal that takes
hut + march
days. Arrival.

Letter to Dorne. Renly has marched

Sends offer to Doran. Alliser Thorne
299 4/20 Tyrion 4 Tyrion ACOK 18 from Highgarden. LF plans to leave
arrives in KL
for Gulltown in a fortnight.
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Month/Day Event Chapter Chap. Character Book # Citation
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document suck
Myrcella is nine. Cleos Frey from
Cleos Frey arrives / Prepares
299 4/25 Tyrion 5 Tyrion ACOK 21 Riverrun. Pycelle has told Cersei
about Mycella/Dorne.
Had been to 3 more empty villages.
"Six days of rain had made the
Arrive at Craster's Keep. Gilly is
299 4/30 Jon 3 Jon ACOK 23 ground treacherous." "You'll guest
showing "early turns of pregnancy"
here for a night. No longer." They
leave the next day.
Riding with 20 men, avoiding towns
and holdfasts. Worst over when
they crossed Blackwater, for past 4
Arrives at Bitterbridge. News of
299 5/1 Cat 2 Catelyn ACOK 23 days no signs of war. Arrives at
Stannis besieging Storm's End
Bitterbridge, rider from Storm's End
with news of Stannis besieging the
castle that very night.
In Dany 5 he says that when he left
Barristan departs Pentos, heading Pentos, there were 4 kings in the
299 5/10
for Qarth land. So after news of Stannis at
Storm's End.
Asha back from Great Wyk. Balon
has been feasting captains every
Meets Asha. Depart for war in 14 night as they arrive. "We're off to
299 5/15 Theon 2 Theon ACOK 25
days war within a fortnight." Will sail
when Dagmer arrives from Old
Cleos Frey leaves that afternoon.
News that Stannis is besieging
299 5/5 Answer from Doran. Alliser Thorne Tyrion 6 Tyrion ACOK 26
Storm's End. Poisons Cersei.
gets an audience
Soon after Tyrion 6. Cersei sends
299 5/8 Cersei still indisposed Tyrion 7 Tyrion ACOK 30
Lancel to demand Pycelle's release.
Her previous two riders had already
returned. First Rakharo, who made
Quaithe & co arrive at Vaes Tolorro
299 5/17 Dany 1 Daenerys ACOK 13 it to a southern shore. Second
from Qarth
Aggo, who found two ruined cities in
the SW.
299 5/25 Dany turns 15
Lots of time has passed. This
chapter itself spans weeks, maybe
months. Arya hears a story about
Stannis's letter. News of Stannis
besieging Storm's End. Fortnight
299 6/10 Chiswyck dies. Arya 7 Arya ACOK 31 later, Bloody Mummers arrive. Days
more pass. News of Bolton
occupying Ruby Ford. Jaqen
arrives, 3 days later she says
Chiswyck's name, 3 days later
Chiswyck dies.
299 6/21 Fist of the first Men. Finds horn Jon 4 Jon ACOK 35
Arrival in Qarth. "It has been half a
year since I last heard tidings from
the Seven Kingdoms." News from
Arrives in Qarth. Dany is 15. News
299 6/26 Dany 2 Daenerys ACOK 28 Oldtown that Robert is dead, Ned
of Robert's death
arrested for treason. (Quhuru Mo
was in Oldtown "not half a year
299 7/7 Bran turns 9
Reeds stayed after the feast and
News of Ramsay raping Lady
299 7/9 Bran 4 Bran ACOK 29 became Bran's "constant
Hornwood. Rodrick leaving. Bran 9.
299 7/10 Battle of Oxcross
Catelyn and Renly's huge army
299 7/14 Renly's Peach Cat 3 Catelyn ACOK 32
arrive at Storm's End
Renly dies. Fleeing with Brienne to
299 7/15 Cat 4 Catelyn ACOK 34
News of oxcross (happened 6 days
299 7/16 Sansa 3 Sansa ACOK 33
News of Renly's death. After Sansa LF will leave before dawn for
299 7/19 Tyrion 8 Tyrion ACOK 37
3 Bitterbridge.
Tywin marching (to RR) news of Tywin marching. Robb had won
299 7/25 Arya 8 Arya ACOK 39
oxcross. Weese dead some great victory in the west.
Qhorin's men had been expected
"days ago," but they waited a few
Qhorin arrives late. Jon joins him
299 7/27 Jon 5 Jon ACOK 44 more days and they showed up.
when he leaves
Jon will leave with Qhorin the next
News of Oxcross. Days pass.
News of oxcross. Rodrick comes Rodrik returns with Reek as
299 7/30 Bran 5 Bran ACOK 36
back with Ramsay prisoner. Benfred Tallhart sent to
Stony Shore
299 7/31 Robb turns 16
stony shore. Plan to send Dagmer
299 8/3 Raiding near Torrhen's square. Theon 3 Theon ACOK 38 after Torrhen's square and then to
take Winterfell
Myrcella sent to Dorne. Riot at KL.
Penrose still holding. LF has had
Lollys raped - date to birth of her
299 8/5 ample time to reach Bitterbridge, Tyrion 9 Tyrion ACOK 42
child in AFFC
they are wondering whether he died
on the way.
Stannis says Penrose has "had a
Ultimatum rejected by Cortney fortnight to consider my offer."
299 8/7 Penrose. Stannis takes Storm's Davos 2 Davos ACOK 43 (Offer may have been made well
End. Renly's death.) Mel kills him that

She didn't go back to Bitterbridge,

instead rode through "the heart of
the war, through fertile riverlands
turned to blackened deserts." Tywin
has left Harrenhal and marches with
all his power. Will be upon them in 3
299 8/9 Arrives from Storm's end Cat 5 Catelyn ACOK 40 or 4 days. Next day, arrives at
Riverrun. They've gotten 3 birds
from Penrose at Storm's End.
Tyrion's mummers have been
hanged. Bolton has taken Ruby
Ford and crossroads and married a

News of Penrose death. No word

from Tywin at Red Fork. Tyrion
299 8/11 Tyrion 10 Tyrion ACOK 45
plans to have Bywater take
Three days earlier, received a letter
from Bolton saying he's crossed the
Trident and is marching on
Day 1: Edmure leaves Riverrun for
battle. Later that day, news that
Storm's End has fallen. Last word
299 8/15 Cat 6 Catelyn ACOK 46
from Robb was that he was
marching toward the Crag. At night,
watches a battle.
Day 2: Talks to Cleos Frey
Day 5: Battle of the Red Fork
Day 7: News of Battle of the Red
We know from Cat 6 that Roose
Weasel soup. Roose met mummers; was marching on Harrenhal a week
299 8/16 Arya 9 Arya ACOK 48
Arya is 10 before the Edmure/Tywin Red Fork
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Month/Day Event Chapter Chap. Character Book # Citation
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document suck
Had been receiving many offerings
for some time. "Half a year gone,"
Meets pureborns. Meets fire mage. the firemage was powerless.
299 8/17 Dany 3 Daenerys ACOK 41
Receives gifts Dragons twice as big as they were
in Vaes Tolorro. On the morrow,
Jorah will go to Pyat Pree.
299 8/19 Undyings Dany 4 Daenerys ACOK 49
Battle of the Red Fork. Tywin's
299 8/20 westerward movement is stopped,
he turns east instead.
Some days have passed since
Dany 4. Barristan has arrived. Must
have been enough time for word to
get from Qarth to Pentos before he
set out there. "When we set sail
299 8/22 Kicked out of Qarth, meets Barristan Dany 5 Daenerys ACOK 64 from Pentos there were four kings
in the land." Means he left after
Stannis' declaration but before
Renly's death. Need to account for
Barristan's travel time from Pentos
in placing this chapter.
299 8/24 Jon turns 16
Rodrik had left 8 days ago for
299 8/31 Theon takes Winterfell Bran 6 Bran ACOK 47 Torrhen's Square. Theon takes

Shae with Lollys. Old letter from News of Winterfell's fall. News that
299 9/7 Doran warning of Storm's End's fall. Tyrion 11 Tyrion ACOK 50 Bolton took Harrenhal. New letter
Tommen taken. from Balon Greyjoy
There had been time enough for
Theon fakes the deaths of Bran and Stygg to reach Deepwood Motte.
299 9/8 Theon 4 Theon ACOK 51
Rickon They find the people Osha and
wolves killed in escape.
Squall six days into the voyage,
299 9/9 Dany 1 Daenerys ASOS 10
then six days of calm
Kingswood on fire. Stannis Van Two nights ago, Stannis's vanguard
299 9/10 Sansa 4 Sansa ACOK 53
below. Sansa's first period of 5K had appeared.
Been in the Frostfangs for some
299 9/11 Meets Ygritte Jon 6 Jon ACOK 52
Probably the next day from Jon 6.
Milkwater. Contact Bran in the Talks to Bran in the crypts, so
299 9/12 Jon 7 Jon ACOK 54
crypts should be earlier. One more day
passes during the chapter.

haunted by bad dreams for days.

"Past time" that Asha arrived. She
knows that Dagmer's lost at
Asha comes and goes. Dream Robb
299 9/14 Theon 5 Theon ACOK 57 Torrhen's Square, Rodrik is
entering hall of the dead
gathering an army to retake
Winterfell. Theon sends Reek to
gather men.
News of Bran's death. No word from
299 9/15 Tyrion 12 Tyrion ACOK 55
Robb takes Crag. Hears of Bran and
299 9/16
Rickon's deaths. Sleeps with Jeyne.
Bad weather means "they had lost
considerable time.
299 9/18 Battle of the Blackwater Davos 3 Davos ACOK 59
Stannis would have reached the
Rush days ago."
299 9/18 Battle of the Blackwater Tyrion 13 Tyrion ACOK 60
299 9/18 Battle of the Blackwater Sansa 6 Sansa ACOK 61
299 9/18 Battle of the Blackwater Tyrion 14 Tyrion ACOK 62
Battle of the Blackwater ends at
299 9/19 Sansa 7 Sansa ACOK 63
Sansa says the Purple Wedding
won't be for a moon's turn at least
Tywin made Hand. LF gave Dontos
299 9/21 Sansa 8 Sansa ACOK 66 (though she wouldn't know the
the hairnet, Dontos gives it to Sansa
exact date), Marg is still at
Robb has conquered the Crag. That
morning, got news from Rodrik
299 9/22 Cat 7 Catelyn ACOK 56 "Robb was sixteen a few days past"
about Bran and Rickon's deaths.
Frees Jaime
299 9/23 Cat lets Jaime escape Riverrun Jaime 1 Jaime ASOS 2
Imprisoned at Riverrun. Next day, a
raven bringing news from Robb at
the Crag. Next day, writes Lysa a
Judged, news of Robb taking the
299 9/23 Cat 1 Catelyn ASOS 3 letter. Edmure returns. News that
Stannis lost at the Blackwater.
(Robb's marriage is known among
the men, but not to Cat.)
Lots of time has passed. From few
heads to many heads. Roose got
Hears about Bran/Rickon's deaths. news of the Blackwater some time
299 9/26 Arya 10 Arya ACOK 65
News of Robb's marriage arrives ago. Roose sends orders for the
attack on Duskendale. That night,
news of Robb's marriage.
299 9/28 Meets Rattleshirt, kills Qhorin Jon 8 Jon ACOK 69 Many days have passed.
Innkeep still doesn't know about
299 9/29 Arrives at Inn of Kneeling Man Jaime 2 Jaime ASOS 12
Blackwater outcome
Theon falls. Winterfell burned.
299 9/30 Theon 6 Theon ACOK 67 Reek back from Dreadfort.
Rodrick dies
299 10/1 Winterfell burned down Bran 7 Bran ACOK 70
299 10/2 Reaches Astapor Dany 2 Daenerys ASOS 25
299 10/3 Escaping Harrenhal Arya 1 Arya ASOS 5 Chapter spans several days
299 10/4 gets Unsullied Dany 3 Daenerys ASOS 29
They've been staying at
Moving north, separated from
299 10/10 Bran 1 Bran ASOS 11 Tumbledown Tower in the
Shaggy « many hunts »
Wolfswood for some time.
299 10/13 Starving on a rock Davos 1 Davos ASOS
Arrives in wildling camp on To the Milkwater. Traveling for over
299 10/15 Jon 1 Jon ASOS
Milkwater six days.
299 10/16 Arrives on Dragonstone Davos 2 Davos ASOS
Marg arrived days ago. Sansa gets
the dinner invite, then days more
299 10/20 Margaery in KL Sansa 1 Sansa ASOS
pass until the appointed day.
Marriage plot.
Inn of the Kneeling Man. Arrives in
299 10/22 Arya 2 Arya ASOS 15
dead village, meets Anguy
299 10/25 Travels with BwB, 3 days Arya 3 Arya ASOS 19
299 10/27 Dreaming, healing Tyrion 15 Tyrion ACOK 68 Lots of time passed since the battle.
299 10/31 Yunkai yields Dany 4 Daenerys ASOS
"Thoren Smallwood had returned in
a lather three days past" having
Chett. Others attack. Sam releases
299 11/1 Prologue ASOS found the wildlings on the
ravens. Wildlings 40 miles away
Milkwater. The wildling van will be
upon them in 10 days.
Tyrion sent for Bronn four days ago.
Tywin says he's been out of danger
for "at least a fortnight." Alayaya
whipped 8 or 9 days ago. Northmen
299 11/1 Awakening from fever Tyrion 1 Tyrion ASOS
heading to Duskendale, Tywin is
sending Tarly to sort them out.
Mycella has arrived safely at
Sunspear. Tywin writing RW letters.
Robb returns. Idea to marry Edmure
299 11/2 Robb returns Cat 2 Catelyn ASOS 16
to the Freys.
Maidenpool. Captured by Bloody
299 11/4 Mummers. Cleos dead, Jaime loses Jaime 3 Jaime ASOS
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Bronn has been investigating
Mandon Moore, Varys has heard of
it. Tyrion has seen Shae several
299 11/5 Tyrion trying to get up to speed Tyrion 2 Tyrion ASOS
times in passing over the past few
days. Has Varys deliver Shae for a
meeting. Tells Bronn to find Symon.
In cell, fever, Alester Florent sent in,
299 11/6 Davos 3 Davos ASOS
talks to Mel
Duskendale was yesterday. LF says
he'll leave for the Eyrie on the
morrow. A recent raven from
Sunspear -- 300 Dornishmen riding
Small council. News Tarly vs
299 11/7 Tyrion 3 Tyrion ASOS for KL. Rumors from Qarth of a 3-
Glover. Balon offering alliance
headed dragon. Yesterday, LF told
Tywin about the Sansa marriage
plot. News that Robb has married
Lannister prisoners murdered,
Karstark men gone. Karstark
299 11/8 Tyon & Willem Lannister murdered Cat 3 Catelyn ASOS 22
beheaded the next day. Lysa still
not answering any letters.
299 11/9 Duskendale
Has not slept since the Fist. Kills the
299 11/9 Sam 1 Samwell ASOS Days have passed.
Has been hanging out with
Margaery's cousins for a while.
Went hawking with Marg a few days
Dead cleared. Meet QoT. Measures
299 11/10 Sansa 2 Sansa ASOS ago and she called her "sister." Told
taken for gown
Dontos about the marriage plot a
while back, hasn't visited the
godswood since.
Days have passed. Ygritte has
299 11/11 Counting giants, arrives on the Fist Jon 2 Jon ASOS been trying to sleep with him. They
have reached The Fist.
Lychester->village->high heart-
299 11/12 Arya 4 Arya ASOS 24 Karstark men are trashing villages
>acorn hall
"Long after" losing his hand. Days
riding to Harrenhal. First hears of
the Blackwater outcome. Bolton
299 11/13 Reaches Harrenhal. Bolton is there. Jaime 4 Jaime ASOS
also mentions Karstark's execution.
Eye still swollen from fight with
Meereen 173 miles of posts with
299 11/14 Dany 5 Daenerys ASOS
Mountains. They've often gone
299 11/15 Twisted mountain valleys Bran 2 Bran ASOS leagues in the wrong direction and
had to retrace steps.
Gets new gown, marries Tyrion. 13
299 11/16 Sansa 3 Sansa ASOS 30
when moon turns
Stoney sept, the Peach. Sandor Arya had "been bathed twice at
299 11/17 Arya 5 Arya ASOS
capture Acorn Hall, not a fortnight past."
Hound's trial: Hollow Hill. Same day
299 11/17 Arya 6 Arya ASOS
Arya 5: Hound still drunk
Hoster dead. Lothar Frey had
arrived from the Twins. Had gotten
news of Duskendale days earlier.
News of Sansa/Tyrion marriage last
299 11/18 Hoster dead. Red Wedding planned. Cat 4 Catelyn ASOS 37 night. Freys bring news from the
Walders at the Dreadfort that
Winterfell was burned. Freys want
the marriage to take place "at
LF sailed north "a fortnight past."
LF sailed north 14 days before. Bird News of Kevan's son's murder at
from Bowen Marsh: Mormont under Riverrun came a few days ago.
299 11/21 Tyrion 4 Tyrion ASOS
attack at fist, Bowen hasn't gotten Everyone knows Sansa's still a
word from him in a while maiden. Tells Bronn to kill Symon in
three days.
299 11/22 Stannis throws leeches in fire Davos 4 Davos ASOS
Leave Riverrun. Days pass.
Through the Whispering Wood. Five
more days pass, rains make the
travel difficult. 8 more days to
Oldstones. Days more pass, riding
up the Blue Fork, "the going was
worse than slow." At Hag's Mire,
299 11/23 Marching to the Twins Cat 5 Catelyn ASOS
news of Balon's death, Euron's
back and he drowned Lord Botley in
a cask of seawater. Sends Mallister,
Glover, and Mormont to Greywater
Watch. Robb plans to attack Moat
Cailin on 1/01/300, shortly after the
Attack on Bloody Mummers. On the
299 11/24 Arya 7 Arya ASOS Hound finds them again
way to RR
Roose mentions that Edmure is to
Harrendal bathhouse. Dinner with marry Roslin at the Twins and he
299 11/30 Jaime 5 Jaime ASOS
Roose. must leave soon. Sansa/Tyrion are

In Meereen. Corpse in Plaza ripe.

299 12/1 Dany 6 Daenerys ASOS
Took in less than a day
In Jaime 5 Roose says Jaime will
leave when Qyburn says he's
Leaves Harrenhal, comes back gets strong enough. Roose and Jaime
299 12/2 Jaime 6 Jaime ASOS
Brienne leave Harrenhal the same morning.
Avoiding the Kingsroad. Back to
Harrenhal next day.
299 12/2 Balon dies
Balon is dead. Ghost of High Heart
299 12/3 High Heart + 1: caught by Sandor Arya 8 Arya ASOS
knows of the marriage plans.
They've been at Craster's for days.
299 12/4 At Craster's. Gilly gives birth. Sam 2 Samwell ASOS 3 men have died of wounds in that
News of Balon's death on great
Aeron 1 (The
299 12/5 Wyk. Next day, calls for a Aeron AFFC
Left with the Thenns the next day
after Jon 2. Have traveled for
299 12/8 Jon reaches the bottom of wall. Jon 3 Jon ASOS nights, sleeping in empty villages.
To a cave. "He had been in her half
a hundred times by now."
Not too much later, they just left the
299 12/9 Scaling the wall Jon 4 Jon ASOS cave. At the Wall. Reach the top by
299 12/10 Crosses Trident at Harroway. Arya 9 Arya ASOS
Fleeing Craster's, at a wildling
299 12/12 Sam 3 Samwell ASOS
village. Meet CH
299 12/15 Sansa turns 13 ASOS
Queenscrown. Several more nights
299 12/16 Queenscrown, escapes Jon 5 Jon ASOS have passed. Sync with Bran 3. Jon
escapes, rides till dawn.
299 12/16 Queenscrown. Synchro with Jon Bran 3 Bran ASOS
Allot time for 300 Dornish to ride to
299 12/18 Meets Oberyn Tyrion 5 Tyrion ASOS
KL from Sunspear
Arrival at the Twins, audience with
299 12/22 Green Fork, arrives at Twins Cat 6 Catelyn ASOS
Freys. Bolton has arrived too.
299 12/23 Arrives at the Twins Arya 10 Arya ASOS
299 12/23 Red Wedding Cat 7 Catelyn ASOS
299 12/23 Red Wedding Arya 11 Arya ASOS
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Reaches Mole's Town at night,
Castle Black at dawn. Buckwell had
Leg stiff. Buckwell came back from
returned a fortnight past, scouts had
Crasters 14 days ago, his scouts
299 12/24 Jon 6 Jon ASOS seen Jon riding with the wildling
had seen Jon riding with the wildling
column. The Wall knows of
Mormont's death, a dozen men
made it back from Craster's.
The next day? Thenns can't be too
far behind Jon. Mole's Town is
Mole town burning. Aemon sent burning. Aemon sent more
299 12/25 Jon 7 Jon ASOS
ravens messages seeking aid, to four
kings. Thenn attack happens that
night. Ygritte's death.
299 12/26 Nymeria fishing out Cat from river
299 12/28 News of Red Wedding Tyrion 6 Tyrion ASOS
299 12/30 Saan news of KL -> red wedding Davos 5 Davos ASOS
300 January
300 1/1 Tyrion 7 Morning of Purple Wedding Tyrion 7 Tyrion ASOS
“There’s wine here. You don’t
Sansa 4 Purple Wedding. Joff hacks
300 1/1 Sansa 4 Sansa ASOS expect me to face my sister sober,
a book
surely? It’s a new century, my lady.
Tyrion 8 Purple Wedding. Joffrey
300 1/1 Tyrion 8 Tyrion ASOS The three hundredth year since
Aegon’s Conquest.” (660)
300 1/1 Sansa 5 Escapes KL Sansa 5 Sansa ASOS
This may not be completely
accurate because we don't know
1/2 Tyrion in captivity Tyrion 9 (66) Tyrion ASOS how long Tyrion has been jailed for
at this point. It seems likely no more
than a day at most has passed.
300 1/3 Arrives in KL Jaime 7 Jaime ASOS
Edric escapes. News of Purple
300 1/4 Davos 6 Davos ASOS Stannis decides to go to the Wall
Returns to Harlaw. Preparation for
Asha 1 (Kraken's Asha was expected days ago.
300 1/5 Queensmoot. Meets Rodrick "the Asha AFFC
daughter) Winds were against her.
reader" Harlaw
Lots of time passed. Harpy killings
Holds court, told about Hazzea's have been ongoing. Hizdahr has
300 1/5 Dany 1 Daenerys ADWD
death already asked five times to open the
fighting pits.
Nightfort, had dream about RW Arrival at Nightfort. Had dreamed of
300 1/6 Bran 4 Bran ASOS
nights before RW. Sam at Nightfort.
Victarion 1 (The Known that Robb is dead and
300 1/6 Preparation for Kingsmoot Victarion AFFC
Iron Captain) Bolton named Warden of the North.
Aeron 2 (the
300 1/7 Kingsmoot. Euron King. Aeron AFFC
Drowned Man)
1/7 Tyrion's trial begins Tyrion 9 (66) Tyrion ASOS
300 1/7 At Tyrion's trial, reads white book Jaime 8 Jaime ASOS
300 1/8
Oberyn visits, proposes to be
300 1/9 Tyrion 9 (66) Tyrion ASOS
Tyrion demands trial by combat
300 1/10 Tyrion 10 (70) Tyrion ASOS
after Shae testifies
LF/Sansa arrive after journey to the
Fingers. Lysa arrives 8 days later.
300 1/10 KL->Fingers, leaving for Eyrie Sansa 6 Sansa ASOS
They all leave for the Eyrie the next
1/11 Oberyn vs. the Mountain Tyrion 10 (70) Tyrion ASOS
News of Oberyn's death in The Captain of the
300 1/13 Areo Hotah AFFC
Sunspear guards
Mance arrives. Still no Bowen.
Donal Noye's death. Two nights
300 1/15 Mance attacks Jon 8 Jon ASOS
ago, finally word that Bowen Marsh
is wounded at the Shadow tower.
Days have passed since Tyrion's
trial because Gregor's screams
have been heard "day and night."
Tyrion's beheading has not yet
300 1/19 Sends Brienne find Sansa Jaime 9 Jaime ASOS
been scheduled. Jaime also hears
that Stannis has left Dragonstone.
Speaks to Jeyne Poole as she
departs KL.
More Harpy killings. Daario has
been gone a long time. Dragons
300 1/20 Dragons chained Dany 2 Daenerys ADWD chained. There were three attempts
to chain Drogon, leading to him
flying away.

Rode for many days, makes it to

Mountains of Moon. Dreams of
Stays and leaves in village mountain
300 1/22 Arya 12 Ayra ASOS pulling Cat from the water. Stays in
of the moon
a village there for over a fortnight,
then heads back to Riverlands.
Lysa is already dead in AFFC
Cersei 2. After the Fingers, they
went to the Eyrie, spending 1 night
300 1/23 Only cat Sansa 7 Sansa ASOS
at the Gates of the Moon. When the
chapter begins, LF has been gone
from the Eyrie for 4 days.
This is probably even later. Jaime
says that Tyrion's beheading has
been scheduled for tomorrow.
Tyrion's voice has grown "hoarse
300 1/24 Escapes, kills Tywin Tyrion 11 Tyrion ASOS
from disuse." In Dorne there's at
least a fortnight between news of
Oberyn's death and news of Tywin's
300 1/24 Night of Tywin's death Cersei 1 Cersei AFFC Chapter goes through dawn
Rosby, then two days to old stone
300 1/24 Brienne 1 Brienne AFFC
Days have passed, Mance
preparing his turtle. Jon takes a
300 1/25 still in battle. Mini 4 days Jon 9 Jon ASOS
nap, then is arrested by Slynt and
Pate dead. News of Dany
299 1/26 everywhere, Meereen and freeing prologue AFFC Tywin still thought to be alive
slaves mentioned
Cersei had risen "an hour before
dawn" to bathe and prepare for the
300 1/27 Tywin's funerals Cersei 2 Cersei AFFC
wake. In this chapter, Cersei knows
that Lysa Arryn is dead.
Jaime has been standing vigil for
300 1/27 Tywin's funerals Jaime 1 Jaime AFFC some time, but it's not clear how
long (though it's not 7 days).
300 1/28 Duskendale. Pod joins. Brienne 2 Brienne AFFC Hears talk of Tywin's death
Had spent "four days in the ice."
Sent to kill Mance. Stannis arrives.
300 1/29 In jail four days. Stannis arrives Jon 10 Jon ASOS Let's assume Mel's magic wind for
Stannis's ships was really really
Fortnight ago, merchant for KL killed Arys (Soiled Quentyn has departed from Planky
300 1/29 Arys AFFC
(because of Oberyn's death) Knight) Town
Crossroad Inn. Tickler. Leaving
Hears of Joffrey's death for the first
300 1/30 Hound. Riding to Saltpans. Getting Arya 13 Arya ASOS
aboard Titan's daughter
"Sandor Clegane was last seen in
Saltpans, the day of the raid.
300 1/30 Rape of saltpans Afterward he rode west, along the
Trident.” In Saltpans he was asking
for a ship (with Arya)
Arianne 1
300 1/30 I am of the night. Myrcella wounded. Arianne AFFC Arianne first hears of Tywin's death
Merret is Hanged. Interrogated
300 1/31 Epilogue ASOS Looking for the Hound.
about Arya
300 2/1 Tyrion arrives in Pentos Tyrion 1 Tyrion ADWD
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When last Illyrio heard, Dany had
sacked Meereen, and he expects
Tyrion departs Pentos with Illyrio's
300 2/2 Tyrion 2 Tyrion ADWD her to go to Mantarys next (if by
plodding train
land) or sail to Volantis. Days pass
in the chapter.

Tommen's wedding. Burning the Heard about the rape of Saltpans

300 2/5 Cersei 3 Cersei AFFC
tower of the hand last night
Maidenpool, meet Dick Crabb,
300 2/7 News Lysa dead, news hound Brienne 3 Brienne AFFC Is told of Lysa's death.
raping & pillaging (Saltpans)
Returned to the Wall some time
300 2/9 Sam 4 Samwell ASOS
ago. 9 days into the Choosing.
Some time has passed. The
300 2/9 Training, proposition by Stannis Jon 11 Jon ASOS
choosing is underway.
10 days into the choosing. election
300 2/10 Sam 5 Samwell ASOS
The next day? Couldn't sleep last
300 2/10 Elected LC Jon 12 Jon ASOS
night, thinking of Stannis's offer.
300 2/13 Varamyr's death Prologue ADWD a couple weeks after battle
LF has written 100 letters since
300 2/16 Nestor Royce visits the Eyrie Sansa 1 Sansa AFFC
Lysa's fall.
Free folk drifting in most every
night. Stannis has ridden all over
the place, almost as far as
300 2/17 Dealing with Stannis Jon 1 Jon ADWD
Queenscrown once. Karhold
already declared for Stannis. Davos
hasn't left for White Harbor yet.
Near Craster's. Food ran out 10
300 2/18 Your monster, Brandon Stark Bran 1 Bran ADWD
days ago. Runs into Varamyr's wolf.
Sent away from Castle Black with
300 2/20 Sam 1 Samwell AFFC Tywin still thought alive
Still thinks Tywin alive. Davos has
Sam's departure. 2 days later, Slynt left for White Harbor.
300 2/20 Jon 2 Jon ADWD
executed. Sam/Gilly/Aemon leave that night.
Kills Janos 2 days later.
The Yunkai'i are fighting at Astapor,
Xaro visits, two days later declares
300 2/21 Dany 3 Daenerys ADWD the Astapori ask for help. Xaro's
visit spans three days.
Only now, news of Tywin's death
(from tales coming up the
300 2/24 Burning of Mance Jon 3 Jon ADWD Kingsroad). Believable though -- no
one's writing news bulletins to the
Wall anymore, winterfell is empty

Departed Yronwood, Sunspear,

Planky Town. Changes ships at
Lys, stops there for at least 4 days
bc Arch is sick. Then, off the coast
300 2/27 Volantis, idea to join Windblown Quentyn 1 Quentyn ADWD of Disputed Lands, Quentyn's ship
is attacked by corsairs. It eventually
arrives at Volantis. When the
chapter opens, Quentyn has been
stuck in Volantis for 20 days.
Lancel's bride has grown impatient,
waiting for him and Kevan to go to
Darry. Lollys baby born (so should
be 8-9 months after KL riot, is
Olenna and Mace gone. Kevan and currently nearly 7). Roose trapped
300 2/27 Jaime 2 Jaime AFFC
Lancel leaving. below the Neck, Ramsay closing in
on Moat Cailin. Recent news that
Stannis turned up at the Wall.
Redwyne fleet nearly at the city,
preparing to go to Dragonstone.
Thinks he's been in dungeons half a
300 2/28 Reek at the Dreadfort Theon 1 Theon ADWD year at least. Jeyne Poole has left
300 3/1 Reaches Braavos Arya 1 Arya AFFC Arya not yet 11
Chapter starts when Tyrion is a day
Meets Griff's band at Ghoyan
300 3/1 Tyrion 3 Tyrion ADWD away from Ghoyan Drohe. Illyrio's
Drohe, boards Shy Maid
train moves very slow.
First 10 days were calm enough.
Then Skagos. Days more pass. 8
300 3/2 Sam 2 Samwell AFFC
days of clear sailing. Then more
Lots of time passes in the chapter.
300 3/7 Arya enters training Arya 2 (beginning) Arya AFFC "the moon turned and turned
again." At end, sent to go be Cat.
Stannis battle plan. Stannis leaves
Jon tells Stannis to win mountain
300 3/8 Jon 4 Jon ADWD soon afterward. Ramsay has gone
clans, take Deepwood Motte
south to take Moat Cailin.
Very bad storms on the way. Hears
300 3/11 Sisterton Davos 1 Davos ADWD
of Tywin's death, Lysa's death.
Next day? At White Harbor. Word
300 3/12 White Harbor Davos 2 Davos ADWD Ramsay riding south. Hears of
Tyrion has spent some time on Shy
Maid, seen a dozen different turtles,
300 3/15 Aboard the Shy Maid, to Ny Sar Tyrion 4 Tyrion ADWD been banned from drinking,
watched YG and Duck practice
fighting several times
Hears that the Sand Snakes have
been arrested. Gregor's head
prepared for Dorne, Balon Swann
will leave soon. Letter from the
Lords Declarant of the Vale. This
300 3/16 Mace Tyrell is now at Storm's End Cersei 4 Cersei AFFC morning, news Davos is imprisoned
at White Harbor. Golden Company
has broken its contract with Myr.
Hears Jon Snow is LC. High Septon
dead. Tells Osney to seduce
Leaves the city. First night, camps
by the Hayfords castle. At least 5
Arrives in Harrenhal. Brienne, if it
300 3/17 Jaime 3 Jaime AFFC days pass, probably more.
please smy lord. Brienne the beauty
Eventually, arrival at Harrenhal.
Frees Wylis Manderly ~3/25
Cave, wight attack, meet Snow had stopped three days ago.
300 3/20 Bran 2 Bran ADWD
COTF/Bloodraven Elk died 12 days ago.
Chapter spans more than a month,
potentially two. Arianne loses count
Arianne 2
300 3/21 Fire and Blood Arianne AFFC of how long she's been imprisoned.
At end of chapter, Balon Swann is
at the Tor.
More Harpy killings. Qartheen
HDAY1: Agrees that if Hizdahr can
blockade. Word that Cleon of
deliver 90 days without a Harpy
300 3/22 Dany 4 Daenerys ADWD Astapor is dead. Yunkai and
killing, they'll marry on the following
sellswords now outside walls of
Lynn Corbray is a man of simple
300 3/23 Sansa 2 (Alayne 1) Sansa AFFC
300 3/25 Cracklaw Point. I'm too droll to die. Brienne 4 Brienne AFFC
Some time passes, chapter spans
300 3/27 Learns greenseeing Bran 3 (beginning) Bran ADWD
nearly 2 months
300 3/29 Manderly's court Davos 3 Davos ADWD Locked up for 18 days
Convinces some wildlings to join the
300 3/30 Jon 5 Jon ADWD Some time after Stannis leaves.
300 4/1 Arya turns 11
Chroyane - The Sorrows. Stone
300 4/2 Tyrion 5 Tyrion ADWD
Men attack
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First three dromonds from Cersei 4
have been built. News that Davos is
dead. News that Spotted Sylva has
Hear about Doran punishing
been suddenly betrothed to Lord
Arianne's accomplices. Sends man
300 4/4 Cersei 5 Cersei AFFC Estermont. News about slave revolt
kill Bronn. Tommen is still 8, almost
in Meereen. Roose and Ramsay
closing in on Moat Cailin. Tells
Stokeworths to get rid of Bronn.
Ignoring Iron Banker for a fortnight.
Been stuck in Braavos for a while.
Arya meets Sam, Sam meets Arya is Cat. (Sam needs to make it
300 4/5 Sam 3 Samwell AFFC
xhondo. to Oldtown well before Redwyne
fleet does)
Knows Euron crowned. Roose and
300 4/5 Reek at Moat Cailin Theon 2 Theon ADWD
Jeyne arrive 4 days later.
Leaving Maidenpool. "And the man
300 4/9 Brienne 5 Brienne AFFC
New High Septon has been chosen,
300 4/10 Accepts rearming of the Faith. Cersei 6 Cersei AFFC
but didn't visit Cersei.
Manderly. building ships for more
than a year (date to ACOK Bran 2).
Wylis returns today (so after AFFC
Davos told to go get Rickon from Jaime 3, time for him to go from
300 4/10 Davos 4 Davos ADWD
Skagos Harrenhal to Maidenpool and take
ship to White Harbor). Bolton has
sent ravens summoning lords to
Pyke and Mallister complaining
about the wildlings from Jon 5.
Letter with the summons to
300 4/11 Fights Rattleshirt Jon 6 Jon ADWD Barrowton saying Ramsay will
marry Arya. By now Arya would be
11. 9 rangers sent out, Mel predicts
3 will soon return dead.
Arrives in Darry. News of Faith
Lancel is sick with grief for the High
300 4/15 militant. Lancel leaves for KL next Jaime 4 Jaime AFFC
Sailed from Volantis to Astapor.
Fought against Cleon's corpse at
Astapor. 100 leagues to Yunkai,
could be reached in 6 days of hard
Quentyn and the Windblown leave
300 4/14 Quentyn 2 Quentyn ADWD riding by the free companies, but
instead a plodding march with the
Yunkai'i hordes. On day 3 of the
march, Tattered gives them the
mission to visit Dany.
Selhorys. Cyvasse game with
Tyrion passed out for entire journey
Young Griff. In the evening, goes to
300 4/15 Tyrion 6 Tyrion ADWD from Chroyane to Selhorys, they
Selhorys, visits brothel, kidnapped
thought he wasn't coming back
by Jorah
Day 1, gets word Astapor has
26 days since last murder. Word
fallen. 8 days later, Brown Ben
300 4/17 Astapor has fallen. The pale mare. Dany 5 Daenerys ADWD
Plumm returns and tells the story of
Recalls her riders (Daario)
the battle of Astapor
3 dead rangers found. Sees Bran
300 4/18 Jon agrees to send Mance Melisandre 1 Melisandre ADWD
and Bloodraven.
Arrives in Saltpans, then to quiet
300 4/20 Brienne 6 Brienne AFFC

Enlists the Golden Company to sail

300 4/24 Connington 1 Connington ADWD

Victarion 2 (the
300 4/30 Attack of the shield islands Victarion AFFC Victarion will leave for Meereen
Moat Cailin has fallen. Letter from
Ramsay at Barrowton. Asha left Old
Wyk the day of the Kingsmoot but
300 4/30 Stannis takes Deepwood Motte Asha 1 Asha ADWD
stopped to visit her mom at Ten
Towers before leaving, where she
got word of her marriage.
Arrive in Volantis in evening on third
day of Volantene elections. Jorah
hears talk of Golden Company's
Volantis. Widow of the Waterfront. plans to go west. Next day, Volantis
300 5/1 Tyrion 7 Tyrion ADWD
Penny. is planning for war but not until the
new triarchs are seated. The
Selaesori Qhoran will sail 2 days
form now.
Manderly has made it to Barrowton,
litter moved at a snail's pace.
Boltons have been at Barrowtown
for some time, Ramsay just
returned from a 16 day hunt. News
300 5/3 Reek at Barrowton Theon 3 Theon ADWD
that Stannis has taken Deepwood
Motte. Roose has decided the
wedding should be at Winterfell, to
lure Stannis there, they will march
in 3 days.
300 5/3 Crossroads Inn, kills Rorge. Brienne 7 Brienne AFFC
Serves at temple 3 days of every
300 5/4 Arya kills Dareon, becomes blind Arya 3 (34) Arya AFFC 30, only when moon is black, rest of
time she's Cat.
News Stannis has taken Deepwood
300 5/5 Brings back Wun Wun Jon 7 Jon ADWD
300 5/6 Aemon dies. "fat pink mast" Sam 4 Samwell AFFC Off southern coast of Dorne.
News of ironborn attack. Loras will
News of the Shield Islands. Loras leave on the morrow for
300 5/7 Cersei 7 Cersei AFFC
sent to take Dragonstone. Dragonstone. Falyse arrives, Bronn
plot has failed.
Arrives near Riverrun. Another day
300 5/8 to get there. Roslin pregnant. Will Jaime 5 Jaime AFFC
meet with Blackfish tomorrow.

Ryman Frey dismissed (will then

300 5/10 "with a trebuchet" Jaime 6 Jaime AFFC be killed by Bhood before Brienne
2 days in Volantis, 7 days at sea
when chapter opens. Talks to
Penny, Moqorro, Jorah. Days pass.
300 5/10 Aboard the Selaesori Qhoran Tyrion 8 Tyrion ADWD
First storm, talks to Penny again.
Days pass. At chapter's end, close
to Valyria
At night, news Dragonstone has
fallen (so Redwyne fleet will soon
depart). Loras ordered the assault
"not half a day after taking
command." Ironborn raiding up the
News of Dragonstone's fall, Lancel Mander, attacking the Arbor,
300 5/11 Cersei 8 Cersei AFFC
is in KL. possibly Oldtown. The next day,
Lancel is back in the city with the
Warrior's Sons. The next day,
speaks with Qyburn about
prophecies. The next day, talks to
Osmund about plot against Marg.
Sansa is not yet 14. She claims to
be, but notes that she has made
Alayne Stone older than Sansa
300 5/14 Leaving the Eyrie Sansa 3 (Alayne 2) Sansa AFFC Stark. Myranda says Riverrun has
yielded but Dragonstone still holds
for Stannis (let's assume they
haven't heard the news yet)
At night, Torture of Blue Bard. Next
Rosby dead. Sends Osney to
300 5/15 Cersei 9 Cersei AFFC day, tells Osney to confess to High
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Cat has just returned from
Trial. Cat has Ryman's crown.
300 5/17 Brienne 8 Brienne AFFC Fairmarket (where she had Ryman
"screamed a word"
Frey hanged)
Next day? Marg's arrest by the
Faith announced. Day after that,
Cersei visits Marg, locked up. Two
days later, Qyburn appears. A
300 5/17 Thrown in jail, sends letter to Jaime Cersei 10 Cersei AFFC raven has been sent to Casterly
Rock asking Kevan to come back.
Mace and Tarly on their way back
to the city with their armies. Sends
message to Riverrun.
To Winterfell, they marry Ramsay
and Jeyne the day they arrive.
Mance at Winterfell, account for
time he must've spent hanging
300 5/18 Wedding of Ramsay and Jeyne Theon 4 Theon ADWD
around Long Lake. Stannis could be
on them in a fortnight. Karstarks are
heading to meet him, Crowfood
coming from Last Hearth.
Edmure departs for Casterly Rock.
Note: Some So Spake Martin
News of Ryman Frey's death near
reports indicate that AFFC was
Fairmarket. Several days pass
Letter from Cersei. "put this in the supposed to cover 5 months of
300 5/20 (end) Jaime 7 Jaime AFFC during the chapter. Gregor's men
fire." time. We currently have it at 4,
sent to Maidenpool. More days
pass. Snow in the Riverlands. Then,
raven from KL.
Expected 15 days from Deepwood
Motte to Winterfell, 300 miles. They
had debated for some time at
Deepwood whether to go to
Winterfell. 22 miles the first day, 24
300 5/20 Long march in the snow Asha 2 (beginning) Asha ADWD
the second, 14 the third. On the
fourth day, it begins to snow. On the
34th day, they stop at the
abandoned crofters' village, and
become snowbound there.
Snowing in the Riverlands (sync
300 5/21 The Blind Girl Arya 1 Arya ADWD with Jaime 7). Lysene slave ship
from Hardhome captured.
""Without Lord Redwyne’s fleet, we
lack the ships to come to grips with
them… the best we can do is guard
the sound and wait for the bitch
queen in King’s Landing to let Lord
300 5/21 Sam arrives in Oldtown Sam 5 Samwell AFFC
Paxter off his leash.” This reveals
that Oldtown does not yet know
about the fall of Dragonstone and
the fall of Cersei. Also in this
chapter, Marwyn leaves Oldtown
Visits refugee camp. Daario returns.
300 5/22 Dany 6 Daenerys ADWD
Sex with Daario.
Jaime/Brienne reunion and Jaime's
300 5/23 Jaime 1 Jaime ADWD
Balon at Sunspear. His trip has
taken months. Ironborn have taken
300 5/28 Gregor's head brought to Dorne Areo 1 Areo ADWD the Shields and are raiding into the
Mander. GC's ships have reached
Moon is half full, Val says she'll be
back by next full moon (21 days?
But there's no mention if she made
the deadline. Doesn't make sense
Sends Val to get Tormund, talks to
300 5/30 Jon 8 Jon ADWD considering Iron Banker/Winterfell
Bowen & co.
travel time so let's assume she
comes back late). Hopes Sam is in
Oldtown by now. Word of the
situation at Hardhome.
Have been stuck in Gulf of Grief at
least 12 days. Chapter opens, joust,
Adrift on the Selaesori Qhoran,
300 6/1 Tyrion 9 Tyrion ADWD storm, kisses Penny, Moqorro gone,
captured by slavers
mast destroyed. They drift for 26
days until captured by a slaver.
1 week passes in chapter. Sends
letter to Dorne on 2nd day. Storm's
300 6/1 Griffin's Roost taken Connington 2 Connington ADWD
End attack scheduled for one week
Selyse arrives at Castle Black with
Iron Banker. Iron Banker has
heard of GC's ships among the
Stepstones (and "queer talk of
dragons") and Redwyne fleet going
300 6/2 Selyse and Iron Banker. Alys arrives Jon 9 Jon ADWD
through the Broken Arm (so weeks
after Cersei's fall). Alys Karstark
arrives. Iron Banker needs time to
go to Deepwood and Winterfell
despite heavy snows by Theon 7

Begins to snow. Jeyne has not

300 6/4 Crypts with Lady Dustin Theon 5 Theon ADWD
been seen since the wedding.
Redwyne fleet has passed the
Stepstones. Got Connington's
letter. 3 days ride to Ghost Hill.
300 6/6 Arianne goes to meet Aegon Arianne 1 Arianne TWOW
Next night, sail across Sea of
Dorne, crossing takes a day and a
Many days have passed, "long
captivity." Confesses. Kevan visits
the next day. His news: Jaime
300 6/10 Kevan visits Cersei in jail Cersei 1 Cersei ADWD disappeared in the Riverlands,
news of attack on Myrcella (Balon
at Sunspear). Sellswords landing in
the Stormlands.
Vic 1- he'd been at sea 10 days
300 6/11 Ironborn ship picks up Moqorro ADWD
when he was picked up
Kevan has had at least one more
300 6/12 Walk of shame Cersei 2 Cersei ADWD
visit since the first one.
Reports that Connington is moving
on Storm's End. They will convene
again "five days hence, after
Cersei's trial." Lady Nym on the way
300 6/17 Kevan's death Epilogue Kevan ADWD
with Myrcella. Days have passed,
Cersei accustomed to her new
routine. Raven from Citadel for
Learns Jon Connington and Aegon
300 6/18 Arianne arrives at Griffin's Roost Arianne II Arianne TWOW VI have already taken Storm's End
and wants to meet there.
The day before Dany's wedding,
300 6/21 Dany 7 Daenerys ADWD
Quentyn arrives.
300 6/22 Dany marries Hizdahr ADWD
300 6/24 The Ugly Little Girl Arya 2 Arya ADWD Watches her target for several days
Snowing for many days. First
murder, next day Aenys Frey's
squire dead, next day Yellow Dick.
6/26 Murders begin Theon 6 Theon ADWD
Crowfood arrives and starts blowing
horns and beating drums. Bran
talks to Theon in godswood.
The next day. Iron Banker must be
300 6/29 Theon and Jeyne escape Theon 7 Theon ADWD
outside Winterfell by this point.
Near Gulf of Cedars, has been
Victarion left the Shields, stopped at
waiting 9 days for straggler ships.
the Stepstones, stopped at Volantis
300 6/30 "Grief" appears with Moqorro on Victarion 1 Victarion ADWD
and saw their fleet preparing to
board. Moqorro sees that Dany is
leave, faced 3 storms.
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Sold to Yezzan. Entertains at night.
300 7/1 Tyrion 10 Tyrion ADWD
Will entertain at the fighting pits
Brown Ben says he would've gotten
300 7/2 Peace with Yunkai signed Dany 8 Daenerys ADWD Dany a present (Tyrion) but was
300 7/3 Fighting pits, flies away on Drogon Dany 9 Daenerys ADWD
Been at village for more than 8
days. Arnolf Karstark arrived 8 days
Theon, Jeyne, Iron Banker arrive at
300 7/3 Asha 3 Asha ADWD ago. Time for Iron Banker to go
Stannis's camp
from Wall to Deepwood to Winterfell
to village.
Probably the same day. Massey,
Jeyne "Arya" Poole, Iron Banker,
300 7/3 Stannis prepares for battle Theon 1 Theon TWOW
Alysane Mormont leave to go back
to the Wall, then to Braavos.
300 ??? Ice Battle
Hizdahr holds court. Shavepate
300 7/7 Barristan 1 Barristan ADWD Days have passed
approaches Barristan
Several days passed. Mormont has
been beaten every evening. 2 days
earlier, Tyrion was serving at
300 7/9 Tyrion 11 Tyrion ADWD
banquets as Yunkish lords debated
Yezzan now sick. Tyrion, Jorah, and whether to honor the peace. But
Penny escape to the Second Sons then the pale mare came
Karstark wedding. Knows it's
snowing heavily in the south. Flint
and Norrey were invited to the
300 7/9 Karstark/Thenn wedding Jon 10 Jon ADWD
wedding and came. Raven says
that Cotter Pyke has departed for
Hardhome. Tormund shows up
6 days pass during chapter, chapter
300 7/10 Victarion's fleet advances Victarion 2 Victarion ADWD
ends at Yaros
300 7/10 Deal with Tormund Jon 11 Jon ADWD Wildlings will cross in 3 days
Thinks that in a few days Hizdahr
300 7/11 Talks to Quentyn Barristan 2 Barristan ADWD
will no longer rule Meereen
Cotter Pyke at Hardome, asks for
300 7/13 Wildlings cross Jon 12 Jon ADWD
Day 1: Same day as Barristan 2.
Day 2: Tattered agrees to a meeting
300 7/13 Deal with Tattered Prince Quentyn 3 (end) Quentyn ADWD
the next day. Day 3: Meeting with
Seven days of battle, plus raven
300 7/14 Pink Letter. Jon assassinated. Jon 13 Jon ADWD
300 7/14 Signs contract with Second Sons Tyrion 12 Tyrion ADWD

300 7/15 Barristan's coup against Hizdahr Barristan 3 Barristan ADWD

300 7/15 Dragon-stealing plot Quentyn 4 Quentyn ADWD
"The Dornish prince was three days
300 7/18 Barristan prepares for war Barristan 4 Barristan ADWD dying." Corpses catapulted into the
300 7/19 Battle of Meereen TWOW
"Realizing that the Greyjoys, have
300 7/19 Victarion arrives in Meereen Barristan 1-2 Barristan TWOW
Many days have passed at
chapter's opening. Three days pass
during chapter. "...she picked at a
broken blister. Her skin was pink
tender, and a pale milky fluid was
leaking from her cracked palms, but
Vision quest in Dothraki Sea, "Fire her burns were healing." Second
300 7/31 Dany 10 Daenerys ADWD
and Blood," meets Khal Jhaqo degree burns would take around
four weeks to heal. NOTE: There's
not enough information to firmly
establish when Dany's last chapter
occurs in relation to the Meereen
action. We put down a guesstimate
but we won't really know until the
next book.