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March 8-14, 2019

CA 91910

Philippines, Malaysia press freedom of navigation in South China Sea Duterte thanks Malaysia for
1st Philippine subway equipped Destiny supporting peace process

with disaster-resilient Japanese

Last Effort
Philstar.com | MANILA,

technology now underway

3/7/2019 — President Duterte
and visiting Malaysian Prime
Minister Mahathir Mohamad
emphasized yesterday the impor-
tance of freedom of navigation
and overflight in the South China
Sea in maintaining peace and
progress in the region, which is
grappling with territorial disputes
as well as China’s muscle-flexing.
Emerging from an expanded
bilateral meeting at the Aguinaldo
State Dining Room, Duterte said
he and the 93-year-old Malaysian
The GNP Team leader also committed to observe
derway to solve Manila’s traffic
The first Philippine subway problem. the “rule of law” and internation-
equipped with disaster-resilient al rules in handling disputes.
Japanese technology is now un- ( Continued on page 10 ) Mahathir began his three-day
state visit to the Philippines on
Malaysian PM warns Philip- Chapter 89 of “Destiny” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Wednesday.
“We emphasized the importance
pines against foreigner influx of maintaining and promoting

peace, security, stability, safety
ABS CBN | Agence France-Presse Some Filipino politicians have ne whole block of the street, where Don Miguel’s house was located, was and freedom of navigation and
Malaysian Prime Minister alleged this drives up property festive the afternoon before Mimi’s wedding day. Everybody was celebrating flight over the South China Sea,
Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday prices, takes away jobs from the special event of the girl they saw bloom into a beautiful woman. It was as as well as the peaceful settlement
warned the Philippines against locals and even affects tax rev-
letting in foreigners who could
if everybody’s daughter was getting married, for Don Miguel and his family, although of disputes,” Duterte said, read-
enues. ing from a joint statement with
"disturb" the country's domestic Mahathir, who has suspended rich compared to most of them, was deemed one of their own. They had been kind to
their neighbors, assisting those who needed help and providing support to their fami- Mahathir at the start of the state
political stability, as President several of his nation's major banquet.
Rodrigo Duterte's Beijing pivot projects with China, warned dur- lies. In fact, Mimi, as a teacher in the nearby school, had helped shape the minds and
“We affirmed our commitment
sparks an influx of Chinese work- ing an official visit to the Philip- characters of their children. to collaborate in regional and
ers. pines against allowing a surge of multilateral platforms, particular-
At least 200,000 Chinese have foreigners. Within just an hour of the arrival of the group that brought the animals and vegetables from the ly within ASEAN to advance the
flocked to Manila since Duterte's "Foreign direct investment province, the squealing of the five pigs, one after another, could be heard. At least two men would rule of law in Southeast Asia and
2016 election, many of them should not involve bringing huge hold the legs of a pig while the third man would slit its throat and let its blood drip into a huge metal beyond,” Duterte said. “This is,
employed by online gaming firms numbers of foreigners to live in pan on the ground. The noise was familiar during town fiestas. It announced to everyone that a without resort to the threat or use
that cater to Chinese players, a the country, because that might lechon (roast pig) would be served to celebrate the occasion. of force, in accordance with the
Philippine Senate inquiry was disturb the political equations in ( Continued on page 6 ) universally recognized principles
told late last year. ( Continued on page 4 ) of international law.”
The Philippines and Malaysia
Forbes names the Philippines Slowly but surely, Melany Bunag of Danielle are among the claimants in the

billionaires, Villar, Gokongwei Facial & Skin Care, aims to succeed

South China Sea, along with
China, Taiwan, Indonesia and

& Razon top the list

By Marjorie Villareal Tran
Duterte’s and Mahathir’s dis-
(Part of the forthcoming book, cussing regional security came in
The GNP Team list released on March 5. the wake of US Secretary of State
The Forbes Magazine annual “Stories of Filipino Americans of
Here are the 17 Richest Filipi- San Diego, California”) Mike Pompeo’s assurance of US
list of the world’s richest named nos: help in case the Philippines is at-
17 Filipinos among the 2,153 Manuel Villar, real estate, ranked Born to a poor family in Baran- tacked by a foreign country.
billionaires with Manny Villar Jr., at 317th, estimated net worth – gay Banalo, Lobo, Batangas, in Earlier in the day, Mahathir
John Gokongwei Jr., and Enrique $5.5 billion the Philippines on April 18, 1975, urged China to define its so-
Razon Jr. leading the local lineup. John Gokongwei Jr., industrial- Melany Bunag of Danielle Facial
Property tycoon Villar is on top of called “ownership” in the South
ist, 343rd – $5.1 billion & Skin Care in National City is China Sea so that other claimants
the list for the first time, following Enrique Razon Jr., operator
the death of former top lister Henry the second oldest child of Juanito can start efforts to develop the
Sy Sr. international port and integrated Gozar and Crisanta Mistiola, both area.
The six Sy children are now in gaming resort, 379th – $4.8 bil- from the same barrio. Her father The other day, Chinese Ambas-
the 2019 edition of Billionaires: lion was a farmer and fisherman, her sador Zhao Jianhua also voiced
The Richest People in the World Lucio Tan, tobacco, 436th – $4.4
( Continued on page 11 ) Melany Bunag (left) and her family ( Continued on page 4 )
( Continued on page 9 )

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

㔀 瀀洀
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 8-14, 2019


Save the Date:

MEET: Sheila Marcelo, 1st Fil-Am woman CEO March 13, 2019,
in Wall Street Wednesday
The GNP Team known for being the world’s larg- GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024
Meet Sheila Lirio Marcelo, the est marketplace for care,” Marcelo or google “divine mercy shrine encinitas”
first Filipino-American woman stated in an interview with Loida email: divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com
Nicolas Lewis for The FilAm maga- www.divinemercy724.com FB @divinemercy724
CEO in Wall Street, founder,
chairwoman and CEO of Care. zine.
Her innovative company contin-
com, the largest online destina- ues to address global care chal-
tion for finding and managing lenges and she works with non-profit

Divine Mercy Shrine


Divine Mercy Shrine

family care serving more than 30 organizations as she advocates to JOIN US FROM 2:00 TO 4:00 PM ON THE 13TH
million people in over 20 coun- unlock women’s economic potential OF THE MONTH TO: 1) OFFER THE ROSARY,
Jesus I Trust In You!
Jesus I Trust In You!
Marcelo’s Care.com has been a Sheila Marcelo graduated magna 3) WALK THE WAY OF THE CROSS
publicly traded company listed cum laude in Mount Holyoke Col-
lege with a degree in Economics. A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
in the New York Stock Exchange She also has M.B.A and J.D. degrees
since 2014. from Harvard University. She was
named a Young Global Leader by
Marcelo grew up in an entrepre- the World Economic Forum in 2011, Tour Chaplain:
neurial household, raised in the named one of the “Top 10 Women
Philippines by business savvy A
Sunday, September 8 – Monday, September 16, 2019 Fr. Ruben Ruiz
Entrepreneurs” by Fortune Maga-
parents from Candelaria, Quezon. challenge of looking for care through Parochial Vicar
She studied in Quezon province, the Yellow Pages, she knew that
zine, and the youngest recipient of
the Harvard Business School Alumni
LOS ANGELES / LOS ANGELES - $2,899.00 Our Lady of Guadalupe
graduated high school in Brent Inter- using technology to serve both the (Airline taxes included) Insurance $171.00 (Optional)
Achievement Award. She is also an LAND ONLY PRICE $1,999.00 (No airline tickets) Insurance $118.00 La Habra, CA
national School in Baguio, then she families looking for caregivers and honoree of the Great Immigrants of
went to the U.S to study economics the care workers finding meaning- (For pre-existing, insurance must be purchased with deposit)
2018 tribute by the Carnegie Corpo- Single Room Supplement $699.00
and international relations. ful employment can make a positive ration of New York.
She founded the company Care. impact. If you know of a Filipina woman
com in 2006 when she realized how “It is only fitting that, as a Filipina, of power, substance, or inspiration
difficult it was to find a caregiver for I founded Care.com. The Philippines we should feature on Good News Sunday, September 8, 2019 Annunciation and Mary’s Well. Friday, September 13, 2019
her own children and parents. She has a very nurturing culture and is Pilipinas comment her story below, DEPART LOS ANGELES Then to Cana to see the Church MOUNT OF OLIVES/
was working for a tech company one of the biggest exporters of care tag us,Sunday,
use we
then. After experiencing firsthand the September 15, 2019 Our spiritual journey What beginsYour as we
Tour depart
Includes where Jesus performed His first GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE/
in the world. In the U.S. we’re best on herOUR
story. LADY
visit Christian
Overnight at our Los Angeles on flight UA632 at 5:00pm public miracle at the wedding. We
 Round trip air from Los Angeles BETHLEHEM/EIN KAREM

U.S. Ambassador Congratulates NASA Space Apps

to San Francisco.
Transfers Arrive inSan
and sightseeing Franciscomotorcelebrate
air-conditioned coach Mass and renew our We start at the Mount of Olives with a
Today we visit the imposing Monastery Accommodation
and Church of Our Lady of the Ark. Then
at 6:30pm.
 Daily breakfast
ThenNin Efirst
I T Iand
class hotels
flight on wedding vows. Then, we visit the willspectacular
Bridge of Sights. After spending time in
view of the Old City of
include the Cross from which St. Catherine

Challenge Winners
we visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of UA954
 Services to Tel Aviv,
of tour at 7:45pm.
guide throughout the journey sites
beautiful around
Venice, the toSea
we return of Galilee:
our Hotel in Jerusalem.
received Then we
the Stigmata. We visit
stroll the Church
through the
Palestine at Deir Rafat. Proceed back to the  Entrance fees and
Monday, local taxes
October 11, 1999 Padua Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, silent
for Dinner and Overnight. of narrow
Pater streets
from and downsquare
the central to of
 Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
hotel for a farewell dinner. Then transfer to  DailyMonday, DEPART
Holy Mass
and religious 9, activities
2019 and St. Peter’s Primacy. We stop in Piazza Church of Dominus
Del Campo, to the Flevit,
Piazza DeltheDuomo,
theU.S. Embassy
airport Manila
for an early morning flight on NOT INCLUDED: ARRIVE TELtips,
Lunches, AVIV insurance and itemsTabgha of personal natureknown for Christ’s overshadowed of Gethsemane by theand tall the
Church Cathedral.
of All
day. 21, 2019 — Our Spiritual Journey begins as we depart Continue to Assisi. Dinner and Overnight at our
ArrivetheTel USA Avivon ourat 7:55pm,
transatlantic where
flightwe to miraculous multiplication
Friday, October 15, 1999 of loaves Nations.
Hotel. Continue to Bethlehem to
U.S. Ambassador to the Philip- will beMilan,
greeted Termsguide& Conditions
our tour and Breakfast andwillbusbe and fish to feed a multitude. Enjoy a visit the Church of the Nativity, Holy
pines Sung KimOctober
Tuesday, congratulated
20, 1999 driver. We
All prices quotedinwill transfer
in this to our
flyer are based hotel land
on airfares,
2019 on group rates of 32-42 passengers. All prices are subject
in ratesboat ride onrates
and exchange
to change
effect Galilee.
notice priorattoour Hotel
Manger, St. Catherine Basilica and
Team iNON for beating out 1,395 Tel Today,
Aviv.due to major currency fluctuations, fuel prices and/or unforeseen economic
we will have Breakfast then down to the Shepherds’ Field.
Tuesday, October 12, 1999 and then take our motorcoach and drive to
teams from
After around
breakfast, the world
we begin our day with
circumstances. (ua/42/mijares)b
Please complete the booking MILANform with full names as they Pisa,
appearthe onhistoric
passportstown situated
and mail
it to on
us the Arno
stop inOctober
18, 1999
Ein Karem to visit the
Mass at the Vatican and then visit the Tuesday, September 10,plus
2019 MOUNT TABOR/JERICHO/ Church of the Visitation. Then drive
to win the Best Galactic
Vatican Museum, Tapestries Impact
with your deposit of $350 per person $171 insurance (optional-for
River. We visit
purchased with deposit-for USA residents only). Receipt of your deposit shall act as your
the Piazza mustDeibe Miracoli,
Sistine in the
Chapel, 2018
the NASA
Vatican Library, and agreementTEL
Upon to the AVIV/OLD
Milan JAFFA/
conditions we will
herewith. be isthe
Balance dueRIVER
days before and Baptistery
departure SEA/its Holy
date. If with to the
dinner and overnight.
in Assisi.
later we visit Christian Rome. Overnight met CAESAREA/HAIFA/
you cancel, bytheour Local Representative
following cancellation chargesand then famous
per person Organ & Echo,
will apply: 120 days orand more the world- Morning Tour of the places associated
Space Apps
at our Hotel.Challenge. Ambas- $50pp;take
119-91 days orientation
a short before departure $350pp;
City Tour 90-61 daysrenewed
of Milan prior toLeaning
departure date $1,000pp;
60-31 days priorCARMEL/NAZARETH
to departure date $1,500pp; 30-1 day prior This morning,
to departure date or wenoAfter
Holy up

Mass,to with St. Francis and Santa Clara,
Saturday, September 14, 2019
sador Kim awarded certificates including
No Refund.
This morning Plus NO Milan Cathedral,
we drive for any Church of St. we continue to Florence. Dinner and including the Basilica of St. Francis, the
tickets issued.
(SantafromMariaTel delleAviv to Overnight
Mount Tabor at Our to visit the Church and Crypt OLD CITYtime OF JERUSALEM/
Wednesday, October 21, 1999
of recognition
ROME/PAPAL to team members
Mary of Grace Grazie), Hotel. and spend shopping for
Monday, September 16, 2019 Old Jaffa
Pilgrims where we
and celebrate
are responsible
The Duomo the for Mass
Center atTown.
of thethat the the
their Passports Monastery
are in order and theyof the religious items. InMOUNT ZION
the afternoon, continue
DEPART Martin,
This morning, MarieLOSJeddah
after /breakfast,
we will Church Afternoon
secure any necessary visas to the countries visited
of St. Peter.
at leisure Wein also
Milanstop to after
to rest see Transfiguration. Then, we drive to San EarlyGiovanni
in theRotondo.
morningArrival we andwalk the
We depart Julius
attend Tel
the Aviv Czar
weeklyon our Torreda,
flight UA955
Wednesday Papal to
Caesareaour long andflight.the `Dinner
Roman and Overnight
Aqueduct.at through Saturday,
the JordanOctober 16, 1999
Valley to Jericho transfer to our
Stations of Hotel for Dinner
the Cross, endingand at the
San Francisco,
Audience and at 12:55am.
Blessing givenArriveby at
HisSan our Hotel. Passenger Booking Form
Drive by the Mediterranean coast to to view theFLORENCE
U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim congratulates Philippine Team and Holiness
Matthew Concubierta atonthe Overnight.
Francisco at John Paul IIThen
6:00am. (depending
transfer his
flight Mount of Temptation Church of the Holy Sepulcher. After
iNON for winning the NASA Space Apps Challenge Galactic Impact category. Team U.S.schedule).
Embassy In ontheFebruary
Angeles, at21. A Haifa
Pleaseandreserve Mount ______ Carmel
place(s) foron a the
9-day journey and thetheruins
to HolyofLand Old andJericho.
Holy ThenMass,to Mass, returnOctober
to our hotel for breakfast.
afternoon, we tour
on UA613 to Los 8:00am. Wednesday, October 13, 1999 Morning Breakfast Monday, 19, 1999
iNON members include (left-right): Matthew Concubierta, Revbrain Martin, Marie ‘Ancient Rome’, along via Cavour, Piazza
( Continued on page 6) (September 8-16, 2019) (lax/ua) T70 – Estrella & Angel Mijares
view of the city and a visit to the the baptismal site on the River Back to the Old City to visit the
Angeles at 9:52am.
with the Fountain, Piazza MILAN/VERONA/PADUA followed by a guided tour of Florence. We S.G.ROTONDO/LANCIANO/ROME
Jeddah Legaspi, and Julius Czar Torreda. ____ Yes, I want travel insurance, include payment with your deposit – must provide email
visit the From
Academy Museum to see theto Church of St. Anne’s, Pools of
Venezia, the Roman Forum and Capitol. Carmelite(TravelexMonastery and
is valid for USAthe Grotto
residents only) of Jordan. there we continue

Celebrating the Golden Year in San Diego, California

Visit is
Itinerary thesubject
Coliseum, Arch ofwithout
to change Constantine,
notice. After
No, Breakfast
I declined travel at our Hotel, we depart original painting of David, onto the Depart Assisi after Breakfast to San
Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls and the Elijah. the Dead Sea to feel the salty and Bethesda, Ecce Homo and walk
Name:Milan on our way to Verona. Arrival at Cathedral S. Maria Del Fiore, the Duomo, Giovanni where we first visit the Church of
Church of St. Peter in Chains. Return to (Photocopy
Verona, and of your passport
a short is required
visit – must be
to the Center warm
6 months water.
after your
Baptistery withIn Bethany,
the date)
Golden doors we visit
of St. through
Maria Dellethe Cardo
Grazie, to athe
then pay visitWailing
our Hotel for overnight. Address: ______________________________________________________________ the church built on the traditional
the Town. Later, we continue to Padua, Ghiberti, Giotto’s Bell Tower and onto the the Tomb of the Capuchin monk blest with Wall. On Mount Zion, we visit the
(By: DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - Perez-Roxas that was celebrated at City: ___________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _____________
house ofcenter Maryofand the Martha andDella
their the Upper
StigmataRoomfor 50andyears.the Continue
Church toof St.
March 2, 2019) Thursday, October 22, 1999 Phonehome
#’s-home: of St. Anthony, Patron Saint of historical
_______________________Cell____________________________ town Piazza
the Presidio Room of the plush Han- ROME/USA E-mail:‘Things Lost’. Holy Mass at the Basilica Signoria.
_______________________________________________________________ brother AfternoonLazarus.at leisure Thenin Florence
on to Lanciano,
Peter in of the 8th century ‘Miracle of
dlery Hotel in San Diego, California RoomingbuiltWith: honor. Dinner and Overnight in for a time of relaxation. Dinner and the Eucharist’ displayed in the Monstrance.
in his_________________________________________________________
Jerusalem for overnight.
(Part II - Continued from last issue) last February 9, 2019.
flight back to the USA after a memorable
Journey in Italy.
Padua. (Adriatic Tours is not responsible to find you a roommate)
Overnight at our Hotel. Continue to Rome. Arrival and transfer to
Departing from (City & Airport): ____________________________________ our Hotel for Overnight.
The affair started at exactly 6 p.m. If other than LAX,Thursday,
do you wantOctober
us to book
1999flight from your city of departure: ___Yes; ___No
"The 50th "Golden" Birthdate at the reception table with the regis- A deposit of $350 (by VENICE
check) plus $171 Insurance (Optional-for pre-existing,
Sunday, Octobermust be
17, 1999 Tuesday, October 20, 1999
Anniversary of Ilongga Regis- tration of incoming guests and their purchased with deposit-for US residents only) payable FLORENCE/SIENA/ASSISI
to Adriatic Pilgrimages is ROME
seating arrangement. This was ably required per person at the time of booking but not later than May 3, 2019. Balance is
tered Nurse Sheila Perez Roxas, Breakfast at our Hotel. Then we drive to
due on or before June 7, 2019. Any booking after June 8, 2019 is subject to availability
was Celebrated in San Diego, handled by the teenage Usherettes; Venice, one of the world’s unique cities.
late fee penaltySeptember
will apply. 11, 2019
This morning, after Breakfast, we drive After breakfast, we begin our day with
Audrey D. Baldonado and Nomi S. We celebrate
at St. Mark’s through the
DEPOSIT)to the city of Mass at the Vatican and then visit the
California on February 9, 2019." NAZARETH/CANA/
Cathedral, aftermust
Your passport which we 6stroll
be valid through
months the return
after your Sienna, birthplace
date – after MARCH of
16, St.
2020Catherine, Virgin Vatican
Sunday, Museum,
Ruiz. later we visit Christian Rome.
RatesSquare, visiting
shown reflect paymentDoges
made byPalace
check. Youand
may the andfinal
make your Doctor of with
payment the your
Church. card short visit Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Library, and
credit Our
Overnight OFHotel.
at our THE ARK/
The program proper began when Tour Operator
but 4% additional processing fee will apply. Fuel surcharges are subject to change up to 25 days prior to
 Ro
From as far as Canada up north, the worthy Master of Ceremonies /MOUNT OFdate.
departure BEATITUDES/
NON-USA citizens must obtain visa before their departure
down to south of the border near (Emcee) Leonor Delarmente-Baldo- BOAT RIDE
For more information and reservation, please contact: Today we visit the imposing Monastery  Ac
Mexico way; from New York, the nado announced the entry of Sheila, 777 W. 9th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
In Nazareth, we will visit the Church of and Church of Our Lady of the Ark. Then  Da
Big Apple City that never sleep and we visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of  Se
the Golden Girl Celebrant escorted Phone: (310) 548-1446 or (800) 262-1718 Tour Host  En
Michigan of the Great Lakes and by her Consort and former boyfriend www.adriatictours.com Palestine at Deir Rafat. Proceed back to the
California Seller of Travel: #2000288-40 Estrella & Angel Mijares hotel for a farewell dinner. Then transfer to
 Bo
other States in the East Coast; to the Nonong is his name. The smiling  Da
West Coast of northern and southern
Ph: (562) 694 – 2580 / (562) 972-5675 the airport for an early morning flight on NOT IN
couple walked majestically down angelstar73@earthlink.net
California to the City of Angels, they the following day.
the aisle like the beauty and the best, --with Anthony Rivera as back-
all came. The same destination, San to the thundering applause by the ground singing "The way you look
Diego. The same purpose, to attend audience that filled the air inside the tonight" with his bedroom voice.
and participate in the 50th year Get the best results for your classified ad with our 3-in-1
Tuesday,price offer
October 20, 1999 via All price
spacious room. Lively music was then played by 1/16/19 ROME 2019 on
“Golden” birth anniversary of Sheila The romantic slow-dance followed ( Continued on page 9 ) online+digital+print editions. Only from the Asian Journal 619.474.0588 departure
After breakfast, we begin our day with
Please co
Mass at the Vatican and then visit the with you
Vatican Museum, Tapestries Gallery, purchase
Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Library, and agreeme
later we visit Christian Rome. Overnight you can
at our Hotel. $50pp; 1
60-31 da
Wednesday, October 21, 1999 No Refu
Monday, September 16, 2019 Pilgri
This morning, after /breakfast,
we will
We depart
attend Tel
the Aviv on our
weekly flight UA955
Wednesday Papal to
San Francisco,
Audience and at 12:55am. Arrive
Blessing given by at
Francisco at John Paul IIThen
6:00am. (depending on his
transfer flight
schedule). In the afternoon, we tour Please
on UA613 to Los Angeles, at 8:00am.
‘Ancient Rome’, along via Cavour, Piazza (Septem
at 9:52am.
the Fountain, Piazza ____ Ye
Venezia, the Roman Forum and Capitol.
Visit is
Itinerary thesubject
Coliseum, Arch ofwithout
to change Constantine,
notice. ____ No
Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls and Name:
Church of St. Peter in Chains. Return to (Ph
our Hotel for overnight. Address
City: __
Thursday, October 22, 1999 Phone #
ROME/USA E-mail:
flight back to the USA after a memorable
Journey in Italy. Depart
If other t
A depos
due on
plus late
Rates sh
but 4% a
Tour Operator

777 W. Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
Phone: (310) 548-1446 or (800) 262-1718
California Seller of Travel: #2000288-40
March 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

California Communities
Humanitarian and Security Crisis at Southern Border Reaches 'Breaking Point'
DHS.gov 3/6/2019 this Department pledges our unwav-
ering resolve to confronting present
Illegal Immigration Hits 12- and ever-evolving future threats to
Year High; More than 76,000 our national security at our South-
Migrants Cross in February west Border.”

The U.S. Border Patrol is cur-

rently encountering illegal immi-
CBP Southwest Bor-
gration at the highest rates since der Total Apprehen-
2007, according to new data. In
fact, in February more than dou- sions / Inadmissibles
ble the level of migrants crossed New data reveals that more than
the border without authorization 76,000 migrants illegally crossed
compared to the same period into the U.S. and were apprehended
last year, approaching the largest or deemed inadmissible last month, a
numbers seen in any February in 12-Year High.
the last 12 years, The New York
Times reported. New data shows that more than
76,000 aliens were apprehended or
deemed inadmissible at a port of
“The truth is that the politics and
entry in February.
policies of open borders have failed
More than 2,000 aliens are being
the American people. Our broken
apprehended every day at the South-
system endures, and the ongoing
ern border.
humanitarian and security crisis at
Border Patrol has apprehended over
our Southwest Border leaves many
268,000 individuals since the begin-
minors and families at extreme risk
ning of the fiscal year, marking a
of being exploited by traffickers,
97% increase from the previous year.
human smugglers, gangs, and other
Our nation is experiencing an
nefarious actors seeking to profit
unprecedented surge of illegal alien
at their expense,” said Secretary
of Homeland Security Kirstjen M.
Nielsen. “Activist courts, congressio-
families arriving our border, with
more than 40,000 apprehended and DA Summer Stephan calls Thelma de Castro's play Beware impostor
'The Fire in Me' "very real and impactful" scams criminals
deemed inadmissible in February.
nal inaction, and criminals intent on
In this fiscal year (FY) to date, there
breaking our laws stand in the way of
pose as businesses
has been a more than 300%increase
confronting illegal and uncontrolled
in the number of family units appre-
migration threatening our safety and

or government
hended compared to the same time
security. What was a crisis, is now a
period last fiscal year.
full-fledged emergency.”
Apprehensions of family unit aliens
“This cannot be a partisan issue,”
and Unaccompanied Alien Children
(UAC) have surged by 338% and agencies to steal
your identity
Nielsen continued. “Every DHS
54% respectively this year.
Secretary since the Department’s
There has been a wave of large mi-
inception has sounded the alarm
grant groups flooding to the border.
about our unsecured border and its Maneesha Mithal, FTC Associ-
70 large groups of 100 or more in-
consequences. The American people ate Director in the Division of
dividuals have attempted to cross the
and our law enforcement personnel
rightfully demand effective border
border so far this fiscal year, com- Privacy and Identity Protection,
pared with only 13 the previous year. cautions people not to fall for
security: building the wall, strength-
Many of the migrants arriving at scams committed by criminals
ening our laws, and giving the men
our border are requiring medical pretending to be IRS or tax of-
and women serving on the front lines
assistance, further straining resources
the tools and resources they need to ficials.
and personnel on the ground.
keep Americans safe. To that end,
Customs and Border Protection is
executing a new directive to expand AARP has found that older Asian

Voting for Presi- existing medical service contracts Americans and Pacific Islanders are
and deploy additional medical per- often targets of certain fraud (www.

dent Next Year? sonnel to the border. aarp.org/AAPIfraudsurvey). Scam-

Illicit Materials, Transnational mers often use caller ID spoofing
to mask their true location, making
Be Sure You Can!
Gangs, Drugs, Human Trafficking,
and Sex Crimes it appear that they’re calling from a
legitimate or local number to raise
By Tracy DeFore, County of San Our nation is experiencing a dire the odds that you’ll pick up. If you
Diego Communications Office immigration crisis that requires do, the robotic voice on the other end
The first performance of The Fire in Me at the Skyline Library March 2nd was awesome and the discussion afterward left me might claim to represent a utility,
swift and decisive action to confront feeling hopeful that our youth will be able to end domestic violence in our communities because we are discussing the "taboo" issue
California’s presidential primary illegal and uncontrolled migration now. Lt. Ambito and I were there along with D.A. Summer Stephan, and Chief Deputy D.A. Jerrilyn Malana and Consul General
name-brand company or government
threatening our safety and security. agency, like Medicare, the Internal
election is one year away. But it’s Audie de Castro. The room was filled with over 100 attendees. District Attorney Summer Stephan shared that the event was "Very
Revenue Service, and Consulates. It
not too early to give you a heads real and impactful. I'm so proud of you Thelma for breathing life into the stories while having the artistic sense to incorporate
humor and levity into a tough topic. Anne- it's an honor to work with you on protecting victims." ( Continued on page 7 )
up – political parties decide who In the last two years alone, ICE
officers have arrested 266,000 aliens
is able to vote for their presiden- with criminal records including those
tial candidates. You may need to convicted of nearly 100,000 as-
change your voter registration saults, 30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000
party status with the Registrar of homicides.
Voters to vote for who you want In Texas, 276,000 criminal aliens
on March 3, 2020. were booked into local jails between
June 1, 2011 and December 31,
Registered with party 2018, of which over 186,000 were
classified as illegal aliens by DHS.
If you are registered with a political Last year, ICE officers removed
party, your ballot will list that party’s more than 10,000 known or sus-
presidential candidates. You can pected gang members already in our
only vote for that party’s presidential country illegally.
candidates. Each week, approximately 300
Americans have died from heroin
No Party Preference (nonparti- overdoses, of which nearly 90%
san) comes across our southern border.
Just last month, CBP made the
If you are registered No Party Pref- largest seizure fentanyl ever recorded
erence, also known as nonpartisan, attempting to cross the southern bor-
no presidential candidates will be der. It was enough to kill more than
listed on your ballot. As of February 115 million Americans.
28, just over 580,000 voters in San Alarmingly, CBP has reported that
Diego County were registered as No fentanyl smuggling between ports of
Party Preference. entry at the southern border has more
No Party Preference voters who than doubled over our last fiscal
want to vote for a presidential candi- year. Fentanyl was responsible for
date do have options: more than 28,400 overdose deaths
You can vote for a presidential can- variety of Americans in 2017. Just a
didate from only one of the political few weeks ago, CBP made its largest
parties that allows nonpartisan voters fentanyl bust in U.S. history, seizing
to crossover to that party’s ballot. 254 pounds hidden in a truck trailer
Political parties have until October compartment.
20 to decide whether to allow non- One in three women are sexu-
partisan voters to take part in their ally assaulted on the journey to the
presidential primaries. border.
If you are registered as No Party In FY 2018, ICE made more than
Preference but you want to vote 1,500 human trafficking arrests –
for a presidential candidate in one 97% of them for sex-trafficking.
of the parties that does not allow 20,000 children were illegally
nonpartisan voters to cross over, you smuggled into the United States dur-
must re-register with that party. For ing the month of December, alone.
example, in 2016’s presidential pri- In the first five months of fiscal year
mary, the Green, Peace and Freedom, 2018, CBP saw a 315% increase in
and Republican parties allowed only individuals using children to pose
registered members to vote for presi- as family units to gain entry into the
dential candidates in their primaries. United States.
Not sure how you’re registered or if CBP has recorded a 50% spike over
you’re still registered to vote? Check the last fiscal year of the number of
your current registration status or gang members apprehended at the
register. For more information, call southern border.
(858) 565-5800. ###
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 8-14, 2019

Health & Wellness

Proven health benefits of eating eggs based on evidence
HealthandNaturalWorld.com health. Eggs are pretty much the is abundant in eggs—so eat up for The protein contained within eggs Eggs can Prevent Heart Disease connection between dietary choles-
perfect food, they contain a little bit healthy eyesight. make them ideal for building strong and Breast Cancer terol—i.e., eating cholesterol in the
The benefits of eggs are some- of almost every nutrient we need. muscles, as well. Egg proteins are form of eggs—and blood cholesterol
times overshadowed by main- Eggs can Help you Lose Weight balanced and easily utilized by the A study performed by scientists levels.
stream media attention to their po- Here are some of the exciting body to renew muscle tissue and up from the Department of Nutrition at A 2008 study published in the
health benefits of eggs: Although some people gasp over the amount of muscle mass—and the the University of North Carolina at Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences
tential drawbacks. However, eggs same cannot be said of all proteins.
the fat content of eggs and think they Chapel Hill found that the choline looked at a group of 19 middle-age,
have many good qualities that Eggs Promote Good Eye Health couldn’t possibly aid in weight loss, that eggs contain is not only useful healthy participants who ate a whole
make them a surprisingly ideal nothing could be further from the Eggs Boost Brain Health and for maintaining good brain function, egg every day for one month. Re-
health food. From being packed Move over, carrots—eggs can help truth. Keep you Sharp but also good heart function and searchers found no difference in the
full of vitamins and minerals to maintain visual health, too! According to a study published in may play a preventative role when it participants’ cholesterol levels at all.
helping to fend off a stroke, eggs the Journal of the American College Because of an essential nutrient comes to breast cancer.4 In fact, a 2013 study published in
can be an amazing addition to Egg yolks contain high level of the of Nutrition, people who ate protein- called choline, eggs can also give These results were published in the the journal Lipids showed that eat-
your diet if you have your health antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. rich eggs for breakfast were better your brain power a boost. November 2009 edition of the Nutri- ing whole eggs actually increased
These are potent antioxidants that able to control their appetites while A study published in the Ameri- tion Reviews journal, again bringing levels of HDL (good) cholesterol,
in mind. can reduce your risk of develop- attempting to lose weight. can Journal of Clinical Nutrition to light the question of how a food and allowed the HDL molecules to
ing macular degeneration and other This was due to experiencing less looked at 1,391 volunteers between once so reviled for its cholesterol function more effectively. For HDL,
Eggs Are Extremely Nutritious content could be associated with higher numbers are always wel-
common eye problems. I’ve already hunger—greater satiety—after an the ages of 36 and 83 and found
mentioned the importance of these egg breakfast (as compared with the that increased dietary choline was having a positive impact on heart comed. HDL prevents heart disease
Eggs are among the most nutritious health. and stroke.
two antioxidants in my article about control group who ate a carbohy- associated with improved cognitive
foods on the planet – they are loaded There are other foods that can pre-
the top 9 foods that protect and drate-rich bagel for breakfast). function, including visual and verbal
with high-quality proteins, vitamins, vent breast cancer like these seeds How Many Eggs should you Eat
improve your eyesight. This led the egg-eaters to consume memory.3
minerals, good fats and various trace and this type of fat. each Day?
According to a study conducted by notably fewer calories after eating Additionally, a British Journal of
researchers from Tufts University eggs—an effect that lasted up to 36 Nutrition study of more than 2,000
and published in the August 1999 hours in some individuals.5 adults in their 70s found positive as- A Word about Eggs and Choles- According to mayo clinic, most
A single large (50 g) egg contains: terol healthy people can eat up to seven
edition of the American Journal Eggs are also one of the top 5 belly sociations between increased choline
of Clinical Nutrition, these anti- fat burning foods and are also one and better performances on cognitive eggs a week with no increase in their
Vitamin A: 5% of the RDA. You may have heard that eggs are risk of heart disease. Some studies
oxidants—increase dramatically of the foods you can use to lose 88 tests of perception speed, cognition,
Vitamin D: 10% of the RDA bad for people who are trying to have shown that this level of egg
within the body when egg yolks are pounds in one year. sensory motor speed and executive
Vitamin B12: 10% of the RDA. watch their cholesterol levels. consumption may actually prevent
consumed. function.
Vitamin B6: 5% of the RDA.
Take note that these benefits can- Eggs Help Build Bone and Eggs are rich source of choline: Although this was thought to be the some types of strokes.
Selenium: 28% of the RDA.
not be reaped if you avoid eating Muscle Strength one whole large egg can provide 35 case for more than half of the 20th But the story is different for people
Phosphorus: 9% of the RDA. century, recent findings have shown who have diabetes. In this ever-
the yolk of the egg and eat only the percent of your daily choline needs
Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA. that eating eggs can actually have a growing population, eating seven
white of the egg, as these nutrients Why eat artificially fortified foods — which is good news, because
Eggs also contain decent amounts beneficial impact on blood choles- eggs a week significantly increases
are specific to the yolk.1 to get those hard-to-come-by es- according to a study published in
of vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium and terol and even triglyceride levels. the risk of heart disease.
According to a 2001 article by sential nutrients when eggs naturally The Journal of the Federation of
zinc. A large egg contains 72 calo- The reason eggs were long thought The Mayo Clinic states that diabet-
Alfred Sommer published in the have all you need? American Societies for Experimental
ries, 6 grams of protein and 3 grams to be a poor food choice for people ics who eat seven eggs per week
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, For example, eggs are one of very Biology, 90 percent of Americans do
of healthy fats. trying to keep cholesterol levels “significantly” increase their risk
vitamin A deficiency results in more few natural sources of vitamin D, not get enough of it.6
than 500,000 new cases of blind- which, when paired with calcium, Eggs also contain other nutrients in balance is that eggs are, indeed, of heart disease. A 2010 analysis
Eggs also contain various other high in cholesterol. However, there
ness each year.2 This vitamin, so promotes strong bones and may pre- that can delay Alzheimer’s disease
trace nutrients that are important for is little evidence to support a strong
( Continued on page 7 )
crucial for helping eyes stay healthy, vent the onset of osteoporosis. and dementia.

Philippines “I congratulated President Duterte with the Philippines all the time and looking forward to the crafting and agreement, the Philippines, Indo- concern.
on the success of the ratification of also we expect that we can extend signing of a memorandum of under- nesia and Malaysia will conduct “It is my hope that we will continue
( Continued from page 1 ) the Bangsamoro Organic Law and any help that we may be able to ex- standing on cooperation in health. unilateral maritime and air patrols to to open up new areas of coopera-
the appointment of members to the tend to resolve some of the problems “I highlighted that Malaysia has combat common threats. tion, more meaningful partnership,”
his country’s commitment to Bangsamoro Transition Authority faced in the south of the Philippines been a favorite healthcare destina- The President, on the other hand, Duterte said.
peace and stability in the region. (BTA). I look forward to the smooth island – in Mindanao,” the prime tion for the Philippines. The number expressed his gratitude to Mahathir “I am keen to listen to and reflect
He batted for the need to work on transition of the ARMM (Autono- minister said. of patients from the Philippines for the valuable opportunity to renew upon the Prime Minister’s thoughts
a Code of Conduct among China mous Region in Muslim Mindanao) “We know that such insurgencies seeking treatment in Malaysia has and reaffirm valued relations that and development between the Philip-
and ASEAN countries in relation through the interim government only weaken nations – only peace been increasing over the years,” the must continue to grow in strength in pines and Malaysia as well as in the
to the South China Sea. of the Bangsamoro Autonomous brings about wealth and prosper- Malaysian leader said. the coming years. region,” Duterte said.
Region in Muslim Mindanao,” he ity,” Mahathir said, referring to the The two leaders also stressed the “With the Philippines and Malaysia “Indeed, there is much to look for-
After his meeting with Duterte, added. decades-long conflict in Mindanao. importance of education, including staying on track as part of the growth ward to as we write a new chapter of
Mahathir revealed Malaysia is The creation of BARMM is stipu- “As long as there is resort to programs for teachers and students engines of Asia and the world, cooperation between the Philippines
upbeat about the creation of a new lated in the Bangsamoro Organic conflicts and war, there will be no in Madrasahs, especially in Mind- broadening our engagement across and Malaysia,” he said.
Bangsamoro region in Mindanao – a Law ratified by Mindanao voters in development. And because there will anao. many fields will be crucial for the At the end of his speech, Duterte
development that he hopes would two plebiscites held this year. BOL be no development in a certain area, Mahathir said Malaysia is also continued benefit of our nations and said the “Philippines’ destiny is in
lead to more robust economic coop- is the product of the landmark peace there will be disparities between committed to taking necessary steps people,” Duterte said. ASEAN and in Asia. Asia’s destiny
eration. agreement signed by the government different areas. And this, of course, to address terrorism and violent The President said he looks forward is in Asia.” – With Alexis Romero
He stressed Malaysia would con- and the Moro Islamic Liberation stands in the way of good gover- extremism through the Trilateral to further discussions with Malaysia
tinue to help the Philippines develop Front (MILF) in 2014. nance as well as development of the Cooperation Agreement. Under the on matters of mutual interest and
Mindanao, where many areas are still The new region will replace the country,” Mahathir said.
scarred by decades of armed conflict. ARMM and will have greater share He said he is glad that the “pro-
“Given the vast economic poten- in national government revenues. longed struggle has ended with
tial of this area, I believe with the The BTA, which has 80 members, peace and now the people of
establishment of the Bangsamoro assumed leadership over BARMM Mindanao have cause to celebrate as
Autonomous Region in Muslim Min- last Feb. 26 and will serve as its much as the people in the rest of the
danao or BARMM, we have to boost interim regional government until Philippines.
economic ties between both coun- June 30, 2022. “The achievement of something
tries. I therefore assured Mr. Presi- Mahathir regarded his visit as that was nearly impossible before.
dent of Malaysia’s desire to continue further bolstering the “high level of Now there is peace in Mindanao
to be of help in the development of friendship” with the Philippines. and there is a form of relationship
Mindanao,” Mahathir said. “Malaysia expects to be friendly between the different parts of the
Philippines which augurs well for

the development and growth of the
na despite his nation's long-standing
Philippines,” Mahathir said
maritime row with Beijing over the
( Continued from page 1 ) South China Sea.
Increasing trade
the country," Mahathir told ABS- Beijing asserts sovereignty over
CBN television in an interview. almost all of the resource-rich sea,
Duterte and Mahathir also dis-
with competing claims from the
cussed bilateral trade, which the
"If huge numbers of any foreigners Philippines, Malaysia and other
Malaysian leader described as
(come) to live and stay in the coun- nations.
“increasing” but “largely in favor of
try... you have to do some rethinking Commenting on the sea dispute
as to whether it is good or bad, or on Thursday, Mahathir said there
The Philippines is Malaysia’s 15th
the limits that you have to impose on should be no impediment to ves-
largest trading partner globally and
them," Mahathir said. sels using the strategic waterway,
its fourth largest trading partner
Mahathir, 93, is in the Philippines through which trillions of dollars in
among members of the Association
for the first time since his shock global trade pass each year.
of Southeast Asian Nations (ASE-
election victory last year. He held "The South China Sea in particular
talks with Duterte and addressed a must be open to navigation," he said
“I believe there is still room for
business forum after the television in the television interview.
improvement and from my meet- VA
The Malaysian leader has taken a - Peace process -
ing with Mr. President, we would
encourage private sectors from both
cautious approach to relations with countries to explore opportunities
China, saying he would discuss At their meeting, Mahathir and
of collaboration and venture in new
"unfair" terms of deals signed by his Duterte hailed a peace process that
cooperation and investments,” Ma-
predecessor, Najib Razak. put leaders of the Philippines' largest
hathir said.
Duterte's pursuit of closer ties with Muslim guerrilla group at the helm
“The President and I strongly
China for the Philippines -- a tradi- of a new self-governing area near
believe that trade and investment
tional ally of the United States -- has the mainly Catholic nation's sea
between the two countries could be
prompted a surge of Chinese worker border with Malaysia.
further strengthened in the coming
arrivals. The decades-old rebellion in the
years,” he added.
Last year legislators said around Mindanao region claimed 150,000
Mahathir said one of the main
200,000 Chinese were working in lives, ushered in violent extremist
priority areas where cooperation can
the country, and vowed to introduce groups and caused tens of thousands
be strengthened is enhancing con-
protection for Filipinos. of Filipinos to flee to Malaysia to
Philippine Finance Secretary Carlos escape the violence and find work.
He said Malaysia and the Philip-
Dominguez had also said he would Duterte said he thanked Mahathir
pines have been actively involved in
Office Hours
ensure that foreigners working in the for Malaysia's "unrelenting support
the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-
nation's offshore gaming industry for development in the south" and
Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN
Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
paid taxes. playing a key role in the peace pro-
Growth Area and could use the
But Duterte last month said Chinese cess, which included helping moni-
regional cooperation as a platform

Sat 9-3
workers should be allowed to contin- tor a ceasefire and hosting formal
to assist the Mindanao Development
ue staying in the country as Beijing negotiations.
also hosted hundreds of thousands of Mahathir said he assured Duterte
Mahathir said he and Duterte also
Filipinos. Most of them are domestic "of Malaysia's desire to... address
talked about developments in tour-
workers in Hong Kong. the serious issue of terrorism and
violent extremism".
ism, health, education and private Emergency Visits Welcome
Duterte has warmly embraced Chi- sector investments. He said he was
March 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

save for the future.
Families who were lucky to still How building churches out of egg whites
transformed Filipino desserts
be in their homes decided to spend
less by becoming better consum-
ers. They have learned to stretch the
dollar by doing things themselves What else are you going to do
“old-school style” like growing their with all those yolks?
own food and canning and preserv-
ing them. Some have learned how to BY RICHARD COLLETT, Atla-
knit, quilt and make their own soap. sObscura.com | 2/22/2019
Those who didn’t know what to do
relied on social networking or the “Did you know that our church-
Internet for how-to instructions.
Optimism In the Face of Adversity
es are made from eggs?” asks
Gustavo Arellano, who writes a col- April Evangelista, a local food
umn for the Orange County Weekly,
and whose short article also ap- guide, as we walk through the
By Zena Sultana Babao estate takes a nosedive, jobs are lost towering doorway of the Philip-
and people gets unemployed, with peared in the RD magazine, said that
this “new way of life” has been an pines’ Holy Rosary Church in An-
When adversity comes, the best millions of Americans homeless and
sleeping outside in the sub-zero cold. old way of life for immigrants in this geles City. “That’s how they’ve
way to face it is by being opti-
Economic downturn always results country. He wrote that immigrants survived typhoons and volcanic
mistic. Stay positive, creative, are still butchering their own pig, do-
in a lot of changed lives. Some eruptions.”
and busy. It’s fine to feel bad for ing gardening, preserving their own The Holy Rosary Church dates
changes are for the worst, some for
a moment or for a while as long the better. Some people who have food, and trading their produce. back to 1877 and the Spanish colo-
as you don’t lose your optimism. experienced the devastating effects “Self-sustainment is what made this nial era, a period when, Evangelista The Daraga Church was built in the Philippines by the Franciscans in the 1770s.
But once you turn that corner and of economic upheavals are able to country great,” Arellano pointed out. explains, “Local churches were built All photos by Richard Collett
let pessimism take you down the turn their lives around. But most Because of the recession, an with egg whites.” As evangelizing
road to negative thinking, getting have nowhere to turn. increasing number of people have Spanish colonists built churches
Several stories about continued become more cautious and are across the islands, laborers used
out of adversity would be much postponing life’s big decisions like
optimism in the face of adversity are egg whites as an emulsifier in the
harder. marriage, divorce, having kids and concrete. “Food is in the foundations
in one of the issues of the Reader’s
Remain optimistic and things Digest magazine. This magazine moving to new homes. Their spend- here,” Evangelista adds.
will be better soon. is one that I read cover to cover ing became less impulsive as they As the well-attended Holy Rosary
In 1929, when the United States because it features the true-to-life are making purchasing decisions Church attests, this had a lasting in-
entered into the Great Depression, stories of ordinary people like you more carefully. Some have even fluence on the country’s architecture
Edison was called to address the and me. The RD magazine is also decided to cut up their credit cards and spiritual life. But its legacy is
nation on numerous occasions. His full of ideas and information about in favor of the debit variety or cash. also on display in Filipino bakeries
words then echo to us today as we home, family, food, money, health, They don’t have any problem saying and home kitchens. Because what
face another great challenge: “Be technology – you name it! It also “I can’t afford it!” Saying so, they else is there to do with millions of
courageous. I have seen many features humorous and fun vignettes said, is not a matter of weakness, but leftover egg yolks but bake delicious
depressions in business. Always about work and life. strength. desserts?
America has emerged from these Some stories of continued optimism I believe that the road to prosperity Just outside of Angeles, local chef
stronger and more prosperous. Be are about several families who came may still be a long way off. Until Atching Lillian is hosting a histori-
brave as your fathers before you. up with ideas on how best to cope the economy is out of the woods, cal cooking class. Her recipes date
Have faith! Go forward!” up while the recession is on. For it is better to keep abreast with the from the 16th century, and the most
This advice is true not only where right ideas, right choices and right Atching Lillian works her egg yolk-y dough on an antique mold to imprint the face
example, when some families lost prominent ingredient is egg yolk. of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of bakers.
business/economy is concerned, but their homes, they decided to move attitude, just like what these fami- This curious relationship between
in all areas of life as well. We are all in with relatives. This “doubling- lies did. After all, life is a matter of egg whites, desserts, and Filipino
familiar with stories of the negative up-solution” to homelessness kept choice – we can choose to think that churches can be traced back to the
effects in the lifestyle of millions of families out of poverty and out of the there’s hope for the future, or we can arrival of the first Spaniards, who
people. But the stories I like best are streets. choose to wallow in misery. brought not only Christianity but
those that are filled with optimism People who decided to move in or Our life today is what our choices cooking techniques too.
because they uplift us and give us move back with family members have made it – but with new and bet- Pia Lim-Castillo, a culinary histori-
hope. said that they became more con- ter choices – we can change direc- an from the Philippines, emphasizes
We were not there yet during the nected with each other and they were tion any time. Knowing we could that after the arrival from New Spain
Great Depression so did not experi- able to cut their expenditures in half. do that offers tremendous hope, of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565,
ence it – thanks God! But since The new living arrangements proved regardless of circumstances, for a who later became the first governor
then, depression seems to come to be challenging to some, but loved better tomorrow. of the Spanish Philippines, religious
regularly. Stocks plummet, real by most because it enabled them to orders such as the Augustinians,
Franciscans, and Jesuits were quick
to follow. These religious orders
built grand stone churches across
the islands, as the Spanish looked to
impose their religious beliefs across
the archipelago.
The Spanish presence was a heavy The Holy Rosary Parish Church in Pampanga, the Philippines.
one. For the Spanish Empire, the
Philippines were an important trad-
ing center, connecting Chinese ports,
the Spice Islands, and other parts of
Asia to Spain through its territory
in Mexico. The Spanish colonial
era lasted from 1521 to 1898—time
enough to build plenty of churches.
“Taking into account all the churches
built then,” writes Lim-Castillo, “the
number of eggs used ran into the
The egg whites were needed to
form a sort of mortar, known as ar-
gamasa, which binded and protected
the building materials used to con-
struct the churches. Egg whites were
meant to make the mixture “more
durable,” and historical records attest
to this widespread practice. Lillian aims to preserve history through her cooking and recipes.
“Records show that the dome of the
Manila Cathedral was sealed in 1780 tron saint of bakers. But she tired of the Spanish. And in these and other
with a layer of lime, powdered brick, preparing foreign dishes and decided cases, the availability of egg yolks,
duck eggs, and bamboo sap,” Lim- to instead preserve local recipes and leftover from church construction,
Castillo notes in a paper titled “Eggs history. greased their adoption.
in Philippines Church Architecture Before the Spanish arrived in “The extensive use of egg white
and its Cuisine.” “Friar Mariano the Philippines, the islands’ sweet and eggshells brought about the
Gomes of Cavite listed duck eggs for tooth looked very different. “Dur- ingenuity of the Filipino women who
the mortar in his expense list from ing pre-Hispanic times, the dessert saw all these egg yolks being thrown
1824; his predecessor in 1808 also or panghimagas of the Filipinos in the river,” writes Lim-Castillo.
used duck eggs.” were just fruits served fresh,” writes “Recipes were created to make use
It wasn’t just duck eggs, though. Lim-Castillo, “like banana, coconut, of the egg yolks, like pan de San
“Oral tradition tells us that … eggs watermelon, mango, guava, melon, Nicolas, yema, tocino del cielo,
from chickens and other poultry and other tropical fruits.” She notes leche flan, pastries, and tortas.”
were solicited from the community,” that her country’s fondness for The introduction of concrete in the
writes Michelle Sotaridona Eusebio sweets and desserts developed under late-19th century made egg-white
of the University of the Philippines Spanish colonialism. Lillian’s Pan de construction a thing of the past. But
Diliman, and “combined with lime, San Nicolas is just one example of by then, eggy desserts were on a sol-
sand, water, and some special ingre- cherished desserts introduced by the id foundation. Lim Castillo describes
dients to make mortars.” Spanish. them as “comfort food for Filipinos”
Across the Philippines, priests gen- To make the San Nicolas cook- that have survived to today, and
erally paid townspeople to provide ies, Lillian shapes the dough using many have taken on distinctively
labor and materials outside of plant- heavy wooden moulds, some of Filipino adaptations. Perhaps the
ing and harvest times. The scene, as which she explains are more than best example is halo-halo, a frozen
described by Regalado Trota Jose, 100 years old. “These were religious Filipino dessert that mixes a rainbow
author of Simbahan: Church Art in cakes,” she explains, “baked by the of ingredients and flavors, including
Colonial Philippines, was that “the nuns during the Spanish time.” The leche flan, which often tops the treat.
menfolk hauled logs from the forest moulds imprint the image of San In her restaurant, Lillian brings out
while women and children carried Nicolas on the dough, and then she her finished San Nicolas cookies.
eggs and sand to the construction bakes the cookies in a Kalan, a tradi- They are soft, sweet, and almost
site.” tional clay oven. buttery. She then unveils the leche
It is this history that Atching Lillian The primary ingredient for San flan she has been hiding. As I dig
is helping to preserve in her kitchen, Nicolas Cookies? Egg yolks of into this hearty Filipino dessert, she
which is a treasure trove of histori- course. A lot of them. laughs and says, “You can always
cal artifacts and traditional cooking Lillian mentions that she also has a taste the egg yolks.”
equipment. “I used to work as a chef favorite recipe for leche flan, one of Gastro Obscura covers the world’s
in a five-star hotel,” she tells me as the most popular Filipino desserts. most wondrous food and drink.
she prepares the dough for Pan de This is another egg-centric dish that Sign up for our email, delivered
San Nicolas, a traditional biscuit was brought to the Philippines by twice a week.
dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the pa-
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Promised Land
be the biggest regret of his life!”
“Let’s forget about him. I am just
glad losing him was a blessing in
disguise for me. I was too young and

A Woman’s Fury
didn’t know I was doing. Thank God
that with the help of prayers, He led
me to best outcome in my love life.”
“Amen!” concluded Ana.


TOWN, IN A PRESIDENTIAL Chapter 27 of "Promised swered. “And guess who the leader Lando once she saw him.
SUITE OF A FIVE-STAR HOTEL Land" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. of the syndicate is?” “Walanghiya ka (You’re shame-
IN MAKATI, MARIO WAS HAV- “Who?” less)!” Isabel shouted upon see-
ING A BACHELOR’S PARTY. The next day, Ditas waited until “Your ex-boyfriend, Lando.” ing Lando in the small law office

Destiny: Last Effort Present were a few of his friends “I knew it! So that’s where the with four desks facing the door.
her break before telling her cous- money came from. He’s involved in There were two other employees
from high school, business associ- in what she had overheard about
ates and his co-workers at the bank. illegal activities. Maybe that’s why and three clients discussing some
( Continued from page 1 ) evening was dinuguan since it was The suite had a huge living room Lando between her husband and he pulls away whenever I mention cases quietly. Lando had been seated
made of pig’s blood and internal and adjourning kitchen plus three father-in-law during dinner the the police. It makes sense now; behind his desk talking intently to
Slaughtering five pigs was a organs, parts not usually used for bedrooms. previous night. Lando doesn’t want to be booked an elderly lady when he saw Isabel
massive task. It needed at least party foods. Dinuguan would be “Let’s get the party going,” Frankie, because his records could then come storm inside.
ten men taking turns to do the served as dinner, especially for those a close friend of Mimi’s high school “Kumusta ka na, Ate (How are you, out.” Isabel walked towards Lando and
job. Once a pig was dead and who volunteered in the preparations boyfriend Dante and a classmate, Ate)?” Ditas asked Isabel while they Ditas waited for a few moments be- began hitting him with her fists.
for the party. said aloud. He was holding on to an were having coffee. fore telling Isabel the coup de grace. “Walanghiya, walanghiya,
its blood fully drained, it was walanghiya! (Shameless, shameless,
ice-cold bottle of beer while Ernie, “Okay lang (I’m okay),” Isabel an- “And you know what?” she asked
brought to another table and swered. “Kahit papano, nakakaraos her cousin again. “I overheard Romy shameless),” she kept shouting.
“ARE YOU EXCITED?” ANA Mario’s business associate, was
completely washed with the use opening others and distributing them (I am surviving).” and his father talking about the inci- “Stop!” Lando shouted as he tried
of a hose. Its stomach was then AS THEY CHECKED OUT THE to the attendees. There were at least “Don’t worry, I’m sure God will dent at the motel. My father-in-law to protect himself from the assault.
slit and cut open to remove its DRESSES THEY WOULD WEAR twenty attendees determined to give hear your prayers. You’ll eventually said Lando admitted to him it was He grabbed hold of one of her arms:
internal organs, like the intestines, THE NEXT DAY. Mario a wild sendoff as a bachelor. reconcile with your husband.” he who called Albert and told him “Why, what did I do?”
heart, kidneys and others. They “Of course I am,” Mimi replied. “Who organized this event?” asked “I agree,” Isabel replied. “I now about your tryst. He wanted to break All the people in the office -- the
were then placed in another huge “It’s my wedding day.” one of the guys. “It better be good!” have a strong faith God will grant you and Albert apart. Lando set up employees and the clients -- were
She held up her wedding dress and “You won’t be disappointed, I guar- my wish. If it will take a while, that’s everything.” looking at them, shocked at what
pan. The inside of the pig was Isabel’s blood pressure shot up. She they were seeing.
placed it against her body as she antee you,” replied Frankie. okay. Maybe I need to suffer more
again thoroughly cleaned with for my sins. As long as Albert and was outraged. “Walanghiya ka (You shame-
stood in front of a mirror. Ana was Mario was just smiling. If he had
water before a small container also holding on to her pink maid of his way, he would rather dispense I will eventually end up together “Ang putang nang iyon, sinira ang less),” Isabel railed. “You called my
of boiling water was poured on honor attire. with the bachelor party and spend his again, I’ll be happy.” buhay ko (That son of a bitch! He husband while we were in the motel
its skin so the pig’s hair could be “I must confess,” Ana admitted. last evening as a bachelor quietly at “You will,” Ditas agreed. destroyed my life).” room to break us apart. How could
scraped from its body. It would “I looked forward to this day for a home. But his friends were persis- “In fact,” Isabel continued. “I “Relax ka lang Ate, Bahala na ang you do this to me?”
then be washed again. long time, and at one point I doubted tent. He had attended a few of such dreamt about it last night. I dreamt Diyos sa kanya (Just relax, Ate. God By that time, other people in the
Two of the pigs would be butchered it would come. You had been too parties, which could be wild. Albert forgave me, we reconciled, will take care of him). building began peeking into the
and used in the preparation of other choosy as you turned down the pro- “Are you sure you will let me have and I was very happy the rest of my But Isabel could not be appeased. office to witness the confrontation.
dishes like menudo, sisig, estofado, posals of several eligible bachelors one?” he asked Mimi a few days life.” She was livid. She wanted to hit They were amused by what they
adobo and barbecue. The three who asked for your heart. I, like the before when he told her about his Ditas smiled. Now that Isabel was Lando’s face with a metal bat and heard. This would surely make for a
others would be roasted as lechon others, thought you would never friends’ plan.” in a better mood, she thought it beat him to a pulp. Lando had done great scandal.
had always been the Filipinos party marry.” “Of course,” Mimi replied. “I trust would be the right time to tell her so much damage to her, and nothing “I did not!” Lando lied.
favorites. Once thoroughly cleaned “Well, it’s worth the wait, don’t you you.” what she had discovered. could possibly repay what she had “You’re a liar! You told Mang
from inside out, the three pigs were think so?” “What about you?” he asked. “You know what, Ate?” she asked. lost. Without saying a word, Isabel Teban all about it yesterday!”
basted with a mixture of soy sauce “Of course it was,” Ana agreed. “I “Won’t you have your own bachelor- “My parents-in-law seem to be in- got her handbag inside her locker But still, Lando kept denying the
and kalamansi juice. Tamarind never thought Mario would come to ette party?” volved in a shady business deal.” and left the store. accusations. The more he denied it,
leaves were placed inside their your life at a latter day. Who would “I told my friends it’s not necessary. “Did they cheat at the casino?” “Ate,” was all what Ditas could say the more Isabel grew angrier. Embar-
stomach to add flavor. Because there ever think you would marry him The bridal shower they threw me Isabel inquired. before her cousin stormed outside. rassed in front of his co-workers,
were no huge refrigerators that could when we were in high school? My was enough to savor my experience “No, they got involved in an insur- Isabel boarded her car and drove clients and other people, Lando
fit them all, an improvised cooler God, he was such a nerd! Yet he as a bride.” ance scam.” towards National City, her destina- stormed out of the office and rushed
made of metal and filled with ice returned as a knight in shining armor Mario felt guilty. He wanted to “What happened?” tion was Lando’s office about four into his car. Isabel chased after him;
were used to preserve the pigs before at our high school reunion.” back out of the planned stag party “A syndicate arranged a fake ac- miles away. she would not be denied this con-
they would be cooked early in the “It was also a surprise to me,” but it was too late. Unknown to him, cident for them so they could collect “Putang na! Putang na! Putang na frontation. She refused to let him go
morning the day of the party. This Mimi replied. Frankie was in communication with money from an insurance company.” (Son of a bitch, son of a bitch, son as she kept railing at him.
way, the lechons would be steaming “And what about your former his high school buddy Dante, Mimi’s “That’s horrible,” Isabel was of a bitch)!” she kept saying as she “You are evil. You destroy people’s
hot with all its oil still dripping when boyfriend Dante? You two were even high school boyfriend who was in shocked. “No wonder our insurance drove on the freeway. She was not lives. You are faking accidents to
served. voted as the most likely to marry the United States. The two had con- premiums keep increasing – it’s holding a metal bat when she got out cheat insurance companies. You
Like the lechon, the other dishes each other when we graduated. Now ceived a plan for a last ditched effort because of crooks like them! How of the car in front of Lando’s office, should be brought to jail!” she yelled
were also prepared to be cooked the the mistakes he committed, like im- much did they get?” but she might as well have. She within hearing distance of everyone.
( Continued on page 7 )
next day. The only dish cooked that pregnating a Vietnamese girl, must “About $3,000 each,” Ditas an- was prepared to throw everything at The onlookers were amused, yet
somewhat astonished by these ac-
cusations. Lando noticed it and was
said that his or her job was dishes
inspector? Under their name on their
business card, does it read Inspector
right? So there is a very good
chance that the person who inspected
your cabinet is there right now, still
U.S. Ambassador embarrassed. He felt they too were
mocking him and was now growing
( Continued from page 2 ) concerned about being exposed.
47? inspecting away. Before he could start the car, Isabel
This all came about because at Here is what I want to know. If fifth team member, Leandro de managed to open the door at the pas-
work today I opened a new file something gets by an inspector does Guzman, was unable to attend the senger’s side and jumped inside.
cabinet and a small piece of paper that inspector get in trouble? Is this event. “Walanghiya ka, bakit nakarating
fell out. The paper read: QUALITY person’s job at risk? Does the com- The five Filipino innovators created ka pa dito sa Amerika, maninira
ASSURANCE NOTICE. Under- pany count how many problem calls ISDApp, from the Filipino word ka lang pala ng buhay ng tao (You
neath that was The quality of this they receive? Of course. And then “isda,” meaning fish, to commu- shameless, Why did you come here
product was inspected with care by: they know who let those problems nicate crucial information about to America, just to destroy people’s
Under that was a line with the name slip by. Have you ever met someone real-time weather and sea conditions lives)?”
of a man typed in. Finally, There who was fired as a quality assurance to fisherfolk. The app enables local Lando was so mad and ashamed.
was this: Please include this notice inspector? Me, either. He drove out of the street as fast as
Quality Assurance
government officials to provide this
with any correspondence concerning potentially life-saving information to he could, with Isabel still in the car
this product. What makes a good inspector? fisherfolks’ analog cellphones using wailing at him. He wanted to escape
Just who are all these people it usually says something like NASA Globe observer data. the contemptuous looks of people
Is a job at risk? Are there special things that make Ambassador Kim said, “I am behind. He entered a ramp and
who assure the quality of the Inspected by followed by either a an inspector good at the job? Could merged with the freeway traffic.
deeply impressed by team iNON’s
products we buy? name or number. It doesn’t seem So let us say that you noticed a a robot do an inspector’s job? fantastic achievement in defeating “Walanghiya (Shameless),” Isabel
to happen as much as it used to problem with your new file cabinet Maybe, maybe not. But right now, teams from around the world to win continued to harangue at him.
Ever go to a store or online – maybe the inspectors are going (there wasn’t with mine, it was fine). while some things are inspected by first place in the Galactic Impact Finally, Lando responded.
site of one sort or another, buy anonymous now. You bought it, took it to wherever computer or robot, many others sim- category of the NASA Space Apps “Okay, I admit it. I called up your
something, and then when you you needed it, removed it from the ply cannot be. I would imagine that Challenge. They can inspire other husband because I wanted us to be
get it home and unpack it a My question is this: just who are box and got ready to put files into the inspector of my file cabinet was Filipino youth to develop innovative caught. I wanted to break the two of
these people? Now I realize that this quality file cabinet. a human, simply because something solutions to problems in their own you apart. Are you happy now?”
tiny piece of paper falls out? All of a sudden, as you opened a was left out of it. You know how we
sounds simplistic, but think about communities.” Isabel got angrier and hit him more.
You know that piece of paper; it. Have you ever met someone who drawer, you realized that the tracks humans are. Team iNON conceived of ISDApp “Why would you ever do that?” she
that hold the files were missing. The But have you ever noticed that all at the U.S. Embassy-sponsored asked.
cabinet looked good, the drawers all these “Inspected by” notices are NASA Space Apps Challenge in “Don’t you get it? Tinaihan niya
opened quietly, but there was no was not really in the right places? Sure, October 2018. Deputy Chief of ako sa ulo noong inagaw ka niya sa
to hang your hanging folders. So, pants or shirts or even TVs are good Mission John Law, who served on akin, kaya tinaihan ko din siya (He
what do you do? things to have inspected, but the the panel of judges, said, “Team shat on my head when he took you
Of course, you start looking around things that I want inspected are, I iNON’s approach to getting impor- away from me, and I shat on his
for something that gives information think, much more important. For tant information out to members of head in return).”
on how to contact the company. You instance, who is inspecting the ice coastal communities without internet “But it’s not Albert’s fault. He
find that on the back of the cabinet, cream at 31 Flavors? I’ve never had connectivity struck me as clever and didn’t even know you existed. Why
something that says it was made a bad ice cream there – that inspector compassionate, and I’m pleased they did you have to include him in your
with (pick your term) pride, excel- must be doing a good job. Now this received global recognition.” revenge?”
lence, the customer in mind, etc, etc. is a job I could really sink my teeth Team iNON member Legaspi ex- “Because he was the cause of my
There is a phone number there and into (sorry, but I couldn’t resist). plained, “ISDapp is a simple solution troubles.”
you decide to use it. Who is inspecting paper clips and with an important purpose, which we “That’s not true. I would have left
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, Dig- Who do you call? Sure you call toothbrushes? Who is looking after believe helped it swim to success. you even without Albert because
gong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Contributors: the manufacturer, but then what? Do the socks, or even more important,
Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr., Bill Labestre CPA This is proof that even technology you had no ambition in life. I kept
you complain to the innocent person who is inspecting underwear? needs a heart.” telling you to join the U.S. Navy but
who answers the phone? Do you ask Here’s something else, who is Martin added, “We saw the you kept ignoring me. You have hurt
for a supervisor? A manager? The inspecting all the bags of charcoal problem, and figured we could do the man I love. And you’ve hurt me
president of the company who, by that gets sold over the warm summer something to help the lives of coastal too.”
gosh, should be there taking calls months? What would happen if communities around the world.” In anger, Isabel hit Lando once
like these? someone got a bad bag of charcoal By | 21 February, 2019 | Topics: more. In trying to avoid the attack,
Nope, you decide to ask to speak and took it to the family picnic? Ambassador, American Spaces, Lando lost control of the car. It hit
to the inspector, the person who, Would it burn too fast or not at all? Education, Events, Press Releases, the concrete divider in the middle
with his or her own hands and eyes, Have you even once thought about Science & Tech, U.S. & Philippines of the freeway and at 65 miles per
inspected your filing cabinet. this? I didn’t think so. And yet there | Tags: American Spaces Philippines, hour, it rolled over two times. At
Now, tell me. Does this person we blindly go on sunny weekends, John C. Law, NASA, NASA Space least three other cars smashed into
really exist? Is she or he really buying bag after bag of the stuff Apps Challenge, U.S. Ambassador to it before it stopped on the rightmost
there? Does this person stand on ever-confidant that our burgers, the Philippines Sung Kim lane. The vehicle finally ended up on
the assembly line, day after day and steaks and fish will cook up just fine. its side, its wheels still turning. - AJ
inspect? There has to be inspectors, ( Continued on page 10 ) (To be continued)
right? These inspectors have names,
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( Continued from page 4 )
published in the Canadian Journal of
Cardiology stated that participants
in the Physicians’ Health Study who

Pray for spiritual protection during

became diabetic during the course
of the 20-year study were twice as

Lent with this prayer

likely to develop cardiovascular dis-
ease if they ate one egg per day.7
If you like eggs but don’t want the
extra cholesterol, use only the egg
whites but be aware that although the "Defend us, O Lord, from all the buffets of this world.
yolk of the egg contains all the choles- dangers of mind and body." Below is a traditional prayer that
terol, it also contains many of the egg’s can be prayed for this particular
nutrients. So be sure to eat the yolk from Philip Kosloski, Aleteia.org intention.
time to time even if you are eating in a
cholesterol-conscious way. Lent is a battlefield, one where Defend us, we beseech Thee, O

Last Effort we follow Jesus into the desert to

wage a spiritual war against the
Lord, from all dangers of mind
and body. And through the inter-
( Continued from page 6 ) temptations of the devil. It’s not cession of the blessed and glori-
to prevent the wedding from going easy and opens us up to spiritual ous Mary, ever Virgin, Mother of
through. - AJ attacks that try to lure us away God, of St. Joseph, of Thy Holy
(To be continued) Apostles Peter and Paul, and of
Editor’s note: To read the previous
from the practice of our faith.
chapters of this story, visit the Asian all the saints, in Thy loving kind-
Journal’s website at www.asianjournalu- As the season of Lent approaches, ness grant us safety and peace;
sa.com . Highlight “Books and Poetry” . it’s most appropriate to “put on the that, all adversities and errors
Pull down and click “ASIAN JOURNAL armor of God” and ask for divine being overcome, Thy Church
BOOKS FOR SALE protection in this regard. The saints
may serve Thee in security and
and angels that surround us are ready
to come to our aid and shield us from freedom.
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Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 8-14, 2019

Spiritual Life
The Mercy of Visiting the Sick Why Are You Fearful?
by Louise Merrie some pastoral care training. It is
also helpful to receive training in Meditation:
One of the most important works communicating with people with On one occasion, the Lord said to me, Why are you fearful and
of mercy we can do is to visit the dementia. why do you tremble when you are united to Me? I am displeased
sick. As we are living in a time If we know people who are sick when a soul yields to vain terrors. Who will dare to touch you
where there is a movement to who live a long distance from us, when you are with Me? Most dear to Me is the soul that strong-
we can still show we care by writing ly believes in My goodness and has complete trust in Me. I heap
euthanize people with chronic cards, letters, and emails, and calling
March 3, 2019, 1st Sunday of Lent illnesses and to encourage them to talk with them. It is important not My confidence upon it and give it all it asks (Diary, 453).
to seek death through physician- On one occasion, I felt an urge to set to work and fulfill whatever
Ash Wednesday: some dirt on your
to make people feel you are doing
assisted suicide, they need to them a favor by visiting them. Their God is demanding of me. I entered the chapel for a moment and
heard a voice in my soul saying, Why are you afraid? Do you
know that their lives have value spending time with us should be
because they are loved by God. seen as a gift. We should ask if it is think that I will not have enough omnipotence to support you?
As Catholics, we can witness to a good time for a visit and how long At that moment, my soul felt extraordinary strength, and all the ad-
they would like us to stay. We should versities that could befall me in carrying out God’s will seemed as
God’s love and show people who let people who are sick know they
are sick that we love them too. are needed. By their prayers and by
nothing to me (Diary, 527).
offering up their suffering to God,
In his encyclical, Evangelium they are helping others. My Prayer Response:
Vitae, St. John Paul II explains Being present with people in health Lord Jesus, I trust in Your omnipotence to care for me. Give me
that the sick need to know people care facilities can be one of the ways strength when I am fearful and question Your love and mercy.
care about them: “The request to bring about a culture of life and
which arises from the human end the euthanasia movement. Not *The words of Jesus appear in boldface type
heart in the supreme confronta- only will you be giving encour- -- Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Mar-
agement to the people with health ian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
tion with suffering and death, problems, but you will also give an Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St.
especially when faced with the example of true mercy to the people Faustina by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Marian Press
temptation to give up in utter who work in those facilities, who
desperation, is above all a request may not all accept the Church’s pro-
for companionship, sympathy and
support in the time of trial. It is
life teachings. By our spending time
with the patients, it shows that their DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET
a plea for help to keep on hop- lives are valuable.
ing when all human hopes fail.” As he related in There Are No Ac-
A Roman Catholic nun applies soot on the forehead of a girl in observance of cidents, when Father Benedict Groe- How to Recite the Chaplet of
Ash Wednesday at the Redemptorist Church at suburban Paranaque south of Manila, (67) It is our role as Catholics to schel, CFR was recovering from his Divine Mercy
Philippines, this morning. encourage people who are sick or accident in 2004, he observed there
dying and give them hope. were many people in the nursing The Chaplet of Mercy is recited
Joke of the week: A farmer had a home where he was staying who
Unfortunately, some people are were all alone and asked: “Wouldn’t using ordinary rosary beads of
beautiful horse. One day he tied the five decades. At the National
animal outside a tavern while he uncomfortable visiting the sick it be wonderful if, in our society, it
went inside. Two thieves came and and may even avoid visiting their became a custom among Christians Shrine of Divine Mercy in
saw the steed tied to the rail. They relatives. Perhaps they are afraid of to visit one sick person or lonely Stockbridge, Massachusetts the
briefly formulated plans to purloin contracting an illness in a hospital or person in a nursing home or hospital Chaplet is preceded by two
the animal, but since it was much an nursing home, or are upset by seeing every week?” opening prayers from the
outstanding horse, they planned the someone who is suffering, or don’t
Diary of Saint Faustina and
following strategy. One of them un- want to be reminded of their own Some Suggestions for Visiting the
mortality. Other people may become Sick followed by a closing prayer.
tied the animal and rode out of town.
The other stood by. When the owner busy with work or taking care of
their family, and think they have Before going on a visit, you should Optional Opening Prayer
came out of the tavern and saw his
horse gone, he was about to give an no time. Consequently, many sick pray for the person you will see
alarm. But the other thief imme- people are left alone. and ask Mary, who is the Mother of You expired, Jesus, but the source
diately came to him and made the Mercy, to help you during your visit. of life gushed forth for souls,
confession: “I am your horse. Some to all catechumens and candidates My first experience with pastoral
and the ocean of mercy opened
years ago, I sinned, and to atone I for baptism. Gospel: Luke 4: 1-13. care ministry to the sick was while You can ask the people you visit
volunteering in a parish in England. up for the whole world. O Fount
was changed into a horse. Today my The image of the Holy Spirit leading if they would like to pray with you,
A priest asked if I would accompany and let them know you are praying of Life, unfathomable Divine
penalty was lifted and I am again Jesus to the desert evokes the ancient
him on his visits to parishioners for them. When visiting someone Mercy, envelop the whole world
a man. So, you now own me and I Hebrew’s experience in the wilder-
am your servant.” The farmer was ness for forty years. The desert is who were homebound, in hospitals, who is in the hospital, your visits and empty Yourself out upon us
devastated at the loss of his horse, a symbol where choices are made and in nursing homes. From Father will usually be short, as they will O Blood and Water, which gushed Jesus, I Trust in You!
but he was touched at the story. “No, and where one’s fidelity to God is Liam, I learned how to listen to, talk be resting much of the time. If you forth from the Heart of Jesus as a
I do not believe in slavery. You may tested. Unfortunately, the Hebrew to, and pray with people suffering visit someone in a nursing home, fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!.
go and good luck.” A few weeks people failed the test, they mur- from illness and loneliness. Father you may develop a friendship and
later the farmer attended a sale at a mured against God, and worst, they Liam also taught me to prepare for a visit on a regular basis, such as once Begin with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed:
nearby town, and there he spied his worshiped the golden calf. visit by prayer, and often prayed the a week, or more often if the person
beautiful horse. He sidled up to the Rosary with me on the way to see doesn’t have many visitors. In a
the parishioners. nursing home, you may also be able Our Father
animal and whispered in its ear, “So Reflection: March 6 is Ash Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
– you sinned again.” Wednesday (dies cinerum, day of to help the person you visit with
ashes). This day marks the first day Visiting the sick, one of the corpo- non-medical needs such as bringing Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Scriptures: First Reading: Deu- of the forty-day Christian season of ral works of mercy, can also involve him to the chapel or outside (if that Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as
teronomy 26: 4-10. Yahweh heard Lent. Ashes from palm branches are some of the spiritual works of mercy. is allowed by the nurses), or if the we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into
the cry of the people and saw their placed on the forehead of congre- You may have to counsel a person person doesn’t see well, reading a temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.
misery, toil and oppression. The Ex- gants in the sign of the cross as part who is doubtful, instruct a person book aloud. Catholics with dementia
odus-experience underlines the truth of this ritual. The ashes are sprinkled who is ignorant of God’s love or the may remember traditional prayers
value of suffering, or comfort a per- and enjoy praying the Rosary with Hail Mary
that salvation is thorough Yahweh with holy water, and they symbolize
son who is sorrowful. You will pray you. Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou
alone. This experience of Yahweh’s penance and contrition before Easter.
graciousness leads to the people’s for the people you visit while they amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
statement of faith. This is the real is- The name dies cinerum is found are living and after they die. Indeed, When visiting someone who is Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at
sue why all first-fruits along with the in the earliest existing copies of the prayer is the greatest way you will dying, I think it is important to tell the hour of our death, Amen.
first-born of man and animals belong Gregorian Sacramentary and prob- help them. the person you are praying for him
to Yahweh. Yahweh commanded ably dates from at least the eighth and remind him of God’s love and
There are many opportunities to The Apostle's Creed
the Israelites to offer them to him. century. On this day all the faithful mercy. It can be comforting to the
visit the sick. We can visit our rela- dying person to have someone stay I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and
Second Reading: Romans 10: 8-13. according to ancient custom are
tives, friends, and neighbors with quietly in his room, praying. In His earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was
The basic statement, “Jesus Christ is exhorted to approach the altar before
Lord and you believe in your heart the beginning of Mass, and there health problems, volunteer for pas- revelations to St. Faustina, Jesus conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered
that God raised him from the dead,” the priest, dipping his thumb into toral care ministry in our parish or recommended the Chaplet of Divine under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and was buried.
is the essential element on which ashes previously blessed, marks the diocese, or volunteer at a hospital or Mercy as a prayer that can bring spe- He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the
are based all teachings, creeds and forehead -- or in case of clerics upon nursing home. People with dementia cial graces for people who are dying. dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God,
prayers. This profound and essential the place of the tonsure (in 1972, are among the most forgotten of the With Catholic relatives and friends,
sick. They still need visitors and the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the
tenet of faith is the focal point of Pope Paul VI ordered the abolition we should also ask if they have
often respond to people’s kindness. received anointing of the sick, and if living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic
all catechetical instructions given ( Continued on page 9 ) Parishes and dioceses often provide not, help make arrangements for it. Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.

called “neighbor spoofing”).
“We must all vigilantly protect our in- Then, on the large bead before each decade:
formation and can all play an active role
( Continued from page 7 )
in trying to stamp out potential fraud by Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood,
out spam and scams. You can also ask reporting any suspicious activity,” said
your phone service provider if it offers Soul and Divinity, of Your Dearly Beloved Son,
Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice President of
any such tools. Multicultural Leadership, Asian Ameri- Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins
Do review a company’s privacy poli- can and Pacific Islander Audience Strat- and those of the whole world.
cies before you give it permission to egy. “Report fraud at ftc.gov/complaint
call you. You might be authorizing them and visit aarp.org/fraudwatchnetwork for
to share your contact information with On the ten small beads of each decade, say:
more information.”
others. FTC Attorney Cora Tung Han warns
that Medicare scams are on the rise. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion,
Don’ts: FTC Attorney Patty Hsue counsels have mercy on us and on the whole world.
those who receive calls from scammers
Don’t answer calls from unknown claiming that they're from the Chinese
numbers. The FCC recommends letting Consulate to hang up and report the call. Conclude with (Say 3 Times):
them go to voicemail.
Don’t press any keys or say anything in Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
response to a prerecorded message. This
lets scammers know yours is a work- have mercy on us and on the whole world.
ing number and will lead to more spam
calls. Optional Closing Prayer
Don’t follow instructions to “speak to
a live operator.” This will likely transfer
you to a call center for an aggressive Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of
sales pitch or a phishing expedition. compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase
Don’t judge a call by caller ID alone. Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not
Scammers mask their location by trick- despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence
ing your phone into displaying a legiti-
mate government or corporate number, submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
or one similar to your own (a practice
March 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of
Ilonggo History
by Dinggol Araneta
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.

Kung Sana (2)

Celebrating the Golden Year in Sanay magtiis sa kahirapan ang batang si Ponso
San Diego, California kung ano ang mayroon ay pinagkakasya ng husto
pinagtiyagaan mga lumang sapatos at polo
( Continued from page 2 ) "Happy Birthday" and the cutting of
the huge golden cake with 50 lighted sa kagustuhang matapos sa kinuhang niyang kurso.
the Hotspot Band that the dancing
couple obviously enjoyed. candles that she blew away!
The first of the "40 Roses" dance puring-puri ng mga guro itong batang si Marta
Thereafter, when the prayer before was offered by her son Ethan, fol- sa kabaitan at talino palaging nangunguna
meal led by Leonor Delarmente- lowed by male guests and ended mga mahihina sa klase, tinutulungan niya
Baldonado is done, dinner time with the last 10 Roses offered by the
love of her life Nonong. hindi sinasayang ang kanilang pagpapahalaga
began and everybody partook the
special menu served by the hotel. A special song "Can't Take My
Meantime, a pictorial video montage Eyes Off You" dedicated to Sheila Limang taon nang nasa Dubai itong ina ni Esang
was played, that was followed by was rendered by Mr. Hector Laxa at isang pamilyang Arabu ang inaalagaan
audio-video tributes and messages the new singing sensation in sunny
SanDie Californy.
tanggap na niya ito kahit siya’y nahihirapan
from around the globe by family and
friends of the Celebrant. This was followed by another tumayong ina sa pamilya dahil sa pagmamahal
After dinnertime, family members special number; the Dancing Nurses
and close friends of the Golden with Sheila Perez-Roxas, Adele Malaki ang tiwala ng mga magulang ni Talya
Girl delivered brief speeches and Divinagracia-Rivera, Jean Layson- sa kanyang malaking pagkahilig sa mga musika
tributes that were either sentimental, Sales, and Joyce Rugas-Padrones,
Lastly, the multi-talented Sheila hindi lamang sa pagtugtog, pati na rin sa pagkanta
humorous or inspiring to the delight
of the listeners. The speakers were Roxas, the celebrant of the day; the Kaya naman hayan siya isang tanyag na artista
Nonong, Ethan and Pia Roxas; Wella golden girl of the year; and the star
Mae Perez-Alcazar; Mimi Bayoneta- of the show, surprised everybody sa isang munting karinderya sa kanilang palengke
Talisay; Jean Layson-Sales; Joanne with the solo performance of her gra- kahera ang napasukang trabaho nitong si Cheche
Perucho; Joyce Rugas-Padrones; cious dancing style.
End of Program Proper and the napagkakatiwalaan siya’t mahusay dumiskarte
Juliet Amancio-Henninger; Franz
Lopez Jereza; Her KAISER family; beginning of Dance! Dance! Dance! Kaya naman ang kanyang amo sa kanya’y masuwerte
Leonor Delarmente-Baldonado and till about midnight.
Dinggol Araneta Divinagracia. maghapon sa bukid ang mag-asawang Goryo at Nena
Sheila Perez-Roxas finally de- A memorable February affair to
remember, indeed! ~~~ sa araw-araw na pag-aasikaso ng tumana
livered her heartfelt speech after
the group singing dedicated to her kung kaya’t gawain sa bahay ginampanan ni Lorna
Maging mga kapatid siya rin ang nag-aaruga

ang pagkakaibigan sana ay ating maimulat

sa bawa’t isang nilalang at sa ating mga anak
marahil ang pagsasamahan ay magiging masarap
At ang kabutihan sa lahat ay magiging laganap.

Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.

Ash Wednesday
( Continued from page 8 )

of the tonsure, the circular, shaving

of the crown of the head that has
marked preliminary steps on the way
to priesthood).
Cinderella (little ashes, cinders,
embers) embodies the meaning of
Lent. This little girl exemplifies
the meaning of suffering before
glory is achieved. In Old Testament
times, people used ashes as a sign of
repentance. They would sit in ashes,
roll around in them, sprinkle them
upon their heads, or even mingle
them with their food and drink. They
did this as an outward sign of their
inward posture of repentance and
their need of God’s forgiveness.
In today’s gospel, Jesus fasted forty
days and was tempted by the devil,
before an angel ministered to him.
We too must go through hopeful en-
durance of the problems of life and
patient suffering before we reach the
glory of heaven. No guts, no glory.
Ash Wednesday and the first


Sunday of Lent are reminders that
it is in the “desert” of isolation and
self-introspection as we stand before


God with our mortality (ash) and
sinfulness that we will discover our
true self. We need the “dirt” on our
forehead lest we forget we are sin-
ners in need of repentance before we
return to dust.
Quotation of the week: Scripture does
not say, ‘He will not let you be tempted,’
but ‘He will not let you be tempted
beyond your strength, but with the
temptation will also provide the way of
escape, that you may be able to endure Clinic Hours (National City) : Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat - 9am to 6pm
it. St. Augustine of Hippo
(Poway): Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm

Eduardo Cojuangco, San Miguel,

1,605th (tied) – $1.4 billion
Robert Coyiuto, insurance, 1,605th
(tied) – $1.4 billion
Ricardo Po, Century Pacific, 1,818th –
$1.2 billion
Roberto Ongpin, property develop-
ment, 1,941st – $1.1 billion

Forbes (tied) – $2.4 billion The top three richest people in the
Herbert Sy, SM Corporation, 962nd world are Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Micro-
soft’s Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet,
( Continued from page 1 ) (tied) – $2.4 billion with net worth estimated by Forbes as
billion Harley Sy, SM Corporation, US$131 billion, US$96.5 billion, and
Tony Tan Caktiong and family, Jol- 1,057th (tied) – $2.2 billion US$82.5 billion, respectively.
libee, 529th – $3.9 billion Henry Jr. Jr., SM Corporation, The Filipino billionaires are listed
Ramon Ang, San Miguel Corp. and 1,057th (tied) – $2.2 billion based on a snapshot of wealth using
Eagle Cement, 775th – $2.9 billion Teresita Sy-Coson, SM Corpora- stock prices and exchange rates from
Andrew Tan, Megaworld, 838th – tion, 1,057th (tied) – $2.2 billion February 8, 2019. An estimated net
$2.7 billion Elizabeth Sy, SM Corporation, 1,227th worth of $1 billion per person is needed
Hans Sy, SM Corporation, 962nd – $1.9 billion to make the cut.
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 8-14, 2019

Somehow, after writing, I felt then office people and others would relative of Kuya Elmo. “There for was connected. Oy! I hurried to my
As the drowsy, and, with the rocking of the
boat, I managed to sleep with the
not be using their gadgets anymore
and the air for tech communication
sure, by the munisipyo, we will have
signal.” Somehow I did not believe
email, so I could attach my article
for sending to the Asian Journal –

Bamboos thought that, in Romblon, I will be will be freer. anymore. Nonetheless, thank good- San Diego publisher.
connected. I mean with a Wi-Fi. ness that my text messaging was still
That thought was acceptable. working as contracted with AT&T. I Before I could send again, however,
by Rudy Liporada
How wrong I was. Well, partially
right. Very partially. So, we just indulged ourselves with
the offerings of my wife’s in-laws.
texted the publisher of Asian Journal
– San Diego that I will try to send
my column late the following day
to my chagrin, I was disconnected.

“Wait ka lang, sir,” the lady said.

Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada We were roused from our sleep Buko, lots of them, with us almost and if I could not connect, then I will
at ww.asianjournalusa.com with the blaring of the boat’s horn. It drowning with their juices paraded just pass for the week. It felt like a Sounding pessimistic, I said, “Ok!”
was 2:30 a.m. We were on the boat in front of us. There was fresh fish, miracle that the publisher responded
for close to ten hours. Without Wi- bananas transformed to turon, and ‘ok’. Then, the connected message

A Whole Week Without Wi-Fi

Fi. Before debarking, I whipped out varied camote and other delicacies blinked in again. I hurriedly typed
my cell phone and handheld Wi-Fi that made us forget the cyber world. So, the night passed without be- the email address of the publisher
thinking that we are on shore now. For a while. ing with the cyberworld again. and attached my column. I clicked
There must be Wi-Fi. Nonetheless, we spent the time for on send. The message saying ‘send-
As dusk approached, we were more delicacies while reminiscing, ing’ stared at me for what I felt like
Nope! reminding each other that we had to verbally mixed with guffaws on to be forever. Then, the message
go to the beach front, so we could funny episodes and heartfelt sighs on ‘sent’ flashed on my screen. I was
Even on route to the town of San connect back home, I could send my sadder stories about the clan and as- astounded. It seemed like a miracle
Agustin on a van rented by my column, do our Facebook fix. We sociates. Looking back, it was really that I was able to connect with some-
brother-in-law, Kaya Elmo, to pick became more excited, informed that a night where verbal stories were one in a far-away land.
us up from the port to their barrio, one of Kuya Elmo’s relatives by the more colorful than tapping on keys
Hinugusan, I tried several times to beach has internet connection as one with blinks and emojis on a screen I really didn’t mind anymore that
connect with my hand held Wifi. of the sons is a principal at a school the disconnected message flashed
Nope! I could not connect. I then and a daughter is a teacher. But still. We want to be connected. again. It didn’t bother me anymore
satisfied myself with the sight of the Tomorrow it is. that my sister-in-law was still
blinking sea we were skirting under We could not hurry enough to don complaining that she could not still
the dawn’s moonlight. Also, with on our shorts and swim suits (in Or was. connect. With a single email out, I
the thought that, maybe, later in the case we decide to take a dip in the had my cyber fix.

daylight, we could already connect waters), so we could go to the beach After a 30-minute bumpy ride the
lost it. I mean my Wi- world. It was already dark outside at the barrio. front. Swimming was secondary of next morning on a thunder roaring We still tried the following days to
Fi connection. I lost it but it was too early to sleep. I course. Internet high was paramount. tri-cycle that squeezed six of us, connect but to no avail. We just then
decided to go outside of the cabin Nonetheless, after a two-hour van So, off we went to the beachfront in we arrived at the munisipyo of San spent our time with more stories,
as soon as we reached trip, tired, I slumped to sleep. our slippers. Agustin. After a courtesy call to the colorful with the sound bites of
the open sea on a boat from and strolled by the deck. The sun
had already sat in the horizon. mayor and a konsehal, and after ask- ringing laughter, live smiles show-
Batangas bound for Odion- One can hear the splashing of the I was awakened around five hours “Wala raw pong load yung inter- ing a staff if we could have access ing gleaming teeth, crooked or not,
gan in Romblon. We an- later hearing my sister-in-law grum- net nila,” said the principal’s and to their Wifi, she said, “Ay, sir, we really felt emotions punctuated with
sea but too dark to see the gen- bling that she could not video call teacher’s mom after our niceties. It are having problems with our Smart rolling eyes and actual grimaces
chored off the port at around tlest waves. Back at the cabin, my her son and grandson back in Texas turns out that both do their internet connection for a few days.” to project real feelings – beyond
5:00 p.m. An hour later, wife, Au; her sister, Angie; and because…yes…because she could stuff at school so there was really no emojis. All amidst fresh food, book
right after a video message nephew, Reginald, were already not connect. I got up, starting to need to ‘load’ their internet at home. Oh! Well, how not smart are we to drinks, and humming winds swirling
chat with a friend, I lost it. sound asleep, oblivious to my los- panic, thinking that, among my other have not figured that out for a few among rustling branches of trees.
ing it. I mean my sanity without concerns, I might not be able to send No worries, we will just proceed to days now.
My handheld Globe Wi-Fi, my column for the Asian Journal for the beach front. We finished the week accepting
just loaded with Php250.00, any means to do anything else but that Wifi is beyond us. Nonetheless,
the week. Nonetheless, in one department, a
stare at nothing in the dimly lit
could no longer be reached cabin.
There, my handheld Wifi started lady offered her handheld Wifi. “Try our cellphones mercifully still al-
by its mother transmitter. The nephew of my sister-in-law blinking, promising connection. mo lang, sir.” lowed us take pictures for us to have
came to the rescue…or so we However, though it connected, the memories of our stay in Romblon to
I decided to write my column for thought. He said that the signal dur- signal was very weak. Weak enough Without being enthusiastic about be forever saved in the hard drives of
Not bringing anything to read, the Asian Journal – San Diego, ing the day is weak. That is because that I could not receive or send any- it and ready for another frustra- our hearts.
without the proper lighting to well advance of my deadline. I so many are trying to connect with thing. Meaning, that was tantamount tion, I placed her gadget beside my
read anyway, and with the boat did not need Wifi just to do Word. the system. However, he advised, to not having any signal at all. laptop. My setting started blinking We were then off to Caliraya after
not exactly a gentle hammock, I Thank goodness! that we should go to the beach front like it was connecting. It asked me sailing back to Batangas. Somehow
was also starting to lose it. I mean just across the street from kuia “Don’t worry, we could go to the passwords. She gave them to me. we got used to not having been con-
my connection with the cyber Elmo’s house starting from dusk. By town proper tomorrow,” said another After a few blinks, my setting said I ( Continued on page 11 )

1st Philippine Quality

TJ Batan told media that the Metro
Manila Subway is “not just designed
( Continued from page 1 ) to keep passengers safe but also ( Continued from page 6 )
ensure the reliable and continu- Who inspects sugar? More than
Expected to be completed in ing operation of the system before, that, who inspects artificial sweeten-
2025 after the groundbreaking or after the occurrence of natural er? Sure, it might look pure and all,
ceremony was held February 27, disasters.” but how could you be sure of how it
the Metro Manila underground The station’s completion will make tasted if you didn’t test the occa-
transport system will serve the Philippines, the sixth Southeast sional batch of it? And wouldn’t that
370,000 passengers per day in its Asian Nation to have its own subway get old after a while?
railway system. I know an inspector we really need,
opening year. The Philippines can expect nothing
The Department of Transporta- a film and TV show inspector. Not
less than “world-class mass transport one inspecting for nudity or vio-
tion (DOTr) reports the Philippine
system with cutting-edge technol- lence, but someone inspecting for
subway spans 36 kilometers with 15
ogy,” said Japanese Ambassador quality. Actually, never mind. If we
stations from Quirino Highway to
to the Philippines Koji Haneda. He had a film and TV quality inspector
NAIA Terminal 3 in Pasay, and FTI
added that the Philippines can count there wouldn’t be very much at all
in Taguig. The subway will use Japa-
on Japan’s “extensive experience” in to watch.
nese technologies for sturdy defense
both subway construction and rail- Here is a final thought on the sub-
against natural disasters.
ways operation and maintenance”. ject (I promise): Who inspects the
The Philippine government
The Filipino-Japanese joint venture Inspected by notice included with
and the Japan International
Shimizu Corp. Fujita Corp.-Takena- the product? And where was that
Cooperation Agency signed a
ka Ltd. will design and build the first notice? Can it ever stop? Well yes,
¥104.53billion (PHP49.45billion/
three stations of the subway. actually, it can stop. It can stop right
US$951.49million) loan agreement
By 2022, the first three stations— here.
for the underground rail
the Quirino Highway, Tandang Sora
Line will cost a total of 357 billion Call the Asian Journal at
and North Avenue stations—should
Transport undersecretary for Rails
be open to the public. 619.474.0588 for your
advertising needs.
March 8-14, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Life and Other

Marjorie Villareal Tran
Marjorie Tran is a feature writer and columnist of
the Asian Journal San Diego. This part of a series of
articles that will be publsihed in book form.

Slowly but surely, Melany

Bunag of Danielle Facial & Skin
Care, aims to succeed
( Continued from page 1 )
Manila. He told the consular officer
he could not push through with his
mother a housewife. application because he was already
Melany has an older sister and married. The officer, touched by his
three younger brothers. She was honesty, told him to submit an ap-
boyish growing up, so she was plication for his wife to go with him
to the U.S. He also revealed he had a
tasked to help her father with daughter and was told to prepare for
farm work. She also went with an application for immigration for
him to the open sea to catch and both of them.
sell fish. It was hard work, but They were granted an immigrant
she had no choice. visa, but Angelito’s parents sent only
a one-way plane ticket for him, not
She went to the public school for Melany and their daughter. They
in a nearby barrio, Masagitsit El- had to sell some of their appliances
to raise money for Melany’s ticket.
ementary School. Sometimes, she They had to leave their daughter
did not have enough allowance with Melany’s mother and went to
for food and school supplies, but the U.S. in 1996.
with the help of her classmates, Melany stayed in Los Angeles
she managed to graduate. She with a friend and looked for work
was resourceful and the hardships while Angelito was with his par-
she encountered did not break her ents in San Diego. She got a job
spirit. as a live-in caregiver for a retired
engineer. When she was able to save
In high school, she went to a money, Angelito joined her there and
public school in the same barrio. worked in an electronics store. After
Because she had a loud voice and a year or two, their daughter came to
the U.S. with her brother-in-law.
was somewhat rough (brusko), she
They relocated to San Diego, 3400 E 8th St Suite 107
applied to be an officer for a military
training course on her fourth year bought some properties, and opened her passion. She took a six-month nia. Her plans for the future are to National CIty, CA 91950
and became a Bravo Commander. At a board & care facility in 2006. course at the JE Boutique School of expand her business and bring her
that time, she had a classmate who The market at that time was down Beauty to be an esthetician. When siblings to the US.
had a crush on her but was hesitant and most people lost their jobs, so she finished the course, she partnered The services her business Dani-

A whole
to court her because their classmates instead of putting the elderly in a with a friend who had a salon in elle’s Facial and Skin Care offers
made fun of her for being poor. They board & care, most people took care Chula Vista Mall. include facial, acne TX, back acne, Nonetheless, the Wi-Fi episode at
also bullied him for his interest in of their parents and grandparents at In 2016, she opened her own busi- collagen TX, oxygen facial mask, 24 ( Continued from page 10 ) Lumban, Caliraya for a week is for
her. She grew fed up and fought home. They closed the business ness, Danielle's Facial and Skin Care k leaf gold facial, diamond peel with nected to the cyberspace and did not another story.
back by bringing a balisong (fan after six months. in National City, named after her vitamin C, anti-aging & lightening mind anymore.
knife/butterfly knife) to school, scar- They then opened a cleaning daughter, Danielle, now 24. Already TX, under arm whitening, knee &
ing her classmates, and discouraging service in 2008 while both of them a graduate of Health Information elbow whitening, chemical peel, leg
them from this abuse. also worked. Melany took a course Technology, she helps run the busi- peel & arm peel, and others.
to be a CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) ness. Her son Niel Patrick, 19, is The reasonable prices and quality
The day after her graduation, she while working at the Paradise Valley finishing his pre-college to take up service impressed her repeat custom-
took a bus to Manila to visit her Manor. Her husband also worked electronic engineering at the San ers. Danielle’s Facial & Skin Care is
aunt who had a business in Diviso- during the day and at night, from 11 Diego State University. located at 3400 East 8th Street, Suite
ria selling nata de coco and other pm to 2 am, they did their cleaning In 2005, Melany petitioned her 107, National City, CA 91950. The
native desserts. She helped her in service parents, but her father did not want telephone number is (619) 565-4779.
the business in return for her aunt’s Melany grew interested in the to live in America and chose to go Slowly but surely, Melany Bunag
promise to pay for her studies in col- beauty Industry when she heard back to the Philippines in 2010. Her aims to succeed both in business and
lege as she wanted to pursue a police people discuss it. She thought it was mother lives in Anaheim, Califor- in life. - AJ
course. The business was going well
and kept them busy, forcing her to
postpone her enrollment in college

Dental Implant Centers

for one year. When she was about TM
to enroll a year later, the husband of
her aunt passed away. Her aunt was
mourning and became depressed;
Melany had no choice but to run the
business on her own, thereby cancel- DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
ling her college education.
She met her husband, Angelito Bu-
nag, when she was 18. She and her
aunt were looking for a room for rent
in Tondo. The owner of the house
was a relative of Angelito, and they
were introduced to each other. He
recalled seeing a beautiful and petite
lady carrying sacks of rice and nata
de coco, and he was impressed. He
liked that she was simple, boyish but
pretty. He wasted no time courting

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

her. Melany found him to be nice.
She fell for his charm; three months
later he proposed marriage.

Angelito was in his early 30s, ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education:

already in the marrying age, while ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Melany was young. But she wanted Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
to be independent from her family
and marriage was a way out. ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
However, Angelito’s family did not ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
want him to marry yet, for he had a
pending petition from his parents to ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
migrate to the United States. They
suggested they just live together and
get married after the petition was
approved. But it was not an option
for Melany as it would tarnish her
reputation. It was not acceptable for
her to live with someone without the Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
sanctity of marriage.

They got married in Batangas with-

out the blessings of Angelito's family
Fluent in Tagalog
on June 27, 1993. It was a simple
wedding with few guests. There was
even a signal no. 3 typhoon at that Two convenient locations
time. The wedding pushed through
despite the bad weather with every-
body soaking wet and muddy. But it ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
was a happy affair.
A year later, their daughter Anne
Danielle was born. Then the petition
papers came and Angelito went for
866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com
an interview at the US Embassy in
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com March 8-14, 2019

Romblon Island: travel guide, how to get there, where to stay, what to do & other tips
by Angel Juarez, Lakwatsero.com Romblon via twice daily boat trips remain inside. Blue Hole, Bonbon Sea Grass Valley,

that depart 10AM and 3PM. Rom- Check out the old fortresses of San Carmen’s Cliff, Guindauahan Island,
omblon is a cluster blon, Romblon to San Agustin boats Andres and Santiago on the two Origon Rocks, Peter’s Pinnacles and
of 20 islands and depart at 8AM and 1PM everyday. adjacent hills fronting the bay. The Times Square in Tablas Island; and
twin forts made of coral blocks and Cresta de Gallo in Sibuyan. Expect
islets, and of 17 mu- Where to Stay in Romblon bricks were erected during the Span- to see wrecks, sharks, rays, tuna,
nicipalities and 17 dialects. ish era to guard the town against barracuda, and other pelagics and
Its capital town, also named In my short stint in Romblon, I the Moro raiders and Dutch pirates. tropical marine species, corals and
Romblon in the island of the stayed in Parc Bay Mansion (Con- The Fort of San Andress now houses crinoids. Dive shops in Romblon
tact No: +639215757760). A big fan PAGASA Romblon Observatory Island include: Cabanbanan Dive
same name is the heart of the room with queen sized bed and col- while only the ruins of Santiago Fort and Beach Resort and The Three P
province, geographically and ored television costs P800 per night. is existing. The two are on the tenta- Holiday & Dive Resort / Ducks Div-
politically, and also dubbed Facilities are basic but the location is tive list of UNESCO World Heritage ing Romblon
great, conveniently located near the Site. Snorkeling and other water sports
as the Philippines’ Marble port with a good view of the bay. Hop from island to island and en- Trek Mt. Guiting-Guiting in
Capital. Another good option is the San Pe- joy their fine white sand beaches. Go Sibuyan Island
dro Beach Resort (Talipasak Beach to Alad, Logbon and Cobrador all Buy marble products
This island capital is situated in be- Resort) in Barangay Talipasak that under the municipality of Romblon, Romblon
tween the bigger islands of Sibuyan offers a quiet and relaxing exclusive Romblon. About Lakwatsero
and Tablas. Sibuyan Island is known during the “ber” months, Romblon is Departs Batangas to Odiongan, beach accommodation for as low as Check out also other beaches, ANGEL JUAREZ is a backpacker,
for its white sand beaches and for an adventure. Rombon and Sibuyan. Economy fare P600 per night on a fan room. The waterfalls, caves and other attrac- adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobby-
Mt. Guiting-Guiting, a favorite trek is P550.00 for Odiongan and Rom- ist photographer, scuba diver, aspiring
resort, owned by Ate Mina Mingowa tions in the neighboring islands of marine conservation biologist, environment
for mountaineers. While Tablas Batangas to Romblon blon and P600.00 for Sibuyan. Tour- (Contact No: +639282730515), has Odiongan, Concepcion (Maestro de advocate, runner, mountain biker, budget
Island also harbors great beaches ist fare is P600.00 for Odiongan and eight room cottages, a restaurant and Campo Island), Banton, Corcuera traveler, seasonal mountaineer and newbie
apart from being the gateway to the From Batangas, several shipping Romblon and P900.00 for Sibuyan. offers a secluded and private beach. (Sumara Island), Sibuyan and San surfer. An Information Technology Analyst
province by air. lines serve Batangas – Romblon De luxe fare is P700.00 for Odion- It is approximately an hour away Jose or Carabao Island, regarded as on workdays who speaks languages that only
But Romblon Island beckon every- (Odiongan, Romblon, San Agustin gan and Romblon and P1000.00 for computers understand, but on weekends and
from the town center. twin beach of Boracay. holidays he is most probably underwater, on
one with its own beauty – numerous and Sibuyan) everyday. Sibuyan. Other accommodations in the Scuba diving in more than 20 the saddle or out-of-town. He started chasing
unspoiled dive sites, white sand Rapal Inter Island Shipping (M/V island are Romblon Plaza Hotel known dive spots across the prov- sunsets, waterfalls, lighthouses and extreme
island beaches and caves, lovely Montenegro Ferry – (043) 723- Ma. Angelica Grace) (Contact No: +639193977924/(63- ince: Agnay Sanctuary, Agpanabat adventures as soon as he finished college
people and its inland treasures of 6980 / (043) 723-8294 Departs Batangas to Odiongan, 042)5072269), Blue Ridge Hotel Caves & Canyons and Sanctuary, and started blogging in May of 2006 under
historical and religious significance. Departs Batangas to Odiongan, Romblon and Sibuyan (Magdiwang) the web name Bleue. He decided to focus
(Contact No: +639193819393), Alad Island, Bangug Island, Bonbon on Travel in March of 2008. He dreamed of
Go island and beach hopping to best Rombon and Sibuyan every Mon- every Wednesday at 430PM and to Buena Suerte Resort, Diwata Resort Beach, Cobrador Island, Tinang documenting and sharing his adventures to
experience the sand, sea and sun of day, Wednesday and Saturday at San Agustin, Rombon and Sibuyan (Contact No: +639207843522), Island, Coral Garden, Giant Clam the world, thus he created www.lakwatsero.
one of the most overlooked destina- 5PM. Economy fare is P584.00 for (Magdiwang) every Sunday at D’Maestro Inn, Muravian Hotel, Sanctuary, Logbon Island, Naguso’s com. Angel and his works and photos have
tions in the country. Odiongan, P634.00 for Romblon and 430PM. Falmar Pension House, Marbel Wall, Phil’s Fan Coral Collection, already been featured and published in
P834 for Sibuyan, inclusive of travel Super Shuttle Ferry various websites and publications including
Hotel, Feast Inn, Cabanbanan Dive Salvar Beach, San Pedro Cliff and Yahoo, Skyscanner, Choose Philippines, Spot.
How to Get to Romblon insurance. Return trip is every next Departs Batangas to Odiongan ev- and Beach Resort (+639102837612), Sanctuary, Sasaigang Point, Sunken ph, Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine,
day after departure Tuesday, Thurs- ery Monday, Wednesday and Friday Palm Beach Garden Resort, Punta Island, Telsie’s Garden and Turtles’ Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine, Lonely
By Air day and Sunday. at 3PM. Corazon Beach Resort (Contact No: Feeding Place in Romblon Island; Planet Magazine, Health and Home Maga-
CSGA Ferry Corporation (M/V Prices and schedules are subject to 63-042-5072269), S & L Beach Re- zine, and Travel+Leisure Magazine.
Tugdan Airport in Tablas is the Princess Annavell) change; please contact the shipping sort (Contact No: +639194477862),
gateway to the province by plane. Departs Batangas to Odiongan ev- lines for inquiries. The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort
Cebu Pacific regularly fly to and ery Tuesday at 4PM and San Agus- (Contact No: +639194470713),
from Romblon. From the airport, tin, Rombon and Sibuyan (Azagra Roxas (Mindoro) to Romblon Tiamban Aqua Club Beach Resort
catch a ride to Odiongan Port and and San Fernando) every Thursday (Contact No: +639208094881) and
hop on to ferries going to Rom- and Saturday at 4PM. Economy fare From Roxas, Oriental Mindoro, a Blue Hole Diver’s Beach Resort.
blon Island or travel by land to San is P550.00 for Odiongan and San motorboat departs daily at 10AM to
Agustin where there are regular boat Agustin, P575.00 for Romblon and Odiongan and returns on the same What to Do in Romblon
trips (10AM and 3PM) to Romblon. P680.00 for Sibuyan. De Luxe fare day at 1PM. Travel time is two
Meanwhile, Romblon to San Agustin is P675.00 for Odiongan and San hours. Ferries from Batangas stop Explore the unspoiled and virgin
boats departs at 8AM and 1PM Agustin, P700.00 for Romblon and at Odiongan, you may catch these beaches of Romblon. The beaches
everyday. P800.00 for Sibuyan. Return trip is ferries to take you to Romblon, of Bonbon, Margie’s, Tiamban and
every next day after departure Tues- Romblon or travel by land (approxi- Talipasak among others.
By Sea day, Thursday and Sunday. mately one hour) from Odiongan Visit St. Joseph Cathedral, the old-
Romblon Tablas Sibuyan Lines Inc. Port to San Agustin Port also in Tab- est church in the province originally
With the rough waters especially (M/V Miss Romblon) las Island, that connects to Romblon, built in 15th century but is now
reconstructed with its facade made
of marbles. The collection of antique
icons and religious paintings still Blue Hole of Romblon

619 931-0170

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