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Alisha Tabor
Student Teaching Semester: Fall 2018
Major: Early Childhood and Special Education
Cell: 208-220-9671 Email: Nie14021@byui.edu

Education and Training
• Brigham Young University of Idaho – Rexburg, Idaho, United States
Early Childhood and Special Education Major. Currently in my last semester of my
senior year of the education program.

Work Experience:
• Madison School District 321 – September 2014 to present
School Bus Driver
Rexburg, Idaho
Transporting students to and from school. I interact with the students at this time
and am able to build relationships with them so they are comfortable with me.
• Practicum ECD 350 L- April 2017 to July 2017
Toddler Lab
Rexburg, Idaho
Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and 15 minutes a day.
I wrote lesson plans based on the goals of the toddlers, planned differentiated
I learned that no matter how much you prepare you will find something that could
have been better once you teach.
• Practicum ECD 360L- April 2018- July 2018
Preschool Lab
Rexburg, Idaho
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 hours a day.
I wrote lesson plans based on pre-assessment data that would reach my
preschoolers’ goals along with differentiated activities.
• Practicum Ed 427- January 2019 to Current
Lincoln Elementary School
Rexburg, Idaho
2 days a week for 3 hours
I wrote meaningful, differentiated lesson plans that I taught everyday that I was in
the classroom, and gave pre-assessment and post assessment to the students.

Skills Highlights
• Good Classroom Management Skills
• Hard worker
• Easily establish a rapport with students
• Technologically savvy
• Energetic and Dependable
• Courteous Demeanor