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Possible France Activities

Fiche-moi la paix ! = “Leave me the hell alone”

911 = 15
Organic Avenue?


Cafe Bazaar – braserrie (rue es ecoles)
North of Gare du Nord – cheap indian food?
Chez Flo – brasserie
Jean Renoir
La coupeul – drinks not food
The Petite Riche
Café in Palace Gardens – secret part
Café des Deux moulins – gare du nord to line 2

Can can?
Bartabar theatre with horses?

Bicycle - tour?
Arab museum
Musee Montmartre - about artist community
Notre Dame service
Newspaper store - just off Rue de Rivoli - 52 rue de l'arbre sec, "La Galcante"
Place with biggest organ
Rue Meurt d’art
Marche des Enfants Rouges – 5th Arrondisment
Rue Claire Market

Cute & Cheap Jewelry stores around 40 rue vielle du temple – Le Maraille – past cute
fabric store.

Le Limonaire
Food til 10, songs of expression
Metro Grands Boulevards.
18 cité Bergère, 9e, Opéra/Grands Boulevards, Paris, 75009

The Sunset
60 rue des Lombards, 1er, Les Halles, Paris, 75001
Metro: Chatelet Les Halles
Sept 3, 4, 5 free!

Differnt prices, every night.
Some Free

Shoah Memorial
Free guided tour every Sunday (in French).
 Meet in the lobby at
3 pm.
 No reservations required.

Louvre - Guests 25 and under get in free on Friday nights from 6 to 9:45 p.m.

France's centenarian department store at Galeries Lafayette holds free weekly

fashion shows on the seventh floor. 3pm Fridays.
Reservations required (e-mail welcome@galerieslafayette.com, tel. 33 [0]1 42 82
36 40).

Paris Rando Velo leads free Friday night bike tours of the city, meeting at 9:30
p.m. in front of the Hotel de Ville. Each ride lasts from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. The
group also hosts similar rides on the third Sunday of the month at 10:30 a.m.

Artist Antoine Bourdelle's Montparnasse house, garden, and workshop now

showcase his belle époque bronzes, sculptures, paintings, and drawings at the
Musée Bourdelle. The permanent collection is always free.

Relish the peaceful vantage point of the Eiffel Tower from the garden at Maison
de Balzac, the home of 19th-century writer Honoré de Balzac, author of the well-
known work "La Comédie Humaine." The permanent collection always welcomes
guests free of charge to view Balzac's manuscripts and works.

See the city from the Promenade Plantée, an elevated railway viaduct leading
east from near the Bastille, which is one of the few such linear parks in the world.

Victor Hugo lived at the Place des Vosges's Hôtel de Rohan-Guéménée for 16
years (1832-1848) and wrote many of his works here, including much of his epic
novel, Les Misérables. Examine manuscripts and first editions at the Maison de
Victor Hugo and tour his apartment, which chronicles his life before, during, and
after exile. Admission is always free.
Scientist Marie Curie's famous laboratory, where she worked from 1914 until her
death in 1934, has been meticulously restored as the Musée Curie. It contains
original furnishings, instruments, and the Nobel prizes garnered by Curie and her
colleagues. Open to the public free of charge.

First Sunday
Notre Dame - On each first Sunday from October through March there's no fee
charged to climb the 387 steps of the North Tower.

Lapain Agile Cabaret
22 rue des Saules, 18e, Montmartre, Paris, 75018
24 E

Le Michou
men in drag cabaret
80 rue des Martyrs, 18e, Montmartre, Paris, 75018
35 E with drink from bar

New Morning - ag wm
7 rue des Petites-Ecuries, 10e, Opéra/Grands Boulevards, Paris,
Metro: Chateau d'eau

Differnt prices, every night.
Some Free

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