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Plan Alisha Tabor (Nielsen)

Grade: First Grade
Unit Title: Social Groups Past and Present
S.S. Standard: History

Social Studies Assessment English Lit. Vocabulary Concept(s), Teaching

Standard, Language Arts strategies terms theme, big materials
Objective standard ideas, and
key questions
to be taught
Day 1 1.SS.1.1.1 The students will CCSS.ELA- 1.) Buddy Family What and People and
Recognize that create a web that Literacy.L.1.2.a Reading School who are the Places
each person has them in the Capitalize 2.) Asking Friends people (Mcgraw-Hill
belongs to middle, 4 dates and questions Neighborhood around us? Social
many groups categories of names of Where do Studies) by
such as family, family, school, people. they fall in McGraw-Hill
school, friends, friends, and our web of Education
and neighborhood, people?
neighborhood. that then will
have little
branches of all
the people that
fall into those
Day 2 Continued Continued CCSS.ELA- 1.) Semantic Summarizing What and https://www
Literacy.L.1.1.d Map Word Web who are the .learningliftof
Use personal, 2.) people f.com/catego
possessive, and Summarizin around us? ry/learning-
indefinite g Where do games/eleme
pronouns (e.g., they fall in ntary-
I, me, my; they, our web of school/first-
them, their, people? grade/first-
anyone, grade-
everything). history/

Unit Plan Alisha Tabor (Nielsen)
Day 3 1.SS.1.1.2 Students will be CCSS.ELA- 1.) KWHL Past How are we 1st Grade
Compare able to fill in the L Literacy.L.1.1.e Chart Present different American
differences in sections of their Use verbs to 2.) Future from the History: Early
the ways KWHL chart and convey a sense Journaling people who Pilgrims of
American discuss how we of past, discovered America: First
families live are different. present, and America? Grade Books
today to how future (e.g., (Children's
they lived in Yesterday I American
the past. walked home; History
Today I walk Books) By:
home; Baby
Tomorrow I Professor
will walk
home). https://www

Day 4 Continued The children will CCSS.ELA- 1.) Puppet Thanksgiving How was the The First
be able to create Literacy.L.1.2.c theatre Pilgrams first Thanksgiving
their own Use commas in 2.) Story Thanksgiving by: Linda
“original dates and to Impressions. different than Hayward
Thanksgiving” separate single it is today?
with their words in a https://www.y
classmates. series. outube.com/w

Day 5 Continued The children will CCSS.ELA- 1.) Cranky Crank machine Who was First Grade
be able to create Literacy.L.1.1.h 2.) Christopher Christopher History: All
Unit Plan Alisha Tabor (Nielsen)
a cranky story Use Determining Columbus Columbus About
with a partner to determiners Important and Why is Christopher
tell their story of (e.g., articles, her Columbus by
how Christopher demonstrative important? Baby
Columbus got to s). Professor
Day 6 1.SS.1.1.3 This day the CCSS.ELA- 1.) Making Timeline What are the https://www
Use timelines children will be Literacy.L.1.1.b connections history big personal .teachervisio
to show able to focus on Use common, 2.) Graphic personal events in my n.com/family
personal and developing their proper, and organizer life?
family history on personal possessive https://www
history on a nouns. .scholastic.co
timeline. m/teachers/c
Day 7 Continued This day the CCSS.ELA- 1.) Graphic Timeline What are the https://www
children will be Literacy.L.1.1.d organizer History big events .teachervisio
able to focus on Use personal, 2.) Free that have n.com/family
developing their possessive, and write happened in
family history on indefinite my family?
the timeline with pronouns (e.g.,
their own lives. I, me, my; they,
them, their,
Day 8 1.SS.1.1.4 Children can CCSS.ELA- 1.) Vinn Martin Luther What are the My Dream of
Compare compare and Literacy.L.1.1.c Diagram King Jr. big Martin Luther
personal contrast their Use singular 2.) Compare differences King by: Faith
histories, lives with the life and plural Connections Contrast and the Ringgold
pictures, and of Martin Luther nouns with Vinn Diagram similarities
music of other King Jr. using a matching verbs with that
selected times Vinn diagram. in basic time and
and places in sentences (e.g., ours?
Unit Plan Alisha Tabor (Nielsen)
America’s past. He hops; We
Day 9 Continued Children can CCSS.ELA- 1.) Inferring Holocaust What are the The Boy in
compare and Literacy.L.1.1.c 2.) Poverty big the Striped
contrast their Use singular Questioning differences Pajamas by
lives with the life and plural and the John Boyne
of the boy in the nouns with similarities
striped pajamas matching verbs with that
using a Vinn in basic time and
diagram. sentences (e.g., ours?
He hops; We
Day Continued Children can CCSS.ELA- 1.) Flippy Revolution What are the The American
10 compare and Literacy.L.1.1.c 2.) Q+A Flippy big Revolution:
contrast their Use singular differences Early America
lives with the life and plural and the (Primary
of the people in nouns with similarities Source
the American matching verbs with that Readers) by
Revolution using in basic time and Teacher
a Vinn diagram. sentences (e.g., ours? Created
He hops; We Materials