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SEP. 2018


Display measures compared by their magnitude Display the changing trend of measures Display measures by their rank order Display measures over spatial maps Display a flow or dynamic relations

Clustered Clustered Bullet Chart Dot Plot 100% Stacked 100% Stacked Stacked Stacked Line chart Sparkline Card with States Ribbon Candlestick Power KPI KPI Ticker Power KPI Clustered Clustered Matrix Table Map Filled map Synoptic Panel Shape map Waterfall Ultimate Funnel Visio
bar chart column chart by OKViz by OKViz bar chart column chart bar chart column chart by OKViz by OKViz chart by OKViz by MAQ Matrix bar chart column chart by OKviz chart Waterfall Visual

Mekko Power KPI Ultimate Ultimate Word Impact VitaraCharts Data Insights LineDot Gantt KPI Grid Calendar Beyondsoft Custom Calendar Calendar Multi KPI Bullet Chart Table as R ArcGIS Maps Visio Drilldown Drilldown Sankey Chord Force-Directed Bowtie Chart
Chart Matrix Variance Waterfall Cloud Bubble Chart MicroChart by MAQ Chart by MAQ by Tallan Calendar by Akvelon Visual by OKViz Sorter T-Accounts DataTable for Power BI Visual Cartogram Choropleth Chart Graph by MAQ

Dot Plot Drill-down Enlighten Rotating Chart Bullet Linear Gauge Cylindrical Thermometer Small Multiple VitaraCharts Advance Forecast using Forecasting Forecasting Time series Time Series Bullet Drill-down Grid Acterys Heatmap Flow map Route Map Icon Map Funnel with Horizontal Hierarchy Chart Network
column chart Stack Shuffle by MAQ Chart by MAQ Gauge by MAQ by MAQ Line Chart MicroChart Card Neural Network... TBATS with ARIMA decomposition... Forecasting... Chart column chart by MAQ Matrix Light by Altius Source by MAQ Funnel by MAQ by Akvelon Navigator Chart

Slim data bar Horizontal 100% Stacked 100% Stacked Enlighten ChartAccent Table 3AG - Bar Chart Dumbbell Chart KPI KPI Dual KPI Pulse ChartAccent Trading Chart Gantt Chart Horizontal Multi-row Mapbox China China China Social Network Association Decision Tree Funnel
KPI Visual bar chart Bar Chart by Akv... Column Chart b... Bubble Stack BarChart Sorter With Absolute... by MAQ Indicator Chart LineChart by MAQ by MAQ bar chart card Visual Color Map Scatter Map Heat Map Graph rules Chart plot

3AG - Column 3AG - Column 3AG - Column Matrix Table Ribbon Gauge Dial as Clustered Line & clustered Line & stacked Waterfall Stacked Area Stream Globe Data Globe Map TreeViz Organization Ultimate Network
Chart With Relat... Chart With Small... Chart With Var... chart Gauge Timeline column chart column chart column chart chart area chart chart Graph Bars Chart Decompositi... Visualization...

Tachometer Circular Gauge Radar Bubble Chart Cluster Enlighten Infographic SandDance KPI Chart KPI Column Drill-down Table Heat Horizon ChartAccent Journey Chart Slope Chart
by MAQ Chart by Akvelon Map Aquarium Designer by Akvelon by MAQ column chart... Heatmap Streams Chart BarChart by MAQ by MAQ


Display the parts of a measure Display the distribution of a measure Display relations between measures Display single values Control report filters Tell a story with data

Slicer Smart Filter Smart Filter Chiclet

Clustered Clustered 100% Stacked 100% Stacked Stacked Clustered Line chart Histogram Box & Whisker Scatter Enhanced Line & clustered Quadrant Chart Card with States Card KPI Multi-row Pro by OKViz by OKViz Slicer Narrative for Timeline Add Natural DataText
bar chart column chart bar chart column chart bar chart column chart Chart chart by MAQ chart Scatter column chart by MAQ by OKViz card Business Int... Storyteller Language Su... Box

Timeline Time Brush Attribute Facet Key

Stacked Line & clustered Drill-down KPI Column KPI Chart Candlestick Dot Plot Outliers Box and Venn Diagram Impact Correlation Clustering Table Matrix KPI Ticker Scroller Slicer Slicer Slicer ChartAccent ChartAccent Strippets Card
column chart column chart column chart by MAQ by Akvelon by OKViz by MAQ Detection Whisker chart by MAQ Bubble Chart plot by MAQ BarChart LineChart Browser Browser

Play Axis Hierarchy Enlighten Text Filter

Rotating Chart Horizontal 100% Stacked 100% Stacked Table Histogram with Tornado Clustering Funnel Spline KPI Chart User List Timeline Multi KPI Collage by Overview Enlighten
(Dynamic Slicer) Slicer World Flag Slicer
by MAQ bar chart Bar Chart by Akv... Column Chart b... Sorter points by MAQ chart With Outliers plot chart by Akvelon by CloudScope by CloudScope CloudScope by CloudScope Data Story

Enlighten Image Image by Filter by List

Line & stacked
column chart
area chart
Treemap KPI Column
by MAQ
Scatter Chart
by Akvelon
using OPTICS...
Count Down
Tile by MAQ
Slicer Grid CloudScope by Devscope

Pie chart Donut Sunburst Aster Plot Ring Chart Line & stacked Cluster Acterys Data Insights Gauge Tachometer Slicer
chart by MAQ column chart Map Matrix Light by MAQ
PowerApps D3.js Visual HTML Viewer Dynamic
(Preview) Tooltip by MAQ

Drill-down Brick Chart Enlighten Waffle Dial Circle KPI

donut chart by MAQ Waffle Chart Chart Gauge Gauge
Text Wrapper Text Enhancer
by MAQ by MAQ

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