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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Thursday said he does

not trust PTI with cracking down on banned organisations while

reiterating his demand that the government remove from the
federal cabinet a trio of ministers who he accuses of having "long-
held ties" with proscribed organisations.

"We doubt your intentions [of the promised crackdown against proscribed
organisations] because you were allied with proscribed organisations [when
you] fought elections," Bilawal said, referring to the ruling party.

"Everyone knows that three ministers in the cabinet have a long history with
banned outfits. Until you remove them, we will keep doubting you," he said.

"One minister's video went viral on social media. He can be seen assuring
them [leaders of a proscribed party] that 'we will not take action against you
until our government is in place'.