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Roundup Parent Meeting
March 20, 2019 @ 6 PM

Kindergarten Roundup Dates

April 17 & April 18, 2019
Pre-Registration Required

Concord Elementary School

405 S. Main Street
Rebecca Hutchinson, Principal
Alison Breitenbach, Secretary
Concord Communtiy School District
CONCORD 405 S Main St, PO Box 338
Concord, MI 49237 Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Fort Wayne, IN
SCHOOL Permit No. 649

Concord's Goal
Our goal is for students to have big opportunities
once they've left us because we've prepared them ECRWSS
with the knowledge, skills, and experiences POSTAL CUSTOMER
necessary for success. We believe that our small
close-knit community can do this better than

What does our program offer?

• Developmental kindergarten
• Newly renovated kindergarten rooms
• Smart Board classrooms KINDERGARTEN EXIT CRITERIA*
• Amplification systems
• Small class sizes • Can write first and last name
• Caring, compassionate, and supportive staff • Can recognize and write numbers 1-30
• Data-Driven instruction • Can count to 100
• CORE 5 online reading acceleration program • Can read basic sight words (18)
• Student access to Chromebooks
• Knows all the letters and sounds
• School pride activities
• Title I and other systems of intervention
• Can write a sentence
• Social emotional learning • Has familiarity with text
• Multiple opportunities for play through recess and • Simple addition and subtraction
free choice time
• Before and after school care provided by ABC *Curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards