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7  Quick Test Advanced

GRAMMAR 15 It is not          to park on this street before 6 p.m.

A supposed    B able    C permitted 
Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.
We’re not          to rent a car until we’re at least 25
Example: We          go to bed early tonight. We’ve got years old.
to get up early tomorrow. A ought    B allowed    C need 
A ought    B should  ✓   C  got to 
I can          the music from the parade all the way
1 She          hurry or she’ll be late. from here.
A better    B  ’d better    C  ’s better  A hear    B see    C touch 
2 I          finish my homework last night, so I did it on 18
It          like garlic in here. What are you making?
the bus this morning. A smell    B smells    C smelling 
A couldn’t    B can’t    C should  19
         this blanket. Doesn’t it feel soft?
3 They          have called to tell us they would be late, A Smell    B See    C Touch 
but they didn’t. 20
The casserole          funny. Are you sure you used
A  must remember    B  better not    the right ingredients?
C  ought to  A sees    B tastes    C touches 
4 Pedro doesn’t          work next weekend, so we’re 20
going to Wales.
A  have to    B  has to    C must 
5 I          buy a new coat.
A  didn’t need    B  will have    C  ’ve got to  a Tick (✓) the correct prefix A, B, or C.
6 You          prepare such a fancy meal, but it’s Example: It’s a good idea to get some         -
delicious! interview feedback to learn what your
A  ’d better not    B  didn’t need to    weaknesses were.
C  must not  A mono    B pre    C post  ✓
7 We          meet you tomorrow because we’ll be on 1 I’m looking forward to the         -schools sports
holiday. tournament next month.
A  ’re not permitted    B  won’t be able to    A over    B inter    C under 
C supposed  2 We’re no longer sure if it’s a good idea. We need to
8          a noise downstairs?         think the whole thing.
A  Are you hearing    B  Can you hearing    A sub    B anti    C re 
C  Can you hear  3 Despite the government’s education programme,
9 I          the tomatoes in this sauce. there are still many         literate people in the
A  ’m not tasting    B  can’t taste    country.
C  taste not  A il    B in    C ir 
10 I heard my neighbour          in the shower at four in 4 The main complaint is that women are
the morning.         -represented on the Board of Directors.
A singing    B  to sing    C  was sing  A under    B ill    C anti 
He          his mother. 5 The family has just bought a new house; they’d
A  looks like    B looks    C  looks as if          grown their old three-bedroom one.
He          he’s been ill. A over    B post    C out 
A  ’s as though    B looks    6 When Karen and Hans got divorced, they decided to
C  looks as though          -parent their two young children.
My manager          made a mistake. A re    B co    C de 
A  seems as though    B  seems to have    7 Some exams are now         -marked by a
C  seems like  computer.
14 We won’t be          to use the library while the A anti    B post    C auto 
building work is going on. 8 We couldn’t understand a word he said. It was
A supposed    B able    C ought  completely         coherent.
A in    B un    C im 

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7  Quick Test Advanced

9 If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s PRONUNCIATION

        standard service in restaurants!
A under    B sub    C pre 
a Which word has a different sound? Tick (✓) A, B,
or C.
10 We were shocked when we heard that the animals
had been         -treated. Example: A picture    B sculpture   
A ill    B out    C under  C endure  ✓

11 Sorry, I must have         heard you. I thought you 1 A immature    B temperature   

said two o’clock! C obscure 
A sub    B mis    C dis  2 A culture    B sure    C leisure 
12 I wouldn’t trust Josh! He’s a very         honest 3 A allure    B endure    C nature 
person. 4 A  capture    B obscure   
A un    B dis    C mis  C  measure 
13 Helen knows her fear of chickens is totally 5 A impure    B secure    C treasure 
A ir    B in    C il  b Which is the stressed syllable in each exclamation?
Tick (✓) A, B, or C.
b Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the sentences. Example: A How ri|di|cu|lous!   
Example: It took ages to get everything sorted out with B How ri|di|cu|lous!  ✓ 
the Customs Department due to all the C How ri|di|cu|lous! 
6 A What a great i|de|a!   
A blue    B grey    C red  ✓
B What a great i|de|a!   
14 Sometimes it’s OK to tell a little          lie to C What a great i|de|a! 
spare someone’s feelings. 7 A What an a|ma|zing coincidence!   
A pink    B white    C red  B What an a|ma|zing coincidence!   
15 Cathy lives in an area of beautiful countryside that C What an a|ma|zing coincidence! 
was the inspiration for her         . 8 A How an|noy|ing!   
A landscape    B still-life    C portrait  B How an|noy|ing!   
16 Vincent Van Gogh’s          painting Sunflowers is C How an|noy|ing! 
recognized the world over. 9 A What a terrible ex|pe|ri|ence!   
A abstract    B iconic    C installation  B What a terrible ex|pe|ri|ence!   
17 I was sure I’d lost my diary, but it turned up out of the C What a terrible ex|pe|ri|ence! 
         the other day. 10 A How em|barr|a|ssing!   
A black    B blue    C brown  B How em|barr|a|ssing!   
18 Since we moved house, that carpet has become a C How em|barr|a|ssing! 
         elephant. It just doesn’t suit anymore. 10
A pink    B red    C white 
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50
19 To be honest, nobody’s very sure what these new
regulations actually mean for the average person. It’s
one of those          areas.
A grey    B white    C black 
20 I’ve heard you can buy this kind of thing very cheaply
on the          market.
A brown    B black    C blue 

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