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13 Pinewood Drive
Peru, New York, 12972

Hard-working, very dedicated professional willing to learn new skills in different areas of teaching,
administrative support and assistantship. An enthusiastic individual who possess a good leadership skill and who
likes to lead by example with a passionate commitment to achieving goals and getting tasks done. Skilled in the
design of challenging, enriching, and innovating activities which is relevant to the company's mission. Active
team member who effectively collaborates with all levels of staff members and establishes quality relationships
in the workforce.
Experience in:
Classroom Management Student-Centered Learning Assessment
Cooperative Learning Differentiated Instruction Substitute Teaching
Interactive Learning Curriculum Design & Development Science Club Advisor
Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biology
Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology
Tibanga Highway, Iligan City, Philippines Graduation: April 2008

Foreign Transcript Evaluator:

Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.
P.O.BOX 6908 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 275-3530 Website: www.acei1.com
Permanent Building Substitute Teacher (Current)
Peru Central School District (Jr/Sr High School)
17 School Street Peru, NY 12972
● Maintained order in the classroom by following lesson plans left by the teacher
and ​adjusted lessons as needed to present materials in a clear and coherent
● Applied appropriate teaching strategies in the classroom with various skill levels
in all different areas/subjects of teaching.
● Recognized, recorded and addressed behavioral issues with students and
reported incidents to administration.
● Developed instant lesson plans in line with the class assigned with appropriate
teaching styles according to grade level in the event when a teacher has
unplanned absent.
● Worked in a flexible time when there are numerous teachers out and period by
period coverage is needed.
● Assisted in the library, main office, cafeteria when needed.
● Completed School Violence Intervention and Prevention, Child Abuse
Identification and Dignity for All Students Act Workshops
Classroom Teacher: Principles of Science (9th Grade)
Clark County School District - ​Cimarron Memorial High School
2301 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89128
● Taught students on various subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Science
and Nature of Science.
● Evaluated student performance on lab activities, worksheets, projects and test.
● Maintained proper records of student’s achievements and performances.
● Planned and developed effective science lesson plans that covered the curriculum that
addresses the student’s interests and needs.
● Collaborated with the other staff members and preparing an effective curriculum for the
● Provided hands on experiences for students to develop long term knowledge.
● Tutored students and prepared them for science proficiency testing.
● Involved in activities as science club advisor.
● Provided extra help for students after school.
● Communicated student’s achievements and behaviors to parents through phone calls,
written reports and conferences.
● Attended professional conferences and workshops to increase knowledge and obtain
best practices in teaching science classroom.
● Shared and presented new ideas in science during department meetings.

Student Teacher: (High School Biology)

Iligan City National High School
Mahayahay, Iligan City, Philippines
● Developed creative lesson plans for a diverse classroom.
● Applied designed objectives to ensure efficient teaching-learning process.
● Implemented hands-on-activities to supplement classroom learning.
● Practiced effective classroom management to promote discipline and organize teaching
● Taught established lesson plans and encouraged student participation.
● Integrated technology to enhance student’s skills and authentic learning.
● Used available resources to provide genuine yet essential knowledge to students.
● Encouraged students to participate academic and extracurricular competition.
● Incorporated values to produce educated yet morally upright individuals.
NY State Initial Teaching Certificate through Reciprocity (2 yr Conditional) Date Expired: 09/01/13
Nevada Teaching License Date Expired: 07/22/2012
Board for Professional Teacher, Philippines Date Registered: 12/12/2008

MSU – IIT SY: 2002-2003, 2004-2005 Dean’s Lister
Iligan City East High School March 2000 Valedictorian
Dohinob Central School March 1995 Valedictorian
Workshops and Trainings ​(Transcript is available upon request.)
Peru Central School District
School Violence Intervention and Prevention Workshop
Child Abuse Identification Workshop
Dignity for All Students Act Workshop

Clark County School District

The Jason Project: Operation Tectonic Fury (Secondary)
Science Proficiency Tutor Training
Clean Air Challenge Workshop
Introduction to Secondary Science Safety
RPDP: Secondary Science Workshop- Chemistry: Acids & Bases
RPDP: Secondary Science Workshop- Climate Change & Global Warming
Math/Science Conference - HIGH SCHOOL
RPDP Science Workshop: Principles of Science- Earth's Composition
RPDP Science Workshop: Chemistry- Gas Laws
RPDP Science Workshops: Nevada Cancer Institute Tour
The JASON Project - Operation: Infinite Potential – Secondary
NTIP-WINTER New Teacher Conference
NTIP-FALL New Teacher Conference
Constructing Nevada's Future Technology Conference
Module 1-The Learning Environment
Module 2-Planning and Preparation
Module 3-Assessment of Student Achievement
Module 4-Instruction

Conventions and Seminars during Student Teaching

Intel Teach Pre-Service Program
Seminar – Workshop on the Use of Electronic Forms as Productivity Tools in Teaching
Pre-Service Training for Student Teachers
Teacher’s Congress - National Competency-Based Teacher Standard
Seminar on Financial Management for Student Organizations
Standard First Aid and Water Safety Training

Joha Battin​, Associate Principal (Peru Central School District Jr/Sr High School)
Phone: ​(518) 643-6300
Email: ​johabattin@perucsd.org

Jaylene Rockhill​, Associate Principal’s Secretary (Peru Central School District Jr/Sr High
Phone: (518) 643-6400 ext 6314
Brian McAllister​, Supervising Administrator(2009-2011 Cimarron Memorial High School)
Southeast Career Technical Academy (Assistant Principal - Current)
Phone: (702) 799-7500 ext. 4201
Home Address: 6154 Kadena Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89110
E-mail: ​mcallbe@nv.ccsd.net

Daniel Johnson​, Science Department Chairman

Cimarron Memorial High School (Current)
2301 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89128
Phone: (702) 799-4400

Carmen Ross​, Science Teacher (2009-2011 Co-teacher Cimarron Memorial High School)
Durango High School (Current)702-799-5850
Home Address: 128 Firecreek Circle, Las Vegas, 89107
Phone: 702.258.9307
E-mail: ​car453@interact.ccsd.net


13 Pinewood Drive
Peru, New York, 12972

Superintendent of Schools
Peru CSD District Office
PO Box 68, 17 School Street
Peru, New York 12972

July 25, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am currently a stay-at-home mom with my 2 boys (ages 5 & 3) for 6 years and as an educator, I
would like to go back to teaching again. While in the process of acquiring my teaching certification,
please accept my interest in applying for any substitute teaching or teaching assistant job in your
school district.

I am a very hard-working person and my passion and dedication to teaching have allowed me to feel
confident in providing motivation and guidance to students to successfully learn and reach their full

Both student-teaching in high school in the Philippines and two years experience of teaching a diverse
classroom of 9th grade students in Las Vegas gave me the most challenging and invaluable exposure in
dealing with multiple types of behavior and learning abilities. I have developed various learning
strategies to teach science at the same time implemented routines and daily structure as part of
classroom management to prevent and minimize behavioral problems.

One of my greatest strengths is walking into an unknown learning environment and taking all
possibilities to foster a productive and positive classroom. Given my experience and core
competencies, I am confident in my ability to collaborate with your teaching staff to deliver excellence
in education to your students.

If given the opportunity, I would like to discuss with you how my experiences and skills would benefit
your academic program. I have attached my Resume, Application for teaching assistant, School
transcript and foreign evaluation, and letter of recommendations from my previous teaching job. Thank
you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Riza Grey