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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

1.1 Introduction.

The road to success is a tough and challenging journey in the dark

where only obstacles light the path. However, the success on a terrain

like this is not a solution. As we found out nearly three decades ago, in

1977, the solution for success is customer satisfaction. All one need is the

courage to innovate, the skill to understand the clientele and the desire to

give them your best.

Customers are the key for the success of any product or service. In this

highly competitive market, the time has gone when marketers used to

push of products according to their whims and fancies.

Now the time has changed, the marketers have to produce and offer

goods and services according to wants and demand of their customer or

as per the requirements of the customer.

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

Thus, today successful market leaders are those who succeed best in

satisfying and delighting their target customers by knowing their wants

and expectations. Researcher thus felt it would appropriate to choose the

topic customer satisfaction and study how new generation banks have

understood well this concept.

Due to changed economic situation, banks have also changed attitudes

towards the kind and quality of service to be given, customer’s role in

their business, well being and the way to stand high and firm in this

competitive world.

The project report covers some aspects with respect to HDFC Bank and

their branches comparing product satisfaction, service satisfaction and

product loyalty as perceived by chosen few.

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

1.2 Need for the study

In this modern era Indian market is flooded with numerous Banking

sectors with lot of better facilities to customers. As it made important

factor for the Banking sectors for the stiff competition.

This study attempts to analyze the customer satisfaction on all such

factors, Which would be the base in drafting the data towards the

services provided by the HDFC Bank.

Banking sector every where are baffled with mixed responders of

various consumers regarding the performance etc.

The exercise of a small sample evaluation of customer preference in

this area will be an eye opener of the new banks.

The study was done with an intention of bringing the HBFC Bank

close the customers.

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

1.3 Objective of the study.

1. To take over view of HDFC Bank functioning.

2. To study the different services provided by HDFC Bank to the


3. To study the customer satisfaction for HDFC Bank services & deposit

4. To understand the factors which influence customer satisfaction

towards HDFC Bank services.

5. To study the awareness of the services like, mobile Banking, Insta

Alert, Kids advantage account provided by HDFC Bank.

6. To know how far modern or new generation customers are satisfied

with international bank services especially with HDFC Bank.

1.4 Research Methodology

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

The study was conducted at HDFC Bank Gulbarga. Both qualitative and

quantitative data was used for interpreting the finding.

Collection of Data

1. Primary data source

The main source of data is primary data, this

method is adopted for collection of primary data is done through field

survey methods. In this method the technique of questionnaire and face-

to-face interviews are used. Questionnaire was prepared to collect

different views from the respondents this included both open ended and

close ended questions.

Sample design: sample size of 130 was chosen for the survey.

Questionnaire was administered personally and chosen randomly. At the

time of interview friendly environment was created to get reliable and

free information. The observed data is been analyzed, tabulated, and

graphs are been used for data interpretation.

2. Secondary data

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

Besides using primary data the secondary data were

collected from the following sources.

• Company records.

• Journals.

• Magazines.

• Internet.

The data collected were properly classified, analyzed and also statistical

tools like percentage, Likert scales etc were used for the purpose of

evaluating the study.

1.5 Scope & limitation of the study


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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

In the present scenario many companies are striving hard to own

customers in order to it’s maintain and expand their market share.

The study covers customer satisfaction level of HDFC Bank at Gulbarga.

The study covers the awareness of Bank and various deposit accounts

among customers of HDFC Bank Gulbarga. Study also includes the

consumer’s likely consideration in launching more services of HDFC


The report helps the company to study the market and accordingly plan

the strategies to penetrate in to the market and catch hold of the

customers towards the Bank’s services.

This report also helps the researches to understand the different factors

that influence on the investment decisions of the customers for deposit



• The time was the binding factor in which the project had to be

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

• The study was restricted to the customers of the Gulbarga branch


• The study was based on available material and the feedback from the

bank and its customers.

• The data collected through the questionnaires and interviews may be

taken to be factual.

1.6 Chapter scheme

The study has been divided into;

Chapter 1: The first chapter gives introduction to the study, need for the

study, objectives, scope & limitations for the study and

research methodology & chapter scheme.

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Chapter 1 We Understand Your World

Chapter 2: The second chapter explains about the theoretical

background relating to “Customer Satisfaction”

Chapter 3: The third chapter gives the detail about the profile and its

undertakings of the company.

Chapter 4: The fourth chapter focuses on data analysis & interpretation.

Chapter 5: The final chapter explains the major findings of the study and

suitable suggestions in the light of findings.

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