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Characters: Mum, Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH), Wolf, Grandma, Woodcutter

Costumes: masks, apron, cloak with hood, glasses, nightcap, nightdress

Props: Wood collage, basket, cake, flowers, axe, walking stick

Scene 1
At Little Red Riding Hood’s home
Mum: Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood.
LRRH: Hello, Mum!
Mum: Look, here’s a cake for Grandma.
LRRH: Mmm! Yummy!
Mum: Put it in the basket, please, and take it to Grandma’s. She’s very sick.
LRRH: LRRH puts the cake in her basket. Yes, Mum. Bye, bye!

Let’s go to Grandma’s!
Chocolate cake! Yum! Yum!
Let’s go to Grandma’s!
See you later! Bye! Bye!

Scene 2
In the wood
Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the wood.
LRRH: It’s a lovely day. Look at the flowers! I know... some flowers for Grandma!
LRRH picks some flowers.

Wolf: Hello!

LRRH: Hello!

Wolf: What’s your name, little girl?

LRRH: My name’s Little Red Riding Hood. What’s your name?

Wolf: I’m the Big Bad Wolf! Where are you going?

LRRH: I’m going to see my grandma. She lives in a cottage in the wood.

Wolf: What’s in your basket, Little Red Riding Hood?

LRRH: A cake.

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Wolf: Mmm! Yummy!

LRRH: Bye, bye, Big Bad Wolf!

Wolf: Bye, bye, Little Red Riding Hood!

LRRH runs away, LRRH picks some more flowers.

What a girl! What a wolf!
What a girl! What a wolf!
What a good little girl! What a big bad wolf!
What a good, good, good, little girl! What a big, big, big bad wolf!

Scene 3
At Grandma’s
The wolf arrives at Grandma’s.
Wolf: Hello, Grandma!

Grandma: Aargh! A wolf! Help!

The wolf puts Grandma in the wardrobe then jumps into Grandma’s bed and puts on
her nightcap.

Scene 4
LRRH knocks on Grandma’s door.
LRRH: Hello, Grandma!

Wolf: Hello, Little Red Riding Hood!

LRRH: How are you?

Wolf: Oh… very bad!

LRRH: Grandma, what big eyes you’ve got!

Wolf: All the better to see you with!

LRRH: Grandma, what big ears you’ve got!

Wolf: All the better to hear you with!

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LRRH: Grandma, what a big nose you’ve got!

Wolf: All the better to smell you with!

LRRH: Grandma, what big teeth you’ve got!

Wolf: All the better to eat you with!

The wolf jumps out of bed and grabs LRRH.

LRRH: Aaargh!!

Wow! Whee! Wow! Whee!
What can you see?! What can you see?!
Big eyes, big eyes, Big nose, big nose,
Grandma’s got big eyes! Grandma’s got a big nose!

Wow! Whee! Wow! Whee!

What can you see?! What can you see?!
Big ears, big ears, Big teeth, big teeth,
Grandma’s got big ears! Grandma’s got big teeth!

Scene 5
The woodcutter hears LRRH and runs into Grandma’s cottage.
LRRH: Help! Help! There’s a wolf!

Woodcutter: A wolf?! Where’s Grandma?

Take that you big bad wolf!
The woodcutter hits the wolf on the head. The wolf runs away.
Grandma jumps out of the wardrobe.

Grandma: Oh, thank you, thank you!

LRRH: Oh Grandma, you’re safe!

Grandma: Yes, now let’s sit down and have some cake.

LRRH: Yes, please! Mmm! Yummy!

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