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Angels Words and Music by J=76 Robert Williams and Guy Chambers e ‘ousa A Cha the pla - ces where we go when we're grey and 8 Fin? A (© 1997 EMI Virgin Music Ltd, London WC2H OE BMG Musie Publishing Ltd, London SW6 31W ° orm? ly-ing in my bed run-ning through my head and feelthatloveis dead, Tim lov-ing an-gels in-stead. Es a a" And through ic all__ she of -fers me_ pro-tec - ton, @ lot of fove and af-fec- whe-ther I'm right or wrong. And down the wa - ter-fall_______ wherever it_ may take Thnow that life won't break... me, when I come wo call she won't for-sake Fen Dade wot Pe 2 HE cocoa 5 Tm lov -ing an - gels in - stead ‘When I'm feeling weak ways be blessed