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Salem Witch Trials: A Triumph and Tragedy in History

Sina Fa’apoi

Fa’ao’o Lolenese

Junior Division

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Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography

Primary Source

Ray, Benjamin. Salem Witch Trials. 2018. January 22 2019.


This website has provided us with documents and personal letters that pertains to the Salem

witch trials event that occurred in 1692. It gave us a clear understanding of what was going on

within that time period.

"Photos and Documents for Salem Witch Trials (1692)." 2019.


This website provided photographs or images that was used and displayed within our website.

Photos and images of the events in colonial Massachusetts. These photos helped us with seeing

how life was in the colonial Massachusetts.

Getty Images. "101 Salem Witch Trials Pictures and Images." 2019. 11 February 2019.



We came across this website which provided a lot of images that were very helpful in our

website to better help the viewers see and visualize the even that took place in 1692.

Secondary Source

A&E Television Networks, LLC. "Salem Witch Trials." 2019. 2 February 2019.


This website was a more of a film that was created to show the events that occurred in 1692. The

historians within the videos made it clear for us to understand the hysteria that went around in

Salem, Massachusetts. The video is included into our website to give a clear understanding of the

history and maybe the cause of the trials.

Blumberg, Jess. A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials. 23 October 2007. 8 February 2019.



This online source gave us a brief history of the Salem witch trials which has helped with the

designing and creating of our website. The article in this site gave us a small summary of the

Salem witch trials.

Brooks, Rebecca Beatrice. History of the Salem Witch Trials. 18 August 2011. 15 January 2019.


This online source has provided both articles and some images that were also displayed within

our website. This source gave us a clear understanding Salem, Massachusetts.

Cooper, Micaela Rene'. How mass hysteria influenced the history of Salem. 12 July 2016. 15

January 2019. <https://www.theodysseyonline.com/mass-hysteria-salem-witch-trials>.

This secondary source provided us with a well-written article that described the mass hysteria in

Salem in 1692. We understood the influence of the Salem tragedy to history and the people as


Linder, Professor Douglas O. Salem Witchcraft Trials: An Account. 2019. 24 January 2019.


This online source provided us also with a clear understanding of the trials that made a difference

in history. The Salem witch trials is among one of the most famous trials known in history.
Pruitt, Sarah. "The Salem Witch Trials of the Late 17th Century." (2018). 2 February 2019.


This secondary source provided us with some information of some notable women in Salem that

were executed. This helped us understand that the people who were accused were mostly women

and girls.