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Tabor (Nielsen) Question Blueprint

Pretest Posttest Bloom's Questi Answer
SS Objective questions Question Taxonomy on Key Scoring
Sally has many
1.SS.1.1.1 people in her life.
Recognize that What groups of
each person people make up
belongs to many her life?
groups such as A) Family
family, B) School
school, friends, C) Friends
and D) Neighborhood
*1 neighborhood E) All of the above Comprehension MC E 1 pt
Recognize that
each person
belongs to many How many groups How many groups
groups such as do we belong too? do we belong too?
family, A) Many A) Many
school, friends, B) None B) None
and C) One C) One
2 neighborhood D) Two D) Two Knowledge MC A 1 pt
What makes up a
community? What makes up a
A) A family that community?
lives under the A) A family that
same roof. lives under the
B) Neighbors who same roof.
1.SS.1.1.1 don’t talk to each B) Neighbors who
Recognize that other. don’t talk to each
each person C) People from other.
belongs to many two different C) People from two
groups such as states. different states.
family, D) A group of D) A group of
school, friends, people close in people close in
and proximity working proximity working
3 neighborhood together. together. Comprehension MC D 1 pt
1.SS.1.1.2 Natives mean….
Compare A) Nice people Natives mean….
differences in B) Honest people A) Nice people
the ways C)People who B) Honest people
American lived in an area C)People who lived
families live before in an area before
today to how D)Someone who D)Someone who
they lived in the will live in the area will live in the area
4 past in the future. in the future. Knowledge MC C 1 pt
differences in
the ways Did the families in Did the families in
American the 1890 have a the 1890 have a TV
families live TV in their homes in their homes like
today to how like we do today? we do today?
they lived in the A) Yes A) Yes
5 past B) No B) No Knowledge MC B 1 pt
differences in
the ways -Horse and
American Today we drive Today we drive buggy
families live cars, but before cars, but before we -Horse and
today to how we had cars, the had cars, the Fill in carriage
they lived in the people drove people drove the -Horse and
6 past ________. ________. Knowledge Blank cart 1 pt
1.SS.1.1.3 Teachers
Use timelines to has list of
show personal Label your birth Label your birth Fill in each child’s
and family year on the time year on the time the b-day and
7 history. line line Knowledge Blank accuracy. 1 pt
gains this
info from
1.SS.1.1.3 parents.
Use timelines to Label a family Label a family Making sure
show personal members birth members birth Fill in the year is
and family year and label who year and label who the correctly
8 history. that is. that is. Knowledge Blank graphed. 2 pt
Making sure
the year is
1.SS.1.1.3 Label a personal Label a personal correctly
Use timelines to event in your life event in your life graphed.
show personal and tell a one- and tell a one- Along with a
and family sentence sentence correct
9 history. explanation. explanation. Knowledge MC sentence. 4 pt
Which Picture is Which Picture is
from the 1900? from the 1900?
A) A)

histories, B) B)
pictures, and
music of other
selected times
and places in
10 America’s past. Knowledge MC A 1 pt
What is one of the
biggest differences
in America today
verses America in
1.SS.1.1.4 1950s?
Compare A) We have more
personal color segregation
histories, B) We don’t have
pictures, and color segregation
music of other C) We have more
selected times crops.
and places in D) We have less
*11 America’s past. responsibility. Comprehension MC B 1 pt

How has our How has our
farming styles farming styles
changed in the last changed in the last
100 years? 100 years?
A) We don’t use A) We don’t use
water to grow our water to grow our
crops. crops.
B) We don’t grow B) We don’t grow
1.SS.1.1.4 crops at all crops at all
Compare anymore. anymore.
personal C) We have big C) We have big
histories, tractors to help up tractors to help up
pictures, and plant and harvest. plant and harvest.
music of other D) Different D) Different
selected times counties like china counties like china
and places in harvest all of our harvest all of our
12 America’s past. crops. crops. Knowledge MC C 1 pt

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