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ACADEMIC YEAR 2018 – 2019

General direction: Read carefully the questions and answer it in 3 – 5 complete sentences.

1. Why is it important to study history?

2. What is the significance of the first voyage around the world?
3. How can you describe the martial law of 1972 and why?
4. How can you describe the Edsa Revolution of 1986 and why?
5. When did President Aguinaldo proclaimed the Philippine independence?
6. Acknowledge as the revolutionary president who ruled under a revolutionary
7. What is the fundamental law of the law?
8. What is the term of office of the Philippine president?
9. What are the three branches of government and explain each.
10. It refers to a peaceful revolution.
11. He painted “Spoliarium”. He submitted the painting to the Exposición Nacional de Bellas
Artes in 1884 in Madrid, where it garnered the first gold medal.
12. Are we really independent and why?
13. Give your best hugot line
14. State your reason for not taking the exam last meeting.

Good luck!
Merry Christmas!