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Nine years ago, we were embarking
on a journey not knowing where it
would end or where it would take us,
over 35 issues of Haunted Magazine
have been published, in print & in
digital and just like the paranormal
LOCKDOWN UK confusing, mesmerising and dividing
the paranormal community more
You visit an old disused underground than ever before (we wouldn’t have it
station and look who you bump into! any other way)
Next year will see our 10th year, who’d
have thunk it eh? We are planning
some massive surprises, some
awesome paranormal stuff and plan
on having as much supernatural fun as
we possibly can, which we will reveal
when we can.
Please enjoy this issue, it’s a pleasure
to put it together for you. We have fun
doing it, in fact the more we have, the
better the magazine is.


Ghosts that might make your tart race
To Kingston-upon-Hell with Mike Covell, actually!
Stats and facts about a demon with an Axe Stephen Hummel shares his Haunted Antiques from the USA
Are you ready to take your place at the table, YES, NO,
Leonard Low gives us the lowdown on this little known case
Awww Shucks, you’d be barking mad not to read this
It was HMP (Haunted Magazine’s Pleasure) for Vicky to write this!
Parsley, SAGE, Rosemary and QUICHE. Spook eats putting 57 KATIE WALLER
the Ghoul into GHOULash again. Zookeeper by day, Booseeker by night.


Miki York does his best Inspect-A-Gadget impression & talks Broken, demolished, collapsed but you can’t ruin a great James
about communicating with the dead. Pykett feature

41 33 47 63
their new show HauntedLIVE, no WEST WICKHAM Jayne Harris catches up with the A tragic story, you might not like
not us, the Tennessee Wraith Says it all WEALLY! 80s pop icon what you find if you dig deep
Chasers enough
Picture Credit: Linda Bussey

w i t h H u b e r t H o b u x

omething sought our attention the other night as we nervously
grouped together in the vestibule of Bakewell Old House Muse-
um.... We had just had an informed talk from Fright Nites historian
who requested that if any names or scenarios popped into anyone’s head
to let him know when all of a sudden one of the spotlights arrayed above
us exploded with great force, plunging us into semi darkness with much
shrieking and incredulity from us who had been to the Tudor built edifice
before... and never seen the like!

At the same time, I could hear voices on the upper floors, (where for a
fact, no living souls were) and Vicky and Shell, founders of Fright Nites
Peak Paranormal Investigations witnessed a shadow wandering furtively
around the oldest part of the museum!

So, began a very strange night at the museum... the spirit boards were
active from the off and spirits were tentatively interacting with us by a
diffusion of aromas from floral to battery acid, glimpses of further shadow
figure movement and a few jump scares as a seated seance drew a cou-
ple of very loud unexplainable raps and the definite sensation of footsteps
walking around our circle!

The peculiar little cellar, main seat of much weird activity before, went
completely insane, with a table tipping session (that had spirits moving
furniture quicker than Pickford’s), ending scarily with the cellar door being
slammed shut and reopened twice in quick succession by an invisible
force, though the investigators were fast to fling the door open, no living
soul was in sight!

I can normally stand in that cellar for ages and have watched pleasant
ghostly faces transpose over the face of a lovely mannequin in there, that
night though, two minutes were enough... even the dummy had taken on
a dark, dark aura, seemingly being enshrouded by a very negative shad-
ow.... I bade it farewell!

Refreshments partaken of, a fabulous spread prepared by the team,

including a slice of the traditional Bakewell pudding... we proceeded to
walk the short distance to the ancient church grounds, with the oppor-
tunity of being able to stand in stone coffins, hollowed out in the silhou-
ette of the body it originally contained, maybe a thousand year hence...
this church yard is normally sedate and calm, our visit this night though
produced some incredible photographic images of misty faces appearing
to manifest out of thin air... one of the guests took a photo toward the
ground which captured the chilling sight of a spectral human skull, gazing
back up at her... there was nothing resembling a skull in that location.

This was such an intense investigation the night started to attract atten-
tion from various guests who had relatives in spirit... luckily the only per-
son to be adversely affected by a strong curious spirit was me... though
I was in safe hands with Vicky and her crew who brought me back from
the brink of becoming part of the plentiful spirit energy that swirled about
in Old House Museum that night.... a marvellously eerie place that I can’t

Hubert H
wait to return to!

To find more about Fright Nites Peak Paranormal Investigations, just

type Fright Nites Peak Paranormal Investigations into Facebook and Hey

To find more about Bakewell Old House Museum please visit


Mike Covell’s

Pick up a book from the library or bookstore about ghosts and hauntings in Yorkshire,
and they will probably tell you about numerous ghost stories in North Yorkshire,
including the town of York, the North Yorkshire Moors, and the fishing port of Whitby,
but look beyond at places like East Yorkshire and you will rarely find the odd mention,
with the exception of Burton Agnes Hall and Skipsea Castle.
In 2012 I began a sort of census, visiting towns and villages around East Yorkshire,
speaking with hundreds of eyewitnesses, poring over historical texts, reading hundreds
of reports in historical newspapers, and gathering together numerous ghost stories that
included phantom cows, ghostly sheep, spectral pigs, several White Ladies, a number
of ghostly motorcycles, a phantom coach, a ghostly bomber from a now abandoned
RAF base, boggles, fairies, and even a couple of screaming skulls!
East Yorkshire, or to give it its proper name, The East Riding of Yorkshire, is a
ceremonial county of England located north of the Humber Estuary, south of North
Yorkshire, west of the North Sea, and east of West Yorkshire.
To me, it means more than that, it is home. For many years I have walked around
the towns and villages of East Yorkshire, working in places such as Welton, Beverley,
Driffield, Brough, and walking across the hills, and in the valleys. I have spent many
hours visiting Hedon, Preston, Lelley, Brough, Welton, Melton, Raywell, Brantingham,
and more, walking, hiking, and camping in most of these locations, visiting friends
and family, and partaking in the odd Sunday dinner and a pint in their local respective
public houses.
The surrounding area is a delightful landscape that includes the crescent of low chalk
hills, the Yorkshire Wolds, the Vale of York, and the low lying flat fertile plains of
Holderness. From several points around the area you are rewarded with clear views of
the Humber and North Sea, and on calm sunny days you can see for miles across the
low-lying fields.
These are just a few of the weird and wonderful stories from the region.


Atwick, pronounced “Attick” is along the East Yorkshire coast a
few miles away from Hornsea.
At the foot of a hill on which the church rests is a spring said
to be haunted by a hobgoblin known as the “Haliwell Boggle.”
Other variations state that there is a pool with overhanging
willows which is haunted by the creature.
On Monday February 4th 1924, The Leeds Mercury featured a
report by Andrew Glen that stated that the Boggle at Atwick is that of a woman, who
has one eye, wears a hood, and is dressed in a long cloak. It is claimed that the poor
lady was murdered by her husband but goes on to state that the story has its origins
in Scandinavian mythology.
Paranormal Investigators reported hearing a growl while stood in the churchyard
of Atwick Church near the tree. This was heard by multiple members of the group,
and at separate areas around the church. They finally saw “something translucent”
walking towards them, low down, almost stalking them,” before they said a prayer
causing the unknown entity to vanish.
The well was known as the Hali-Well, but some later changed the name to the Holy
Well, stating that St. Lawrence had blessed it. It is a spring fed pool that is located
200m to the south of Atwick Church, and it was claimed, by a Rev Smith, that the
pool was haunted by a boggle of a one-eyed woman, who wore a hooded cloak,
appearing at the well on dark nights. It is claimed that this woman was murdered by
her husband and buried near the well. Another theory presented by Rev Smith was
that she was perhaps a nun from the priory at Nunkeeling. Another theory, which is
one of the strangest, is that the hooded apparition is that of Odin, who would appear
wearing a hood, was cloaked and had one eye.

Brandesburton is a parish in the northern division of the wapentake of Holderness, in the East
Riding of the county of York. It stands 9 miles / 14 km north east of Beverley, 7 miles / 11km
west of Hornsea and is a post town. The latest census, carried out in 2011, showed that the
parish had a population of 1,522 people. The village has a lovely church, named St Mary’s,
with much of it dating back to the 13th and 15th centuries, although it was restored in 1892.
The church has some lovely brasses, including those belonging to John St. Quintin, member of
the Harpham St Quintin family, who was a former Lord of the Manor here. The church is a Grade
I listed building. On the village green is a Grade II listed cross. Today the village is popular among
water-sport enthusiasts attending the Billabong jet ski centre, and golf enthusiasts at the Hainsworth
Park Golf Club.
A car load of people driving through Brandesburton during the
1950’s witnessed a phantom cyclist riding in front of them. The
cyclist was described as a male, wearing a flat cap, a long overcoat,
and riding an old push bike. The bike vanished in front of them,
along with its rider, and the car screeched to a halt, all the occupants
exiting the vehicle to look for the rider, but no one could be seen
and there was no damage to the car.


As you can imagine Bridlington is an historical port, steeped
in the English Civil War, and with stories of smuggling, and
a bombardment in WWI, it has all the ripe ingredients for a
plethora of ghosts and ghost stories.
Bridlington was once home to an allegedly haunted trawler
named Pickering, which started out life in Ireland as the BRANDESBURTON LOOKING BEY
Family Crest, and was built in 1977, launched on December
1st 1977, but was involved in a tragedy when a crew member
died onboard in strange circumstances. After the tragedy the trawler changed its name and headed for
Bridlington. No sooner had the new crew boarded but weird things
began to happen, with electrical components malfunctioning and
controls turning on and off seemingly of their own accord. Worse The following was circulated by Reuters News Agency on December
was to come, however, when a large male figure, dressed head to toe 15th 1987;
in black, and wearing a black hat, was seen walking around the deck.
The skipper of the trawler, Mick Laws, went on record saying that the BRIDLINGTON, England — British officials, investigating why the
trawler was jinxed, and this claim was later backed up by Chris Clark. crew members of a fishing trawler were regularly out of work, called
Chris was a sonar radar engineer, who was called out to the trawler in a priest to exorcise what the sailors said was a ghost on board.
time and time again. He went on record saying that he had been on Skipper Derek Gates said he and his four-man crew stopped sailing
board to change some wiring, after the trawler would turn to port and started claiming state unemployment benefits because they were
instead of starboard. Later that day he was called back, and when he convinced that the trawler Pickering was haunted. The radar would
returned he noticed that the wiring, which he himself had changed go wrong at the same time each night when the boat was at sea, the
earlier in the day, had been switched back! steering regularly went haywire, sending the vessel into circles, lights
would go on and off and cabins stayed freezing even with the heating
Cold spots were reported around the ship, and one-night Mick Laws full on, the crew said. After hearing the crew's complaints, officials
was laid in bed when the mattress went down as if someone was called in Tom Willis, a local Anglican priest who is also a recognized
stepping on it to climb onto the top bunk. No one else was in the room exorcist. Willis traced the history of the boat to Ireland, where he was
with him, and everyone was accounted for. told a man had been lost overboard and his body never recovered.
Barry Mason, a crew member, witnessed a figure, which he described Since the exorcism, in which Willis scattered holy water through the
as looking like a fisherman, stood in front of him on the deck. Barry trawler and called on the restless spirit to depart, Skipper Gates has
asked the crew where they were at the time of the incident, but reported a totally different atmosphere. "It is a warm and friendly
everyone was accounted for. The other crew stated that Barry was boat, and we are having very successful catches," he said.
white as a sheet after his encounter.
The trawler was plagued by poor catches, and eventually the Diocese of York were called. They sent their
top man, the Rev. Tom Willis, erroneously named Tom Wallis in some accounts, and he arrived to perform a
ceremony. He had researched the trawler and knew of its history, and he carried out his service on board. It is
claimed that after that all was peaceful.


Cherry Burton is a small village in East Riding approximately 3 miles /

5 km north-west of Beverley and stands to the west of the B1248 road.
It is a civil parish formed by the inclusion of Cherry Burton, Gardham,
and High Gardham, and has a population of 1,392 according to the
latest census undertaken in 2011.

The village has a public house, the Bay Horse Pub, St Michael and All
Angels Church, and a local shop which acts as the post office. There is
also a village hall.

The Bay Horse public house in Cherry Burton is said to be haunted by

an elderly lady dressed in black. It is claimed that the lady is looking
for her husband, who, when living, spent all his time and money at the
public house. She now walks the afterlife in search of him.


Flamborough is situated approximately 4 miles / 6 km north-east of

Bridlington and is a well-known coastal feature on the East Coast,
attracting sightseers, holiday makers, and nature lovers. The headland
extends 6 miles / 10 km into the North Sea and is made up of white
chalk cliffs which attract thousands of sea birds, who nest on the cliff
faces. The cliffs stand 400 feet / 120 m high.
Flamborough is dominated by two lighthouses, one of them,
Flamborough Head Lighthouse stands close to the cliffs and is the more
recent of the two, being built in 1806. The other older lighthouse stands
further inland, and dates back to 1669 and today it is a Grade II listed
The area is known for the Franco-American squadron who fought off
the coast in the “Battle of Flamborough Head,” in 1779. They battled
against the Royal Navy, and today divers from across the world regularly
visit to try and find the wreckage of the ships.
Flamborough has a long history of smuggling and various tragedies
through the ages associated with the sea, it therefore makes sense that
it should be haunted, and next we have a collection of stories associated
with the district.
I love a good mystery, and this mystery presents an interesting
conundrum. For years it has been suggested that Flamborough is
haunted by none other than the sinister sounding Jenny Gallows. It is
claimed that Jenny committed suicide by throwing herself into a local
chalk pit. It is claimed that if you run, or walk for the less enthusiastic,
eight times, it increases the energy which makes Jenny Gallows appear.
Interestingly, other local folklore suggests that faeries can be heard in
the pit.
It is also claimed that in 1912 a local, obviously unnamed farmer, went
to the chalk pit on horseback and on his horse, also unnamed, rode
around the pit eight times, thus invoking her spirit. She then proceeded
to run after him all the way back to the village of Flamborough, almost
catching up with him. She succeeded in touching the horse, which, it is
claimed, had a white patch on its haunch until the day it died.

The town of Hornsea dates back to the was known for robbing other smugglers, some stories claiming he was executed in
early medieval period, and the town and in others it is claimed that he had a York, some stories claimed that he was
expanded greatly during the Victorian network of spies along the east coast. executed in London, and some stories
period, mainly on account of the Hull claiming that he was executed by the coast
It is claimed that in Hornsea, the
to Hornsea Railway attracting visitors near Hornsea.
fisherman, and townsfolk, had developed
when it opened in 1864. Sadly, the Hull
a reputation for being gossips, and It is claimed that he was executed in 1770
to Hornsea railway closed in 1964, but by
they had become afraid of Pennel and and hanged in chains on the North Cliff
then regular bus services between the two
his activities, so a group of Hornsea of Hornsea, in a field known as “The
helped visitors to get there.
fisherman conspired to murder Pennel. Common,” as a warning to other pirates,
Hornsea is approximately 16 miles / 25 They sailed from Hornsea, up to but the story does not end there.
km northeast of Hull, and is home to Bridlington, then on to Filey, but by the
Hornsea Mere, which was once known as time they arrived in Filey someone had In 1780 the gibbet was 56 feet from the
“The largest lake in Humberside,” and is been gossiping, and Pennel was waiting sea, in 1783 the gibbet on which Pennel
home to a number of wild birds and vast for them, he had his gun drawn, but while 46 feet away from the cliff, but by 1786
fish stocks. they were armed, the guns they carried the gibbet fell into the sea. The gibbet
were holstered, so Pennel escaped. By stood near the old road to Beck. In later
The next story has all the makings of years the site became a signal station,
the time they chased after him he had
being an incredible ghost story, however, known as Pennel’s Close.
vanished. Returning to Hornsea the
all is not as it seems, and it appears as
men plotted Pennel’s downfall and let it Supernaturally speaking Pennel is said to
though time, along with the story being
be known that they had smuggled goods haunt the East Coast, and it is here, off the
told and retold, has made the story
in Hornsea, and the news soon reached coast of Hornsea, where his gibbet and
somewhat muddled.
Pennel, who was waiting for them, he body was said to have fallen into the sea,
Depending upon which book you took their goods and fled into the night, that he has apparently cursed!
read there was a notorious criminal, but ran into the Customs officers, who
fisherman, and smuggler named Edward, were waiting for them. The Hornsea men There is, however, some truth to the story,
or Abraham Pennel, who lived in Filey. had pre-warned them! and Victoria County History confirms
It is claimed that he was captain of a well that the site was named after Edward
Pennel was arrested and it is claimed Pennel, whose body was left on the gibbet
armed cutter, and had a fierce reputation
that he was either removed to York, or as a warning to other pirates, however,
as a smuggler, robber and pirate, as well as
London, depending upon which book a search of the contemporary press
a fisherman. In some stories he murdered
you read.
his own captain, robbed everything worth reports shows no account of Pennel and
taking on board his ship, then sank it off His location of execution was also his crimes, capture, trial and subsequent
the coast of Hornsea. In other stories he changed from account to account, with execution.


Howden lies north of the M62 on the A614 road, approximate- pect in the “Jack the Ripper” case. Annie was said to have been
ly 16 miles / 26 km south-east of York, and approximately 3 murdered in 1887, it was claimed by some authors that she had
miles / 4.8 km north of her head chopped off and dumped in Regents Canal, in actual
Goole. The town was fact she outlived her estranged husband and died in Knedlington
a gift to the Bishops of Workhouse, being buried in Knedlington Cemetery.
Durham from William
The Bishop’s Manor is situated a short distance away from the
the Conqueror, but
Minster and said to be haunted. The Grade II listed building was
the earliest mention of
erected as a private residence and housed the powerful Prince
Howden came in 959
Bishops of Durham, who used to stay on the site when travelling
AD, when King Edgar
between London and Durham. The building dates back to 1388
gave Howden Manor to
and 1405, and was created by Bishop Walter de Skirlaugh, and
his first wife, Ethelfle-
was altered during the Tudor, Georgian and Victorian periods.
da. Construction on
Original features, however, can still be found on the site, includ-
the Minster began in
ing the original vaulted entrance porch created by Walter de
1228, and it was finished
Skirlaugh. The interior boasts Georgian and Victorian fireplaces,
in the 15th century.
and a beautiful grand staircase. It is said that at least three kings
During this period, in
have stayed at the property including King John, who visited
the 14th and 15th centuries, Howden became really popular with
over Christmas 1211. King Edward II and Henry V also stayed
pilgrims due to the alleged miracles of John of Howden. One
on the site.
such miracle involved John raising his hands to lift the coffin lid
on his own coffin at his own funeral! The site also boasts a number of fascinating ghost stories and
hosts regular paranormal investigations and other spooky events.
Howden was also the home of Dr Frederick Richard Chapman, a
Among the activity reported is that of series of phantom foot-
former “Jack the Ripper” suspect, and in later years to Annie Ste-
steps, the feeling of being watched, sudden temperature drops,
phenson, the wife of Robert D’Onston Stephenson, another sus-
and the sighting of a tall male seen walking through the property.













e strolls down the street, his for a moment in front of the living
shadow slender and contorted room doorway listening for the
in front of him. The click faint sounds of sleep, careful not THE AXEMAN OF NEW ORLEANS
clack of his shiny, black Oxfords to drag the heavy, wooden axe
smack the cobblestone like the along the floor and overthrow his Thirty years after Jack the Ripper ravaged the
mule hooves and carriages of momentum. The grasshoppers and East End of London with his sharp and bloody
the French Quarter. Smiling and blade, the Axeman of New Orleans terrified an un-
frogs are chirping loudly outside,
content, he glances around at suspecting city to its core and caused widespread
their soft but powerful hums like
the neighbourhood filled with the panic. He was perhaps the only serial killer since
sound of live jazz music from every jazz notes he can sway his axe to.
the Ripper who wrote mockingly to the media
direction. Singing a song that’s He approaches the bedroom door
about his grisly ventures. Labelled as “America’s
both lively and tragic, t heir notes cracked open just enough to peer own Bayou Jack the Ripper”, the Axeman is known
carry through that Mississippi in and puts his ear to the painted to have assaulted 12 innocent people (of which 5
River breeze out onto the bayou wood panel, holding his breath. were slain) in the Crescent City and its suburbs
and through the veins of this dark “Sleep” he whispers. He opens the between May 1918 and October 1919. His modus
Crescent City. The windows of door so silently and slowly as to operandi, a borrowed axe from his own victims,
the Creole cottages and stately not wake his innocent victims, that he bludgeoned them while helpless and sleeping
homes, adorned with their painted he smirks in complete satisfaction soundly in their beds. Throats slashed, heads
columns, colourful wood shutters, with himself. He taps his shiny, bashed in, and nearly decapitated were just some
and petite gardens are peeled black Oxfords against the corner of of the descriptions used in the police reports.
open… exposing themselves the bedframe and raises his arms Many homes were ransacked, but nothing of value
lustfully to the mysterious demon was ever taken from the victims’ households,
to strike. He flashes to a vision of
parading by. other than the non-permissive use of their own
the axe, dripping with fresh blood
He closes his eyes and takes a axes and the lives it violently took. Most of the
quickly coagulating as the drips
long, deep breath of fresh air… victims were of Italian descent and owned Italian
become slower and thicker. He grocery stores, this led to the belief that the
sigh…” I love me some jazz”, he pauses for a moment and wonders
says to himself in his deep, rich killer was a part of the Mafia. The dreaded and
if he should put the axe back where mysterious axeman of New Orleans and his violent
voice. Tipping his slouch hat at
he found it, in the garden shed, or agenda disappeared in the autumn of 1919 as sud-
the passers-by and giving them a
leave it next to the not-yet-cold denly and hastily as they arrived. The fearful
confident nod, he says to himself
“they listened, there will be no dark family of corpses. Deciding to midnight murderer was never apprehended and his
and damnable deeds tonight.” With take it with him, he saunters to the identity remains a mystery to this day.
images of his borrowed bloody axe icebox in the kitchen and pours a
flashing through his consciousness, fresh glass of chilled milk.
he sets down his trumpet case, After leisurely gulping, he washes
pulls out a fresh cigarette and
and puts away the glass, uses his
matchstick from his breast pocket,
sleeve to erase the white liquid
cusps his hands, and lights it.
from his lips, then cleans himself In the dark of night, the Axeman
He leans with one shoulder into a
brick wall, puffing smoke rings into
of the blood splatter strewn across slays. He walks slowly through
the crisp, early spring air of the
his face and forearms with a
the damp air, and watches New dish towel from the kitchen sink.
Orleans pass by in all her ghastly
glory. Looking back on the week
He puts the dirty towel inside of city like a swampy sludge of the
before, he recalls chipping away
his trumpet case and walks out,
closing the door behind him,
blackest fear. He knows what he
at the back door of the corner
shotgun house in that silent Gretna and leans the rusty, dripping axe has done and who called him to do
neighbourhood and kicking in against the doorframe as a gesture it. A demon in the dead of night, his
of politeness that surely the police
the corner panel to reach in and
unlock the doorknob, letting himself will find amusing. Tipping his hat bloody work finished.
in. He walks slowly through the as he leaves, he says to himself
connecting dark rooms, pausing “Goodnight sweet angel of death.”

Found Dead in Bed”: Hell, March 13th, 1919
The Victims of the Axeman In March of 1919, the New Orleans-based Times-Picayune newspaper
received a taunting letter from the supposed Axeman. He revealed
Many of the Axeman’s victims were Italian grocers. Did he his love of jazz music and propositioned the citizens of New
have prejudice against these immigrant families? Did they Orleans to “jazz it” in their homes the eve of St. Joseph’s day (a
offend, ridicule, or hurt him in some way? Or was it all just major holiday for Italians) or “get the axe.” The letter reads:
random acts of violence? The world may never know. We do
know that those who survived his attacks were left with a Hell, March 13th, 1919
ghostly vision for the rest of their lives of a dark man wielding a Esteemed Mortal of New Orleans:
heavy axe over their beds and reining his strength down upon
their sleeping bodies. They have never caught me, and they never will. They have never seen me, for
I am invisible, even as the ether that surrounds your earth. I am not a human
being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. I am what you Orleani-
Name/Occupation/Status/Date ans and your foolish police call the Axeman. When I see fit, I shall come and
claim other victims. I alone know whom they shall be. I shall leave no clue
Attacked/Survived/Died except my bloody axe, besmeared with blood and brains of he whom I have sent
below to keep me company. If you wish you may tell the police to be careful
Joseph Maggio not to rile me. Of course, I am a reasonable spirit. I take no offense at the way
Italian grocer 5/22/1918 died at the scene they have conducted their investigations in the past. In fact, they have been
so utterly stupid as to not only amuse me, but His Satanic Majesty, Francis
Catherine Maggio Josef, etc. But tell them to beware. Let them not try to discover what I am, for
Wife of Joseph 5/22/1918 DOA it were better that they were never born than to incur the wrath of the Axeman.
Louis Besumer I don't think there is any need of such a warning, for I feel sure the police will
Italian grocer 6/27/1918 survived always dodge me, as they have in the past. They are wise and know how to keep
away from all harm.
Harriet Lowe
Mistress of Louis 6/27/1918 died 2 months later Undoubtedly, you Orleanians think of me as a most horrible murderer, which I
am, but I could be much worse if I wanted to. If I wished, I could pay a visit
Anna Schneider to your city every night. At will I could slay thousands of your best citizens
8 months pregnant 8/5/1918 survived (& gave birth) (and the worst), for I am in close relationship with the Angel of Death.
Joseph Romano
Elderly 8/10/1918 died 2 days later Now, to be exact, at 12:15 (earthly time) on next Tuesday night, I am going
to pass over New Orleans. In my infinite mercy, I am going to make a little
Charles Cortimiglia proposition to you people. Here it is:
Italian grocer 3/10/1919 survived/divorced
I am very fond of jazz music, and I swear by all the devils in the nether
Rosie Cortimiglia regions that every person shall be spared in whose home a jazz band is in
Wife of Charles 3/10/1919 survived/divorced full swing at the time I have just mentioned. If everyone has a jazz band
Mary Cortimiglia going, well, then, so much the better for you people. One thing is certain
2-year-old daughter 3/10/1919 DOA and that is that some of your people who do not jazz it out on that specific
Tuesday night (if there be any) will get the axe.
Steve Boca
Italian grocer 8/10/1919 survived Well, as I am cold and crave the warmth of my native Tartarus, and it is
about time I leave your earthly home, I will cease my discourse. Hoping that
Sarah Laumann 19 thou wilt publish this, that it may go well with thee, I have been, am and will
Homemaker 9/3/1919 survived be the worst spirit that ever existed either in fact or realm of fancy.
Mike Pepitone
--The Axeman
Italian grocer 10/27/1919 died later at hospital

“Don’t Scare me Papa”

12:15 o’clock Tuesday evening full bands playing their hearts Axeman. A “bit” of a self- depicting a family frantically
March 18th, the residents and out that night. Every saxophone, promoter, by that Thursday playing jazz music from their
revellers of New Orleans jazzed trumpet, trombone, drum, morning he was offering the piano with looks of sheer terror
it like they’ve never jazzed it clarinet, violin, and piano in the sheet music for sale to the on their faces as they waited for
before. Restaurants, clubs, city was humming a tune just for public at a price. His business the Axeman to pass over the
and bars were overflowing the Axeman’s infatuated ear. manoeuvre was so shrewd that
city. The article described all of
with patrons who felt their many thought he could have
the jazzy festivities across the
lives depended on it. Every Inspired by the letter to written the letter himself as part
musician, whether they had the Times, one auspicious of a marketing ploy to further metropolitan area and the fact
been booked before or not, was composer named Joseph John sell his composition. that the Axeman did not strike
contracted. Every neighbour, Davilla claimed to have that evening. Mr. Davilla would
friend, family member, and composed “The Mysterious On Wednesday March 19, later use this very illustration
stranger were gathered together Axeman’s Jazz (Don’t Scare Me St. Joseph’s Day, the Times- as the cover of his now well-
surrounding the jazz trios and Papa)” while waiting for the Picayune printed an illustration known, published sheet music.

Saint Joseph’s Day
Saint Joseph was married to Mary, Jesus’ mother, and
regarded as Jesus’ legal father. He is recognized by
the Catholic Church as the Patron Saint of the sick and
happy death, of fathers, workers, and carpenters.
In Sicily, where many immigrants to New Orleans
hailed from in the late 19th century, Saint Joseph is an
important part of their Italian Catholic culture. According
to legend, he prevented a famine during the Middle
Ages, which is how the typical Saint Joseph’s altar
came to be. Fruit, fava beans, zeppole, cakes, breads,
and cookies, wine and spirits, other meatless dishes,
flowers and candles are all arranged on a three-tiered
(to represent the Trinity) altar and then traditionally
served to the needy once it has been dismantled.
The breadcrumbs of these specially prepared dishes
are said to signify the saw dust that would have
surrounded Joseph as a carpenter.
The Feast of Saint Joseph, celebrated on March 19th,
is a major, city-wide, public event for New Orleans
and her Sicilian-rooted immigrants. Altars are built
and usually open to the public for viewing and paying
homage. Parades through the cobblestone streets of
the city, similar to the likes of Mardi Gras and Saint
Patrick’s Day, are a tradition not to be taken lightly by
the Italians. In Italy, March 19th is also celebrated as
Father’s Day.
Another New Orleans tradition says that if you bury a
small statue of Saint Joseph upside down in the front
yard, your house will sell more promptly. The Mardi
Indians also celebrate “Super Sunday”, the last
procession of the season and where costumes are
dismantled. on the Sunday nearest Saint Joseph’s
Day. 1918-1919
New Orleans: The Great War, The Spanish Flu,
and The Death of Storyville
In 1917, much to the chagrin of the mayor and a good portion of the city’s
debauchery-gripped citizens, Storyville (the segregated red-light district of New
Orleans) was shut down and prostitution deemed illegal. “Men must live straight
to shoot straight”, as the rigid Navy secretary put it. The United States was “all in”
on the Great War, and there were strict vice laws constructed to keep military men
away from lustful extravagances. There was a renewed sense of patriotism and the
government wasn’t going to let the city of New Orleans - the city of vice - bankrupt
that. With the termination of Storyville and the enforcement of the vice laws, many
jazzmen were left without work. Jazz music (and its advocates) was seen as a
corruption of good morality by the Federal Government, and many performers
became worried about the widespread draft into the war. In June of 1918 (a
year after the first jazz recordings by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band), the
Times-Picayune published an article entitled “Jass and Jassism”, in sheer
opposition of jazz –

“Its musical value is nil, and its possibilities of harm are great."
“Why is the jass music, and, therefore, the jass band?
As well ask why is the dime novel or the grease-dripping
doughnut? All are manifestations of a low streak in man's
tastes that has not yet come out in civilization's wash"

Home of one of the nation’s busiest seaports, the first movie theatre, and
all manner of indulgences including but not limited to Mardi Gras, New
Orleans had a booming economy during this time.

1918-1919 New Orleans: The Great War, the Spanish
Flu, and the death of Storyville (continued...)

Wages reached inconceivable levels of up to $2 a day,

occasionally more in urban areas. On the darker side, the
Big Easy was also home to the largest mass lynching in
American history, a considerable amount of organized crime,
and one volatile serial killer. But with pockets full, debts
paid, and luxury items in tow, New Orleanians were vastly
supportive of the war effort. “100 percent Americanism”
was the sign of the times, and anyone who didn’t display
this new-found sense of pride for their country was quickly
exposed and ejected from society.

With the end of the war in 1918 “at the eleventh hour, of
the eleventh day, of the eleventh month” came a new kind
of adversary to the docks of the Crescent City’s seaport...
the Spanish Flu. Influenza massacred 50-100 million people
worldwide, and according to the Board of Health for the
Parish of Orleans, between October 1918 and April 1919,
the city experienced 54,089 cases of influenza, of which
3,489 souls perished. New Orleans experienced so many
horrific cases of the epidemic that Charity Hospital became
100% dedicated to the care of influenza victims.

The late teen years of the Crescent City saw a lot of peaks
and valleys from soaring patriotism, a booming economy,
and the death of Storyville, to the Great War, the Spanish Flu
epidemic, mass lynching, rising crime, and one very elusive
serial killer.

Italian Immigrants and the Mafia of New Orleans

Over 80% of Italian Immigrants between two Mafia families, extortion by the Mafia. There alongside African-American
that arrived at the Crescent the Provenzanos and the had been apparent suggestions laborers in the fields of the
City ports in the late 19th Matrangas. The first known that the Axeman of New sugar and cotton plantations,
century was Sicilian. By 1900, usage in print of the word Orleans had a relationship with pasta factories, and swampy
New Orleans was home to “mafia” was in association the Mafia and “black-hand docks of the city and its
the largest known Italian with Hennessey’s death. Many crime.” A practice derived in outskirts. But, to the dismay of
community in the South, New Orleanians believed that Southern Italian communities, plantation and factory owners,
composed of approximately the Italians, whose population “black-hand crime” meant an immigrant who delicately
20,000 including the children was continually growing and the victim was threatened
hoarded his earnings in these
of immigrants. Stereotypes causing apprehension about with violence if money that
low-wage positions could
surrounding the Italians, Italian influence on their was demanded was not paid.
be self-employed within a
such as a common distrust beloved city were responsible. New Orleans detective John
matter of a few years. Italians
and disdain for authority, The largest mass lynching in Dantonio, a recognized expert
on the subject of the Mafia, became a mainstay in the
led to settling quarrels the Louisiana history and one of
“old fashioned way.” The the largest in the U.S. occurred denied the claims saying that French Market, selling their
“Vendetta”, as it was referred when over a hundred men a “black-hand attack would fruit from horse-drawn carts
to, was a common tactic as were arrested in connection not have left any survivors.” and successfully dominating
witnessed by the frequent knife with Hennessey’s murder. He believed the Axeman was the corner grocery business.
fights, gunfire, and other violent Most were released, but eleven nothing more than a deranged By 1900, almost 20% of all
crimes. In fact, Decatur Street unlucky Italian citizens were serial killer with inexplicable groceries were Italian owned,
had become so well-known horrifyingly lynched when a motives, not unlike Jack the and by 1920 they possessed
for its vicious vendettas, it was mob stormed the jail after their Ripper. exactly half of all groceries in
nicknamed “Vendetta Alley.” subsequent acquittals. the city. With so many Italians
Comparable to other poor
There was much discord Dating back to 1879, New immigrants in America at the settled in the lower French
between the Irish and Italian Orleans was the first city in time, the Italians were vastly Quarter in the early 20th
population of the city, and the United States to have its discriminated against and the Century, the area from Jackson
in 1890, the Irish chief of own “Mafia Family.” In New subject of much suspicion Square to Esplanade Avenue,
police, David Hennessy was York and New Orleans, Italian from local New Orleanians. between Decatur and Chartres,
assassinated after being grocery stores were known They were considered “not became known as “Little
involved in a violent dispute fronts for racketeering and quite white”, having worked Palermo.”

Bloody Work:
Crime solving techniques in the Was it circumstantial? Did Esther
early 20th century mistakenly identify Joseph as the
At the time of the Axeman shot by Esther Albano, Mike Axeman? Why weren’t the New
Orleans police involved? Was it
murders, fingerprinting was Pepitone’s widow, in 1921 after
just coming into the limelight threatening her in her own home.
in the U.S. and was not yet a
standard in identifying criminals
Esther, the sole witness to Mike’s
murder two years prior, said that
just an excuse to kill a man in
even though it had been used she recognized Mumfre as the cold blood? Was Joseph Mumfre
really the Axeman? No one will
by Scotland Yard for several Axeman and shot him repeatedly
decades. Policing in urban until he was dead. She claimed
America was exceedingly that he had been harassing her
and her new husband, Angelo,
ever know.
controlled by politics and the
public agenda. Policeman who had coincidentally gone
were elected officials who were missing on the anniversary of
given the ultimate responsibility
of enforcing morality on the
her first husband’s murder, two
months before she fatally shot
Learn more about the Axeman of
immigrant populations of the Mumfre. Mumfre spent time in
prison from 1911-1918 after
New Orleans
city. The standard of the time
was that if someone with his involvement in a gang that We recommend the following books:
specialized knowledge could preyed on Italian immigrants. “The Axeman of New Orleans” by Miriam
help investigators, then the court The timing is very suspicious
C. Davis and “Empire of Sin” by Gary
would allow their testimony. But considering there were a series
Krist for further reading and research on
of axe murders in 1911 that
there was no regulation with this the Axeman of New Orleans. Buzzfeed
stopped when he was in prison
failed attempt, and with it came Unsolved also has an episode about
and started again upon his
countless cases of fraud. the Axeman on their YouTube channel
parole. Promptly following Mike
Despite the circumstantial Pepitone’s murder in October of that is worth watching. You can listen to
evidence against one Joseph 1919, Mumfre fled New Orleans Joseph John Davilla’s composition of
Mumfre for the Axeman murders, for the West Coast. His sudden “The Mysterious Axeman’s Jazz: Don’t
there was absolutely no actual relocation also coincided with Scare Me Papa” HERE:
evidence to convict him of the the abrupt end of the Axeman https://youtu.be/x_iSLK74ZI4
crimes. Joseph was fatally murders in New Orleans.

The Séance is the central ritual of spiritualism and has provided Let the séance begin:
thousands of ordinary people the opportunity to try and gain
1.    Sit around the table, both
access with the spirit world, within a supportive and like-minded hand placed flat and touching
the people’s hand either side of
group setting. you, till all hands are
2.    Call for Spirit to come and
join you, you can say
In Ancient Greek times, the Greeks used many different techniques something like – “Are there any
to try and make contact with the dead, one of these was something spirits or loved ones that
which to communicate with us’
that resembles the modern-day séance, which originates from then follow this with the more
traditional question of “is ther
the Victorian phenomenon. The excitement and enthusiasm for e anybody there`’
contacting the dead came from America in 1848, when Maggie 3.    Before you move on you nee
d some sort of response, for
and Kate Fox managed to communicate with a spirit that lived example a bang, temperature drop
ping, hairs on your arms
within their home. From this amazing success, these two ladies standing up or even a sensing
presence. If no response repeat
started doing large demonstrations to large crowds. Other the same question “is there any
mediums then stepped forward, and these demonstrations where body there”
then also done in smaller groups, in people’s homes, allowing the 4.    The main part of the séance
is when you do get a response
public to become the ‘sitters’ for the séance. and can start asking questions,
remember some mediums
who do this may go into trance
By 1851, which was only 3 years later, the séance was massive. which can show physical and
personality changes. Also post
Many mediums became celebrities for their work. They performed ure, attitude and voice can
for society figures, wealthy aristocrats and even royalty. Here change. The questions should star
t with general questions
they also started to show a wide range of paranormal powers, far connected to the spirit you hav
e connected with. Their
beyond that of simply passing on messages from the other side. identity is very important. If the
spirit is not whom you wish
From this the Ouija and Table-turning became huge as a medium to speak to then ask them poli
tely if it would be possible to
was not required. Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria and Prince bring them in to talk to you. No
matter what you ask always
Philip were massive fans of table-turning. remember to speak politely and
never malicious, and never
why have a séance? ask questions that will give you
an unpleasant answer.
5.    When you are finished don
Some may find the whole thought of having a séance a very e just get up and leave. Thank
scary and frightening experience, but there are several reasons the spirits for joining you, tell
them that you hope they come
why it is a good method to use when trying to contact someone again but for now to return to
their spiritual plane, send them
from beyond the grave. your thanks and say goodbye.
COMFORT – those who attend a séance are there to try and 6.    Once the séance is over, then
it’s time to clean up, but do
speak to their friend or a loved one who is no longer on the earth not forget what you saw and wha
t you learned. The answers
plain, just for reassurance that they are happy and fine, with provided by spirit may become
their new being. clearer later on or may be a
springboard of your own reflectio
ns. Give yourself some quiet
SYNERGY – several people working together combining their time after the séance to mediate
and take it all in.
energies to bring a greater force.
Finally, some important prin
WISDOM – Our past loved ones have so much wisdom which ciples:
comes from their own knowledge and life experiences. ·      Don’t be afraid.
·      Be real
Getting ready for a séance: ·      Be courteous
Location is very important for a séance. You need to have an ·      Be polite
area where you won’t be disturbed, where loud noises and ·      Pace yourselves
bright lights will not intrude or ruin the atmosphere or scare
Enjoy doing the séance, rememb
of spirit. er to be relaxed and enjoy
the experience. Once the séance
You need to have a group of like-minded people for the is over, maybe take a note
of what you witnessed and wha
séance. People you trust, they do not need to be believers but t answers you were given, so
that in later years you have som
understand that they need to be supportive and serious. ething to look back on.

So, you can imagine when I got invited to the Paranormal Lockdown UK press day
at an old disused underground station down in our capital how I felt? Like a man
running headlong, at some speed, straight into an old steam train, I WAS CHUFFED
TO BITS (did you see what I did there?)
I was rubbing shoulders Line, Superman IV, The Krays, Second World War it was used
with real proper journalists, Creep, 28 Weeks Later & as an air raid shelter for 2,500
I tell you, from The London Sherlock to name but seven). people, trust me, it
Standard, The Guardian, The would take a
Mirror, Best Magazine and NOTE: The spiral staircase special kind
Total TV Guide AND it was is a joy to walk down, but an of bomb
great to catch up with the absolute bastard to walk back to reach
guys and girls from Quest up, it has to be said. down
Red, the channel which PLUK there.
And you can see why, it’s eerie,
(Paranormal Lockdown UK) is It was
it’s spooky, it’s old fashioned,
on. Suitably suited and booted also the
you can hear non-underground
in our orange hi-vis jackets home
London above you and every
and steel toe capped shoes from
now and then you get a blast
we were taken into the depths of air coming from somewhere, treasures
of Old London that we know where, I have no idea. A ghost from
as “the underground”, deeper train maybe? Buckingham
and deeper we went. The Palace, the Victoria & Albert
venue was a now defunct and The historian. Alan Brooke, museum and most notably, The
disused underground station, for the venue told us some Elgin Marbles.
Aldwych Old Station, situated fascinating stories about
in the Westminster part of the location. It was opened I love historians, YES you can
London. I say disused, it is now in 1907 and it was used to research stuff off the internet
used for tours, the odd ghost take passengers to an ever- now, but they always have that
hunt and TV & movie location increasing popular theatre little nugget of more information
sets (Battle of Britain, Death The Royal Strand. During the than you can find.

One of its two tunnels ran directly under Other people have seen a man (in
a sight that something rather gruesome uniform) thought to have died on the
was uncovered. In the 1830s a man tracks and have smelt strong perfume
was charging people money to bury / cigarette / cigar smoke whilst others
their loved ones at a local church, well have reported loud operatic singing
that’s what the people paying money echoing along the tracks.
thought he was doing, he was actually
dumping the corpses in a 6ft deep, An amazing location, with an amazing
history, which is where Nick Groff and
60ft wide pit which lay undiscovered
Katrina Weidman came into it, we’d all
until 20 years later when 12,000 bodies
listened to the historian and then we
were found after people complained of
were introduced to Nick and Katrina.
a foul smell and lots of strange insects
Now, I’d spoken to them on the phone,
buzzing and flying around.
on Skype, and messaged them on
Now, I’ve smelt some things in my social media over the past so it was
kind of nice to get a “hey Paul man,
time, ghost hunting with the rest of the
finally nice to meet you” greeting from
HauntedLIVE boys, it’s part and parcel
Nick along with a high five handshake
for the course but I cannot imagine
and a manly hug and “hey Paul, at last
what that must’ve smelt like. As well as
we meet” greeting from Katrina, with a
the smelly ghosts from the “graveyard”
much less manly hug.
many people say that they’ve seen a
woman dressed in theatrical costume, Then it was time for the other
thought to be the ghost of Francis journalists, writers, editors to fire their
Maria Kelly, the star of a one woman questions in, to be fair, I thought it “fair”
show at The Royal Strand theatre and to let the others ask away more than
is rumoured to haunt the station in myself as we have access to Nick and
sorrow, devastated that they closed the Katrina on a fairly regular basis, but we
theatre and put an end to her career. got some corker questions in though.

WHAT’S THE MAIN DIFFERENCE to their good friend and fellow investigator,
Elizabeth Saint, the gadget guru, the goddess of
Katrina: Without a shadow of a doubt, the
history, you guys have layers upon layers of ARE GADGETS IMPORTANT IN
history, documented, researched history. Ours GHOST HUNTING?
is only 300 years old or so, our spirits are just
babies. We picked up so much more than we Nick: Absolutely, there’ll be times when we pick
expected. up on things without gadgets, but to us they’re
just another great way of trying to communicate
Nick: Katrina is right, we were sleeping in with ghosts, spirits, what ever is out there.
locations that have a 1000-year-old history, we
Katrina: We will try a few out later when you
can’t do that back in USA. There are so many
come and do some investigating with us.
factors to investigate when we’ve been at a
location over here, it’s not just the Victorian era, And so, it was time, ghost hunting / paranormal
the 1800s, it goes beyond that. investigation with Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman
in this spooky disused train station. We
WHICH LOCATION OVER HERE WAS assemble on mass to one of the carriages, it’s
THE SCARIEST? large and empty, some of the other reporters are
looking around anxiously and then Nick turns
Nick: That’s a hard one, Shepton Mallett, the on the Ghost Box and after a few seconds a
prison was weird, and kinda freaky, Skegness loud echoing male voice clearly shouts HELLO
Hell House was dark and spooky, each location at us and then just to show that it’s not always
had something, something that didn’t feel right. booming loud voices coming through there’s
a soft whisper sound, as if from a female. You
Katrina: I agree with Nick, it’s hard to pick a top couldn’t have got much differing voices if you
location, or even a top three, the first episode had tried.
of the series is Shepton Mallett and that was
definitely a good one, in terms of evidence and “Can you try and talk to us” Nick calls out, the
scares, but all the locations had that fear factor soft voice replies “what is it”, followed by the
at some point.
word “actress” (no effing way, yes effing way).
The other reporter’s eyes were drawn to the
gadgets like ghost flies around a supernatural Katrina explains that the spirits are most
jam jar, and to be fair, I was too, Nick & Katrina probably trying to communicate by using our
are blessed with gadgets, new gadgets and energies to speak just before the softer voice
bespoke gadgets too, a lot of that is down asks, “how does it work?”.

Alan, the historian was in One of the female reporters word and a sigh are echoed London and get that icy blast
attendance and it appears that jumps as she feels “something, through the box. Katrina turns from time to time, where it
his name is being said a few someone” walk past her, to me and says, “do you want a comes from baffles me.
times and is encouraged to touching her softly. Yes, it’s dark go Paul?”
and spooky and your mind can After a while it was photo time
speak. Both voices are trying
play tricks, we all know that, but HELL, YES, I DO. “we’re just and I got my selfie with Nick
to talk over each other, “do about to leave these carriages, and Katrina, but there was also
I have no reason to doubt her.
you remember me” from the we’d love you to follow us and a photographer there who took
Nick asks if one of us wants to
soft female voice, “is anyone go into the other carriage alone, try to communicate with us shed loads of photos from the
a medic” from the louder male of course, anyone who knows some more, whether you mean event, far better than mine,
voice. Alan explained that the me knows that I would’ve us harm or not, come follow us” far clearer than mine, some
man who died on the tracks stepped up to the challenge of which are included in this
suffered a large head injury. (ahem), but I felt it only fair to Katrina and Nick look at the feature.
let the other reporters do it. One faces of the other reporters,
A few of the reporters then of them started to move into almost laughing, “thanks for Before I left I briefly chatted
appear to go cold and start the carriage, then on the Ghost that Paul, “laughs Katrina and to Nick and Katrina, and to be
to shiver. To be fair, there is Box, we heard “Danger” and I get a “what the chuff did you honest, it was like we were old
“don’t go in there”. just say” look from the girls at friends with a common interest
a gush of cold wind coming
Best Magazine. IT HAD TO BE in the paranormal. They are so
from somewhere. Katrina DONE!!
Katrina told the solo adventurer excited for PLUK and jokingly
explains that this is common if loved the fact that “our swear
“spirits often try to spook us
spirit activity is near as they’re but remember it’s only the living As we venture onto the words aren’t
trying to use our energies in that can hurt us”. In attempt to platforms, you can smell the
an attempt to connect more get more activity, before we go oldness of the location, hear the
clearly. to the platforms Nick tries to rile rumblings of the
up the male voice to which the city of
This would have made a great words “shut up”, followed
place for an episode of PLUK by a swear
but due to health and safety,
it wasn’t allowed

beeped out”. I also found out that Rob Saffi, the camera man,
the theme tune guy and all-round nice guy doesn’t sleep in the
locations with Nick and Katrina, that I did not know, I will have
to catch up with him at some point and see how he rated our
Premier Inns / Travelodges over here.

By the time you read this issue, Paranormal Lockdown will be

well into its debut series on Quest Red. We hope that this is the
first of many series of PLUK, obviously it depends on audience,
viewing figures, budget etc etc but I think the UK has impressed
both Nick and Katrina with our “haunted” locations. Here’s

hoping. Oh, and the girls at Best Magazine are talking to me



or centuries, all over the British that reports date back at least five had been part of local folklore since
Isles, there have been ominous centuries. The legend of the black dog time immemorial. Everyone knew of
sightings of monstrous, demonic – infamous throughout the British Isles - someone that saw two glowing, red
dogs. Described as colossal in size, could have evolved from several ancient eyes in the black of night and suffered an
with black, shaggy fur, it always has sagas. Accounts bear similarities to not unfortunate turn of events – sometimes
glowing red eyes or, like a cyclops, only the Hound of Odin, described in even death. I’d always assumed it to be
one fiery eye that glares at its victims old Norse mythology, but also the Celtic an East Anglian phenomenon - Black
from the middle of its forehead – worse, tales of Arawn, god of the underworld, Shuck was our monster. However, it
anyone who faces it’s blazing glare is who released his hounds of Hell to didn’t take much digging to discover
doomed to death, or at least disaster search for human souls. that the hell-hound hunts – maybe even
shortly after. haunts - all over the country. Going by
Growing up in rural East Anglia on the various names, all of these derive from
Nobody knows when the horrifying border of Norfolk and Suffolk, ‘Black the old vernacular, usually middle-
hound first made an appearance, only Shuck’ or ‘Old Shuck’ as he’s known, English regional dialect.

Picture Credit: Spookhound

Picture Credit: Paul Atlas Saunders

Black Shuck – East Anglia

Stories and sightings come from far and wide all over East Anglia, from the sandy
shores of North Norfolk all the way down into Essex. The name is thought to
originate from East Anglian dialect, ‘shucky’, meaning shaggy, or ‘Scucca’, the
Anglo-Saxon word that translates as ‘demon.’

By far the most famous account from this region is the story of the day of the
demon dog, appearing in two Suffolk churches in one day, both during a violent
storm. Blythburgh and Bungay aren’t far apart geographically – a mere twelve
miles, yet during the sixteenth century, even the fastest racehorse would surely
have struggled to get from one place to the next with both congregations still
present. The strange thing is, it isn’t just a folk tale. Broadsheets printed stories
about the supernatural occurrences that day, and Church wardens even wrote
about it in the ledgers.

A contemporary broadsheet states that:

‘A strange and terrible wunder wrought very

late in the parish church of Bongay…namely
on the fourth of this August, in y yeere of Our
Lord 1577, in a…tempest of raine, lightning
and thunder, thys like whereof hath been seen.
With the appearance of an horrible-shaped
thing, sensibly perceived of the people then and
there assembled.’ (sic).
Written records were not commonplace at the time, making it even more
unusual that the church warden recorded that two men were killed in the
belfry, while several members of the congregation were maimed.

Primary sources as evidence in cases such as these are rare in the extreme.
While many people could read by this date (compared to the century before),
not many of them needed to learn to write. Instead, shocking events such as
this were made into verse and recited or sung in alehouses and town squares
all over the country. One such verse that survives tells us of the happenings that

‘All down the church in midst of fire, the hellish monster flew
And, passing onward to the quire, he many people slew’.

Sadly, no evidence of this demonic encounter survives in the existing fabric of

Bungay church, mainly due to the reformation and erasing of anything relating
to ‘superstitious’ Catholicism. An unfortunate side effect of this was destroying
past evidence that we today would find fascinating. However, the same cannot
be said for Blythburgh; the church door still bears the scars of scorch marks,
supposedly left by monstrous claws.

Picture Credit: Raiden Silverfox

Picture Credit: Britt Martin

Yeth Hound – South West

While the description remains the same – a huge, shaggy
black dog with glowing eyes – the beast of the West Country
is reputed to embody all the lost souls of Dartmoor, it’s most
notorious haunt in the County. Here, legend focuses on the
souls of stillborn, abandoned or aborted babies, whilst in
Cornwall, the belief still survives that a baby born at midnight
will have power over the ‘yell’ hounds and the supernatural.

In Devon, the beast is called the Yeth Hound, derived from

the old dialect pronunciation of ‘heath.’ Mentioned in the
nineteenth century collection of folklore ‘The Denham
Tracts,’ it may also have been the inspiration for Arthur
Conan-Doyle’s ‘Hound of the Baskervilles.’ Sighting were
so commonplace in centuries past that Black Dog Hill in
Wiltshire was named after it.

Barghest/Barguest – Yorkshire
Also known as Gytrash and Padfoot, the dog of doom has been sighted
everywhere from the snickets of York to the coastal town of Whitby. One
of the most famous cases from the area is the Legend of Troller’s Gill in
the Dales. It was first recorded in William Hone’s ‘Everyday Book’ of 1830,
then later in the nineteenth century in Thomas Parkinson’s ‘Yorkshire
Legends and Traditions’. The reader is told that one night, a brave local
took it upon himself to go out into the gorge to confront the Barguest,
summoning it forth with ritualistic magic. Unsurprisingly, he never returned
to tell the tale, and his mutilated body was found weeks later by a
shepherd, who said that across his chest were strange marks that ‘had not
come from the hand of man.’

That’s one Barguest I’d rather not have a pint with!

In popular culture
The black dog has been sparking our imaginations for centuries, and today is no exception.

Barguests feature in several well-known books, including Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ and Neil Gaiman’s story ‘Black Dog.’ Glam Rock band
The Darkness – from Lowestoft in East Anglia - recorded a song called Black Shuck. The shaggy one is even more popular in video games
these days, making appearances in The Witcher and Kingdoms of Amalur, and even TV series, such as Grimm. I guess there’s no reason
why Omens of Doom can’t move with the times!

New Evidence
Until recently, the only evidence for the existence of such a creature came from accounts and stories recorded in stories, papers and songs
down through the centuries. That’s until archaeologists made a shocking discovery in May 2014. During an excavation at Leiston Abbey,
Suffolk, the bones of an enormous, male dog were unearthed.

Standing seven foot tall with an estimated weight of 200 lbs, the skeletal remains certainly match descriptions. If nothing else, this find
proves that an animal of such terrifying size can and did exist in times past.

Such physical evidence, combined with the existence of written accounts and reports, leads me to think that the legend of Black Shuck
could have its roots in reality. Whether a real beast or not, it’s certainly fed the imaginations of generations for hundreds of years. I can’t
imagine that changing any time soon.

hen one thinks of the occult,
secret societies, and a Utopian
community, not many people think
of Niagara Falls. Sure, the locals call it the unofficial 8th
wonder of the natural world, and it’s also been deemed
the Honeymoon Capital of the World. But home to
America’s very own sage? It sounds like something out
of a fairy tale, but less than an hour from Niagara Falls
Home of Occult Architecture,
is the home of the Sage of East Aurora. It’s a place still
Secret Societies, and shrouded with mystery, sacred architecture, and the
a 20th Century Utopia ghost of its fearless leader. Welcome to the Roycroft

(oh and a rather nice Quiche of the day)

The Roycroft Inn and Campus was founded by Elbert

Hubbard in 1895 (not to be confused with L. Ron
Hubbard of Scientology infamy) and named after the
17th Century printers Samuel and Thomas Roycroft (the
name meaning “king’s craft”). The Campus was home
to those swept up in the Arts and Crafts Movement of
the late 19th-early 20th centuries. Together, Hubbard
along with his wife, Alice, and their followers, created a
medieval guild-like organization which eventually led to
a sort of Utopian society where they worked with their
“heads, hearts, and hands” instead of the gears and
grease of the Industrial Revolution.

The Roycroft Campus continued to grow over the years
and by 1910, the Campus contained over eighteen
buildings acting as places of work and group housing
for more than 500 craftsmen and women, spiritualists,
suffragists, reformers, radicals, prohibitionists, and
freethinkers. But with the claim of a secretive, Utopian
community hoping to change a country in grass-roots
movements, there are always rumours of societies and
cults lurking about, and the Roycroft is no different.

Hubbard was known as the Sage of East Aurora and
for a good reason. It’s a truth universally acknowledged
Amanda R. WoomeR by historians and paranormal investigators, alike,
that Hubbard was a Rosicrucian. Rosicrucianism or
(Spook-Eats) the Order of the Rosy Cross was established in (you
guessed it!) 17th Century Europe. Like most secret
societies of the day, Rosicrucianism was (and still is)
a mixture of Kabbalah, Hermeticism, alchemy, and
mystical Christianity.

According to the teachings of the
society, members were privy to the knowledge
and secrets in nature that provided insight into
the physical universe and the spiritual realm. This
claim to fame as a Rosicrucian led Hubbard to be the
charismatic leader of his beloved Roycroft community,
even taking on the nickname of Fra (Latin for brother)
which is a common term of address in monastic orders.
Despite this direct connection between the Roycroft
Campus and the Rosicrucians, it’s still unknown
whether Hubbard was running a cult-like commune
on the Campus or if the Arts and Crafts Movement
could have been considered a religion at a time when
spiritualism was on the rise and religious unrest was
sweeping the nation. A religion follows a set of beliefs
while a cult follows an individual. Strangely enough,
the Roycroft is home to both these ideas, leaving
researchers dumbfounded of what to make of this

Hubbard and his wife, Alice, died tragically when the
Lusitania sank off the coast of Ireland in 1915 (an
event that Hubbard prophesized as far back as 1896).
Despite this heart-breaking hardship, the community
continued under the guidance of Hubbard’s son until
it fell into a state of disrepair in 1938. The Campus lay
quiet on the corner of Main Street and South Grove
Street until it was granted National Historic Landmark
status in 1986. Today, it acts as a restaurant, boutique
hotel, and the 21st century home for those continuing
the Arts and Crafts Movement. But even though planes
fly overhead now, and cars go zooming by, there is still
a sense of mystery and otherworldliness that surrounds
the Roycroft Inn and Campus and all who visit it.

While the Roycroft may not boast stories of murder
and malevolent spirits stalking its halls, it certainly has
an air about it that seems mystical and sacred. Lights
turn on and off on their own. Objects such as glasses
move by ghostly hands in the bar (which used to be
Alice Hubbard’s [known prohibitionist] office). An old
hag and young serving girl appear in the gift shop. A
full-bodied apparition of a man stares out one of the
Inn’s windows. All these claims (and more) haunt the
Roycroft. Long-time employee, Rita, shared that when
she first began working at the Roycroft Inn over fifteen
years ago, she heard a man call out her name in
Hubbard Hall.

Despite the feeling of
uneasiness, a disembodied voice might
cause in most individuals, Rita claims that she
wasn’t afraid, and she believes it was Hubbard calling
out to her. And that feeling of protection and positivity
resounds throughout the Campus.

The Roycroft Campus may not be nearly as (in)famous
as the Stanley Hotel, the Farnsworth House, and other
haunted places in America, but it is definitely one of
the more fascinating and beguiling locations I’ve had
the pleasure to visit. Sacred architecture runs rampant
at the Roycroft Campus, and it comes as no surprise
that everyone’s favourite Rosicrucian, Hubbard, had
complete control over the design of his community. Not
only do the shapes, angles, and locations of many of
the buildings directly correlate to occult architecture
and mystical philosophies found in the works of the
Masons, but the terracotta face on the side of the
chapel adds a level of mystery to the place possibly
representing a god-like figure radiating knowledge…
one that strangely looks like “The Rosicrucian King”
Frederick of the Rhine. In all honesty, no one has any
clue what this pagan-like face is doing on the side of a
church (other than adding to the enigma of the Roycroft

But the Roycroft Inn isn’t just the home of wayward
spirits, occult symbolism, and impeccably crafted
furniture. Today, it acts primarily as a restaurant offering
(officially) Buffalo, New York’s best brunch (seriously,
with endless Bloody Mary’s how could it not be #1?),
lunch, and dinner both inside the main dining room, the
Larkin room, and the outdoor peristyle. The ambiance is
both charming and warm, the staff is amiable, and the
menu is extraordinarily varied. There’s an impressive
selection of beer, wine, whiskey, and cocktails (might I
recommend the Larkin About, named after Hubbard’s
time working with the Larkin Soap Co.?) as well as
a soup of the day, salad of the day, catch of the day,
crêpe of the day, and quiche of the day. However, sadly,
as I’ve begun to learn with most haunted locations, the
prices are a bit on the higher side, so be prepared to
spend anywhere from $40-100 per couple depending
on what you order and at what time of day you choose
to visit. Luckily for those of you who have a hard time
spending a pretty penny on a sandwich (like myself),
the portions are fairly generous, and the box of
leftovers takes some of the pain away as

you hand over your credit card.
I highly recommend their shrimp and lobster
bisque (I consider myself a connoisseur when it
comes to lobster bisques, and this was the best damn
bisque I’ve ever had). I’m not a huge fan of sweets but
their candied cashew caramel cheesecake is to die for
(seriously: if I were Elbert Hubbard, I’d forget haunting
the waitresses and spend eternity eating my weight in
cheesecake and never grow tired of it).

Once you’re done gorging on bisque and cheesecake
(trust me on this one… you can thank me later), feel
free to wander around the Roycroft Inn and chat
with the employees. Whether they’re believers or
sceptics, everyone has a story to share, and almost
all of the stories revolve around a single room where
employees refuse to go, and it is said to be the hub
of all the hauntings: The Ruskin Room. This room
has many claims of paranormal activity ranging from
séances, lights turning on and off, mysterious noises,
psychic experiences, poltergeist activity, and even
the apparition of Fra, himself. The Ruskin Room is
said to have been Elbert’s private study and also the
location for various Rosicrucian ceremonies (use your
imagination). According to local folklore, a Seneca
shaman showed Hubbard exactly where he should
build the tower housing the Ruskin Room after various
dowsers found natural energy beneath the ground.
It’s believed that these underground energies stir up
paranormal activity and help to lift the veil between the
worlds, offering those brave enough (or crazy enough)
to enter the room a chance to see the spiritual world
around them.

I sadly did not hear Elbert Hubbard call out my name,
nor did my cocktail move on its own while I visited the
Roycroft Inn. I did, however, leave feeling revitalized
and rejuvenated as if the calming and soothing
environment of the Roycroft Inn is still alive and well,
despite its fearless leader having left this world over
100 years ago.
For more information on the Roycroft Inn or if you’d like to
reserve a table or a room, check out their website at
www.roycroftinn.com or call them at 1 (716) 652-5552.
And if you find yourself in Niagara Falls, be sure to
experience the “Supernatural Roycroft” ghost tour
with Mason Winfield located right at the Roycroft


Twitter: @TheRealMikiYork
YouTube: MrMiki272


Facebook: MikiUKHaunted
Instagram: TheRealMikiYork


YOU KNOW THE DRILL BY What’s the best tool to talk to the own use and charm about them Many people would be aware
dead? Your own body, using your and yet many of these (if not all), of the usual ones, like the spirit
NOW, THERE’S PEOPLE boxes used on shows like Ghost
senses, the gadgets that God have been criticised and judged
THAT LOVE GHOST has blessed you with? Flashy Adventures, P-SB7 and P-SB11
by the paranormal community. For
HUNTING GADGETS AND gadgets, where some look sleek, me personally, my favourite piece the principle being that they scan
THERE’S PEOPLE THAT slick, modern and some look of kit has to be the spirit box or and sweep the radio frequencies
DON’T. I GET THAT, retro or ‘Steampunky’? The good ghost box. I have used many kinds
backwards so if you hear words
WE ALL KNOW THE old-fashioned Ouija Board, the on different investigations like the
then its spirits using those
frequencies to communicate with
PARANORMAL IS AN one that you can buy from toy
original franks box, designed by
us and not Sara Cox from Radio
shops, but Victorians swore by it
INDUSTRY, A NICHE, A back in the day? Old radios, full of
the late Frank Sumption. I do in 2. There are however, gadgets like
GENRE, A SECTOR, CALL IT electrical interference, white noise,
fact own 4 different kinds of ghost this that some of us may not have
WHAT YOU WILL WHICH low frequencies, hi-frequencies?
box and with Alex of UK Haunted, heard of.
HAS MORE DIVIDES AND we have 7 in total. They each have
A few years ago, I had the
Well over the years I have used all different ways of communicating
the above, they each have their with spirit. 
GADGETS AND GHOST Just to recap the P-SB7 is the original ITC spirit box that is designed and made
HUNTING GIZMOS WERE by Gary Galka. He made this device (and other equipment) so he could speak to
MORE THAN JUST FLASHY his deceased daughter. It works by scanning and sweeping the white noise of the
radio frequencies. You only hear each radio frequency for a quarter of a second
LIGHTS, MORE THAN and in theory if you hear full words or sentences, then it’s more than likely you
RANDOM WORDS AND are speaking to a spirit rather than a DJ or hearing words from songs.
The P-SB11 is the updated version of the P-SB7. On this device there is a
NAY-SAYERS ARE WRONG, second spirit box and can sweep both boxes forwards and backwards at the
WHAT IF THEY COULD same time and at different sweep speeds. It also incorporates a temperature
ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE reader that lets you know when there are spikes in the temperature range.
WITH THE DEAD? Again, this is an ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) device. 

A ghost box made by a good This is similar to the Franks box, where you would get
friend of mine, Steve Cooper. He is radio bleed and stations coming through while it scans.
a self-taught engineer who makes There are many RadioShack radios that have and can be
these individually numbered, hacked, Alex from UK Haunted has a couple of them. They
unique spirit boxes. These have are great at capturing the voices between the stations and
never been radios but continuously I fully believe that when using these devices, that we are
sweep the stations. You don’t get speaking to a spirit.
radio bleed, so in a way it is similar
In the past I have used this particular ghost box at
to the P-SB7. Some of them have
Houghton House in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. This old
a built-in echo so you may get
Manor House is derelict, and we captured
a better chance of hearing what
very graphic swear words at about 8pm and
is being said. Some have the if it was radio bleed then the cu*t word
capability to turn the sweep on wouldn’t have been on the radio, before or
and off. As with most things in life after the 9pm watershed. It was a controlled
(phones, TVs, games consoles), question.
each version of the Coopbox
(pictured right) is an improvement “WE ASKED THE SPIRITS IF THEY
of the one previous, like being able
to connect an external spirit box
or music to and play through the LATER A VOICE REPLIED, “KILL
internal speakers. He is adding THE CU*T”. THIS LANGUAGE
new things to each one he makes.  JUST WOULDN’T BE ON ANY RADIO STATION

JENSEN GHOST BOX Ghost hunting is unique, I can’t think of any

teams or groups or people who investigate
This is my latest ghost box. I’ve been
the same way as others, that’s the beauty
after one of these for many years now
of the paranormal, whether your old school
and have managed to get hold of one in
or into your gadgets we are all trying to see
the last 2 months. I’ve had some amazing
if there’s anything there and you know what
responses on this little box and I can say gadgets may just be the answer, one day.
that I have been blown away by what has
come through.  There are some paranormal investigators
don’t like the spirit box and just say it’s
Answers to radio bleed or coincidence when voices
of using an original Franks box while on controlled come through, which is their opinion and
location at Fort Paull in Hull. There weren’t questions, if that’s what they think then so be it.
that many of these boxes made, with all of locations that I personally don’t agree with this way
them being individually numbered. Sadly, I was at and of thinking. Random words can and
Frank died on 17th August 2014, so no people’s names do come through but over the years, I
more of these amazing machines will ever that could be have had too many correct answers to
be made again. Without Frank’s idea for a verified. So, at controlled questions that I have asked,
device to communicate with the dead like the moment this to not believe that the spirit 
the hacked radios and ITC boxes like the is my favourite spirit
box or ghost box is a credible way of
P-SB7, we wouldn’t be using them today. / ghost box.
speaking to spirits. If you spend enough
Frank is the man responsible for creating time with the devices and find out
this whole area of research and that should “IT’S SAFE TO SAY THAT THE
how it works, what happens when if it
never be forgotten.  ADVANCEMENT IN THESE
malfunctions and why it malfunctions,
GHOST HUNTING DEVICES IS then yes, I think you can use it to actually
At that time, I had only used the P-SB7 and PRETTY COOL AND AMAZING speak to and find proof of the afterlife and
the Franks box was so different, we had AND WHETHER YOU LOVE intelligent spirits. 
more words and radio bleed on this device. THEM, HATE THEM, OR ARE
Using this type of spirit box, you must UNDECIDED THEY ARE HERE TO Give gadgets, gizmos and ghost boxes a go
expect the music or radio stations coming before you totally dismiss them, you may be
through but it’s the voices and words surprised as to what you hear and capture.
between the stations that you need to look
out for. This is where you receive messages
from the other side and it can get to the
You can’t reach Miki via a Ghost Box yet and hopefully for the
point where you are asking questions and foreseeable future, as he is well and truly alive, but you can contact
getting intelligent responses at times. him via social media.

Annie's Portrait - This portrait has become widely
excepted as a conduit for a lady by the name of
Annie. It is one of our most active haunted relics in
In the last issue, we talked to Neil Packer He bases this early calling through his addition to being one of the highest visited relics!
and his Haunted Antiques Paranormal Christian Studies from Warner Southern
Research Centre. Whilst producing the University and Omega Bible Institute &
magazine, a US based proprietor of Seminary. Steve's passion and interest for
Haunted Antiquities got in touch to let helping those in need stems from demonic
tell us a little about his Archive of the attacks that a very close loved one was
Afterlife and the curiosities that reside subject to as he was growing up, and also
within. being personally attacked himself. Some
of Steve's experience and involvement
Stephen Hummel is a Paranormal includes having been featured in the Wall
Historian, Researcher, Author, Artist and Street Journal, featured on Destination
Haunted Relic Archivist. From an early America's "Ghost Asylum", A & E's "My
age, Steve recalls being fascinated by
Ghost Story”, “Paranormal Quest”, “This is
accounts of ghosts and ghost stories and
Reality", & much more.
after experiencing several occurrences The Execution Cap the West Virginia's Electric
of unexplained events. his interest in
The Archive of the Afterlife Chair "Old Sparky". 9 inmates died wearing this
the paranormal piqued. Steve has spent relic as their death sentences were carried out.
the past 11 years of his life conducting Making this one of our most haunted artefacts! 
The Archive of the Afterlife currently
day and night paranormal tours at the
resides in Moundsville, West Virginia and
former West Virginia State Penitentiary.
was established in mid-November of
For the past 8 years he has co-founded
and has co-produced the YouTube 2011 for the sole purpose of harbouring
channel Paranormal Quest show, “This Is haunted and cursed relics and artefacts.
Reality”. In addition to the aforementioned Whether from private residential cases
experiences, for the past 7 years Steve or commercial locations The Archive's
has collected and rescued hundreds of mission is to not only offer sanctuary for
residually charged and spiritually haunted the relics and the entities attached to
items for his Historically Paranormal them, but to help alleviate unwanted or
museum known only as the Archive of malevolent energies and/or entities from
the Afterlife a “National Museum of the their current locations. The Archive also
Paranormal”.  Moreover, Steve is an focuses on not just entertaining it's guests,
ordained minister with his focus based but also educating them to the complex FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CHECK OUT
on Spiritual Cleansing and Demonology. and mysterious field of the paranormal.  https://archive-afterlife.weebly.com

Nicky Alan’s

Horror on
Hallows’ Eve

was smoking at the time. I was standing I remember clearly saying to one of my team They say that midnight is the witching hour,
in a pub garden at 1am on Hallows’ Eve mates, well the timing was impeccable. Everything
looking up at the sky wondering what the literally just stopped instantly. All of the
“I have no f**king clue on how to stop this!”
hell I was going to do as I frantically drew spirit interaction that we had achieved
on every puff. Madness had ensued that’s The evening had started off pretty well. and built up literally left the building. The
the only way I could describe it, horror and We were getting contact in various silence was deafening. We contacted
madness. ‘hotspots’. A young spirit lady did well to
each other on radio as we had all noticed
It was like any other ghosthunt. Public entry, effect communication through rapping on a
this unprecedented halt in proceedings.
small group, paranormal investigation, get wardrobe door. We had a trigger object, a
We agreed to regroup as we were totally
evidence, review footage, go home, job toy car, moved by a little spirit boy who kept
perplexed as to what had stopped our
done. It didn’t quite work out that way. following other groups to corroborate his
presence. All in all the evening was going investigation.
We had been told of a haunted pub, The
well and everyone was enjoying some form My brother Richard then said,
Plough in Birdbrook. It was a pleasant
of unexplained phenomena.
enough place, nestled in the Manningtree “A head honcho has walked in and he is not
countryside in Essex. I along with my team There was one sceptic in the group. Fair great.”
thought it would be a great Halloween venue play to him, he approached me at the
as it had a spooky cemetery at the back of beginning of the evening to express his I agreed and decided to keep the public
the premises. views. His name was Darren, ex-army and group in the ‘safe zone’ whilst I and Rich
built like a brick out house. He made it went to investigate. My safe zone consists
I have been born into generations of
quite clear that he thought it was all a load of an allocated area that I have saged
psychics, mediums and healers. My siblings
are all psychic as well as my aunts and of rubbish and had been dragged along by before the investigation. Its perimeter is
uncles paternal side. There is nothing much his mum. After a chat and confirming that then protected by rock salt and grounding
that I haven’t witnessed as a medium on the his scepticism wouldn’t affect the rest of the crystals. I also have a rosary in the centre of
paranormal front. But let me tell you, as I keen group, he reluctantly trailed around in the zone that my granddad used to take on
stood behind that pub smoking my cigarette, one of the teams. house clearings and investigations.

I found the hot spot immediately. The closer We also set up a live feed for the rest of the
I walked to a back store room the more my public to watch. I wanted to know who and
heart palpitated and I started to feel sick. what we were dealing with. COMING...
As we entered the room our thermometer With the tumbler set up in the middle of the My dad was warning me.The hairs on the
dropped thirteen degrees within seconds table and simple paper letters to form the back of my neck went up as I felt searing
whilst we felt hot. A clay pot then flew pain spread up the bottom of my back. On
communication, we were all shocked when
across the room. The sense of foreboding inspection I had an angry red welt start to
as soon as our fingers touched the tumbler
was palpable. form on my skin. I was livid. I started to
it was speeding around the table erratically.
demand who we were talking to. I then got
I turned and looked at my brother, “Looks like We could hardly keep up with the strength
a burn mark like a poker burn in between my
we have found the head honcho.” that this tumbler was being launched with. I
was desperate to make sure everyone kept
Whatever had arrived in the ether had
hold of the tumbler, it was repeatedly trying The tumbler remained strong and started
shoved every other spirit out of the area.
to fly off the table. It then stopped dead and to spell out WITCHES. The spirit still would
We regrouped and I asked for volunteers to slowly moved to A M which are my dad in not identify who he was. Darren, the sceptic
carry out a tumbler seance in this back room. spirits initials. It then spelt. who was sitting to my left then let out an

Scratches inflicted on Darren although he insisted on carrying on with the séance

expletive. I asked him what do the seance. As I had told the recorded footage of an unseen the cemetery at the back of the
was wrong and he said he felt spirit to never touch me again I energy scratching through his pub was where tried witches
burning on his back. had no further injury. This entity skin. were buried after being tortured
obviously went for the next best and hung. We were basically
I looked at his back and was We then thought of another
thing, a sceptic. right in the hub of his old hunting
horrified to see a bleeding approach. We couldn’t just
After another few minutes Darren ground.
welt rising up his lower back. I lave a violent spirit in the pub.
stopped the séance there and had even more scratches, cuts I had the strongest and most The hunters had become the
then but Darren insisted he and deep skin welts on his experienced people on the hunted.
wanted to carry on. There was back. It was then that I halted table. We decided to proceed
Matthew Hopkins would use
a girl, Kate, who was a beginner the séance and regrouped in the to try and identify who we were
an implement that can only be
in investigations and this spirit safe zone. communicating with.
described as a chisel crossed
started to intimidate her, forcing Everyone was shocked into Darren’s back continued to get with a scalpel. He would rip the
her to leave the room absolutely silence. Darren’s back had been slashed as we continued. We implement through suspected
terrified. slashed time and time again. eventually identified the spirit as witches usually trying to find scar
Within seconds Darren jumped I went outside and had to link Matthew Hopkins. Truth be told I tissue that wouldn’t bleed. If
up again. On looking at his up with my guides to ask what had no idea who he was. the skin did not bleed he would
back, I could see a puncture the hell to do. I had never been declare them a witch.
It turned out he was the Witch
wound in the middle of his back faced with such a violent spirit Finder General between 1644 He was responsible for over 300
dripping blood. I couldn’t believe before. and 1647. It also turned out executions of purported witches
what I was seeing.
After much discussion we then that he had lived just down the during his three year spate of
Darren insisted on continuing to filmed Darren’s bare back and road from where we were and terror.

He declared us as witches Darren, funnily enough is Nicky Alan is a naturally vision, Prediction magazine,
because we were communing no longer a sceptic and did born psychic medium and is Two worlds, Paranormal News,
with the dead. start to conduct his own acknowledged as one of the Kindred Spirit, Take a Break’s
paranormal investigations! most highly esteemed mediums Fate and Fortune and Spirit and
I tried everything to get rid
in the industry. She officially Destiny.
of his presence. Nothing It has to be made clear that
this type of violent spirit started her spiritual work 27 She was also the columnist
worked. I had no idea how
phenomena is very rare. years ago whilst also being a for Eternal Spirit and now a
or why he was still an active
However I am a complete Major Investigations Detective columnist as ‘The Psychic
energy after hundreds of
advocate of having an in Essex Police. She is mostly Detective’ in Take a breaks
years. What I do know is
experienced medium on any known for her appearances Fate and Fortune and ‘Diary
there is no doubt he still on international radio (winner
investigation as you really of a Psychic’ in Spirit and
prowls his old hunting ground of best Show and guest for
don’t ever know what you are Destiny magazine in the UK and
in Manningtree to this day. ‘Angels’ Haunted Devon FM)
going to be faced with. Australia.
His presence was obviously and many TV programmes
optimised by the thinning veil Be warned guys, don’t play Nicky has travelled globally
including Street seer Gifted
of Hallo’s Eve. about with this stuff. carrying out theatre tours,
channel, Live from Studio five
seminars, paranormal
On conclusion, I conducted The footage of the Channel 5, A Sister’s Loss Sky
investigations and teachings
a cleansing ceremony of the investigation was put together One, Come dine with me (guest
of the afterlife and angel
room. I did not get rid of his by Rich and earned a place in medium) and Angels (two
phenomena. She has written
spirit but I did get him out of the Southend film festival. seasons with Gloria Hunniford).
and produced to guided
the pub. As the fragrant smell If you would like to see the Nicky has had many meditation CD’s Meeting your
of the guide and angel realms investigation, The Birdbrook published articles since guides and Soul Journey and is
permeated the room cleansing Ghost Hunt is available to view 2005 in mainstream spiritual soon to release her debut book,
it, I knew we were to end the on my YouTube channel Nicky magazines including Chat It’s M.E Myself and I: Diary of a
investigation. Alan. Fate, Psychic News, Psychic Psychic.

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers Hey guys it's great to ways. It gives the viewers Brannon: It’s basically a live
boys are old friends of Haunted talk to you again with ghost hunt on TV in which the
the opportunity to essentially
Magazine, we interviewed another shiny new project investigate with us. The fans can interact through the
them last year when they were 'Haunted Live' (great title energy is going to be high web.
debuting Haunted Towns. Not btw - did you know about because the pressure is Porter: The premise is that
wanting to rest on their laurels HauntedLIVE in the UK?). going to be ridiculous, we find these locations
and continue doing they’re the Chris: I did not know about and in theory ghosts feed and investigate them live
same, they’ve now embarked off that energy. We hope with America watching!
HauntedLIVE UK but I’m
on LIVE Ghost Hunting, titled this variable added to the It’s just like everyone is
definitely going to have to
Haunted LIVE (sounds strangely intense locations we’ve going right along with us
check it out now! Great
familiar), utilising the power of chosen, PLUS the fact that and investigating at the
minds think alike.
a TV Network, namely The Travel it’s completely interactive, same time! Additionally,
Doogie: Great to talk with fans get to help us with the
Channel BUT also (and for us here will be the paranormal
you again as well. I have investigation by watching
at Haunted Magazine it’s a big BUT protein these spirits need to
followed you guys for a the live feeds and letting us
ALSO) utilising one of the biggest manifest.
while. Really like the way you know via the internet that
forces in the modern paranormal Doogie: This is gonna be an something is happening in
all roll and the name is on
world today, Social Media. epic interactive adventure
point [“winking face”]. another area, so we can go
Not only will you be able to with the TWC, coming to there and investigate…it’s like
Mike: Haunted Live in the
watch them LIVE on the Travel the audience live from each the viewer can legitimately
UK? I had no idea... coming
Channel, but you will also be awesome location. affect the course of the
over to the UK is something
able to interact with them on Mike: It’s all about the investigation!
we always wanted to do.
social media, watch them LIVE fans. If not for the fans,
Hopefully someday!
on Facebook in what is being we wouldn’t be able to
described as the ultimate So, tell us what's it all do what we are doing.
paranormal experience. about?
This is an amazing
We caught up with them again as Chris: “Haunted Live” is opportunity for them to
they were preparing for this very a barrier breaker in many investigate with us.
new challenge.
One of the things that Chris: Definitely the digital you’ll see some of these in may explain some of what we
captured the imagination recorder. It’s probably the action on the show! consider to be supernatural.
from 'Ghost Asylum' were the simplest of the tools we use, How does your faith
brilliant array of gadgets and but it has gotten us some of With live ghost hunting,
influence / impact upon your we know that anything can
traps that you designed. Will the most phenomenal evidence investigations?
you be using these on the to date. It was my very first happen! Chris and Porter, how
lives and if so which ones? piece of equipment and the Chris: Faith for me is the do you think you will cope
fundamental tool for any up and most important thing when with the scarier moments
Chris: We definitely like to try it comes to this field. I was
coming paranormal investigator. when you are live on camera?
new things – the more creative raised Christian and I still hold
However, technology aside,
the better. No matter how very strongly to my Christian Will you need a bleeper?!
I believe the best piece of
crazy the method, we will try beliefs. I may not understand
equipment is our own God- Chris: It’s definitely going to
anything at least once. I think every detail of these beliefs but
given senses. No piece of be interesting to see how this
you’ll definitely see some new that’s where the faith portion
technology can trump the plays out live. There’s always
gadgets, but also perhaps comes into play. I don’t believe
human ability of sight, sound, that chance of something off
new techniques to implement these are human spirits, but I
smell and touch.
as well. This is a field based also don’t believe they are all colour happening that can’t just
on theories, experience and Doogie: I think it’s different for demonic. I have no idea what be edited out in post. In fact, we
beliefs. Without trial and each team member, but the they are. All I know is they all have a steady pool of who’s
experimentation, we’ll never voice recorder is one of my are intelligent and from my going to curse first, and his
evolve. favourites. experience, misunderstood. name rhymes with “Stoogie.”
Being that we don’t have all
What locations will you be
the answers, it’s better safe
Mike: Faith is a big part of my life, of our visiting and how did you
than sorry, so we always give a
lives. We pray before going into a location, big “fist bump to the Big Man” choose them?
and I pray during an investigation as well before every investigation. Chris: Each member of the
as after. Like the Bible says, if God is for team has carefully chosen
Doogie: My faith is everything
me, nothing can be against me. to me. It gives me the comfort these locations. We pick them
and power of safety to push on based on paranormal activity,
in an investigation when you history and even some personal
Doogie: The experiments I have gotten some of my best just want to leave sometimes. It experience. We only have an
we used on “Ghost Asylum” answers with just a recording may be different for some in the hour to try and generate a
were pretty great from an device that does not cost 300 aspect of safety. I know some response, so we’ve chosen
experimental aspect. I think we bucks. Lighting up gadgets are use specific stones and what the most active locations and I
may use some methods from great...but the recordings give not, but I stay with the strong don’t think they will disappoint.
there, but with a totally different you a direct answer for the most hand of the BIG MAN. Doogie: The locations will
spin for each specific location. part, and that is why it is my go Brannon: I am a Christian and be loaded with history and
to device. raised missionary Baptist, so I hauntings. You will not want to
Mike: You never know what
we will break out! Some may Mike: My very first go to is a believe in angels and demons, miss an episode!
depend on the location. flashlight – you have no idea although I don’t necessarily
Mike: All I can say is that these
how many times that little gem believe in people staying around
Brannon: We may bring in a locations are deep with history...
is forgotten. It’s a must-have after death. I believe they go
new device on occasion. some we’ve been waiting years
to Hell or Heaven based on if
for sure. Other than that, I can to get inside. It’s gonna be a fun
Porter: We were so blessed they are saved by Jesus or not,
be good with just a recorder. ride for sure!
by our viewers in their support which I am saved.
A great way to capture that
of our investigations and
“in the moment” evidence
implementation of experimental
and hopefully dial in your Porter: One of the best and worst aspects of
transportation devices in
investigation a little more... live TV is that anything can happen, and the
“Ghost Asylum” …we were
who you’re talking to, what audience gets to live it with us! Although
able to shoot those episodes
they want, if they want you we have experienced many supernatural
over the course of 4 days and
there at all...etc. experiences we still get excited and startled
take the time to implement
the device and try to get Brannon: To be honest I like when the unexpected happens, and that can
interactions. In this endeavour to try a little bit of everything, sometimes produce an outburst!
we will only have an hour of but it seems like audio evidence
live investigation to get that is where most of the evidence
is, so I would say an audio Porter: I’m a firm believer in the Brannon: Can’t give away too
interaction and document it for
the audience…that means that recorder. power of prayer and anytime much, I can tell you they are
we just won’t physically have I enter a location I ask God to
Porter: I love to use the basics, haunted though!
time to develop and implement keep me safe from the wilds of
a recorder and video camera Porter: We have some amazing
those devices. But in return the devil. I’m a Christian but
however, some of the new locations lined up for the
the audience will get to see the technologies provide a new way I also know that throughout
good, the bad, the ugly and the time we have used religion and show…some we have never
to measure, document, interact
triumph that exists during a real and communicate with the other mysticism to explain things that been to and others we’ve been
investigation. side. I have been experimenting we didn’t understand. My faith to but have never investigated…
What would you say are your with the portals and have had is strong but am always open This season is gonna really be a
go to gadgets and why? amazing interactions…perhaps to discovery of science that treat for us and the viewers!

Chasey Ray Mcknight was your equipment tech until 2015 where he stepped back for some family
time. Are you still in touch and will there be any reunion with him in the future?
Chris: Actually, I just ran into Doogie: Chasey Ray is still a bless him for deciding to put
his wife at the supermarket huge part of the TWC family. his family first. Traveling can
today! We keep in touch as We talk to him from time to be tough, especially with little
much as possible but with time when he is not covered ones.
four kids and a 60-hour up with family obligations. Porter: I talk to CRM on
a week job, he’s a busy
You never know when Big Ol’ occasion and he is done with
guy. We miss the big hairy
CRM will show up. investigating at the moment
redneck, but I know he’s right
where he wants to be. I can Mike: Oh yea. Once a wraith and focused on taking care of
only hope we talk him into chaser, always a wraith his growing family. I’d love to
another hunt but only time chaser. Chasey is a brother, bring CRM back…those were
will tell. Stay tuned. he'll never go away! God the best times ever.

Last time we spoke Chris, you mentioned that ‘The

Bell Witch’ was on your paranormal bucket list.
Have you had the opportunity to investigate it yet
or will this be on one of your future live shows?
Chris: YES. This is at the very top of my
paranormal bucket list. I have yet to investigate
or even visit the grounds. I know if I went for
a tour it’d just be a tease for me so I’m still
waiting for the whole experience. This story has
both intrigued and frightened me my entire life.
Fingers crossed.

Back to the new show, will you have a paranormal claim, then Mike: When it comes to Any plans to fly across the
be able to interact with fans on dive into the history and try to mediums, I’m 50/50. I really don’t pond to the UK? Maybe TWC's
the investigations? see if there’s a connection. Once have a direct answer. I do believe 'Haunted Live' could join
this is established, you know some people have a gift, and HauntedLIVE?
Chris: Basically, you can watch
what the best approach is to then there are the other ones. We Chris: That would be amazing.
us on your TV screen, and help have worked with some before,
elicit a response or debunk the Are you kidding? With so many
us investigate through your not so much on TV, but we have
claim. haunted locations and such rich
laptop, tablet, or cell phone. We worked with them. history and culture. Sign me up.
will have static cams set up all Doogie: I always say do your
Brannon: I am open minded Doogie: That would be amazing!!
over the location, so the fans research! If you get answers it and believe in sensitive people, Let’s see how we do and that
can keep an eye on each room, may connect back to something but I know there are a lot of may be an option...MAYBE...
even during commercial breaks. you’ve learned about the fakes out there, so you have to
location’s history. It also helps in Mike: We would be there in a
It’ll be like having thousands of be sceptical when dealing with heartbeat if we could. Hopefully
investigators helping us on every having educated questions about psychic mediums and sensitives. that’s in the cards...so many
case. the specific location. Porter: We haven’t worked great locations over there.
with mediums much on the Brannon: I would LOVE to go
Brannon: Since “Ghost Asylum”, we do more show however, in my personal
experiments on occasion than trying to to England! It’s one of my many
investigations I’ve found dream places to investigate and
“trap a ghost” or “transport a ghost,” and someone who has a real
we also investigate more types of places to even visit. Hopefully we will
knack for knowing information get to work with you guys in the
than just asylums. Even though I am open and relaying info that is on
minded to possibly containing a ghost, I future.
point and I love working
don’t necessarily believe you can trap them Porter: No plans as of yet but
with her. I’d love to do more
indefinitely. you never know where we will
investigations with her…she’s
end up.
on a sister show but would work
Doogie: We will have a special Mike: For me with her anytime. We mentioned social media
team set to keep up with all the it depends. Sometimes I like How would you say your and with our HauntedLIVEs it
reading up on the history of the plays an absolutely massive
fans interactions. They will keep investigations have changed
location and see what I’m getting part of Live Ghost Hunting, the
us informed of anything they see since 'Ghost Asylum'?
into. Sometimes I like going in viewers literally become your
that we may not. Chris: As in anything you do, you
cold, see what evidence I get extra eyes and ears, is this
Mike: Yes, we will! It’s and then do the research LATER. get seasoned over time. I believe what you are hoping to happen
the “Ultimate Paranormal See if it matches up with any of we’re more aware in many ways. with regards to social media
Experience” – fans on Travel the claims, etc. I think we’re more aware of interaction?
Channel’s Facebook page will be environmental factors that can
Brannon: We usually research Chris: Absolutely. Some will
able to interact with us and let us mimic activity, and a little more
the history first, then investigate view this as just a TV show.
know what they see on the web in tune with our own feelings and We view it as the ultimate
to see if the evidence agrees with
cams. senses. Unfortunately, also a little paranormal experiment. We hope
recorded history.
Brannon: Yes, we will be able more jaded but just with people. everyone joins in online and
Porter: I personally love history, Spirits not included.
to interact with the fans through so I have a hard time not digging helps us further the field with
the web. Doogie: We moved up in the their opinions. The more eyes
in to the history right away. It’s
world in the fact that we go into and ears, the more possible it
Porter: We’ll be getting feedback great to do the investigation and
much safer and cleaner places. becomes to capture something
from the viewers during the then compare your evidence
We interact with more people paranormal.
investigation to help us find to the history and finding those
that are using the location we Doogie: That is exactly the point.
potential paranormal activity. connections. I like to find the
investigate now. In “Ghost This will give the fans a great
Easter eggs and keep them in
Will there be any other Asylum,” we investigated more interactive experience and also
my pocket until we have a reason
investigators present? dilapidated and abandoned give us a whole new set of eyes
to reveal them.
places. that we would normally never
Doogie: Just the TWC for now, It's noticeable that you don't Mike: On “Ghost Asylum,” I have.
but you never know who we may have a medium / sensitive
have to call in. worked production. After that is Mike: That’s exactly what we
working with you. Is this a where I really got into it. A plus are hoping. There are no experts
Porter: No, this will be our conscious decision? What are from working on “Ghost Asylum” in this field. I don’t care if you
investigation and since its live your opinions on mediumship? to “Haunted Towns”, was being did this for years, or are a first
and time is limited we don’t want Chris: I’m not against trying able to investigate multiple or second time ghost hunter, we
to complicate matters more by mediums. I’m more of a large locations and see if there are all learn from each other. Having
bringing someone in that’s not kind of guy myself. In all links with the hauntings.. that extra set of eyes and ears
familiar with the format. seriousness, I do believe there Porter: The scope of the can truly help the investigation.
When investigating, which are some out there with gifts and investigation has broadened, Maybe they will catch something
comes first? Researching the some that just want attention. I and we are no longer trying that we didn’t.
history of a location or straight think if we can find one that we to contain energy. If we can Brannon: Yes definitely, we
to investigation to see what all agree is legit, we’d love to communicate and have a great are hoping that viewers will
have them join us. intelligent interaction, I feel like participate and investigate with
you find?
Doogie: We have discussed this we have accomplished our goal. us. And because we have the
Chris: I like to start with a good option and we are not against it. Of course, if we can help in any eyes and ears of the viewers,
ghost story. If you don’t have that It’s just something we have not way we are glad to walk down we will be more likely to catch
then why investigate? Once you really dipped into. that road. evidence of the paranormal.

Doogie: I have been doing paranormal investigations for 20 plus years.
The equipment is the biggest change that I see. People still go about
investigations mostly the same as usual. It is nice to see the different
angles others put on their investigations. I see a whole lot more
experimental pieces of equipment, that no one is really sure how
they work. That’s the reason why I am still a lil’ old school about
using recorders and just my own senses. Don’t get me wrong...I do
like the new stuff because it gives you a visual aspect for immediate
validation. At the end of the day, I think the paranormal investigators
and equipment are headed in the right direction.

Porter: Absolutely! Most Chris: I think it’s the way people becoming more open, people are beliefs of the Bible and the final
investigation are conducted with perceive the paranormal in having their own experiences and destination of man’s soul remains
a team of folks but it’s hard to general. When we first began, becoming believers. Investigating unchanged.
catch everything. We are hopeful most conversations that started is addictive...we’re always
that with America watching and with ghosts ended in laughter wanting more, wanting to find Porter: Wow what a great
that many eyes on the screen or criticism. Now everyone is so out the answers...but will we ever question! We find ourselves
that someone somewhere will see much more open and intrigued know? Are we even SUPPOSED being more open to learning
that monumental interaction that about what’s out there. I still hold to know? It’s a field with 100% and experiencing other forms
everyone misses and bring it to the same belief system, but my questions and zero facts. of investigation and assembling
the world’s attention! fear of the unknown subsides our own body of knowledge.
Brannon: I believe that the world
a little more with every case. My belief is unchanged, but my
You formed in November 2009, has become more accepting and
However, to this day if I go to a questions continue to grow. It’s
around the same time as open minded of ghosts and the
haunted house and a guy jumps like a maze with no end but we
Haunted Magazine and we've paranormal in general in the past
out with a chainsaw…I scream
seen so many changes in the nine years. Also, I believe the continue to follow the path to see
like a little girl.
paranormal world over the last scientific community has become where it leads.
nine years. As you go into your Mike: My beliefs in the more open minded in ghosts and
paranormal have not changed, more technology has been made It’s been an absolute pleasure
10th year in 2019, what do you
think has changed the most and but the paranormal is much more for ghost hunting. In the past nine talking to you all today. Best
more importantly has your belief mainstream than it has been in years, I have become much more of luck with the new show and
of the paranormal changed, and the past. I think it’s continuing open minded to the paranormal, hopefully we will see you here in
if so, in what way? to grow day by day. People are even though my core religious the UK soon!.

When Jayne Harris met Toyah Willcox

oyah Willcox is a woman who J: Toyah thank you for speaking to Haunted
requires no real introduction. A Magazine, (*whispers - it’s one of my
timeless singer, actress, presenter favourites!) First of all, would you tell us about
and free thinker (who never seems your interests in the paranormal and when
to age!), Toyah is someone who admits to they began?
being very fluid in her beliefs, but you may
not necessarily associate her with the T: Well I wouldn’t actually claim to be interested
in the paranormal as such as it isn’t something I
paranormal…until now! actively seek out as an interest…it seeks me out!
What I will say is from a very early age it became
Toyah has been having paranormal experiences quite apparent that absolutely nothing in life fits
since she was a child and now considers them into the category of normal. Even time, which
part of her everyday life. In a new documentary we believe to be an event of movement through
Afterlife Toyah opens up about these experiences space - is a construct of our own design. I don’t
and shows viewers around the most haunted believe in time as we see it. Before I was old
parts of her home! The film’s Producer and enough to conceive what “reality” is I was having
Presenter Jayne Harris caught up with her for a dreams about concentration camps, dying
coffee and a chat in-between filming on behalf of in the gas chamber, leaving the body, being
Haunted Magazine. suspended in eternity and then returning to the
physical world in another body. I was about 4
years old. My mother would freak out when I
told her these really disturbing dreams and she
would tell me never to tell anyone.

As I grow older some things special, not only in terms of its wouldn’t get the disease, in the
become more apparent. Reality history but also its paranormal case of my cellar around 15
is a controlled construct, without activity! What can you tell us children died there as a result
it there would be no evolution, about the experiences people of the adults dying and no-one
just anarchy. Our sense of have had in your home and the coming to get them out.
reality is based around our 5 stories connected to it?
senses, these senses pick up J: That’s such a sad piece of
only the vibrations/frequencies T: Luckily even non-believers history, and how fascinating
they are tuned to, but there are have experiences in my home! that Rula picked up on that so
many thousands even millions This is incredibly important to strongly! Have you ever seen a
“Past, present, of frequencies and vibrations
around us which we never
me, because I have always been
addressed as someone with an
ghost/apparition yourself?

future are experience. Sometimes our

senses become highly sensitised
active imagination, but I know
when it comes to my house
T: My home has many shadows
which appear at the same
all the same and we can read the past, in that
we pick up on a past event or a
that it’s absolutely NOT my
time, in the same place daily.
I now completely ignore them,
and so is past life, sometimes this is simply
The most famous experience
but guests see them and ask
what is going on. We have a
an emotional memory left behind
eternity…it’s such as a haunting but more was with the actress Rula Lenska male shadow who walks past
interestingly sometimes we are who is a non-believer in ghosts. our kitchen door to the cellar.
all here, all in the actual event itself…I have We were filming a ghost hunting Everyone sees him.
only ever experienced this once. documentary with Rula, Ruth
at once.” Madoc and 5 close friends, all J: YES! I saw that when we
I was looking out across a field in reluctant to be there and all non- were filming here, just a
Worcestershire when suddenly I believers. We were in the cellar brief glimpse but definitely a
witnessed an army on horseback when Rula collapsed. She said shadow.
riding into battle. I didn’t she was trapped with a group
necessarily think of what I was of children who were locked in T: Exactly. We also have a woman
seeing as ghosts, just another down there and starving to death. in white who walks outside the
layer of time. kitchen windows, many friends
When researching this story, it and complete strangers have
Past, present, future are all the appears that during the Plague, seen her. A slightly spooky
same and so is eternity…it’s all around the 1600’s, (my cellar new one appeared a couple of
here, all at once. is dated from the 1500’s), weeks ago and he ran from my
villager’s would put the children husband’s office into our lounge,
J: Your home is really quite underground thinking they which made me jump!

J: I bet it did! Would you J: Wow. What happened? Another remarkable thing about
describe yourself as spiritual? T: Too much. We will leave that humans and animals is our
for another issue of Haunted emotions. These are so powerful
T: Spiritual as in I believe the flesh Magazine. that we can leave these memories
is just a vehicle for us to learn, behind…it makes you realise how
experience and tune our souls J: OK, moving on! There is
important being positive is.
through. As if we are batteries an ever-increasing interest in
Ghost Hunting lately both on
that need charging, therefore Also, humans have the ability to
TV and amongst small groups,
development and efforts in life
are vital to our eternal existence. I
what are your thoughts on
meditate /pray/conceive future
ideas and bring them into the
“I believe
believe we go on.
ghost hunts generally?
physical world. We are so much ghosts play a
Ghost Hunting isn’t a bad thing
J: Given your experiences and in my opinion. It helps people
more than just our 5 senses.
Therefore, I believe ghosts play a
vital role in
those of your friends in your explore their senses and feelings.
If it helps people see that they are
vital role in broadening our beliefs broadening
home, do you ever feel uneasy,
especially when alone at home? not just their own physical flesh
and physical horizons. our beliefs
and blood I think that is a great
thing. For centuries we have been
J: Finally, what do you believe and physical
T: I never feel uneasy alone. I feel happens when we die? Is there
uneasy among humans! They are controlled by the fear of death.
Fear robs us of our freedom in an Afterlife? horizons.”
the ones who do the real damage.
life. If Ghost Hunting helps people
My home is remarkably beautiful T: About 5 years ago I had an
believe in the continuation of the
and has a living soul, it is unlike soul then I think that is brilliant, astonishing dream in Seattle. I
any other place I have ever lived. even though I do believe most was there writing an album. It
When I met my husband, he lived ghosts are simply memories was one of those dreams where
in a house that was so evil I could rather than conscious entities. the experience was so tangible
never be alone there, the devil Now conscious entities are a it’s hard to believe it was just a
was present I am convinced. totally different kettle of fish! dream.

I was staying at the home of my closest (that we believe may have triggered the
friend who I write with and unknown to cancer in my friend), in the hope he can
me he had developed cancer, it wasn’t stay with us as long as possible. Described by VICE’s ‘Broadly’
diagnosed until a week later. magazine as “the UK’s Foremost
Death is a painful experience for the
In my dream a white shaman came into Female Paranormal Investigator”
living, I believe death is a natural
my bedroom through the window and Jayne Harris is a Researcher,
process like being born and a
said he was there to teach me how to continuation of existence. I believe Filmmaker and Director of HD
die. we cannot die, and we return to the Paranormal Research.
physical world when we need to
He said: recharge the soul. I also believe once in Her fascination with the unexplained
the death process there is no necessity started at a young age after a series
“When you die, you peel layers off
for us to be the people we were in that of unusual experiences and has
yourself as you leave your body. Like
peeling an onion, each layer comes off, life anymore. In actual fact I believe if spent the last 20 years researching
until you eventually strip yourself down you hold on to your past…that’s when and investigating anomalous
to your bones. You then detach yourself ghosts appear. phenomena. Jayne is also a qualified
from your bones, every layer is an Psychologist and keen Historian
important part of your future existence, J: Toyah thank you so much for
and regularly lectures at schools,
never resist this process, go with it.” chatting to me.
colleges and conventions. She is also
You can keep up with Toyah on her a published author and a regular on
This dream baffled me. Why was I
being taught how to die? A week later website paranormal TV and Radio worldwide.
my friend was diagnosed with a nasty Jayne is the former owner of one of
cancer and I realised the dream was to www.toyahwillcox.com the most haunted objects in the world
help me guide my friend. the infamous Peggy the Doll who, in
and by following #TOYAH60 (yes, she 2017 she entrusted to the care of Zak
It has been 5 years now and in this time turned 60 this year!) Bagans and remains a consultant
the team, a group of us, all friends, all
on her case. Peggy the Doll can
meditate together at the same time Details of Afterlife: The Documentary at
be visited in Zak Bagans Haunted

Jayne Harris
where ever we are in the world. we www.facebook.com/AfterlifeDoc
have healing sessions with renowned Museum in Las Vegas.
healers and we have been peeling the
layers off to find the origins of anger

The Lowdown on

The Three
Witches With Leonard Low
When I write, I usually find myself knee deep in old manuscripts and first edition
books hundreds of years old; it’s usually in my research for an old Witch trial. I
may just get a sentence from a book, just a snippet of information that will leave
me on a chase to gather more information. Ancient books after books may lead
me to nowhere! And it’s all very time consuming with usually very little available to
enhance the story. Many Witch trials were never recorded, only existing in letters
from gentlemen who witnessed the event writing to each other showing disgust
or approval to the burning. From what brief details I get I can usually go through
my sources and find something.

ut I question myself why after a week through the same search sometimes I get as told to me from both the witnesses who
of little sleep and total chaos to my lucky, details reveal themselves, piecing saw the strange phenomena. I must add
library, I at the end of my tether, and together a vivid story and when it happens it the witnesses are reliable and professional
my research archives which is now fully men who brought up in the wilds of this
makes the previous efforts all worthwhile.
exhausted, I find I have amassed only about bleak windswept Island are not acceptable
six paragraphs of quality material towards It’s with this forthcoming story, I met at one to being frightened very easily, hardy and
the tale, two of them being the location of my lectures a lovely German Woman tough is the lineage of the breed from this
and past history of the area taken from my called Anya Mackay, who introduced me to Highland outpost.
Statistical accounts of Scotland 1797. her husband who had been brought up on Benbecula in old Gaelic is pronounced
the West coast of Scotland on the island of “Beinn Na Fadhla” meaning “the mountain
Basically, stuck and frustrated that I cannot
Benbecula. He had a story, a very unusual between the fords” a flat rugged land with
enhance the story further...
story witnessed by himself and a friend that one distinctive high area to the island, the
It’s a fruitless search that 9 out of 10 times when I researched his tale it produced a island is 8-mile square with the soil sandy
leads nowhere, but again when going most strange situation! I will retell the tale and inappropriate for crop farming.

Several fresh water lochs are in the couldn’t have missed them either, we A Man called McPhee and his
centre of this isle and it’s here that we immediately packed up our bags and two friends were cutting Kelp out
find ourselves with the two friends, moved off towards the ancient stones on the beach near the ancient
out for the day with metal detecting of the “Ultach Fhinn” Fingels armful, stones of “Ultach Fhinn” McPhee
equipment. This is their story as they the ancient 3 Millennium BC stone age had his black three-legged dog
told it to me in May 2015 Kennoway, ruins, 23 feet by 6foot carved stone with him, he was favourite with the
Fife where they had moved to live. blocks. locals but renowned for not having
much of a bark! The dog although
Mr Hugh Mackay and Mr Bernhard Right next to the monolithic stones attentive was always quiet, it would
Fladung … were good friends; Hugh was “Airidh na L’Aon” the chambered always become a conversation piece
was born in Balivanich and brought up cairn built as a shelter it was here they but McPhee would only say “The
on the island, he knew the Benbecula retreated to the base of Rueval hill. black dogs day has not come yet” it
coastline better than most, his friend was on this day when the lads were
They looked over towards the beach
Bernhard was from Germany and working, in the distance three strange
and again they saw the weird sisters
today found them on a metal detecting ladies appeared, they came close,
standing where the boys had been just
enterprise; with history going back they appeared attractive and comely,
minutes ago…but all three sisters were
3000 years from the monolithic the men invited them back to the
silently staring back at the boys!
remains still to be seen on the island warmth of the “Shielding” and after a
they had some previous success “It was the strangest feeling ever, I had brief introduction the two rooms of the
here in metal finds and knew the best spent my life on the island and had “shielding” were occupied with two of
spots. A few hours into the expedition never experienced anything like it, the the men and sisters coupling off.
brought success and a couple of women had walked in a full semi circle
around us like we were being stalked, The
hits had found and were enough
I’m not ashamed to say I was worried, two left
to find their way into the keep bag.
the women never took their eyes from standing were
The weather was sunny with good
us as they walked West to East around McPhee and one
visibility and, as the inhabitants
us, I offered a nervous greeting to them off the sisters, but
are used to here, the weather can
waving a hand and saying hello as McPhee and his dog
be traditionally unpredictable with
the islanders are accustomed to, but I were unsettled, something
considerable changes the norm.
wanted nothing at that moment but to wasn’t quite right! His female
It’s something the locals get used
retreat away from the apparition of the partner he had noticed, had a
to, but the tourist may frown at the
three women standing staring at us. disfigured foot, (club foot?) not
unpredictability mixed with occasional a too unusual disability, but in the
swarms of midges, the tiny Scottish They never responded to my gesture, darkness the room only lit up by the
Mosquito with the 6-inch jaws! just kept staring, they wore floor light of the fire, shadows grew…. there
It was nearing Dusk, and it had length dresses in the style of period was a thump and a strange noise from
become overcast, dark but still warm costumes. I honestly felt they were the back rooms where his two friends
enough to stay out, it was then a not from my world! My friend thoughts were romancing the girls, he looked
strange chill took the lads they both were the same, we bloody well got with a smile to the doors thinking
noticed it, then to the immediate away from there!” himself to have picked the ugly
right of Hugh … he saw a lady in the Here the boys testament ends and one out of the three as his
distance walking over the heather, the story becomes really interesting, friends had fun! But
Something not quite right about her, the chambered cairn (Airidh na l Aon no…he was taken
her skirt was long, lengthwise to the Oidche) was once a roofed enclosure, aback as he
ground in an old fashioned style, a “shielding for the night” a place for saw fresh
wearing a dark blue shawl draped over Sheppard’s and fishermen caught out blood
her shoulder, she was sternly looking in the weather to keep themselves pooling
at him and his friend. He mentioned it safe and warm for the night, a homely from under both doorways! He
to his companion who saw the strange abode for the lost and weary traveller turned in shock to his female partner
woman also, but then another same caught out by the rain, it once held two and in the darkness her face was
dressed woman appeared…then rooms and a small living room with a changing…elongating, eyes widening
another. fireplace. No locks on the doors, a free and oval, her face was stretching into
abode, a welcome respite for anybody. a beak!
The three weird dressed women were
now 10 feet apart from each other they It’s this building that has a connection He in an instant grabbed his hand
were slowly making their way towards with two murders and three strange knife from his belt and plunged it
the two lads, but the area they had sisters! through the dress material of the
come from was bleak and nothing but woman changeling, it imbedded
There is no specific date to this tale,
a peninsula into the sea, they saw no itself into the frame of the doorway, it
but it is ancient, it was first published
boat to have dropped off the three was enough to restrict the thing as it
in 1883 by Rev John Gregorson launched at him, McPhee wrenched
strange sisters onto the island, and
Campbell and it was recited to him the “Shielding” door open and ran
the boys couldn’t have missed the
girls go past them to come from the via Donald Cameron of Ruag Tiree a for his life through the darkness to
direction they were advancing from. famous collector of Scottish folk tales. the village of Nunton. In the morning
Something wasn’t right, “it just didn’t From these two sources Alexander McPhee who had a restless night with
feel right, the women looked so out of Carmichael added it to his glossary friends as he retold his story in horror,
place with the costumes they wore, on Scottish folklore and gave it some opened his front door to find that the
we never saw them arrive, but we fame. It goes as such…. dead carcass of his black dog, with all

the hair taken from it had been deliberately
placed at his door, and was drained of all
its blood!
A posse of armed men and farmers were
gathered and came to the “shielding” and
found in the two rooms, both the men
dead, throats cut and drained, all the blood
missing in vampiric fashion. The three
women now regarded as Witches were
never found.
This is the legend and to validate it, it’s very
hard to get any records of this area; we
have no date to the event! Parish records
only exist from 1848. But according to
my Statistical accounts of Scotland 1844,
Benbecula at that time was under Clan
ownership by the Clanranald Mc Donald’s.
It’s here I go first to trace any news of the
murders of the two men. I find in 1798
which are the earliest records available,
from the list of tenants on the judicial rental
From these records we can see there were
42 paying Tenants on Benbecula. And
number 42 and last on the list is the name
Archibauld McPhee! He is mentioned as
paying a “Fendicle of Creagory” as his
years rent!
A Creagory was a unit of measure for kelp
(used in the mainland after burning the
Kelp producing Sodium Carbonate, which
was used in the produce of glass), The
Creagory was 6tonnes in weight worth
£2.10 shillings. In the legend McPhee and
his two friends are working on the beach...
Was this them gathering Mr McPhee’s rent
for the year as the strange women appear?
Police records of the area only start in
1854, so a little too late to record any
murders. With no Parish records or Police
records I can only state that there was a
man called McPhee living on the island
in 1798. The Mc Fee name originates on
the West Coast on the island of Colonsay
once a powerful clan but the Highland
clearances of 18th century had seen them
forcefully move to the West Indies en mass.
On the list of Tenants on Benbecula there is
only one man with the name McPhee!
The first writing of the story was 1883 by
Rev John Gregorson Campbell and his tale
falls into the timeline of Archibauld McPhee
living on Benbecula.
With every legend comes a basis of truth,
we can’t find any evidence of the murder
of the two men here, but the man McPhee
certainly existed, now is there a connection
to the story and what my two friends Hugh
and Bernhard saw on that metal detecting
adventure…the three weird sisters…or did
my friends have a lucky escape as history
tried to repeat itself!

For my latest paranormal adventure, I travelled to Gainsborough in
Lincolnshire to investigate one of the oldest Victorian prisons in the
area. Now a fully functioning theatre, The Old Nick has stood in spring
gardens since the 1860s where it originally served as headquarters for the
Lincolnshire Constabulary and was also a Former Magistrates Court.

I have investigated this particular location many times in the past so when I saw
that Breaking Paranormal UK were hosting an event there, I knew that I would
definitely have to tag along.

Upon arrival I noticed that the Museum up into different areas of the building. The
had gone through a lot of refurbishment. investigation began in the Attic area. 
It has recently been converted into a
police museum and I have to say, they We had spent around an hour and a half
have done a really good job at capturing in this area, covering the attic, stairs and
that Victorian atmosphere. Even if you also the small ‘dressing room’ below. I am
are not visiting the site for a paranormal not going to lie, it was quiet. So quiet you
investigation, I would definitely could probably hear a pin drop. We tried
recommend a look around in the day as it
several different methods of investigation
has so much history on offer! 
in this area which included traditional as
I’ve had a lot of strange experiences at well as modern but didn’t receive a single
The Old Nick in the past. One of my most thing we could consider to be paranormal.
memorable moments was being down
in the cells. There were only two of us at
the time and we were making our way
towards the male cells at the very back
of the building. As we reached half way
down the corridor we distinctly heard
what sounded to us like heavy boots
on the ground charging towards us with
speed. I honestly had never run so fast
in my life and if I remember correctly, we
“I love finding these hidden were later found cowering under the stairs
until someone came to get us. It was
gems and being able to step utterly terrifying as this had happened a
back into history” few years back when I was first getting
started within the paranormal field, but
The only experience I received myself
what a way to start, huh?
whilst I was in the attic was what felt like
Another experience I remember well was something had grabbed my foot, although
when myself and Kimberly Reynolds I am ever sceptical of this, because we all
of BPUK had ventured down into the known that muscles spasm at the most
women’s cells. We were armed with a awkward of moments. 
K2 and nothing more. We were receiving
some very accurate responses and until After a quick break we ventured into the
this day I have never seen the K2 light up theatre area. It’s the largest area at the
to a certain colour on command. If we’d Police Museum and has a stage in the
asked for red, we’d get it.  centre with rows of chairs on either side
I had arrived at the Theatre at around 9PM for the audience to sit. A few others and I
and met up with my fellow paranormal had sat on the right side and unbeknown
investigators. We were split down into to me at this moment in time I was sitting
small comfortable teams and separated in row twelve. 

Again, this area was quiet for the first half We started in the male wing which
an hour but soon we began to receive consisted of a long corridor and at the
some small activity as I had felt an in- very bottom were two cells which are
credible cold spot next to me on my right side by side. We entered the very last cell
side. The SLS ‘stickman’ camera was and sat down as we began to call out.
brought out and sure enough it began to Luke, one of our team leaders was stood
map a small figure in the seat beside me. just outside of the door with the thermal
We called out and asked a few questions imaging camera. We’d only been in this
but didn’t receive anything and soon the area for around ten minutes when we
figure would vanish.  heard this almighty bang which echoed
through the corridors causing us all to
jump up to attention and also witness
Luke as he backed up and about fell into
the door of the cell we were in. This of
course had startled him. (It was really
funny too!) 

We all instantly went down to see what

had made the noise, but we found

“What I love about paranormal
We kept on this same path of questioning It sounded like one of the heavy iron
as to who the figure was and soon it be- prison gates slamming, but we could see
investigating is that you never
gan to map in again, this time it was sat nothing that had been moved. As it now know what to expect. It can
in the seat behind me. I had the Ovilus seemed like we were receiving activity
in my hand which had been extremely we decided to stay in this area for the either be a hit or a miss.
quiet. We asked for something relevant time being and we began to call out, Sometimes you can receive a lot
and it said ‘Twelve’. The others and I had asking who had slammed the door.
of activity and other times it can
The atmosphere seemed to change in the
be completely quiet and simply
last half an hour. It felt much darker and
there was definitely a heavy presence come in small bursts”
in the corridor that was being picked up
by myself and a few of the other guests.
One of the investigators had taken a
police coat and put it on and she were by side, in the first photo a white anomaly
standing opposite me. appears in the middle of the corridor and
in the second it has vanished. Is this para-
I felt a hand running up my leg towards normal? Who knows. But I think it’s a pretty
my inner thigh and I froze. At first ac- cool picture considering the activity we had.
cusing Tammy of doing it (I have no idea I would like to say thank you to Dave Kerr for
why! It seemed like the rational thing to giving me permission to use this photo for the
do at the time.) Due to my hysteria torch- article. It’s a great capture!  
es were turned on as it was pitch black
and Tammy was found to be stood a The best part of the evening for me was once
good way away from me. So, to this day, again down in the cells and although we
automatically checked the seat numbers
I have no idea what or who was touching didn’t receive a lot of activity I still thoroughly
to see that the row of seats was num- enjoyed the night. It was great to meet up with
me in the dark, but I can tell you that it
bered 12a, 12b, 12c and so on. Ironically, friends and engage in something we love to
definitely gave me a fright! 
this figure was in that row and was right do regardless of what did or did not happen.
behind me. We’d snapped a couple I could distinctly feel the fingers on my
of photos but didn’t capture anything leg as if it were a human and unlike my If you’re interested in checking out the police
unusual. In the same instance right after foot muscle spasm, I was pretty sure this museum it is open Tuesday, Saturday and
the device had spoken for the first time, was one hundred percent real and that it Sunday between 11am and 3pm with last
it had also said the word ‘Felon’ and with had happened! entries at 2.30pm. They also have a host of
this being an old Victorian court room different shows taking place in the theatre.
After this incident the Ovlius also started The Old Nick is run completely by volunteers
at a point in history, that response was
to throw out certain words like ‘Kiss’ and out of their own free time and I think it’s an
pretty much ‘on the money’.  other ‘romantic’ things. In that moment I amazing thing to be involved with. For more
had to politely decline the spirits advanc- information you can visit their website http://
For the final part of the investigation we
es and move on. (As you do!) gainsboroughtheatrecompany.com/
headed down into the cells (The moment

Vicky x
we’d all been waiting for of course!) I Interestingly also in this area a guest had Until next time, happy hunting! 
must admit, this is my favourite area due snapped a couple of photos on our way
to a lot of personal experiences in the out. Taken consecutively. As you will see
past. from the photo’s provided as I did a side

The Para-Urbex Girl

Originally from Brighton, Katie

always knew she was a little different,
seeing spirits as a child was a bit
of a giveaway. These days she lives
in the midlands and works for
Haunted Evenings, a company that run
paranormal events across the UK. With
a deep interest in history, photography
and ghosts. She has learnt to embrace
her oddities spending evenings and days
off visiting some of the most strangest
of places. These kind of places, you
wouldn’t find in the guidebooks,
including completely abandoned ones
too. Her most profound experience was
being touched by the spirit of a child
at the Village, Mansfield. Immediately
afterwards she received an apology over
the SB7 spirit box (due to making her

“Taking only
leaving only
footprints is the
Urban Explorers
Across the UK there is an abundance
of abandoned buildings left to decay
and rot. Mother Nature attempting to
re-claim each one before demolition
and housing companies get there first.
Never breaking in, simply slipping
into wide ‘open’ places is what I do. Not
only that, I try to collect evidence
of the paranormal. First of all, these
are dangerous desolate places, don’t
go looking for these, especially by
yourself. Don’t break in, don’t damage
anything and be mindful of the kind of
people you may bump in to. Basically,
just don’t do it.

It’s a paranormal investigator’s dream

being able to go to locations completely
cut off from the world. Apocalyptic
and overgrown each place with historic
remnants of life. It’s like discovering
a trail of clues piecing together the
puzzle of someone’s story. With no
electric, in the middle of nowhere, by
yourself, just you and the earth on
which you tread. I’m not going to lie,
it’s a rush. Armed with paranormal
equipment and my Nikon (Nicky) I
attempt to contact the spirits of people
that may linger within the shadows of
each location. From old manor houses
to hospitals, everyone covered in
fingerprints you can’t see with your own
eyes, each place is unique. There must be
a thousand stories to tell by the souls
of those waiting, wanting to be heard.

The old people’s home, one This place seems to be filled hunted almost. Perhaps the disappeared at the drop of a
of my favourites. I have with sadness and confusion many deceased veterans are hat. Dishes still in the rack,
visited several times. It although, it is obvious to honing in on me, putting into they must be dry by now?
was in its day a complete me whomever ran the place practise what they were once Knives and forks were still
fully functioning complex. tried to make it a happy trained to do. I feel drawn to set out on the table ready
Many residential buildings, one. Personal possessions go back here, it’s addictive to be used by a family long
common social rooms, are littered all over the like a drug. One day, just one departed. Armed with my SB7,
workshops, summerhouse and floor, their records and day, I know I’ll get something K2 and full spectrum camera I
even a standalone chapel. hymn sheets from the chapel good here. It’s simply a matter start investigating. From room
I wonder up and down the coincidentally alongside of time. to room I try to make contact.
vast corridors room by room, them. Oil still in tin cans and Introducing myself and
visualising the ‘patients’ the beautifully handmade The old farm house, it had politely asking questions I
in each one. In my mind’s stain glass windows in part, at least 6 bedrooms. I lost feel appropriate. Nothing, no
eye I can see them sat right intact. What a place! I hear count. A beautiful cellar response until I cross over the
there in front of me, like a whispers in the shadows, the underneath an ornate crafted threshold of one particular
flashback in time. Panic pull creaking of floorboards and main staircase which lead up bedroom. The room was dark
cords still hung from the crunching of broken glass to 3 floors. The cellar was and musky, curtains still up
ceilings. I know I’m morbid but strewn all over, glistening dark and uninviting, my kind but half drawn (half-mast is
I can’t help think how many in the evening sunlight. The of place. Each step worn down how I took it.) Dust covered
of these got pulled during static charge is incredible by the footsteps of previous every surface and filling in
death. How many people passed but I never get any response lodgers it was almost a slope the gaps between the original
away here and hoping their on the equipment except for a leading down to what felt like floorboards. In here I struck
family were by their side. In few K2 spikes. Here I feel like the underworld. The kitchen gold. A man’s deep voice on the
reality I am not convinced. I am being watched though, was left as if the occupants SB7 repeatedly said ‘Hello’

but nothing else. Within the searching we found it. Gothic be ritualistic. Someone had somewhere of
room it’s self-stood an old and crumbling there is was, been there trying to conjure
standing proud in the middle refuge and most likely still
metal framed bed, with a up something that’s for sure.
severely stained mattress, of the woods, in the middle Abandoned places seem to is. Whether or not they choose
a small wooden chair and a of nowhere. Held up by what attract the kind of people to stay here or are stuck,
fireplace. Above the fireplace seems to be an attempt at in which enjoy casting spells bound to the walls, an object
on the mantle were a couple restoration, it’s clear this and summoning demons. Most or even the very land itself.
of old glass bottles, one a was not a safe place to go. places I have visited, seem to Many of these locations are
whiskey bottle and the other Needless to say, I walked have been used for this kind demolished, everyone I visit I
was medication. I took many right on in. Heart pumping of thing. Pentagrams, spells know might be gone soon but
photographs here (as usual) with adrenalin, I start my handwritten on walls and
explore. Taking in every I hope they can be restored
and in only one I caught signs of sacrifice, I’ve seen
brick, every window and every rather than destroyed
something, a face of a man it all.
single detail. Documenting forever. Each one has so much
at the bottom of the grand
findings with my trusty Nicky Unfortunately these places history and what a waste
staircase. I wonder if this is
inch by inch with not a stone attract hooligans too. The for them to be replaced
the face to the voice I heard,
unturned. With hardly any kind that break windows, with generic residential
for some reason though, I felt
roof left the place was eerie trash everything and even set
like he stayed in his room, construction. I will continue
although I didn’t get a sense them on fire. I can only think
whether or not by choice, I’m to photograph these places
of any other presence there. of what the souls residing
not entirely sure. to document them before they
To the eastern side of the there must feel when people

The abandoned Church in the church inside was a fireplace do this. Perhaps they think gone, lost forever.
woods. Finding this place and within it a collection of I will do the same? It was
wasn’t easy but after a time animal hair. This appeared to their home, workplace or even

ne of the main reasons I got into the paranormal was due
to my love of history. It fascinates me, the excitement of
learning about a building’s past, the people that lived there
and the stories that played out within it’s walls. There’s nothing
like it, we are lucky that many of these sites are looked after and
preserved for many generations to come, yet there are a few that
aren’t, but that doesn’t make them any less intriguing.

On my Haunted Nottinghamshire travels I’ve come across many

ruins, from just a quick look on the internet it’s clear that are an
abundance in neighbouring counties and beyond. There seems to be
an extremely common theme in which many of them share – they are/
were churches!

I am lucky to have three of these pretty much on my doorstep, they

are great for the budding urbex explorer and paranormal investigator
alike, if you treat and approach them with respect, then they can
reward you highly. I’m not sure why there are so many church ruins,
the one’s that I’ve visited now have a ‘Newer’ building close by, they
are normally at least a few hundred years old themselves, so you can
imagine the history that these ruins possess.

r Colwick Old Church – St John’s r

his was the first EVER church ruin that I visited. quite odd. Around two thirds of the way up, the stone seems to have
It was unlike anything that I’d experienced before, been repaired. You can make out the name of Elizabeth, yet the
I was looking for locations to document and write rest appears to be in Latin (Not my strong point) and it is said that
about and I knew that I’d found a gem. What I write can’t Elizabeth still haunts the grounds with unrest after her stone was
even start to scratch the surface on what you feel when damaged.
walking around the ruin, it’s silence is loud and its beauty
so eerie. Whatever the links with spirits/ghosts may be, this is a real pocket
of peacefulness and tranquillity, you can sit on the bench and easily
Historical records show that there was a church and lose an hour of your day imagining the people that once would have
priest present in Colwick as far back as 1086. What now inhabited this historical site.
stands is the remains of the 16th century build that has
yet again, more connections with other Nottinghamshire
locations. The church was built by Sir John Byron – yes,
thee Byron! The Byron family that is so famously linked
with Newstead Abbey once owned Colwick Hall too. The
links between so much of our History and the depths of
which they delve are truly mind blowing!

Walking around the remains you’ll notice that the

entrance to the building is now blocked by metal bars
and gates. It’s a shame, I know that you used to be able to
get access not too long ago, yet due to vandalism it was
curbed, and the likes of you and myself have to suffer.

One of the main ‘pulls’ of the yard is a certain gravestone

that sits next to the outer perimeter wall. A slight glance
or a passing look may not catch your attention, yet if
you inspect it closely you’ll see that there is something

r Colston Bassett Church Ruin – St Mary’s r

his has to be one of the
HARDEST site visits that
I’ve ever had the pleasure to
conduct, it was ridiculous! I’d heard
that this church ruin sat on a nice
hill making it stand out and easy
to find. Well, after 30 minutes of
driving around the area I believed
it to be in, I ended up pulling over
and asking a farmer in a tractor –
yes, a tractor. After being pointed in
the right direction and pulling the
car into an extremely small lane, I
sighted it through the trees, and boy
was it worth the wait.

The ruin is something that you’d

expect to see out of a movie, it really
is set in such a way that you couldn’t
imagine it’s sheer imposing look.
Out of everywhere that I’ve visited…
this looks the most haunting.

The Grade I listed ruin has

structures from numerous eras
dating back to the Anglo-Saxon “It’s a location with a lot going on. Full of history and
times. The church yard itself is still
in use with gravestones that have
full of Ghosts. One of the most haunted graveyards I’ve
weathered so much names cannot personally investigated and one that doesn’t disappoint.”
be made out, to the newer and well- Tom Buckmaster
preserved stones. Keep this in mind
when visiting, family of those buried
here still visit so respect always
needs to be shown.

I can’t really delve too much into

the rumours and paranormal
sightings as they are hard to
come by, maybe it’s protected
a little more than most by the
locals? One person I do know
that has investigated the site is
local Paranormal Investigator
Tom Buckmaster. After speaking
with him I asked him to sum the
site up for someone that’s been
there after dark and this was his
response :

Although I’ve not investigated it

myself, the history and mystery
surrounding the site is rich and
infectious. I will most definitely
be revisiting one day with the
hopes of finding more than just
the living.

r Annesley Old Church – Church of All Saints r
stumbled upon this location one bitterly
cold winter morning. The scene was
already set, gloves, scalf, a mist that was
as thick as the atmosphere itself, ruins,
gravestones and a location just over the wall
that needs no introduction… Annesley Hall.

My attention was purely on the task in hand, to

explore what the ruin and the yard had to offer, yet
there was an uneasy feeling, you’ll think I’m mad for
saying this but, it’s like the Hall is watching you. It’s
no secret that Annesley Hall is littered in as many
ghosts as it is in controversy, yet on this occasion it
was like it was keeping its eye on me, making sure
that I towed the line.

As you wonder aimlessly around the 14th century

remains, you are treated to amazing architecture and
grand doorways, worn floors stones and a beautifully
kept graveyard.

I can’t say that I ‘felt’ anything whilst walking

around, other than the imposing hall, yet this site
is a favourite amongst historians and paranormal
enthusiasts alike. Like I said earlier in the article, the
history of these locations seem to be entwined with
each other and this is no exception.
Annesley Hall and its grounds were once owned by the Chaworth-Musters family, a prominent family with huge might and wealth. They
also owned Colwick Hall after the Byron family, which again shows the emotional attachment that many of these locations had to certain
prominent figures in Nottinghamshire’s history.
There were many conflicts amongst the families in question, some regarding money, many regarding love. It once came to a head when
William Chaworth was killed in a duel with his cousin, Lord Byron of Newstead Abbey. This Lord Byron would later become the great-uncle
of the famous poet Lord Byron. Walking through these grounds you could be passing and even standing on where someone once lost their

life, it’s a humble feeling but one that excites me,

knowing that I could potentially make contact or
tell their story as they are now not able to do.
Being aware that the County would have
been shaped and moulded over hundreds of
years, thanks to the families that lived in these
amazing locations really is an overwhelming
feeling. Many disputes, arguments, affairs and
murders, would have played out on the properties
and surrounding grounds. The ruins of these
historic churches would have played their role
in introducing life, blessing love and ultimately
saying goodbye in death. If anywhere would hold
an energy then surely it would be here, and as for
a County in Ruin – I’m happy to keep it that way!


Herb Baumeister

n the surface, Herb Baumeister was of course Herb Baumeister — would A minimum of eleven men met their deaths
was living the American dream. crank up the heat in the swimming pool as in the basement of Fox Hollow Farm. We
Owner of a chain of thrift stores, high as it would go, then spread the cover know this because eleven left-handed
he was a doting father to three children across its surface in order to keep the heat metacarpal bones were subsequently
and a devoted husband...or so it seemed. in. When he came back to Fox Hollow with discovered on the grounds. Yet the
Beneath the surface, things were very his unwitting victim in tow, Herb would authorities suspect that there were many
different. The Baumeisters had a troubled lead them down to the pool and roll back more victims, perhaps as many as twenty,
marriage, and their marital woes were the cover, then open up the double doors which he was believed to have killed while
leading out onto the patio. The sudden taking business trips and dumping the
only compounded by financial difficulties.
influx of cold air wafting over the hot water bodies along the side of the roads between
Herb and his wife had drifted apart. Julie
filled the room with mist that cut visibility Indiana and nearby Ohio.
Baumeister liked to take their children on
down to practically nothing, obscuring the
trips to the lake, while Herb preferred to small army of mannequins that had been Sensing that the net was closing in, Herb
stay home — and murder young men. posed all around the poolside, almost as if Baumeister fled the country, crossing the
It was the early 1990s, and the Indianapolis there was a permanent party going on. border into Canada without any trouble. A
gay community was living in fear. Men were mounted patrol officer found him sleeping in
Drugs and alcohol soon began to flow. his car under a bridge, and moved him on,
disappearing on a regular basis, and the
word was that once they were gone, nobody Once they were both in the water, Herb giving no thought to the box of VHS tapes
ever saw them again. would offer to show his intended victim that were on the back seat — detectives
a cool new trick: autoerotic asphyxiation. later came to believe that these contained
Each of the missing men had gone home
Looping a length of pool hose around the home movies of the murders he had
with a man who called himself Brian Smart,
lured with the promise of partying the night unsuspecting young man’s neck, Herb committed, though they could not be sure
away in a big empty manor house with a would slowly tighten his grip, increasing the because the tapes would never be found.
swimming pool in its basement. Located pressure until his victim began to struggle Things came to an end on a picturesque
amongst the woods on a sprawling 18-acre and thrash...before finally going limp. Once beach. Herb penned a rambling final note,
estate, that house was named Fox Hollow he was finished with the body, Herb would which he signed ‘THE Herb Baumeister,’
Farm. drag it out into the woods behind the farm before placing a gun to his head and pulling
Before heading out to the nightclub to and attempt to dispose of the evidence by the trigger. The last life he ever took was his
select his target, ‘Brian Smart’ — who brutalizing and burning the remains. own.

When the police obtained a warrant indeed to those unfortunate souls and brought in a lodger, a colleague
to search Fox Hollow Farm, what who fell victim to the wiles of a serial of Rob’s named Joe LeBlanc, in
they found horrified them. Not predator. They will never have the order to help defray the cost.
just hundreds, but ultimately benefit of a Christian burial.
The first sign of something strange
THOUSANDS of bones and bone
Herb’s widow understandably sold happening at Fox Hollow Farm
fragments were just lying around in
Fox Hollow Farm and moved out, was when Vicki’s vacuum cleaner
the woods behind the house, with
still more waiting to be discovered in determined to leave memory of unplugged itself several times when
the creek that bordered the property. those horrific events behind her. The she was cleaning up downstairs,
It took weeks of painstaking scouring vacant house languished, occupied the plug virtually leaping out of its
by forensic specialists, and at the only by raccoons, until would-be socket. Strange, she thought to
end of their search, they predicted homeowners Rob and Vicki Graves herself, but there was probably a
that still more bones remained to be purchased it for a fraction of its true rational explanation...right?
found. market value, thanks to the stigma
Far more difficult to explain away
created by the serial murders.
They were right. Bone fragments was the figure in the woods. Fox
turn up at Fox Hollow Farm to this Rob and Vicki are both medical Hollow Farm is somewhat unique in
day, thanks to the fact that woodland professionals, and soon came to that most sites where serial killers
critters took bites out of the bodies terms with the fact that their dream have committed their murders are
and scattered pieces of them far home had a somewhat tarnished usually demolished, usually to keep
and wide. Many more will never past. For the price, it was a once-in- them from becoming shrines for the
be found at all, a sad testament a-lifetime opportunity. They settled in morbidly curious.

Trespassers do turn up watching some videotaped news It all came to a head one day in the
there from time to time, segments relating to the Baumeister swimming pool. Joe had invited a
however, and when Vicki murders. While the newscaster friend of his over to swim, and both
saw a young man in a spoke, images of the known victims men were doing laps of the pool in
bright red shirt walking into were displayed in the background.
the company of the Graves’s two
the trees one day, that’s what Joe suddenly flew out of his seat,
sons. Joe swam to the deep end and
she thought was going on. It grabbing for the remote control.
was resting against the side of the
was only when she realized that the “What is it?” Rob asked.
figure had no legs from the waist pool for a moment, when he felt two
down that she realized the man was “That’s him — the man I saw in my hands snake around the side of his
an apparition. She had just seen a room!” Joe was adamant that the neck from behind. Figuring it was
ghost. face of the young man who stared his pal playing games, Joe whirled
back at them out of the freeze- around — and saw the three of them
Lodger Joe LeBlanc saw the same framed TV screen was also that of
apparition in the woods one night were all the way over at the shallow
the frightened apparition he had
when he was walking his dog, and end. Puzzled and more than a little
encountered in his room that night.
his description tallied exactly with unnerved now, he began swimming
that of Vicki’s sighting — right down As time went on, the haunting went toward them...and suddenly felt
to the missing legs. Joe would into high gear, much of it centered
something drag him underneath the
go on to see the ghost of another around Joe. Heavy footsteps
water, putting Joe’s neck in a choke-
thudded around the in-law quarters
young man in his bedroom, which hold that threatened to suffocate
at night. The heavy door-knocker
was located upstairs in the in-law him.
would pound itself against the door
quarters on the side of the main
in the early hours of the morning; Fortunately, he was able to fight his
house. The man seemed terrified, as
whenever Joe went to check,
though he was running for his life, way back to the surface, struggling
nobody was ever out there. He
though from what Joe could not see; against the invisible grip. “Everybody
began to have terrible nightmares
the apparition disappeared into thin out of the pool!” he yelled, genuinely
in which an unseen something was
air before his astonished eyes. terrified now. It would be a long time
chasing him through the woods
One evening, Rob, Vicki, and Joe outside, something that meant him before Joe ever went swimming in
were sitting in the living room great harm. that pool again.

I had learned about the haunting arm; it was a distinctly flirtatious
of Fox Hollow Farm from the sensation, and one that gives
TV show ‘Ghost Adventures’ me the chills to this day when I
and found it fascinating. The think about it.
Graves family welcome me and
a small team of paranormal Upstairs in Joe’s old residence
investigators into their home and — now home to one of the
invited us to research it. Over Graves boys — we set up an
the space of seven days and SLS camera and captured the
nights, we hit Fox Hollow Farm presence of a small, child-sized
with everything in our toolkit. stick figure in the middle of the
Joe LeBlanc obligingly came room. Despite our best efforts
back to help us investigate,
to debunk and troubleshoot, we
as did Tony Harris — the one
were unable to explain it.
victim who escaped from Herb
Baumeister and helped tip off After a visit from ‘the one that
the authorities to the location of got away,’ Tony Harris, we went
Herb Baumeister’s home. out into the woods. He led us to
This was the first time I had a site just beyond the tree line
ever investigated a haunted which was one of the known
swimming pool — from the burn sites. He indicated a
inside. The water was absolutely specific stretch of the slope and
ball-shriveling freezing (this was said that it was possible that
an unheated pool, in November)
human remains could still be
and the digital voice recorders
found in that spot, according to
mostly picked up the sound of
my teeth chattering...but there his intuition.
was also the sound of a loud, That didn’t sit well with me.
guttural growl that was heard The thought of those poor boys
audibly by those of us in the going without a proper burial
pool room, and a menacing EVP
was deeply saddening. Once
that whispered the word ‘Laura’
Tony had left, we made a quick
— which just so happens to be
my wife’s name. Although she trip to Wal-Mart and bought a
wasn’t present at the time, I took load of tools from their yard and
it as an attempt to intimidate me gardening section. Then we
personally. came back to Fox Hollow Farm
and began to dig...
One of Rob’s friends had
brought his young daughter over We didn’t find any bones, I’m
to Fox Hollow one day. As they relieved to say, but we did leave
were talking in the pool room, digital voice recorders running
the little girl raised a finger to her while we dug. When we played
lips and shushed the two men.
the audio recordings back
“Be quiet, daddy,” she insisted,
afterward, we were shocked to
pointing toward the pump room.
“Those men are trying to sleep find a class B EVP — the sound
in there...” of a gruff, almost strangulated
man’s voice uttering what sound
Rob had also seen a shadowy
like the words “Get away from
figure in the vicinity of the
pump room, so we decided to there!” Two female investigators
focus a lot of attention there. took turns digging with myself
Joe was like a lightning rod and another male investigator.
for paranormal activity. When The voice clearly does not
he was locked in the pump belong to any of us, and there
room with me and some of my was nobody else within earshot
fellow investigators, our sensing in the woods that day.
equipment went berserk. Two of
my investigators were prodded As with so much concerning the
in the back, and I felt the haunting of Fox Hollow Farm,
definite touch of four fingertips this phenomenon raises more
caressing the underside of my questions than it answers...


I S S U E 2 1: T H E K E Y T O T H E H A U N T E D D O O R



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