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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800



HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


G1.Fresh water has become a global problem for the world. What are the causes
of it? What measures government and individual should take to resolve to the
problem? Give reasons and e.g. for your answer.


Causes Measures - Government
Population increase Awareness campaign
Water pollution A forestation
Extensive industrialization strict rules and regulation
Conventional agriculture heavy penalties
Lack Of sewage management industries norms
Deforestation make reservoirs
Disturbing rain cycle water purifying plants
Waste in Household chores Water meters
less conservation system
illiterate society Individual
Support government
Self discipline
control usage
reduce, reuse, recycle
rain water harvest
eco friendly prods

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Suggested Introduction

_________________ is getting global concern which is majorly due to

the __________ should be addressed with the conscious efforts of the
government and individuals for the betterment of the world we

The world has been suffering from the burning issue of ___________
which has plays significant role in global problems, mainly as the
result of daily usage of ______ the govt and individual should take
conscious step to resolve

Suggested Conclusion

Agglomerating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded

that by getting futuristic and proactive we can make the changes
favorable to us


“Save water today, Water will save us tomorrow”

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

G-2 -Now a days pollution is increasing , there are many reasons to it .

Use Of plastic products and plastic bags has increased which cannot
be recycled which creates pollution in the environment what steps
people and government should take to reduce it , give reasons and
examples for your answer.

Pollution - Use plastic products


increase in population Afforestation

aggressive Materialisation Awareness campaign
more disposable income strict rules and regulations
deforestation Norms of industries
usage of private transportation heavy penalties
industrialisation use ecofriendly products
Factory emission celebrate environmental days
nuclear tests and reactors ( INDIVIDUALS)
tourism industry self discipline
lack of discipline Support government
sewage management usage of bicycle
celebrate - eco friendly festivals
usage of papers


The world has been suffering from the burning issue of global warning which has
plays significant role in global problems, mainly as the result of increasing
pollution, the government and individual should take conscious step to resolve

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

G-3 - Today people are using the things and throwing or replacing it with latest
models or latest fashion. Do the disadvantages of throwing away society out
weigh any possible economic advantage. Give reasons and example.

Disposable / Replacement culture

Advantages Disadvantages

update with fashion Ewastage

money flows in economy global warming
development of nation wastage of money
producers gain wastage of raw material
motivated invention , research demand increases
employment increases price hiking
latest technologies Addicted
fast life / saves time quality decreases
cheaper , a change
opulent life style

Suggested Introduction 1

In this fast moving world where people for satisfying their endless desires put
durability on the back seat and their disposable income gets disposed at ecstasy
in replacing the old products with the latest ones.

Suggested Introduction 2

The world has been suffering from the burning issue of global warning which has
plays significant role in global problems, mainly as the result of increasing throw
away or disposable culture, the government and individual should take conscious
step to resolve

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

G-4 - The government should increase the price of petrol in order to

resolve the traffic problems and pollution. Do you agree or disagree

Prices of petrol - Increase

Agree Disagree

Increase the cost of transportation increase velocity

decrease the usage of vehicles poor public transport fewquency
public transport increase in public transport also
Durability ( BRTS ) compromise on other things
decrease pollution do not leave status
walk near by - improves health aggrassive materialisation
CNG , Electric option fuels
organisations - staff buses

Suggested Introduction

The world has been suffering from the burning issue of the traffic mishaps
and the pollution created by the traffic are being tried to be resolved by the
governments around the globe by hiking the price of petrol which could be
one of the solution but still controversial.

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

G-5 -The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to make
all young drivers complete a safe driving education course before
being licensed to drive.

Traffic Accidents - Safe driving course

Why ? Accidents outcome of course

Population increase - Vehicles knowledge of road rules

traffic mishaps, accidents , casualties self discipline
Discipline lane driving
lack of knowledge smooth and active transmute
corruption , control save time , money and fuel
no implementation of rules of roads improve longevity of vehicle
inadequate traffic staff reduce casualties
speed zones distinguish between safe
road infrastructure and normal driving
trend Of extravagance

Suggested introduction

In this fast moving world where speed and extravagance are the blood
of youngsters accompanied with drastic increased population who are
abusing the traffic norms by extensive use of private transportation has
led to such traffic issues needed to be intervened by the compulsory
driving education course to secure safe driving

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

G-6- Nowadays we produce more and more rubbish. Why do you

think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the
amount of rubbish produced?

Reasons Measures
Disposable culture awareness campaigns
Globalization imposing rules and regulation
excessive use plastic heavy penalties
illiterate society recycling industries
E wastages ban on plastic usage
lack of sewage management alternate sewage system
industrial waste bio e wastage
tourism industry reuse , reduce, recycle

Suggested introduction 1

It is the world of globalization where population has been increasing by leaps and
bounds coupled with rubbish left in order to live opulent lifestyle has done a
considerable harm needed to resolve by the government at the earliest priority

Suggested introduction 2

The world has been suffering from the burning issue of the global warming
which plays vital role in global concerns and this is mainly because of the
increasing rubbish, where government and individuals should take the
conscious steps to resolve the problem.

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Global concerns – Related to nature

GC-7 - Prevent animal and Plants from decaying out. Even though the
world is aware of the problem since long about the dying out of
animals and plants, what care should be taken for the prevention of
this? Give reasons and examples.

Animal and Plant decay

Care for prevention Reasons
Afforestation animal consumes
forests are the lungs of earth aggressive materialisation
wild life , Zoos, Sanctuaries lack of awareness
recycle plastic , garbage management for hobby
celebrate enrvironment day increase dwellings
animal health center lack of veterinary doctors
improve fertility of land use of fertilizers
laws , legislations, penalties leather industry
ceramic Industry - animal bones

 God has divined us with lot of beautiful things and from that
human beings dominate the rest of the Species and to satisfy their
aggressive materialization and fulfill selfishness indulge in
deforestation and killing animals.
 God has divined us with lot of beautiful things and plants and
animals are the important parts of vicious cycle which are been
decay by the selfish purpose of human needs to be taken care off
for better environmental balance.

HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GC-8 -Many People spoil natural beauties like sea beaches,

mountains, lakes. People are responsible for that . What should be
done to conserve the beauty? Give reasons and examples for your

Natural beauties – spoilt

Responsible Measures
Travel , tourism , Aviation awareness campaign
Hospitality industry strict rules and regulations
indiscipline of people heavy penalties
industrial emissions better sewage system
drainage system ban industries to certain areas
shipping industry ban on plastic products
Pollution visitor instruction manuals
mining industry fish catching restricted
green house effect
religious ceremony

Suggested Introduction

God has divined us with many beautiful things where natural beauties
are the part that which are been destroyed by humans for their selfish
purposes which should be constrained by government and individuals
to conserve the beauty of the nature.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GC-9-Forests are the lungs of the earth destruction of the world’s

forests amount to death of world we currently know. To what extent
do you agree or disagree?

Necessary Poor alternative

conserve endangered species need huge landscape

awareness to people garbage - sewage
visual perception investment by government
children education fulfill purpose , sanctuaries
Form of entertainment inhabitants
good medication cruelty on our part
tourist spots harassment

Suggested Introduction 1

Beauty of the nature lies in the diversity which the god divined us in the form of
animals , rivers, oceans , flowers , and many more. Nature is shared not only by
the humans , as animals are essential to maintain ecosystem could be conserved
in the zoo’s led to the controversies as to their conservation

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GC-10-Killing animals and using their flesh for food is not right. Do you
agree or disagree?

Killing animals 4 food - not right

Agree Disagree

Stop Extinction 57%non vegetarian

conserve endangered species increase population of animals
destruct diversity imbalance inenvironment
detest cycle of life create landscape issues
create disease like swine flu factoriesbased on Non veg
abundance milk
household chores

Suggested introduction

The god has divined us with natural beauty where extinction of animals adds to
diversity have been being killed by human being killed by human being for their
food is controversial.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-1- Some universities make Students specialized in a single subject, Other
universities make Students take courses in many different subjects. Which
policy do you think is better? Use example and reasons to explain .

Several Subjects Single subject
Gain knowledge Expertise , Excellence
Various Subjects desired results
Increase area of exploration Reduce burden of Studies
cope with competition choose as per interest
open flood gates depth studies
several career Reduce burden of Studies
Hard work Research - Name and fame
wide array of choices

less leisure activities less opportunities

monotonous studies particular field only
increase stress and strain
time constraint

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Suggested Introduction
Colleges Or Universities - A university is the place where “Pebbles are polished
and diamonds are dimmed” itself signifies the significant significance of the
education where _____________ is a moot issue
Schools and Education - Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of
each and every citizen / student that decides the career of the student
and of the country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time
of taking any decision, in such a scenario __________________ is a
moot issue.

Important sentences for BODY PART 1

- If we talk about education, education has transcended national barrier

and enhanced its scope globally in such a scenario ______

-Education is the rudimentary right of each and every citizen / student

-Education enriches one’s awareness to life

-Education empowers the student with skills and abilities that allows
them to withstand with today’s competitive

“ Pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed “
“Education is transmission of civilization”
“Education is not the ending but it is the end of the beginning”
“Encouragement is nine tenth of education”
“Education is not the process of life but it is life itself.”
“Make a candle to light, read a book to get enlightened
“Practice makes the man perfect”
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”
Education leads to edification

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-2 - Students are overloaded with home work now a days from
school, rather than home work some believes that school should
focus and give more time to other activities which will help then in
their growth as by the over burden they loose their skill and abilities.
Do you agree or disagree

Practical form Pratice
physical fitness Enhance knowledge
improve mental ability exam oriented
Inner abilities taste of teacher
- Creativity – Innovation makes study easier
Skills development Concentration
- Team and time management enhance confidence
- leadership
Sportsman spirit
reduce burden of studies
Pursue as career
Name and fame
Disadvantage Disadvantage
Destruct Studies Monotonous
inferiority complex bookish knowledge
waste of time / money introvert – isolated
Defocus no outdoor activities
Faliures - depression remain in boundries
-manipulation ruin childhood
- Feeling of revenge

PAGE NO - 15
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario emphasizing more on other activities to
the homework is a moot issue.

Agg --- that more the literate society , more the developed nation hence
other activities should be pursued as leisure activity and should be imparted
balanced focus with academic curriculum


Compiling all the topics discussed above it can be Concluded that in

order to keep the pace with the competitive world access to other
activities is inevitable.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-3- University should accept the equal number of male and female
students in each subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Male = Female Male not = female

-equality /opportunity more occupance
-avoid partiality destruct families
-literate ratio fleid scenario
-feminism Egoism
-sophisticated society destruct culture
-better understanding /mutuality
-marriage , career
-disposable income , opulence
-materialistic approach

Suggested Introduction
Colleges Or Universities - A university is the place where “Pebbles are polished
and diamonds are dimmed” itself signifies the significant significance of the
education where keeping equal number of male and female students in a
particular subject is a moot issue

Suggested Conclusion

Agglomerating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded that a mother
who breeds any gender with love care and affection has enough potential to
stand with males be It academic field, social or professional hence they should be
given opportunity on their caliber.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-4 - Should children in the class be permitted to study more with

computers and calculators or they should do it more with books. Do you
agree or disagree give reasons to justify your answers.

Schools - Caluclators and computers

Calculator and computers Books
Faster , smarter , smoother Enhance knowlwdge
Easy Access authentic data
Advanced technology course limited information
Accurate easy to carry
Audio , visual effects logical and mental strength
Multi tasking possible easy to understand
paperless device access to required info only
release burden of studies
Saving data

Dis advantages Dis advantages

disturb studies Limited source
Defocus no updations possible
effect vision, gesture , posture uses natural resource - trees
complex structure Monotonus
technology depepndent dearth of availablility
stop mental development addressing single person

PAGE NO - 18
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario allowing computers and calculators in
the schools may lead to controversies


In this ever changing technological world technology is on the move

and allowing calculators and computers would be the step toward
making technology savvy individuals but it may engender to


Agglomerating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded that

in order to stand with the world which is totally technological base,
students should be allowed to be with computers and calculators adds
its advantages overweighs disadvantages.


Agg ….that to keep the pace with the world society needs multi
talented individuals which would be fetched by the acquaintance with
computers and calculators during early studies.

PAGE NO - 19
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Uniforms should be banned from schools as it distracts the children’s

personality. Do you agree or disagree above statement. Give your

Monotonous Unity - Uniqueness
Need change avoid partiality
Imitate others differentiate from others
own identification school identification
attractive attires helpful in emergency
enjoy fullest inferiority complex
Defocus poor can afford
superiority complex healthy competition

PAGE NO - 20
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario putting ban on uniforms from the
schools may lead to controversies

Uniformity and discipline are the virtues of the life which should be
inculcated in each and every citizen for sophistication in society where the
schools displays the unity in the form of uniforms and putting ban on that
may be seen as playing with the future of society.


Agglomerating all the points elaborated above, it can be concluded that

uniform itself means unity formation which signifies the significant
significance of uniform.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-6 - Young People are encouraged to travel or work for a year after
high school and before university studies. Write the advantages and
disadvantages of this matter.

practical knowledge Destruct Studies
career choice disposable money
experience world time consuming
culture and tradition Delay
new languages expensive
geographical knowledge squandering of important time
Extrovert squander money , energy
Earning may get addicted
Refresh – rejuvenate divert the focus


In this fast moving world, when the demand of the multi talented and
multi skilled persons is increasing, in such scenario giving the student
experience of work or travel before college studies is worth but
conventional approach people may lead to controversies.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-7 - Should international news be kept as subject in secondary

school? Describe both sides , Give reasons and examples of your

International news – Subject

updated - current affairs destruct studies
exchange knowledge early maturity
other culture and tradition influence of western culture
exposure to globe Violence
latest technologies criminal activities
broad vision
analytical skills
creativity, innovation
stress of studies
global views

PAGE NO - 23
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario including the international news in the
curriculum may lead to controversies


Education is Indispensable part in a student’s life and in this globalised

world exposure to international news enriches them with immense
amount of knowledge which leads to success at early stage of the life
but involving in the curriculum may lead to controversies.

Compiling all the topics discussed above it can be concluded that in order to
keep pace with the world innovative initiatives should be imparted on
designing the children studies to make the world a global village.

PAGE NO - 24
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-8 - In secondary school we teach subject like history and arts instead
of this if we teach some technical or managerial subjects which will
help he students in their job and business skills. Do you agree? Give
reasons and e.g.

get knowledge of past to survive in competition
enhance knowledge several career
creativity , leadership enhance managerial
pursue as hobby, career oriented value in future , career
practical knowledge
rounded development
pace with world , quality time

Dis advantage Dis advantage

squander time , money , energy expert service required
no value in future immense burden
no career path heavy investment
burden on teacher , school Monotonous


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario teaching managerial and technical in
place of history and arts may lead to controversies

PAGE NO - 25
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-9 -Whether foreign language should be the part of curriculum in the


Foreign Language
Advantages Disadvantages
Enhance knowledge destruct studies
rounded development hectic , stress
single culture destruct mother tongue
Updations squander time , money and energy
tradition and culture decimate other subject focus
Career burden increases
travel and tourism not the best fit to students
global interactions useless to countryside


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the schools should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario including foreign language in curriculum
for rounded development may lead to controversies

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-10 - Some teachers agree that group studies are helpful to students
whereas some teachers are it is good and students study alone.
Where you think which one is good as per your opinion and justify it.


Competition Concentration
sharing opinion Focused
creative ideas , views no destruction
Dulls benefited Independent
problem solution plan on his opinion
team work , innovation depth of subject
enhance knowledge
areas of improvement Monotonous
Squander of time limited area
wrong decision no competition
Arguments book worms
inferiority complex

PAGE NO - 27
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Education is the rudimentary ( fundamental )right of each and every

citizen / student that decides the career of the student and of the
country so , the teachers should be very conscious at the time of taking
any decision, in such a scenario teaching students alone or in a group
may be a moot issue


Teachers are the key persons in carving the career of the students
where addressing the whole lot to be taught alone takes enormous
time and teaching in group may not provide focus to the deserving
students hence decision on that may lead to controversies
Important sentence

“Individually one can achieve but collectively several can accomplish”

“Those who educate children well are to be more honored then those
who produce them” as one gives life and other art of living

“What the teacher is , is more important than what he teaches”

“a teacher is one who keeps past alive, understand the present and
frames the future”

“One good teacher in life time may sometimes change a delinquent

into a solid citizen”

“ A teacher is one who progressively makes himself unnecessary”

“ What a teacher writes on black board of life can never be erased”

PAGE NO - 28
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-11 - Disruptive school students have a negative influence on others. Students

who are noisy and disobedient should be grouped together and taught
separately. Do you agree or disagree?Give reasons for your answer.

Disruptive students
Possible reasons Separate or Not
Timid in nature make them rude
dislike studies find themselves useless
might be intelligent Extravagant
find the class boring violent attitude
over smart distract their mentality
find himself above the grade make them biased
dislike towards the teachers digress from development
dislike patterns

PAGE NO - 29
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Students are the citizens of tomorrow and future of country, who are
different in their approach as per their natures and grouping the
disruptive students to teach separately would limit their abilities and
sending them to a school prison.


Education is the rudimentary (fundamental) right of each and every

student that decides the career of the student and of the country so,
the teachers should be very conscious at the time of taking any
decision, in such a scenario isolating the disruptive students to teach
them separately may invite further problems as well as controversies.

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-12- Nowadays children are joining extra coaching classes over and
above their school studies, some believe that it is better for their
future and whereas some believe that more time should be spent
playing give your opinion.

School Studies
load Of studies refreshment , rejuvenate
extravagance of aspiration gives physical fitness
expectation from parents mental strength
increased competition necessary for studies too
studies getting tougher pursue as career
be better than others regain lost energy
gets overloaded necessary for daily routine
hampers the motivation improves inner abilities
finds monotonous team, time management

PAGE NO - 31
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Education is the rudimentary (fundamental) right of each and every

student that decides the career of the student and of the country so,
the parents should be very conscious at the time of taking any decision,
in such a scenario allowing more time for play in lieu of joining extra
coaching may digress the child focus and detest goal of life.

……. in such a scenario making child indulge in extra coaching curtailing

the time for play which is equally important for the rounded


Current trend of life is getting tougher and parents, to make their

children score maximum indulge them to extra coaching classes
curtailing the playing time which too is essential at its limit.

PAGE NO - 32
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-13- People attend college or university for many different reasons

(for example, new experiences, career preparation, and increase
knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university?
You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and

Attend College and universities

Reasons Outcomes
Acquiring knowledge globalised world
career base literacy level increases
training for future competitive world
gain experience multiskilled and multitalented
enjoy college life concern for future
face the complex world gains maturity
bunk college classes exposure to new environment
association with friends new city
job oriented training learn to face eventualities
last phase of classroom studies


College or University are the career builders where “pebbles are

polished and diamonds are dimmed” which signifies the
significance of college studies where every student attends with
aspirations in mind and varies from the person to person as per
their requirements and goals of the life.

PAGE NO - 33
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-14 - Some students prefer to live on campus. Others prefer to live in

an apartment or house off campus. Which do you prefer? Use specific
reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Student Accmodation
Campus Off campus
Cheap mode selection of residence
no transportation cost no restrictions
save time , money and energy share experience
educational environment Freedom
share studies food of own choice
Dormitory house or an apartment
default room partners choice of room mates
strict norms to be followed cope with eventualities
disciplined behavior exposure to the world
rules and regulations important lessons of the life
misbehaviors to be faced

PAGE NO - 34
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Nowadays, more and more students go to study far from home. Among
a lot of things of concern, housing is likely the most important matter
for students. Some of them choose to live in a dormitory while others
prefer to live off campus for varied reasons and may invite a debate.


In recent years the increased awareness on the different academic

opportunities make student to go far for studies where the most crucial
factor faced is of boarding for which some choose dormitory while
some off campus and debate on this may create many controversies.

PAGE NO - 35
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

E-15 - Universities should have big classrooms while others argue that
they should have small classrooms. What do you think is the ideal for
the students. Give your opinion.

Big Classroom - Small Classroom

Advantages Advantages
Comfort personal attention
good ambience doubts easily cleared
more seats - more students result oriented performance
Affordable management better
reduce overheads maintain discipline
time saving attentive ness
environment of education
share knowledge Disadvantages
peer group Lack of More Ideas
improve skills poor cannot afford
communication skills enrollment issues
Quality education lack of experts
Encouragement restrict area of exploration


A university is a place where “Pebbles are polished, diamonds are

dimmed” itself signifies the importance of university education where
initiating the debate on facilitating the students with big classroom or
small classroom may raise the controversies.

PAGE NO - 36
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


E-16 - Whether foreign language should be the part of the curriculum in

the schools ? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages Dis advantages
Increase area of exploration increase burden of studies
global communication for schools
core abilities , skills Defocus - Important subjects
change is spice of life Importance of mother tongue
helpful – studies lack of environment
improves quality of education lack of experts
multi linguistic students poor cannot afford
lateral stage of Life increase cost of education
Career decrease leisure activities
Migration Monotonous
cannot enjoy fullest

Important sentences

-The English language occupies a very significant place in the modern


-11% of people around the world were good English speakers by 2001

-85% of all publications around the globe are in English

-Many people opt English rather than learning French or Spanish

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HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

F-1 -Have the traditions and customs change about food – what are
the changes , is It society. Give the reasons and examples for your

Tradition Changes

Cooking Eating Serving Reasons

-Modern tech – traditional to –Dining table –Globalisation
-Oven, fridge –western fast food –Take away – aggressive materialization
-Wood , cowdung -spoon fork, knife –home Deliveries -disposable Income
-PNG and electric stove -restaurants –self Serve,buffet –women work
-Solar Cookers –fast food joints –attractive displays – busy schedules
-clay utensils –more fat , spicy - garnishing –to have change
-Teflon coated –deliciousness -candle light dine –nuclear families
-Non veg food - Plastic silver foils
-Flavour and food colour


Food being one of the prima facie requirement of the life needs to be
consumed have been changing drastically in the terms of cooking,
eating and serving satisfying today’s generations with fast food and low
preparation time to cope with their aggressive materialization.

PAGE NO - 38
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

F-2 - Fast food has become so popular worldwide that it is destroying

the nutritional quality of food what do you think because of this the
traditional food and cooking method is being forgotten. Do you agree
or disagree with the statement give reason for your answer.

Globalisation time consuming
influrence of western culture busy schedule
men and women working need art of cooking
disposable income women working have no time
fast life preservation of food
busy schedule no nutritional importance
easy to cook
sale time - easily available Consequences of Fast food
cheap rate Oily – spicy
advance technology not fully cooked
wide varieties not hygienic
attractive garnishing leads to many diseases
youngsters choice obesity , blood pressure
deliciousness and taste Heart problems , diabetes

PAGE NO - 39
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


In this fast moving world people are working hard from dawn to dusk to
have disposable income behind the blind run of aggressive
materialization. In order to cope with their busy schedule they
compromise with traditional food and prefer fast food despite its


Agglomerating all ……….. that the way world is moulding to western

culture the consumption of fast food is ought to increase which cannot
be curtailed only the women of the house need to be conscious on
serving the traditional food at house.

PAGE NO - 40
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

F-3 - Fast food has become so popular worldwide that it is destroying

the nutritional quality of food. what do you think are the reasons why
the traditional food and cooking method are being forgotten. What
steps should be taken to revert the same..

Globalisation joint families
influence of western culture awareness on consequences
men and women working healthy diet chart
disposable income primary level - lessons
fast life - busy schedule time management
busy schedule traditional intake at home
easy to cook exhibitions like "SAATVIK FOOD"
sale time - easily available
cheap rate
advance technology
wide varieties
attractive garnishing
youngsters choice
deliciousness and taste


Food clothing and shelter are the prima facie requirements of the life
where if we talk about food , the initiative of which had started with
traditional food and in today’s fast moving world the fast food which
has led to so many health issues ask for curbing the same.

PAGE NO - 41
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

T-1 -Some people think that traveling abroad is a valuable experience
and others think that this is just a waste of time and too expensive.
Discus on both the views and give your opinion with reasons and

Travelling abroad
Advantage Disadvantage
Exchange of culture and tradition destruct own culture
overcome loopholes of own culture youngsters - bad addictions
single culture brain drain
widens spectrum ( vision ) dumping of wastage
unbiased Degradation
change is spice of life damage environment
rejuvenate - hectic schedule human health
travel , tourism , hospitality Over crowded
International trade Noise pollution
govt earn foreign exchange terrorist activities
increase job opportunities
reduce stress and strain
improves quality of life
local business flourish

PAGE NO - 42
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Important sentences – used in tourism topic

-Traveling is a leisure activity pursued by rich people of the society who

have high amount of disposable income

-People want to taste different cuisines, culture, tradition and other

aspects of the life

-Since the origin of species and homo sapiens people have been
traveling to different parts of the world in search of new pastures that
has made traveling inevitable .

-Tourism has its role in the destruction of the forests and the over
exploitation of natural resources such as water.

-Tourism implies movement of people from one place to another place

for varied reasons.

-Traveling broadens the horizons of one’s knowledge

-Extensive tourism makes war a distant possibility


>Loopholes – Drawbacks >overcome – resolve

>Spectrum – horizon >Rejuvenate- refresh
>Dumping – Piling >Unbiased-
>Cuisines –food preparation style >Inevitable – Indispensable
>destruct – hamper – decimate – break – detoriated
>homo sapiens – human beings >immense – in quantity
>pastures – new jobs > degradation

PAGE NO - 43
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

T-2-The costs of international travel are decreasing and tourism is

growing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of increasing
tourism activity in different countries?

Cost - International travel

Advantages Disadvantages
Booming Industry destruct own culture
never reside mother tongue
travel for different purpose Indiscipline
aviation industry spoils beauty of monument
increased competition Garbage issue
benefit for passengers Etiquettes
upgrade themselves Pollution
different culture and tradition disturb environment base
govt benefits - foreign exchange
strengthens relationship

Suggested Introduction

With the world getting global supported by increased international

trade, the travel to different parts of the world has become most
inevitable, when supported by the attractive packages from aviation to
make it more affordable, carries its own merits and demerits.

PAGE NO - 44
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

C-1 Criminals send to the prison is not the effective way of dealing
with them. Eduation and job training should be imparted instead. Do
you agree or disagree.

Prison Education and job training
reduce crime ratio Rehabilitation
safegaurd society rectify – errors
set example for others value of Life
laws and legislation good - or – bad
justify – victims improve civic sense
people live normal life Financial crisis
sensitive areas Overcome

Disadvantages Disadvantages
innocent suffers Abusement
squander of time money and
poor and minorities energy
family pays
feel of revenge

PAGE NO - 45
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


-“Criminals are the victims who create victims”

-Nobody is criminal by birth but the circumstances and situations of the

life make them criminals

-the inequalities in income, wealth, and opportunities make many

people turn to crime

-education and rehabilitation can do wonders by correcting a person


-punishment should vary according to crime committed, gender, and

age of the criminal

-For some criminals a long term jail or capital punishment is justifiable,

while in case of others, corrective education works well.


. Serial killers, rapists , terrorists

. Imprisonment, prisoner . Abusement - misuse
. Committed . Abolish
. Capital punishment – death penalty
. Justifiable
. Rehabilitation
. Circumstances
. Opportunities
. Victims
. Financial crisis
. Rectify errors
PAGE NO - 46
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

C -2 -Without capital punishment our life are less secure and crimes of
violence increases capital punishment is essential to control violence
in the society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Capital punishment
Essential Not essential
Set example to others disturbs the mentality
reduce crime no fear of prison
law and order in society massacre of law
citizen- higher sense of security human bomb attack possible
violence decreases aboriginal - poor – minority
fear law may suffer
robbery and murder – distance Familu happiness is also hanged
nib terrorist activities Vengeance within familu
Lead to victims


Crimes and criminal are those parts of the society which have been
hampering the growth of a society which do not allow people to live
normal lives needed to be controlled by the capital punishment as it is
well said that ,” criminals are the victims, who creates victim”.

PAGE NO - 47
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

C- 3 - Some people believe that there should be fixed punishment for

each type of crime. Other however argue that the circumstances of an
individual crime and the motivation for committing it, should always
be taken into account when deciding on the punishment. Discuss both
the views and give your opinion.

Crime and criminals

Fixed punishments Individual punishment
injustice - law die out different types of crime
innocent become victims family background
other ways to punish differernt circumstances
more criminals effect society and country
humanity decreases age, gender
education , job training Evidences
easy and fast judgement public poll
compile law and legislation inculcation, innate seldom
status , dignity


Criminals are the persons who are abusing their rights against public
policy and harassing innocent people by different ways and means and
the same is controlled by laws and legislations of the country amended
year by year to justify the crime and criminals.

(Crime by definition is an illegal activity committed by the persons

harassing the society by different ways )
PAGE NO - 48
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

C-4 - Many people believe that there has been a general increase in
the antisocial behavior and decrease in respect for other people
nowadays. What are the causes of this problem? What can be done to
solve it?

Antisocial Behaviour
Decrease respect
Causes Measures
Media western culture Joint family
Short term success ( money ) Moral Science'
Corrupted government - top authorities religious mentors
Self Centric Young brigade –Top management.
Social pressure - Stress Qualified people
( unemployment , illiteracy ) Removal of Corrupt employee
( inequality of Income ) Literacy level
Youth Independence Ban of - drugs , alcohol
( extravagance) citizen - ignite – positivity
( abusement - addiction to drugs
( nuclear families - elders x
Loopholes - law system

PAGE NO - 49
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


Society comprises of religions and religions comprise of religious people

who are abided with moral values of life which are inherited by their
ancestors are getting vanished over last few decades since
globalization, has given a rise to antisocial behaviours, ask for

The changing customs of the families have raised several consequences

within the society which has engendered to the antisocial behaviours
needs to be addressed with precautions at all levels

PAGE NO - 50
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

C – 5 Now a day the surveillance is happening at almost all public

places is it good or perceived bad by the people. What are its
advantages and disadvantages

Need People dislike
for security reasons undue advantage
public activity could be traced violates privacy
criminals could be spotted people get reserved
instances could be recorded Live people should not be treated as criminals
the video and picture data Malpractices
could be preserved illegal viewing and recordings
CCTV cameras are used
public places -malls - religious places
deter criminals (check )

Suggested Introduction

The greed, selfishness and religious vengeance has initiated the

activities that are against society and intended to create fear which has
raised the need of aegis (protection) and the increasing surveillance is
providing security and at the same time becoming matter of irritation


Agglomerating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded that

to safeguard the lives of people and peace of the nation the system of
surveillance is the best route and people should support voluntarily

PAGE NO - 51
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

TC -1 Due to medical inventions some people believe that people will
live 100 years , some believe 200 years . People believe that it Is
harmful for our society ? what do you think ? Give reasons and
examples for your answer

Medical invention – Longevity

Advantages Disadvantages

Share Important experiences Over population

asset to society unproductive souls
Guide the family and nation Scarcity of prima facie requirement
Better nurturing of children reduce percapita income
mature leaders dearth of natural resources
Socialised families burden for govt – family
social services economic imbalance
Transmute culture and tradition unemployment increases
conflicts and quarell in family


It is well described that “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF ALL

INVENTIONS” and necessity is the outcome of the desires. Human by
the time of his existence have been trying to live as much as he can, this
era of research and Inventions where science has referred so many
unanswerable questions , in such circumstances longevity is obvious,
leads to chaos in society
PAGE NO - 52
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

TC -2 - We have been living in the nuclear age now for over half a
century. nuclear technology has provided governments with the
ability to generate energy or totally destroy the planet. Yet it have
positive use as medicine. To what extent is nuclear technology a
danger to life on Earth? What are the benefits and risks associated
with its use?


displays power Extinct human race

status of developed nation Loose fertility of land
Chemo therapy for Cancer hazardous emissions
other medical purposes long term effect
cheap source of energy eg. Hiroshima, Nagasaki
improves economy Threat of Misuse by terrorist
can be sold to other nation Usage in wars
source of generating income Destroy nations
safegaurd nation


Nuclear power ,the word which has formed a frightful picture in the
minds of the general people unaware about the other side of the coin
which has the positive face too , when used in constructive way can do
wonders , else can become reason for the extinction of the living race
on earth.

PAGE NO - 53
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

TC-3 - It has been more than 30 years since man first landed on the
moon. Some people think that space research is a waste of money.

Worth Waste

Squandering time , money ,

Enhance knowledge energy
know changes in space waste products
exploring new planers risk of mission failures
Distances of planets wasting scientist time
existance of life elsewhere endangered scientists
communication sector scarcity of fuel
possibility of rehabilitation on
planet no positive outcomes seen
mystery of aliens

PAGE NO - 54
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Suggested Introduction

Man a bundle of wishes, always wants to do unbelievable, for which his

vision has diverted from the global materials to the universal mysteries
which looks as squandering of money until the horizon is explored to

Suggested Conclusion

Agglomerating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded that

despite the thoughts of squandering money the space research should
be kept on as it benefits us in many ways other then the knowledge of

PAGE NO - 55
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

TC-4 - Now a days many developed and developing Countries are

making research on Space applications individually and collectively
which may lead to space travel What are the advantages and dis
advantage for space travel.


Exploring new Planets immense expenses

Adventure need high disposable income
advancement in technology profiled professionals
communication sector Technocrats
possibility of rehabilitation on planet make space pollution
mystry of aliens risk involved
Experience zero gravity waste fuel

Suggested introduction

In this technological world where technologies are crossing their

boundaries to galaxy, in such circumstances travelling to other planets
through space gets indispensable. There are so many controversies but
nobody can stop exploration to the planets inspite of negativity

PAGE NO - 56
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

TC-5 - In current world the use of technology has become inevitable.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to the usage of extensive

Positive Negative
Faster , smarter, smoother e wastage
Improves productivity Global warming
Nano technology Dependency on technology
Improves lifestyle crime increases
Globalisation , International trade diseases , musculoskeletal disorder
cope with diseases Obesity , blurred vision
better communication distract tradition and culture
War a Distant possibility Sedentary lifestyle
Biotechnology agriculture brain drain increases
reduce poverty

“Necessity is the mother of all Invention”

“change is but natural” “Change is imminent” “Change is spice of life”
“Technology is a good servant but a bad master”

Suggested introduction

In this ever growing technological world where everything undergo a

sea of change over a period has facilitated the human being in each and
every sphere of the life but at the same time its consequences should
not be overlooked as “ technology is a good servant but a bad master”

PAGE NO - 57
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


TC-6 - Whether computer would take over position of man power?

Discuss possible advantage & disadvantage.

Computer – technology
Advantages Dis advantages
Faster, smoother , smarter reduce employment
reduce paper work reduce aptitude abilities
paperless device technology dependent
multi tasking laziness and isolation
various applications sedentary life style
Online shopping, banking,
study abusement - cyber crime
social networking complex structure – illiterates
reduce face to face
International trade communication
storage capacity
analysis , reuse

PAGE NO - 58
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


“technology is a good servant but a bad master”

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”

“Technology has made it possible to have control over everything

except over technology”


-Everything undergoes a sea of change over period of time

-Nano technology offers astounding possibilities in all walks of human

life by reducing waste

-perhaps biotechnology will wipe out poverty

-Afforestation and environmental rehabilitation programs may resolve

many of problems caused to the environment

-human genome project has become successful and our fight against
many diseases may become victorious

-cell transplant instead of organ transplant might revolutionize

treatment of diseases

-change is the spice of the life

-By becoming proactive and futuristic, we can make the changes

favourable to us .

PAGE NO - 59
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

TC -7- Television has had a significant influence on the culture of many

societies. To what extent would you say that television has positively
or negatively affected the cultural development of your society?


Entertianment Violence
audio video form waste of time
source of update differences in family
reduce face to face
Live news communication
programs of different taste children gets defocus
Educational less concern to family values
Essentiality disrespect towards elders
witness the imp events less relaxation time
national and international
exposure less socialized
Geographical knowledge adolescence crime
action and excitement hampers own culture

Suggested Introduction
Communication has been the most important part in this fast moving world
when the media has taken a leap where television carries the vital role
which has not only made inroads to the houses but the minds of people
affecting their routine as well as values of life and culture along with it
merits and demerits

PAGE NO - 60
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

M-1 - Now a days media has been playing important role in changing the people
minds. What are the positive and negative impacts of widespread media usage.

Positive Negative
Provides information displays violence
Connecting the world squandering time
Daily updates publicity stunts
Reality of the matter adolescents crime
Live telecast Addiction
Spread awareness influence of western culture
Opinion of the society imitate celebrities
Eg. Anna Hazare increases social distanc
Reveal reality( fact finder) destruct own culture
Biased news Digress youth

Suggested Introduction

In this informative world when all information are expected handy the
media plays pivotal role in information and technology which has
power to influence our lives in both ways positively and negatively.

PAGE NO - 61
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Important sentences

-The role of mass media such as newspapers, radio, and television is to

inform , educate and entertain

-by doing these, they have profound(deep) influence in the lives of


-The crucial role played by mass media is making people aware about
human rights is a very good example to prove the influence of

-Developed countries are becoming knowledge based because of


-Democracy and human rights have no existence without them

-There are basically three modes of media print, electronic, and visual

-The instant delivery of news and accurate prediction caught up the

imagination of the viewers

-seeing is believing

-NEWS ( North East West South )

-Advertising promotes a materialistic approach to life which tempt

people to consume more of a particular product

-“when you visualize then you materialize”

PAGE NO - 62
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

M-2 - News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what

to print in newspapers. What factors do you think influence these
decisions? Have we become used to bad news? Would it be better if
more good news was reported?

FACTORS AFFECTING Bad News - Not Good news

Trend Reporters do not care for life

choice of the mass good news become documentary
good news - overlooked bad news watched repeatedly
accustom to bad news people not used to good info
good news are not good for media swap channels on Good news
attractive news only worst news -watched with interest
News which adds TRP
Lack Of authenticity

Television Rating Points - TRP

Suggested Introduction

A popular notion of media industry “ Good news is a bad news “ as it

does not attract the readers much and bad news is of the common
interest to the mass which has to be taken into consideration by editors
while selecting the matter to be printed or broadcasted.

PAGE NO - 63
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

M-3 - The news from internet are getting popular , and is better mode
of getting news then newspapers do you agree or disagree ?

Internet News Paper

Faster , smoother , smarter cheap

eco friendly easy to carry
paperless form convenient ,comfortable
reduce Pollution available in local language
latest online updates detailed local news
materialistic approach
require electricity supply Deforestation
useless for illiterate / countryside Waste of paper

Suggested Introduction

In this informative world one need to keep himself upto date with the
world, in such circumstances availing news either from internet or
newspaper is controversial

‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’
‘Technology is good servant but a bad master’

PAGE NO - 64
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

M-4 - We rely on NEWS to get the knowledge of the world , but how
should we ensure and trust the journalist. What important qualities
you think is required to become a journalist. Give reasons and

News – Journalists

Media- print , electronic, visual Degree

responsible personalities depth knowledge
work hard - days and nights good communication skills
put life in danger enthusaistic , confident
audio visual form – authenticity brave hearted - stress, strain
live telecast good personality
Visualization ready to work 24 x 7
reveal reality , Sting operations transperent, honest
trend setters creative, innovative
political pressures

Suggested Introduction 1
In this informative and fast moving world it is not possible for any person to
go to each n every place where media plays a vital role to keep us up to date
where the trust on journalists would be only based on the qualities of the
persons involved in it .

Suggested Introduction 2
In this informative and fast moving world it is not possible for any Country to
develop without the help of other countries where businesses have become
global and world a global village min such circumstances media plays vital
role to keep us up to date with the world.

PAGE NO - 65
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


G-1 Some people like to live in apartment whereas some prefer to

stay in private houses. What are the merits and demerits of both type
of dwellings and where do you prefer to stay?

House – Apartment
House – Advantages Apartment – Advantages
Independent huge parking space
Private property common plot and garden
no interference peer group for children
private parking, Garden cosmopolitan culture
Use of terrace inter support of neighbours
Make renovation / extension vertical accommodation
increase land valuation collective celebration
Asset society formation
organised architecture
play area , Ownership

Dis advantages Dis advantages

Isolated No privacy
No support of neighbour conflict and quarrel
costly land lot of noise- disturbance
high building cost spilling of garbage
need security guard abide rules of society
bear all costs no ownership of land
no freedom of activities

PAGE NO - 66
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

G-2 Now a day people have started preferring online shopping for
convenience. Does this give the same advantages as perceived by the
people or does it have higher disadvantages. Discuss

Online Shopping
Advantages Dis Advantages

Shopping at one click unemployed businessman

Save time money energy cheating -quality and quantity
wide array of Choices cyber crime
facility of plastic money Overbuying
offers and discounts lack - face 2 face communication
24 x 7 need internet connection
fixed prize electric supply
replacement useless - computer illiterate
home delivery - countryside
dependent on technology

Important sentences

Everything undergoes a sea of change where if we talk about shopping,

the initiative of which had started with conventional shopping to mall
culture and today in technological world online shopping that its own
pros and cons.

PAGE NO - 67
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

S-1 - Some people believe that competitive sports is important in children
studies , some believe that it is not useful as children will feel that it is only
competition and winning . Discuss both the views and give your opinion

Competitive Sports
Important competition and winning

refreshment from studies failures lead

physical fitness and exercise - Inferiority complex
mental ability - depression
Discipline - manipulations
managerial skills - sense of revenge
Inner qualities Defocus
- team and time management destruct studies
- leadership
motivation , success
Enrapture parents
career , name , fame
extrovert, Relationship improve

Suggested introduction

Competition is the part of the life and a person comes across different
competition at each stages of the life, competitive sports during
childhood has become indispensable irrespective of some of the

PAGE NO - 68
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

S -2 - Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more

money than people in other important professions. Some people
think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both
the view and give your opinion.

Sportsman Earnings
Justified Unfair

dedication towards sport Involve in many activities

Country Defocus
face lot of competition money oriented
- within the country gets carried away
- international illegal activities
acquire talent eg IPL matches
develop skills to peform
Create advertising value

Suggested Introduction

Since the ancient times, people have been entertaining themselves

through sports and sports professionals’ complexity of today’s era has
increased and the controversies prevails as to their earnings.

PAGE NO - 69
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

P-1 - Parents and teachers make children to obey the rule? Because of
excursive control children are unable to deal with their adult life. Do
you agree or disagree give reasons and e.g. for your answer.


Excursive control Freedom
Disciplined Grow independently
culture and tradition do wonders to life
rounded development Maturity
Refinement decision power
joint family, respect elders self Confidence
cope eventualities leadership quality
best judge innovation , creativity
status in society Extrovert

peer group extravagance – moislead
aberrent personality can cultivate bad habits
lack of confidence not obedient
fear of performance no effect of control
lack decision power

Suggested Introduction
Childhood is the most crucial period in anybody’s life needs to be taken care of by
the parents and the teachers who are the best judge should let the children
enough independence in order to have mature adult who can cope with any
eventualities of the life

PAGE NO - 70
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

P-2-Should parents be obliged to immunize their children against

childhood diseases? Or do individuals have the right to choose not to
immunize their children?

moral duty of parents life time disability
preventive medicine carelessness -child suffers
fight dangerous diseases curelty towards humanilty
reduce the child death ratio internally weak
saving many lives reduce capacity to fight disease
safegaurd from influenze ,TB , etc get infected fast
life long disabilities
diseaseless society a dream

Suggested Introduction

Childhood is the age which is solely at the discretion of the parents,

where bringing up with immense care and accountabilities account to a
part of duties where immunizing a child becomes a moral duty of
parents rather than obliged or compelled to do so.

PAGE NO - 71
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

P-3 - Many People believe that women make better parent then men,
Do you agree or disagree.


Emotional Busy , Hectic life

closely attached Practical approach
first teacher responsibility of whole family
carry child 9 month aggressive – natural
better understanding men oriented society
cool calm and relaxed
first word – mother


“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”

“Women is the constant stream of love and affection”

“Mother laps the child and father shoulders to the complex world”

Suggested Introduction
Childhood is the most important part of anybody’s life and they should be bred
with proper parenting and in order to have mature adult there are lots of
controversies as to better parenting but women always receive priority to men
by proving the statement “MEN ARE FROM MARS and WOMEN ARE FROM

PAGE NO - 72
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Male – Female - Society

MFS-1 - Individual greed and selfishness are the basis of modern
society. We need to accept the order values and traditions to give
respect to people and local community to make the world a better
place to live. Do you agree or disagree with the above statement.

Individual Greed ( લોભ ) selfishness

Modern society Order, Value , tradition

Self centered soc Sophisticated society

Lack of face 2 face communication helping hands
Disrespect conserve tradition and culture
hectic schedules joint families
women working respect to each other
money oriented people healthy lifestyle
global warming Diversity
destruct globe curtail crime

Suggested Introduction

Tradition and Culture signifies the constitution and history of the country
conserved by our ancestors for the betterment of the society has been
getting vitiated by materialistic approach inculcated by western culture
where opulence stands at priority decimate the globe we know.

PAGE NO - 73
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS -2 -.Throughout history , it is found that male leaders had led

world towards violence and conflicts , world would have been
governed better and peacefully if female were leaders.

History - Leadership

Enthusiastic, Adventerous Nature , Cool , calm , relaxed

Aggessive thinking More emotional
Growth oriented Lack aggression
Passion to lead Sacrificing nature
Dominating male Society Adjust circumstance - rather fight
Unlimited desires Social responsibilities
Can drive the mass cannot provide motivation to mass
Dependency – nature
Differences Of opinion
Faced two World wars

Suggested Introduction

In this era of advancements when both men and women are working to
each other’s shoulders, leadership have raised so many controversial
opinions, under such circumstances the belief of peaceful world lead by
women is optimism.

PAGE NO - 74
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS –3 - A recent survey shows that people lack knowledge about

basic science. They say that basic services are irrelevant in their day to
day life what are your views? Do you think basic sciences are
important in our day to day life.

Basic Sciences
Important Irrelevant

Necessity Is the mother of invention Major accidents

facilitate ourselvesavoid accidents accustom to dependent
optimum utilization conventional approach
save energy Illiteracy
Decrease pollution materialised life
practical usage of machines inactive government
precaution , conserve gadget casual to operations
Enhance Knowledge
acquaint with modern gadget

PAGE NO - 75
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Suggested Introduction 1

In this era of ever growing technologies where people are getting

materialized who in search of an opulence lacking knowledge of basic
science if not otherwise would have resulted into better view and
approach towards life leads to such optimization which would have
made a world better place to live.

Suggested Introduction 2

In this ever growing technological world people are getting materialized

and in their approach do not care about the understanding of basic
sciences and many times face the consequences but usage can be
optimized by accepting importance of the same.

PAGE NO - 76
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS-4 - There is less communication between family members when

compared to past. Do you agree or disagree . Give reasons examples
to justify your answer.

Communication - Family members

Reasons Irrelevant

Necessity Is the mother of invention Major accidents

facilitate ourselvesavoid accidents accustom to dependent
optimum utilization conventional approach
save energy Illiteracy
Decrease pollution materialised life
practical usage of machines inactive government
precaution , conserve gadget casual to operations
Enhance Knowledge
acquaint with modern gadget


No matter in which era we are living, communication defines the

professional and social relationship between more than two people is
being hampered in the blind run behind opulent expectations

PAGE NO - 77
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS – 5 - In todays’s world more work is done by machines do the

benefit over weigh the draw backs of impact on individual & society .


accuracy , efficiency
speed, save time Employment
aggressive materialisation machine dependence
quality and quantity energy consumption
Save money pollution health issue
globalised world huge Investment
Easy task technical experts needed
less man power
sophisticated society
waste raw material
demand supply
development of society and country

Suggested Introduction

In the technological world, where the technology have been advancing

the use of machine is indispensable in each and every sector, satisfy the
desire of living opulent life style compiled with its consequences.

PAGE NO - 78
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS-6 - Although abuse of the system are inevitable, social welfare payments
are essential to protect the rights citizens have to a guaranteed minimum
income in a democratic society" Discuss.

System Abuse Welfare payments

nature to violate support prima facie requirement

mentality develop infrastructure
earn and not pay taxes develop nation
black money defense costly affair
unemployment Govt. structure - needs nurture
rotation of Money run the nation

Suggested Introduction

For any country the development is the picture of the stability of the
social welfare which is an essential element of an advanced society,
though the systems are always abused doesn’t license the same neither
shadows the essentiality of social welfare funds.

PAGE NO - 79
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS- 7 - Some students prefer to live on campus. Others prefer to live in an

apartment or house off campus. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and
examples to support your opinion.


Educational environment Freedom of stay

abide rules and regulation no restrictions
Supervision owner of own time
Disciplined choose room mates
exposure to different mentaliries face restrictions on own
new experience early maturity
default room partners
under shelter of university
No outside harrasements

Suggested Introduction
Nowadays, more and more students go to study far from home. Among a lot of
things to concern, housing is likely the most important matter for students. Some
of them choose to live in a dormitory while others prefer to live off campus is

PAGE NO - 80
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MFS- 8- Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for
activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word
puzzles. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during
leisure time.

Leisure time
Mind improving Resting Mind

Own Selection relaxation ro mind

Brush up general knowledge break from hectcic life
increases IQ outing or movie
mental Strength sedentary - outings necessary
logical reasoning physically demanding job- stretching
Imagination Rejuvenates
improve language - vocabulary back with full efficiency
knowledge with entertainment

Suggested Introduction

In this fast moving world where people are pursuing hectic schedule in
blind run behind aggressive materialization do not possess enough time
for leisure activities and in such circumstances whether it should be
edified or rested is controversial still “ CHANGE IS IMMINENT “

PAGE NO - 81
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MFS – 9 - Smokers can cause themselves serious health problems. The

choice to smoke is made freely and with knowledge of dangers.
Smokers should therefore expect to pay more for medical treatment
than non-smoker. To what extent do you agree with this statement.



School days or college days Less resistance power

initial job days immune System weak
show off more prone to infection
impression , Status NO EXTRA EXPENSES
becomes habit common diseases
passive smoking accidents
heart problems
infection diseases


“Smoking is injurious to health” Despite every Cigarette packet contains

this statutory warning people choose to abuse their body by inculcating
the addiction to smoke aware about the consequences to them as well
as the companions thru which they end up spending more on

PAGE NO - 82
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MFS- 10- Happiness Is considered as very important factor in life .

Why it is very difficult to define? What factors are important in
achieving happiness ?

Difficult Factors
Differ from person to person unlimited desires
vary as per age Love
basesd on conditions of life Career
Circumstances Money
Situation faith in god


Happiness is something we all desire, but very few achieve. There is no

universally accepted definition for happiness, as its coordinates differ
from one to another. However, I believe there are several factors
people cite when asked about the ingredients needed for the
'happiness recipe'.

PAGE NO - 83
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

MSF – 11 - Now a days live in relationship is accepted by the

government. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the same.

Live In Relationship
Advantages Disadvantages

Easy to adapt ruin tradition andculture

freedom to choose Partner soclalisation x
less responsibilities children suffer- orphanages
less socialization Non acceptance - conflicts
no commitment emotions x , respect x
career oriented self centered society
no shackles from each other blur future
clawful applications no support at lateral stage
Maturity family stability x
cope with eventualities of life more old age houses

A person passes through many stages of the life where one needs to
take crucial decisions of the life and the most significant is of Marriage
initiated with the arrange marriage to love marriage to live in
relationship in today’s westernized world which has its own merits and

PAGE NO - 84
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MSF-12-Some people like to live in cold Climate while others in hot

temperature where we live / like to live ? Why ?

People likings- climate


Optimum efficiency Holidays

digestive system Strong late night roaming
availability of green vegetables enjoy cold beverages
fresh fruits icecreams
enjoy fullest cotton or thin clothes
best period for exercise
prefered by doctors for patients more perspiration
natural sources ample Tired
gather energy for whole year de hydration issues
consumption of less electricity water dearth
scarcity of electricity


The God has divined us with diversity in each and every thing as “DIVERSITY
IS THE BEAUTY OF THE NATURE “. Which is true even with the climate as it
maintains cycle Of cool and hot with changing times, as per their perception
and physical state people like hot or cold climate which may become
debatable on choosing one.

PAGE NO - 85
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H-1 -Why people are finding more and more difficulties to keep fit and healthy
give measures to improve fitness to keep our selves fit.

Health fitness
WHY facing problems Outcomes

Lack of consciousness more longevity

Fast food work efficiency
westernised culture improve immune system
opulent life style enjoy fullest
stress , depresson stay away from disease
hectic work schedules Socialization
self centric people Laziness
bad habits
nuclear families
no exercise
mental pressures

Suggested Introduction

In this fast moving world where people are working hard from days to
night in the blind run behind aggressive materialization are unable to
cope with healthy life style which ought to be emphasized as “health is
wealth”. ( “when wealth is lost something is lost , when health is lost
,everything is lost)

PAGE NO - 86
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H-2 -People in all modern societies use drugs, but today's youth are
expertimenting with both legal and illegal drugs, and at an
increasingly early age. Discuss the causes and some effects of
widespread drug use by young people in modern day society. Make
any recommendations you feel are necessary to help fight youth drug

Causes Effects Recommendations
Peer group squander money ban availability
ruin financial status of
Influence of Media family awareness campaign
stress or strain scatters life - family ban of program -provoke
Extravagance weak resistance power handle with care
western culture more prone to disease homely atmosphere
Availability health disorder medicines to resist drugs
cope with over expectations mental imbalance keep away from peer group
cannot resist once start abarrent personality parental support must
medical care centre-
extra disposable income ruin career addictors
bad company - surroundings takes away from society educate consequences
carefree parents path to grave example for others
enhance their performance criminal attitude


Youth, a very timid age aspires world in their feet wants each and every
thing to be grabbed and experienced which on few occasions end with
the addiction to smoking and illegal drugs which need to be intervened

PAGE NO - 87
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800


GN -1 - More money should be spending on citizen’s welfare on or weapons.
Give your opinion. Give reasons and e.g. for your answer.

provide Public services education increases hatred

electricity, banking, medical , health reason for extinction
improve Lifestyle destruct the world
primafacie requirements squander money
control mishaps nuclear waste
falilitate infrastructure war, violent Mentalities
socio secutiry vengence between countries
development of society, nation UNO , UNESCO
healthy people Sense of security
stop brain drain status of country
develop civic sense

Suggested Introduction
There are so many verdicts and controversies on allocation of Government
budgets to welfare or weapons as many consequences have occurred by the
immense investment on the defense which could only be resolved by
budgeting the welfare.

Suggested conclusion
Agglomerating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded that
“WEAPONS” and “WELFARE” both starts with “ WE” , hence its we who are
responsible for “WE’s” Future.

PAGE NO - 88
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN-2 - Government Should spend money Only on public services or

spend money on arts , music , and painting. Give reasons and example
for justifying your answer

Government spending
Public services Art Music and Painting

Prima facie requirement Extra ability

health , medical , free education recreation , and fun
Sewage, drainage, Electricity,
Water name and fame
Transportation- public extra burden
Earn revenues - crucial , expenses need skills
development of society , nation
control land pollution very few can pursue as career
waste of time , money, and
streamline the traffic energy
Efficiency of govt department
Ex- 108.

Suggested Introduction
The bridge between the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries is
determined by the way revenues are allotted to the public services but putting
emphasis on the art music and painting would lead country to different direction
then development.

PAGE NO - 89
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN-3 - Some people believe that visitors should respect the custom
and behavior of the host culture. Some people argue that the host
country should welcome the cultural differences. Discuss and give
reasons for your answer.

Culture and tradition

Host Country Visitor

Conserved by ancestors boom travelling

Mass hotel and aviation industry
Temporary pour foreign exchange
know culture and tradition international business
global relationship / bonding tourist spots
enjoy fullest development of country
prestige, dignity globalisation increase
same revert single culture

Suggested Introduction

Traveling is a leisure activity which perused by affluent people who

have higher amount of disposable income when step to other parts of
the world the controversies has to priorizing either host country or
visiting country privileges which in any case encounters the
consequences with it pro.

PAGE NO - 90
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN – 4 - Now a days women are working , should government help

these working women by providing them certain additional facilities
like help for their children , some flexibility Of timings . Give reasons
and examples for your answer


WHY ? WHAT Outcomes

maintain balance - social

,profession destruct office environment
equal importance , literacy ratio abuse rights
encourage women hard to implement
sophisticated society sets wrong example
economic stability discomfort to male employee
varied issues- varied options
have competition support
balance gender ratio
self dependence and defence
compensation with timings

Suggested Introduction

In this world of globalization, women have been working steps to step

to men and emerged as self identity needed to be emphasized by the
government with flexible environment to overcome the barriers with
are born and brought up.

PAGE NO - 91
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN -5 - Should wealthy nation required to share their health among poorer

nations by providing such things as food and education? Or is it the
responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens

Wealthy nation - Help - health food education

Why not Importance of health education

Disposable Responsibility
develop own country select for mass
aware with scenario of other country power - clear vision
dependence - growth best judge - WHO - world bank
least interest avail with all resources
develop countries

Suggested Introduction

If we look around the globe the world is divided In three categories

developed , developing , and under developed countries. The bridge
between developed and underdeveloped countries Is because of lack of
prima facie requirements like food and education can be upgraded by the
governments to develop the countries

PAGE NO - 92
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN -6 -Some governments say how many children a family can have in

their country. They may control the number of children someone has
through taxes. It is sometimes necessary and right for the government
to control the population in this way? Do u agree or disagree ?

Control - No of children

Lack of Awareness educate society

financial burdens spread awareness
priority to development of country do campaign
help poor people burden on government
impose birth taxes employees hire
increase employment

Suggested Introduction

The globalized world has been suffering from many issues emerged as a
result of the population which has been increasing drastically needed to
be controlled by the government by opting different ways and means
one of them is to impose birth taxes.

PAGE NO - 93
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN-7-Whether developing countries should repay their debts to the

developed countries

REPAY DEBT - Developing - developed nation

Should repay Not repay

Healthy relations basic infrastructure

curtail burden of Interest profit – interest
continuous aid tripple amount
stops exploitations IMF , WORLD BANK
moral duty developed countries
value for money civilised people
war a distant possibility disposable income
withstand with other country abide by laws and legislations
rotation of Money

Suggested Introduction

If we look around the globe the world is segregated into developed ,

developing and under developed countries where rich nations aid the
poor nations financially and with other amenities of basic infrastructure
and betterment of people ought to be reimbursed

PAGE NO - 94
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN -8 - Many lives are in danger when hastily erected building

collapse because safety standards have been sacrificed to hopes of a
quick profit. To prevent disasters of this kind, governments should
play a greater role in setting and enforcing safety standard for
building construction.

Hastily erected buildings

Lives in Danger Government's role

population increases establish standards

landscape scarcity implement , penalty
Competition license , expert opinion
opulent lifestyle approve building construction
disposable culture quality assurance department
hire technology of advance
corruption top to bottom country
cheap accommodations awareness program and campaign
lack of intervention by
government loan facility - liberal
violate rules and regulation housing board department

Suggested Introduction
Food clothing and shelter are the prima facie requirements of the lives.
If we talk about shelter today where the globe is overpopulated and
vertical accommodations and sky scrapers have replaced the horizontal
accommodations has given a rise to higher safety standards.

PAGE NO - 95
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN -9 - It is the responsibility of the government to take care of health

and education of the people while other argue that it is individual’s
responsibility what do you think is responsible for health and
education of people

Health and education

Government Individual

poor can afford reduce burden of government

healthy and wealthy society realise importance of
improve literacy ratio health and education
employment , poverty self responsible
vertical economic growth conventional thought
horizontal development
productivity efficiency

akshay patra - govt school children

"sarve shiksha abhiyaan
abusement - corruption

Suggested Introduction

Development of any country relies on how prudent and proactive the

government is, which should prioritize health and education of the
citizens as both are essential for improving their lifestyle, coupled with
growth of the country.

PAGE NO - 96
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN-10 - Nowadays gap between countryside and city side has

increased in many countries. Is it same with your country? What can
government do to reverse it?

GAP - Countryside - cityside increase

Why ? Measures

more opportunities - education five year plans,

opulent life style - infrastructure agriculture focus , rural plans
exposure subsidies , loans
governments investment compulsory services of experts
sophisticated society PR for rural areas, E hubs
western culture road infrastructure- public service
aggressive materialisation increase opportunity, tourist places
countryside - traditional - satisfied awareness campaigns

Suggested Introduction

The development of country side compiled with the development of

the city side bridge the gap between developing and the developed
countries. Lack of the investment by government in Country side has
led the government to take immediate measures for the holistic
development of the country.

PAGE NO - 97
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

GN – 11- Whether government should bear the fees of university

education or it should be borne by the student themselves

University Fees
Government Individual

Improve Literacy ratio burden of Studies

poor student can afford Importance of responsibility
corruption, crime regular discipline
self finance college quality education
skilled students Commercialization
sophisticated society Privatization

“Education is transmission of civilization”

“Encouragement of nine tenth of education”

Suggested Introduction

A University is the place where “PEBBLES ARE POLISHED AND

DIAMONDS ARE DIMMED “ itself signifies the importance of the
university education, well the question is of funding the students either
by government or by individual is controversial

PAGE NO - 98
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-1-Which profession in your country is highly paid? Doctors,
Politicians, and public artists? Write your opinion and give reasons
and e.g.

necessity of earning Causes to high earnings

money oriented society Dr. - high expenses, high charges

society driven people infrastructure costs
aggressive materialisation Politician - investment on elections
high attrition rate corruption ,
show off public artist - not favoured one
choice of profession on calibre deprived of high earnings
other profession - film industry
sports persons
few get success

Suggested introduction

In this competitive world money has taken the driving seat leading to
status symbol in society and it doesn’t matter about the highly paid
ones but do priories highly earned persons which doesn’t confine to a
particular profession, talking about particular profession could lead

PAGE NO - 99
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-2-Do you prefer to work in a large company or own a small

business? What will you prefer and why?

Large Company Small business
Advantages Advantages
Get the exposure own boss
association with experts in field independent
advance working style optimisation of business
less burden and less stressful holistic development
fixed salary long term investment
work , team management
clear focus , limited area
Bonus,promotion DISADVANTAGES
swap between companies huge investment
no investment , no risk Risk
hectic work hours
disadvantage no fixed income
follow the seniors core competition
no innovation , and creativeness
adhere to company's rules

Suggested Introduction

Work and workplace are the inevitable part of anybody’s life, where job
becomes the first stepping stone and on gaining experience, a person
as per his thinking, investment capacity and perception either continue
a job in a renowned company or start his own business.

PAGE NO - 100
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-3-Employees are given higher salary , it is said that companies

should provide them other facilities like health care and holidays .
What should companies do to make employees happy ? Give reasons
and examples to your answer.

Higher salaries Health and holidays
Advantages Advantages
more disposable Income refresh themselves
motivational money Socialization
overcome financial crisis taken care by company
retirement plans employee bonding
priorise use of money job security
savings and investment Pessimistic
result orientation

Dis Advantages Dis Advantages

high earning - high expense need Motivation to work
lavish lifestyle financial crisis – hard
opulence lifestyle bad investments for the company
switching to other company

Suggested Introduction

In this competitive world where the organizations in order to survive in

cut throat competition motivate their employees in different ways
where priorising to higher salary or health and holidays is a moot issue.

PAGE NO - 101
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-4-Now a days it is common that international companies set up

their business in developing countries and appointing local workers.
Along with the benefits does it out weigh the drawbacks also.

International companies- developing country

Benefits Drawbacks

low investment Local business dry out

huge market increase competition
low competition Quality
cheap labour Deforestation
raw materials Corruption
enhance business Crime
establish relationship financial outflow in form of profits

Suggested introduction
In this world of globalisation where the world has become a
global village the international companies have been entering
into developing country’s marketfor optimization of profit lead
to development of developing nations

PAGE NO - 102
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-5-As most people spend their major part of adult life at work. Job
satisfaction is an important element. What factors contribute to Job

Satisfaction factor Importance

Financial award , Incentives Stability

working Hours Socialization
Leaves fixed schedule , enough time
travel, therapeutic aid efficiency , productivity
Promotions change , rejuvenate
airy, spacious hectic schedule
Accommodation healthy lifestyle
Transportation Innovation
clear about their own aim enjoy fullest

Suggested Introduction

Work and work place are the indispensable part of the person’s life
where he/ she spends important hours of his life, in such circumstances
job satisfaction is vital to accomplish the aims which the organizations
have set to optimization

PAGE NO - 103
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-6-Uniform should be banned in an organization as it distracts

employee’s identity. Do you agree or not?

UNIFORM – organization
Banned Not banned

dressing sense unity , uniqueness

Change avoid partiality
own identification difference form others
attractive attires identification of company
enjoy fullest aid in critical condition
Defocus curtails inferiority complex
superiority complex poor get benefited
burden for organization

Suggested Introduction

Work and workplaces are the indispensible part of a persons life where he/she
spends important years of the life to optimize organization profit needed to be
motivated through external and internal factors in such circumstances uniform
ought to be emphasize.

PAGE NO - 104
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-7-Many people think that nowadays people are being subjected to

more and more pressure in their work, and thus are having less and
less time to relax. What is your opinion?

Pressure Relax time

Aggressive Materialisation mind and body maintanence

Challenge to work at better efficiency
opulent lifestyle proper nutrition
perfirmance bars incentive from companies
high salaries outings and recreation
high commitment
less socialized
long working hours
increases diseases

Suggested introduction

A run for an extra penny has converted the globe into a marathon
in which every person faces the cut throat competition where
every step is a challenge building more and more pressure in
each sectors of life mainly at the workplace is a matter of debate.

PAGE NO - 105
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

B-8-Sale of popular Consumer goods is increasing due to the power Of

advertisements or a real need of the people In society Is increasing


Media role
Necessity of advertisement
usage of celebrity
target audience
adverts in form of POS
disposable income
increasing competition

Suggested Introduction

In present era when advertising has taken a leap on climbing the back
bone of media , sales and the consumption of actual products goes
hand to hand where people get carried away by the glamorous and
appealing advertisements ends in buying the products which results in
the increased demand of the product.

PAGE NO - 106
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

Children and youngster

CY-1-Younger people have lots of problems but their problems often
ignored by the people running the country. Give solution to the
problems faced by younger generation.

Problems Solutions
Unemployment, poverty employment exchange
Corruption defense increase
quota system Abolish
Exploitation laws and legislation
higher competition better education opportunities
Dearness govt schemes
lack of counseling counselling centres
lack of support, encouragement Technology
Addictions Banned

PAGE NO - 107
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

“A stitch in time , saves nine”

“ OF the people , FOR the people , BY the people

Youth, Youngsters -Corruption , Bribes - Significantly
Pioneers, pillars -curb , curtail , reduce - destruct , ruin ,
accustom , addiction - Measures , proactive steps

-conscious and use conscience - Solution, resolve , overcome

-cope with core competition, cut throat competition,

People running country are the part of government which is “of the
people, for the people , and by the people” accounts to facilitate the
needs and problems of all but the un matured teen agers remains out
of their focus so as to be left on the discretion of the parents and
guardians ought to be addressed as they are the pioneers of country’s

The youth of any country are the pioneers of the country’s

development who should be prioritized to resolve their issues
by the leaders of the country towards vertical economic growth
and horizontal development of the country.

PAGE NO - 108
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY-2-What would be the difference between children of today’s

generation and next generation ? Discuss.

Today's Generation Next generation
respect their elders nuclear family
civilised , conserve, culture early maturity
tradition , co-curricular activities generation gap
physically healthy , mental fitness self dependent
friend circle, extrovert western culture
immune system fast food, obesity , disease
education books ,innovative isolated , introvert
earn while you learn
addiction, computers

“Children are the mirror image of their parents”

“A mother laps the child to socialization and a father shoulders to the complex world”

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future , where parent’s role get crucial
as “children are the mirror image of their parents” has been changing in
this ever growing technological world would separate today’s children
with that of next generation.

PAGE NO - 109
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY-3-What are the advantages of living in number of plans during the

childhood? Give reasons and examples for answer ?

No of Plans, cities, Towns

Advantages Disadvantages
know different culture & tradition destruct studies
learn new language Isolation
taste different cuisines no socialization
geographical knowledge scarce friend circle
rounded development nuclear family
Comparisons acclimatisation issues
Adaptable destruct own culture
Confidence mother tongue
extrovert, clear vision divert to computer games – TV
experience world lack consistency

Suggested Introduction

In this competitive world it is not possible for any person to survive by

being at a place. A person needs to travel different parts in search of
better life and consequences of the same are suffered by their children
accompanied with their rounded development.

PAGE NO - 110
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY-4-In many countries students are engaged in some kind of paid

work. Some people regard this as completely wrong. Do you agree or
disagree. Give reasons and e.g.

Student - Paid work

Advantages Disadvantages

Exposure , experience Destruct studies

Extrovert money oriented
responsible defocus
financial aid Exploitation
Expertisation bad habits
Independence student life , childhood ruins
realize the value for money
time management
practical approach

Suggested introduction

Different stages of the life carries own accountabilities where the vedic
approach of student mentions the focus on education but the
competitive world raises the need to work even with studies which has
the controversial views by different groups.

PAGE NO - 111
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY-5-Recent figures of youngster crime rate has increased in major

cities of world . give reasons and solutions to this problem

Youngster crime rate

Reasons Solutions
Aggressive Materialisation awareness campaigns
financial crunch consequences exposed
shortcut money joint families
nuclear families media, controlled
stress, peer pressures laws and legislations
exposure to violence Employment
influence of Media- celebrities Socialization
unemployment, poverty parent's involvement
addictions to drugs, tobacco Family warmth
religious purpose usages

Important sentence – High aggression low tolerance

Suggested Introduction
Today the world has become the global village by its pace Of globalization which
would continue with the conscious efforts of youngsters who have been
squandering their time in criminal activities needed to be intervened by parents
and government to make the globe a better place to live.

PAGE NO - 112
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY -6-Computer games are played by all children of different

nationalities .But parents thinks that they are not very educational
rather are very harmful. What do you think ,wirte with examples.

Children - Computer games

Educational Harmful
Puzzles, Sudoku , Chess Destruct vision
Form of entertainment - learning gesture and posture
improves creativity , innovation hamper studies
release stress of studies Violence
planning skills isolation,introvert
management skills physical fitness
accustom with comp squander time
Career Addiction
financial burden
reduction of outdoor games

Suggested Introduction

Childhood is the most important period in anybody’s life and parents should be
very conscious for their upbringing. Computer games being most common tool
accessed and demanded by children, lead to dangerous effects which over weigh
the advantages

PAGE NO - 113
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY-7-Some believe the children should be given enough leisure time

while others argue that it should be educational , What do you think
children should do ? give your opinion

Children - Leisure time

Liesure time Educational
Creativity improves enhance knowledge
physical fitness desired results
core abilities , interpersonal skills cope with competition
holistic development several careers
change is imminent , rejuvenate depth knowledge
reduce stress and strain Respect
area of exploration book worms , isolate , introvert
Spectrum monotonous , x enjoy fullest

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Suggested Introduction

Childhood is the significant phase of the life , should be undertaken

with conscious effort s of the parents who should use their conscience
at the time of indulging their children either to leisure activities or
education is controvercial.

PAGE NO - 114
HARVARD – Brain storm 9426485111/9558020800

CY-8-In some countries children have very strict rules of behaviour, in

other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To
what extent should children have to follow rules?

Children – CONTROL
Freedom Restrictions

Wet Clay Limited restrictions

Strong reception adverse effects
Innovative anti social activities
Creative bad addictions
progress of all sense of revenge
direction needed teenage crime increases
learning by doing restriction under supervision
learn by mistakes
lessons of life

Suggested Introduction

Children being the base of any country’s development should be

empowered with the sense of discipline and inculcation of those is
essential for creation of the disciplined and well organized society but
imposing too many restrictions could also work counterproductive.

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CY-9-Some people think that family is the most important influence

on young adults. Others think that friends are the most important on
them. Which view do you agree to?

Youngsters- influenced
Family Friends

Teaching from childhood comparison , peer group

conserving tradition and culture same age, similar mentality
ethics, moral responsibilities no constraints
base of life Supportive
safegaurd from wrong addictions comfortable interactions
Controls Appreciation
learning from observing motivation, no criticism
shield against outside seduction

Suggested Introduction

Every person tends to get influence by some or the other person,

sometimes by family members and sometimes by the friends, it
depends on quantum of time spent but still there are controversies
prevailing to that.

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CY-10-Children are studying with calculators and computers while

some argue that they should study more with the books. Give your

Classroom education
Computers & calculators Books
Faster , smoother, smarter easy to carry
save the work easy to understand
calculations easy matter as per course
easy access , advance technology enhance the mental abilities
accurate , economical gives required knowledge only
paperless device practical way
audio visual benefits reading and writing abilities
Release burden of studies
Blur vision - Gesture, posture limited source
complex operations availability dearth
development of mental ability x less effective
Addiction of games not eco friendly
dependency increases Monotonous
costly / book worms

Suggested Introduction
Students are the base of any country’s development who should be
empowered with proper education and access of Computer and
calculator instead of book is a moot issue.

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CY-11-Younger people have lots of problems but their problems are

often ignored by the people running the country. Give solution to the
problems faced by younger generation.

Youngster Problem
Problems Measures

Unemployment , poverty Employment exchange centre

Corruption increase defence
quota system abolish quota system
Exploitation laws and legislation
education opportunities better education , opportunities
increased competition govt scheme
Dearness counseling centre
Lack of counseling improvement in technology
lack of support , encouragement ban tobacco products

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“Government is of the people, for the people and by the people.”
“Stich in time saves nine”

Youth accustom - addiction
Issue measure – proactive steps
Pioneers – Pillars conscious -
Curb – curtail – reduce solution –
resolve – overcome.
Destruct- ruin – deteriorate

Suggested introduction

The youth of any country are the pioneers of the country’s

development who should be prioritized to resolve their issues by the
leaders of the country towards vertical economic growth and horizontal
development of the country.

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CY-12- Children should play traditional games while some people say
that they should play modern games. What do you think about it ?
give your opinion

Traditional Modern

Concept games modern concept

physical fitness technology savvy
improve mental abilities mono player
Extrovertness Convenience
improve immune system animated , good visual ,sound effect
friends- face to face communication
- team and time management violence displayed
Leadership , creativity Isolated
rounded development destruct gesture posture
(musculoskeletal disorder )
Injuries less socialized
Failures- revenge addiction

Suggested Introduction

In this ever changing world technology have brought changes in each

and every sector the games too found the modern approach replacing
the traditional ones but brought its own pros and cons

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CT-1-Some people get married with the person from different culture
or different country. Some people are in against of it. Describe
advantages and disadvantages. Give reasons and e.g.

Marriages - Different culture and country

Advantages Disadvantages

Know different culture differences in family

rituals and tradition lead to conflict and quarrel
different language Isolation
improve relationship - castes face eventualities alone
migration becomes easy less socialized
geographical knowledge destruct own culture
single culture destruct mother tongue
high divorce rate
children suffer

Suggested Information
Marriage Is the most crucial decision in anybody’s life where
person needs to be conscious while selecting the life partner and
if from other country or culture he needs to be very strong to face
the eventualities which they may face in course of life.

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CT-2-Every year several languages die out . Some say that it would be
easier if fewer languages are there . Give your opinion

Languages Die out

Advantages Disadvantages

Globalization destruct tradition and culture

Easy communication Monotonous
single culture hamper creativity
catalyst to international trade reduce competition
global village destruct religious values
travelling, tourism, aviation Transliteration
streamline usage of energy
language barrier, overcome
improve common understanding

Suggested Introduction

In this world of globalization no country can develop without the help

of other countries. The world has become global village and to satisfy
the individual needs the need of Common language has arosen , leading
to dying out of several languages , the advantages of which over weigh
the disadvantages

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CT-3-Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding
change. Other however thinks that change is always a good thing. Discuss both
these views and give your opinion.

Some people
Same type life Change

Expertization Updations
cope with uncertainities defocus from constant project
status , dignity Flexibility
long term growth global competition
safe , secure Opportunities
traditional concept Wonders
mutual understanding modern concept , practical

Negatives Negatives
Growth limitation Long term relationship decrease
compete to global world Fluctuations
Negativity cant settled
adapt to eventualities

Suggested Introduction

No two persons are same on this world. Different people pass different
perception towards their destiny, some like consistency while others feel
that “change is imminent”.

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CT-4-Today a lot of different cultures and ethnic groups live together in

one country. Why is this so and do you think this is a positive or
negative development?”

Different Culture people staying together

Positive Negative

Development local residents oppose

contribute to each other Groupism
impart skills and characteristics security of rights
dissolve in the state confuse children
share tradition and culture far from native countries
exposure to new horizon

Suggested Information

By the advent of globalization, Privatization, and liberalization the trends

of immigrations to the developed countries fills those cities with the
mixed cultured people, though adds a flavor to the development of the
country still it carries some drawbacks which should not be overlooked.

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CT-5-Whether one should conserve our traditions and cultures or it

should be replaced by western culture.

Conserve tradition and culture

Yes - Why ? No - Why ?

Own identity / prestige , dignity Globalisation

Responsibility single culture
conserve values "change is imminent"
pass to next generation travelling increases –better life style
History destruct our culture,tradition values
Ancestors "diversity, is beauty of nature"
patriotic emotions contryside ---cityside
harmony , peace elders - respect – complex
joint family old age houses – conflict
nuclear families

Suggested Introduction

People never gone with culture, they inculcate culture which can be defined as
positive qualities of a group of people consist of beliefs, rules, languages, style of
dress, religion , rituals, political system followed by the people since their ancestors
needed to be obeyed by young generation.

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CT-6-Today in present scenario people are copying other culture and

tradition, why this Is happening? What are the advantages and
disadvantages .What could be done to revert this ?

Copying Culture and tradition

Why Dis advantage
Comfort and opulence destruct tradition
celebrities ( blind Influence) detest mother tongue
moulding into single culture addiction to bad habits
Advantages destruct socialization
Global village hampers diversity
uniformity and equality Braindrain
standardization and sophistication self centered people
Steps to revert
leads to nuclear families
elders to initiate on role
mix cultures
more cultural activities
advertising of foreign companies

Suggested Introduction

By the advent of Globalization, Privatization, Liberalization cultures and

traditions have transcended national barriers and several cultures are
moulding towards single culture which has its pros and cons.

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