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It is said that the dawn of human intelligence and civilization

can be traced to the emergence of tools - flint knives and spear
heads - during pre-historic times.

And ever since, there has been a unique bond and relationship
between humanity and the knives and tools we use. These
instruments mean much more to us than the functions
they provide. They symbolize independence, ingenuity, self-
sufficiency, strength and confidence. With them, we feel
prepared for any situation and in control of our environment
and destiny.

I often think back to when my grandfather gave me my

first knife, a pocket-knife. It meant more to me than just a
nifty, sharp-edged tool. It meant that he felt I was ready for
responsibility, that it was time to begin to leave childhood
behind. It was time to become accountable, productive. That’s
a rite of passage that I am sure most of you can relate to and
an experience we need to keep alive for young people today.

Knives and tools can be an important vehicle for helping teach children about responsibility, accountability,
confidence and character. We need to help foster a relationship for them with knives and tools - as we had done
for us - so that they, too, can come to understand that it is within their power to conquer any situation and provide
for themselves.

Within these pages you will find some of the best designed, engineered and built knives and tools in the world.
They really are outstanding! But this catalog, really this company, is not about that. It’s about you and the
relationship you have with these products. That’s where we started when we began to conceptualize our 2011
line - with an understanding and respect for the relationship you have with knives and tools. Because we know SOG
Specialty Knives and Tools are not just about what you can do with them, but what they mean to you.

We hope you enjoy our products and will use them well.

R. Lee Ermey - “The Gunny”

“Extraordinary Knives and Tools...”
Since 1986, we’ve been creating the strongest most innovative multi-tools and
knives on the market. We don’t settle for the ordinary, we never have and we
never will.
The human eye can distinguish the essential from the non-essential,
the aimful from the arbitrary. The beauty of a SOG designed product
is in its purpose.

Some manufacturers simply produce knives and tools. At SOG we create style and
substance through craftsmanship. Our purpose is to combine advanced technology,
imaginative designs, and quality construction to create products of the highest
caliber - products that enhance your life. This is the philosophy that you share with
us, each time you choose a SOG product.


SOG started some 25 years ago in my apartment with

a simple philosophy – to create innovative products that
stood apart from the pack. While the company has grown,
our commitment to that philosophy has remained constant.
Today it’s one of my greatest satisfactions to receive letters
from throughout the world describing how SOG products
have lived up to that standard. It is what inspires us to
continue to build great products that last and that help you
meet the challenges of a demanding world.
Spencer Frazer
SOG Founder & Chief Designer

Compound Leverage has become a SOG patented trademark for folding tools. With the same hand
pressure you will generate twice the wire cutting and gripping power than all other conventional
designs. Don’t believe us? Use the wire cutter on one of our Compound Leverage multi-tools to cut
some hard wire and feel the smooth power- Then do the same with someone else’s multi-tool......
and try not to bust your hand!


SOG Assisted Technology works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. As
one opens the blade the force to propel the knife open becomes greater than the closing force
and the blade will open on its own. The end result propels the blade out once the operator has
initiated the one-handed opening action. SAT works so well that right-handers can use their left
hand equally well to open a folding knife (of course this works oppositely for lefties).


The patented Arc-Lock just might be the perfect lock. Why? It is totally ambidextrous and has all
of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find. Strength: The Arc-Lock far
surpasses conventional lock strength, tested at over 1000 pounds of force measured at the lock
in an independent lab test. Speed: The Arc-Lock provides lightning-quick, one-handed opening
and closing capability. Safety: Spring-action securely retains the blade closed. When unlocking, the
fingers are safely kept clear. Durability: The Arc-Lock is self-adjusting over time and can be easily
cleaned for long term optimal performance.


SOG’s unique cryogenic heat treatment process increases the toughness and wear resistance
of our blades. Taking the knife slowly down in temperature to less than -300°F and then
back to room temperature. This stress relieves the material on an atomic level and increases
overall strength as well as edge retention. Knife edges stay sharp longer with significantly less
micro-fracturing and edge-chipping. Its this dedication to making your knife SOG sharp that
sets us apart from the rest. Look for the new Cryogenic Heat Treated logo on selected SOG
Knives that have received this process.

We have replaced the Zytel used in many of our folding knife handles with our new GRN
(glass reinforced nylon) material. This material is highly wear resistant, easily moldable and
lightweight. GRN has excellent impact chemical and heat resistance and is prefect for creat-
ing knife handles.


Try on these new military carry sheaths that are standard issue with many of our products.
Input from our tactical advisors indicated that military departments are changing their uniforms
and requirements for attaching hardware. We took this information and designed something
new in knife carry, the Tactical Nylon sheath. Our secondary pouch on the front allows you to
complete your gear with a SOG multi-tool or folder. The modular mounting system on the back
is the most versatile possible; military belts, MOLLE type applications, belts, vests, etc. are all
easily mounted to quickly and securely.


Multi-tools Fixed Blades

PowerAssist   6 SOG Ops 34
PowerLock  7 SEAL Pup Elite & SEAL Pup  34
CrossCut   8 SEAL Team 35
Paratool   8 Tigershark  35
Pocket PowerPlier 9 Force 36
Hex Bit Accessory Kit 9 Mini Pentagon & Pentagon  36
NW Ranger  37
Folding Knives Tsunami  37
Aegis 10 SOG Bowie 2.0 38
Trident  11 Super SOG Bowie  38
Blink 12 Trident 2.0 39
Twitch I , II 12 Agency  39
Twitch XL 13 Tech Bowie 40
Flash II 14 Creed 40
Flash I 15 Recon Bowie 2.0 41
Flash Rescue 15 Demo 41
Spec Elite Auto 16 Forge  42
SOG-TAC Mini Automatic 17 Vulcan Fixed Blade  42
SOG-TAC Automatic 17 Kiku 43
Vulcan 18 Aura Fixed Line 44
Access Card 19 Field Pup  45
Pentagon Elite & Spec Elite 19 Woodline 46
Mini X-Ray Vision 20 Fixation  46
Visionary I & II 20 Gov-Tac 47
X-Ray Vision 21 Daggert I & II 47
Vision 21 Jungle Series 48
Fatcat  22 SOGfari Machete 49
Tomcat 3.0 22 Swedge  50
Stingray 2.0 23
Arcitech 23 Sharpeners
Facet 24 Countertop Sharpener 51
Bluto 24 Firestarter/Sharpener 51
Pendulum 25
Toothlock  25 Gear
Micron  26 FastHawk   52
Micron 2.0  26 Tactical Tomahawk 52
Woodline Folder  26 Double Headed Axe  53
Magnadot  27 Battle Axe  54
Salute 27 Hand Axe  54
SOGzilla  28 Throwing/Utility Knives 55
Kilowatt  29 Spirit  55
Contractor 2×4 29 Revolver 56
AutoClip Series  30 Folding Saw 57
Fielder Series 31 Entrenching Tool 57
Contractor Series 32
Nautical 33 Dislpays 58

The following are registered ® or pending trademarks of SOG Specialty Knives & Tools;

Compound Leverage, SOG Assisted Technology (SAT), Arc-Lock, PowerLock, PowerAssist, Pocket PowerPlier, Paratool, Aegis, SOG-TAC, Flash, Trident,
Twitch, Vision, X-Ray Vision, Vulcan, Pentagon Elite, Arcitech, Tomcat, Fatcat, Spec Elite, Stingray, SEAL Pup, SEAL Knife, Tigershark, Agency, Tech Bowie,
Creed, Access Card, Field Pup, Team Leader, Fish On, Contractor, Salute, Micron, Revolver, Fixation, SOG, Hardcased, Spirit, SOGfari, Jungle Primitive,
Swedge, Tsunami, NW Ranger, Pentagon, SEAL Team, Kilowatt, Woodline, Aura, AutoClip, Toothlock, Pendulum, SOGzilla, Visionary, Blink, Digi-Grip,

Closed: 7.125”
Open: 4.675” PowerAssist  
Weight: 9.3 oz.
Steel: 420 Stainless SOG makes the only multi-tools in the world with one- Models
S66-N Standard (Shown)
Finish: Polished or handed flip opening and gear driven patented Compound B66-N Black Oxide
Black Oxide Leverage for double the plier power... the PowerAssist takes S67-N EOD Standard
Option: MOLLE or
Leather Pouch these principles to a new level. This is the first multi-tool in B67-N EOD Black Oxide
the world that houses not just one but two assisted opening
Components: pliers/gripper, hard wire blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available
cutter, crimper, straight edge blade,
fully serrated blade, 3-sided file, large when the tool is closed, and SAT (SOG Assisted Technology)
screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can takes over to complete the opening. When not in use, blades
opener/small screwdriver, bottle open- lock closed using our patent pending side release. It’s never
er/medium screwdriver, scissors, rulers,
and lanyard ring. EOD version available been easier! Flip open the tool and experience the precision of
with fuse well spike in place of Phillips the heavy-duty plier capability and large wire cutters. Smooth
screwdriver, file and bottle opener/ handle surfaces promote comfort on even the toughest jobs.
medium screwdriver.
Also includes the gear covers, V-Cutter, and built-in crimpers.
When it comes to tough... Look to SOG!

The patented V-Cutter in SOG tools
opens up possibilities. Whether cutting
seat belt, paracord, fishing line, zipping
electrical cable sheathing, opening
packages or stripping wire, the
V-Cutter performs at a higher
level, guaranteed!

Closed: 4.6”
Open: 7” PowerLock 
Weight: 9.6 oz.
Steel: 420 Stainless As one of the original multi-tool manufacturers, we have Models
S60-N Standard
Finish: Polished or learned quite a bit over the years. Like how to make the S62-N Standard w/ V-Cutter
Black Oxide toughest tools with patented gear driven compound leverage B61-N EOD Black (shown)
Option: MOLLE or
Leather Pouch mechanisms. You have let us know that quick access is a must. B63-N EOD Black w/ V-Cutter
B69-N EOD Black w/ C-4 Spike
Just flip our tools out with one hand and see for yourself how
Components: pliers/gripper, hard wire well we listened. There is also a myriad of features that you
cutter, crimper, double toothed wood
saw, 1/2 serrated blade, 3-sided file, might not readily see, like our saws cut faster and our files
large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, shave better. Does all this make sense? You bet, which is why
1/4” drive, awl, can opener/small screw- leading military forces choose SOG!
driver, bottle opener/medium screw-
driver, scissors, rulers, and lanyard ring.
New EOD version available with fuse
well spike.

Part #:
Closed: 2.5”
Open: 4”
Weight: 1.7 oz. The CrossCut is a precision instrument for cutting, personal care and the
Components: 1.3” scissors, straight unexpected. SOG’s gear driven compound leverage allows for big-sized cutting
blade, nail file, medium screwdriver,
power to be truly miniaturized with its spring-loaded scissors
small screwdriver, bottle opener, twee-
zers, toothpick and ruler.

Open: 6.4”
Weight: 6.2 oz.
Comes With: Nylon Pouch The Paratool is the only multi-tool with a multiple-angled Models
S31-N Standard (shown)
plier head capability. The unique, patented way the Paratool B31-N Black Oxide
Components: pliers/gripper, wire cut- opens allows for the ability to operate at a variety of angles
ter, serrated blade, straight blade,
3-sided file, large screwdriver, Phillips (140˚-180˚), indispensable in tight spots. The comfort grip
screwdriver, awl, can opener/sm. screw- handles are smooth on the outside and feature SOG’s classic
driver, bottle opener /med screwdriver,
ventilation holes for maximum gripping. Be prepared with the
rulers, and lanyard ring (optional saw or
serrated line cutter). Paratool.

SOG tools are the fastest
deploying with one-handed flip

Closed: 4”
Open: 6” Pocket PowerPlier
Weight: 5.5 oz.
Comes With: Nylon Pouch Our quick deployment P3 is lighter, sleeker, and just as durable Models
S44-N Standard (shown)
Option: Leather Pouch as our larger tools. Who says that great things don’t come in S45-N Deluxe - add 1/4”
smaller packages? We managed to downsize the same power Drive and Substitute
Components: pliers/gripper, wire cut-
ter, 1/2 serrated blade, 3-sided file, and durability while maintaining the key features of compound Large screwdriver
for Awl
Phillips screwdriver, awl, can opener/ leverage, one hand flip opening, and hex bolt construction. It’s
small screwdriver, bottle opener/medi-
a smart choice for those on the go.
um screwdriver, rulers, and lanyard ring.

Part #: HXB-01
Length: 4.27” Hex Bit Accessory Kit
Width: 1”
Weight: 2.7 oz. Our Hex bit kit increases the possibilities for any SOG tool that comes with
a ¼” driver. With 12 interchangeable bits (Phillips, flathead and Torx) that fit
Included Bits:
most common fastener heads, your SOG tool just became a tool chest.
Torx T6, T8, T10, T20
Phillips 1, 2, 3
Flathead 3, 5, 7
Hex 1.5mm, 2mm
1/4” Hex bit adapter




Open: 8.25” Aegis
Blade: 3.5” x .125”
Weight: 3.1 oz. Aegis (ee-jis), which in Greek means shield or protection, is also Aegis Models
AE-01 Satin Polish
the code name for the world’s premier integrated air defense AE-02 Black TiNi
Aegis Mini
system. No wonder we borrowed the name to represent this AE-04 Tanto 1/2 Serrated (shown)
Open: 7”
Blade: 3” x .125” state of the art line that is filled with technology and features. AE-06 Digi Camo Handle,
Black TiNi (shown)
Weight: 2 oz. Start to open the knife, and let Aegis finish the action with a AE-07 Digi Camo, Black TiNi
bang, using one of the surest assisted technologies (SAT) out Tanto 1/2 Serrated
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless
Rc. 57-58 there! Our trademark bayonet reversible clip, built in safety
Edge: Straight or with red/ready to go, checkered DigiGrip handles, and tacky Aegis Mini Models
Partially Serrated
rubber inserts all contribute to make Aegis a platform for AE-21 Satin Polish (shown)
Weight: 3.1 oz. 2 oz. AE-22 Black TiNi
Finish: Black TiNi or today’s changing world. Cover your back with Aegis outdoor AE-24 Tanto 1/2 Serrated (shown)
Satin Polish or tactical blades.
Handle: GRN w/Kraton
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip




Length: 8.5” Trident 
Blade: 3.75” x .125”
Weight: 3.6 oz. ‘Might meets right’ could pretty accurately describe the Trident Models
TF-1 1/2 Serrated
Trident family of knives. They embody the spirit of elite special Black TiNi
Trident Mini
forces throughout the world. With so many unique features, TF-2 Straight Edge
Length: 7.18”
Blade: 3.15” x .110” these knives function as a personal arsenal to help conquer Satin Polish
TF-3 1/2 Serrated TigerStripe
Weight: 2.25 oz. chores from the extreme to the every day. Blade (shown)
The Trident series uses our well-proven means of delivering TF-5 1/2 Serrated
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless
Desert Camo
Rc. 57-58 a knife blade to the open position with SAT (SOG Assisted
Edge: Straight or TF-6 Tanto Straight Edge
Partially Serrated Technology). Using our patent pending Arc-Actuator, the Satin Polish (shown)
Handle: GRN Trident locks stronger and releases easier than ever before. TF-7 Tanto Straight Edge
Finish: Black TiNi or Black TiNi
There is also a built-in safety to lock the blade closed, when it TF-10 1/2 Serrated
Satin Polish
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet shows red, you are ready to go! What also makes the Trident Black TiNi, Digi Camo
Pocket Clip so unique is the Groove in the handle, which allows the TF-11 Tanto Straight Edge
Black TiNi, Digi Camo
operator to cut paracord, fishing line, etcetera without having
Trident Mini Models
to open the blade. The handle also features our trademark TF-21 1/2 Serrated
variable Digi-Grip pattern for coarser grip in areas that Black TiNi
require it. Finally, the bayonet style clip is easily switched for TF-22 Straight Edge
Satin Polish (shown)
right/left hand carry or removed for pouch storage. TF-26 Tanto Straight Edge
Satin Polish
TF-27 Tanto Straight Edge
Black TiNi

Open: 5.37”
Blade: 2.25” x .100” Blink
Weight: 2.1 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless Blink... and you just might miss it. This robust little knife cuts Blink Models

Rc. 57-58 with the ‘big boys’ and features a reversible low carry clip. At BBA-99 Graphite Handle
Edge: Straight TBBA-99 Black Handle,
its well-mannered price, the Blink is the gentleman’s knife with Black TiNi (shown)
Handle: Hard-Anodized
6061-T6 a naughty attitude.
Machined Aluminum
Finish: Black TiNi or
Satin Polish
Comes With: Reversible Money/
Pocket Clip




Twitch I
Open: 4.75” Twitch I , II
Blade: 2.0” x .100”
Weight: 2.0 oz. Looking at the intricate construction of the Twitches reminds Twitch I Models

Twitch II
us of the workings in a fine chronograph watch... everything TWI-7 Graphite Handle (shown)

Open: 6.2” tuned right and precisely in its place. These techno wizards
Blade: 2.68” x .100” feature a pass-through lockbar (patent pending) from which the Twitch II Models
Weight: 2.6 oz. TWI-8 Graphite Handle
“kick” of the blade sticks through. By pressing on the “kick”,
TWI-98 Graphite Handle,
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless one is able to initiate the opening of the blade. SOG Assisted 1/2 Serrated (shown)
Rc. 57-58
Edge: Straight or Technology (SAT) then takes over to finish opening and to TWI-12 Black Handle,
securely lock the blade open. What makes these space-age Black TiNi (shown)
Partially Serrated
Finish: Black TiNi or little gems even more beautiful is that they are also affordable!
Satin Polish
Handle: Hard-Anodized
Machined Aluminum
Comes With: Money/Pocket Clip




3.25” x .125” Twitch XL
Weight: 4.2 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless The XL is classy... it moves well, looks right, walks the walk, Models
TWI-20 Graphite Handle
Rc. 57-58 and talks the talk. It is not just a larger version of a Twitch. It TWI-21 Black Handle,
Edge: Straight or is serious business that can more than get the job done. This Black TiNi (shown)
Partially Serrated
Handle: Hard-Anodized is a high-tech statement of sophistication with all the bells and TWI-22 Black Handle
TWI-201 Graphite Handle,
6061-T6 whistles that you expect from the designers at SOG. The fine Tanto Blade (shown)
Machined Aluminum construction comes together to make the XL one of the most TWI-211 Black Handle, Black
Finish: Satin Polish or
Black TiNi practical and beautiful knives that we have ever handled. TiNi Tanto Blade
TWI-221 Black Handle,
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Tanto Blade
Pocket Clip
TWI-920 Graphite Handle
1/2 Serrated Blade




Flash II
Length: 8” Flash II
Blade: 3.5” x .125”
Weight: 3.1 oz. The Flash has got to be one of the coolest knives we’ve ever Flash II Models
FSA-8 Straight Edge (Shown)
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless seen. Forget its wicked-quick blade access, that it handles like FSA-98 1/2 Serrated
Rc. 57-58 a race car on rails, or that it locks up like Alcatraz. It just looks TFSA-98 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi
Edge: Straight or
Partially Serrated and feels extraordinary. The Flash family of knives feature SOG FSA-5 1/2 Serrated, TigerStripe
DFSA-98 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi,
Handle: GRN or Assisted Technology (SAT), which employs a powerful piston Digi Camo Handle
Hard-Anodized lock that is easily released with the new Arc-Actuator on the YFSA-98 1/2 Serrated,
Finish: Black TiNi or Flash II. We also had the foresight to incorporate an additional Yellow Handle
BFSA-98 1/2 Serrated, Blue Handle
Satin Polish safety lock that gives added security when the blade is closed. GFSA-98 1/2 Serrated,
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet Note that when the safety shows red... Green Handle (shown)
Pocket Clip
SGFSA-98 1/2 Serrated,
Aluminum Handle
YOU ARE READY TO GO! STGFSA-98 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi,
Aluminum Handle
FSAT-8 Straight Edge
FSAT-98 1/2 Serrated Tanto
TFSAT-8 Straight Edge Tanto,
Black TiNi (shown)
TFSAT-98 1/2 Serrated Tanto
Black TiNi Blade



Flash I
Length: 5.75” Flash I
Blade: 2.5” x .090”,
Weight: 1.3 oz. The Flash I is the smaller sibling to the Flash II. It has the same Flash I Models
FSA-7 Straight Edge
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless features as the full size version including SAT, blade locking FSA-97 1/2 Serrated
Rc. 57-58 safety and reversible pocket, just in a more compact package. TFSA-97 1/2 Serrated,
Edge: Straight or
Partially Serrated Perfect for those times when smaller is better. Black TiNi
SGFSA-97 1/2 Serrated,
Handle: GRN or
Aluminum Handle
STGFSA-97 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi,
Aluminum Handle (shown)
Finish: Black TiNi or
PTFSA-97 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi,
Satin Polish
Pink Handle (shown)
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip



Flash Rescue
Length: 8” Flash Rescue
Blade: 3.5” x .125”
Weight: 3.1 oz.
The Flash Rescue takes the Flash II platform combines it with Flash Rescue Models
FSA-6 Rescue Blade
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless our rounded tip safety blade to make a quick access knife OFSA-6 Rescue Blade,
Rc. 57-58 perfect for emergency situations. Orange Handle (shown)
Edge: Partially Serrated
TFSA-6 Rescue Blade,
Handle: GRN
Black TiNi (shown)
Finish: Black TiNi or
Satin Polish
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip




Elite I Auto
Length: 7.8” Spec Elite Auto
Blade: 3.5” x .1”
Weight: 2.8 oz. Just good enough and too fast are not words in our vocabulary. Spec Elite I Auto Models
SE-51 Satin Polish (shown)
Elite II Auto
Continuing to produce top line products for professionals is SE-52 Black TiNi (shown)
Length: 8.9” what we are fluent in. The new Spec Elite series is a tough
Blade: 4” x .1” contender when the sheet hits the fan. Manufactured from Spec Elite II Auto Models
Weight: 3.6 oz. SE-61 Satin Polish (shown)
6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum these knives employ our
SE-62 Black TiNi
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless state-of-the-art auto mechanism to ensure they open with
Rc. 57-58
Finish: Black TiNi or conviction. New technology springs insure tens of thousands
Satin Polish of reliable openings. Built-in safeties, reversible low carry clips
Edge: Straight and stout construction make them ideal for LE and Military.
Handle: Hard Anodized
Aluminum for law enforcement and military use only
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip

Length: 6.75”
Blade: 3” x .125” SOG-TAC Mini Automatic
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless These scaled down fully automatic knives share all the same Models
ST-10 Satin Polish
Rc. 57-58 features as the larger version. Hold on tight, they also open at ST-11 Black TiNi (shown)
Finish: Black TiNi or
unbelievable speed! ST-12 Black TiNi
Satin Polish
Edge: Straight or 1/2 Serrated
for law enforcement and military use only ST-13 Black TiNi 1/2
Partially Serrated
Handle: Hard Anodized Luminescent painted Serrated Tanto
Aluminum logo for easy location
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet at night
Pocket Clip



Length: 8”
Blade: 3.5” x .125” SOG-TAC Automatic
Weight: 3.8 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless The SOG-TAC is an invigorating new design that looks like Models
ST-01 Satin Polish
Rc. 57-58 nothing else. It is big, but relatively slim, and specifically ST-02 Black TiNi
Finish: Black TiNi or
tailored to the LE/MIL professional. Blade travel is definitely ST-03 Black TiNi
Satin Polish
Edge: Straight or fast and once open, it locks up like safe. Includes: A safety 1/2 Serrated
ST-04 Black TiNi 1/2
Partially Serrated button that double locks the blade in the open/closed position, Serrated Tanto (shown)
Handle: Hard Anodized
our reversible bayonet style clip and an aggressive upswept ST-05 Satin Tactical
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet blade. Drop Point
ST-06 Black TiNi Tactical
Pocket Clip
for law enforcement and military use only Drop Point (shown)




Length: 8.375” Vulcan
Blade: 3.5” x .160”
Weight: 5.0 oz. In the world of firepower, the General Electric M61A1 Vulcan Vulcan Models
VL-01 Standard
is top dog with its 6-barrel 20mm cannon of the Gatling-type.
Vulcan Mini VL-03 Tanto (shown)
Length: 7.35” It fires standard M50 ammunition at 6,000 rounds per minute VL-11 Black finish (shown)
Blade: 3” x .125” and is an integral part of the armament of modern fighters
Weight: 3.4 oz.
such as the F-15, F-16 and F-18. Vulcan Mini Models
Steel: VG-10 Stainless VL-02 Mini (shown)
Rc 59-60 VL-04 Tanto Mini
Finish: Satin Polish or
Our Vulcan series is just as formidable, thanks to the muscular VL-12 Mini Black finish
Black TiNi construction. Take our patented Arc-Lock, tested to over
Edge: Straight 1000 pounds of force at the lock. Or the full steel liners
Handle: GRN with
Stainless Liners
encased in GRN handles. The thick VG-10 blade includes our
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet new kick deployment system. Press on the back of the blade
Pocket Clip and the knife comes out fast. Real fast! Reversible clip, Arc-
Lock, and double thumb studs make the Vulcan great for full
ambidextrous use. The Vulcan... It’s no wimp.
See Vulcan Fixed blade on page 32.

Open: 6.2”
Blade: 2.75” x .080” Access Card
Weight: 1.8 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless The Access Card 2.0 doesn’t grant admission into top-secret Models
Rc. 59-60 facilities, but it does give a sense of security. This minimalistic SOGAC76 Satin Polish
Finish: Satin Polish or Black SOGAC77 Tactical Black
Edge: Straight
sliver of a knife (3/16” thick without the clip) won’t take up
Handle: Stainless Steel much room in your wallet, pocket, attached to a ballistic vest,
Comes With: Low Carry or around your neck. The 2.75” formidable VG-10 blade opens
Pocket Clip
and closes with one hand like a magic trick and locks up with
our famous Arc-Lock. Although every bit of excess weight has
been engineered out of the Access Card, you will be surprised
at the power that it conveys.



Elite I
Open: 8.75” Pentagon Elite & Spec Elite
Blade: 4” x .135”
Weight: 4.3 oz. Since its debut, the Elite series has achieved great popularity Pentagon Elite Models
PE-14 PE I (shown)
among the military and law enforcement community, as well
Open: 10.75” as the general marketplace. The Elite knives are impeccably
Blade: 5” x .160” balanced and feature ergonomic glass-reinforced nylon Spec Elite Models
Weight: 6.8 oz. SE-14 SE I
handles, ambidextrous slotted thumb studs, machine screw
SE-18 SE II (shown)
Steel: VG-10 Stainless construction, a low-reflective bead-blasted blade and clip,
Rc. 59-60
Finish: Bead Blasted
SOG’s Arc-Lock system, and a reversible military-style clip
Edge: Partially Serrated or that enhances gripping.
Straight Edge
Handle: GRN with
Stainless Liners
Comes With: Reversible Pocket Clip

Part #:
Open: 7”
Mini X-Ray Vision
Blade: 3” x .120”
Weight: 3.0 oz.
The SOG Mini X-Ray features the same award-winning, VG-10 steel blade as the original X-Ray
Steel: VG-10 Stainless Vision, but is almost an inch shorter. The end result... a great blade in a small package! People
Rc. 59-60 with big and small hands will find the Mini X-Ray a pleasure to hold and carry. It has a finely
Finish: Bead Blasted
Edge: Partially Serrated
textured GRN handle that is both lightweight and ergonomic. Its ideal three-inch blade with
Handle: GRN w/ Stainless Liners partially serrated edge opens quickly and smoothly via SOG’s Arc-Lock. The Arc-Lock offers
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet superior strength, speed, and ambidexterity.
Pocket Clip



Visionary I
Open: 7”
Visionary I & II
Blade: 3.0” x .120”,
Weight: 3.0 oz.
Visionaries are leaders because they dare to see beyond the present. We think that this new
expansion on the Vision series will captivate you with its sense of style and performance.
Visionary II VS-02
Open: 8.37”
‘Practical tactical’ is a phrase that we coined to designate tactical knives that you can use
Blade: 3.75” x .125” everyday. Although many of the SOG line of products fit this bill, the Visionaries seem to be
Weight: 4.3 oz. the perfect embodiment.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless
Rc. 59-60 Visionary knives keep a quiet profile with their non-reflective black powder coat finish and
Finish: Black Powder SOG’s trademark low carry pocket clip. Ambidextrous Arc Lock and clip, woven texture GRN
Coated handle, and VG-10 blade make a compelling package. Handle the Visionaries and tell us what
Edge: Straight
Handle: GRN with you see.
Stainless Liners
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip

Part #:
8.37” X-Ray Vision
Blade: 3.75” x .125”
Weight: 4.3 oz.
“Tactical and practical” is the theme behind the X-Ray Vision. This combo-edged folder features
Steel: VG-10 Stainless the same blade design as the SOG Vision, VG-10 custom steel and performance capabilities,
Rc. 59-60 but retails at half the price! The X-Ray Vision was created for optimal performance and value.
Finish: Bead Blasted
Edge: Partially Serrated Better still, this knife is further enhanced with our revolutionary Arc-Lock for fast-access and
Handle: GRN w/ Stainless Liners full “lockup.” The X-Ray Vision keeps a low profile with its bead blasted blade finish and black
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet GRN handle, keeping it lightweight and comfortable to hold and carry. A reversible clip allows
Pocket Clip
both righties and lefties to carry the X-Ray Vision conveniently in pocket and pack or on vest,
belt or jacket.

Part #:
Blade: 3.75” x .125”
Rotating out of a space-age titanium handle is the radical blade of the award-winning Vision. The
Weight: 5.7 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless geometric grind lines focus power on the edge and tip of the polished VG-10 blade. Completely
Rc. 59-60 corrosion proof, the titanium handle is lightweight like aluminum, but as strong as steel. Other
Finish: Satin Polish
features include SOG’s Arc-Lock, dual thumb studs, and our trademark reversible bayonet clip.
Edge: Partially Serrated
Handle: Titanium w/Stainless Liners
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip

Part #:
Open: 10.125”
Blade: 4.5” x .160”
Weight: 8.5 oz. The Fatcat is like our Tomcat after exposure to high levels of radiation. Our largest and most
Steel: VG-10 Stainless massive folder that we have ever produced, the Fatcat is not intended for the main stream. It is
Rc. 59-60 designed to be exceptional with never before seen details such as a dual-tone TiNi coated blade.
Finish: Satin Polish w/
Black TiNi Bevel Anyone who picks up this knife is amazed at the lightness and quickness, which is attributed to
Edge: Straight the solid machined Titanium handle. Once started, the gigantic VG-10 blade effortlessly spins
Handle: Titanium Bolster open and locks up with one of the world’s greatest locks- the Arc-Lock.
and Liner with
Kraton Handle
Comes With: Nylon Carry Pouch



Open: 8.65”
Blade: 3.75” x .160” Tomcat 3.0
Weight: 6.5 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless Using our existing Tomcat handle, which is the third generation Models
S95-N Kraton
Rc. 59-60 of the first SOG folding production knife, the LTD uses a S95SL-N LTD Carbon
Finish: Satin Polish technology that has previously been found only in custom
Edge: Straight
Handle: Kraton Handle w/ knives. The VG-10 blade is painstakingly laminated with carbon
Stainless Bolsters fiber, the same material that aerospace had developed for the
Comes With: Nylon Carry Pouch Stealth Bomber, to make a composite construction. The one
sided tanto grind (Kataba) is visually unique and super sharp.


3” x .130” Stingray 2.0
Weight: 3.6 oz. Models
Steel: san mai This is an evolution of the original Stingray, which helped bring
SR02-P Carbon Fiber
(VG-10 Core in in a new age of modern pocketknives and was retired after SR04-P Mino Paper -
420J2 Stainless) more than 15 years of service. The Stingray 2.0 is the next era! Limited Edition
Rc. 59-60
Finish: Satin Polish It is a stout little rascal that reflects the thick blade stock of SR05-P Stingray Hide Inlay -
Limited Edition (shown)
Edge: Straight the original but enhanced with our unique san mai steel. These
Handle: Stainless Steel beautiful pocket sculptures feature inlays, polished stainless
with Inlay
Comes with: Jewelry Bag steel handles, patented Arc-Lock, and stunning mother of
pearl thumb studs. Despite it’s sleek and smooth exterior, the
Stingray is still SOG tough on the inside, guaranteeing you will
have the answer to many of life’s situations at your fingertips.



Open: 8”
Blade: 3.5” x .125” Arcitech
Weight: 4.5 oz.
Steel: san mai (VG-10 Core Combining technical excellence with a spirited design, the Models
A01-P Jigged Bone
in 420J2 Stainless) Arcitech has that trait that is so elusive... harmony. The mirror A03-P Damascus w/Carbon
or Nickel Damascus polished san mai blade (VG-10 core laminated with 420J2 Fiber handles
Finish: Polished
Edge: Straight stainless steel) moves smooth as silk thanks to our very special
Handle: Jigged Bone or Arc-Lock and Abalone jeweled thumb stud. The titanium
Carbon Fiber bolsters and liners meet old school jigged bone handles in a
w/Polished Titanium
Bolsters and Liners rare and beautiful combination. The color of the jigged bone
Comes With: Jewelry Bag handles vary in color from a deep maroon to flame yellow and
To create a truly unique experience, and a first for SOG, we
started with one of our finest knives, the Arcitech, and added
carbon fiber handles. Then we procured a stunning Japanese
Damascus that uses a core of VG-10 and 15 layers of Nickel
and stainless steel on either side. The steel is forged and folded
again and again to produce this striking pattern. Finally the
knife is acid etched to enhance the contrast and accentuate in
the pattern.

Part #:
Open: 6.75”
Blade: 3” x .120”
Weight: 3.6 oz. The Facet combines high class with high tech. It features a textured carbon fiber handle and
Steel: san mai VG-10 Core exquisitely machined nickel silver bolsters. Turned back and forth in the light, it dazzles the eye.
Rc. 59-60 In the hand, it dazzles the mind with balance and grace. The VG-10 blade, Arc-Lock system
Edge: Straight
Handle: Nickle Silver Bolster / measured at over 1000-pounds of force and hardened stainless steel liners add strength without
Carbon Fiber Handle compromise.
Comes with: Reversible Pocket Clip



Open: 5.5”
Blade: 2.25” x .130” Bluto
Weight: 3.2 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless
The muscular stance and bulging form belay a quiet confidence. Models
BL-01 Blue
Rc. 59-60 This little guy has its own point of view and the strength to BL-03 Black
Finish: Satin Polish back it up. With a very innovative textured machined aluminum
Edge: Straight
Handle: Machined and Textured
handle, the Bluto handles well. Its VG-10 blade, Arc-Lock, and
6061-T6 Aluminum hardened scalloped steel liners make a rock solid package. The
Comes with: Reversible Pocket Clip sweeping blade style is modern and functional and unique to
the SOG line. Flex a new look with the Bluto.

4.1” x .100” Pendulum
Weight: 4.0 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless
There is a rhythm and cadence to the movement. An Action Models
and Reaction. The Pendulum is not only interesting, it’s MB-01 Straight Edge (shown)
Rc. 59-60
MB-02 Partially Serrated
Finish: Satin Polish functional. As you open the blade the bolster rotates out and
Edge: Straight or
Partially Serrated
then returns. To release our famous Arc-Lock system, simply
Handle: GRN with slide the bolster and unlock the blade. This modern folder has
Stainless Bolster a distinctive look; with 360º notched liners that provide extra
and Liners
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
grip, reversible pocket clip, modified spear point blade and
Pocket Clip textured handles. It is one of those rare products that says by
mere possession, you won’t settle for the ordinary.



Length: 7.35”
Blade: 4.3” x .118” Toothlock 
Weight: 3.3 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless
The Toothlock is a new design expression. It combines our Models
TK-01 Straight Edge (shown)
Rc. 59-60 high performance piston lock but with the addition of a TK-02 Partially Serrated
Finish: Satin Polish or kick start device. Pull back the lock and the blade is nudged TK-03 Black TiNi (shown)
Black TiNi
Edge: Straight or
out of the handle to start its journey. Why the name the
Partially Serrated Toothlock? Check out the shape of the lock bar with its two
Handle: GRN with lobe geometry. This new technology merges with an assertive
Stainless Liners
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
handle pattern that changes direction to match the tactile
Pocket Clip points on the hand. You will find it stimulating. The blade shape
is novel as well with a wavy reverse curve that cuts effortlessly
while maintaining a thick reinforced tip for power penetration.
The san mai blade is ground to perfection and is reminiscent of
ancient samurai designs.

Micron-CP FF92-CP


Micron I
Open: 3.375” Micron 
Blade: 1.5”
Weight: .5 oz. This tiny beauty is crafted from high quality stainless steel and Micron Models
Micron-CP Tanto, Black Oxide (shown)
designed to be carried on a key ring or stashed in your pocket. FF92-CP Clip Point,
Micron II It’s a SOG so you know the Micron is built to last and is going Bead blasted finish (shown)
Open: 5”
Blade: 2.25” to be there when you need it.
Weight: 1.4 oz.

Steel: 420 Stainless

Micron 2.0 
Edge: Straight Slim line convenience, key chain ready, strong lockback Micron II Models
Finish: Black Oxide FF91-CP Tanto, Black Oxide (shown)
or Satin mechanism, sophisticated tanto design, will hide in pocket and
FF93-CP Clip Point,
appear at whim. Bead blasted finish

Part #:
Length: 8.2”
Woodline Folder 
Blade: 3.4” x .117”
Weight 5.8 oz. That feeling of leaving civilization behind as you move out of the valley and into the wood line
Steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless is the inspiration for this series of fixed blades and folders. These big upswept blades meet the
Rc. 57-58
challenges of extreme camping, hunting and survival chores. The blade is anchored in a handle
Edge: Straight
Handle: Wood with comprised of stainless steel bolsters and beautiful hard wood. The handle configuration insures
Stainless Bolster a solid grip regardless of what nature throws at you. The thumb grooves on the spine allow
and Liners
the application of downward pressure as well as giving greater dexterity. SOG Woodline... a
Finish: Polished
Comes With: Leather Sheath confidence builder when out in the country where man is the minority.
See Woodline Fixed blade on page 40.

Part #:
Open: 8.4”
Blade: 3.63” x .154”
Weight: 4.4 oz.
The Magnadot is a meaty folder. It has substance and you know it when it is in your hand. A
Steel: 7Cr17MoV Stainless traditional and reliable pattern that will give years of reliable use, the Magnadot is more turtle
Edge: Partially Serrated than hare. Easily opening the formidable half serrated blade with one hand gives you a sense of
Finish: Satin Polish
Handle: GRN power. Magnadot… it is happening big.
Comes With: Nylon Carry Pouch


Open: 8.25”
Blade: 3.625” x .120” Salute
Weight: 4.2 oz.
Steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless The Salute is an acknowledgment that great design can still be Models
FF-10 Bead Blasted
Rc. 52-54 affordable with a little perseverance. Take the machined G10 FF-11 Black Oxide (shown)
Finish: Bead Blasted or handles in combination with scalloped full-length steel liners
Black Oxide
Edge: Straight for a whole new look. Add a big lockback, smooth as silk
Handle: G10 w/Stainless operation, and a proven Bowie style blade. For good measure,
Liners throw in our new invention - a movable thumb stud so you
Comes With: Reversible Bayonet
Pocket Clip can tailor the position to your own hands. We didn’t forget to
incorporate our trademark low carry bayonet clip either. The
Salute lives up to its name and is worthy of carry on any front
in the world... including your back yard.




SOGzilla Small SOGzilla 

Open: 8.54”
Blade: 4.75”x .100”
In devising this line, which includes several sizes and blade SOGzilla Sm Models
SP-01 Straight Edge (shown)
Weight: 4.8 oz. shapes we wanted to make the SOGzilla distinctive. SOGzilla SP-02 Partially Serrated
SOGzilla Large is fast, you wouldn’t want to try and outrun him! The grip is SP-03 Straight Edge, Black TiNi
Open: 7.35” a dual directional prehistoric armor plate and the big bodied RSP-01 Straight Edge, Red Grip
Blade: 3.25” x .100” GSP-01 Straight Edge, Green Grip
blade features a new opening shape... the likes of which has
Weight: 4 oz.
never been seen before. In hand, the knife points instinctually
SOGzilla Lg Models
Steel: 8Cr13MoV and feels familiar. Steel liners make a stout construction. SP-21 Straight Edge (shown)
Rc. 57-58
Keep your knife caged in your pocket with our patented low SP-22 Partially Serrated
Edge: Straight or
Partially Serrated carry reversible clip. SOGzilla... It’s a new species. SP-23 Straight Edge, Black TiNi
SP-24 Straight Edge Stainless
Finish Satin Polish or Don’t be caught alone! Steel Handle (shown)
Black TiNi
RSP-21 Straight Edge, Red Grip
Comes With: Reversible Pocket Clip
GSP-21 Straight Edge, Green Grip

Part #:
Open: 7.5”
Blade: 3.4” x .120”
Weight: 3.3 oz. Get ‘charged up’ with the Kilowatt, the first working theme
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless knife designed for the electrician, homeowner, contractor,
Rc. 57-58 or anyone who might need to strip wire in a pinch. Three
Finish: Satin Polish
Edge: Straight separate systems address wire from fine multi strand all the
Handle: GRN way up to cable. There is a stripper bar for wire sizes of 10-22, Wire Stripper Bar for
Comes With: Pocket Clip, an adjustable spring-loaded UTP/wire stripper in the back, and 10-22 AWG Wire
Wire Strippers
just in case... our patent pending hole stripper that uses the
main blade. Schematic grips, insulator thumb stud, and a blade
with receptacle engraving are signatures that make this a very
unique liner lock knife.

Adjustable Spring-Loaded
UTP/Wire Stripper

Part #:
Open: 7.5”
Contractor 2×4
Blade: 3” x .125”
Weight: 4.3 oz. The Contractor 2x4 breaks ground with a whole different
Steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless framework! One of the new breed of thematic knives
Rc. 52-54 originated by SOG, this knife is no apprentice. Open or close
Finish: Bead Blasted
Edge: Straight the blade and see the circular saw turn or rotate the saw
Handle: GRN and open the blade. Whether you are a contractor, know a
Comes With: Pocket Clip, Pencil Built-in Bubble Level
contractor, or wished that you didn’t... the 2x4 will help on
Sharpener, Level,
Wire Stripper, the job... whatever that might be. How many times have you
Lucky Nail wished to sharpen a pencil without having to walk back in the
house? Or try and get that picture level without a level? Want
to strip a wire real quick? No worries. Use the patent pending
strippers in the handle. Oh yeah, if you ever need that one last
lucky nail, we have that too! What to do to drive that nail
home... we can’t help you there, at least not yet. Wire Stripper




Length: 4.75” AutoClip Series 
Blade: 2” x .115”
Weight .7 oz.
You asked and we listened. We have brought back our AutoClip Models
AC01-CP E-Clips
series, a no nonsense line of lockbacks that are lightweight, AC10-CP Mini AutoClip
Mini Auto Clip durable and affordable. The name comes from our spring- AC20-CP AutoClip
Length: 6.7”
Blade: 2.86” x .090”
activated clip design, which allows variable thickness pockets
Weight 1.7 oz. or lapels to be treated equally with the proper clamping force.
The next thing you might notice is our adjustable thumbstud
Length: 8.25” (patent-pending) fine tune its position and tailor it to your
Blade: 3.5” x .115” hand. Appreciate the AutoClip’s signature basket weave
Weight 3 oz. texture, which insures non-slip performance. The blades are
Steel: 420 Stainless beautifully ground with a two-directional satin finish, typically
Rc. 51-53 only found in much more expensive knives. Several sizes and
Edge: Straight styles are available to fit your many applications. Carry more
Handle: GRN
Finish: Satin Polish than one.
Comes with: Pocket Clip




Mini Fielder
Length: 6.5” Fielder  Series
Blade: 2.75” x .09”
Weight 3.36 oz.
Introducing the beautiful new Fielder series. The contrast Models
FF-33 Mini Fielder
of the vertical grain wood against the high-luster bolsters FF-30 Fielder
Fielder creates a very appealing visual tension. This is a knife that is FF-34 XL Fielder
Length: 7.8”
Blade: 3.3” x .09”
comfortable as a daily carry or out in the wilds. Using a proven
Weight 4.4 oz. liner lock system provides reliability as well as an ambidextrous
opening of the Fielder’s capable blade. The Fielder will catch
XL Fielder
Length: 9.625” your eye, but not your pocket book..
Blade: 4.125” x .115”
Weight 8.64 oz.

Steel: 7Cr13 Stainless

Rc. 56-57
Edge: Straight
Handle: Stainless Steel/Wood
Finish: Polished
Comes with: Pocket Clip





Contractor I
Open: 6.25”
Blade: 2.625” x .1”
Weight: 2.3 oz.
Handle: Machined Aluminum

Contractor II
Open: 5.75”
Blade: 2.5” x .1”
Weight: 2.1 oz.

G10 with
Stainless Liners
Contractor Series
Contractor III A craftsman is only as good as his tools. For almost 25 Models
EL10-CP Contractor I
Open: 6.625” years, SOG has been a leading supplier of knives and tools EL20-CP Contractor II
Blade: 2.875” x .1”
Weight: 3.3 oz.
to the industrial, contractor, and DIY markets. The reason EL30-CP Contractor III
Handle: G10 with is simply that our products are some of the toughest and EL40-CP Contractor IV
Stainless Liners we stand behind them with lifetime guarantees. The
Contractor IV Contractor series is designed specifically for tradesmen,
Open: 6.75” including electricians, handymen, and for those who take
Blade: 2.625” x .1”
Weight: 3.7 oz. pride in a job well done. Modernizing traditional patterns,
Handle: G10 with these four knives feature: multi bladed lockback, patent
Stainless Liners pending holes/notches for stripping wire, aggressive G10 or
Steel: 6Cr12MoV Stainless aluminum grips, as well as razor sharp blades.
Rc. 52-55
Finish: Satin
Edge: Straight

Part #: FF23-CP
Open: 7.125” Nautical
Blade: 2.875” x .1”
Weight: 4.9 oz. The Nautical is not just a knife it’s a precision instrument with many parts working together
Steel: 6Cr12MoV Stainless in synchronicity. A marlin-spike is especially useful in marine applications to untie knots but
Rc. 52-55 we were surprised to find out how many other uses they have. Use it as an awl, a scribe, for
Finish: Satin
Edge: Straight digging, prying, scraping, or … you get the idea. What you might not see at first glance though
Handle: GRN is that the liners are crafted from super strong and lightweight titanium and mated to tough G10
handles. The big half serrated blade opens and closes as fast as you can say ‘red on right return’
(a nautical term).


Length: 9.5”
Blade: 4.85” x .185” SOG Ops
Weight: 5.4 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless An evolution of the proven and world carried SEAL Pup, the Models
M40-N Satin
Rc. 57-58 Ops features a recurved edge that has a longer cutting length, M40T-N Black TiNi (shown)
Finish: Satin Polish or Black a drop point tip which increases strength, large thumb scallops
Edge: Straight for additional control, and perfect balance for instinctive
Handle: GRN movement. Combined with a choice of our nylon MOLLE
Comes With: MOLLE Nylon Sheath or Kydex like tactical sheaths, you have what we think is the
Option: Kydex Sheath
optimum knife for armed forces through out the world. Get on
top with the SOG Ops.



Length: 9.5”
Blade: 4.85” x .185” SEAL Pup Elite & SEAL Pup 
Weight: 5.4 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless The SE AL Pup Elite is our high per formance edition SEAL Pup Elite Models
E37-N Satin Finish/Straight Edge
Rc. 57-58 to the existing SE AL family of products. The SE AL E37S-N Black TiNi/Straight Edge
Finish: Satin Polish or Black Pup Elite is serious business and carries on the E37T-N Black TiNi/Partially
TiNi, Powder Coated
Edge: Partially Serrated tradition of supplying the worlds elite military forces. Serrated (shown)
or Straight Features include: Thicker steel stock (.185”), AUS-8 Stainless SEAL Pup Models
Handle: GRN steel, black Hardcased TiNi finish, longer ergonomic handle M37-N Powder Coated (shown)
Comes With: MOLLE Nylon Sheath
Option: Kydex Sheath with deeper finger grooves, racy new blade shape with longer M37T-N TigerStripe
cutting edge, and blade spine rasp for notching, filing, and
thumb placement.

Length: 12.3”
Blade: 7” x .240” SEAL Team
Weight: 10.3 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless The SEAL Team knife is the knife that started an era. It won Models
S37-N Powder Coated (shown)
Rc. 57-58 the knife competition put on by the Naval Special Warfare SE37-N Black TiNi
Finish: Powder Coated
or Black TiNi
Center by outperforming all of the competition. It has
Edge: Partially Serrated spawned many new SOG models as well as many ‘wanna bes’
Handle: GRN by others. The evaluation program included: tip breaking
Comes With: MOLLE Nylon Sheath
Option: Kydex Sheath
stress, blade breaking limit, sharpness, edge retention, handle
twist off force, two week salt water immersion tests, gasoline
and acetylene torch resistance, chopping, hammering, prying,
penetration tests, cutting six different types of rope and line,
plus an intense hands-on competition in the field.
This distinctive fixed blade is the go to choice for a mid to
large size tactical fixed blade.

Open: 15.25”
Blade: 9” x .240” Tigershark 
Weight: 16.3 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless In the presence of the revised Tigershark series, one’s pulse
Rc. 57-58 TE01-N Powder Coated (shown)
Finish: Powder Coated
quickens. It is instantly recognized for its signature handguard TE02-N Black TiNi
or Black TiNi and defensive rear point, which are removable for a more
Edge: 1/2 Serrated
Handle: GRN
streamlined look. But it is also familiar as the largest member
Comes With: MOLLE Nylon Sheath of the SEAL series with precise grind lines, scalloped back
edge, touch point checkering, and superior ergonomics. The
Tigershark is capable of chopping and slicing with an economy
of scale and ferocity not available to smaller knives. Still, it’s
impeccable balance and style create fluidity in the hand that is
unexpected and thrilling.

Part #::
11.25” Force
Blade: 6” x .236”
Weight: 10.5 oz. The first thing that is obvious about the Force is how stout it is. The thick blade and minimal
Finish: Black TiNi grind profiles maximize the strength of the blade. This is a beast of a knife and will be virtually
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless unbreakable. The full tang runs out the back of the glass-reinforced handle and into a glass
Rc. 57-58
Edge: Partially Serrated breaking point. The handle is perfectly contoured and covered in aggressive checkering that is
Handle: GRN not for the faint handed. The Force is recommended for extreme, long duration operations.
Comes With: MOLLE Nylon Sheath



Mini Pentagon
Length: 7.875” Mini Pentagon & Pentagon 
Blade: 3.625” x .125” Models
Weight: 3.3 oz.
Originally designed as back-up for law enforcement and military
M14-K Mini Pentagon
Finish: Powder Coated personnel, the Pentagon series is now popular with outdoor S14-N Pentagon
Comes with: Kydex Sheath knife enthusiasts as well. These redesigned and improved
Pentagon knives offer an instant choice between a serrated or beveled
Length: 9.75” edge for cutting options. Twin thumb notches enable accurate
Blade: 5” x .125” blade orientation and downward control. The aggressively
Weight: 5.6 oz.
Finish: Satin Polish checkered, flared handles provide confident gripping as well as
Comes with: MOLLE Nylon Sheath sensational feel and balance.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless
Rc. 57-58
Edge: Straight/Serrated
Handle: Kraton

Length: 9.925”
Blade: 5.2” x .150”
NW Ranger 
Weight: 6.2 oz.
Steel: AUS 8 Stainless
Sportsmen, fishermen, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts Models
require a knife that can fulfill a variety of tasks, is easy to carry, S240-L Satin(shown)
Rc. 57-58
S241-L Black TiNi
Finish: Satin Polish or and can perform in a wide range of environments. With an
Black TiNi
Edge: Straight
elongated clip point blade, flat ground bevels, and compact size,
Handle: Kraton the Northwest Ranger is more than up to the task. This might
Comes With; Leather Sheath be one of the most versatile fixed blades that we make and you
will find that it packs a lot of capability in a lightweight package.

Length: 10.9”
Blade: 6.5” x .150” Tsunami 
Weight: 6.8 oz.
Steel: AUS 8 Stainless With the reintroduction of this popular SOG knife, we have Models
TS01-N Satin
Rc. 57-58 taken what made the Tsunami so great and improved it. Some TS02-N Black TiNi (shown)
Finish: Satin Polish or of the changes are subtle- like refining the overall balance.
Black TiNi
Edge: Straight Some are more obvious, like the grooves in our crossguards
Handle: Kraton and the option of a tough TiNi coating. Finally, the beautiful
Comes With; MOLLE Nylon Sheath Tsunami blade shape is mated perfectly with an extremely
tactile diamond checkered Kraton handle. Experience this next
generation of a great classic!

Part #:
Length: 11”
SOG Bowie  2.0
Blade: 6.4” x .230”
Weight: 12 oz.
Our modern replica of the original Studies and Observation
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless Group knife secretly developed and used in the Vietnam
Rc. 57-58 War by the 5th Special Forces and other elite soldiers. These
Finish: Black TiNi
Edge: Straight
individuals were specialists in reconnaissance, infiltration, and
Handle: Epoxied Leather behind the lines operations. The SOG Bowie 2.0 has become a
Washers with classic that is unparalleled in quality. The sculpted crossguard,
Stainless Crossguard
and Pommel deep hollow grinds and precision detailing, such as the all TiNi
Comes With: Leather Sheath with coating, and faceted tip are unmistakable signatures.
Sharpening Stone

SOG custom cylinder nut on the

Bowie 2.0, Super SOG Bowie,
Agency, Tech Bowie and Trident 2.0.

Part #: SB1T-L
Length: 12.875” Super SOG Bowie 
Blade: 7.5” x .250”
Weight: 17.4 oz. How appropriate that for our 20th anniversary we launched a new adaptation of the original
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless SOG Bowie that founded the company. This large format 7-1/2” blade will stun you with its
Rc. 57-58
exacting construction and precise grind lines. Unlike the originals, all parts are protected with
Finish: Black TiNi
Edge: Straight our Black TiNi Hardcased coating that is the very best for appearance and performance. The
Handle: Epoxied Leather stacked leather washer handle is completely traditional. SOG today is 20 plus years smarter and
Washers with
Stainless Crossguard
our products show it.
and Pommel
Comes With: Leather Sheath with
Sharpening Stone

Part #:
Length: 11”
Trident  2.0
Blade: 6.4” x .240”
Weight: 11.2 oz. For those who are looking for the style of the SOG Bowie in a stainless steel design, look no
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless further than the Trident. Our Trident embodies the spirit of our most capable special forces
Rc. 57-58 unit, the Navy SEALs.
Finish: Satin Polish
Edge: Straight
Handle: Micarta Washers with The Trident 2.0 has morphed into a top-notch work knife with the use of technology, modern
Stainless Crossguard materials, and a little class thrown in for good measure. For starters, all the metal parts and
and Pommel
Comes With: Leather Sheath with including the blade, crossguard and pommel are satin finished stainless steel. The stacked
Sharpening Stone Micarta washer handle nods to tradition with the use of interspaced white washers and provides
an unmistakable SOG look. The thick (.240”) AUS 8 blade is topped off with a faceted tip that is
a SOG signature and completes the total package.

Length: 12.675”
Blade: 7.5” x .150” Agency 
Weight: 9.6 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless The Agency follows a SOG tradition of recreating and Models
AG01-L Satin Polish
Rc. 57-58 modernizing historic classics. This unique knife was shrouded AG02-L Black TiNi (shown)
Finish: Black TiNi or in secrecy and originally created for special CIA operatives
Satin Polish
Edge: Straight in the early days of the Vietnam War. It was designed for
Handle: Epoxied Leather clandestine and counter insurgency teams who lived in the
Washers with jungle for months at a time and saw vicious close quarter
Stainless Crossguard
and Pommel combat. We vastly improved the construction and quality with
Comes With: Leather Sheath with modern materials like TiNi coatings and epoxy filled leather
Sharpening Stone washers that were unknown at that time. An exquisite design
of the highest caliber, the SOG Agency captures the mystique
of a positively unique fixed blade.

Length: 11”
Blade: 6.4” x .240” Tech Bowie
Weight: 11.2 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless Based on the classic SOG Bowie that founded our company, Models
S10B-K Black TiNi (shown)
Rc. 57-58 but morphed into a top-notch work knife with the use of S10P-K Satin
Finish: Black TiNi or
technology, modern materials, and a little class thrown in for
Satin Polish
Edge: Straight good measure.
Handle: Kraton Rubber with
Stainless Crossguard For starters all the metal parts are satin finished stainless steel
and Pommel and available with gloss black TiNi coating. It looks incredible!
Comes With: Kydex Sheath Offset against this, the tactile Kraton rubber handle nods to
tradition with the use of interspaced white washers providing
an unmistakable SOG look. The thick (.240”) AUS-8 blade
is topped off with a faceted tip that is a SOG signature and
completes the total package.

Length: 12.125”
Blade: 7.5” x .240” Creed
Weight: 12.8 oz. Models
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless One of the more dramatic blade shapes in the SOG arsenal,
CD01-L Satin (shown)
Rc. 57-58 Creed delivers on its promises of high-level performance. The CD02-L Black TiNi
Finish: Satin Polish or very stout front end weights the knife forward for chopping
Black TiNi
Edge: Straight and piercing. The big belly on the blade maximizes the cutting
Handle: Kraton Rubber with edge for extreme wilderness and hunting situations. Mated
Stainless Crossguard with the Tech Bowie handle to provide a confident grip in
and Pommel
Comes With: Leather Sheath inclement weather. This is a great example of a collectable and
working knife coming together.

Part #:
Length: 11.4”
Recon Bowie 2.0
Blade: 6.8” x .23”
Weight: 11.4 oz. The original Recon was the first knife developed and procured by SOG personnel in the Vietnam
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless War. It was designed for SOG’s clandestine cross-border Recon team which experienced
Rc. 57-58 vicious, close-quarter combat. We have taken this highly collectable classic design and updated
Finish: Black TiNi
Edge: Straight with it with modern materials like stainless steel, rubber handles and black TiNi coating. The
Handle: Kraton Rubber with Recon Bowie 2.0 captures the essence of this positively unique blade.
Stainless Crossguard
and Pommel
Comes With: Leather Sheath

Part #:
Length: 11.8”
Blade: 7.2” x .23”
Weight: 12.3 oz. The SCUBA/DEMO is the rarest of the Special Forces SOG knives. In fact, only one original is
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless known to exist today. Originally 39 were made and 38 were delivered to the Naval Advisory
Rc. 57-58 Detachment for missions along the North Vietnamese coastline. Of the 38 issued, 36 were
Finish: Satin Polish
Edge: Straight/Serrated lost in operations and the other two were never seen again. Using current manufacturing
Handle: Kraton Rubber with techniques we are now able to create a spectacular reproduction of this ultra rare knife but
Stainless Crossguard modernized as well.
and Pommel
Comes With: Leather Sheath

Part #: FG01-L
Length: 10.875” Forge 
Blade: 6” x .16”
Weight: 10.1 oz. The SOG Forge evokes a period in Japanese history when honor was the most highly coveted
Steel: san mai VG-10 Core virtue; It was a time when everything was handmade with meticulous care. A good knife or
Edge: Straight sword was meant to last for life- and as such, The Forge is built using both traditional and
Handle: GRN
Finish: Black/Satin Polish modern methods. It projects a sense of elegance and sophistication at the same time. The VG-10
Comes With: Leather Sheath san mai blade is hammer forged creating the distinctive pattern and the handle is precisely fitted
using a stepped topographic design for exemplary balance and feel. And because no detail is
overlooked, the sheath is as good as the knife- crafted in Japan from thick rich leather, with a
splash design of beautiful silk stitched into it’s face to make each one of a kind.

Length: 10.43”
Blade: 5.3” x .173” Vulcan Fixed Blade 
Weight: 8.4 oz.
Steel: VG-10 Stainless Radical blade grinds have been one of the signatures of SOG’s Models
VL50-L Satin (shown)
Rc. 59-60 knives, but to produce these complex blade shapes and grinds VL51-L Black TiNi
Finish: Satin Polish or requires the finest attention to detail. Perhaps this helps to
Black TiNi
Edge: Straight explain why the Vulcan fixed blade is so special. Each side of
Handle: GRN the knife has three separate grinds that come together to
Comes With: Leather Sheath make a strong powerful knife. The reverse curve in the VG-10
blade is further evidence of this masterful craftsmanship. The
full tang blade is clad with glass-reinforced GRN scales that are
textured in an intricate wave pattern. The premiere tactical
knife for the modern militia.
See Vulcan Folding blade on page 18.




Length: 12.25” Kiku
Blade: 7.5” x .16”
Weight: 21 oz. When SOG inspiration meets master craftsmanship, true works of art are born. Introducing
the SOG Kikus, collaborations with custom knife maker Kikuo Matsuda. Kiku is considered to
Tanto be the finest hand grinder in the world. Over his lifetime he has developed techniques that are
Length: 14”
Blade: 8.25” x .16” simply unparalleled. He is able to combine flat, hollow, and convex (Hamaguri) grinds that all
Weight: 19.8 oz. interact seamlessly. He does it by altering his finger pressure and listening to the sound of the
grinder without actually seeing the blade. His works are in the some of the finest collections
Length: 13.75” in the world. This collection features mirror polished blades with double bevel grinds, green
Blade: 8.6” x .310” canvas micarta handles, and OU-31 steel. OU-31 is a micro fine steel that features high hardness
Weight: 16 oz.
Rc. 64 and is 3 times tougher than D2. Only a few serialized pieces will be created as the master
Steel: OU-31 Kiku must grind each himself. All will come with a custom leather sheath, presentation box, and
Rc. 64 certificate of authenticity.
Edge: Straight
Handle: Canvas Micarta KU-01 - Bowie knife with dual bevels and signature acid etched texture
Finish: Polished KU-02 - Tanto with dual bevels and signature acid etched texture
Comes With: Leather Sheath and
Presentation Box KU-03 - Dagger with 4 double grinds, convex edges (Hamaguri) and blackened traditional
samurai guard (Katana Tsuba)

Reverse Collaboration is where a manufacturer works closely with a custom maker to

produce a limited number of knives in the style of the manufacturer. This will provide a set of
guaranteed orders for the custom maker while also elevating his stature in the cutlery world.
The manufacturer also gains stature by working with the custom maker and can sell knives to
markets and buyers that would not normally buy that makers products.




Length: 10.95” Aura Fixed Line
Blade: 6” x .160”
Weight: 8.6 oz. With our Aura line, we built on the traditional ideas of the past Models
AU01-N Camp
and evolved them for the future. We thought about weight, AU02-N Hunt
Hunt ease of carry, safety and intuitiveness. We studied the original AU03-N SEAL
Length: 10”
Blade: 5” x .160” bowie knife created by Rezin Bowie in 1938. We considered
Weight: 5.4 oz. utility, ergonomics and comfort. The result... the Aura fixed
blade. We used a high impact and tough GRN handle that is
Length: 11.9” overmolded with a more pliable material for non-slip comfort.
Blade: 6.9” x .160” We didn’t want a big clunky crossguard that isolated the
Weight: 7.9 oz. hand so we adapted the blade design to provide the element
Steel: 7Cr13 Stainless of safety and allows greater control. And just in case your
Rc. 54-56 extremely sharp and durable edge requires a touch up in the
Edge: Straight or
field. Unscrew the carbide sharpener in the back of the handle
Partially Serrated
Handle: GRN/Rubber and reflect that yes, maybe this is a new day in knives. Check
Finish: Satin Polish or out the Aura in multiple fixed and folding blade configurations.
Black TiNi
Pedigree for the future.
Comes With: Nylon Sheath and





Field Pup 1
Length: 8.5” Field Pup 
Blade: 4” x .130”
Weight: 7.5 oz. 9 oz. “It’s just about the perfect size, weight, feel and balance,” is Field Pup Models
FP3-L Satin
the comment we hear from wilderness guides who handle the FP4-L Black TiNi
Field Pup II Field Pup for the first time. It’s comfortable to use with its
Length: 10.25”
Blade: 4.75” x .135 Kraton molded handle that form fits the full tang blade. SOG’s Field Pup II Models
FP5-L Satin
Weight: 9 oz. trademarked finger grips are combined with aggressive thumb FP6-L Black TiNi
notches on the back of the blade, making the Field Pup a real
Steel: 7Cr17MoV
Rc. 55-57 working knife. The blade is also protected by SOG’s nylon
Edge: Straight sheath.
Handle: Kraton Rubber
Finish: Satin Polish or The Field Pup II capitalizes on the success as well as the
Black TiNi features of the Field Pup I. This is a significantly larger knife
Comes With: Leather Sheath
that has great presence and power. Beautifully hollow ground,
choose between satin and black TiNi finishes.


Length: 10.4” Woodline
Blade: 4.8” x .150”
Weight: 8.3 oz. That feeling of leaving civilization behind as you move out of the Models
WD01-L Large (shown)
valley and into the wood line is the inspiration for this series WD02-L Small
Small of fixed blades and folders. These big upswept blades meet the
Length: 8.7”
Blade: 4” x .150” challenges of extreme camping, hunting and survival chores.
Weight: 5.9 oz. The blade is anchored in a handle comprised of stainless steel
bolsters and beautiful hard wood. The handle configuration
Steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless
Rc. 57-58 insures a solid grip regardless of what nature throws at you.
Edge: Straight The thumb grooves on the spine allow the application of
Handle: Wood with Stainless
downward pressure as well as give greater dexterity.
Steel Bolster
Finish: Satin Polish See Woodline Folding blade on page 24.
Comes With: Leather Sheath



Length: 11.875” Fixation 
Blade: 6.675”
Weight: 8.3 oz. Among other things, SOG has a reputation for producing Models
Edge: Straight/Serrated some of the finest production fixed blades in the world. Now FX01-N Bowie
FX10-N Dagger
we have developed along with military consultants an even
Length: 12.25” more economical choice with the Fixation series. Seamless
Blade: 7” fits between blade and cross guard, wrap-around checkered
Weight: 10.5 oz. handles, blade grooves, thumb notches, spanner nuts, and
Edge: Straight
crossguard cutouts all say this knife is as distinctive as you are.
Steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Great balance and proportion make these knives very agile. Let
Rc. 55-57
our Fixation become yours!
Handle: Kraton with
Stainless Crossguard
and Pommel
Finish: Black Oxide
Comes With: Nylon Sheath

Length: 11.4”
Blade: 6.6” x .200” Gov-Tac
Weight: 9.6 oz.
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless The Gov-Tac transcends the competition with double- Models
S21T-K Black TiNi (shown)
Rc. 57-58 precision ground grooves, thumb control ridges, and an S21B-K Bead Blasted
Edge: Straight extremely thick blade. Other features include: An instinctual
Handle: Kraton with
Stainless Crossguard new handle shape with bold diamond checkering and scored
and Pommel with grip lines, signature washer construction, SOG’s low-
Finish: Black TiNi or
reflecive blade, pommel, crossguard, and spanner nut. A
Bead Blasted
Comes With: Kydex Sheath proven blade style that is robust with flat ground bevels and
precision ground grooves, Stainless steel sculpted crossguard
and pommel, weighted and balanced for perfect control



Daggert I
Length: 10.75” Daggert I & II
Blade: 5.65” x .200”
Weight: 7.9 oz. The challenge was to create a new breed of extreme fixed Daggert I
D25T-K Black TiNi (shown)
Daggert II
blades... suitable for today’s modern military, capable night and
Length: 11.85” day, wet or dry, and able to be carried in a variety of ways. But Daggert II Models
Blade: 6.6” x .200” you might ask, what could possibly be new in a fixed blade? D26B-K Bead Blasted (shown)
Weight: 8.5 oz. D26T-K Black TiNi
The Daggerts easily answer this question with contemporary
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless solutions and have been tuned and tweaked for performance
Rc. 57-58
Edge: Partially Serrated at every level. Who would have thought how far a fixed blade
Handle: Kraton with could come! The Daggerts are a well thought out complete
Stainless Crossguard package. The only thing left for you to decide is which size.
and Pommel
Finish: Black TiNi or
Bead Blasted
Comes With: Kydex Sheath




Length: 15.3” Jungle Series
Blade: 9.5” x .150”
Weight: 14.0 oz.
For the primitive in all of us. When the only thing that Models
F03T-N Primitive
separates you from them is your equipment, it better be good. F15-N Canopy
Length: 15.5” The Jungle series is durable and comfortable with a molded F14-N Warrior
Blade: 10” x .190” Kraton handle that features our trademark Digi-Grip handle
Weight: 19.4 oz. texture, a way to guarantee gripping power where you need it.
Length: 15.25”
Blade: 9.75” x .190”
Now with three distinctive blade shapes there is one for every
Weight: 16.5 oz. taste. The Primitive is hard to categorize between a big knife,
Steel: 8Crl3 MoVStainless a small machete, or a survival tool as its talents lie in chopping,
Rc. 56-58 slicing, sawing, pounding, etc. The Canopy and Warrior feature
Finish: Black Oxide thicker blades and new blade grinds. All three include a Nylon
Edge: Partially Serrated
Handle: Kraton sheath with utility pouch.
Comes With: Nylon Sheath
Don’t be caught alone!



13” Machete
Length: 19” SOGfari Machete
Blade: 13”x .08”
Weight: 13 oz. Our machetes are exciting additions to the SOG family. Its Models
MC01-N 13” Machete
not ‘should I have a machete’ but ‘which size will work for MC02-N 18” Machete
18” Machete me.’ Machetes are one of the more useful edged tools in the
Length: 24”
Blade: 18”x .08” world. They have cleared brush, blazed trails, chopped wood,
Weight: 15.7 oz. built shelters, harvested crops, prepared meals, hunted and
protected for generations. Careful attention has been given
Steel: 2Cr13 MoV Stainless
Rc. 44-50 to the SOGfari to make sure that the weight was right and
Edge: Straight/Saw Back the handles were comfortable for extended use. Whip them
Handle: Kraton
through the air and hear them sing. We’ve added a real
Finish: Black Powder Coated
Comes With: Nylon Sheath working saw on the back of the blades with teeth that cut
deep. Extended out of the back of the handle is a spiked tang
for pounding and scraping. There are even holes in the handle
to mount lanyards.

SOGfari... the go-to tool for survival, exploration and





Swedge I
Length: 7.8” Swedge 
Blade: 3.125” x .156”
Weight: 4.3 oz.
We share something with Brent Beshara, the belief that Models
BH01-K Swedge I
excellence in design is fundamental. Born out of our BH02-K Swedge II
Swedge II collaboration is this unique set of tactical blade shapes. As a BH03-K Swedge III
Length: 8.44”
Blade: 3.31” x .156 Canadian special ops military instructor for 24 years, a life-
Weight: 5.5 oz. long martial artist and a custom knife maker, Brent Beshara has
created a new blade geometry that makes the tips of the knives
Swedge III
Length: 10.1” much stronger and less prone to breaking. The Swedge’s
Blade: 4.25” x .156” functional shapes are fast and powerful with grind lines never
Weight: 7.5 oz. used before. All feature a full-tang, G10 handles for non-slip
Steel: AUS-8 Stainless grip and a heavy duty Kydex sheath that offers a variety of
Rc. 57-58 mounting options.
Edge: Straight
Handle: G10
Finish: Bead Blasted
Comes With: Kydex Sheath

Part #: SH-02
Width: 2.5” Countertop Sharpener
Height: 2.75”
Weight: 3 oz. Now SOG takes the hassle out of knife sharpening with the newest generation
Handle: GRN of SOG Countertop Sharpener! Simply set the SOG Countertop Sharpener on
any flat non-porous surface, activate the suction, and pull your knives through
for a razor sharp edge!

Part #: SH03-CP
Length: 4.27”
Width: .875”
Weight: .7 oz. One of our favorite new products of the year, the new SOG sharpener is a
Handle: GRN great example of innovative design in a concise package. With a flat diamond
Comes With: Diamond sharpening pad,
ceramic rod and fire starter
sharpening pad, cylindrical ceramic sharpener (that can be use for serrations)
as well as a fire starter (just in case), you have the makings of the perfect
companion to any SOG knife or tool.

Part #:
Length: 15.75”
Tactical Tomahawk
Head Length: 8.25”
Edge Length: 2.75” Based on the Vietnam Tomahawk, the Tactical Tomahawk is an extreme evolution of the original
Weight: 24 oz. which was considered one of the more unusual weapons of its day. Today there is a real need
Steel: 420 Stainless
for a versatile tool for breaching operations, excavation, obstacle removal, extraction, and other
Finish: Black Oxide
Edge: Straight utility applications.
Handle: Ballistic Polymer
Comes With: Nylon Sheath

The SOG FastHawk is faster, lighter, more agile, and easier
to carry than its sibling the Tactical Tomahawk. This is not to
say it is not still powerful, versatile, and functional. It is a tool
that will be used for much more than you might anticipate.
Chopping, breaking, cutting, hammering, piercing, digging,
prying, pounding, shaving, notching, opening and throwing are
all capabilities well within the FastHawk’s reach.

Part #: F06T-N
Length: 12.5”
Head Length: 6.5”
Edge Length: 2”
Weight: 19 oz.
Steel: 420 Stainless
Finish: Black Oxide
Edge: Straight
Handle: Ballistic Polymer
Comes With: Nylon Sheath

Part #:
Length: 17.25”
Double Headed Axe 
Head Length: 8.25”
Edge Length: 3.25”
The SOG Double Headed Axe lets you get medieval when you work. Based on the
Weight: 31 oz. construction and durability of the world renowned Tomahawk, but with a heavier two-
Steel: 420 Stainless edged head, this formidable axe can shape, split and cut wood, harvest timber, as well as
Finish: Black Oxide
Edge: Straight
be used in military/LE operations for breaching, extraction, etc. It is big enough to exert
Handle: Ballistic Polymer significant power with a two-handed grip but light enough to use with a single hand.
Comes With: Nylon Sheath

Part #: F09-N
Length: 11.1” Hand Axe 
Blade: 2.4” x .186”
Weight: 18.6 oz. A simple and genuine utilitarian design, the SOG Hand Axe will perform as a wilderness back
Steel: 420 Stainless pack essential as well as a camp, truck and preparedness tool. We opted to include G10 scales
Rc. 51-53 on the handles... for a more aggressive grip. With enough weight to make short order of camp
Finish: Black Oxide
Edge: Straight chores, it also will not punish you when carrying on extended adventure trip.
Handle: G10
Comes With: Nylon Sheath

Battle Axe 
Our modern battle/throwing axe evokes its origins from
medieval times. Whether used as a target axe, SWAT tool,
universal back up, or hung above the fireplace; it is very
effective. The pike in the back is upswept for better target
penetration. Size and heft are balanced for optimum swing
control. The handle is sculpted from heavy duty black G10 and
the entire solid blade is protected with SOG’s Hardcased black
coating. Nylon sheath included.

Part #: F02T-N
Overall Length: 12.25”
Head Length: 7”
Edge Length: 3.75”
Weight: 20.2 oz.
Steel: 420 Stainless
Finish: Black Oxide
Edge: Straight
Handle: G10
Comes With: Nylon Sheath

Part #:
Length: 10”
Throwing/Utility Knives
Blade: 4.375”x .135”
Weight: 5.3 oz. each These stylized knives are not only fun to sail through the air, they are practical as well.
Steel: 420 Stainless Completely protected by SOG’s Hardcased black coating, they are extremely scratch resistant.
Finish: Black Oxide Their balance, aerodynamics, and proportions make them great throwing knives. For the same
Edge: Straight
Handle: N/A reasons they also make great back-up field knives. Wrap the handles with paracord or use as is
Comes With: Nylon Sheath and you have three knives for the price of one! Includes nylon sheath that safely carries all three.

Part #: FS01-N
Length: 10.65” Spirit 
Blade: 4.25”
Weight: 10.0 oz. The Spirit looks like a futuristic tribal spear taking off from “Area 51”. Sleek and aerodynamic, it
Steel: 420 Stainless hides a secret... Unscrew the handle and use a broom handle* to complete the spear! In a survival
Finish: Black Oxide situation, use a branch to make the spear shaft and tighten it with a nail or the provided setscrew.
Edge: Double Edge Straight
Handle: Nylon With the provided handle the Spirit can be thrown or used as a cutting tool.
Comes With: Nylon Sheath
Do you have the Spirit?

* The Spirit will fit on most common broom handles.



Length: 10”
Blade: 4.75” x .150”
Weight: 6 oz.
Steel: 440A Stainless
It isn’t very often that a product can create a new category, Models
FX20-N Hunter
Rc. 56-58 but the Revolver does just that. We have pioneered a fixed FX21-N SEAL
Edge: Straight/ Double blade with a new twist... actually a complete revolution. The
Tooth Saw
Handle: Glass-Reinforced
Revolver’s secret is simply twice the capability for the same
Nylon size and weight. Utilizing patented technology developed by
Finish: Satin Polish or Robbie Roberson and Spencer Frazer, you can depress the
Black TiNi
Comes With: Nylon Sheath
locking lever and rotate the blade to transform the knife into a
saw. It’s so easy, so cool, that you’ll wonder why it wasn’t done
a long time ago.
The Revolver comes standard with a new look in blade shape
that is not only functional, but distinctive. A survival saw serves
as a backup in the handle. The blade features a forward thumb
rest for increased dexterity and downward pressure. A GRN
handle hides the stainless steel liners which ensure strength
and quality.
Why not pack twice the capability with the Revolver? It just
might transform your idea of what a knife should be.

Part #: F10-N
Length: 14.75” Folding Saw
Blade: 8.25”
Weight: 5.9 oz. A saw is an essential piece of survival equipment. The longer the saw, the easier to use, but the
Steel: High Carbon Steel harder to carry. We achieved a nice balance between the two. The Folding Saw has a 7.5” blade
Finish: Black Oxide of hardened and tempered steel that makes short order of branches, small logs, and brush. A
Edge: Saw
Handle: Soft Grip TPR comfortable handle helps to cut deep and true on each and every pull stroke. The extremely
Comes With: Nylon Sheath sharp teeth are differentially tempered for long life and work on green as well as hard wood.

Part #:
18.25” Entrenching Tool
Blade: 7.25” Closed
Weight: 24.5 oz. A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today’s constantly changing environment. We
Steel: High Carbon Steel know one thing, when you need to move sand, dirt or snow you wish you had that shovel close
Finish: Black Powder Coated at hand. Our all steel construction entrenching tool uses a tempered steel blade with teeth cut
Edge: Straight
Handle: Steel into it for cutting and slashing. The triangular handle is strong and fits the hand well. Folded, it
Comes With: Nylon Sheath takes up about the same space as a stack of paper plates. Which would you rather have?

Large Counter Display ACR-102
The Small Countertop Display accomodates eight folding
knives, two fixed blades and three multi-tools.
Width: 19", Height: 21", Depth: 6.5".
Dislplay includes:
FSA-7 Flash I folding knife
BBA-99 Blink folding knife
TWI-8 Twitch II folding knife
MWV-72 Mini X-Ray Vision folding knife
TFSA-98 Flash II folding knife (Black TiNi finish)
TWI-20 Twitch XL folding knife
TF-3 Trident folding knife (Tigerstripe finish)
TF-7 Trident tanto folding knife
M37 SEAL Pup fixed blade
E37 SEAL Pup Elite fixed tool
S44 Pocket PowerPlier multi-tool
S63 PowerLock multi-tool
B63 PowerLock multi-tool (Black Oxide finish)

Small Counter Display ACR-204

The Small Countertop Display accomodates three folding
knives, one fixed blade and one multi-tool.
Width: 16.5", Height: 11", Depth: 4.5".
Dislplay includes:
TWI-8 Twitch II folding knife
FSA-98 Flash II folding knife
TF-2 Trident folding knife
M37 SEAL Pup fixed blade
S63 PowerLock multi-tool

Small Counter Display ACR-306

The Small Countertop Display accomodates three folding
knives, one fixed blade and one multi-tool.
Width: 16.5", Height: 11", Depth: 4.5".
Dislplay includes:
TFSA-98 Flash II folding knife (Black TiNi finish)
TF-3 Trident folding knife (Tigerstripe finish)
E37T SEAL Pup Elite folding knife
PE14 Pentagon Elite fixed blade
B63 PowerLock multi-tool (Black Oxide finish)

SOG Warranty Information: Broken Blades:
All SOG knives, tools and gear are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials In the unlikely case that your knife blade breaks, we will do a hardness test on it to see if it is
for the life of the original purchaser. Sharpeners are guaranteed for one-year from the time within specs and therefore eligible for replacement.
of purchase. This guarantee is voided (as determined by SOG) by misuse, abuse, improper Costs:
maintenance, or alterations of the product and does not cover any normal wear or tear SOG will pre-determine the cost of repair or replacement of non-warranted items and
that might occur. communicate the estimated cost to the customer before any work is performed.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that When returning product for warranty/replacement please do
do not arrive to our facility. the following:
Include a brief note inside your package stating what you are returning, the claimed defect
SOG reserves the right to the repair or replacement of a product at our discretion. and how it failed. Also, include inside the package, your name, address, and a daytime phone
Products that are discontinued and not repairable will be returned as-is with a gift number or email address to reach you in case we have any questions.
certificate of similar value, as determined by SOG, which can be used for a future purchase.
Send all warranty claims to:
Examples of Non-Warranted items: SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, LLC
Rusted/spotted/stained blades or handles (coated or not), broken or bent knife tips, worn Attn: Warranty Dept.
tool components, dull/chipped knife blades, scratched blade/tool coatings, worn/loose 6521 212th St. SW
Kraton slabs, sheaths and pouches (if brand new sheaths are determined to be defective Lynnwood, WA 98036
they are replaced separately from the knife/tool), and broken/lost thumb studs. USA

SOG Unconditional Pocket Clip Warranty: For any other questions, either call, fax, or email SOG’s warranty department at:
Pocket clips can be broken if they are accidentally caught on foreign objects while wearing.
To help prevent such occurrences, SOG recommends that you wear your knife in your Phone: 425-771-6230 ext.. 229
front pocket, with the knife inside your pocket. If, for whatever reason, your clip bends Toll Free: 888-40-KNIFE (405-6433)
or breaks and you would like to receive a replacement, email or visit http://sogknives. Fax: 425-771-7689
com/store/clip_request.html. Damage to a knife handle because a clip has snagged is not Email: warranty@sogknives.com
considered “normal,” and any such damage will be assessed under warranty.
SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, LLC reserves the right to change
Sharpening: specifications, prices, and information without notice.
SOG offers a sharpening service for our products at the minimal
charge of $9.00.

Laser Engraving
SOG has a complete laser engraving department.
All of our knives and multi-tools can be engraved
with your slogan or company logo. Call the SOG
sales department for more details.

For updates and even more information, visit us at:

To become an official SOG dealer, contact us at:

sogsales@sogknives.com or call 888-405-6433

6521 212th St. SW • Lynnwood, WA 98036

425-771-6230 • 888-405-6433 • FAX 425-771-7689
© 2010 SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, LLC
SOG reserves the right to alter and change, without notice,
knife and tool specifications, information, and pricing.
All SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, LLC products are intended to be
used according to local, state, and federal laws and ordinances in your area.

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