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Organization Prarie % of tenants evicted as a result of rent arrears % of tenants in arrears who have had notices of seeking possession served % of tenants with more than x weeks of arrears % vacancy ratio Average # of tenancies managed per property manager Average property management fees per tenancy Average relet time Average time taken to relet empty homes Housing energy efficiency Rent arrears as % of rent due Rent collection as % of rent due PM eo wed % change in administrative and operational cost % expenditure by introducing innovations % hours with innovations % idea conversion rate % license costs of total R&D cost % license revenues to total R&D costs % market share increase due to R&D % product design cost accuracy % products meeting cost target % R&D budget allocated to new product development % R&D budget allocated to product improvements and extensions. % R&D budget from total budget % R&D budget spent on new innovations % R&D projects involving customers % R&D staff involved in customer contacts Average development costs per new product # frequency of meetings per group % of products capturing 50% or more of the market % of R&D expense as a % of revenue Average engineering change cycle time Breakeven time or time-to-profitability Current year % of revenue from products developed in the last "X" years Development cycle time trend (normalized to program complexity) “nnovation An I Proposal win rate R&D headcount and % increase/decrease in R&D headcount Total patents filed/pending/awarded per year # e-public sector as an active partner in the innovation system # new product/service ideas proposed KPI MEGA LIBRARY 138 Organization By Industry | Function Bee ua # of collected ideas that were developed further # of collected ideas that were implemented # of ideas developed # of new products # of new techniques identified # of new technologies adopted # of system improvements implemented % dedicated resources for radical innovation % of ideas from outside the organization % of ideas that are funded for development % of ideas that are killed % of investment in non-core innovation projects % of new customers from new products / services % of sales due to launched product/service % of senior management time invested in growth innovation % retained or evaluated ideas % training programs for newly introduced innovations Average # of prototypes per new product Average age of patents Average number of patents per researcher Average prototyping speed Average time-to-profitability for changes to existing products/services ‘Average time-to-profitability for new product/service Customer satisfaction with new products / services New product sales cannibalization ratio New product turn around time Ratio of # of concepts to actual products Research idea conversion rate Total funds invested in non-core innovation projects Mini 2 ae # drop in time due to knowledge management # knowledge management briefings and communication sessions facilitated % employees trained in Knowledge Management (KM) practices % savings due to inowiedgs management initiatives ‘(Monitor Competitors 7 ‘ # of new Tectniques novation patented # of new techniques/innovations patents pending Perceived advantage in the market against actual Perceived degree of competition iia # bulletins distributed to employees # divisions represented per group # employees in R&D. # ideas put forward by individuals to team leaders 139 KPI MEGA LIBRARY Organization 28. Research & Development # members per group # of program management # time to respond to ideas / suggestions % academic scientific staff % core team members physically collocated % cost performance % employees involved in the innovation process 5% meetings involving external experts % new academic research recruits in R&D. % of balanced team scorecard % of milestone dates met % of schedule performance % project personnel receiving team building/team launch training/ facilitation % staff involved in groups % students participating in research activities ‘Actual staffing (hours or headcount) vs. plan ‘Average training hours per person per year or % of payroll cost for training annually IPT/PDT turnover rate or average IPT/PDT turnover rate Milestone or task completion vs. plan On-schedule task start rate Personnel ratios Phase cycle time vs. plan Ratio of experts to practitioners to novices per group, Staffing ratios (ratio of each discipline's headcount on project to # of design engineers) Time-to-market or time-to-volume aa # of services processes % data loss cases that affected the operational effectiveness % electronic files backup % growth of input in knowledge base % of proof of concept accepted/rejected % paper to electronic document ratio % R&D alliance to meet expected standards % safety testing % success in determining ideal levels % success of performance delivery mechanisms % time d for data gathering % time for completing standard documents % time to correct the loss due to mismanagement of data Average time to break-even Efficiency of product processes KPI MEGA LIBRARY 140