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Here is my general list of the forgotten generation of American composers.

Of course some will say I left a certain composer out, and I will gladly
add any I have forgotten... but this is a list of composers whom I feel
deserve a hearing, as least a greater exposure than they have had in this
century. (And to be fair, in the last several years some have been getting
some of that exposure ... George Chadwick, finally, for one.)

BRISTOW, GEORGE (American: 1825-1998)

BUCK, DUDLEY (American: 1839-1906)
CADMAN, CHARLES WAKEFIELD (American:1881-1946)
CARPENTER, JOHN ALDEN (American: 1876-1951)
CHADWICK, GEORGE W. (American: 1854-1931)
COERNE, LOUIS ADOLPHE (American: 1870-1922)
CONVERSE, FREDRICK (American: 1871-1940)
COWELL, HENRY (American:1897-1965)
DAMROSCH, WALTER (American: 1862-1950)
DUBENSKY, ARCADY (American: 1890-1966)
FARWELL, ARTHUR (American: 1872-1952)
FOOTE, ARTHUR (American: 1853-1937)
FRY, WILLIAM HENRY (American: 1813-1864)
GILBERT, HENRY F.(American: 1868-1928)
GILLIS, DON (American: 1912-?)r
GOLDMARK, RUBIN (American: 1872-1936)
GRUENBERG, LOUIS (Polish-American: 1884-1964)
GUION, DAVID (American: 1892-1981)
HILL, EDWARD BURLINGAME (American: 1872-1960)
KELLY, EDGAR STILLMAN (American: 1857-1944)
LOEFFLER, CHARLES MARTIN (American: 1861-1935)
MASON, DANIEL GREGORY (American: 1873-1953)
MOORE, DOUGLAS (American: 1893-1969)
NEVIN, ETHELBERT (American: 1862-1901)
PAINE, JOHN KNOWLES (American: 1839-1906)
PARKER, HORATIO (American: 1863-1919)
STRONG, GEORGE TEMPLETON (American: 1856-1948)
TAYLOR, DEEMS (American:
THOMPSON, RANDALL (American: 1899-1984)

This is not to say these composers have not been recorded: they have. But
in such a meager way that merely tantalizes the "taste buds" as it were.
Fortunately for this, or I and many other music lovers never would have
discovered how enjoyable the music is that these composers have produced.

I personally would love to see a renaissance of American musical awareness

such as has occurred in the UK with the rediscovery of such composers as
Stanford, Parry, MaCunn, MacKenzie, McEwen, Dyson, Moeran, Holbrooke, and
others, as these composers were, of course, the contemporaries of most of
those in my list above.

Jim Stevenson