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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 • XIX, Edition 161 www.smdailyjournal.com

Floods isolate two towns

Russian River was engorged by days of rain from western storms
By Haven Daley of San Francisco “is officially an engorged by days of rain from western
and Olga R. Rodriguez island,” with the overflowing Russian U.S. storms that have also dumped
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS River forecast to hit its highest level heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada,
in about 25 years, the Sonoma County throughout the Pacific Northwest and
GUERNEVILLE — Two communities Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. into Montana, where Gov. Steve
in Northern California’s wine country “Nobody is coming or going from Bullock signed an emergency order to
were accessible only by boat the Guerneville area at this time,” said help keep up the supply of heating fuel
Wednesday after a rain-swollen river sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Crum. The near- amid frigid temperatures.
overflowed its banks following a by town of Monte Rio was also isolat- Snow from the storms closed roads
relentless downpour across an already ed by floodwaters and all roads leading and schools and toppled trucks and PHOTO COURTESY OF SONOMA SHERIFF’S OFFICE
waterlogged region. to it were swamped. Monte Rio was isolated by floodwaters and all roads leading
The small city of Guerneville north The still rising Russian River was See FLOOD, Page 19 to it were swamped Wednesday.

Tax approval for

schools easier
under new bill
Peninsula lawmakers seek to lower
parcel tax voter support threshold
By Austin Walsh

A slate of Peninsula lawmakers are trying to ease the path REUTERS

for school districts seeking parcel taxes by lowering the Michael Cohen, the former attorney of Donald Trump, testifies before a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing.
voter support threshold required for the local funding meas-
ures to pass.
State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, introduced with co-
authors Assemblymen Kevin Mullin, D-South San
Francisco, and Marc Berman, D-Palo Alto, legislation
designed to push the parcel tax approval requirement to 55
See BILL, Page 19
Cohen assails Trump
Former lawyer casts the president as a racist and con man
Concern growing over sea By Mary Clare Jalonick, Eric
Tucker and Michael R. Sisak
Inside told lawmakers
that Trump had
advance knowl-
mary question of special counsel
Robert Mueller’s investigation.
Cohen, shaking off incessant criti-
level rise in Redwood City WASHINGTON — In a damning
news that emails
cism from Republicans anxious to
paint him as a felon and liar, became
the first Trump insider to pull back the
depiction of Donald Trump, the presi-
Environmental advocates highlight dent’s former lawyer on Wednesday damaging to curtain on a version of the inner work-
Hillary Clinton ings of Trump’s political and business
future issue at library presentation cast him as a racist and a con man who
used his inner circle to cover up politi- Cohen says Trump would be released operations. He likened the president to
By Zachary Clark cally damaging allegations about sex, behaved ‘much during the cam- a “mobster” who demanded blind loy-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF and who lied throughout the 2016 elec- like a mobster’ paign. But he alty from underlings and expected
tion campaign about his business See page 9 also said he had them to lie on his behalf to conceal
No other county in California is more vulnerable to sea interests in Russia. no “direct evi- information and protect him — even if
level rise than San Mateo County and developed areas, Michael Cohen, who previously dence” that Trump or his aides colluded it meant breaking the law.
pleaded guilty to lying to Congress, with Russia to get him elected, the pri-
See CONCERN, Page 27 See COHEN, Page 18
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2 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Thought for the Day

“Who will give me back those days when life
had wings and flew just like a skylark in the sky.”
— Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, French actress and poet

This Day in History

The heavy cruiser USS Houston and

1942 the Australian light cruiser HMAS

Perth were attacked by Japanese
forces during the World War II Battle
of Sunda Strait; both were sunk short-
ly after midnight on March 1 with a total loss of more than
1,000 men.
In 1 8 4 4 ,  a 12-inch gun aboard the USS Princeton exploded
as the ship was sailing on the Potomac River, killing
Secretary of State Abel P. Upshur, Navy Secretary Thomas W.
Gilmer and several others.
In 1 8 4 9 ,  the California gold rush began in earnest as regu-
lar steamship service started bringing gold-seekers to San
In 1 9 11 ,  President William Howard Taft nominated William
H. Lewis to be the first black Assistant Attorney General of
the United States.
In  1 9 1 7 ,   the Associated Press reported that the United
States had obtained a diplomatic communication sent by
German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to a German
official in Mexico proposing a German alliance with Mexico REUTERS
and Japan should the U.S. enter World War I. (Outrage over Firefighters try to rescue a train driver who is trapped in the train remains during a collision between passenger trains in Rio
the telegram helped propel America into the conflict.) de Janeiro, Brazil.
In  1 9 5 3 , scientists James D. Watson and Francis H.C.
Crick announced they had discovered the double-helix struc-
ture of DNA. In other news ...
In  1 9 5 8 , a school bus clipped a truck near Prestonburg, Necropsies have been performed on
Kentucky, and plunged down an embankment into the Big Around 40,000 pounds of all the dolphins to try to determine the
Man who bought $540 of
Sandy River; 22 children managed to escape, but 26 other chicken get roasted on highway cause of the strandings. Girl Scouts cookies is arrested
children and the bus driver drowned. ATLANTA — Around 20 tons of The center’s veterinarian, Kristen GREENVILLE, S. C. — A South
In  1 9 7 5 ,   42 people were killed in London’s Underground chicken were roasted on a highway Sakamaki, said in a statement there Carolina man who bought more than
when a train smashed into the end of a tunnel. near Atlanta when a tractor-trailer were a variety of potential reasons, 120 boxes of Girl Scouts cookies to
In  1 9 8 8 , the 15th Olympic Winter Games held its closing caught fire. including viral infections, bacterial help the scouts escape the cold has
ceremony in Calgary, Canada. The Georgia Department of infections and toxins. been arrested on drug charges.
Transportation announced on Twitter “We may not always get a definitive News outlets report the U.S. Drug
Birthdays that all southbound lanes on Interstate
285 in Cobb County reopened just
answer, but we consider our research
with these dolphins to be a very
Enforcement Agency says 46-year-old
Detric Lee McGowan was arrested
before 7 a.m. Tuesday, around three important piece to the puzzle in pro- Tuesday on charges including conspir-
hours after the fire started. viding clues as to what is going on in acy to distribute fentanyl and cocaine.
The truck’s driver, Micesh Kamal, our nearshore habitats, ” Sakamaki The agency says McGowan is the same
told WSB-TV that the chicken was said. man who appeared in a photo that gar-
bound for California from Georgia. He The center said that, according to the nered thousands of views and shares
pulled over when he saw smoke and Southern California Coastal Ocean online.
opened the back of the truck to find Observing System, there have recently Mother Kayla Dillard had shared the
flames in every direction. Kamal says been blooms of algae that can produce photo on Facebook, saying the man
he was not injured. domoic acid, which is toxic for marine paid $540 in cash for all the girls’
Comedian Gilbert Country singer Cobb County fire and police blocked mammals, seabirds and humans when cookies so they could escape the cold
Actor John
Gottfried is 64. Jason Aldean is 42. most of the interstate as they put out ingested. outside a store near Greenville, South
Turturro is 62.
the fire. Authorities didn’t describe the Southern California has also had Carolina. She said she didn’t get the
Architect Frank Gehry is 90. Actor Gavin MacLeod is 88. cause or identify the companies heavy winter rains that can cause or man’s name.
Singer Sam the Sham is 82. Actor-director-dancer Tommy Tune involved. worsen strandings by flushing excess An indictment issued last week says
is 80. Hall of Fame auto racer Mario Andretti is 79. Actor nutrients and harmful toxins from land McGowan, also known as “Fat,” is
Frank Bonner is 77. Actress Kelly Bishop is 75. Actress Dolphin strandings increase into the oceans, the center said. one of several suspects in an ongoing
Stephanie Beacham is 72. Writer-director Mike Figgis is 71. The two stranding events in which drug investigation. It says he and 10
Actress Mercedes Ruehl is 71. Actress Bernadette Peters is 71.
along Southern California coast the animals were not recovered other people conspired to import
Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu is 71. Actress Ilene Graff LAGUNA BEACH — Experts were involved a dolphin that was immedi- drugs from Mexico in late 2018. The
is 70. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman is 66. working Tuesday to determine the ately washed back out to sea and anoth- U.S. Attorney’s Office says authori-
Basketball Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley is 64. Rock singer cause of an increase in dolphin strand- er that washed up in an area where it ties are still searching for one of the
Cindy Wilson is 62. Actress Rae Dawn Chong is 58. Actress ings along the Southern California was unsafe for a rescue team to suspects.
Maxine Bahns is 50. Actor Robert Sean Leonard is 50. Rock coast. respond. The vice president of recruitment
singer Pat Monahan is 50. Author Daniel Handler (aka The Pacific Marine Mammal Center The center said people who see a and marketing for Girl Scouts of South
“Lemony Snicket”) is 49. Actress Tasha Smith is 48. Actor said it has responded to six beached stranded marine mammal should call in Carolina-Mountains to Midlands,
Rory Cochrane is 47. Actress Ali Larter is 43. Actor Geoffrey dolphins this month and received experts and should not touch it or try Karen Kelly, says the organization
Arend is 41. Actress Melanie Chandra (TV: “Code Black”) is reports of two others. to help it back into the ocean. will cooperate with authorities.
35. Actress Michelle Horn is 32.
By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Feb. 27 Powerball Fantasy Five
Unscramble these Jumbles, Thurs day :  Partly cloudy. A slight chance
one letter to each square,
Get the free JUST JUMBLE app • Follow us on Twitter @PlayJumble

to form four ordinary words. 21 31 42 49 59 23 10 12 26 30 32 of showers. Highs in the mid 50s.

Powerball Thurs day   ni g ht: Partly cloudy. Lows
VRFEE Feb. 22 Mega Millions Daily Four near 50. Highs in the upper 50s.
Fri day : Partly cloudy. Lows near 50.
18 24 31 34 55 4 5 2 3 4 Highs in the upper 50s.
Mega number
Daily three midday Fri day   ni g ht: Mostly cloudy. A chance
SOEBE Feb. 27 Super Lotto Plus
of rain. Lows around 50.
7 4 9 Saturday : Rain likely. Highs in the upper 50s.
2 11 25 26 32 13 Saturday  ni g ht: Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain.
Daily three evening Lows around 50.
Mega number

SOLIRA 1 8 7 Sunday : Mostly cloudy. Breezy. A chance of showers.

Highs around 60. Lows in the lower to mid 50s.
The Daily Derby race winners are Whirl Win, No. 6, in Sunday   ni g ht:  Very windy. Rain. Rain may be heavy at
first place; Gorgeous George, No. 8, in second place; times. Lows in the mid 50s.
and Lucky Charms, No. 12, in third place.The race time Mo nday :  Breezy, rain. Highs in the upper 50s. South
TONEMM was clocked at 1:47.04. winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts to around 45 mph.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 3

San Mateo man, 36, charged Police reports

That’s not so hot
with arson for Sunday blaze
Someone left their keys in a vehicle to
warm up and, when they returned, it was
stolen on North Eldorado Street in San
Mateo, 8:46 a.m. Friday, Feb. 22.

A 36-year-old San Mateo man is behind SAN MATEO

bars on $100,000 bail this week after he
was arrested on charges of arson and resist- Burg l ary . A vehicle’s window was smashed
ing a police officer for his role in allegedly while parked on East Third Avenue, it was
setting a blaze in his home Sunday evening reported at 10:43 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23.
and running through the neighborhood Burg l ary . Someone broke into the garage
naked, according to the San Mateo County of a building complex and slept in a vehicle
District Attorney’s Office. on Bellevue Avenue, it was reported at
Sa Iosia pleaded not guilty to three 12:02 a.m. Friday, Feb. 22.
felonies and one misdemeanor when he Di s turbance. Someone’s uncle was threat-
appeared in court Wednesday after investi- ening to kill their grandfather on Fallon
gators identified him as the suspect behind a Avenue, it was reported at 7:08 a.m. Friday,
fire that destroyed 500 square feet of the Feb. 22.
kitchen and garage of his home on the 600 Theft. Two people robbed a store on South
block of Sylvan Avenue Feb. 24, according El Camino Real with one person bringing
to prosecutors. the clerk to the back of the store while the
Firefighters responding to reports of the other took items, it was reported at 6:59
fire at 10:40 p.m. found multiple newspa- p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6.
pers on top of the kitchen stove with a
propane tank next to it and accelerant on SAN CARLOS
the carpet nearby. Multiple neighbors
reported they saw Iosia shortly after the fire Burg l ary . A vehicle’s rear passenger win-
running naked through the neighborhood, dow was broken and a backpack worth
according to prosecutors. $3,000 was stolen on 500 block of Skyway
Iosia is said to have forced his way into Road, it was reported at 8:20 p. m.
his neighbor’s home and grabbed him as a Wednesday, Feb. 20.
Investigators gather evidence at the scene of a suspicious fire on the 600 block of Sylvan Sto l en v ehi cl e. A vehicle was stolen on
shield when police arrived on the scene. He Avenue in San Mateo Sunday.
allegedly refused to obey officers’ orders, 100 block of Glenn Way with $1,000 worth
kicked one of them and was hit by a Taser Wagstaffe. San Mateo police spokesman according to prosecutors. of tools, it was reported at 7:46 a. m.
multiple times before he was detained, Officer Michael Haobsh said the fire mar- The county’s private defender program Wednesday, Feb. 20.
according to prosecutors. shal found accelerant had been spread was appointed to Iosia’s case when he Arres t. A man was arrested and booked into
Though the fire department deemed the throughout the home. appeared in court Wednesday and he will county jail for driving while under the influ-
incident suspicious, officials later conclud- Iosia’s wife and children were allegedly next appear in court March 11 for prelimi- ence with two juveniles in the car, it was
ed it was arson, said District Attorney Steve not in the house when the fire was started, nary hearing, according to prosecutors. reported at 10:47 p.m. Feb. 5.
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4 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 LOCAL/NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Transgender troops tell Congress they excel in military

By Julie Watson “What is the value of With the ban now blocked by lawsuits, Wednesday “exceptional, but also excep-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS having transgender peo- active-duty transgender service members tionally normal.”
ple in the military? were invited to testify about their service at Retired Air Force Gen. James N. Stewart,
Based on my experience the hearing called by Democratic Rep. who is now performing the duties of the
SAN DIEGO — Transgender troops testi-
first as a combat arms Jackie Speier, chairwoman of the subcom- undersecretary of defense for personnel and
fying for the first time to Congress on
officer and medical mittee. readiness, defended the Trump administra-
Wednesday said transitioning to another
provider, the answer is Speier said the ban is “discriminatory, tion’s policy, which is currently blocked by
sex made them stronger, while Pentagon
unequivocally that my unconstitutional and self-defeating” and litigation.
officials defended the Trump administra-
transition — and so said lifting the barrier for transgender peo-
tion’s desire to bar people like them from He said current transgender troops will be
enlisting in the future. Jackie Speier many others — has dra- ple to serve by the Obama administration allowed to continue to serve and other trans-
matically increased the in 2016 has been an “unequivocal suc-
Army Capt. Alivia Stehlik, an infantry readiness and lethality of every branch of gender people can join the military if they
officer and graduate of the U.S. Military cess.” serve in their biological sex and have not
the armed forces, ” said Stehlik, who
Academy at West Point, N.Y. and Ranger returned from a deployment to Afghanistan She added that barring transgender people been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a
School, told lawmakers she became a more a month ago where she treated soldiers as a “would cost us recruits at a time when so few condition under which people experience
“effective soldier” after she transitioned physical therapist. Americans are willing to serve.” She called distress if they do not identify with their
from male to female in 2016. the five transgender troops who testified birth gender.

Two arrested for auto about 40 miles north of Santa Cruz, however. with Campos or believe anyone may have
Local briefs Deputies said they’ve launched an investiga- been victimized by him to please contact
break-ins in Millbrae tion due to the “unusual circumstances sur- Detective
deputies. There was stolen property from
Two East Bay men are in custody after rounding” Young’s death. Gaby Chaghouri at (650) 363-4060 or
several other auto burglaries inside the sus-
allegedly breaking into cars in the parking Anyone who knew Young or his where- gchaghouri@smcgov.org or Detective
pects’ vehicle, according to the Sheriff’s
lot of the Kitchen restau- abouts prior to his death is asked to call Sergeant Joe Cang at (650) 363-4008 or
rant in Millbrae Tuesday Detective Jerri Cosens at (650) 363-4347 or jcang@smcgov.org.
night, according to the Death of man near Pigeon Point the anonymous tip line at (800) 547-2700.
San Mateo County Highway 1 in Pacifica to close at night
Sheriff’s Office. Lighthouse under investigation Half Moon Bay man arrested for rape for pedestrian overcrossing demo
At approximately 8:25 A man who died in the ocean near the A man was arrested Thursday, Feb. 21, for a
p.m. Feb. 26, deputies Caltrans will close both directions of
Pigeon Point Lighthouse early Monday May incident in which he
conducting an auto bur- Highway 1 in Pacifica between Clarendon
morning was identified as 30-year-old Jeffery allegedly got a woman
glary suppression opera- Road and Paloma Avenue for five nights
Conley Young, San Mateo County sheriff’s drunk and raped her,
tion in the city observed beginning Saturday, March 2, through
officials said. according to the San
Alexis two men peering into a Wednesday, March 6, according to Caltrans.
Young moved to California from Texas Mateo County Sheriff’s
Castaneda- car with flashlights. The closures will allow work crews to
about three years ago, deputies said. He lived Office.
Rodriguez Deputies walked up them demolish the old San Jose Avenue pedestrian
in Southern California and frequently visited The man, Andres
and detained them, overcrossing and remove temporary support
the Santa Cruz area. Campos, 44, of Half
though one, Alexis structures from the new pedestrian overcross-
Deputies were dispatched to the area of Moon Bay, is in custody
Castaneda-Rodriguez, 19, ing, according to Caltrans.
Highway 1 and the Pigeon Point Lighthouse on $2.4 million bail. The
of San Pablo, allegedly The San Jose pedestrian overcrossing will
after reports of a man crying for help at about Andres Campos woman reported 10 a.m.
resisted. The other was be replaced with a new pedestrian overcross-
4:47 a.m. He was located about 30 yards from May 31 she was raped the
identified as Ivan Barajas ing currently being built 80 feet to the north
the shore just south of the lighthouse with night prior after she was too intoxicated to
Sanchez, 23, of Vallejo. A of the old structure. Caltrans expects to com-
help from the U.S. Coast Guard, but he was care for herself, according to the Sheriff’s
third suspect described as plete the new overcrossing in late April
unresponsive and unable to be revived. Office.
a Hispanic man, wearing a 2019. A round-the-clock shuttle service will
Investigators believe Young may have Deputies believe there may be potentially
black hooded sweatshirt, transport pedestrians across the highway
been with other people in Santa Cruz the more victims and encourage anyone who had until the new overcrossing opens in late
Ivan Barajas ran away once he saw the night prior. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is any contact April, according to Caltrans.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE/NATION Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 5

Contrasts abound for two black
women in Chicago mayoral runoff
By Caryn Roussea and Corey Williams member of the City
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Council who now holds
the top job in Cook
County. They are both
CHICAGO — A political outsider who black women who cam-
campaigned on reforming Chicago’s police paigned as progressives,
department after a white officer’s fatal but that’s largely where
shooting of a black teenager said the similarities end.
Wednesday that voters likely had the high- Lightfoot rose to
profile case on their minds when they
advanced her to an April runoff for mayor, Lori Lightfoot prominence after she
was appointed to lead
assuring for the first time a black woman the Police
will lead the nation’s third-largest city. Accountability Task
Former federal prosecutor Lori Force in the wake of the
Lightfoot’s first-place finish in Tuesday’s death of Laquan
opening round of voting was somewhat sur- McDonald. The black
prising considering the 14-candidate field teenager was shot 16
featured prominent state and local leaders times and killed by white
and a member of the Daley family that had police officer Jason Van
dominated Chicago politics for more than Dyke, who was convict-
half a century. Toni ed and sentenced to about
But former Commerce Secretary and Preckwinkle seven years in prison.
REUTERS FILE PHOTO White House chief of staff William Daley, “To do honor to Laquan
Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White is seen as firefighters battle a fire following an explosion at Geary whose father and brother both served two- McDonald’s short and tragic life we have to
Boulevard and Parker Avenue in San Francisco. decade stints as mayor, didn’t even make it make significant changes in the way our
to the runoff to succeed Rahm Emanuel, who police department, in particular, addresses

NTSB: Excavation isn’t seeking a third term.

Instead, Lightfoot’s outsider candidacy
will be matched up against the ultimate
insider, Toni Preckwinkle — a longtime
communities of color,” Lightfoot told the
Associated Press.
Currently, black women serve as mayor
of seven major cities.

near pipeline tied Snowplow bumps into

covered car, finds woman OK inside
Around the state
parked vehicles, which slows snow removal.
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — A woman who

to SF fire, explosion
Fiore said the snowplow driver bumped
authorities believe was living in her car was into the back of the car, which popped the
rescued after a snowplow inadvertently vehicle’s trunk open. After that happened,
bumped into her vehicle, which was buried workers from the plow truck started shovel-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS a phone number. in snow. ing around the vehicle to prepare to tow it
The board will also examine the response South Lake Tahoe city spokesman Chris when the woman put her hand on the window
SAN FRANCISCO — A gas pipeline that by city officials and PG&E. Fiore highlighted the Feb. 17 incident in a from the inside.
exploded in flames in a San Francisco Utility workers took two hours to isolate Tuesday news release urging drivers to take “She wasn’t trying to get out,” he said
neighborhood earlier this month shows and shut off gas fueling the fire, prompting safety precautions in winter weather. He said Wednesday. “She wasn’t making any
damage consistent with being ruptured by questions from some as to why it took so the city has had problems with illegally noise.”
third-party excavators, the National long. PG&E officials said crews needed to
Transportation Safety Board said dig by hand and that they didn’t want to shut
Wednesday. off gas to more customers than necessary on
In a preliminary report, investigators what was a cold day.
also say the Feb. 6 fire took more than two The fire destroyed Hong Kong Lounge II, a
hours to extinguish, though crews from popular Chinese dim sum restaurant that is a
Pacific Gas & Electric were on-site 20 min- fixture on the city’s “best of” lists. It also
utes after the fire began. forced 100 people to evacuate and disrupted
The agency will continue its investiga- natural gas service to more than 300 cus-
tion into whether the third-party, Kilford tomers.
Engineering, was sufficiently prepared and There were no injuries.
qualified to do the excavation work. The federal transportation safety agency
Officials with Kilford could not be often investigates blasts on pipelines
located for comment. Its business listing because they transport oil and natural gas,
with the city of San Francisco did not list which the board oversees.
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6 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

McConnell’s misleading spin on voting fraud

By Hope Yen and Adam Beam Elections last week ordered a new election
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS in the district, citing the voting impropri-
eties. According to testimony during a
WASHINGTON — Senate Majority state elections board hearing, Harris hired
Leader Mitch McConnell is skewing facts political operative Leslie McCrae Dowless
when it comes to Republican congression- Jr., who collected absentee ballots from
al efforts to stem the type of election voters by offering to put them in the mail.
malfeasance recently seen in North Some of Dowless’ associates testified they
Carolina. collected blank or incomplete ballots,
The Kentucky Republican on Tuesday then forged signatures and filled in votes
accused Democrats of resisting GOP for local candidates. Dowless was arrested
efforts over the years to address “voter Wednesday on criminal charges over his
fraud.” That’s misleading. The GOP efforts collection of absentee ballots.
McConnell refers to have focused on McConnell is correct that Republicans
requiring voter ID, which has no effect in and Democrats in Congress have debated
stopping the alleged mail-in ballot fraud election security for years. The
seen in North Carolina. Republican efforts in Congress have cen-
tered on voter ID laws, including an
A look at the claim: amendment McConnell unsuccessfully
Mc CONNELL: “Now, for years and offered in 2007 to require ID to help pre-
REUTERS vent noncitizens from voting at the ballot
years, every Republican who dared to call
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks after a Republican policy lunch on Capitol Hill. box. Democrats have opposed voter-ID
for commonsense safeguards for
Americans’ ballots was demonized by Democrat talking points have quieted. show up to vote is not on point to what laws as unnecessarily restrictive for non-
Democrats and their allies. We were hit ...I’ve been focused for decades on protect- happened in North Carolina. whites, the poor and young people, who
with left-wing talking points insisting ing the integrity of our elections. ” — The case of malfeasance involving tend to vote Democratic.
that voter fraud wasn’t real. That fraud just remarks in the Senate on Tuesday. Republican Mark Harris’ congressional President Donald Trump himself typical-
didn’t happen. That modest efforts to THE FACTS: McConnell suggested the campaign in November focused on absen- ly points to a need for voter ID when
ensure that voters are who they say they election debacle in North Carolina could tee mail-in ballot fraud, not voter imper- addressing voter fraud. Last month he cited
are and are voting in the proper place were have been prevented by Republican sonation at the ballot box. Voter IDs are alleged problems in Texas as the “tip of
really some sinister right-wing plot. As efforts, including his own, to fight “voter powerless to stop mail-in ballot fraud; the iceberg, ” and tweeted, “Must be
you might expect, now that an incident of fraud” with voter ID laws, and he blamed North Carolina already has a voter ID law stopped. Strong voter ID!” He also inaccu-
very real voter fraud has become national Democrats for inaction on the issue. But in place and the ballot issues involving rately asserted last November that photo
news and the Republican candidate seems the longtime Republican drive to require Harris happened anyway. ID is required “if you do anything” such as
to have benefited, these long-standing people to show identification when they The North Carolina State Board of buying a box of cereal, but not for voting.

Helen Carpenter Engelbert Helen loved her family, “The Gang,” golf- medal’s cash award to a camp for special
ing, bird watching and bible studies with Obituaries needs children. Fred was a great man.”
Helen Carpenter Engelbert died peacefully friends from her church. A memorial service will be 11 a. m.
Feb 16, 2019. Helen was born on Feb 3, inoperable brain tumor.
Helen will be missed by her four children Born July 24, 1946, Saturday, June 22, 2019, at Bloom
1929, in Milwaukee, and their spouses, Steve and Theresa Lamp, Cemetery, Clay County, Kansas. For more
Wisconsin, to Everett son of Doris and Arnold
Doug and Barbara Lamp, Karen Lamp and Brenner, Fred grew up in information contact Neill-Schwensen-Rook
and Anna Carpenter. Don Hayashi and Julie Lamp; her brother Funeral Home.
She grew up with her Kansas City, Missouri,
John Carpenter and sister-in-law Julie; 11 and lived much of his life
siblings Betty and John. amazing grandchildren, two great-grand- Until April 30, 2019, the Daily Journal
Helen attended Wellesley in California. Fred grew
children and her cherished friends, the into an accomplished will print obituaries of approx imately 200
College and graduated Messavussu family. words or less with a photo one time on a
from the University of man, participating in the
Donations can be sent in Helen’s memory 1979 and 1980 National space av ailable basis. To submit obituaries,
Michigan with a degree email information along with a jpeg photo
to First Presbyterian Church of San Mateo. Handicapped Ski Championships and
in education. She married to news@smdaily journal.com. Free obituar-
Jack Lamp in 1952; together they raised A memorial service will be 1 p. m. becoming a successful systems analyst and
Saturday, April 27, at First Presbyterian entrepreneur. ies are edited for sty le, clarity, length and
four children Stephen, Douglas, Karen and grammar. Free o b i t uari es wi l l ceas e
Julie. Helen lived in her beloved San Mateo Church of San Mateo. “The word ‘hero’ is thrown around a lot,
but Fred was a literal hero. He received a Ap ri l 3 0 , 2 0 1 9 . If y ou would lik e to hav e
neighborhood until 1989. She lost her hus- an obituary printed more than once, longer
band Jack in 1984 but had the fortune to August Frederick ‘Fred’ Brenner Carnegie Medal of Heroism in 1992, award-
than 200 words or without editing, please
meet Dick Engelbert and enjoy six years ed for pulling two men from a burning car,
August Frederick “Fred” Brenner, 72, died submit an inquiry to our adv ertising depart-
together. saving their lives. He even donated the
Feb. 6, 2019, after a brief struggle with an ment at ads@smdaily journal.com.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 7

Around the nation
Amid clouds of dust, border
wall prototypes are demolished
SAN DIEGO — A jackhammer reduced prototypes of
President Donald Trump’s prized border wall into piles of
rubble Wednesday, a quick ending to an experiment that
turned into a spectacle at times.
The four concrete and four steel panels, spaced closely
together steps from an existing barrier separating San
Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, instantly became powerful
symbols associated with the president and one of his top
priorities when they went up 16 months ago.
For Trump’s allies, the towering models were a show of
his commitment to border security and making good on a
core campaign promise. For detractors, they were monu-
ments to wasted taxpayer dollars and a misguided display of
aggression toward Mexico and immigrants seeking a new
home in the United States.
Within about two hours, a hydraulic jackhammer on an
excavator leveled seven prototypes. Concrete slabs crashed
in small clouds of dust, steel panels were knocked over, and
an owl flew out of a steel tube atop one panel just before it
thundered down. The last prototype standing took a little
more time to destroy.
U.S. officials say elements of the prototypes have been
melded into current border fence designs and they were no
REUTERS longer needed.
A prospective buyer examines an AR-15 at the ‘Ready Gunner’ gun store In Provo, Utah. Public access to the prototypes was blocked from the San
Diego side, turning an impoverished Tijuana neighborhood

House approves bill to expand into a popular spot for journalists, anti-wall demonstrators
and curious observers. People climbed piles of trash against
a short border fence that has since been replaced to get a

gun-sale background checks

clear view from Mexico.

High court’s cross case could

By Matthew Daly other bill would extend the review exceptions allowing temporary trans- affect monuments nationally
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS period for background checks from fers to prevent imminent harm or for WASHINGTON — A 40-foot-tall, concrete cross on public
three to 10 days. use at a target range. land in a Maryland suburb of Washington is at the center of
WASHINGTON — The Democratic- Both bills face dim prospects in the The long-delayed bill would merely a case before the Supreme Court. But similar monuments
controlled House on Wednesday Republican-controlled Senate and veto close loopholes to ensure that back- elsewhere in the country could be affected by the high court
approved a measure requiring federal threats from President Donald Trump, ground checks are extended to private ruling, states have told the justices.
background checks for all firearms who said they would impose unreason- and online sales that often go unde- The District of Columbia-based American Humanist
sales and transfers, the first major gun able requirements on gun owners. tected, Democrats said. Association, which is behind the challenge to the Maryland
control legislation considered by Just eight Republicans joined 232 “People who are felons or are danger- cross, acknowledges that at least a handful of other monu-
Congress in nearly 25 years. Democrats to support the bill, while ously mentally ill shouldn’t have ments around the country could be affected if the court sides
Democrats called the 240-190 vote a only two Democrats voted against it. guns,” regardless of whether they buy with them, though they disagree with those supporting the
major step to end the gun lobby’s grip The White House said in a veto mes- them from a federally licensed dealer or cross that the number is vast.
on Washington and begin to address an sage that the background-checks bill their next-door neighbor, said Rep. The monuments most likely to be affected are large cross-
epidemic of gun violence that kills could block someone from borrowing Mike Thompson, D-Calif. , a key es on public, not private, lands and where there’s a promi-
thousands of Americans every year, a firearm for self-defense or allowing a sponsor who has pushed for expanded nent cross that isn’t part of a larger memorial or setting
including 17 people shot and killed at neighbor to take care of a gun while background checks since the 2012 such as a cemetery, said Monica Miller, an American
a Florida high school last year. traveling. killing of 20 elementary school stu- Humanist Association attorney.
The bill is the first of two the House Democrats called those arguments dents in Newtown, Connecticut. By the same token, those monuments could be insulated
is voting on this week as Democrats misleading and said gun owners have a “For six-and-a-half years, we had no from challenges if the other side prevails, as many
move to tighten gun laws following responsibility to ensure firearms are cooperation from the past majority” in observers think is likely given the court’s conservative
eight years of Republican control. The properly handled. The bill includes the House, Thompson said. makeup.

The County of San Mateo’s Sustainability Academy provides NO-COST

events and workshops to San Mateo County community members.
To register for our offerings, please visit: www.smcsustainability.org/academy

Fixit Clinic Workshops

troubleshoot your broken household items such as electronics, appliances,

Home Composting Workshops

available for County residents.

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8 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 NATION/WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Trump, Kim share smiles, dinner before nuke talks

By Jonathan Lemire, Foster ing ceremony” after their meetings
Klug and Deb Riechmann conclude.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The two leaders were joined for
dinner by Secretary of State Mike
HANOI, Vietnam — U.S. Pompeo, acting White House chief
President Donald Trump and North of staff Mick Mulvaney, Kim Yong
Korean leader Kim Jong Un pro- Chol, a former military spy chief
jected optimism Wednesday as they and Kim’s point man in negotia-
opened high-stakes talks about tions, and North Korean Foreign
curbing Pyongyang’s pursuit of Affairs Minister Ri Yong Ho.
nuclear weapons, a problem that Interpreters for each side also
has bedeviled generations of lead- attended.
ers. Trump did not answer a question
The second summit between from a reporter about his former
Trump and Kim came against the attorney Michael Cohen’s congres-
backdrop of the American presi- sional testimony. Shortly after,
dent’s domestic troubles. As the White House press secretary Sarah
leaders dined on steak and choco- Sanders excluded some U.S.
late cake, Trump’s former personal reporters, including the reporter
attorney was readying explosive from the Associated Press who
congressional testimony claiming asked the president about Cohen,
the president is a “conman” who from covering Trump and Kim’s
lied abut his business interests dinner.
with Russia. “Due to the sensitive nature of
The turmoil in Washington has the meetings we have limited the
escalated concerns that Trump, REUTERS pool for the dinner to a smaller
eager for an agreement, would give Donald Trump looks toward North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during the one-on-one bilateral meeting at the group,” she said in a statement.
Kim too much and get too little in second North Korea-U.S. summit in Hanoi, Vietnam. Still, Trump was unable to ignore
return. The leaders’ first meeting in the drama playing out thousands of
June was heavy with historic miles away, tweeting that Cohen
pageantry but light on any enforce-
able agreements for North Korea to
give up its nuclear arsenal. Still,
Trump, at summit, distracted by Cohen “did bad things unrelated to Trump”
and “is lying in order to reduce his
prison time.”
both offered optimistic words By Jonathan Lemire longtime boss was a “conman” sentenced to three years. In a Cohen has been sentenced to
before dinner. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and a “racist” who lied about hav- tweet, Trump downplayed three years in prison for lying to
“A lot of things are going to be ing advanced knowledge of Cohen’s influence and claimed he Congress.
solved I hope,” Trump said as din- HANOI, Vietnam — The Wikileaks plans to release an was “lying in order to reduce his Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a
ner began. “I think it will lead to a moment was meant to be a grand opponent’s stolen emails. prison time.” close White House ally, said the
wonderful, really a wonderful situa- diplomatic triumph, a headline- The spectacle was proof the Later, as he sat for a photo with Cohen hearing was evidence that
tion long-term.” dominating spectacle that could Trump presidency has not yet Kim, Trump bristled at reporters’ “Democrats’ hatred of Trump is
Kim said his country had long lead to the disarmament of a dan- exhausted its ability to surprise. questions about Cohen. After the undercutting an important foreign
been “misunderstood” and viewed gerous nation while delivering a As the president staged a historic event, the White House took the policy effort and is way out of
with “distrust.” summit abroad, a former confi- extraordinary step of barring four line.”
vital political victory.
“There have been efforts, dante delivered testimony, both U. S. reporters, including one Anticipation for what could be
Instead, President Donald from the Associated Press, from
whether out of hostility or not, to detailed and taunting, that threat- accomplished at the summit ran
Trump’s high-stakes summit with ened to humiliate the president Trump’s dinner with Kim, citing
block the path that we intend to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in high in Hanoi, and there were
take,” he said. “But we have over- and undermine his foreign policy the “sensitivities” of the meet- cheers and gasps as Trump’s motor-
Vietnam on Wednesday was in goals. ing.
come all these and walked toward danger of being upstaged by a cade barreled through this bustling
each other again and we’ve now The drama drew Trump’s atten- Democrats consider Cohen city. Crowds three or four deep
monumental betrayal unfolding tion even amid sensitive denu- their star witness as they kick off
reached Hanoi after 261 days” since lined the streets and jockeyed to
half a world away in Washington. clearization talks. Even before investigations into Trump’s busi-
their first meeting in Singapore. capture his procession with their
Hours after Trump sat face-to- the hearing began, the president ness practices, presidential cam- mobile phones.
“We have met again here and I am
confident that we can achieve great face with Kim in Vietnam, his unleashed an attack on his former paign and embattled charitable The carnival-like atmosphere in
results that everyone welcomes,” former personal attorney, fixer, who has pleaded guilty to foundation, including any pay- the Vietnamese capital, with street
he added. Michael Cohen, sat before lying to Congress and campaign ments relating to efforts to influ- artists painting likenesses of the
The leaders’ formal talks contin- Congress and testified that his finance violations and has been ence the 2016 election. leaders and vendors hawking T-
ue Thursday. Possible outcomes shirts showing Kim waving and
could allow Pyongyang to pursue portion of North Korea’s nuclear- a political declaration to end the
could include a peace declaration Trump giving a thumbs-up, con-
lucrative economic projects with tipped missiles while robbing the Korean War, Trump told reporters:
for the Korean War that the North trasted with the serious items on
the South. United States of its negotiating “We’ll see.”
could use to eventually push for the their agenda: North Korea’s nuclear
Skeptics say such agreements leverage going forward. Trump’s schedule for Thursday
reduction of U.S. troops in South weapons program and peace on the
would leave in place a significant Asked if this summit would yield promised a “joint agreement sign-
Korea, or sanctions relief that Korean Peninsula.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 9

Where the Trump
investigations stand
Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into whether
the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia and
whether the president obstructed the investigation.
Trump also plays a central role in a separate case in
New York, where prosecutors have implicated him in
a crime. They say Trump directed his personal lawyer
Michael Cohen to make illegal hush-money payments
to two women as a way to quash potential sex scan-
dals during the campaign. New York prosecutors also
Cohen on Wednesday cast Trump as a racist and a con
man who used his inner circle to cover up politically
damaging allegations about sex, and lied throughout
the 2016 election campaign about his business inter-
ests in Russia.
Cohen, who previously pleaded guilty to lying to Con-
gress, told lawmakers that Trump had advance
knowledge and embraced the news that emails dam-
aging to Hillary Clinton would be released during the
campaign. But he also said he had no“direct evidence”
that Trump or his aides colluded with Russia to get
him elected, the primary question of special counsel
Robert Mueller’s investigation.
Cohen became the first Trump insider to pull back the
curtain on a version of the inner workings of Trump’s
political and business operations. He likened the pres-
ident to a“mobster”who demanded blind loyalty from
underlings and expected them to lie on his behalf to
conceal information and protect him — even if it
meant breaking the law.
“I am not protecting Mr. Trump anymore,” Cohen de-
U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney of U.S. President Donald Trump, as he testifies before There is no smoking gun when it comes to the ques-
tion of Russia collusion. But the evidence so far shows
a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on Capitol Hill. that a broad range of Trump associates had Russia-re-
lated contacts during the 2016 presidential campaign

Cohen: Trump behaved ‘much like a mobster’ and transition period, and several lied about the com-
There is evidence that some people in Trump’s orbit
were discussing a possible email dump from WikiLeaks
By Colleen Long Cohen is facing a three-year sentence for It’s hardly the first time Trump’s orbit has before it occurred. American intelligence agencies and
lying to Congress in 2017 and other charges. drawn mob comparisons. Mueller have said Russia was the source of hacked ma-
terial released by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks
He came back to Capitol Hill this week, wor- In his book “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies during the campaign that was damaging to Democ-
WASHINGTON — He carried out the boss’ rying for his family’s safety, but claiming he and Leadership,” former FBI director James rat Hillary Clinton’s presidential effort.
wishes. He understood “the code.” He was would no longer lie for his former boss and Comey said he got the sinking feeling that
blindly loyal — but now he’s considered a rat. was ready to spill. Trump’s operation functioned like the mob. OTHER QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER:
Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Trump has denied the allegations against Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe • WHAT ABOUT OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? That is
Cohen spoke at length Wednesday about his him and called Cohen a liar. Even as he’s done spun a similar story, and a former agent and another unresolved question that Mueller is pursuing.
life in the president’s inner circle, but the so, he’s used mob speak. former federal prosecutor tweeted Wednesday Investigators have examined key episodes such as
most vivid descriptor came in just six words. “Remember, Michael Cohen only became a that Trump’s tactics as detailed by Cohen sure Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and Trump’s
felt a lot like the mafia. fury over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal.
Trump ran his operation “much like a mobster ‘Rat’ after the FBI did something which was • WHAT DOES TRUMP HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ALL
would do,” Cohen said. absolutely unthinkable & unheard of until the There’s even a “Godfather: Part II” reference THIS? Trump has repeatedly slammed the Mueller in-
Witch Hunt was illegally started,” Trump in the indictment by the special prosecutor vestigation as a “witch hunt” and insisted there was
In Cohen’s scathing testimony at a House
tweeted in December. “They BROKE INTO AN investigating Trump’s possible ties to “NO COLLUSION” with Russia. He also says Cohen lied
committee hearing, he repeatedly described
ATTORNEY’S OFFICE,” he wrote, referring Russia. Trump confidant Roger Stone told an to get a lighter sentence in New York.
Trump, the onetime head of a family busi- • WHEN WILL IT ALL WRAP UP? It’s unclear.Then-act-
to the raid on Cohen’s office that touched off associate to pull a “Frank Pentangeli” before
ness, like a mob boss minus the body count: ing Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said late last
the now-disbarred lawyer’s eventual guilty a House committee, the indictment says. In
quick to bully and expecting others to do his month that the probe is“close to being completed,”the
plea. the film, Pentangeli, an associate of mob first official sign that Mueller’s investigation may be
dirty work. Cohen described himself as a con-
During the hearing, Democratic Rep. Gerry boss Vito Corleone, lies to protect the family wrapping up. But he gave no specific timetable.
sigliere, telling lawmakers he did Trump’s
Connolly even likened Cohen to Joe Valachi, during congressional testimony.
bidding for years, intimidating maybe 500
people and lying to scores, including the first an American gangster known as the “first rat”
lady. But Trump never directly told him to do whose 1960s testimony before Congress lead
it, he said. to the eventual dismantling of organized
“He doesn’t give you questions, he doesn’t crime.
give you orders,” Cohen said. “He speaks in a “This Congress historically has relied on
code, and I understand the code because I’ve all kinds of shady figures who turned,”
been around him for a decade.” Connolly said.

t1rescriptions & Home

Medical Supplies Delivered
29 West 25TH Ave.
(650) 349-1373 (Near El Camino)
San Mateo
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10 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 BUISNESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

China trade talk worries weigh on stocks

By Damian J. Troise and Alex Veiga
High: 26,039.68
Major U.S. stock indexes closed mostly Low: 25,877.24
lower Wednesday after wavering for much of
the day between small gains and losses. Close: 25,985.16
The downbeat finish extended the mar- Change: -72.82
ket’s mild losses from a day earlier. Even
so, the benchmark S&P 500 index is on OTHER INDEXES
track to end the month with a gain of more S&P 500: 2792.38 -1.52
than 3 percent, extending the market’s
NYSE Index: 12,689.87 +3.31
rebound over the last two months after a
steep slide late last year. Nasdaq: 7554.51 +5.21
“The market has quickly recovered back to NYSE MKT: 2516.75 +23.68
the three prior tops that it had within the Russell 2000: 1581.05 +3.57
downturn,” said Tom Martin, senior portfo-
lio manager with Globalt Investments. Wilshire 5000: 28,990.80 +20.44
Health care, communications and tech-
nology companies took the heaviest losses 10-Yr Bond: 2.69 +0.05
Wednesday, while financial, industrial and Oil (per barrel): 56.98 +1.48
energy stocks notched gains. Gold : 1,321.70 -6.80
The market had veered lower early in the
day after comments from a key U.S. trade
negotiator stoked doubt over how much
progress was being made on resolving the Representative Robert Lighthizer told a President Donald Trump has postponed hopes to pull in more subscribers this
trade war between the U.S. and China. panel of lawmakers that “much still needs to increasing tariffs on $200 billion in spring, with high-profile investor Oprah
The news overshadowed a mix of corporate be done” before the U.S. and China can Chinese goods that would have been effec- Winfrey playing a central role in its upcom-
earnings reports. Weight Watchers plunged reach an agreement. China has offered to tive March 2. He has not given a new date ing TV and digital marketing campaign.
to its lowest point in nearly two years after make major purchases of U.S. goods, such for the higher tariffs if negotiations falter. Dean Foods slid 13.8 percent after the
issuing a dismal forecast. Best Buy surged as soybeans and natural gas, in a bid to The main sticking point for the U.S. cen- food and beverage company reported a
on surprisingly good holiday sales. resolve the conflict, but Lighthizer said ters on ending cyber theft of commercial wider-than-expected loss in the fourth quar-
All told, the S&P 500 index dropped 1.52 such steps wouldn’t be enough. secrets, limits on state support for Chinese ter and suspended its dividend.
points, or 0.1 percent, to 2,792.38. The “The issues on the table are too serious to companies, and an end to the forced transfer Best Buy notched the biggest gain in the
Dow Jones Industrial Average gave up 72.82 be resolved with promises of additional pur- of technology. S&P 500, vaulting 14. 1 percent after
points, or 0.3 percent, to 25,985.16. The chases,” he said. “We need new rules.” Investors continued to size up the latest reporting that its holiday sales bucked a
Nasdaq composite gained 5.21 points, or Lighthizer’s comments are “creating mar- batch of corporate earnings reports. downward trend for retailers.
0.1 percent, to 7,554.51. ket nervousness,” said Kristina Hooper, Weight Watchers plunged 34.5 percent The electronics retailer’s profit beat fore-
Smaller companies fared better than the chief global market strategist at Invesco. after the weight-loss program operator gave casts, but more importantly a key retail
broader market. The Russell 2000 index Negotiations between Washington and investors a surprisingly weak forecast. The sales measure continued growing during a
picked up 3.57 points, or 0.2 percent, to Beijing continue under the threat of addi- company did not sign up as many sub- tough quarter for the industry. The company
1,581.05. Major indexes in Europe declined. tional tariffs on Chinese goods that could scribers as it hoped this winter and expects also raised its quarterly dividend by 11 per-
Stocks headed broadly lower in early trad- escalate the conflict and make products even its profits to suffer. cent and its board of directors approved a $3
ing Wednesday after U. S. Trade more costly for consumers and companies. CEO Mindy Grossman said the company billion stock buyback program.

Arbitrator ordering Fox to pay

$179M in ‘Bones’ profit dispute
By Andrew Dalton Lichtman said that Fox executives
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “engaged in a pattern and practice of fraudu-
lent self-dealing by which it enriched itself”
at the expense of the “Bones” producers and
LOS ANGELES — An arbitrator has
stars, who were owed a cut of profits.
ordered 21st Century Fox to pay $179 mil-
lion in a dispute over profits with the stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, the
of the long-running TV show “Bones,” say- stars of “Bones” in its run from 2005
ing Fox executives engaged in “intentional through 2017, sued 21st Century Fox in
fraud and malice.” 2015, saying it denied them profits by
The decision was reached earlier this licensing the show to Fox’s TV division and
month and revealed in a court petition from to Hulu for below-market rates. They were
the plaintiffs Wednesday demanding that joined by executive producer Barry
Fox pay, a decision Fox said it would con- Josephson and Kathy Reichs, who authored
test. the novels “Bones” is based on. The case
went to private arbitration in 2016.
Arbitrator Peter Licthman, a retired Los
Angeles Superior Court judge, rebuked top “We are so proud of the hard work we did REUTERS
Fox executives by name for self-dealing and on Bones for 12 seasons and only ever A worker prepares the frozen food section at a newly built Walmart Super Center.
deceit and his decision includes $128 mil- wanted Fox to live up to its promises and
lion in punitive damages, calling the sum
“reasonable and necessary to punish Fox for
its reprehensible conduct and deter it from
future wrongful conduct.”
contractual obligations,” Deschanel said in
a statement.
Boreanaz added in his own statement that
“it’s clear that what we were saying all
Walmart is getting rid of
The overall figure is among the largest
ever for a dispute over a television show and
comes in a case that shines a light on
finances within Hollywood conglomerates.
along was true: we were owed additional
compensation for our work.”
Fox denounced the decision and vowed to
fight it.
greeters, worries disabled
By Mochael Rubikam rally around some of the chain’s most visible
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and beloved employees.
Walmart says it is striving to place
As Walmart moves to phase out its familiar greeters in other jobs at the company, but
blue-vested “greeters” at some 1,000 stores workers with disabilities are worried.
nationwide, disabled workers who fill many Donny Fagnano, 56, who has worked at
of those jobs say they’re being ill-treated by Walmart for more than 21 years, said he cried
a chain that styles itself as community-mind- when a manager at the store in Lewisburg,
ed and inclusive. Pennsylvania, called him into the office last
Walmart told greeters around the country week and told him his job was going away.
last week that their positions would be elim- “I like working,” he said. “It’s better than
inated on April 26 in favor of an expanded, sitting at home.”
more physically demanding “customer host” Fagnano, who has spina bifida, said he was
role. To qualify, they will need to be able to offered a severance package. He hopes to stay
lift 25-pound packages, climb ladders and on at Walmart and clean bathrooms instead.
stand for long periods. Walmart greeters have been around for
That came as a heavy blow to greeters with decades, allowing the retail giant to put a
cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other physi- friendly face at the front of its stores. Then,
cal disabilities. For them, a job at Walmart in 2016, Walmart began replacing greeters
has provided needed income, served as a with hosts, with responsibilities that include
source of pride and offered a connection to not only welcoming customers but helping
the community. with returns, checking receipts to deter
Now Walmart, America’s largest private shoplifters and keeping the front of the store
employer, is facing a backlash as customers clean.
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<<< Page 12, The countdown to

the Womens’ World Cup begins
Thursday • Feb. 28, 2019

Knights off to strong start Nor Cals off to

By Nathan Mollat
exciting start
ooks like the competitive-equity
The Hillsdale boys’ volleyball season is
way of filling playoff brackets
only two matches old, so while they
might just have a future in
Knights are not quite fully formed, they are
California high school sports.
certainly off to a nice start.
If early returns are any indication,
After opening the season with a three-set
enrollment-based playoffs will be a thing
sweep of Peninsula Athletic League power
of the past in the very near future.
Menlo-Atherton Tuesday, the Knights came
In the first round the Northern
back with a sweep of visiting Balboa-San
California bracket of the CIF state tour-
Francisco, 25-21, 25-22, 25-15.
nament Tuesday — which encompasses
“The boys are starting to get their chem-
Divisions I through V, both boys and
istry together,” said Hillsdale head coach
girls — there were
Dwight Krump. “I knew nothing about
20 games in which
[Balboa], only that they beat Aragon.
a lower seed beat a
“I didn’t tell the boys that.”
higher seed. The
Krump expects Aragon, along with
Carlmont boys’
Carlmont, to be among the teams to beat in
basketball team
PAL play this season. But he thinks his
was one of the
Knights’ squad might factor into the title
casualties as the
race as well.
Given their performance to start the sea-
Scots were
son, Hillsdale certainly won’t be sneaking
knocked off by
up on anybody.
No. 13 Brookside
And given their talent, the Knights will
Christian in the
certainly be announcing their presence this
Division IV brack-
season. Led by a trio of sophomores —
opposite hitter Noah MacLean, outside hit-
San Mateo’s The Nueva School boys’
ter Zach Martella and setter Roberto
squad was one of the Cinderella winners
Sapienza — the Knights appear to have the
as the 12th-seeded Mavericks knocked
firepower to compete with anybody in the
off No. 5 Liberty-Madera, 79-66, in the
Division V bracket.
“They’re big, dynamic hitters,” Krump
In games that were virtual toss-ups, a
said. “Noah is probably the best opposite
pair of local No. 9 seeds — the Serra
I’ve ever seen play. He’s going to find a way
boys’ in Division II and the Aragon girls’
to put the ball in play.”
in Division III — knocked No. 8 seeds.
While Martella led the attack Wednesday
Thirteen of those upsets were decided
against Balboa, finishing with nine kills,
by seven points or less, with an average
the Knights showed it is more than just a
margin of victory of 3.7 points.
couple of hitters. MacLean and Josue Amaro
each finished with six kills, while Jack
The Peninsula Athletic League girls’
Vallee had three kills.
basketball is certainly showing out in
Sapienza guided the offense, finishing
the playoffs. First, there were a pair of
with 45 of the team’s 49 assists.
Central Coast Section champions in
After cruising to a surprising, dominant
Sequoia (Division I) and Aragon
sweep of M-A, Hillsdale had to work a little
(Division II) and a third in a section
harder to dispatch the Buccaneers Wednesday
championship game (South City,
evening. Despite not having nearly the
Division III).
offensive options, Balboa did a good job of
While Sequoia was eliminated in the
digging up Hillsdale attacks and doing just
first round of the Nor Cal tournament,
enough offensively to keep the match close.
JOE ROIAS/DAILY JOURNAL both Aragon and South City advanced and
Hillsdale’s sophomore setter Roberto Sapienza dishes out one of his 45 assists during the
See KNIGHTS, Page 14 Knights’ sweep of visiting Balboa. See LOUNGE, Page 15

Samardzija’s winter work 3-point bank shot at

pays off in spring debut buzzer beats Warriors
By Carrie Muskat
By Tim Reynolds
Heat 126, Warriors 125
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Jeff Samardzija kept a
MIAMI — Dwyane Wade hit a buzzer-beat-
locker at Oracle Park in San Francisco this off-
ing 3-pointer off the glass as time expired,
season and worked out at the ballpark three days
and the Miami Heat wasted a 24-point lead
a week. The Giants pitcher also spent two days
before rallying to beat the Golden State
per week rehabbing at a clinic in San Mateo,
Warriors 126-125 on Wednesday night.
Wade scored 25 points for Miami, which
The work paid off Wednesday in his first snapped a six-game home losing streak. Wade
spring start, the next phase of his comeback took a victory lap afterward, waving a towel
from a disappointing 2018 season. as the fans roared and “This Is My House” was
Making his first in-game appearance since displayed on the video boards around the
July 14, Samardzija threw 32 pitches over two USA TODAY SPORTS arena.
scoreless innings, giving up one hit and strik- Giants’ pitcher Jeff Samardzija, who was Goran Dragic led the Heat with 27 points off
ing out one against the Royals at Scottsdale hampered by shoulder problems in 2018, the bench. Josh Richardson added 21 for STEVE MITCHELL/USA TODAY SPORTS
Stadium. threw two scoreless innings in his spring Miami, which made 18 3-pointers — the last Miami’s Dwyane Wade, left, celebrates his
“I think everybody saw last year that I was training debut. of them coming from the franchise’s greatest game-winning 3-pointer.
hurt,” said Samardzija, who was limited to 10 player as time expired. Warriors, whose lead over Denver atop the
feeling 50 percent, but that shoulder and that
starts in 2018 because of soreness in his right Klay Thompson scored 36 points for the Western Conference is down to a half-game.
arm needs to be 95 to 100 percent to get done
shoulder. “For a lot of the year, I thought I could Warriors. Kevin Durant added 29, but missed a Golden State rallied from 19 down to win
what you need to get done,” he said.
muscle through it. That’s usually how I free throw with 14 seconds left that kept the 120-118 at home on Feb. 10, and dug its way
“Sometimes that stubborn approach just isn’t
approach injuries, is ignore and move on. That Heat within two points. Durant made the sec- out of an even bigger hole this time — but
the right way to go.”
had worked for me in the past, but that had been ond of two on that trip, and Wade delivered on couldn’t finish it off. Wade’s 3-pointer with
Samardzija, 34, started his offseason program
other parts of the body — obliques and ham- the ensuing possession for the biggest win of 15 seconds left got Miami within 124-123,
Oct. 5 and began throwing at Thanksgiving.
strings and quads. Miami’s season.
“What I learned is you can pitch with all those See GIANTS, Page 16 Stephen Curry added 24 points for the See WARRIORS, Page 15
012 0228 thu:0228 thu 161 2/27/19 9:17 PM Page 1

12 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Final countdown to Women’s World Cup begins

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS There are a few linger- for FIFA is confirming the use of video But there’s far more
ing controversies hang- review. urgency for teams that
The Women’s World Cup countdown has ing over the event, The prospect of VAR in France looked in normally don’t have
begun in earnest. including prize money. doubt as FIFA prevaricated when asked if many regular exhibition
Wednesday marked 100 days until the Last October, the FIFA women’s players would benefit from the games. Chile and
kickoff of the game’s biggest tournament, Council raised the prize same technology that debuted at the men’s Jamaica, who will each
opening on June 7 in Paris. The 24-team money from $15 million World Cup in Russia last year. make their World Cup
event will be played at nine stadiums in in 2015 to $30 million in But FIFA confirmed its Women’s World debut in France, will play
France over the course of a month, with the France. By contrast, the Cup referees were training with VAR earlier a pair of matches in
final set for July 7 in Lyon. Gianni prize pool for the men’s this month. The FIFA Council has to ratify Jill Ellis Jamaica, with the first on
The United States is the defending champi- Infantino World Cup in Russia last the use of VAR at a meeting in Miami next Thursday in Kingston.
on, having won the 2015 World Cup in year was $400 million. month. “Chile have played Brazil and Italy recent-
Canada. The top-ranked Americans are also In 2015, the U.S. women received $2 mil- ly, therefore we’ll get an opportunity to
the presumptive favorites this time around. lion for raising the trophy, and the winner TUNING UP measure where we are as a team,” Jamaica
So far, ticket sales have been strong, with this summer will earn $4 million. The The 100-day mark also means teams are coach Hue Menzies told reporters last week.
more than 500,000 of an allotment of 1.3 French men, who won their World Cup, going all-in on preparation for the event. The Reggae Girls, ranked No. 53 in the
million sold following the ticket package earned $38 million. The United States is hosting the world, are also expected to play a friendly
launch and the presale phase, FIFA While the men’s World Cup generates far SheBelieves Cup with Japan, England and against Panama as the team prepares for the
announced Wednesday. Single-match tickets more revenue, critics say FIFA should back Brazil — all World Cup-bound teams. World Cup.
go on sale March 7. up its pledges to grow the women’s game There’s also the annual Algarve Cup in
“I’m convinced that after this World Cup
with investment and incentives — like a Portugal, which starts Thursday and features
sweeter prize pool. Canada, Sweden, Spain and several other U.S. goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher was on the
the way women’s soccer is viewed in the
Another issue is timing. FIFA has been teams. champion 2015 squad, albeit as a backup to
world will change,” FIFA President Gianni
criticized for scheduling the Women’s World goalkeeper Hope Solo. Now the presumed
Infantino said at a news conference in Rome Australia is hosting the inaugural Cup of
Cup final on the same day as the men’s Copa starter in France, Naeher is tempering her
on Wednesday. “We expect 1 billion TV Nations, which will also include New
America final and the CONCACAF Gold Cup excitement and focusing on the work to be
viewers and 1.3 million fans in the stadi- Zealand, Argentina and South Korea, start-
final. done.
ums. They have already sold more than half ing Thursday.
Here are some other things to watch in the “I mean, yes, it’s exciting to start a count-
of the tickets. Women’s soccer has made a “We’ve got eight games left,” U.S. coach
100 days leading up to the World Cup. down like that (the 100 days) and it kind of
huge progression. The players are real ath- Jill Ellis said Tuesday about the remaining
letes who play well technically and tactical- schedule. “Every minute we can get the play- builds the excitement around the whole event.
ly. They could give a lot of us some les-
VIDEO WATCH ers together to forge those relationships is But for me it’s kind of staying focused in the
sons.” The next Women’s World Cup milestone really important.” moment,” Naeher said.

TUESDAY Jaden Lee 21-10, 21-11. Ashley Figueroa Nic Lozben and Liam Crettol 18-21, 21-5,
Local sports roundup and Jessica Dalmacio (TN) beat Delaney 21-18 in boys’ doubles. Xandria Estillore
Ebstein and Iris Riley 21-15, 21-18 in and Kris Vicensio (J) defeated Eloisa Duarte
Boys’ Volleyball Nadine Cordova (Cap) beat Kauha Lam and
girls’ doubles. In mixed doubles, Miguel and Lydia Rice 21-9, 21-15 in girls’ dou-
Michu Chan 21-17, 21-11. Rico Morales
Capuchino 3, South City 0 and Jessica Huang (Cap) defeated Hensom Sanchez and Ryan De Vaul (TN) defeated bles. In mixed doubles, Troy Malayan and
After losing the season opener to Balboa Lau and Va Situ 21-4, 21-2. Cabe Estes and Erina Morishita 21-11, 21- Charlotte Castaneda (J) defeated River
last week, the Mustangs (1-1) responded 15. McCaughey Alyssa Silverhorne 21-13, 21-
with an impressive win over the Warriors El Camino 8, San Mateo 7 8.
(0-1) in straight sets, 25-17, 25-12, 26-16. In boys’ singles, Andre Chim (SM) defeat- Crystal Springs Uplands 11, Woodside 4

Carlmont 3, Mills 0
ed Alistair Lee 21-18, 17-21, 22-20. Ivy Cai In boys singles, Luke Shannon (CSU) Baseball
(EC) defeated Cindy Yan 19-21, 21-10, 21- defeated Kalpa Yakupitivage 21-15, 21-13.
The season opener couldn’t have gone 17 in girls’ singles. Helen Ye (CSU) beat Grace Jau 21-5, 21-2 in Sacred Heart Prep 4, Stuart Hall 3
any better for the Scots (1-0) as they swept In boys doubles, Bruce Deng and Kevin girls’ singles.
the Vikings, 25-5, 25-13, 25-12. Lo (SM) d. Carson Jeung and Tristen Cruz In boys doubles, Aaron Byrd and Eliot The Gators secured all four of their runs in
They came out on fire and decimated the 21-17, 21-18. Jessica Li and Aaliyah Peck (CSU) took care of business against the first two innings. Senior Yianni Gardner
Vikings (0-1) by 20 in the first set. Mills Cabonce (EC) beat Tanvi Damle/Hannan Sean Sheffield and Issa Reynolds 21-12, 21- opened up with two RBIs to get the scoring
was over powered and had trouble finding Wang 16-21, 21-9, 21-15 in girls’ doubles. 9. Lena Rhode and Chloe Sladewski (CSU) started. Sacred Heart Prep was aggressive on
much of a rhythm. In mixed doubles, Trevor Tan and Vivian Yao defeated Kelsey Kloezeman and Mikah the base paths and stole a total of seven
(SM) beat Wilhelm Beroncal and Natlia Nelson 21-11, 21-6. In mixed doubles Cole bases.
Badminton Sapinoso 21-6, 21-11 Jernigan and Amanda Wong beat Tommy Gators junior Ronan Donnelly pitched a
Capuchino 10, South San Francisco 5 Yoon and Meg Davidson 21-11, 21-18. solid game and gave up only one hit in 4 1/3
In boys’ singles, Cato Li of South City Menlo-Atherton 10, Terra Nova 5 innings pitched. The Knights began to
defeated Joey Situ 21-9, 21-5. Rikea Liu Jordan Sam (TN) took down Jonathan Sequoia 8, Jefferson 7 mount a comeback late when senior Dylan
(SSF) beat Nadia Sedegh 21-12, 21-14 in Vengosh 21-9, 21-7 in boys’ singles. In Jacob Givens (Seq) defeated Noah Castro Banks knocked in a couple of runs to cut the
girls’ singles. Kevin Yang and Paulo Segnor girls’ singles, Katherine Donahue (M-A) 21-16, 21-12 in boys’ singles. Prerna deficit in half. In the final frame, junior
(SSF) took down Joseph Umali and Terrance beat Nadia Lee 21-11, 21-10. Sharma (S) beat Charlene Manansala 21-7, Ryan Darwin got a RBI to cut the lead to just
Lau 21-15, 21-14 in boys’ doubles.  In boys doubles, Eli Jones and Ryan 16-21, 21-10 in girls’ singles. one, but the comeback fell just short and the
In girls’ doubles, Valentina Nassi and Philbin (M-A) defeated Robert Gonzales and Yujie Feng and Hongzao Ren (J) defeated Gators held on for the victory.


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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 13

Baseball appears headed to early labor talks

By Ronald Blum in mid-agreement, motivated by uncapped
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS While players have proposed major initiatives final years in the football contract and opt-
out provisions in the basketball contract.
NEW YORK — Baseball players and man-
that impact economics, such as expanding the designated After experiencing eight work stoppages
agement appear headed to early labor nego- hitter to the National League and adding provisions that from 1972-95, baseball has enjoyed a quar-
tiations that could lead to significant eco- make rebuilding rosters with young players less attractive, ter-century of labor peace. But players have
nomic changes in the collective bargaining become angry because of two straight slow
agreement and possibly a new deal past the management has been focused on on-field issues thus far. free-agent markets that has seen many deals
current expiration of December 2021. reached on the eve of spring training or
Management backed off its desire for a were first reported by ESPN. A single trade deadline would replace the with workouts already underway. St. Louis
pitch clock this year in a proposal to the Among the items put off until 2020 at the current rules, which have a July 31 deadline pitcher Adam Wainwright has talked about
players’ association on Tuesday, putting off earliest are several where an agreement for trades without waivers and an Aug. 31 the possibility of a strike.
most on-field changes to 2020 at the earli- could be reached soon: deadline to acquire players who would be eli- Union head Tony Clark and players have
est. The union quickly made a counteroffer • a three-batter minimum for pitchers. gible for that team’s postseason rosters. accused rebuilding teams of tanking, a
Wednesday, and the biggest alterations still • increasing active rosters from 25 to 26, While unilaterally making the decision to charge management denies. Manfred main-
being discussed for this year are a single including a maximum of 13 pitchers, and experiment with a 20-second pitch clock tains clubs have the right to rebuild with
trade deadline, most likely on July 31, and dropping them from 40 to 28, including a during spring training this year, manage- youth as they please.
lowering the number of mound visits with- maximum 14 pitchers, from Sept. 1 ment has offered not to pursue a pitch clock The 2012-16 labor contract imposed lim-
out a pitching change from six to five. through the end of the regular season. in the regular season through 2021. its on bonuses for amateurs residing in the
While players have proposed major ini- • increasing the minimum regular injured Management has the right to implement a U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and the 2017-
tiatives that impact economics, such as list and option recall period for pitchers clock in games that count, but baseball 21 deal capped spending on international
expanding the designated hitter to the from 10 days to 15. Commissioner Rob Manfred has said he is amateurs. In addition, the current deal raised
National League and adding provisions that • a new rule that position players could reluctant to take that step without players’ the top luxury tax rate for repeat offenders
make rebuilding rosters with young players pitch only from the ninth inning on, or agreement. from 50 percent to 95 percent, which has
less attractive, management has been from the sixth inning on when their team Baseball has had 12 collective bargaining impacted behavior among the highest-
focused on on-field issues thus far. trails by seven runs or more. agreements starting with the first in 1968 spending teams.
Management told the union it would be will- The sides remain in discussion over start- and has never held mid-agreement talks that Because of management’s success under
ing to discuss larger economic issues as part ing extra innings of the All-Star Game and led to an extension or new deal. The only the current deal, some team owners may be
of talks that could lead to a longer labor of spring training games with a runner on mid-agreement extension was reached in the reluctant for mid-agreement negotiations.
contract. second base and ending spring training settlement of the 1981 midseason streak, in However, overall attendance has dropped in
Details were disclosed to the Associated games after 10 innings. They also are dis- which management gave players credit for three straight seasons, the average last year
Press by people familiar with the negotia- cussing experimenting with shorter major league service during the 50-day fell below 30,000 for the first time since
tions who spoke on condition of anonymi- between-inning breaks combined with tele- walkout in exchange for extending the deal 2003 and six ballparks set record lows for a
ty because talks were ongoing. Many vising the start of innings on split-screens by one year through December 1984. season. MLB attributed the drop largely to
aspects of management’s latest proposal alongside commercials. The NFL and NBA have reached new deals bad weather last spring.

DODGERS 5, ATHLETICS 3 Seattle starter Mike Leake allowed one hit in three innings.
Los Angeles lefty Julio Urias worked an inning in his
Spring training roundup Max Moroff had a three-run homer for Cleveland.
spring debut. The 22-year-old had shoulder surgery in June Adam Rosales hit a two-run homer for Minnesota.
2017 and returned to the Dodgers last Sept. 15 for three starts. Jean Segura and Andrew McCutchen each had two hits for CUBS 6, RANGERS 1
Joakim Soria made his Oakland debut, walking two and get- Philadelphia and J.T. Realmuto had an RBI double. Cole Hamels gave up two hits in two scoreless innings and
ting two outs. Willson Contreras hit his second home run of the spring for
RAYS 5, RED SOX (SS) 4 Chicago.
ORIOLES 7, RED SOX (SS) 6 Rafael Devers had three hits, including a home run, for Edinson Volquez allowed four runs and four hits in an inning
Chance Sisco hit two home runs, singled and drove in five Boston. Brock Holt added two hits. for Texas.
runs for Baltimore. He has homered three times this spring. Nate Lowe and Daniel Robertson homered for Tampa Bay.
Jackie Bradley Jr. hit his second spring home run for DIAMONDBACKS 5, PADRES 5, 9 INNINGS
Boston. Eduardo Rodriguez struck out three in his two-inning METS 14, MARLINS 6
start, but was touched for two runs on three hits. Padres prospect Fernando Tatis Jr. hit his second home run
Danny Espinosa hit a three-run homer for New York. Steven of the spring.
Matz gave up three hits and struck out three in two innings. Looking to return to the majors after a second Tommy John
NATIONALS 14, ASTROS 8 Lewis Brinson, the Miami centerpiece in the Christian
Washington starter Jeremy Hellickson struck out three in surgery, Rubby De La Rosa walked a batter over an inning of
Yelich trade last year, hit two home runs. Wei-Yin Chen gave relief for Arizona. Caleb Joseph drove in two runs with two
two scoreless innings. Adam Eaton drove in two runs. up five runs and five hits in 1 1/3 innings.
Houston reliever Chris Devenski gave up three hits and a hits.
walk while getting only one out. INDIANS (SS) 6, BREWERS 1
Cleveland starter Shane Bieber worked two clean innings. REDS 11, WHITE SOX 4
TIGERS 10, YANKEES 4 Mark Mathias, who spent the last two seasons at Double-A Cincinnati starter Tanner Roark allowed a run in 1 1/3
Josh Harrison reached base in all three plate appearances of Akron and earned an invitation to the major league camp, hit innings. Christian Colon and Derek Dietrich each drove in
his Detroit debut. He also had a throwing error from second two solo home runs. three runs for the Reds.
base in a game shortened because of rain. Jhoulys Chacin pitched a fast first inning for Milwaukee. Yonder Alonso hit his second home run of the spring for
Christin Stewart hit a grand slam and Nicholas Castellanos Chicago. Reynaldo Lopez gave up five hits in his two-inning
and Miguel Cabrera hit back-to-back, two-run doubles. INDIANS (SS) 6, MARINERS 5 start.
Michael Fulmer gave up four runs in his two-inning start.
Greg Bird hit a three-run homer for New York.


Kendrys Morales drove in both of Toronto’s runs with a sin-
gle and double. Matt Shoemaker gave up a first-inning homer
to Pittsburgh’s Jason Martin.

Kyle Wright, Atlanta’s first-round draft pick in 2017, struck
out three in his two-inning start.
Dakota Hudson, St. Louis’ first-round pick in 2016, gave up
a hit in his two-inning start.


Diseases & Disorders
of the Eye


GL AU C OM A E ve n i n g a nd S a tu rd ay ap pt s
STAT E B OARD C E RT a l so ava i l a bl e

6 50 -5 79 - 77 7 4
w ww. D r-A n d rew S o ss. n e t

P rov i d e r fo r V S P a n d m o s t m a j o r m e d i c a l
in s u ran c e s i n c l u d i n g M e d i c a re a n d H P S M
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14 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

The athletes weren’t named, but two of

PGA stars staying away Sports brief

Nine arrested in doping
raids in Austria and Germany
those arrested were described as cadets in the
Austrian police and part of the country’s
national cross-country ski team.
The Austrian authorities said they worked

from the Honda Classic

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bay Hill, The Players Championship, Tampa
SEEFELD, Austria — Five elite athletes
and four others were arrested Wednesday in
doping raids in Austria and Germany amid
the Nordic skiing world championships.
with German counterparts who searched
nine properties and arrested two people
described as a “sports doctor” and an
“accomplice.” The group was apparently in
and then the WGC-Match Play. the German city of Erfurt.
Austria’s Federal Police Office said the
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Dustin That is a lot of really good options, all raids targeted “a doping network operating “The Erfurt-based criminal group is
Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are coming with a lot of players probably mind- worldwide” and focused on Seefeld, where strongly suspected of having carried out
among the golfers who live in the vicinity of ful of making sure they are fresh for the the championships are taking place. Police blood doping on elite athletes for years to
PGA National and may very well be home Masters as well. said two Austrian athletes were arrested increase their performance in national and
this weekend. They just won’t be playing at “Nobody’s playing five in a row,” Honda along with one competitor from Kazakhstan international competitions and thereby to
the Honda Classic. Classic executive director Ken Kennerly said. and two from Estonia. gain illegal income,” the FPO said.
The condensing of the PGA Tour schedule is This isn’t an issue exclusive to the Honda
forcing players to make some tough deci- Classic. Phil Mickelson skipped playing at
sions, and the Honda Classic didn’t exactly
benefit from a lot of those choices. Only
three of the top 20 players in the world rank-
Torrey Pines, his home course, this year for
the first time in 29 seasons — and has hinted
that he could sit out The Players
Continued from page 1
ing are in the field for the event beginning Championship as well. Woodland loves Bay
Thursday — No. 3 and defending champion Hill but can’t fit it into his schedule this year.
Justin Thomas, No. 4 Brooks Koepka and “The field isn’t as strong as it typically is With Hillsdale leading 16-11 midway
No. 9 Rickie Fowler. because of where it is right now on the sched- through the first set, Balboa went on a 3-0
Next up: No. 21 Webb Simpson and No. 23 ule,” Woodland said. “It’s in a tough spot.” run on three straight Hillsdale hitting errors
Gary Woodland. Johnson hasn’t played the Honda Classic to close to 16-14.
“There are a lot of guys who live down since posting rounds of 77 and 75 and miss- A Martella kill and another point off a tip
here,” said Woodland, who is one of the ing the cut by eight shots in 2015, so his sparked a 4-1 Knights response. Three
South Florida-based players who gets to absence this week can’t be considered sur- Buccaneer hitting errors in a row gave
sleep in his own bed this week. “But with prising. Hillsdale a 23-17 lead, but Balboa did not go
tournaments moving around, there are a lot Not having Woods or McIlroy is different. meekly. The Buccaneers won four of the next
of tournaments right now that are really good Woods finished 12th last year at the Honda five points to close to 24-21, but a MacLean
in a row. I skipped Riviera, which is one of Classic, which he often calls his home roof on game point gave the Knights the
my favorite golf courses, but you have to find event. McIlroy had appeared in the tourna- set.
the time.” ment nine times in the last 10 seasons. In Game 2, Balboa took advantage of
Last year at this time, the run of tourna- Woods and McIlroy waged one of the most some shaky Hillsdale play, jumping out to
ments saw players deciding among Riviera memorable final-round matchups in Honda an 8-3 lead following six straight hitting or
one week, then the Honda Classic, then a history in 2012 — Woods carded an 8-under setting errors by the Knights.
World Golf Championship in Mexico, then 62 to vault up the leaderboard, and the then- Hillsdale, however, got back in the match
Tampa, then Bay Hill, then another WGC for 22-year-old McIlroy wound up winning by and eventually evened the game at 13-all.
Match Play. two shots to become No. 1 in the world for From there, the game went back and forth. A
This year, it goes Riviera, Mexico, Honda, the first time. pair of blocks for points from Jack Vanos
gave Hillsdale a 15-13 lead and Amaro
notched a kill off a touch. When Martella
Wie out with hand injury
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS extensive neck injuries in a car accident two
recorded a kill off the Balboa block, the
Knights’ led 20-16.
Again, Balboa did not go quietly. The NATHAN MOLLAT/DAILY JOURNAL
years ago. Buccaneers won five of the next seven Hillsdale’s opposite hitter Noah MacLean
SINGAPORE — Defending champion points to tie the game at 21. hammers home one of his six kills.
Michelle Wie has been forced to withdraw She had back-to back 7s on the eighth and But Vallee used a cross-court tip to give
from the HSBC Women’s World ninth holes, the first for double-bogey and Hillsdale a 22-21 advantage as the Knights kill gave the Knights a 23-13 lead and Ian
Championship with a the second for a triple. went on to close out a 25-22 result in game Nepomuceno’s block at the net gave the
recurrence of a right hand The 29-year-old Wie played in last week’s two. Knights the victory, 25-15.
injury. LPGA Thailand tournament, where she fin- In what turned out to be the final set, The win over Balboa followed Hillsdale’s
Wie, making her sec- ished tied for 23rd. Hillsdale put it all together. The Knights first-ever victory over M-A in the season
ond start of the season stopped committing as many errors as they opener Tuesday and it wasn’t really close as
after surgery on her right The 63-player field at Sentosa Golf Club’s did in the first two sets and the Buccaneers the Knights posted a 25-15, 25-16, 25-14
hand earlier this month, Tanjong course has no cut. The top 12 play- struggled to keep up with the Knights’ victory. Martella paced the attack, finishing
was 10-over after 14 ers in the world were in the final four groups potent offense. with 11 kills, misfiring on just two of his
holes Thursday when she Thursday. With Hillsdale leading 11-6, the Knights attacks. Vallee added nine kills and MacLean
withdrew while playing Amy Yang, who won last week in won seven straight points for an 18-6 finished with eight.
Michelle Wie the 15th. She was hold- Thailand, pulled out with an undisclosed ill- advantage, with Aaron Jue-Sans capping the The Knights did most of their damage
ing her right wrist and ness after three holes Thursday. She parred run with a service ace. against the Bears at the service line as Vallee
hand as she walked up the fairway. her first hole but then went bogey-double Balboa finally got untracked, but Hillsdale led an ace assault, recording five of the
Wie fractured her hand and sustained bogey before deciding to quit. kept the Buccaneers at bay. A Sapienza quick team’s 16 service aces. Jue-Sans added four.
015 0228 thu:0228 thu 161 2/27/19 8:26 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 15

Continued from page 11
Warri o rs : DeMarcus Cousins (load manage-
ment and Achilles recovery) got the night off,
NFL briefs
49ers hire Wes Welker,
Cohen says Trump inflated
his wealth in bid to buy Bills
NEW YORK — Michael Cohen told law-
and the Warriors said he will play in Orlando on Miles Austin as offensive assistants makers that Donald Trump grossly overstat-
Thursday. ... Wednesday was the sixth anniver- ed his wealth before becoming president,
and he came up with one more when the Heat sary of Curry’s career-high 54-point game at SANTA CLARA — The San Francisco 49ers including inflating his assets during a failed
needed it most. Madison Square Garden, and the third anniver- have added former NFL receivers Wes Welker bid to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014.
Dragic had 25 points by halftime, getting 20 sary of his game-winner from about 40 feet to and Miles Austin as assistant coaches. The claim made during Cohen’s testimony
of those in the second quarter alone — setting win at Oklahoma City. The 49ers announced several staff moves Wednesday raises ques-
Heat single-quarter and any-half records for a Heat: Miami was without Hassan Whiteside Wednesday highlighted by Welker’s addition tions about whether
reserve. He had 11 points in a span of 69 sec- (hip strain) and James Johnson (shoulder as receivers coach and Austin’s as an offensive Trump could face legal
onds in the second quarter, and a pair of free sprain). Justise Winslow (knee) and Derrick quality control coach. trouble if he misrepre-
throws with 2:59 left in the half put Miami up Jones Jr. (flu) ... The 74 first-half points tied the Welker had 903 catches in 12 seasons in the sented his worth in
69-45. second-most in Heat history. Miami scored 75 NFL and spent the past two years as an assis- applying for a loan to
Against most teams, even in the first half, a against the Los Angeles Clippers on Nov. 19, tant for Houston. Austin had 362 receptions in buy the NFL team.
24-point lead might have been enough. 1997, and 74 against Dallas on Nov. 11, 1999. 10 seasons and has been a scouting intern in Experts said a criminal
The Warriors, of course, are not most teams. Dallas since his retirement. case against Trump
Back-to-back 3-pointers by Durant and ROAD WARRIORS The 49ers also hired Shane Day as quarter- Donald Trump eral
appears unlikely for sev-
Thompson helped Golden State get the lead backs coach, Zach Yenser as assistant offen- reasons. But
Golden State remains one win shy of finish- Cohen’s claim could
down to 74-59 by halftime. The Warriors cut the sive line coach, Bobby Slowik as an offen-
ing with a road record over .500 for the sixth affect the court of public opinion at a time
lead to seven on two separate occasions in the sive assistant and Brian Fleury as defensive
consecutive season. Before this six-year road when lawmakers are discussing the possi-
third quarter, and kept whittling away in the quality control coach. San Francisco also pro-
run of success, the Warriors had a road record bility of impeachment.
fourth — getting within six when Draymond moted Daniel Bullocks from assistant defen-
over .500 in six of their previous 65 seasons. Trump was one of three known finalists to
Green rattled in a 3-pointer from the right corner sive backs coach to safeties coach.
with 8:20 left, then 106-103 when Curry con- buy the Bills in the summer of 2014 follow-
UP NEXT The team also hired Ben Peterson as the head ing the death of franchise founder Ralph
nected from deep on the next possession. of player health and performance, Dustin Wilson.
The Warriors led for all of 74 seconds in the Warri o rs : Visit Orlando on Thursday. Perry as strength and conditioning coach, and He lost out to NHL Buffalo Sabres owners
second half. Wade didn’t let them leave with the Golden State has won 11 straight over the Shea Thompson, Aaron Hill and Mike Terry and Kim Pegula.
lead. Magic. Nicolini as assistant strength coaches.

This is more than a run-of-the-mill karate

Continued from page 11
tournament. This event is a labor of love for
Edwards, who uses it to honor his late
teacher, Katsushi Iwabuchi, with whom he
trained in Japan.
This is the second time in the last 13 years
will host quarterfinal games Thursday. They
that Edwards is hosting the ceremony.
will be joined by Menlo-Atherton, which is
Edwards said because his master was
making the most of its second chance by
Buddhist, the number “7” holds significant
blowing out Argonaut-Jackson 72-38 in the
first round of the Nor Cal Division IV brack-
et. The Bears were eliminated in the semifi- “On the seventh year of his death, I did this
nals of the CCS Division I bracket, but tournament (six years ago),” Edwards said. “I
received the No. 2 seed in Nor Cal. do it as an honor to my teacher.”
In all, there are seven county basketball Edwards said a number of Hakua Kai digni-
teams still alive in the Nor Cal tournament. taries will be in attendance, along with San
Joining the three public schools are Menlo Mateo Mayor Diane Papan, the consulate-
School and Woodside Priory (of the West Bay general of Japan and renowned martial arts
Athletic League), Serra (West Catholic teacher and action film actor Fumio Demura,
Athletic League) and Nueva (Private School who, among other roles, served as a stunt
Athletic League). double for Pat Morita’s Mr. Miyagi character
*** in the “Karate Kid” series of films.
Mixed Martial Arts has seen a explosion of Bernard estimates “a couple hundred” par-
popularity over the last couple of decades, ticipants will take part in the various compe-
but if you want to see where the sport origi- titions, with many of them competing in two
nated, you can go to San Mateo High School or all three events.
Sunday for the Iwabuchi Cup, an internation- The doors open at 9 a.m. with an admis-
al open karate tournament. sion of $8 for adults. There will be a ceremo-
Presented by local teacher Shihan Bernard ny honoring Katsushi Iwabuchi at 10 a.m.
Edwards, who has taught hakua kai karate-do Go to hakuakai.com for more information.
on the Peninsula for 49 years, the tournament
will feature all the traditional competitions
associated with karate tournaments: kata Nathan Mollat can be reached by email:
(forms), kobudo (weapons) and kumite (fight- nathan@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: 344-
ing). 5200 ext. 117.






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16 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

thing that would

would be a
Giants’ Venditte figures rule s wi t ch -h i t t er,
Atlantic Division
change won’t hurt him obviously. Then Minnesota 4
Los Angeles
.667 W L Pct GB
Riordan at Carlmont, Mills at Sacred Heart Cathedral,
Burlingame at El Camino, 3:30 p.m.
I’d be just like Seattle 3 2 .600 Toronto 45 17 .726 —
anybody else.” Baltimore 3 2 .600 Philadelphia 39 22 .639 5 1/2 Softball
Venditte figures he has an advantage Detroit 3 2 .600 Boston 37 25 .597 8 Sequoia at Lynbrook,Notre Dame-Belmont at Harker,
Ve n d i t t e Brooklyn 32 31 .508 13 1/2
if Major League Baseball and the Cleveland 3 2 .600 3:30 p.m.; Terra Nova at Aragon, Mills a at Hillsdale,
pitched for Kansas City
3 3 .500 New York 13 48 .213 31 1/2 Presentation at Woodside, Summit Shasta at Terra
players’ association adopt a three-
batter minimum for pitchers start- Pat Venditte Oakland in New York
.400 Southeast Division
Nova, Notre Dame-SJ at Crystal Springs, 4 p.m.
2015, Toronto Boston 2 3 .400 Charlotte 28 33 .459 — Boys' tennis
ing in 2020: the 33-year-old reliev-
and Seattle in 2016 and the Los Tampa Bay 2 4 .333 Orlando 28 34 .452 1/2 San Mateo at Burlingame,Woodside at Aragon, Mills
er is a switch-pitcher. Toronto 1 3 .250 Miami 27 33 .450 1/2 at Oceana, Westmoor at Capuchino, Half Moon Bay
Angeles Dodgers last year, Washington 25 36 .410 3
The rule, if adopted, might cause Players and owners have been dis-
Texas 1 3 .250
Atlanta 21 41 .339 7 1/2
at Sequoia, 4 p.m.
Chicago 1 4 .200
less use of left-handed relief special- cussing how to speed the pace of A’s 1 5 .167 Swimming
ists. That could benefit Venditte, play.
Central Division San Mateo at Woodside, 3:30 p.m.
NATIONAL LEAGUE Milwaukee 46 14 .767 —
who has made 56 appearances over “As with anything, the game W L Pct. Indiana 40 22 .645 7 Badminton
three big-league seasons and is at evolves,” Venditte said. “With any- Los Angeles 4 1 .800 Detroit 29 31 .483 17 Capuchino at Carlmont, South City at Aragon, Mills
his first spring training with the San Diego 3 1 .750 Chicago 17 45 .274 30 at Westmoor, Burlingame at Hillsdale, Woodside at
thing, the players will adapt, the Arizona 3 1 .750 Cleveland 14 47 .230 32 1/2 Sequoia, San Mateo at Menlo-Atherton, Terra Nova
San Francisco Giants. players will go with it. Whatever Chicago 4 2 .667 at Jefferson, Crystal Springs at El Camino, 4 p.m.
“As long as I’m executing pitches changes come, I’m sure the people
Atlanta 3 2 .600
Philadelphia 3 2 .600 WESTERN CONFERENCE Boys' volleyball
and getting guys out, that would be involved in those decisions will do Pittsburgh 3 2 .600 Southwest Division Menlo-Atherton at Carlmont,San Mateo at El Camino,
beneficial from a split standpoint,” what’s best for the game.” Washington 3 2 .600 Houston 36 25 .590 — Sequoia at Hillsdale, 6 p.m.
Venditte said Wednesday. “The only St. Louis 2 2 .500 San Antonio 34 29 .540 3
Giants 2 2 .500 Dallas 27 34 .443 9 College baseball
Cincinnati 2 2 .500 New Orleans 27 35 .435 9 1/2 West Valley at Cañada, San Francisco at Skyline, San
pitches to make sure there was Miami 2 3 .400 Memphis 24 39 .381 13 Mateo at Ohlone-Fremont, 2 p.m.

Continued from page 11
enough difference between them and
his fastball. He was pleased with
those results.
New York 2
Milwaukee 1

Wednesday’s Games
Northwest Division
Oklahoma City 38


4 1/2
College softball
San Mateo at Sac City, 2 p.m.

“Absolutely,” Samardzija said. Baltimore 7, Boston (ss) 6 Utah 34 26 .567 8

“It’s the new formula for me, which “For me, it’s important to have that
Washington 14, Houston 8
Toronto 2, Pittsburgh 1
Minnesota 29 32 .475 13 1/2 NOR CAL BASKETBALL
is staying ahead of the game and lis- pitch mix so you’re not relying on Detroit 10, N.Y. Yankees 4 Pacific Division THURSDAY
Atlanta 4, St. Louis 0 Warriors 43 18 .705 —
tening to yourself and listening to the fastball velo all the time.” Minnesota 4, Philadelphia 2 Boys’ basketball
L.A. Clippers 34 29 .540 10
Tampa Bay 5, Boston (ss) 4 Division II
your body and your arm,” Samardzija “It was good to see Jeff where he N.Y. Mets 14, Miami 6
Sacramento 31 29 .517 11 1/2
No. 9 Serra (18-9) at
L.A. Lakers 29 31 .483 13 1/2
said. “If anything acts up, take care of was,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy San Francisco 15, Kansas City 2 Phoenix 12 50 .194 31 1/2 No. 1 St. Mary’s-Stockton (19-13), 7 p.m.
it right then and there. Last year was a Cincinnati 11, Chicago White Sox 4
said. “His command will just get bet- Cleveland (ss) 6, Milwaukee 1 Division V
learning process for me. We’re start- ter as he goes. You could see that he L.A. Dodgers 5, Oakland 3 No. 12 Nueva School (22-5) at
Wednesday’s Games
ing to shape that for me of what we was back and letting it go free and Chicago Cubs 9, Texas 5
Houston 118, Charlotte 113 No. 4 Eastside College Prep (20-7), 7 p.m.
Cleveland (ss) 6, Seattle 5
need to do every day to stay ahead of easy and used all his pitches.” L.A. Angels 9, Colorado 7 Atlanta 131, Minnesota 123, OT
the game.” Arizona 5, San Diego 5 Miami 126, Golden State 125 Girls’ basketball
NOTES: Catcher Buster Posey is Thursday’s Games Washington 125, Brooklyn 116 Division II
On Wednesday, Samardzija threw on schedule to make his first spring Washington vs. Boston at Fort Myers, Fla., 10:05 a.m. Chicago 109, Memphis 107 No. 8 Central-Fresno (20-9) at
Portland 97, Boston 92
22 pitches to four batters in the first, appearance Friday. Posey is coming Detroit vs. Atlanta at Kissimmee, Fla., 10:05 a.m.
Dallas 110, Indiana 101
No. 1 Menlo School (22-5), 7 p.m.
Pittsburgh vs. N.Y.Yankees at Tampa, Fla., 10:05 a.m.
with the stadium radar gun registering off offseason hip surgery and was Miami vs.Houston at West Palm Beach,Fla.,10:05 a.m. San Antonio 105, Detroit 93 Division III
his fastball at 93-94 mph. He needed N.Y. Mets vs. St. Louis at Jupiter, Fla., 10:05 a.m. Utah 111, L.A. Clippers 105
expected to catch three innings. ... Baltimore vs. Philly (ss) at Clearwater, Fla., 10:05 a.m. Milwaukee at Sacramento, late No. 6 Woodside Priory (16-12) at
just 10 pitches to retire the side in Outfielder Steven Duggar (left shoul- Philly (ss) vs. Toronto at Dunedin, Fla., 10:07 a.m. New Orleans at L.A. Lakers, late No. 3 South City (21-9), 7 p.m.
order in the second, including a der) also was expected to make his Milwaukee (ss) vs.Cincinnati at Goodyear,Ariz.,12:05 p.m. Thursday’s Games
San Diego vs. Kansas City at Surprise, Ariz., 12:05 p.m. Golden State at Orlando, 4 p.m. No. 16 Union Mine-El Dorado (21-8) at
strikeout of Brett Phillips to end the first start on Friday. ... Pablo Minnesota at Indiana, 4 p.m. No. 9 Aragon (18-11), 7 p.m.
Oakland vs. Chicago Cubs at Mesa, Ariz., 12:05 p.m.
inning. Sandoval, sidelined because of sore- Colorado vs. Dodgers at Glendale, Ariz., 12:05 p.m. Cleveland at New York, 4:30 p.m.
Giants vs. Milwaukee (ss) at Phoenix, 12:05 p.m. Miami at Houston, 5 p.m. Division IV
Samardzija was more interested in ness in his side, was not expected to Cleveland vs. Arizona at Scottsdale, Ariz., 12:10 p.m. Philadelphia at Oklahoma City, 5 p.m. No. 7 Foothill-Palo Cedro (21-10) at No. 2 Menlo-
the radar readings on his offspeed play until the weekend, Bochy said. Texas vs. L.A. Angels at Tempe, Ariz., 12:10 p.m. Utah at Denver, 7:30 p.m. Atherton (17-11), 7 p.m.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 17

Some restrictions apply. Coupon must be presented at time of sale.

Expires March 31st, 2019.
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18 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

though the president never directly told him so. investigation to testify publicly about crimes committed

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In one revelation, Cohen said prosecutors in New York
were investigating conversations Trump or his advisers had
with him after his office and hotel room were raided by the
during the 2016 campaign and in the months that followed,
Cohen also delivered biting personal commentary on a pres-
ident he said never expected to win in the first place.
FBI last April. Cohen said he could not discuss that conver- “He never expected to win the primary. He never expected
sation, the last contact he said he has had with the president to win the general election,” Cohen said. “The campaign —
“I am not protecting Mr. Trump anymore,” Cohen or anyone acting on his behalf, because it remains under for him — was always a marketing opportunity.”
declared. investigation. He recounted how Trump made him threaten schools he
“My loyalty to Mr. Trump has cost me everything: my The appearance marked the latest step in Cohen’s evolu- attended to not release his grades and SAT scores and deni-
family’s happiness, friendships, my law license, my compa- tion from legal fixer for the president — he once boasted grated blacks as “too stupid” to vote for him. He said Trump
ny, my livelihood, my honor, my reputation, and soon my he’d “take a bullet” for Trump — to a foe who has implicated once confided to him that, despite his public explanation of
freedom,” Cohen said. “I will not sit back say nothing and him in federal campaign finance violations. The hearing a medical deferment from the Vietnam War because of bone
allow him to do the same to the country.” proceeded along parallel tracks, with Democrats focusing on spurs, he never had any intention of fighting there.
Cohen’s matter-of-fact testimony about secret payments allegations against Trump while Republicans sought to “I find it ironic, President Trump, that you are in Vietnam
and lies unfolded as Trump met with North Korean leader Kim undermine Cohen’s credibility and the proceeding itself. right now,” Cohen said.
Jong Un. At a Vietnam hotel and unable to ignore the drama As Republicans blasted him as a convicted liar, a mostly Cohen gave lawmakers his first-person account of how he
thousands of miles away, Trump lashed out on Twitter, say- unrattled Cohen sought to blunt the attacks by repeatedly arranged to buy the silence of a porn actress and a Playboy
ing Cohen “did bad things unrelated to Trump” and “is lying acknowledging his own failings. He called himself a “fool,” model who said they had sex with Trump. He described a
in order to reduce his prison time.” warned lawmakers of the perils of blind loyalty to a leader February 2017 conversation with Trump in the Oval Office
In testimony that cut to the heart of federal investigations undeserving of it and pronounced himself ashamed of what in which the president reassured him that reimbursement
encircling the White House, Cohen said he arranged a hush he’d done to protect Trump. checks sent through Federal Express were coming but would
money payment to a porn actress at the president’s behest Cohen is due to begin a three-year prison sentence in May, take some time to get through the White House system.
and agreed to lie about it to the public and the first lady. He and described himself as cooperative with multiple investi- He said the president spoke to him a year later to discuss
said he had lied by claiming that Trump was “not knowl- gations in hopes of reducing his time behind bars. He is seen the public messaging around the transaction, and had even
edgeable” about the transaction even though the president as a vital witness for federal prosecutors because of his prox- once put his wife, Melania, on the phone so that Cohen
had directly arranged for his reimbursement. And he said he imity to the president during key episodes under investiga- could lie to her.
was left with the unmistakable impression Trump wanted tion and their decade-long professional relationship. “Lying to the first lady is one of my biggest regrets,”
him to lie to Congress about a Moscow real estate project, The first of six Trump aides charged in the Trump-Russia Cohen said. “She is a kind, good person. I respect her great-
ly, and she did not deserve that.”
In an allegation relating to Mueller’s probe, Cohen said he
overheard Trump confidant Roger Stone telling the candidate
in the summer of 2016 that WikiLeaks would dump damaging
information about Clinton.
Trump put Stone on speakerphone as Stone relayed that he
had communicated with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
and that “within a couple of days, there would be a massive
dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton’s cam-
paign,” Cohen said. Damaging emails U.S. officials say
were hacked by Russia were later released by WikiLeaks.
Trump responded by saying “wouldn’t that be great,”
Cohen said.
Stone disputed that account Wednesday, and Barry Pollack,
a lawyer for Assange, said Stone and Assange did not have
the telephone call that Cohen described.
Cohen’s claims that Trump had advance knowledge of the
emails contradict the president’s assertions that he was in
the dark, and it is not clear how legally problematic that
could be for Trump anyway. Mueller has not suggested that
mere awareness of WikiLeaks’ plans, as Stone is purported to
have had, is by itself a crime.
Cohen also suggested Trump implicitly told him to lie
about a Moscow real estate project. Cohen has admitted
lying about the project, which he says Trump knew about as
Cohen was negotiating with Russia during the campaign.
Cohen said Trump did not directly tell him to lie, but “he
would look me in the eye and tell me there’s no business in
Russia and then go out and lie to the American people by
saying the same thing.”
Cohen said he does not have direct evidence that Trump
colluded with the Russian government during the election,
but that he has “suspicions,” including after a June 2016
meeting between the president’s oldest son and a Kremlin-
connected lawyer.
“I wouldn’t use the word ‘colluding.’ Was there something
odd about the back-and-forth praise with President Putin?”
Cohen said. “Yes, but I’m not really sure I can answer that
question in terms of collusion.”

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THE DAILY JOURNAL DATEBOOK Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 19

encouraged residents to call on local

Conference. 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
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Comment on
or share this story at
legislators to seek amendments to the
state funding formula to better support
school districts.
ESL Conversation Club. 10:30 a.m. Skyline College, Student and Hill acknowledged it is unlikely
to noon Belmont Library, 1110 Community Center, Building 6, 3300 state officials would overhaul the larg-
Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. College Drive, San Bruno. Free. This Lawmakers claimed State the state Legislature, but only a simple er school funding mechanism, but sug-
Practice speaking and listening in year’s keynote speakers are San Constitution Amendment 5, or SCA 5, majority from state voters on the elec- gested the proposed legislation could
English. Free. For more information Mateo County poet Laureate Aileen
call 591-8286. Cassinetto and award-winning fic- is necessary now more than ever as tion ballot. be a sort of compromise.
tion/nonfiction writer Jacqueline local communities are asked with In his justification for backing the He also noted the Local Control
English Conversation. 10:30 a.m. Doyle. Program also includes an
Grand Avenue Branch Library, 306 open reading, student awards and increased frequency to fill the funding proposal, Berman said reducing the Funding Formula promotes reliance on
Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. A networking. Free. For more informa- gap left by inadequate financial sup- voter support threshold is closer to local communities in financing school
relaxed, casual atmosphere for a low- tion call 738-4202. port from the state. alignment with the simplest definition
stress way to improving your English systems in building his case for mak-
skills. Free. For more information call Cat/Kitten Adoption Fair. 11 a.m. to “We need to allow districts to locally of democracy by which majority rules. ing parcel taxes easier to pass.
829-3860. 2 p.m. Millbrae Library, 1 Library Ave., increase their revenue, if they can do it “Lowering the threshold for school Furthermore, Hill recognized Gov.
Millbrae. Foster parents and volun-
Legal Planning for Alzheimer ’s teers will be available to discuss cat in a fair way. And to me, 55 percent is districts to pass parcel taxes is the Gavin Newsom’s advocacy for
Disease. 10:30 a.m. to noon behavior and care. For more informa- more fair,” said Hill, of the proposal democratic thing to do,” he said in an improved school funding in fueling
Redwood City Public Library, tion call 697-7607. email. “Just like with school construc-
Redwood City. Learn about impor-
unveiled Wednesday, Feb. 27. his optimism for the proposal’s
tant legal issues to consider, how to Shor t Stories for People with No The proposed legislation aims to tion bonds, which require a 55 percent potential success, though he noted
put plans into place, and how to Time. 2 p.m. South San Francisco reduce the parcel tax passage rate to the passage rate, if a strong majority of Newsom would not need to sign the
access legal resources near you. Free. Main Library, 840 W. Orange Ave.,
For more information call 780-7058. South San Francisco. Teen book club same level required for bond measures. residents in a community want to bill for it to become law.
focused on short stories, novellas Parcel taxes finance school district invest in their local schools to County Superintendent Nancy
Homework Center for students and other brief works. Free. For more
grades first through sixth. 3:30 information call 829-3860. operations, while bond measures pay improve the educational outcomes of Magee said she supported the proposal
p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Burlingame Library, for facility improvements. their youth, they should not be as a means of allowing San Mateo
480 Primrose Road, Burlingame. Free. Family Read Aloud. 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Mullin too shared his support for the stymied by as little as one-third of the
Repeats every Thursday until San Mateo Public Library, 55 W. Third County residents to better support
Thursday, June 13. For more informa- Ave., San Mateo. Free for all ages. For proposal, which would ultimately voters.” their local school districts.
tion call 558-7496. more information call 522-7836. require approval from voters across the For his part, Hill pointed to the “An investment in education is an
Estate Planning Fundamentals Local Art Studio Hosts Fundraiser state to pass should it reach the ballot recent decision by Redwood City investment in the community. By low-
presented by Patricia De Fonte, to B enefit Peninsula Humane with consent of state lawmakers. school officials to shutter campuses ering the threshold, communities
Estate Planning Attorney. 6 p.m. Society. 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Bottle and due to financial struggles as an indict-
South San Francisco Library, 840 W. Bottega, 1528 El Camino Real. Suite E “This is a solid local control would be in a better position to create
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. and F, Belmont. Come paint and cele- approach to dealing with ongoing ment on the insufficient funding the schools they want,” she said in an
California’s default estate plan, which brate the beloved pets in our lives. A funding shortfalls and, as an amend- offered to public school systems. email.
applies to you if you do not have per- portion of the proceeds will go to the
sonalized documents, may have Peninsula Humane Society. Price is ment to our state Constitution, will “When you look at San Mateo More simply put, Hill said he
harsh consequences for you, your $40. For more information call (847) only take effect if a majority of County — districts are struggling, believes the proposal is a simple way
minor children, and your loved ones. 897-7483. schools are closing and class sizes are
Decide now who will take care of you
statewide voters concur with lowering to address an essential state school
and your money if you cannot. For ‘ To Breathe Free’ Documentar y the threshold going forward,” he said growing,” he said. “It’s not a pretty funding issue.
more information call 829-3860. Showing and Potluck Dinner. 5:30 in an email. picture.”
p.m. Bethany Presbyterian Church, “We have to recognize reality and
Mad Science: Movie Special 2400 Rosewood Drive, San Bruno. The proposal would require two- Amidst their decision to close some admit to the problem and fix it,” he
Effects. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Menlo Park About a Syrian refugee family’s jour- thirds support to pass each house of of the schools, Redwood City officials said.
Main Library, 800 Alma St., Menlo ney to the U.S. For more information
Park. Learn about how special effects call 589-3711.
and sounds are created. Free. For
more information call 330-2501. Live Concert and Sing-along with
out,” said Bridges, noting that this “I fell into the mud when the tree fell
Author Event with Francine Toder:
Inward Traveler. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Burlingame Library, 480 Primrose
Road, Burlingame. Francine Toder,
the San Francisco Banjo Band. 6:30
p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Molloy’s Tavern,
1655 Mission Road, South San
Francisco. All genres of music. Music
for all ages. No cover charge. For
Continued from page 1
flood was the fourth he’s experienced
in 33 years.
He added: “People in Florida have
over the top of me. It happened so fast
you don’t even know,” Kear Koch told
Ph.D, psychologist and writer, will more information call 544-3623. Elsewhere in the area, several people
hurricanes, people in Maine have bliz-
share some of the 51 ways to explore
the world mindfully from her new SUNDAY, MARCH 3 zards; we have floods,” he said. “It’s had to be rescued from cars stranded
book, Inward Traveler. Free. For more Complimentary Luncheon for trees from Oregon to Montana and an the price we have to pay to live in par- while motorists tried to drive through
information call 558-7400. Seniors. 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The avalanche in the Sierra prompted adise.” flooded roads. Nina Sheehan, who is
Magnolia of Millbrae, 201
Chadbourne Ave., Millbrae. Amtrak to suspend rail service between visiting from North Carolina, had to
Manu Cornet, Author of Goomics. 7
Registration required. Free. For more Sacramento and Reno, Nevada. Several areas in California set
p.m. to 8 p.m. Laurel Room San abandon her rental SUV after it got
Mateo Public Library, 55 W. Third Ave., information call 376-5006. The Russian River topped 42 feet record-high rainfall totals, including
San Mateo. Discuss comics satirizing nearby Santa Rosa, which had nearly 8 stuck in a flooded hotel parking lot.
Google corporate culture. Free. For ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare. Wednesday afternoon, when television
more information call 522-7818. 2 p.m. Dragon Productions Theatre helicopter footage showed homes inches of rain in one day. The often- “We made a decision to take the
Co. 2120 Broadway, Redwood City.
underwater and cars submerged. It could waterlogged Venado weather station 5 rental car through the waist-high water
Full Pages Empty Glasses B ook Watch as William Shakespeare’s trag-
Club. 7 p.m. 47 Hills Brewing ic tale of all powerful ambition and crest at more than 46 feet by miles from Guerneville recorded more and we got two thirds of the way and
Company, 137 S. Linden Ave., South consuming conscience takes on an
Wednesday night, officials said. About than 20 inches of rain in 48 hours. then the car stalled,” she said. “Do not
San Francisco. Free. Meet us at the entirely new life. Cost is $15 to $37. try to go through any water over a foot
brewery for a drink and a chat. For For more information call 493-2006. 4,000 residents in two dozen river In the Sierra Nevada, which has
more information call 829-3860. communities were ordered to evacuate already seen a month of heavy snow, high because you never know what
MONDAY, MARCH 4 you’re going to find.”
Mindfulness Meditation for Tuesday evening but officials estimate two Amtrak trains together carrying
Aging in Community. 7:30 a.m. to People 50 plus. 10:05 a.m. to only about half heeded the orders, nearly 300 passengers stopped and Firefighters in Monte Rio worked
8:30 a.m. San Mateo Sunshine Rotary, 11:15a.m. San Mateo County Pride reversed directions because of an ava- through the night pulling people out
6650 Golf Course Drive, Burlingame. Center, 1021 S. El Camino Real, San Crum said.
Learn tips for healthy aging. Free. For Mateo. Mindfulness meditation is a Jeff Bridges, co-owner of the R3 lanche that closed railroad tracks. of cars stuck in flooded roadways and
more information call 683-0486. practice that involves focusing your
Hotel in Guerneville, said he and oth- Service on Amtrak’s California Zephyr getting people out of their homes as
mind on your experiences in the
March Free First Friday at the San present moment. Breakfast, medita- ers who stayed behind were well pre- between Reno and Sacramento, water approached, Fire Chief Steve
Mateo County History Museum. 10 tion, discussion. Free. For more infor-
pared to ride out the storm. He and California, has been suspended until Baxman told the Press-Democrat news-
mation call 591-0133.
a.m. to 4 p.m. 2200 Broadway,
employees spent most of the night weather conditions improve, Amtrak paper of Santa Rosa.
Redwood City. Admission is free, and
two free programs are planned. At 11 Cardboard Ar t: Prefabricated moving computers, business records spokeswoman Kimberly Woods said. “We took 17 people out of cars and
a.m., preschool children are invited Character Homes of America. 4
p.m. South San Francisco Main and furniture to second-floor room. California officials were also con- houses during the night. Too many
to learn about fishing, and will craft a
toy fishing rod and paper fish to take Library, 840 W. Orange Ave., South Reached by telephone, Bridges said cerned about potential mudslides in people are driving into water,” he said.
home. Museum staff will conduct a San Francisco. Assembling and paint- saturated wine country hillsides and in
special program within its Nature’s ing mini replica homes: Italianate there was about 7 feet of water at his Other waterways, including the Napa
Bounty Gallery and will hear the (San Francisco), Spanish (Los two-story home in Guerneville areas scarred by wildfires in 2017. River, also were expected to overflow
Angeles), Shotgun (Baton Rouge)
story, ‘The Berenstain Bears: Gone
and Flood-proof (New Orleans). All Wednesday but was not worried. A mudslide Tuesday near Monte Rio their banks as an ocean-spanning
Fishin’.’ At 2 p.m., museum docents
will lead tours of the museum for supplies provided free. Free. For more “As long as everybody is safe, dry trapped a man and a woman before they plume of moisture continued tracking
adults. For more information email information call 829-3860. and warm, it’s all fine. You just ride it were rescued, messy but unharmed. through the West.
info@historysmc.org or call 299-
0104. Dance Connection with Live Music
by Nob Hill Sounds. Lesson, 6:30
AAUW to hear about assault on p.m. to 7 p.m. with dancing until 9:30 A
8=BCAD2C8>=B)5 5X]SPPb\
\P]hff^aSbPPbhh^dRRP]Q Qh[[X]ZX]V
Title IX. 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. p.m. Burlingame Woman’s Club, 241 1 D ? 7 [TccTabd
S^f]bbXSTc^bXSTPP]SS SXPV^]P[[hf faXcX]Vff^aSb
Park Road, Burlingame. St. Patrick’s ^]PPQ
Q[P]ZbbWTTc^ ^U_
H^d\\Ph^^][hd dbTT
Donato Enoteca, 1041 Middlefield F > 8 B ^]RTf fXcWX]PPbbX]V[Tf
Road, Redwood City. Alicia Hetman, theme. Admission $10 members, $12
guests. Men with dance experience 6 > : 4 f^aSUUX]SbRRa^bbX]V^ ^dcRR^\\^]f f^aSb
California’s past president of the
get free admission. Light refresh- 0 6 ; <

1>66;4 H>DA1

American Association of University

Women, will discuss the Trump ments. For more information call ?>8=CB
B20;4 A0C8=6
Administration’s assault on Title IX.
For more information call 591-2732. TUESDAY, MARCH 5
, _
_^X]c $   , 2WWP\_
Spring Training for Senior Peer #[[TccTab,
_^X]cb    $ ,  4  g_Tac
CuriOdyssey’s First Friday Family Counselors. 9 a.m. Peninsula Family 1h3
:]daTZ $[[TccTab,
_^X]cb %    ,  ? a^
Night. 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. CuriOdyssey, Service, E. Second Ave. and El Camino
Real, San Mateo. Register today to
_^X]cb "  % %,, 66P\Ta
1651 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo. &[[TccTab,
_^X]cb !  " ",, AA^^ZXT

A C > 1
Play, puzzle, navigate, create and make a positive difference in the life
build inside STEM Odyssey. Cost of others. For more information call '[[TccTab,
, _
_^X]cb  !
 0 \PcTda
$8.50 to $13.50. For more informa- 403-4300. ([[TccTab,
, $_
_^X]cb  , ,
 Caah PV
tion call 342-7755.
Memoir Class. 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Little House, 800 Middle Ave., Menlo

I 8 ?
Step Into Spring. 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

South San Francisco Municipal Park. Cost is $12. For more informa- FT_ _dcb
Services Center, 33 Arroyo Drive, tion call 326-0723. ^U[[TccTab2
South San Francisco. This event is
free and features a silent auction, Bourbon France: A History Class. 5X]S0
;40BC5 58E4FF>A3B4 4=38=6
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. San Mateo
music and food. For more informa- F8C7±±I²XX]ccWTV

0 I 0 1
tion call 302-9129. Senior Center, 2645 Alameda de las

Pulgas, San Mateo. $60 for class
SATURDAY, MARCH 2 series. Registration is required. For
more information call 522-7490.

Coastside Fishing Club Swap Meet.
8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Coastside Fishing

: 9
Club, 1 Johnson Pier, Pillar Point

Harbor Upper Parking Lot, Half Moon Sons in Retirement B ranch 4
March Lunch. 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Bay. Bring all old, unused or unwant-
ed fishing and boating supplies and Elk’s Lodge, 920 Stonegate Drive,
South San Francisco. Corned beef

for a day of trading and story telling.
Non-members pay a $25 fee that lunch. Speaker Jim Carley will
includes a full year membership. For address reverse funding. $19. For
more information call 726-2926. more information call 878-5746. 1>66;4XXbPPccaPST\PaZ^^U7
7PbQa^88]R !!' (
!! (7
For more events visit 0]bfTabcc^F

Women on Writing Annual smdailyjournal.com, click Calendar. f

fffQ^VV[TQaPX]QdbcTabR^\ 0?4<
<D;4<<>;4FF70;40 0=C4;>?4
020 0228 thu:0228 thu 161 2/27/19 12:24 PM Page 1

20 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL




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All rights reserved. Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication www.kenken.com


SUDOKU Want More Fun
ANSWERS and Games?
O Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
O called cages, must combine using the given operation 5VOESB0WFSUIF)FEHF$PNJDT$MBTTJmFET
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. #PHHMF1V[[MF&WFSZEBZJO%BUF#PPL
O Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.

021-026 0228 thu:Class Master Odd 2/27/19 3:48 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 21

104 Training 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 203 Public Notices
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- STATEMENT #280169
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
Immediate position for multi-day caregiv-
er for semi-independent elderly woman.
CAREGIvERS NEWSPAPER INTERNS The following person is doing business
as: Diamond Head Machine & Engineer-
bility shall be limited to the price of one Potential for live-in now or in future as JOURNALISM ing Services, 573 Cherry Ave., SAN
insertion. No allowance will be made for the need develops. (Private bedroom +
bathroom available).
2 years experience The Daily Journal is looking for in- BRUNO, CA 94066. Registered Owner:
Russell J. Bernard, same address. The
errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- required. terns to do entry level reporting, re- business is conducted by an Individual.
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- Current needs are for light cleaning, driv- search, updates of our ongoing fea- The registrants commenced to transact
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate ing to doctor appointments, supermarket, tures and interviews. Photo interns al- business under their FBN on N/A.
Card. mall, and general errands + companion- Immediate placement so welcome. /s/Russell J. Bernard/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
ship for meals, movies, etc. Applicant
needs to be available during the day as on all assignments. We expect a commitment of four to
sor-County Clerk on 1/25/2019. (Publish-
110 Employment needed, sometimes into the early eve- ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
ning. Off-days and hours can be worked eight hours a week for at least four 2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19).
PART-TIME COOK in Miillbrae. Tues-
day-Saturday, 4pm to 7pm. $15 per hour,
out with family.
Call months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
no benefits. Email:
Secretary@saintdunstanchurch.org for
We are looking for someone who enjoys
the company of seniors, is able to en- (650)777-9000 terns have progressed in time into
paid correspondents and full-time re-
The following person is doing business
more information. gage in conversation / speak English
very clearly, be a good listener, patient, porters. as: Bear Engineering, 281 Greenoaks
compassionate, and articulate in commu- Dr., ATHERTON, CA 94027. Registered
nicating with family members. Those College students or recent graduates Owner: Nathan Toothman, same ad-
CRYSTAL CLEANING with previous caregiver experience or are encouraged to apply. Newspaper dress. The business is conducted by an
CENTER nursing background is a plus, but not experience is preferred but not neces-
Individual. The registrants commenced
to transact business under their FBN on
San Mateo, CA sarily required. 12/13/18.
Independent female applicants only. /s/Nathan Toothman/
*Customer Service Must be non-smoker. Please no third
party agencies.
Please send a cover letter describing This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 2/4/2019. (Publish-
your interest in newspapers, a resume ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
Are you... Dependable, Must have your own transportation, car and three recent clips. Before you ap-
insurance and personal and/or professio- 2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19).
friendly, detail oriented, nal references. ply, you should familiarize yourself
willing to learn new skills? with our publication. Our Web site:
www.smdailyjournal.com. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
Please contact 650-222-4406 or 310- STATEMENT #280282
283-1386 or 510-366-5471. Clearly The following person is doing business
Do you have .... Good leave your first and last name + cell- Send your information via e-mail to as: 1)Terrificuts 2)LQCUTS, 289 El Ca-
communication skills, a phone number.
INTERNSHIPS news@smdailyjournal.com or by reg- mino Real, Ste B, SAN BRUNO, CA
desire for steady The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking ular mail to 1720 S. Amphlett Blvd., 94066. Registered Owner: Liza Quiam-
#123, San Mateo CA 94402 bao Palarca, 301 Executive Park Blvd,
employment and for ambitious interns who are eager to
jump into the business arena with both San Francisco, CA 94134. The business
employment benefits? SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs is conducted by an Individ.ual. The reg-
of the newspaper and media industries. istrants commenced to transact business
Representative needed to sell newspa- under their FBN on 2/4/19
Please call for an per print and web advertising and event This position will provide valuable
/s/Liza Palarca/
experience for your bright future.
Appointment: (650)342-6978 marketing solutions. To apply, please call
Email resume This statement was filed with the Asses-
650-344-5200 and send resume to
info@smdailyjournal.com 203 Public Notices sor-County Clerk on 2/4/2019. (Publish-
info@smdailyjournal.com ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19).
The following person is doing business
as: Sunny Daze Tanning Salon and Bou- STATEMENT #280351
tique, 9 Civic Center Lane, MILLBRAE, The following person is doing business
CA 94030. Registered Owner: Sunny as: Caspian Condominiums Homeowner
Daze Tanning Salon and Boutique LLC, Association, 535 Almer Rd. #4, BURLIN-
CA. The business is conducted by a Lim- GAME, CA 94010. Registered Owner:
ited Liability Company. The registrants Marjan Javaherian, 402 Hobart Avenue,
commenced to transact business under San Mateo, CA 94402. The business is
their FBN on N/A. conducted by an Individual. The regis-
/s/Raymond Hartmann/ trants commenced to transact business
This statement was filed with the Asses- under their FBN on N/A.
sor-County Clerk on 2/4/2019. (Publish- /s/Marjan Javaherian/
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, This statement was filed with the Asses-
2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19). sor-County Clerk on 2/8/2019. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19).
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #280401
as: Mercado Lula, 25 Washington Street, The following person is doing business
DALY CITY, CA 94014. Registered as: I am Chilango, 1321 Marshall St. Apt
Owner: Jennifer Marie Parra, 3257 Helen 501, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063. Reg-
Street, OAKLAND, CA 94608. The busi- istered Owner: Jose Juan Mercado Lab-
ness is conducted by an Individual. The astida, same address. The business is
registrants commenced to transact busi- conducted by an Individual. The regis-
ness under their FBN on 08/01/2018. trants commenced to transact business
under their FBN on N/A.
/s/Jennifer Maried Parra/ /s/Jose Juan Mercado Labastida/
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 2/4/2019. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 2/15/2019. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19). 2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19).

t Caregiver
t Cook Apply online:
t Dishwasher
t Driver
t Food Service Worker Drug test and fingerprint clearance required.
t Lead Wait Assistant
t Life Enrichment Assistant
t Laundry/Floorperson
t Resident Care
Coordinator LVN/RN
It’s simply wonderful.
Sales Office: 1819 Trousdale Drive
Managed by Eskaton
Burlingame, CA 94010
License Pending
021-026 0228 thu:Class Master Odd 2/27/19 3:48 PM Page 2

22 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Tundra Tundra Tundra

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices
STATEMENT #280404 STATEMENT #280419 STATEMENT #280506 ADMINISTER ESTATE OF CHANGE OF NAME paper of general circulation:
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business The following person is doing business Steven Timothy Oliver CASE# 19C1V00481 San Mateo Daily Journal
as:AD Express, 140 San Marco Ave. Apt. as: Home Health Care Registry, 69 Cam- as: Groomingdales, 1130 Chula Vista Case Number: 19-PRO-00021 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, Filed: 2/11/2019
2, SAN BRUNO, CA 94066. Registered elot Ct., DALY CITY, CA 94015. Regis- Ave., BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Regis- COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, /s/Jonathan E. Karesh/
Owner: Amanjeet Singh, same address. tered Owner: Anthony Mark Oliveira, 119 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- 400 COUNTY CENTER RD, Judge of the Superior Court
tered Owner: Vilma Rivera Moya, same S. Grant St. #2, San Mateo, CA 94401. REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 Dated: 2/7/2019
The business is conducted by an Individ- address. The business is conducted by tingent creditors, and persons who may
The business is conducted by an Individ- PETITION OF (Published 2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19,
ual. The registrants commenced to an Individual. The registrants com- otherwise be interested in the will or es- Francis Arthur Rockett 3/14/19).
transact business under their FBN on ual. The registrants commenced to tate, or both, of Steven Timothy Oliver.
menced to transact business under their transact business under their FBN on
02/15/2019. FBN on Feb. 8, 2019. A Petition for Probate has been filed by TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
N/A. Lisa Oliver in the Superior Court of Cali-
/s/Amanjeet Singh/ /s/Vilma Rivera Moya/ /s/Anthony Mark Oliveira/ Petitioner: Francis Arthur Rockett filed a
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- fornia, County of San Mateo. The Peti- petition with this court for a decree
This statement was filed with the Asses- tion for Probate requests that Lisa Oliver SUMMONS (CITACION JUDICIAL)
sor-County Clerk on 2/15/2019. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 2/19/2019. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 2/25/2019. (Publish- changing name as follows:
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, be appointed as personal representative Present name: Francis Arthur Rockett CASE NUMBER (Número del Caso):
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 18CIV02151
2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19). 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19, 3/21/19). to administer the estate of the decedent. Proposed Name: Kip Rockette
2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19). The petition requests authority to admin-
ister the estate under the Independent THE COURT ORDERS that all persons NOTICE TO DEFENDANT:
interested in this matter shall appear be- (AVISO AL DEMANDADO)
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME thority will allow the personal representa- fore this court at the hearing indicated
STATEMENT #280403 STATEMENT #280512 below to show cause, if any, why the pe- Monique Martinez, Brittany Person,
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #280510 The following person is doing business tive to take many actions without obtain- Aaron Valdez and DOES 1-10
The following person is doing business ing court approval. Before taking certain tition for change of name should not be
as: Eu-Thera Consulting, 65 Park Drive, as: GETTS Cleaning Services, 208 granted. Any person objecting to the
ATHERTON, CA 94027 Registered as: GTB Labs, 235A 36th Ave, SAN MA- Channing Rd., BURLINGAME, CA very important actions, however, the per- name changes described above must file
Owner: Patrick Lee, same address. The TEO, CA 94403. Registered Owner: 94010. Registered Owner: Helen Stack, sonal representative will be required to PLAINTIFF:
a written objection that includes the rea- (LO ESTA DEMANDADO EL DEMAN-
business is conducted by an Individual. Glenn Black, same address. The busi- same address. The business is conduct- give notice to interested persons unless sons for the objection at least two court
ed by an Individual. The registrants they have waived notice or consented to DANTE)
The registrants commenced to transact ness is conducted by an Individual. The days before the matter is scheduled to
business under their FBN on Feb 1, registrants commenced to transact busi- commenced to transact business under the proposed action.) The independent be heard and must appear at the hearing Julie Gordon
2019. ness under their FBN on 1/1/2019. their FBN on 2-25-19. administration authority will be granted to show cause why the petition should
/s/Patrick Lee/ /s/Glenn Black/ /s/Helen Stack/ unless an interested person files an ob- not be granted. If no written objection is NOTICE! You have been sued. The court
This statement was filed with the Asses- jection to the petition and shows good timely filed, the court may grant the peti- may decide against you without your be-
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk on 2/25/2019. (Publish-
sor-County Clerk on 2/15/2019. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 2/25/2019. (Publish- cause why the court should not grant au- tion without a hearing. A hearing on the ing heard unless you respond within 30
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, thority. petition shall be held on 3/13/2019 at 9 days. Read the information below.
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19, 3/21/19). a.m., Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center, You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after
2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19). A hearing on the petition will be held in
2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19, 3/21/19). this court as follows: MAR. 15, 2019 at Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this this summons and legal papers are
9:00 a.m., Dept. 28, Superior Court of Order to Show Cause shall be published served on you to file a written response
NOTICE OF PETITION TO California, County of San Mateo, 400 at least once each week for four succes- at this court and have a copy served on
ADMINISTER ESTATE OF sive weeks prior to the date set for hear- the plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not
Jo Ann W. Waugh County Center, Redwood City, CA protect you. Your written response must
NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS 94063. ing on the petition in the following news-
Basin 1b collection system improvements Case Number: 19-PRO-00163 paper of general circulation: be in proper legal form if you want the
If you object to the granting of the peti- San Mateo Daily Journal court to hear your case. There may be a
CITY PROJECT NO. 46S002-46000-0553-46320 tion, you should appear at the hearing
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- Filed: 1/28/2019 court form that you can use for your re-
CITY OF SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA tingent creditors, and persons who may and state your objections or file written /s/Jonathan E. Karesh/ sponse. You can find these court forms
1. Sealed Bids will be received by the City Council of the City of San Mateo, Califor- otherwise be interested in the will or es- objections with the court before the hear- Judge of the Superior Court and more information at the California
nia, for Basin 1b Collection System Improvements Project and other work as shown ing. Your appearance may be in person Dated: 1/25/2019 Courts Online Self-Help Center
tate, or both, of Jo Ann W. Waugh. A (www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp), your
on the Contract Drawings No. 46S002-46000-0553-46320 and as described in this Petition for Probate has been filed by or by your attorney. (Published 2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19,
Contract Book. The Work described requires that the Bidder be licensed by the If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- county law library, or the courthouse
Stuart G. Waugh in the Superior Court 2/28/19). nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing
State of California as a Class A Contractor. of California, County of San Mateo. The itor of the decedent, you must file your
2. Project Description: Upsizing of existing sanitary sewers, installation of new fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver
Petition for Probate requests that Stuart claim with the court and mail a copy to form. If you do not file your response on
sewers, rehabilitation of existing sewers, replacement of sewer manholes, stabiliza- G. Waugh be appointed as personal rep- the personal representative appointed by
tion of existing utilities structures and other associated work. time, you may lose the case by default,
3. Bidder shall purchase a complete set of Plans and Specifications and provide resentative to administer the estate of the court within the later of either (1) four and your wages, money, and property
the decedent. months from the date of first issuance of ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR may be taken without further warning
contact information through Barker Blue in order to be eligible to bid on this Project.
The Contract Book, plans and proposal forms are available at City of San Mateo – The petition requests authority to admin- letters to a general personal representa- CHANGE OF NAME from the court.
Public Works Bidding Web Portal. Bidders can also email Barker Blue’s Customer ister the estate under the Independent tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the CASE# 19C1V00770 There are other legal requirements. You
Support Team at plans@barkerblue.com or call 650-522-7319 for assistance. Any Administration of Estates Act. (This au- California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, may want to call an attorney right away.
thority will allow the personal representa- COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, If you do not know an attorney, you may
questions regarding the Contract Documents should be directed to Sarah Pham from the date of mailing or personal de- want to call an attorney referral service. If
P.E., Project Manager, in writing to sarah.pham@jacobs.com. tive to take many actions without obtain- livery to you of a notice under sectioin 400 COUNTY CENTER RD,
4. The estimated construction cost of this Project is $7,700,000. This estimate is not REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 you cannot afford an attorney, you may
ing court approval. Before taking certain 9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth- be eligible for free legal services from a
based on a “Contractor’s cost take off” of the Project, but is derived from an averag- very important actions, however, the per- PETITION OF
er California statutes and legal authority Pritesh Madan Makker nonprofit legal services program. You
ing of costs for work on similar projects in the area of which the City is aware. This sonal representative will be required to may affect your rights as a creditor. You
figure is given to indicate the relative order of magnitude of this Project and is not in- can locate these nonprofit groups at the
give notice to interested persons unless may want to consult with an attorney California Legal Services Web site
tended to influence or affect in any way the amount of the Bid for this Project. they have waived notice or consented to TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
5. All Bids shall be accompanied by a Bid bond, cashier’s check, or certified knowledgable in California law. Petitioner: Pritesh Madan Makker filed a (www.lawhelpcalifornia.org), the Califor-
check made payable to the City of San Mateo in an amount not less than ten per-
the proposed action.) The independent You may examine the file kept by the petition with this court for a decree nia Courts Online Self-Help Center
cent (10%) of the aggregate amount of the Bid. administration authority will be granted court. If you are a person interested in changing name as follows: (www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp), or by
unless an interested person files an ob- contacting your local court or county bar
6. Bidder is notified that it shall comply with the requirements for Non-Dis- the estate, you may file with the court a Present name: Pritesh Madan Makker association. NOTE: The court has a stat-
crimination as set forth in United States Code, Title 23, Section 112, Public Contract jection to the petition and shows good Request for Special Notice (form DE- Proposed Name: Pritesh Madan Maker
Code, Section 7106, and Section 00500, Agreement. cause why the court should not grant au- utory lien for waived fees and costs on
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- any settlement or arbitration award of
7. Addenda issued during the time of bidding shall become a part of the thority. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
A hearing on the petition will be held in praisal of estate assets or of any petition $10,000 or more in a civil case. The
documents furnished Bidders for the preparation of Bids, shall be covered in the interested in this matter shall appear be-
Bids, and shall be made a part of the Contract. If an addendum is available, a notice this court as follows: MAR. 15, 2019 at or account as provided in Probate Code court's lien must be paid before the court
section 1250. A Request for Special No- fore this court at the hearing indicated will dismiss the case. ¡AVISO! Lo han
will be posted on the City’s Public Works, Bids & Proposals website with instructions 9:00 a.m., Dept. 28, Superior Court of below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
on how to obtain a copy (www.cityofsanmateo.org/bids.aspx). Each Bid shall include tice form is available from the court clerk. demandado. Si no responde dentro de
California, County of San Mateo, 400 tition for change of name should not be 30 días, la corte puede decidir en su
specific acknowledgement in the space provided of receipt of all Addenda issued County Center, Redwood City, CA Attorney for Petitioner:
granted. Any person objecting to the contra sin escuchar su versión. Lea la in-
during the bidding period. Failure to so acknowledge may result in the Bid being re- 94063. Patrick Etchebehere name changes described above must file formación a continuación.
jected as not responsive. Failure of any Bidder to receive such Addenda shall not be If you object to the granting of the peti- 312 N. San Mateo Dr. a written objection that includes the rea- Tiene 30 DÍAS DE CALENDARIO de-
grounds for non-compliance with the terms of the instructions. It is the responsibility tion, you should appear at the hearing SAN MATEO, CA 94401
of the Contractor to contact the City to determine the existence of any and all ad- sons for the objection at least two court spués de que le entreguen esta citación
and state your objections or file written (650)288-0122 days before the matter is scheduled to y papeles legales para presentar una re-
denda. FILED: 2/15/2019
8. The time of completion for this Contract shall be two hundred twenty (220) work- objections with the court before the hear- be heard and must appear at the hearing spuesta por escrito en esta corte y hacer
ing days, beginning from the date specified in the Notice to Proceed. ing. Your appearance may be in person (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- to show cause why the petition should que se entregue una copia al deman-
9. The right is reserved, as the interest of the City may require, to reject any or all or by your attorney. nal on 2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/1/19 ) not be granted. If no written objection is dante. Una carta o una llamada telefóni-
Bids, to waive any informality in Bids, and to accept, modify, or reject any items of If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- timely filed, the court may grant the peti- ca no lo protegen. Su respuesta por es-
the Bid, or in the case of a single Bid being received to extend the acceptance date itor of the decedent, you must file your tion without a hearing. A hearing on the crito tiene que estar en formato legal cor-
by up to thirty (30) days with notice. The City of San Mateo is a charter City and any claim with the court and mail a copy to petition shall be held on 3/27/19 at 9 recto si desea que procesen su caso en
Contract entered into is subject to the provisions of the City of San Mateo Charter, a.m., Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center, la corte. Es posible que haya un formu-
the personal representative appointed by lario que usted pueda usar para su re-
which may supersede certain provisions of the Public Contract Code and other pro- the court within the later of either (1) four Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this
vision of state law. Order to Show Cause shall be published spuesta. Puede encontrar estos formu-
months from the date of first issuance of larios de la corte y más información en el
10. No Bidder or Subbidder may be listed on a Bid proposal for a public works proj- letters to a general personal representa- at least once each week for four succes-
ect and no Bidder or Subbidder may be awarded a Contract for public work on a Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de Cali-
tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING sive weeks prior to the date set for hear- fornia (www.sucorte.ca.gov), en la biblio-
public works project unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days ing on the petition in the following news-
pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5. This Project is subject to compliance moni- teca de leyes de su condado o en la
from the date of mailing or personal de- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT paper of general circulation: corte que le quede más cerca. Si no
toring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations. San Mateo Daily Journal
In general, the prevailing wage scale, as determined by the Director of Industrial Re- livery to you of a notice under sectioin ON MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2019, the puede pagar la cuota de presentación,
9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth- Filed: 2/11/2019 pida al secretario de la corte que le dé
lations of the State of California, in force on the day this Bid was announced, will be City Council of the City of San Mateo, /s/Jonathan E. Karesh/
the minimum paid to all craftsmen and laborers working on this Project. In some er California statutes and legal authority at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, un formulario de exención de pago de
may affect your rights as a creditor. You Judge of the Superior Court cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a
cases, prevailing wage determinations have either a single asterisk (*) or double as- City Hall, 330 W. 20th Avenue, San Dated: 2/7/2019 tiempo, puede perder el caso por incum-
terisks (**) after the expiration date in effect on the date of the Notice Inviting Sealed may want to consult with an attorney Mateo, California, will hold a public (Published 2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/7/19,
Proposals. knowledgable in California law. plimiento y la corte le podrá quitar su su-
hearing on the following: 3/14/19). eldo, dinero y bienes sin más adverten-
In cases where the prevailing wage determinations have a single asterisk (*) after You may examine the file kept by the cia.
the expiration date which are in effect on the date of the Notice Inviting Sealed Pro- court. If you are a person interested in PROPOSED FEE REVISIONS FOR
posals, such determinations remain in effect for the life of the Project. Prevailing Hay otros requisitos legales. Es reco-
the estate, you may file with the court a FISCAL YEAR 2019-20 mendable que llame a un abogado inme-
wage determinations which have double asterisks (**) after the expiration date indi- Request for Special Notice (form DE-
cate that the basic hourly wage rate, overtime, and holiday pay rates, and employer diatamente. Si no conoce a un abogado,
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- Fee revisions including increases in ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR puede llamar a un servicio de remisión a
payments to be paid for work performed after this date have been predetermined. If praisal of estate assets or of any petition
work is extended past this date, the new rate must be paid and should be incorpo- rental fees and fees for service. CHANGE OF NAME abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abo-
rated in contracts the Contractor enters into. or account as provided in Probate Code CASE# 19C1V00772 gado, es posible que cumpla con los
Pursuant to Section 1773 of the Labor Code, the general prevailing wage rates in section 1250. A Request for Special No- SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, requisitos para obtener servicios legales
tice form is available from the court clerk. Material on this item may be reviewed gratuitos de un programa de servicios le-
the county, or counties, in which the work is to be done have been determined by in the City Clerk's Office, 330 W. COUNTY OF SAN MATEO,
the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations. The wages as set Attorney for Petitioner: 400 COUNTY CENTER RD, gales sin fines de lucro. Puede encontrar
Patricia Mahan Twentieth Avenue, between 8:00 a.m. REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el sitio
forth in the General Prevailing Wage Rates for this Project will be posted at the job and 5:00 p.m. as of February 21,
site. It is understood that it is the responsibility of the Bidder to determine the correct 1045 Benton Street PETITION OF web de California Legal Services,
scale. The City will keep a copy of the wage scale in the City Clerk’s office for the SANTA CLARA, CA 95050 2019 or on the website at Shibani Ashok Malhotra (www.lawhelpcalifornia.org), en el Centro
www.cityofsanmateo.org. de Ayuda de las Cortes de California,
convenience of Bidders. The State Prevailing Wage Rates may also be obtained (408)241-9484 (www.sucorte.ca.gov) o poniéndose en
from the California Department of Industrial Relations internet web site at FILED: 2/7/2019 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
http://www.dir.ca.gov. Any errors or defects in the materials in the City Clerk’s office If any person challenges the City contacto con la corte o el colegio de abo-
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- Petitioner: Shibani Ashok Malhotra filed a gados locales. AVISO: Por ley, la corte
will not excuse a Bidder’s failure to comply with the actual scale then in force. nal on 2/21/19, 2/28/19, 3/1/19 ) Council actions in court, that person petition with this court for a decree tiene derecho a reclamar las cuotas y los
11. Said sealed proposals shall be delivered to the City Clerk, City Hall, 330 West may be limited to raising only those is- changing name as follows:
20th Avenue, San Mateo, California 94403, at or before 2:00 p.m., March 28, 2019 costos exentos por imponer un grava-
sues the person or someone else Present name: men sobre cualquier recuperación de
and they shall be opened and read by a City Representative at said date and time at raised at the public hearing described Shibani Ashok Malhotra
a public meeting called by him. $10,000 ó más de valor recibida me-
in this notice, or in the written corre- Proposed Name: diante un acuerdo o una concesión de
12. Said City Representative shall report the results of the bidding to the City Coun- Shibani Pritesh Maker
cil at a later date, at which time the City Council may award the Contract to the low- spondence delivered to the City Clerk arbitraje en un caso de derecho civil.
est responsible Bidder as so reported; or as City’s interest may dictate. The City at or prior to the public hearing. Tiene que pagar el gravamen de la corte
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons antes de que la corte pueda desechar el
Council may exercise its right to modify the award or to reject any or all Bids. Any STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF interested in this matter shall appear be-
In compliance with the Americans with caso.
protests to award of Contract shall follow the procedures outlined in City Council THE USE OF A FICTITIOUS BUSINESS fore this court at the hearing indicated The name and address of the court is (El
Resolution No. 61, dated June 7, 2004. NAME STATEMENT 279773 Disabilities Act, those with disabilities below to show cause, if any, why the pe- nombre y dirección de la corte es):
13. To ensure performance, City reserves the right to retain five percent (5%) of Registered Owner (Legal Entity) aban- requiring special accommodations to
the Contract price for 35 days after it records the Notice of Completion. However, tition for change of name should not be SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,
doning the use of the Fictitious Business participate in this meeting may con- granted. Any person objecting to the San Mateo
pursuant to the Public Contracts Code Section 22300, Contractor may substitute se- Name: Groomingdales. Name of Busi- tact the City Clerk's Office at (650)
curities for said five percent (5%) retention or request that City make payments of name changes described above must file 400 County Center
ness: Groomingdales. Date of original 522-7040 or a written objection that includes the rea- REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063
retentions earned directly to an escrow agent at Contractor’s expense. The provi- filing: 12/11/18. Address of Principal
sions of the Public Contracts Code Section 22300 are hereby expressly made a part polds@cityofsanmateo.org. sons for the objection at least two court The name, address, and telephone num-
of the Contract. Place of Business: 1130 Chula Vista, Notification 48 hours prior to the days before the matter is scheduled to ber of plaintiff's attorney, or plaintiff with-
BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Registrant: meeting will enable the City to make be heard and must appear at the hearing out an attorney, is (El nombre, la direc-
Dated: February 28, 2019 /S/ DIANE PAPAN, MAYOR Wayne Noel Bahr, 100 Meadowview Ln, reasonable arrangements to ensure to show cause why the petition should ción y el número de teléfono del aboga-
SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060. The business not be granted. If no written objection is do del demandante, o del demandante
accessibility to this meeting. que no tiene abogado, es):
was conducted by an Individual. timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
/s/Wayne Noel Bahr/ tion without a hearing. A hearing on the Jeff D. Feinberg
Dated: 2/22/19 and 2/28/19 2000 Broadway Street
This statement was filed with the Asses- petition shall be held on 3/27/19 at 9 REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo /s/Patrice M. Olds, City Clerk a.m., Dept. PJ, at 400 County Center,
County on 2/25/19. Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this FILED: 4/30/2018
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- Order to Show Cause shall be published DATE (Fecha): 4/30/2018
nal, 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19, 3/21/19). at least once each week for four succes- Clerk (Secretario) by, Rodina M. Catala-
sive weeks prior to the date set for hear- no
021-026 0228 thu:Class Master Odd 2/27/19 3:48 PM Page 3

THE DAILY JOURNAL Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 23

203 Public notices 203 Public notices 296 appliances 302 antiques 304 Furniture 306 housewares
Deputy (Adjunto) Clerk of the Superior mendable que llame a un abogado inme- VaCuum CLeaner (reconditioned) mahoganY antique Secretary desk, ethan aLLen sofa and love seat. Blue CrYstaL Wine glasses new (12ea)
Court diatamente. Si no conoce a un abogado, $20 Call Ed (415)298-0645 72” x 40” , 3 drawers, Display case, bev- velveteen. Solid construction. Some col- $20.00 Call 650-592-2648
(SEAL) puede llamar a un servicio de remisión a elled glass, $150. (650)766-3024. or fading in spots. Great sofa for reuphol-
NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abo- stering. Free. (650)593-7001. hummeL WaLL Plate 71/2"dia. 1981
You are served. gado, es posible que cumpla con los 297 bicycles roseViLLe tuLiP Pitcher, Ca: 1900. Boy w/umbrella $15. (650)344-4756
requisitos para obtener servicios legales $45. (650)574-2490. gentLY useD coffee table; cherry fin-
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- gratuitos de un programa de servicios le- aDuLt bikes 1 regular and 2 with bal- ish/traditional $40 (650)722-6318 mikasa set. White. Modern (square)
nal: 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19, 3/21/19) gales sin fines de lucro. Puede encontrar loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356 Setting for 4 $30 (415)734-1152.
estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el sitio 303 electronics gLiDer rocker and ottoman, oak, excel-
web de California Legal Services, ChiLD’s sChWinn biCYCLe, bLue in lent condition. $100 (650)345-5644. neW "beLLa" buffet tripple slow cooker
(www.lawhelpcalifornia.org), en el Centro good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189. Cannon CoPier. $20. 650-342-5220. and food warmer $35.00 call (650)592-
de Ayuda de las Cortes de California, ikea Dresser, black, 3 shelf. 23" x 2648
(www.sucorte.ca.gov) o poniéndose en mountain bike for sale $35. Runs good. Free teLeVision - Mitsubishi, 15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804.
contacto con la corte o el colegio de abo- Burlingame. Phone 650-342-5220. 26"W,22"H,18"D Works Great, Not Pressure Cooker-branD New
gados locales. AVISO: Por ley, la corte Flatscreen, Text (650) 333-8323 Local ikea tabLe, black 58" x 21" x 14" high. $50 (650)222-2025
tiene derecho a reclamar las cuotas y los mountain bike new 21 gears $100. Delivery available. $ 30. (650)598-9804.
costos exentos por imponer un grava- (650)722-3634
men sobre cualquier recuperación de onkYo aV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital mahoganY tV Cabinet, $75 4'H x 3'W roYaL- oPenhagen xmas Wall
$10,000 ó más de valor recibida me- mountain bike. Top brand. Runs Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready, x 2'D, perfect condition call (650)697- Plates 7 7/8" dia. 1976, l980,1984 $10
diante un acuerdo o una concesión de good. $39. (660)342-5220 Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 3709 ea. (650)344-4756
summons (CitaCion JuDiCiaL)
Case number (número del Caso): arbitraje en un caso de derecho civil.
18CiV02198 Tiene que pagar el gravamen de la corte 298 Collectibles PhiLLiPs-50” CoLor t.V., Heavy, $99
neW DeLuxe Twin Folding Bed, Lin- sink DoubLe cast iron. Good condi-
antes de que la corte pueda desechar el ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must tion. $99.00. (650)593-7408
NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: caso. 15 LP ALBUMS including "Sinatra Trilo- Sell! (650) 875-8159.
The name and address of the court is (El gy", Ronstadt, Minelli, Streisand, and 304 Furniture tea set-siLVer Platted, Coffee Pot,
(AVISO AL DEMANDADO) Tea Pot, Water Pot, Cream And Sugar
nombre y dirección de la corte es): more. $40. San Bruno. (650)794-0839 niagara Vibrating Adjustable bed
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, good condition Burlingame $90 Call Dan $175 (650)222-2025
Numchul KIM antique Dining table for six people
Does1-10 County of San Mateo 1984 time magazine. Special 1994 with chairs $99. (650)580-6324 (408)656-0958
400 County Center Olympics report. $10.00. Leave msg
The name, address, and telephone num-
(650)588-0842 antique mohaganY Bookcase. Four oFFiCe tYPe 34"X 60" heavy solid 307 Jewelry & Clothing
PLAINTIFF: feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966. wood with formica wood grain top $25
(LO ESTA DEMANDADO EL DEMAN- ber of plaintiff's attorney, or plaintiff with- 49’er 1990-1991 calendar. Eddie (650) 787-9753 anne kLein silver-tone watch with
DANTE) out an attorney, is (El nombre, la direc- deBartolo on cover. Mint condition. beautiFuL Dresser, dark wood fin- Swarovski crystals & mother-of-pearl di-
ción y el número de teléfono del aboga- $10.00. Leave msg (650)588 0842 ish and like new $100 (650)722-6318 queen soFa Bed, $75 Sherrill (sp?), al. $70.00 call(650)872-2371
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que no tiene abogado, es): beautiFuL heaDboarD for a queen call (650)697-3709
NOTICE! You have been sued. The court Simon David Aviel
CoLLeCtabLe Cabbage Patch Kids sized bed. Medium brown finish. Ask for . 308 tools
3199 Greenoak Court Luncheon Set. Royal Worchester. New photo $40 (650)722-6318
may decide against you without your be- Box. Great Christmas Present. $100 2 CraFtsman 16in Reel Mowers new
ing heard unless you respond within 30 SAN MATEO, CA 94403 reCLining Chair, wine colored $30,
(650)573-0410 (650) 572-8895 beDsteaD singLe, poster style, box in box $40 each(650)766-4858
days. Read the information below. (650)-583-4985
FILED: 5/1/2018 spring, mattress available. $40.00.
You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after DePression gLass Dining Plate. 8 (650)593-7408 antique iron Hand Drills. 3 available
this summons and legal papers are DATE (Fecha): 4/30/2018 retro hutCh Needs refinishing other-
Clerk (Secretario) by, Rodina M. Catala- 3/4", crows foot pattern, clear ruby red. at $30 each. (650)339-3672 Ron
served on you to file a written response $12 (650)762-6048 wise good condition. Top detaches from
no beige soFa $99. Excellent Condition bottom $25. (650)712-9962
at this court and have a copy served on (650) 315-2319 briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower with
the plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not Deputy (Adjunto) Antonio R. Geronimo
(SEAL) games oF the 23rd Olympiad maga- Mulch rear bag-like new- $95.00.
protect you. Your written response must zine. 1984. $10.00. Leave msg (650)588- broWn LiVing room chair with cush- soFa-beige FabriC, Orig. $900, (650)771-6324.
be in proper legal form if you want the NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: Rarely used, 7ft long, $350
You are served. 0842 ion. Dimensions 38"W, 32"H, 37"D.
court to hear your case. There may be a $80.00. Transport yourself. Call (650)234-8218 CraFtsman 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6"
court form that you can use for your re- Lennox reD Rose, Unused, hand (650)872-2371 dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402
sponse. You can find these court forms (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- soLiD WooD Dining table with exten-
nal: 2/28/19, 3/7/19, 3/14/19, 3/21/19) painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
and more information at the California $12.00. (650) 578 9208. bunk beDs for sale. Cherry Wood, 2 sion great piece great condition black Lg CraFtsmen shop vac 6.5hp $60
Courts Online Self-Help Center years old. Includes Mattresses. $600 or $80 (650)364-5263 (510)943-9221
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from the court. Texting.
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nia Courts Online Self-Help Center Local Artist, Call for info (650)303-1670 $45. San Bruno.(650)794-0839
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CozY reCLiner in good condition. bLue oYster cult lp signed by donald
Purchased one year ago. $90.00 tWin beD, mattress, box spring, frame r. Eric b. And Wilcox. $40. Cash
contacting your local court or county bar 296 appliances toPPs basebaLL complete set 1987 (650)722-6318 $ 50. (650)598-9804.
association. NOTE: The court has a stat- thru 1992, 1998,1999 $99 Rick (415)999- (408)661-6019
utory lien for waived fees and costs on 4474 Desk, gD. cond. $99.99 or b.o. tWin beD- Free you pick up. Call
any settlement or arbitration award of air ConDitioner 10000 BTU w/re- CanDeLabra-siLVer PLateD tar-
mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG (650)458-3578 (650)344-2109
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will dismiss the case. ¡AVISO! Lo han 0898 drawers and pull-down desk call
Dining room Table-Antique,Oak,
demandado. Si no responde dentro de 5chairs, w/ extension $200 (650)697-3709 Cash register Parts; Much Skin Not
30 días, la corte puede decidir en su Free Washer and 220v dryer, both 299 Computers (650)290-3188 Guts $500 (415)269-4784
contra sin escuchar su versión. Lea la in- working. Belmont (415) 902-4484. You useD beDroom Furniture, FREE. Call
formación a continuación. move, stairs. 19" CoLor Monitor with stand VG con- (650)573-7381. ComeaLong 3/4 ton chain $25 (650)
Tiene 30 DÍAS DE CALENDARIO de- dition power cord/owners manual includ- Dining tabLe (36"x54") and 4 match- 873-6304
spués de que le entreguen esta citación gLass-PaneL LamPshaDe. Similar ed $60.00 OBO 1-415-279-4857 ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for WaLL unit/room Divider. Simple
y papeles legales para presentar una re- $250 .(650)-654-1930. lines. Breaks down for transportation. CosCo PLaY Pen with travel bag. Used
spuesta por escrito en esta corte y hacer
to TIFFENEY about16" diameter. multi- $25.(650)712-9962 leave message once $35 (650)591-2981
ple tan/white mainly.Hang or lampshade. reCorDabLe CD-r 74, Sealed, Unop-
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dante. Una carta o una llamada telefóni- $75 (650)727-7266 WaLnut Chest, small (4 drawer with Cut gLass serving bowl 8" diameter
(650) 578 9208 Extension, six upholstered chairs, excel-
ca no lo protegen. Su respuesta por es- lent condition, $450 (650)692-8012. upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429 $25. Call 650-921-4016
crito tiene que estar en formato legal cor- hotPoint heaVY Duty Dryer excellent
recto si desea que procesen su caso en working condition Burlingame $50 Call 300 toys Dining tabLe -and six chairs,Antique White WiCker Armoire, asking $100, DeLuxe FoLDer Walker - 5" wheels -
la corte. Es posible que haya un formu- Dan (408)656-0958 Duncan Phyfe,78”x42”, with leaf, Perfect great condition, text for picture (650)571- Never Used - $40 (650)341-5347
lario que usted pueda usar para su re- ameriCan FLYer locomotive runs Cond. $3600.00 (650)888-2662 0947
spuesta. Puede encontrar estos formu- maYtag Washer excellent working good #21085 $75.00 (650) 867-7433 DriVe 3-WheeL buggy $45. Call
larios de la corte y más información en el condition Burlingame $50 Call Dan Dresser-antique VanitY Combo, 3 WooD - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x (650)589-1407
Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de Cali- (408)656-0958 JumP anD Play Keyboard brand new, in beveled mirrors, Eight Drawers, $400 17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311
fornia (www.sucorte.ca.gov), en la biblio- original box. $25.00. (650)454-7580. (650)290-3188 Free magazines. Library discards
teca de leyes de su condado o en la mFg h20Labs Model 300 exc cond year old ones. Wide variety. Good for
corte que le quede más cerca. Si no counter top $25 Burl (650)248-3839.
star Wars Celebration 3 Darth Vader engLish DraW Table, $50 Solid Wood 306 housewares crafts, light reading. (650)952-9074
puede pagar la cuota de presentación, $20 new w/case Dan (650)303-3568 48" with two 12" pull-out leaves,
pida al secretario de la corte que le dé call(650)697-3709 breaD maker-zoJirushi $85 Call hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt and comput-
neW, singer Sewing Machine Univer-
un formulario de exención de pago de sal Carry Case Model 620, Free Arm Ma- 302 antiques (650)222-2025 erbag $80.00 for all (650)592-2648
cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a entertainment Cabinet, 42"W x
tiempo, puede perder el caso por incum- chine Compatible, $35, (650)483-1222 ComPLete set OF CHINA - Windsor LioneL Christmas Holiday expan-
beer steins-originaL from Germa- 31"H. Two drawers at bottom, dark finish.
plimiento y la corte le podrá quitar su su- ny, three different $99 ea. Call for info Good condition $75 (650)722-6318 Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings, sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
eldo, dinero y bienes sin más adverten- tiFFanY stYLe Lamp shade. Older- 20-pieces in original box, never used.
multiple panels. 17” diameter. $75. (650) (650)592-7483
cia. $250 per box (3 boxes available). LioneL Western Union Pass car and
Hay otros requisitos legales. Es reco- 727-7266. (650)342-5630 dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
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24 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL

310 Misc. for Sale 316 Clothes 340 Camera & Photo Equip. 620 Automobiles 620 Automobiles 645 Boats
MOTLEy CruE lp signed by neil lee BrOWN SuEd boots, fur-lined, size 8, OMEGA B600 Condenser Enlarger, In- NISSAN ‘12 Leaf, Electric, low mileage BOAT- 7 FT Livingston Fiber Glass., 2.5
sixx and mars $75 cash (408)661-6019 new. $15.00. Call(650)872-2371 struction Manual & 50mm El-Omegar En- don’t lose money 34,500 Excellent condition (650)796- HP. NIssan Outboard Motor. $800.
larging Lens $95 (415)260-6940 3896. (650) 591-5404.
NEGrINI fENCING Epee mask size M fANCy hIGh heel shoes, never worn on a trade-in or
& France Lames 5 epee blade $95 size 8 1/2 $20.00 (650)592-2648 VIVITAr V 2000 W/35-70 zoom and consignment! PONTIAC ‘97 Passenger Van. Aluminum MALIBu 24 ft with tower. Completely re-
(415)260-6940 original manual. Like new. $99 SSF Rims with good tires. Needs engine built and re-finished. Boat and Motor.
(650)583-6636 work! $900. Call (650)365-8287 or cell 20K obo. (650)851-0878.
OLd B&L Microscope in good condition; fAux fur Coat Woman's brown multi Sell your vehicle in the 9650)714-3865.
35x 100x 430x $50. (650) 588-0842. color in excellent condition 3/4 daily Journal’s
length $50 (650)692-8012 345 Medical Equipment VW ‘13 TIQUAN, SUV, white, 80K miles, 650 rVs
OLd STyLE Water dispenser-iron stand-
AdJuSTABLE BATh shower transfer
Auto Classifieds. $9,800 (650)302-5523
clay pot-5gal. glass bottle $75. (650)873- kAyANO MEN’S Running shoes size 11 ChEVrOLET ‘88 Itaska; Motor Home:
bench with sidebar $15 (510)770-1976 Sun Downer, Excellent Cont., All Ameni-
6304 good condition $20 (650)520-7045
Just $45 625 Classic Cars ties, 19,000 miles, $6000.00 (415)239-
rAy-BAN TOP Bar Sunglasses kNEE-hIGh BLACk women's boots, drIVE 3-IN-1 commode with seat,buck- 1433
RB31832 BlackFrameSemi rimless semi- size 7, wide calf & wide width, new. et,cover,splash sheild,armrests $10 We’ll run it CAdILLAC ‘85 Classic El Dorado
44,632 original miles. Needs body work
wrap Lens:GreyUV UltraSleek Light- $40.00. Call (650)872-2371 (510)770-1976 ‘til you sell it! and headliner $2,475 OBO (650)218- GuLf STrEAM, Sun Voyager ‘04.
weight New w/case $65.00 (650)591- 4681. 36 ft, Excellent Condition. $39,500.
6596 drIVE dELuxE two button walker $10
LAdIES SEquIN dress, blue, size XL, 650-349-3087.
pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
(510)770-1976 reach 83,450 drivers ChEVy ‘55 BEL AIR 2 door, Standard
SAMSONITE 26" tan hard-sided suit
case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new. MEN'S STETSON hat, size large, new,
OMT TABLE, excellent condition, fold- from South Sf to Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000 670 Auto Service
ing, $25, (650) 552-9556. obo. (650)952-4036.
$45. (650)328-6709 rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40 Palo Alto
(650) 578-9208 rAdIATION PrOTECTION 1/2-apron ChEVy ‘86 COrVETTE. Automatic.
SILk SArEE 6 yards new nice color.for
$35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in- rAIN BOOTS black & white polka dot,
Pb free; .5mm Pb equivalent, xl, adjusta-
ble buckle, gently used; $60; 607-227-
Call (650)344-5200
93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
obo. (650) 952-4036.
formation. size 8, Sloggers brand. $15.00 call 7742. Complete Repair & Service
(650)872-2371 COrVETTE ‘69 350 4-SPEEd. 50k $29.75 plus certificate fee
SINk, 33”x22” Top mount with faucet, WALkEr/rOLATOr. NEW. large, bas- MILES. New upgrades; best offer. (most cars)
$15.00 (650)544-5306 ShOES SIzE 5 1/2 and 6 for $50 or less ket, quickly convert to wheelchair. Large AuTO AuCTION (415)602-8480. Mr. Roberts. 869 California Drive .
(650)508-8662 size to 400LBS.8" wheels $45.00 Every Tuesday 11am
SLr LENS Pentax 28-90mm f3.5-5.6 (650)727-7266 280 A Street Colma
dATSuN ‘79 510 Sedan grey original
Pentax K Mount $25 (650)436-7171 TuxEdO SIzE 40, black, including white 650-756-3394
shirt, excellent cond. $50 (650)355-5189
condition clean inside and out $2,700 (650) 340-0492
SLr LENS Sigma 28-105mm f3.8-5.6 Garage Sales (650)364-3562
Sigma SA Mount $25 (650)436-7171 WEddING drESS-dESIGNEr, Size 12, BuICk ‘07 LUCERNE, 103K miles, MErCEdES ‘79 450 SL with hard top.
Needs Dry Cleaning, Org. $4000.00 Sell $4,500. (650)302-5523 Completely rebuilt. 20K obo. (650)851-
TIrES-SET Of four P225 45 R18 $80 for $500 Call (650)867-1728 670 Auto Parts
OBO (650)359-2238. GArAGE SALES ChEVrOLET ‘86 ASTROVAN, 84K
WOMAN'S AMErICAN Rag faux leather
TuNTurI rOWING Machine,
Condition, $75, (650)483-1222
Good jacket. Perfect condition. Black ESTATE SALES miles, $3000 (650)481-5296 MErCEdES ‘89 300E, Low Miles, Excel.
Condition, Good Engine, Needs paint,
hub caps $40
/2x/NW0T $25 (650) 952-3466 $13,900 (650)303-4257. Leave msg.
Make money, make room! ChEVy ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT
uNIdEN hArLEy Davidson Gas Tank CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284. BrIdGESTONE ALENzA 235/65R17,
WOMAN'S TAhArI jacket. Perfect con-
phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485
dition. Royal blue/16W/NWT $25 630 Trucks & SuV’s $50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
WALkEr - Good Condition - Like New - (650) 952-3466 List your upcoming GOT AN OLdEr
used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
fOrd ‘10 F150 Super Crew cab, 78K
$35 (650)341-5347
WOrk BOOTS. Iron Age, size 10-1/2,
garage sale, CAr, BOAT, Or rV? miles. System-One toolboxes and rack. ChEVy/GMC 1994. Full size. Front

311 Musical Instruments brown, with steel metatarsal protection. moving sale, Do the humane thing. $16K contact or text (650)520-3725 plastic/bumper/grill complete. Perfect
Photos. San Mateo $75 (650)727-7266
In box, $45, OBO. (650)594-1494
estate sale, Donate it to the
Humane Society. 635 Vans
1929 ANTIquE Alto Selmer, Cigar Cut-
ter, Newly Refurbished $6,000 OBO Call 318 Sports Equipment yard sale, Call 1- 866-899-3051
GM TruCk/SuV 1994? Large Vehicle.
Front Bumper/plastic/grill unit
TOyOTA ‘08 SIENNA LE, excellent con-
BIG BErThA, Golfsmith Titanium Driver
rummage sale, dition, camera, bluetooth, trailer, 94K complete/perfect. Perfect/photos availa-
ble .$75. (650)727-7266
ChrOMATIC hArMONICA: Horner ,Mid Driver, Stinger 1 3 5 - $99 Rick clearance sale, or MAzdA ‘03 Protege, 77K miles, $4,200.
miles. $9,000. text (925)786-5545 See
craigslist for pics.
(415)999-4474 (650)302-5523
The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180,
whatever sale you PEErLESS TIrE Chains, used a few
times. Fits several sizes P165-225. $20
BrANd NEW Golf bag with Stand. have... MAzdA ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
640 Motorcycles/Scooters obo. (650)745-6309
Makes a great gift. $65. 415-867-6444. dition One owner Fully loaded Low
EPIPhONE LES Paul Custom Prophecy No Texting. miles reduced $16,995 obo (650)520- BMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
(650) 995-0003 WhITE STAr Tire Chains, never used.
Electric Guitar. Mint. $625.00. Reach over 83,450 readers 4650 P195/75R14. $25 obo. (650)745-6309.
(650)421-5469. BrANd NEW golf clubs: 1, 3 Woods; from South San Francisco MOTOrCyCLE SAddLEBAGS,
Irons: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 pw. Makes a great
EVErETT uPrIGhT antique piano. gift $95. 415-867-6444. No Texting. to Palo Alto. MAzdA 2016 Sky Active one owner per- with mounting hardware and other parts 680 Autos Wanted
Lovely sound. $99. 650-365-5718. in your local newspaper. fect condition 4DR Silver Low miles $35. Call (650)670-2888.
EASTON ALuMINuM bat.33 inches, 30 $19,995 OBO (650)520-4650 Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
645 Boats Novas, running or not
huGE LudWIG Drum Set Silver Sparkle
& Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian
oz, 2 3/4 barrel. $30. (650)596-0513 Call (650)344-5200 Parts collection etc.
Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $3,500 EVErLAST 80# MMA Heavy Bag and MErCEdES 1994: E320- 169,800 So clean out that garage
miles, runs great, Black, 4dr, $5,000 boo SEA rAy 16 fT . I/B. $1,200. Needs
(916)975-4969 Stand. Like New. $99 (650)654-9966 Give me a call
Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732.
PIANO-ANdrEW kOhLEr, Mahogany, GuThy-rENkEr POWEr Rider,Ever- R
(650)713-6272 Joe 650 342-2483
Spinet piano, Very Good Condition, $400 last 2 1/2 ankle weights, kegel thigh ex-

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

(415)334-1980 erciser $20 (510)770-1976 379 Open houses
kNEE rIdEr $ 50.00 joe (650)573-5269
PLAyEr PIANO 1916 W/Bench 25 mu-
sic rolls $950 Don (415)309-3892 LEAThEr GOLf bag with 23 clubs $90. OPEN hOuSE Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
(650) 592-2648.
3 Kind of 37 Stable 47 Vegas

SPINET PIANO + Bench, $50. Call MEN'S rOSSIGNOL Skis. $95.00,

LISTINGS 1 Hornet and psychology environment? attraction
Matador 4 Criterion: Abbr. 38 Jazz improv 48 Rubberneck
(650)589-1407 good condition, (650)341-0282.
List your Open House
VINTAGE AuTOPIANO upright player ONE dOzEN Official League Diamond in the Daily Journal. 5 Tech-savvy 5 Neighborhood highlight 49 Stan’s slapstick
piano $99.00 call (650)728-5053 leave Baseballs. Brand New. $45. Call Roger
(650)771-6324. school gp. 6 Climbing plant 39 Waiting area pal
message or email flycsir@hotmail.com Reach over 83,450 11 Higher ed. test 7 One-named 40 Some cosmetic 50 Naval bases?
WurLITzEr uPrIGhT piano. Fair con- TOTAL GyM XLS, excellent condition. potential home buyers & 14 Fail to save one’s “Hollywood procedures 54 Gloating word
dition. Free. No delivery. (650)455-5595 Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
renters a day, skin? Squares” 41 Hot under the usually repeated
from South San Francisco 15 Bring back to the panelist collar 57 Setting at 0
312 Pets & Animals VINTAGE NASh Cruisers Mens/ Wom- to Palo Alto. firm 8 Defamation in 42 See 34-Down degrees long.
ONE kENNEL Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani-
ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz
6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439
in your local newspaper. 16 35-state Western print 43 Hammered 58 “This is so
mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
Call (650)344-5200 org. 9 Web address 44 “No hard relaxing!”
17 Spot to spread 10 Spelling event feelings, dude” 59 West Coast
WOrkOuT BENCh, weights, bars, for
PArrOT CAGE, Steel, Large - approx
flat/incline bench and legs. $100.
(650)861-2411 out a ship’s map, 11 “Jeepers, I 46 Winged stinger athlete
maybe? wouldn’t think
4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
offer. (650)245-4084 yAMAhA rOOf RACK, 58 inches $75.
470 rooms 19 “The Racer’s of it!”
Edge” 12 Not for kids
316 Clothes 13 2018 awards
340 Camera & Photo Equip. 20 “American Gods”
event hosted by
ALfANI WOMAN faux-leather jacket. Non-Profit Home Sharing Program actor McShane
Perfect condition. Plum/2x/NWT $25 NIkON 18-140 zoom lenses (3), excel- San Mateo County 21 Shell material Danica Patrick
(650) 952-3466 lent condition. $200 each. (650)592-9044 (650)348-6660 22 Milk by-product 18 African herd
23 Yale’s Mr. Yale 22 GPS navigation
25 Sailors dealing app
with a ship’s 24 QE2 designation
cargo? 26 Drift off
28 Most warm 27 Dutch artist
30 Barbershop staple Frans
31 Industry mogul 29 Gardening tool
32 Seedy abode 33 Punching tool
36 Sushi choice 34 With 42-Down,
37 Awesome things like some
near the front of a bobsleds
ship? 35 Harley
38 Sweetie, in slang Davidson’s
41 Snore NYSE symbol 02/28/19
42 Numerous
43 Gave one’s word
45 Often recyclable
tech products
47 Backwards
glance on a ship?
51 Adams who shot
El Capitan
52 Tiny parasites
53 Secluded valleys
55 __ Lanka
56 Imaginepeace.
com artist
57 Strength measure
of the ship cook’s
LEGAL NOTICES 60 Ref’s call
61 “Her cheeks are
rosy, she looks a
Fictitious Business Name Statements, little nosey” girl in
Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate, a 1962 #1 hit
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons, 62 Like crazy
63 Sun, in Ibiza
Notice of Public Sales and More. 64 Use a combine
65 Soccer followers?
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.
Fax your request to: 650-344-5290 1 Restaurant
review factor By Bruce Haight
Email them to: ads@smdailyjournal.com 02/28/19
2 Get all preachy ©2019 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
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THE DAILY JOURNAL Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 25

Custom Closets Construction Decks & Fences Handy Help Hauling Landscaping


“Specializing in any size project” NATE LANDSCAPING
FACTORY Fence and DECK • Painting • Electrical * Tree Service * Fence
the art of organization Wood Retaining Walls, • Carpentry • Dry Rot * Deck * Pavers
Fences & Stairs 40 Yrs. Experience
Lic.# 742961
Retired Licensed Contractor * Pruning & Removal
Free Estimates
888-678-6789 (650)201-6854 * New Lawn * Irrigation
John (650)291-4303
Call for free design * All Concrete * Ret. Wall
consultation * Sprinkler System
Hauling * Stamp Concrete
or visit us online at * Yard Clean-Up,
closetfactory.com AAA RATED! Haul & Maintenance
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for all your electrical needs

$40 & up
Concrete painting
*Stamps *Color *Driveways
Since 1988/Licensed & Insured
Monthly Specials JOn LA mOTTE
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Fast, Dependable Service
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LHC HEATing & Free Estimates Interior & Exterior
COOLing A+ bbb Rating Quality Work, Reasonable
Free Estimates Rates, Free Estimates
(650)533-0187 CALEDOniAn
Refrigeration; Walk-in
Ice Machines (650)341-7482 Fire Sprinklers (650)368-8861
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CA LIC#485471
Landscape Design! COAST wEST
ASp COnCRETE We can design your CHAinEY HAuLing Fire sprinkler inspection, repair and
All kinds of Concrete outdoor living gardening Junk & Debris Clean up installation. Proudly serving the
Furniture / Appliance / Disposal Coastside and S.F. Bay Area.
- Retaining Wall
- All kinds of concrete
- Flagstone
- Fencing
experience. Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo
- General Landscaping - Decking
LAwn mAinTEnAnCE Starting at $40 & up
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Call Robert
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All types of concrete work
(650)703-3831 Lic #751832 CHEAp
- Driveways - Lawn
- Landscaping - Concrete work
- Paving - All types of fence
279 Chimney Sweep
- Dry wall - Walkways etc... Light moving!
Call (650)271-6467 Haul Debris!
Lic #914544
miSTER CHimnEY (650)583-6700
dba nova Fireplaces
Construction Call Mister Chimney: (650) 631-4531
Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday

1336 El Camino Real

belmont, CA 94002


Cleaning Services pLumbing
Licenced, Bonded,
New Construction
Serving the entire
Peninsula Independent
Licensed and Insured
Lic. #589596 Call 650-769-7222
LAWN MAINTENANCE Contractor with
for a free estimate 20 years of exp.
Drain and plumbing
Decks & Fences
Drought Tolerant Planting service, gas
JR mORALES Handy Help repairs, waterline
HAnDYmAn & FEnCES Drip Systems, Rock Gardens repairs.
Fences, decks, arbors, Post Repairs
Retaining walls, Concrete HOnEST HAnDYmAn and lots more! All around San Mateo
Works, French Drains, Siding Remodelling, Plumbing, Electrical, JOn’S HAuLing & neighboring area.
FREE ESTimATES Carpentry, General Home Repair, Serving the peninsula since 1976
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No Job Too Small
FREE ESTimATES Lic.#1034873
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morales12120@yahoo.com clearing, furniture, appliance hauling
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(650)740-8602 www.jonshauling.com (650)868-8059
COnTRACTOR State License #377047 JC HANDYMAN
Licensed • Insured • Bonded
Licensed General and
Painting Contractor Fences - Gates - Decks SERVICE
• Int/Ext Painting • Carpentry Stairs - Retaining Walls Painting, Carpentry, Plumbing,
• Sheetrock, Dryrot & Stucco Repairs 10-year guarantee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Lic#979435 Quality work w/reasonable prices
CALL FOR gREAT RATES! Call for free estimate Jaime (650)642-6915
(650)701-6072 (650)571-1500 jaimecerron1958@gmail.com

in the
Offer your services to 83,450 readers a day, from
Palo Alto to South San Francisco
and all points between!
Call (650)344-5200
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26 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 THE DAILY JOURNAL


Toilets, Sinks, Vanities,
Faucets, Water heaters, art Clinical Trials Food health & medical Pet services
Whirlpools and more!
Wholesale Pricing & blaCk PePPer DenTUres sage CenTers
Closeout Specials. resTaUranT
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in a DaY! Emergency
2030 s Delaware st
PrebioTiCs? modern cuisine
(in most cases) Veterinary Care 24/7
san mateo only $1,395 per set (650) 417-7243
1029 El Camino Real Redwood City
Menlo Park, CA 94025 (650)419-9674
sTanForD PrevenTion
(650)350-1960 researCh CenTer
(650)485-2345 Roos Dental Care
Redwood City
always here when you need us

ramP study
Are you or someone you PanCho villa real estate loans
roofing may know is and over the insurance
age of 60? Join the ramp TaQUeria
Because Flavor Still Matters reFinanCe
study at Stanford University 365 B Street aFForDable
PrivaTe moneY
San Mateo liFe insUranCe
(650) 343-4123 Eric L. Barrett, aT a loWer raTe
go now to www.smpanchovilla.com CLU, RHU, REBC, CLTC, LUTCF
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DireCT PrivaTe lenDer
Barrett Insurance Services
or call (650)724-8310 ericlawrencebarrett@gmail.com ALL CREDIT ACCEPTED
Since 1979
to see if you are eligible san Carlos www.barrettinsuranceservices.net
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Farmer's Market WACHTER
Downtown Laurel Street INVESTMENTS, INC.
Computer Sundays 10 am to 2 pm
Rain or Shine
raTes Too high? 348-7191
brian Fornesi Real Estate Broker
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650 343 6521 NMLS #348288

Financial Farmers insUranCe

Tree service
real estate services
barasTone legal services
Care inDeeD 1900 O’Farrell Street #145
SAN MATEO, CA 01128590 greg TerrY
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legal Greg has over 29 years of
Menlo Park DoCUmenTs PLUS success in Real Estate;
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Notary Public. Response to
Cemetery Lawsuits: Credit Card
san maTeo aThleTiC ClUb Issues, Breach of Contract Thinking aboUT bUYing
Dental services at College of san mateo or selling YoUr home?
Jeri blatt, lDa #11
lasTing Investing in your health also supports Registered & Bonded Call Mitch Wong
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imPressions Dentistry Under one roof 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd. Bldg. 5 legaldocumentsplus.com Residential and/or Commercial
Real Estate
ARE OUR FIRST San Mateo, CA 94402 "I am not an attorney. I can only
provide self help services at your
Same day treatment Tel. (650)378-7373 (650)483-8573
PRIORITY www.sanmateoathleticclub.smccd.edu
specific direction."
Evening & Saturday appts available
Cypress Lawn
1370 El Camino Real Peninsula Dental Implant Center Tax Preparation
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Colma (650)232-7650
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networking groups


Figone Travel
notices (650) 595-7750
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 27

experienced this before. There’s always that project has not been approved and the

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uncertainty and there always will be uncer-
tainty. What we do have are projections and
most of them are getting closer and closer
council expressed a variety of concerns with
it at a recent meeting.
Kaufman said the entire Bay shoreline is
together so we think we understand more vulnerable if no action is taken.
about what’s happening. The major point is “There are some areas where cities and
including highways, will be increasingly it’s going up.” local jurisdictions have begun to take action,
prone to flooding in the not-so-distant future Ponti said 100-year flood zones — areas but for the most part we haven’t started tak-
if nothing is done, according to a presenta- where any given year there’s a 1 percent ing action yet to defend ourselves against
tion organized by the Committee for Green probability that a storm could produce flood- this,” she said. “We’ve recognized there’s a
Foothills. ing in the area — are expanding in Redwood problem, but there’s not a lot of ‘OK, this is
Held Tuesday evening at the Redwood City City, according to FEMA’s 2019 flood maps. what we’re going to do.’”
library, the presentation provided an “The [100-year flood zone areas] are now One form of action that can be taken is to
overview of the causes and impacts of sea tightened up when the general plan is updat- construct a new type of levee that Kaufman
expanding to the other side of Highway ed in the near future.
level rise and steps that can be taken to pro- 101,” he said. “For the most part what we’re said is much cheaper than standard ones and
tect the Bayside of the Peninsula, with an “There was a line added to the general plan not as tall. The “horizontal levee,” as it’s
seeing is this low-lying area, the downtown to make it possible for developers to develop
emphasis on Redwood City. area in particular and the north end of called, is a hybrid between a traditional levee
The event featured three speakers: Jeremy in sensitive areas and I believe that when we and restored tidal marsh and entails a series of
Veterans Boulevard between Whipple Avenue set a standard we need to stick to that standard
Lowe, an environmental scientist with the and Woodside Road, are areas that will be in habitats between the Bay and land, including
San Francisco Estuary Institute; Dan Ponti, a and not leave the door open for developers to a tidal mud flat, tidal marsh and brackish
the 100-year floodplain starting now.” create a mitigation that isn’t really there,”
geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, marsh.
and Alice Kaufman, advocacy director for the Ponti said by 2050 flooding will likely hit she said. “We need to be brave and stick to Kaufman also stressed the importance of
Committee for Green Foothills. Ponti and largely undeveloped areas such as Bair Island the standard. If we believe sea level rise is an preserving open space in vulnerable areas
Kaufman are longtime Redwood City resi- and the Cargill salt ponds, but Bair Island issue then it’s an issue period.” and not building there, particularly the
dents. Road will be under water by then if nothing is Ponti said Redwood City’s waterfront has Cargill site.
Sea level rise is occurring because the done, impacting those in nearby develop- been increasingly upzoned and developed
ments. He also said king tides could cross “Everything on the Bayside of Highway
oceans are gaining heat and expanding and over the years and pointed to a handful of 101 has been artificially modified to support
because the ice near the polar caps is falling Highway 101 in 30 years, with certain con- recently approved projects in areas that could
ditions potentially affecting Redwood humans and now it looks like nature is trying
into the ocean, Lowe said, adding that 7 be affected by flooding brought on by sea to take it back,” she said.
inches of rising seas have been recorded Shores and Foster City, for example, and level rise within 30 years. The developments
storm surges could lead to frequent flooding A follow up presentation focusing on
within the last century and another 16 inches include mixed-use Broadway Plaza, 353 Main
of Redwood City’s entire downtown and parts impacts to the coastside of the county will be
is expected by 2050. And those numbers will St., Strada and finally Harbor View, though
of Friendly Acres. Kaufman said San Mateo’s held in April.
only continue to rise, he said.
One of Lowe’s slides depicted a human North Shoreview neighborhood and a mobile
standing on the shoreline to demonstrate home park in Redwood City are also among
projected sea level rise, and it showed water the vulnerable areas.
up to the knees by 2050 and reaching the Ponti said the city’s general plan, passed
armpits by 2100. in 2010 and due for an update before long,
“Sixteen inches by 2050 is pretty much includes various policies for addressing sea
baked in, it’s in the heating of the oceans level rise, but also includes wiggle room to
already,” he said, adding that predictions are allow building in sensitive areas.
less certain beyond 2050. “We’ve never Councilwoman Diana Reddy, who attended
the meeting, wants to see that language

SAGE Redwood City

NOW offers Urgent Care!
Make an appointment for same-day Urgent Care
Services. Appointments will be available from
10 a.m. to 7 p.m., 7 days a week.
What is the difference between
Urgent Care and Emergency Care?
If the condition is life-threatening, go to the ER.
If the condition is a minor illness or injury, make
a same-day appointment by calling us at
650- 417-7243.

$IBSUFS4USFFUtRedwood City (near Woodside Road)


Proceeds go towards scholarships, bicycle safety

programs, Redwood City Little League, youth
leadership programs (Key Club and Key Leader)
and many other community projects

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28 Thursday • Feb 28, 2019 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL


15 Years Supporting Bay Area Art & Artists

The Peninsula Museum of Art celebrates a milestone
anniversary & Five Outstanding New Shows

T his year, the Peninsula Museum of Art is

celebrating its 15 year anniversary creating a
welcoming environment for artists and visitors
to engage in the arts. The Museum is a free
nonprofit visual arts complex housing five museum
Expanding Universe:
Constructed Paintings by Howard Hersh
In Howard Hersh’s constructed paintings, on birch
plywood panels affixed to unpainted basswood and
poplar, he explores two complementary bodies of
exhibit galleries, a children’s and adult art program, a work, which he characterizes as “two means to an end.”
library resource center, and a gift shop. Its focus is art
created by living artists with a Greater Bay Area Topography:
connection. PMA is that rare museum where, free of Mixed-Media Works by Robin Mullery
charge, the public can meet and engage with the Robin Mullery’s Topography series explores the
artists whose work is on display. arrangement of both natural and artificial landscapes,
Burlingame has been its home since 2013. its irregularly cracked and troweled surfaces in
Unfortunately, their landlord has terminated their lease earth-palette hues suggesting plains, plateaus, and
early, and they are now looking for a new location. Any fissures.
leads or assistance would be most welcome! They are
PMA is also home to the Museum Studios, 30
surfacing new possibilities, all of which will benefit the
working artist studios where visual artists work and
Peninsula community it serves.
exhibit their creations in painting, sculpture,
Meanwhile, right now the museum has five photography, mixed media, jewelry, fiber art, and
extraordinary exhibits up and it is a great time to take a millinery. Museum Studios artists open their studios
moment and plan a visit. twice a year to the public - this May 4th and 5th during
Silicon Valley Open Studios weekend, and in October.
From the Stone Age to the Digital Age: Specific times and dates will be available on the
Sculpture by Oleg Lobykin museum’s website.
Oleg Lobykin has roots in the craft of Old World stone Museum Studios offer a great space for local artists to
carving, yet considers himself a sculptor and “an come together and create wonderful work for
international man and product of globalization.” His everyone to enjoy. Classes are also available from
recent sculptures in organic abstract shapes, studio artists, information on the website.
sometimes highly shiny and brightly colored in
PMA's Mission Statement:
fiberglass or earth tones and constructed of natural
stone or bronze, express harmony between the natural The Peninsula Museum of Art is a 501(c)3 nonprofit
and man-made worlds corporation that enhances our community and
enriches lives through art and education. The inclusion
Overgrown: of artists’ studios as a department of the Museum is a
Fiber Sculpture by Heather Deyling deliberate effort to bridge the gap between the
creative community of professional-level artists and
Heather Deyling is an artist and educator who creates
the community at large.
colorful site-specific two-and three-dimensional
installations which spill over into architectural space, Museum Hours: 11am to 5pm Wednesday through
creating contrast between the organic and the Sunday. Free admission and parking in our lot.
man-made. Please visit the Museum in person, online at
peninsulamuseum.org, or find us on Facebook,
Mood & Movement: Twitter and Instagram. 1777 California Drive,
Large-scale Paintings by Suhas Bhujbal Burlingame, CA 94010, main telephone: 650-692-2101
Suhas Bhujbal captures abundant ambiance, mood
and movement in his figurative paintings. Many of his Photos (from top): The Museum’s open-air
giant pieces brim with people and color, pulling the courtyard; Topography by Robin Mullery (left);
viewer into vibrant imaginary settings; others are Mood & Movement by Suhas Bhujbal (right);
informed by his regular meditation practice, with an Overgrown by Heather Deyling; the crowd from
overwhelming peacefulness apparent in his canvases. last year’s Art From The Ashes reception