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COE 2001 Section B: STATICS

Georgia Institute of Technology

Spring 2019

Instructor: Saubhagya Singh Rathore

Office: Mason 2230
Cell: (470) 263-1189
Email: saubhagya@gatech.edu
Office Hours: Mon 3 – 5 pm, Fri 9 – 11 am, or by appointment

Text: Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 9th Edition

Meriam, Kraige, Bolton
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Class Time: Monday and Wednesday at 01:55 pm - 02:45 pm

Location: Klaus 2456

Course Website: All course materials are available via Canvas

Course Distribution: Homework 30%

Attendance + Class Participation 5%
Midterm 1 15%
Midterm 2 15%
Comprehensive Final Exam 35%

Lectures: Instructions will be a mix of board and PowerPoint presentations with a clicker
(TurningPoint) questions or other in-class activities.

Homework: Homework assignments comprising of 5 to 6 problems will be given weekly through

WileyPLUS. Students have an unlimited number of attempts for each problem to submit the correct
answer. Be sure to submit answers in the correct units and significant digits. Each student will be
assigned the same problem but with different numerical parameters, hence, students have to solve
their own version of the problem. Students will be required to submit hard-copies of their
homework solutions from which randomly few copies will be cross-checked with WileyPLUS
response. Homeworks will be due at 1:00 pm on WileyPLUS on the due date (see the list of due
dates below) and students have to turn-in their solutions in the class on the due date. Failing to
submit hard-copy of solutions or any mismatch between the answers on WileyPLUS and submitted
solutions will result in zero in that assignment. Late submissions will not be accepted. There is no
make-up option for missed homework.

Class Participation and Attendance: Multiple basic conceptual questions will be asked in each
class session and responses will be recorded either using clicker (TurningPoint app) or on paper.
Make sure to sign up on TurningPoint using your GT username. It is encouraged to read previous
classes’ notes and text related to the topic to be taught. Attendance will also be recorded using a
clicker. To earn the class participation credit, you must attend all sessions (with up to 2 unexcused
absences). Exceeding 2 unexcused absences will result in a 0 in class participation for the course.

Exams: Midterms and finals will be closed-book in-class exams. Students will be allowed to bring
one page (8-1/2” by 11”, both sides) handwritten notes.

Grading: All students must take each exam, including the comprehensive final exam. The lowest
homework score for each student will be dropped when computing grades. Letter grades are
assigned such that: 90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, <60=F. Using the weights indicated
above, each student should be able to calculate their grade at any time. If your average rounds off
to the next higher grade, you will get the higher grade. So a 79.6 will get you a B (with a 79.3
average, expect a C).

Course Topics:

Introduction (Chapter 1)
Basic concepts and definitions; Dimensions and units; Scalars and Vectors; Laws of Gravitation
Force Systems (Chapter 2)
Forces; Moments; Couples; Resultants
Equilibrium (Chapter 3)
Free Body Diagrams; 2D Equilibrium; 3D Equilibrium
Structures (Chapter 4)
Trusses; Method of Joints; Method of Sections
Distributed Forces (Chapter 5)
Centroids of Lines, Areas, and Volumes; Composite Bodies
Friction (Chapter 6)
Types of Friction; Dry Friction;

Disability Services: The Georgia Institute of Technology has policies regarding disability
accommodation, which is administered through The Office of Disability Services.
http://disabilityservices.gatech.edu/. For students with disabilities, please contact this Office to
request classroom accommodations.

Honor Code:

 Plagiarizing is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of
another) as one's own: use (another's production) without crediting the source.” If caught
plagiarizing, the student will be dealt with according to the GT Academic Honor Code
 Students can (and are encouraged) to discuss homework problems and in-class clicker
problems with other students and instructor, however, have to submit their own
answer/solution as each student has unique parameters.
 Unauthorized use of any previous semester course materials, such as tests, quizzes, homework,
projects, or any other source (e.g. solution manuals) is a violation of the Georgia Tech Honor
Code will be treated as such.
 Students are not allowed to discuss or collaborate on the exams with anyone. Doing so will be
considered as a direct violation of the GT Academic Honor Code, and will be dealt accordingly.
 For any questions involving these or any other Academic Honor Code issues, please consult
the instructor or www.honor.gatech.edu

COE 2001 Section B Course Schedule – Spring 2019 (subject to change)


1 M Jan 7 Lecture - Introduction, Definitions, Vectors, Dimensions/Units, Newton’s

2 W Jan 9 laws (In Textbook: Chapter 1)
3 M Jan 14
2D Forces; Moments; Couples; Resultants (In Textbook: Chapter 2A)
4 W Jan 16
5 W Jan 23
6 M Jan 28
2D Equilibrium (In Textbook: Chapter 3A)
7 W Jan 30
8 M Feb 4
3D Forces; Moments; Couples; Resultants (In Textbook: Chapter 2B)
9 W Feb 6
10 M Feb 11
3D Equilibrium (In Textbook: Chapter 3B)
11 W Feb 13
12 M Feb 18
13 M Feb 25
Trusses; Method of Joints; Method of Sections (In Textbook: Chapter 4)
14 W Feb 27
15 M Mar 4
16 W Mar 6
17 M Mar 11
18 W Mar 13
19 M Mar 25 Centroids of Lines, Areas, and Volumes; Composite Bodies (In Textbook:
20 W Mar 27 Chapter 5)
21 M Apr 1
22 M Apr 8
23 W Apr 10
24 M Apr 15
Friction (In Textbook: Chapter 6A)
25 W Apr 17
26 M Apr 22 Review for final exam


Midterm 1 W Feb 20 In-class

Midterm 2 W Apr 3 In-class
Final M Apr 29 2:40 PM ‐ 5:30 PM
Due dates for WileyPlus Assignments:

HW#1 W Jan 16
HW#2 W Jan 23
HW#3 W Jan 30
HW#4 W Feb 6
HW#5 W Feb 13
HW#6 W Feb 27
HW#7 W Mar 6
HW#8 W Mar 13
HW#9 M Apr 1
HW#10 W Apr 10
HW#11 W Apr 17
Campus Resources for Students

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are listed below:

Academic support
 Center for Academic Success http://success.gatech.edu
o 1-to-1 tutoring http://success.gatech.edu/1-1-tutoring
o Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) http://success.gatech.edu/tutoring/plus
o Academic coaching http://success.gatech.edu/coaching
 Residence Life's Learning Assistance Program
o Drop-in tutoring for many 1000 level courses
 OMED: Educational Services (http://omed.gatech.edu/programs/academic-support)
o Group study sessions and tutoring programs
 Communication Center (http://www.communicationcenter.gatech.edu)
o Individualized help with writing and multimedia projects
 Academic advisors for your major http://advising.gatech.edu/

Personal Support
 The Office of the Dean of Students: http://studentlife.gatech.edu/content/services; 404-894-
2565; Smithgall Student Services Building 2nd floor
o You also may request assistance at
 Counseling Center: http://counseling.gatech.edu; 404-894-2575;
Smithgall Student Services Building 2nd floor
o Services include short-term individual counseling, group counseling, couples counseling,
testing and assessment, referral services, and crisis intervention. Their website also
includes links to state and national resources.
o Students in crisis may walk in during business hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday)
or contact the counselor on call after hours at 404-894-2575 and ask for after-hours
 Students’ Temporary Assistance and Resources (STAR):
o Can assist with interview clothing, food, and housing needs.
 Stamps Health Services: https://health.gatech.edu; 404-894-1420
o Primary care, pharmacy, women’s health, psychiatry, immunization and allergy, health
promotion, and nutrition
 OMED: Educational Services: http://www.omed.gatech.edu
 Women’s Resource Center: http://www.womenscenter.gatech.edu; 404-385-0230
 LGBTQIA Resource Center: http://lgbtqia.gatech.edu/; 404-385-4780
 Veteran’s Resource Center: http://veterans.gatech.edu/; 404-385-2067
 Georgia Tech Police: 404-894-2500
Section: Sp'19 Statics 21451 - COE 2001 - B - Rathore
Term: Spring 2019
Instructor(s): Saubhagya Rathore
Email(s): saubhagya@gatech.edu

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